No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

Well, I've finally begun the next book of No One Else. This chapter may move a little fast compared to others, but I want to catch the story up to my others that are tied into it. If you would like to read about the visit from Kevin and Carter and the start of Tim and Sky's relationship in detail, please see book two of my story Starting Over, also in the high school section. To read more about Doug and Darren in Florida, please read book three of Starting Over.

This story is © 2006 by tim, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post this story to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations, mostly between teen males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: Thanks for your patience in the hiatus, and enjoy the story.

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 1

From the last chapter:

Tim held his boy tightly and smiled the rest of the way back to Lansing. The ride back to Sterling Heights was anything but quiet, as Doug and Darren tried to ease Tim's fears about having a fourteen, soon to be fifteen year old boyfriend. They pointed out that Jenni seemed to know and understand, and they were sure Cory would too when he found out.

The next day would begin a new chapter in Doug and Darren's lives. They had left behind their friends in Lansing, although Doug and Darren would make sure they saw them often one way or the other. Tomorrow would be the start of a new private school. Doug and Darren would attend school four days a week instead of five now, and do some of their studies at home. That would give them more time to put into the building of their park, as well as keeping up with their friends in Lansing. Although the boys didn't know what to expect, they were very excited.

When Doug and Darren arrived at their new school the next day, they got their schedule from the office, and headed to their first class. The teacher had them introduce themselves to the class, but Doug and Darren didn't want to share too much information yet. The most they would share was that they were on this year's high school championship football team back in Lansing. That didn't seem to impress their classmates as much as Doug and Darren thought it would. As a matter of fact, their reception seemed to be a little indifferent. As the day continued, the rest of Doug and Darren's classes went about the same as the first.

As Doug and Darren sat in the cafeteria together at lunch, they were approached by someone they remembered being in their first and third classes that day.

"You two do know that if you hang around so closely all the time, everyone will think that you're gay, right?" asked the boy.

"You say that like we should be ashamed of being gay." replied Doug. "If you really knew us, you'd know why we don't really care what anyone else thinks. The only thing that matters to either of us is how we feel."

"I didn't mean it like that guys." said the boy. "Let me try that again. Hi, my name is Andre. I don't have a problem with you two being close myself, but if you don't want the other kids to talk, you might not want to look like you want to be alone with each other quite so much. Believe me, the kids in this school love to talk too. So, you guys are really gay?"

"Yes Andre, we are." replied Darren. "We both know that there is no one else for either of us. Are you okay with that?"

"Yeah, I'm okay with it." replied Andre. "I actually have a cousin who's gay, and I'm the only one in the family who knows about it. He's terrified about how his parents would take it. I'm the only one he can talk to at times."

"I'm glad he has you then Andre." said Darren. "Now, can you tell us why the other kids have been so stand-offish today?"

"I'm afraid that a lot of the kids at this school are a bit snobbish at times." replied Andre. "They think that since their parents have enough to send them to private school, they're better than anyone else. If they knew your parents were just as well off as theirs, it might warm some of them up to you."

"Well, we pay our parents quite a bit, seeing as they both work for us, but I don't know that we pay them enough for a place like this." said Doug.

"You mean you guys are the ones who are rich, and your parents work for you?" asked Andre. "How rich are you guys?"

"We only want close friends to know this." said Darren. "Are you okay with that?"

"I'd love to be your friend!" smiled Andre.

"Okay then, do you know about Thunderdome Amusement Park?" asked Darren. "Doug and I are building that with the money we're making off our property in the South Pacific. We were hoping to invest most of our money into the park, but that looks like it might be impossible."

"You two own Thunderdome?!" asked Andre. "I'm damn glad I decided to approach you today then. You don't have to worry either, I'm great with secrets."

"Thanks Andre, we appreciate that." said Doug. "Anytime you want to see the place, or hang out with us, just let us know. Maybe you can bring your gay cousin."

"I'm sure he'd love that." replied Andre, who then lowered his voice. "Brett doesn't have too many friends because he's gay, and he appreciates anyone who will talk to him, and be his friend. He was so happy to talk to me one day that he gave me a blow job to thank me. It was kinda cool watching my gay cousin suck my dick like that."

