No One Else 2:

The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 2: The Further Adventures of Doug and Darren

by tim

Chapter 9

Chris found time to call home on the ride back to Lansing, and his mother gave him permission to spend the night with Donnie. Once they got home, Chris and Donnie went directly to Donnie's room. The two boys excitedly undressed themselves, then laid down on the bed together. Donnie turned the opposite way from Chris, and the two boys took each other's dicks into their mouths. Both boys had been waiting all day to taste each other's dicks. As Donnie sucked Chris, he knew that he could be happy making love to only Chris from now on. Chris's dick tasted and felt different than anyone else's, and Donnie could never do without it. He knew that he and Chris had come close to ruining what they had though, and he never wanted to take that chance again.

As Chris sucked Donnie, he was thankful that they had remained together through everything from their rough start to almost letting someone else come between them. Chris had fallen so in love with Donnie that losing him would have been the most painful thing he could think of. Both boys knew that they belonged together now, as they made love to each other. In just a few minutes they had made each other's dicks feel so good, that they couldn't hold back their orgasms. Donnie sucked hungrily as Chris's cum shot into his mouth. To Donnie it was a taste that he wanted to taste for the rest of his life. Chris felt the same way as Donnie began shooting his cum into Chris's waiting mouth. Once both boys were drained, Donnie turned back around into Chris's arms. That is how the two boys fell asleep that night.

The next day, Doug began working with Darren for the next football season. Darren was looking forward to learning the game from Doug, even though he had never really even watched much football. That was Doug's first course of action, as he and Darren sat in front of the TV. As the two boys began watching tape after tape of NFL games, Doug put his arm around Darren's shoulder and began to explain what they were watching. Darren had no idea that football could be as complicated as it really was. He thought it was just a matter of throwing or running the ball to the other end of the field, while the other team tried to stop you.

Doug explained about shifting lines, double coverage, and other techniques used by defensive lines. Darren had problems taking in everything that Doug was telling him, but Doug was confident in Darren because his boyfriend was the smartest person in school. Besides, they had all summer for Doug to work with Darren. After the boys took a lunch break, Doug showed Darren a tape of things that can go wrong during a game. Some of the footage was very graphic, ranging from broken arms and legs to broken necks. When Darren saw the footage of a player who actually died during an arena football game, the seriousness of his new job hit home. He would always make sure his players did whatever they had to to avoid such horrible accidents.

After that, Wakki came in and sat down with Doug and Darren. Then Doug began showing Darren tapes of offensive tactics. Darren had no idea that there were so many ways to throw or run a football. Wakki also seemed very interested in Doug's explanations of what they were watching, until Benjamin called him from England. Wakki and Benjamin talked for quite a while, until Benjamin asked Wakki about his access to the internet so they could chat more often. After all, international phone calls were a little expensive. Wakki didn't have any idea how much access he would have to the internet, since he didn't have a computer of his own. Wakki told Benjamin to hold on for a moment while he went to talk to Fred.

"Hi Fred." said Wakki. "Benjamin was asking me about internet access, but I don't have a computer. How much will the other guys let me use their computers?"

"Oh my God son, we never even thought about that!" exclaimed Fred. "You shouldn't have to fight for time on the computer with the other boys. I'll call the cable company as soon as you're off the phone, and we'll go out tonight and get you a computer. That way you can talk to Benjamin whenever you want to."

"I don't know what to say." said Wakki. "You act more like my dad than anyone in my life ever has. Could I call you dad, at least until we know what will be happening to me?"

"I would like that very much son." replied Fred as he smiled. "Now go tell your boyfriend that you'll have your own computer tonight, and it should be online by Monday. If you want to use it online before then, we'll sign you up on a dial up service."

Wakki went back and excitedly told Benjamin the news, then ended his call with kisses to his boyfriend over the phone. As soon as Fred called the cable company to arrange an appointment for Monday, he had Wakki get ready to go out shopping. Fred was looking forward to just him and Wakki going out together, as he had never had a chance to be alone with Wakki.

Fred and Wakki went to a local electronics store, and Fred put his arm around Wakki's shoulder as the boy looked at the computers there. Wakki looked up at Fred and smiled, then continued looking at computers.

"I don't know too much about computers dad." Wakki finally said. "I may need dome help with this."

"I take it you've never had a computer before?" asked Fred.

"No sir, computers are for rich people." replied Wakki shamefully.

