No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 10

From the last chapter:

Then almost out of the blue, Rusty asked, "By the way, do you guys have an assistant manager here named Tim?"

"Yeah, he helped us open this place." said Doug. "Something really strange is going on here today though."

"I'll say!" said Rusty. "We brought a friend named Tim with us from Orlando, and the two look exactly alike!"

"You're kidding!" said Doug. "I might owe Tim an apology then. I thought he was fooling around on his boyfriend, who's another really close friend of ours."

"I might too then." said Rusty. "I accused him of trying to mess with our heads. We need to catch up to both of them, and straighten this out!"

At least now Doug knew that he wasn't losing his mind yet, although this day was getting weirder by the moment. Doug and Darren agreed to get Tim and Sky to meet them beside the stage before the show, and Allen and Rusty agreed to get the other Tim and his boyfriend Jay to meet them at the same place. Doug couldn't believe his eyes when he saw two exactly identical people named Tim at the meeting. As a matter of fact, it left all of the boys scratching their heads, as the two Tims went off together to try to figure out what was happening. They really couldn't offer an explanation for what happened when they returned. Doug thought that Allen came up with the best explanation later that evening, when he said it might be a gnome playing around with the space/time continuum.

Whatever the explanation was though, it was one of the strangest days Doug and Darren had ever had.

That night was a lot of fun for Doug and Darren. Fortunately, they had given Gregori the last room on the hallway, next to theirs. That way Doug and Darren were the only ones who could plainly hear Gregori and Ivan that night. The passion that the two Russian men shared for each other rivaled anything they had heard before, including Chris and Donnie, and Rondell and Billy. They could tell that Ivan loved making love to Gregori more than anything he had ever done before.

The next day as everyone enjoyed their second day at the park, Doug and Darren had a chance to speak with Gregori.

"So my friend, what kind of interests do you have as far as working here?" Doug asked Gregori. "I'm going to have Chuck work on that visa for you bright and early tomorrow morning, so we may as well place you in the park now."

"Well my friends, I would like to work with children." replied Gregori. "Ivan and I were talking after making love last night, and we want to raise a family when we return to Russia. I would like to be a little prepared for that."

"Okay then, I think I have an idea where to place you." said Doug. "One of our outdoor kiddy coasters is only about half staffed right now. It's very intense for a kiddy ride, and we need people who will be able to help the kids who are riding to stay calm until the ride is over. You may get to see a lot of kids who will need a little encouragement. Can you handle that?"

"I would love the opportunity to try." smiled Gregori.

"Great then, it's all set!" said Darren. "We'll see if we can't get Chuck to at least get a visa number from immigration by the end of the day tomorrow. That way we can process your paperwork Tuesday. Since the soft opening starts tomorrow, we'll need to train you as soon as we can."

The rest of the day was spent by Doug and Darren making sure that all of their friends were having the time of their lives. Everyone told Doug and Darren that Thunderdome was the most incredible park they had ever seen, and knew Doug and Darren would blow everyone's doors off when they opened to the public. No one ever did figure out why there were two Tims though.

The next day was the first day of the soft opening, which meant that annual passholders were the only ones allowed in the park. Doug and Darren could not believe how many there were either. Fortunately, they did have some entertainment lined up to greet their annual passholders, as lines began backing up before nine that morning. Across the freeway from the park, the evil CEO had one of his people watching through a pair of high powered binoculars.

The man dialed his cell phone, then asked, "Is that you boss?"

"Yeah, what's it look like this morning?" asked the CEO.

"About like our Memorial Day crowd last year." replied the man. "Are you sure they were only letting annual passholders in there for now?"

"That's what one of our spies said before they found them." replied the CEO.

"Then they have a hell of a lot more passholders than we do!" said the man. "Do you want me to proceed with the plan to wreck the first day of their soft opening?"

"Are you sure you can pull this off without getting us caught?" asked the CEO.

"Piece of cake boss!" replied the man. "The local power company will never know what shut their grid down!"

"Okay then, let's let everyone get into the park, and wait until everything is running in full gear." said the CEO. "We'll see how successful their first day is with no power! I almost wish I were there to watch the roof of that dome deflate onto their rides!"