"As long as you were both okay with it." said Doug.

"It was pretty fun." replied Andre. "He really seemed to like it when I shot my load in his mouth too, although I couldn't imagine doing that."

"I guess you have to be gay to appreciate something like that." laughed Darren softly. "Well, it's almost time to finish the day. Here's our number Andre. Give us a call if you and Brett want to come over to our place." Then Darren handed Andre their number.

"I'll call Brett as soon as I get home, then we'll see about getting together." replied Andre. "I'm sure he will though."

With that, Doug and Darren had made their first friend at their new school. Then when Andre and Brett came over that evening, they made another friend. Brett was very happy to meet two gay kids about his age, and he became Doug and Darren's friend immediately. At one point, Doug and Darren couldn't help but to start becoming intimate in front of Andre and Brett.

Then Brett turned to Andre and asked, "Hey cousin, do you remember that time I sucked your dick?"

"Well, something like that is kinda hard to forget!" snickered Andre.

"You seemed to like it then." smiled Brett. "Is there any chance I could do that for you again right now?"

"Sure!" replied Andre.

Brett watched as Andre eagerly took his pants and underwear off. Then Brett knelt in front of Andre's stiffening dick, as Doug and Darren began a sixty nine. Brett looked appreciatively at Andre's uncut seven inches, then took his cousin's cock into his mouth. Andre moaned lowly as Brett began working his foreskin with his tongue. Once Brett had worked his tongue underneath Andre's foreskin, he grasped Andre's cock and pulled the foreskin back. Then Brett licked and sucked on just the exposed head of Andre's cock. When Andre began to moan louder, Brett took his entire cock into his mouth. Brett lovingly sucked his cousin's cock, as Andre moaned and writhed on the bed.

"Oh God Brett, you are so good at that!" moaned Andre. "I think you're better at this than most of the girls I've been out with!"

Andre stroked the back of Brett's head, as Brett worked on giving pleasure to his cousin. Darren was closest to Brett, so he reached out and began stroking Brett's cock as he made love to Doug's. After a few moments, Doug and Darren shifted around so Doug could stroke Brett's cock. Then Doug took Brett's hand, and placed it on his own cock. Brett stroked himself furiously as he sucked passionately on Andre's cock. Then all four boys began to moan loudly at the same time. As Doug and Darren swallowed each other's cum, Andre cummed in Brett's mouth, and Brett pumped his cum out onto the bed. Once it was over, all four boys laid on the bed to relax.

Doug finally asked, "Andre, are you sure there's no chance of you being gay, and becoming Brett's lover?"

"I'm sorry guys, I love having sex with girls too much for that." replied Andre. "That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy my cousin getting my cock off though."

"Besides, I like doing it like this with Andre." said Brett. "It makes it kinda exciting to make a straight guy cum. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun if Andre were gay."

"Well, whatever makes you guys happy." replied Doug, as he smiled.

"So Brett, you don't know any other gay people your age?" asked Darren.

"It's kind of hard for me to meet people." replied Brett. "My parents are constantly around, and prying into my personal life. I'm scared to death how they would take it if they ever found out."

"Are you an only child, and they expect you to carry on the family name?" asked Doug.

"That's the thing, I'm not." replied Brett. "I could understand it if I were, but I have two older brothers."

"Maybe they will just have to find out someday then Brett." said Darren. "I'm sure you have friends that would help you if they took it badly. Heck, Doug and I would help you out if you got thrown out for being gay."

"That would help, but I'm also afraid of being hurt." replied Brett. "I hate physical pain, and my dad is an ex Marine. My brothers are also much bigger and stronger than I am."

"Do you really think they would harm you?" asked Darren.

"I don't know for sure, but there's a good chance." replied Brett.

"Then if it ever comes to the time where you have to do something, let us help." said Doug. "I'm sure our lawyer could make sure that they never get the chance to hurt you. I won't let them hurt you either, because I've been through that too."

"Thanks guys." said Brett. "Andre met a couple of really nice guys this time."

"All of my friends are nice!" laughed Andre. "It's just that some of them are misguided."