"Okay son, you have nothing to be ashamed of." said Fred. "You are a wonderful boy, and the way your life has gone up until now is not your fault. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you have the things a boy should have, and are treated the way a sweet boy like you should be treated. And please don't call me sir. I want you to respect me out of love of being a member of the family, not out of what you have been taught is proper."

"I do love you and my new family dad." replied Wakki as he smiled. "I can see why the other boys love you so much too. I wish I had always had a dad just like you."

"That would have been so great to watch you grow up son." said Fred, as he gave Wakki a gentle hug. Then Fred gave Wakki a kiss on the forehead and said, "I'll do anything I can to make your life the way it should have been all along."

Wakki snuggled into Fred and said, "I love you dad."

Fred helped Wakki decide what he needed in a computer, and just as they began to get a good idea of what to get, a sales associate came by to help them. Fred and the associate helped Wakki pick everything out, including all the accessories and software that he would need. Then the associate helped Fred and Wakki take everything out to the car. Once Fred and Wakki got home, Fred helped the boy set up his new computer. The two laughed and smiled as they had a great time bonding as a father and son. Once everything had been completely set up, Fred helped Wakki sign up for a dial up internet connection. It would only be needed for a short time, so they went with a basic provider. Before Fred left Wakki alone to get in touch with Benjamin, he leaned down and gave Wakki a gentle but fatherly kiss.

"No matter what happens Wakki, I will always think of you as a son." said Fred. "I know you love Benjamin though, so whatever happens, I'll support and love you as much as I can." Then Fred left Wakki alone.

Wakki did love Benjamin very much, but now he was feeling conflicted. Fred and his family was almost like a dream come true for Wakki, and he didn't know if he wanted to leave them now. He also loved Benjamin though, and knew that he wanted to be with him too. Wakki put all of that out of his mind for now though as he loaded the IM that Benjamin had, and then got in touch with his boyfriend.

Darren and Doug had a great time today, and Darren had learned a lot about football. He knew that he still had a lot to learn though, but Doug was confident that his boyfriend would do just fine when the season started. That night, Doug and Darren stripped each other, then got into their bed. Darren laid on his back, then Doug knelt between his legs. Darren smiled as Doug gently and sensuously massaged his entire body. Doug's strong hands and nimble fingers made every inch of Darren's naked body tremble and tingle. Then Doug leaned down and kissed Darren deeply, as he lubed his finger and used it to lube Darren's waiting hole. Darren's rectum clenched and pulled at Doug's finger, wanting something more to fill it. After Doug pulled his finger out of Darren, he lubed up his stiffening cock.

Darren moaned passionately as he felt Doug's cock slide firmly into him. Doug pushed his throbbing cock all the way into Darren, then leaned down and put their lips back together. Darren sucked Doug's tongue passionately as Doug thrust his cock in and out of Darren. Doug loved the way Darren's insides eagerly wrapped around his cock, and firmly but softly caressed it. Darren also loved the way Doug's cock so completely filled him. If Doug wanted to keep his cock inside him all the time from now on, Darren would happily let him. Doug controlled his thrusts very well, and made love to Darren for nearly the next half hour.

"I love you so much babe." moaned Doug softly. "I can't even remember what it was like before the first time we made love now."

"That was the best day of my life, my love." grunted Darren passionately. "Now, let me feel your love shooting deeply into me."

"Whatever you want babe." moaned Doug, as he began to thrust urgently and deeply into Darren.

In just a few moments both boys began moaning loudly, as Darren felt Doug's cum cover his insides with warmth. As Doug's orgasm began to fade, he began to lube Darren's now painfully hard cock. As soon as Doug forced the last drop of his cum into Darren, he pulled out and then crouched with his butt over Darren's cock. Darren called out his love for Doug loudly, as Doug impaled himself on Darren's cock. Doug grasped Darren's chest as Darren grasped Doug's butt cheeks. Doug pushed himself up and down on Darren's cock as hard and fast as he could.

"Oh God babe!" gasped Doug. "I will never get enough of your cock driving deeply into me!"

"And I'll never get enough of filling you with my cum like this!" gasped Darren.

When Doug felt Darren's cum begin to shoot into him, Doug drove Darren's cock into him as deeply as possible. When Darren had emptied the last of his cum into Doug, Doug laid down on top of him. Then Doug fell asleep with Darren's cock lodged deeply inside him.