"I'll make sure to videotape it for you boss!" laughed the man.

Meanwhile, as the park's gates were opening for the day, Darren excitedly said, "I can't believe this day is happening Doug! Look at all of these people who came to see our park!"

"These are just annual passholders too babe!" replied Doug, as he grinned from ear to ear. "Just wait until we open to everybody! That other park will be calling by the Fourth of July to surrender to us babe!"

"We better head on inside my love." said Darren. "Most of the TV crews were setting up near Sky Diver, to catch people coming off its first ride. We should be there for that too."

"That reminds me, did Sam say his last minute project could handle the extra use it would get today?" asked Doug.

"Yeah, he said it could handle today, and then some!" smiled Darren.

Doug and Darren shared a brief kiss, then headed on into the park. The line for Sky Diver built up rapidly, as the crew finished its last test runs for the day. If it weren't for the fact that the soft opening was only for annual passholders, Doug and Darren would have had to put Darren's fingerprint entry system to work. As it was, it would just be about a ninety minute line most of the day.

Security had the people who were already lined up in order, and everyone eagerly awaited for the queue to open. Alex was a little nervous about coming down to open the queue, so he had three security guards escort him. The crowd erupted into a loud cheer when they saw Alex, his two queue greeters, and three security guards approach. One of the security guards was even brave enough to volunteer to remain with the queue greeters.

Alex then took the microphone out of the box at the greeter position, and said, "Welcome to the Sky Diver everyone! We promise that everyone will get a chance to ride as much as they want, so I want everyone to follow me to the platform in an orderly manner. If you get ahead of me and my escorts, you'll have to go to the back of the line."

A kid at the front of the line who was just tall enough to ride said, "Please hurry and open mister! I have to ride this baby!"

"Okay, when I take the chain down, just follow me." laughed Alex. "I'll make sure you and your dad get the front row on the very first ride."

"Yay dad!" exclaimed the kid to his dad. "Did you hear what this nice man said?"

Alex was glad he was here now, as he smiled and took down the chain. The boy and his dad stayed right on Alex's heels, not taking any chances on anyone cutting in front of them. The security escort would have helped make sure that didn't happen either, if it became necessary. Alex made it to the platform with the boy still right behind him, and led the boy and his dad to the front row. The rest of the rows were filled instantly, and the operator opened the gates. Alex knew the kid was about to have the ride of his life, as the boy excitedly hopped into the front row.

Doug and Darren were waiting at the exit when the first group came off the ride, along with about a half dozen news crews. The now very excited boy was the first one the cameras focused on, as one of the reporters ran to the boy with his microphone.

"You just rode the tallest ride ever built young man!" said the reporter. "Can you tell everybody how it was?"

"Oh my God!" screamed the boy happily. "It was incredible! I've never rode anything that wild and fun! This park is the greatest place in the world! Oh, and I'm sorry Miss Newton. I didn't mean to lie about being sick so I could get out of school to come to the park today. Let's go get back in line daddy, before it gets too long!"

Doug and Darren were both laughing hysterically, after hearing that interview. They knew they liked that kid though, and wanted to do something special for him. Doug took out his phone, and called their receiving dock.

"Hi, this is Doug." said Doug.

"Hiya boss, what can I do for you?" asked the receiving clerk.

"Please tell me that we have those kids shirts that say, I skipped school to survive the Sky Diver!" said Doug.

"Yeah, we just found them in the morning shipment a few minutes ago." replied the clerk.

As Darren was doing an interview, Doug had the receiving clerk send a few different sizes out to the Sky Diver exit. Then Doug helped Darren with interviews while he waited for the kid to come off the ride again. The kid was even more excited than he already was, when Doug gave him a shirt. The kid immediately stripped his shirt off while the cameras were still rolling, and put on the shirt Doug had given him. That kid had already made opening the park worth it to Doug and Darren.

After the fun morning at Sky Diver, Doug and Darren headed inside the dome to watch people riding The Screaming Eagle. The day was going perfectly until the lights began to flicker. As the emergency lighting came on, Doug and Darren saw the roof of the dome begin to sag. Then the full lighting came back on, and the dome roof stooped sagging. After a few tense seconds, it began rising back to where it was suppose to be.