The boys continued to laugh and talk until it was time for Andre and Brett to leave. At that time, Doug and Darren gave Brett a warm hug, and gave Andre a handshake. The rest of the week at school went about the same as the first day. Doug and Darren didn't make any more friends, but meeting Andre and Brett made up for that. Doug and Darren also invited them over to see the park on Saturday, after going to pick up Sky on Friday night. Sky seemed very excited about spending two nights with Tim, and Tim loved having Sky near him. As a matter of fact, Tim and Sky spent most of the weekend kissing. Sky thought Tim was the best kisser he had ever met.

The next few weeks passed quickly, and before everyone knew it, Cory and Jenni's wedding day had arrived. Sky really was happy for his brother now. It didn't hurt that Jenni knew about he and Tim, and seemed to understand. Sky was hoping that would rub off on Cory by the time he found out. The weekend after Cory and Jenni's wedding was Sky's fifteenth birthday. Cory and Jenni wanted his party at their house, so Tim nervously went to Lansing with Doug and Darren for the party. Doug and Darren were excited though, as it was a chance to see their friends on the football team again. The fact that there were so many people in the house helped make Tim a little less nervous. He still wanted to give Sky his present with no one around though. After Sky opened all of his presents, he and Tim snuck off alone. Sky then opened the small box Tim gave him, and took out a pendant. The chain and heart attached to it were solid gold, and the heart was made in two pieces with a spring holding it together. That way when you pulled the two pieces apart, they would snap back together. Then Tim had Sky turn it over, and on the back was inscribed, "Real love cannot be kept apart."

Sky began to cry as he said, "I don't know what to say Tim. If that is true though, what about my parents? I loved them, and they loved me too."

"I've been through that too Sky." replied Tim. Then Tim put his hand over Sky's heart and asked, "Do you still feel them right here Sky?"

"Every day Tim." cried Sky.

"Then you and your parents are not apart Sky." said Tim. "They're still with you now, and they always will be. I know they are so proud of you Sky, seeing that everyone else who knows you is. And don't worry about crying over being separated from them physically. I still cry at times over loved ones that aren't here anymore."

Tim held Sky tightly, until Sky was ready to go back to the party. By that time, Tim had become the most important person in the world to Sky. Sky knew that he and Tim would have to take care of each other as one for their relationship to work, once it started. He knew that they could both be hurt terribly unless they were always the most important person in the world to each other. Sky didn't know it, but this was what Tim was waiting to hear from him.

By this time, school was going better for Doug and Darren. They had managed to begin making a few new friends at their new school. Still though, no one but Andre knew that they were the owners of Thunderdome. That's exactly how Doug and Darren wanted to keep it for now. The weekend after Sky's birthday, Doug and Darren put a party together. They invited Paul, Darryl, Billy, and Rondell from Lansing, along with a few of the other members of Central's team that they knew were gay. Of course Rondell said that he was coming merely as Billy's friend, but Doug and Sky knew the truth. From Sterling Heights they invited Andre, Brett, and several kids they had met at school who they knew were gay. Doug and Darren were confident that Brett could meet someone at the party if he only tried.

The party turned out to be a blast. It also brought Darren closer to confirming his belief that Rondell was gay, and Billy was his boyfriend. He still wanted Rondell to tell him though. About halfway through the party, Brett disappeared with a boy from Doug and Darren's school named Tyler. Brett and Tyler started off kissing heavily, then made passionate love. It was the greatest sexual experience of Brett's life to this date. When Brett and Tyler rejoined the party, it was with huge smiles on both of their faces. Doug and Darren immediately knew that Cupid's arrow had struck a target with the two boys.

At the end of the party, Doug went to Brett and said, "Remember mine and Darren's offer to help you with your parents if you ever need it Brett. We were completely serious about that."

"Thanks Doug, I will." replied Brett. "I really like Tyler a lot, and I might not want to have to always hide that. I'll take it slow for now though, and see what happens."

Darren also approached Billy and Rondell and said, "Hi Rondell. I think it's really great that you have become such good friends with Billy that it doesn't bother you to come to a gay party with him."