When Monday came around, Doug and Darren got a call from Chuck. Their payments from Utopia Island were now coming in, and Doug and Darren both gasped when they heard what they were now worth. Chuck suggested that for tax purposes, they begin to think of investing their fortune. The boys asked Chuck to come by so they could discuss that option with him and Fred together.

Fred agreed that investing their money was a good idea, especially when Chuck told them how much and how fast their fortune would begin to grow now. Mining operations on the island would begin in a few months, and their income would come in so fast that they wouldn't be able to manage it if they didn't begin now. With that in mind, everyone began discussing ways to invest so much money. Putting their money into stocks and funds sounded kinda boring to Doug and Darren. They did however like the thought of owning their own company. Chuck explained that there were also risks in that, but Fred knew that the boys would not easily give up that idea. Fred, Chuck, and the boys then began to toss around ideas for businesses that would minimize their risk.

Doug eventually asked, "Do you guys remember the idea that Darren and I had about putting a rollercoaster in our back yard?"

"Yeah." chuckled Fred. "I think you could afford it if we had a larger back yard now."

"Why don't we find a larger back yard then, and not just stop with one?" asked Doug.

"That sounds so cool!" exclaimed Darren.

"Do you boys have any idea how much it would cost to build and maintain an amusement park?" asked Chuck. "Then you would have the winter months, where you would have to sink money into it without any income at all."

"What if we could build enough of it indoors so it could be open year round?" asked Darren.

"You wouldn't be able to put anything large in it though if it were indoors." said Fred. "I imagine that it's pretty hard for small parks to stay in business these days, with parks always trying to be bigger and better than the rest. Even if you are open year round, if you can't top the large parks, it won't matter."

"It doesn't all have to be inside though." replied Doug. "We could build enough outside to compete, and enough inside to make it worth being open in the winter."

"I have to say that sounds like an interesting idea Fred." said Chuck. "The cost to build such a place would be phenomenal though."

"What if we could find a place like that that already exists though?" asked Darren.

"Where would you find someplace like that?" asked Fred.

Then a light went on inside Chuck's head. "The Lions moved out of their old stadium last year, and now the place is costing the taxpayers in that area a fortune. They can't seem to attract a new tenant that can pay enough to make it a profitable stadium anymore, but maybe it can be used for something else."

"You're a genius Chuck!" exclaimed Doug. "I've been to games there, and that place is huge enough to do almost anything with. You could build a nice park inside it, then put a few huge attractions outside to run in the summer months. Could you see if they may be interested in a deal?"

"That will be up to your executor." replied Chuck. "What do you think Fred?"

"You boys are really serious, aren't you?" asked Fred.

"You bet we are dad!" replied Darren eagerly.

"If you think they would have the assets to pull this off and still be comfortably wealthy, go ahead Chuck." said Fred.

Doug and Darren yelled in excitement as they high fived each other. Donnie and Wakki heard the commotion, and came in to ask what was going on.

"We're going to build our own amusement park little bros." said Doug excitedly.

Donnie and Wakki were almost as excited as Doug and Darren were. The boys immediately began giving their older brothers ideas on what they would like to see in a park.

"If you boys are really going to do this, you also need to think about who will run your park." said Fred.

"That's easy!" said Doug. "We want our mom and dad to manage it for us!"

"We wouldn't want anyone else to do it." said Darren.

"There is one thing I would like to see in a park more than anything else." said Wakki. "Do you guys think you could convince Benjamin's father to come to the U.S. to work?"

"Do you know what he does for a living?" asked Darren.

"He works in human resources at a company in England, and they keep promoting less qualified people over him." said Wakki.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to talk to him and try then." replied Doug.

"That would be so great!" said Wakki. "You guys are the best brothers a guy like me could ever have!"

Chuck went ahead and called the mayor of the city where the domed stadium was located, and he was more than interested in talking to Chuck. The stadium was now costing the city more than it could ever make from booking special events there. Chuck made an appointment to see the mayor and the stadium the next day. Wakki also let Benjamin know what was going on, but the boys decided that it would be best to let Doug and Darren approach Benjamin's father.

The mayor met Chuck the next morning, then Chuck introduced him to Fred, Darren, and Doug. Everyone then went out to the stadium. The bowl of the stadium was as impressive as Doug remembered, and he felt it was a shame that football was no longer played there. The mayor took them on a tour of the press and VIP boxes, along with the restaurant and owner's club suite. Then they ventured underneath the bowl, and saw the event facilities and stadium offices. It took a while to see the entire facility. After the tour was over, the boys told Chuck to go ahead and negotiate the purchase of the facility. The stadium looked as though it would make a great indoor park, with enough room for some impressive indoor attractions. Chuck and Fred asked one more time if they were sure that this was what they wanted to do, to which Doug and Darren responded yes.