Doug got on the management channel on his radio and called out, "Does anyone know what happened? How bad were we hurt?"

"Everything e-stopped like it was suppose to." replied Tim over his radio. "It looks like a parkwide power outage. We should be able to reset everything pretty quickly, since the power was only out for a short time. I'd like to thank the power company for getting it back on so quickly though."

"It would be me you would be thanking sir." said Sam over his radio. "The area around the park is still blacked out. We're running off an emergency system I talked Doug and Darren into letting me put in at the last minute. We should be fine until the power company gets the power restored, even if it takes all day."

"Thank you very much Sam." replied Tim. "That was a damn good call!"

"Yeah Sam, thanks from me and Darren too." said Doug. "This could have been bad if it hadn't been for you. I'm sure we're not paying you nearly enough!"

The man who had been watching the park earlier dreaded calling his boss back. He still dialed the phone and said, "Hey boss."

"So tell me, was there a lot of screaming?" asked the CEO. "Are those lousy kids going to get sued out of their pants? I can't wait to see the video you shot!"

"Well boss, it might not look that impressive." said the man.

"No fucking shit you moron!" yelled the CEO. "Those fucking kids had every news crew in three states there, and they all broke in live when the power went out! You gave their fucking dome a fucking dimple, you ignorant sack of dog shit!" By this time the CEO was yelling so loudly that the man had to hold the phone away from his ear, as the CEO continued, "You made those fucking fags look like saints! Everyone is going to love them now! I give you a simple assignment that an idiot chimpanzee could do, and you fuck it up all to hell! Have I been that bad to you yet! You just wait you asshole, I hope you're stupid enough to come back here after this! I'll make you wish you were dead!"

At that point the man closed his phone. He knew there would be no returning to the other park now. Meanwhile, Tim, Fred, Doug, and Darren were having a meeting in Fred's office.

"Well, this has been an exciting first day of the soft opening." said Fred. "It could have been much worse though. As it was, the power outage was seen as a minor glitch, and no one left because of it."

"I think we might have even got some positive publicity out of it, when the roof reinflated before causing any damage." said Tim. "Is Sam being rewarded for that?"

"I talked to personnel, and he's getting a raise effective immediately." said Doug.

"You know something, maybe we could use him to design a solid roof for this place." said Darren. "Doug and I were inside the dome, and it was pretty scary when that roof began deflating."

"You have a valid point son." said Fred. "Not only would a solid roof be less maintenance, but it would be better from a safety standpoint."

"The only problem with that would be that it would shut down all of our indoor attractions to install it." said Tim. "We couldn't do that and survive if we did it during our first season."

"Maybe next summer though?" asked Doug. "God only knows this place could use a new roof! Wait a minute, I have a call."

When Doug was finished with his call, Darren asked, "Who was that babe?"

"That was Chuck." replied Doug. "He works really fast. He was calling me with Gregori's visa number."

"Cool!" exclaimed Darren as he smiled. "Anyway, I think we could manage it if we did it during the next summer season. Besides, Sam is such a genius that he may come up with a way so that the inside is only shut down for a month or so."

"That would be very nice." said Fred. "I'll talk to him tomorrow, and see what he says. If he can keep it to a month, he'll deserve another raise!"

Just then, Fred's office phone rang. "Hello, Thunderdome Amusement Park." answered Fred. "May I help you?"

"Yes, is Doug Atherton and Darren Chambers there?" asked the man.

"Yeah, we're right here." answered Doug. "Who is this?"

"I'd rather not say." replied the man. "Can your phone record this confession... I mean call?"

Fred turned on the digital recorder and said, "We're all ears. Go ahead."

"The power outage today wasn't an accident." said the man. "I was sent here by the CEO of you competition. He wanted a disaster to befall the first day of your soft opening. I sabotaged the power grid for him. The power company would never be able to figure it out, unless they were told it was sabotage. That was my trump card, and now I'm forced to use it. I'm sorry for what I did."

"You could have killed people here!" exclaimed Doug. "You don't deserve the right to be sorry until you've done time in prison mister!"

"My son is right sir." said Fred. "If that roof had collapsed, there's no telling how many innocent people you could have killed, including children! You should be locked up for what you did, not sorry. Sorry doesn't cover it!"