"Well, Billy is a good friend." replied Rondell. "I just want him to know that I'll never have any problem with him being gay."

After Darren had left, Billy said, "You really should tell him Rondell. I know Darren is a great guy, and you could trust him with anything."

"I know, and I feel bad not telling him." replied Rondell. "I think I might do it over Christmas vacation though. I think all of our friends who we know we can trust should know about us, not just Doug and Sky."

"I love you Rondell." smiled Billy. "I'll be proud for all of our closest friends to know that we're lovers."

"I love you too Billy." replied Rondell warmly. "I can't wait to get back to my place to show you how much."

"I'll settle for just getting out to the car to get a kiss from you." laughed Billy softly.

The following week, Doug and Darren talked to two boys from Cincinnati named Carter and Kevin. Kevin had a problem that left him susceptible to a brain aneurysm, and they wanted to talk to Doug and Darren about their rides. Doug and Darren told them to come up that weekend, and they could talk and take a look at the park.

The visit by Carter and Kevin turned out to be a great time for everyone. First, Doug and Darren made two very close friends in Kevin and Carter. Kevin and Carter helped Doug and Darren see how they could make their ride restraints better for everyone, and even helped them solve a problem they had in coming up with restraints for their tallest coaster, which was going to be called The Sky Diver. The visit was only suppose to be for one day, but due to a blizzard in Cincinnati, Kevin and Carter ended up staying most of the week. They were even joined on Monday by Carter's brothers, Derek and Sammy.

Also that week, Sky told Tim what he had come to realize. That was all that Tim wanted to hear from Sky, so he asked Sky to be his lover, and take their relationship to the next level. That meant Sky now had to tell Cory, since he would never be able to hide being Tim's lover. Jenni had already been working on preparing Cory for that day. By the time Sky and Tim had both talked to Cory, he wished his brother well with his new lover. Tim made sure to tell Cory how much he appreciated his trust, then he and Sky made love for the first time. Cory and Jenni ended up taking a long overdue honeymoon, and Cory showed Tim and Sky enough trust to let Sky stay with Tim while they were away.

The weekend after Kevin, Carter, and Carter's brothers returned to Cincinnati, Doug and Darren had Paul, Darryl, Billy, and Rondell spend the weekend, this would give their friends from Lansing a chance to ride the rides that had now been finished. That list seemed to be growing quickly now. The boys from Lansing arrived on Friday night, and sleeping arrangements had to be made.

"Okay guys, I was thinking that Billy and Rondell should take the guest room." said Doug. "Darryl and Paul can decide between sleeping with Billy and Rondell, or with me and Darren. There is probably more room in mine and Darren's bedroom than in the guest room."

"If that's the case Doug, can Billy and I bunk with you and Darren?" asked Rondell. "There is something that we want to talk to you and Darren about anyway, especially Darren."

The way Rondell said that, made Paul and Darryl want to be in on that conversation badly. They also suspected that their two friends were lovers, and was hoping for Rondell to come out and tell them. Rondell wouldn't say anything else though, until he, Billy, Doug, and Darren were alone. As the boys were stripping naked for bed, Darren noticed how casual Rondell now was about stripping in front of three other gay boys. Once Rondell was naked, he saw that Darren had noticed how easily he had stripped.

"Darren, you know I care about you as a friend quite a bit, right?" asked Rondell. "I wanted to tell you something tonight, that has been bothering me about keeping it from you. Doug and Sky already know, but only because they both caught me. If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have had the guts to tell them either, so I don't want you to think that I trust them more than you. That just isn't the truth."

"Don't worry Rondell, I know that you trust me just as much as Doug and Sky." replied Darren. "That's why you can tell me anything, and I'll never talk about it to anyone else."

"I know." smiled Rondell. "Darren, I'm gay and Billy and I are lovers. The only reason I've tried to keep it a secret is because I don't want it to affect my chances of turning pro someday. You are one of my closest friends though, and it's about time you knew."

"To be honest Rondell, I've known that for a while now." smiled Darren. "I tried to get Doug to tell me, but his promise to you wouldn't let him. I figured you would tell me eventually though. I think you and Billy make a great couple."