The city was very eager to negotiate a deal with Chuck, as the stadium cost them millions to operate, and drew in very little in return. By the end of the day, Chuck had reached a deal that he felt would be fair to his favorite clients.

The next day was very interesting for Doug and Darren, as they began to think about exactly what could be done with their new investment. The first thing they had to do though was authorize Fred to take over paying the crew who kept the stadium operating. The roof of the stadium was inflated with air, so it had to maintain a staff even when empty. The boys then worked on floor plans for the park until they almost became overwhelmed. As Doug and Darren began to think they may have bitten off more than they could chew, they were joined by Wakki, Donnie, and Chris. The younger boys were eager to offer suggestions on what they would like to see in the park until they saw how overwhelmed Doug and Darren were becoming.

"You know what might help?" asked Chris. "The game Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 has a place where you can design your own scenario. Just design a scenario that looks just like the dome, then you can work out exactly what you want to put where on the computer."

"Okay Chris, that's it!" said Doug. "Come over here right now young man!"

Chris nervously approached Doug, who then got up and wrapped Chris tightly in a hug. "I love you little guy!" said Doug. "That is the best idea I have ever heard ANYONE come up with! Donnie, you are very lucky to have a boyfriend as bright as Chris."

Darren loaded the game on the computer, then they designed a scenario that resembled the bowl of the stadium. All they had to do now was remember the height restriction that the roof of the stadium would impose. A fairly tall structure could still be built in the center of the stadium floor. Everyone finally decided that the top of a coaster lift should occupy that space. The five boys were now having a great time working out the floor plan of the park, with everyone trying to top whatever ideas the others came up with. The tall coaster in the center was quickly becoming the park's centerpiece, as the boys kept coming up with things it could do inside the domed stadium. It dodged in and out of the bowl area several times, as well as did a flyby with the restaurant, which the boys decided to leave as a restaurant.

The boys also began adding other rides, including a space shot on one side of the big coaster lift and a turbo drop on the other side. The boys were now thinking of something unique, but didn't know where to turn.

After looking through the links from the national coaster enthusiasts club, they decided to make their first contact. The man that Doug first talked to did not believe the person he was talking too was actually building a park, so Darren had to go get Fred to talk to the man for them and convince him that they were indeed building a park. When Doug got back on the phone, the man apologized to him. Doug took it in good nature though because he wouldn't have believed a bunch of kids building an amusement park either. The boys were glad that they talked to the company in Utah first, because the man assured Doug that they loved to develop unique rides, especially one of a kind coasters. The man was also happy to hear that they wanted to include two of his company's tower rides. By the end of the call, the man said that he would put together several ideas that his company was working on and visit them in Michigan on Friday. Doug and Darren agreed to meet him at their new stadium, and then placed a call about their rollercoaster.

They had decided on an inverted coaster for the big indoor coaster, so they called the Swiss company who made them. Once again Fred had to break the ice for the boys, and once again the man on the other end of the phone apologized. Then the man became very interested in what Doug was describing to him. No one had ever built one of their full size coasters indoors, and the stadium sounded like it presented some interesting possibilities. The man would have to rearrange his schedule, but he wanted to meet Doug and Darren at the stadium on Thursday. The boys now had appointments at the stadium on Thursday and Friday, and they knew that they were just beginning.

Now it was time to think about calling Benjamin's father. He would have to develop company rules and policies, and figure out how many employees would be needed. The boys knew that they would need more employees in the summer, and they planned on turning some of the facilities deep within the stadium into employee housing for the seasonal employees. Benjamin's father would need plenty of time to work on this if he agreed to accept the job and move to the U.S.

Wakki crossed his fingers tightly as Doug, and then Darren talked to Benjamin's father. Wakki had no idea how the other end of the conversation was going, and he was getting very nervous. Doug talked to him again, and mentioned a very nice salary. Doug finally turned slowly to Wakki as he hung up the phone.

"I guess you want to know what he said." Doug said to Wakki in an emotionless tone. Then Doug grinned ear to ear as he said, "They're coming to Michigan little bro!"

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