"Well, that isn't going to happen." said the man. "I'm on my way to Canada now, and I'll be across the border long before they can figure out who to look for. I just wanted you to know what I did, so you would know who ordered it."

"Well, I'm calling the FBI anyway, and we'll see if they can get you before you cross the border!" replied Fred.

Fred did call the FBI, and played the recording for them over the phone. An agent was at the park within thirty minutes. As soon as he knew everything Fred did of the day's events, he called a preliminary profile into his base. His base then got in touch with Canadian customs at the tunnel and bridge in Detroit.

A few minutes after getting the bulletin to the border, the man who had called Fred exited the tunnel, and pulled up to Canadian customs. The customs agent looked the man and car over carefully. The only other thing in the car besides the man was a very small duffel bag.

"What is the country of your citizenship?" asked the agent.

"The United States." replied the man.

"Where are you going today sir?" asked the agent. "What is the reason for your visit?"

"I have a friend who lives near the falls." replied the man. "I'm going to visit him."

"How long do you expect your visit to last?" asked the agent, who was now getting wary.

"About six months." replied the man.

The agent immediately changed his light from green to red, and deployed spike strips in front of the man's car. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to step out of your car for a customs inspection." said the agent, as he waved a provincial officer over. "This should only take a few minutes, and then we'll have you on your way."

The officer looked over the man's car, then went over to speak with the customs agent. Then the officer went to the man, and asked, "If you say you are going to Niagara Falls for six months sir, why do you only have a small duffle bag with a few common tools in it?"

"Because I usually spend six month a year at his house." replied the man, now appearing somewhat nervous. "I have clothes there, as well as at my home in the United States."

"Well sir, that's where I suggest you go to." said the officer, suspecting the U.S. authorities would want to talk to him on the other side of the river. "We're not going to be able to allow you into Canada at this time. Here is a voucher to get you back through the tunnel."

The man had no choice but to turn back into the tunnel now, which only gave him a few minutes to prepare for what to say at U.S. customs. The U.S. customs agent put the man through the same questions, then had him pull off to the side. An FBI agent finally approached the man's car, and asked the man to step out.

"Sir, do you know why Canadian customs did not allow you into Canada?" asked the agent.

"No sir, I don't." replied the man.

"We are looking for a man who is suspected of a terrorist act, and said that he was going to try to cross into Canada." said the agent. "The fact that you didn't pack any luggage for a six month trip was very suspicious to them, and they take this kind of thing as seriously as we do. I'm now going to advise you of your Miranda rights. I'm not placing you in custody at this time, but I have reason to see you as a suspect." Once the agent advised the man of his rights, he asked, "Keeping your rights in mind, is there anything you would like to say to us before speaking to a lawyer?"

"What are the chances of a deal if I answer your questions?" asked the man.

"Well, it would show you feel remorse for anything you might have done." replied the agent. "I would say the chances of a deal are very good if you cooperate sir."

The man then got into the agent's car for a quick trip to the federal building. Once there with the agent in a private room, he completely broke down. He had time to consider that he could have indeed killed innocent men, women, and children with what he had done, and was having a hard time dealing with it. The agent did feel some compassion for the man, knowing that he had been influenced by someone else. He still had no choice in what to do next though.

"Sir, for your own safety from yourself, as well as the man who hired you, I'm going to have to place you into custody." said the agent. "We have a small facility north of the city where you will be taken care of very well. I think we can pass the danger you pose to yourself quickly, but when we begin investigating this case, the person who hired you may pose a much greater danger. You did the right thing by talking to me, and we'll give that very serious consideration."

Back at Doug and Darren's house, Gregori was very excited to hear that Chuck had been able to get him a work visa for the United States. Now he would be able to spend the entire summer with his beloved Ivan. Ivan was so happy with that news that he wanted Gregori to put himself inside him that night.

Once both men were naked in Gregori's room, Ivan laid down on the bed. Gregori gently caressed Ivan's entire body, before turning him onto his back. Ivan remained completely flaccid as Gregori lubed his stiffening cock, then placed Ivan's ankles on his shoulders. Ivan winced, and his cock remained flaccid, at feeling Gregori enter his rectum. Gregori knew this was Ivan's first time though, and kept his cock very still as he massaged Ivan's chest and stomach. Gregori could finally feel Ivan begin to loosen up, and a smile returned to Ivan's face. Then Gregori smiled, as he looked down and saw that Ivan's cock was becoming erect now.