"You knew?!" asked Rondell. "Why didn't you tell me that? I was all worried about this for nothing!"

Then Rondell broke his serious look, and began laughing. He was soon joined by the other three boys, until Billy wrapped his arms around Rondell. Darren and Doug smiled as they watched the two boys share a passionate kiss in front of them. Then all four boys laid down on Doug and Darren's bed. Rondell and Billy continued kissing, as Doug and Darren joined them. When Darren and Rondell had Doug and Billy on their backs, Darren got up and knelt between Doug's legs. Then Rondell joined Darren, kneeling between Billy's legs. After Darren lubed his cock, he passed the tube to Rondell. Rondell lubed his cock, then Darren and Rondell placed Doug's and Billy's legs up on their shoulders. Darren gently pushed his cock into Doug, as he watched Rondell's massive dark cock slide into Billy. When Darren looked up at Billy, Billy had the most euphoric look of pleasure on his face that Darren had ever seen. Then Darren and Rondell matched thrusts, as their cocks slid in and out of Doug and Billy. Rondell finally leaned down, and placed his lips against Billy's. Darren did the same thing with Doug, as he and Rondell made love to their boyfriends.

Billy had begun moaning softly as soon as he felt Rondell's cock filling his rectum. Rondell began moaning softly after several minutes of making love to Billy. Finally, Darren and Rondell both began moaning loudly. Darren shot his cum into Doug first, followed a few seconds later by Rondell shooting his cum into Billy. After giving Billy a few sweet kisses, Rondell turned onto his back, and had Billy kneel between his legs. Then Doug joined Billy, and knelt between Darren's legs. Darren looked over at Rondell as Billy pushed his cock into him. Rondell looked like he enjoyed Billy's cock inside him more than anything in the world. Then Darren moaned in pleasure as he felt Doug's cock slide into him. Once Billy got a good pace going, he leaned down and placed his lips against Rondell's. Billy and Doug made love to Rondell and Darren as long as they could, until neither boy could hold back any longer. Billy began cumming into Rondell at the exact same time that Doug began cumming into Darren. Once their love-making was over, all four boys decided to fall asleep in the same bed.

The next morning, Rondell and Billy broke the news to Paul and Darryl that Rondell was gay, and that he and Billy were lovers.

"No shit!" exclaimed Darryl as he laughed. "That's about the worst kept secret I've ever heard!"

That made Rondell a little nervous that everyone knew, but Paul and Darryl assured him that he wasn't really that obvious about it. Just as the six boys were about to go visit the park, they were joined by Brett, Tyler, Andre, and Andre's new girlfriend Cassandra. The nine boys and one girl then went to Doug and Darren's park to have a little fun. Fred and Mary were also at the park that morning, so they ran the rides for the kids.

As the kids were waiting for Fred to power up Tumblebug, which was one of the indoor coasters, Brett said to Doug and Darren, "I'm really in love with Tyler guys, thanks to you two. I can't ever remember being this happy. I'm thinking that I'm going to let my parents know about me and Tyler a few weeks into January, but I'm sure they'll take it badly. I think I'll need to call in the help you offered me when I do it. I'm just scared about what will happen when I tell them, and they throw me out."

"You don't have to be scared Brett." replied Doug. "Darren and I will be with you and Brett if you want. We'll make sure they don't lay a finger on either of you. Then when it's over, you will come to stay with us for a while. We'll figure out what to do after that, and our lawyer will make sure that whatever happens, you'll be okay. If you decide that you want to continue staying with Darren and me, we won't mind that at all. I can talk to mom and dad about that today if you want, but I don't see them having any problem with it."

"No matter what happens though, we'll make sure you're even better off than you are now." said Darren.

"Thanks guys." said Brett. "I'm so glad that my cousin met you two."

"We are too." smiled Darren. "And speaking of your cousin, Andre looks like he's getting pretty affectionate with Cassandra over there!"

"Yeah, he's been saying that Cassandra is THE one." laughed Brett. "Which is also what he said about his last four girlfriends. You never know though, he could be serious about settling down a little bit this time. I kinda hope he is, now that I have Tyler."

After the boys rode Tumblebug, they headed on over to The Enchanted Village. As soon as the teacup ride called A Snowball's Chance started, Cassandra disappeared from sight. The boys had a good idea what was going on in Andre and Cassandra's car, especially when Andre motioned for Fred to restart the ride as soon as it stopped. As the ride stopped a second time, Cassandra finally sat back up.

"I know that most girls don't really enjoy sucking their boyfriend's cock, and they only do it because the guy wants it, but I really do like doing that for you." said Cassandra. "You have a really good looking cock Andre, and it's really fun for me to make you feel good like that."

"Then let's have Fred start the ride again." smiled Andre.

As soon as Fred started the ride a third time, Andre was the one who disappeared from sight. At the end of two more cycles, Andre finally sat back up and said, "That was so much fun babe. I hope I just made you feel as good as you made me feel."

"Oh God Andre!" said Cassandra breathlessly. "No one has ever made love to me with their tongue like you just did! I hope you're my boyfriend forever!"

All of the boys were a bit dizzy by the time they finally got off the ride. Doug and Darren couldn't help but to smile at Andre and Cassandra though. Doug went up to the couple and laughed, "Hey Andre, I hope Darren and I are invited to the wedding. I think you and Cassandra will have beautiful kids."

"Don't you think you should let us graduate before you marry us off?" replied Andre, as he and Cassandra laughed. Then Andre gave Cassandra a very warm and affectionate kiss. After the kiss, Andre said, "Seriously though guys, I'm glad I met you two. Me and Cassandra met when she was actually asking about one of you two. She was a little disappointed to find out you were both gay, but I helped her get over that. Now I just hope you can help my cousin Brett too. I know that he can't keep his and Tyler's relationship from his parents, and I'm worried how they'll take it."

"You don't have to worry about that Andre." replied Darren. "Doug and I will be with him when he tells them, and if they go nuts, he's going to come stay with us for a while. Then we'll have Chuck straighten everything out."

"You guys are the greatest." said Andre.

When Doug and Darren caught back up to Brett and Tyler, they told Brett that he didn't have to worry about Andre. It seemed as though he was very much in love with Cassandra.

Tim and Sky were having a wonderful Christmas vacation. Tim had wanted to take Sky to Florida and Southern California, but it was decided that with the time they had before Cory and Jenni returned, they wouldn't have enough time for both. They ended up settling for just Southern California. They were both having a lot of fun exploring the sexual side of their relationship now. Tim loved it when Sky put his cock inside him to make love to him. The energy and enthusiasm that Sky showed for making love to him like that made Tim feel great. Sky also loved having Tim's cock inside him too, as Tim showed a lot of love and gentleness while making love to him. Tim liked it too, due to the tightness of Sky's rectum. On their second night in California, Tim and Sky laid in each other's arms, with Tim's cock inside Sky. Sky was then flexing the muscles of his lower abdomen, making his rectum contract around Tim's cock. After about fifteen minutes of that, Tim had his orgasm inside Sky without ever thrusting his cock in and out of his young lover. Sky loved that he was able to do that to Tim.

Since they did have to be careful about showing affection in public, Tim and Sky could not be parted once they returned home. That meant that Sky followed Tim to work every day until Cory and Jenni returned. Tim didn't get as much work done as usual, because he and Sky were kissing almost constantly. Doug and Darren loved seeing that on Tim's first day back to work.

Also on Tim's first day back, Doug and Darren got a call from Carter and Kevin. It seemed that a friend of theirs had found a very large treasure off the coast of Florida, and they asked Doug and Darren to come down to help because they were having trouble with pirates trying to jump the claim. It sounded like a great adventure to Doug and Darren, but they thought it would also be wise to take some of their best security people with them. Doug, Darren, and the security team from their park left the next day, leaving the park in the hands of Fred and Tim. Doug and Darren had a great time in Florida, with meeting two very hot coast guard seamen, and learning to dive. It was also exciting when their guards had to fight off pirates several times.