"I take it that it is okay to continue making love to you." said Gregori softly as he smiled.

"I wish you would more than anything in the world, my comrade and lover." replied Ivan with an angelic smile.

Once Ivan had loosened up, he thoroughly enjoyed Gregori's eight inch cock thrusting in and out of him. Gregori made love to Ivan slowly, and made it last as long as possible. When Gregori did finally begin his orgasm, and Ivan felt Gregori's cum filling his rectum, Ivan's erect nine inch cock began shooting it's cum without being touched.

When Gregori's orgasm was over, he said, "Ivan my love, you didn't hold it back for me! I guess now I shall have to lick it off your chest and stomach!"

Once Gregori had cleaned Ivan with his tongue, the two men fell asleep in each other's arms.

After the next day got off to a great start, Fred went to see Sam. He didn't quite know what to think about all of the equipment in Sam's office though. Sam greeted Fred with a smile.

"Hello Fred, I don't get the chance to see you nearly enough." said Sam. "Those boys of yours are wonderful though. They even gave me a raise when my back-up energy source worked out well yesterday."

"Well Sam, you deserved it!" smiled Fred. "If it hadn't been for you, yesterday could have been a disaster for us. That's also kind of what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Are you sure it isn't just an excuse to see what I've been doing down here?" chuckled Sam. "It's quite alright, the boys know all about it. Can I show you around?"

"Sure Sam, I'd love a tour!" replied Fred.

Sam began at his drafting table, as he said, "Here is where I'm designing rides for the boys now. I've been working on some really exciting ideas along those lines. This table over here is where I create models of what I design." As Sam continued the tour, he guided Fred around the room. "This rather complicated looking equipment here is something the boys let me continue on when I first got here. I was developing this for the government when they let me go. This radar screen is hooked up to a high powered radar dish on top of the men's dorm. It can track objects coming in from the air here on Earth, as well as from space. The control panel next to it is connected to a weapons grade laser on top of the men's dorm that can eliminate any threat coming toward the park. I've only used it once to demonstrate it to the boys. I destroyed an incoming meteor that didn't pose any threat, but it impressed the hell out of Doug and Darren. Finally we have a robotics station here. The Gizmo robot that Doug and Darren had developed was such a good idea that I decided I should see if I can come up with others for them. Well Fred, that's the grand tour."

"I have to say that I'm very impressed too Sam." said Fred. "I had no idea you were doing so much down here. Now, about what I wanted to discuss. Yesterday showed us that our park could be very vulnerable. If our roof were to completely deflate, it could be a disaster that could wipe us out."

"My back-up energy source should handle any power interruptions we experience though." said Sam.

"I know Sam, and it worked beautifully yesterday." replied Fred. "We are all very impressed with what you did. There are other things that could influence the stability of our roof though. If it were to develop a big enough rip, no amount of power in the world would keep it inflated."

"I see your point Fred, you're right." said Sam.

"Good." said Fred. "What I wanted to ask was if you could come up with a solid roof design that would fit our building. It would have to support the weight of snow building up on it in the winter, and high winds from storms in the summer. We also need a roof that we can install quickly, so that we can keep any closure of the building down to a month or so. Does that sound feasible to you Sam?"

"I don't see why it wouldn't be Fred." replied Sam. "I'll make that my top priority, and let you know if I think I can do it."

"There's no rush Sam." said Fred. "We wouldn't do any installation until next summer anyway. We would like to have something ready to install by then though."

"I promise you will have it Fred." replied Sam.

Fred left Sam's office thinking the man could help them ensure their guest's safety, and that Doug and Darren had hired a mad scientist. That made Fred chuckle the rest of the day.

Well, the noose is going to be tightening around the neck of the Wicked CEO of the West, isn't it? While Sam may indeed be a mad scientist, his intentions now are to help Doug and Darren any way he can. I like the man. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: If you can't find me there, please check my message board. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 11.