During Doug and Darren's absence, Tim and Fred began to develop the company's operations guidelines, and Simon began hiring the ride operations management. The park was getting to the point now where Tim and Fred felt that the rides should be cycled on a regular basis, especially as they were being finished. Inside the dome, the rides were now mostly finished, and people would have to be hired to start getting everything the way they wanted it to look. Quite a bit of work was still going on outside though, as the Michigan weather permitted. At least most of the outside foundations had been laid before winter set in with its normal fury. The parking garage on the other side of the state highway, and the employee housing buildings were to the point where a lot of work could begin on the inside of those buildings.

After one week, Doug and Darren returned home with Carter and Kevin following them. Carter and Kevin had stopped in Cincinnati, and also brought Billy and Lester with them. Billy was Kevin's cousin, who recently discovered that he was gay, and Lester was his boyfriend. Also on the day Doug and Darren returned home, they got a phone call.

"Hello, this is Doug." said Doug, as he answered the phone.

"Hi Doug, this is Brett." replied Brett.

"Hey Brett, what can I do for you?" asked Doug.

"Tyler and I got caught by his parents." replied a worried Brett. "They took it okay, I guess. They ended up having a long talk with both of us, after having a long talk with just Tyler first. I think they can see that Tyler and I never chose to be gay, and they seem like they might be able to accept it."

"Well, that sounds like fairly good news Brett." said Doug. "Why do you sound so worried?"

"Because they said that someone has to tell my parents now." said Brett. "If I don't do it, they said that they will. I've tried telling them that my parents won't take this the same way they did, but they think that I'm imagining things."

"Is there any chance that they might be right?" asked Doug.

"A kid who goes to my school got beat up last week because another group of kids found out he was gay." said Brett. "Even though we are still on vacation, my dad said that he shouldn't be allowed to return to school with us regular kids. My dad said the kid got what he deserved, and he should be locked away from normal people because he's gay."

"Holy fucking shit Brett!" exclaimed Doug. "Don't say anything to him until Darren and I get there man. I don't want you alone with him when he finds out! And be ready to come back here with me and Darren tonight."

Doug explained to Darren what Brett had just told him, and the two boys got ready to go to Brett's house. Carter, Kevin, Billy, and Lester also wanted to go along, and Doug and Darren thought there might be safety in numbers in this case. Doug and Darren told Fred and Mary what was going on, and Mary insisted that they bring their friend home with them that night. Then the boys took off to Brett's house.

Brett and Tyler locked themselves in Brett's room, hoping Tyler's parents wouldn't call before Doug and Darren showed up. Brett smiled as he looked out his window and saw two cars pull up, with the first one being Doug and Darren's car. Brett and Tyler ran to the door, and let the other six boys in, then they all went to Brett's room. Brett's dad saw them as they went into Brett's room, and wanted to know what was going on. Brett said that he would be back out in just a moment.

"Okay Brett, our parents are on board with whatever we do tonight." said Doug. "They care about you, and they don't want to see you get hurt. Carter, if it starts to look nasty out there, keep Kevin safe. The last thing we need is to take a chance on something bad happening to him. We also have Billy and Lester with us, so that will help."

"Yeah, I use to be a bully myself until I fell in love with Lester!" laughed Billy.

"Okay Brett, let's get this over with." smiled Doug at Billy's remark. "When we go out there, just tell them with Tyler at your side. Darren and I will be on one side, Billy and Lester will be on the other, and Carter and Kevin will watch your back. I'm sure he'll want us to leave, but we're not going anywhere without you if it looks like he can't handle having a gay son. If he kicks you out, it will be with us here to take care of you."

"Thanks Doug, I couldn't do this without you and Darren." replied Brett.

All of the boys then went out, and were met by Brett's mom and dad. Brett's dad looked like he wanted an explanation for all of these boys in his house, and he wanted it now.

"What's going on here son?" asked Brett's dad.

Brett looked over to Tyler, then took ahold of Tyler's hand. "Dad, you're going to find out about this soon anyway, so I might as well tell you." said Brett. "I'm gay, and this is my boyfriend Tyler. These other boys are friends of mine, who are here because I'm afraid of how you're going to take this."

"You other boys need to leave now." said Brett's dad. "That especially includes you Tyler! This is between me and my son."

"I'm afraid we can't do that sir." said Doug. "You can call the cops if you want, but we have good reason to believe that if we leave, you may hurt Brett."

"Do you little snot-nosed brats really think that I would hurt my own son?" asked Brett's dad loudly.

"Yes, we do!" replied Darren. "Just tell us how happy you are to have a faggot as a son, and we'll go ahead and leave!"

"You better be wrong about that you little shit!" yelled Brett's dad. "My son is NOT going to be gay, one way or the other!"

"I am gay!" screamed Brett. "There's nothing you can do about that either! Is it going to make you feel like a big man to try to beat it out of me dad, like that kid got beaten last week?"

"That will be nothing compared to when I get through with you Brett!" yelled Brett's dad. "You other boys get out of my house right now, or I'm calling the cops!"

"We're not going anywhere without Brett now!" yelled Doug. "You go ahead and call the cops! I'm sure they would love to hear what I just recorded on this tape recorder!" Then Doug pulled out a mini tape recorder, to show that it was still recording.

"You little asshole!" yelled Brett's dad, who then lunged at Doug.

Darren immediately threw a block on Brett's dad, and Billy took him down by twisting an arm behind his back. "If you don't call the cops sir, we ARE!" yelled Doug. "If you want to beat up on a kid, you have seven more here before you can even get to him! That sounds pretty damn fair to me!"

"I don't want it to be this way dad, but I can't change the fact that I'm gay!" pleaded Brett.

"Get the fuck out of my house Brett!" screamed Brett's dad from the floor, where Billy was still holding him. "I don't have any queer sons! If you're a queer, you ain't any son of mine!"

"Fine then father, I'm leaving!" said Brett. "You don't have to worry about me fagging up your house!"

"Kevin and Carter, help Brett and Tyler take Brett's things to my car." said Doug. "The rest of us are going to make sure Brett's dad doesn't try anything stupid."

As the four boys went to get Brett's things, and Billy continued to hold the squirming man down, Darren said, "Sir, I hope you know what's the best thing to do right now. Doug and I are taking that tape recorder straight to our lawyer. He's the best in the state, and he'll make you sorry if you decide to tangle with him. We're going to have Brett removed from your custody, so he can be taken care of without having to live in fear until he's old enough to leave home. If you fight this, we'll make sure the whole world knows that you wanted to beat up a kid tonight."

"Just get that faggot out of my house!" spat out Brett's dad, which made Billy twist his arm just a bit more.

Brett knew that this was coming, so he was prepared for this. Within five minutes, Brett, Tyler, Kevin, and Carter were taking Brett's things to Doug and Darren's car. Doug had them stay out at the car, while he, Darren, Lester, and Billy let go of Brett's dad. As the four boys approached the door, Brett's dad made one more lunge at Doug. Doug put his shoulder down, and blocked Brett's dad in the midsection. That knocked Brett's dad back several feet to the floor.

"By the way, mine and Darren's football team won the state championship last year, so don't fuck with us!" said Doug.

"Our lawyer will be in touch with you tomorrow." added Darren. "I suggest you cooperate with him!"

As the four boys left Brett's house, Brett's dad was still catching his breath. Brett's mom was crying softly as she shook her head. The drive back to Doug and Darren's house was kind of quiet. Tyler softly held Brett, as Brett thought about what had just happened. Brett was very upset about leaving home. Even though his dad flew out of control, Brett thought that his mom looked like she wanted to be able to understand what Brett was going through. Brett was wishing that she had had that chance.

As they pulled into Doug and Darren's driveway, Brett finally said, "I guess the worst of it's over now. Thanks for your help you guys. My dad would have killed me if you hadn't been there."

"That's why we were there Brett." said Doug. "We care about you very much. Now, let's go get you moved into the guest room. That will be yours for now. You might have to share with another couple for a week or so though."

Fred and Mary had a warm and compassionate talk with Brett as the other boys took his stuff to the guest room. In just a few minutes time, they were welcoming Brett to their home for as long as he needed to stay. Tyler called home to let his parents know what happened. They felt so bad about it that they agreed to let Tyler stay the night with Brett that night.

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