No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 11

From the last chapter:

"My back-up energy source should handle any power interruptions we experience though." said Sam.

"I know Sam, and it worked beautifully yesterday." replied Fred. "We are all very impressed with what you did. There are other things that could influence the stability of our roof though. If it were to develop a big enough rip, no amount of power in the world would keep it inflated."

"I see your point Fred, you're right." said Sam.

"Good." said Fred. "What I wanted to ask was if you could come up with a solid roof design that would fit our building. It would have to support the weight of snow building up on it in the winter, and high winds from storms in the summer. We also need a roof that we can install quickly, so that we can keep any closure of the building down to a month or so. Does that sound feasible to you Sam?"

"I don't see why it wouldn't be Fred." replied Sam. "I'll make that my top priority, and let you know if I think I can do it."

"There's no rush Sam." said Fred. "We wouldn't do any installation until next summer anyway. We would like to have something ready to install by then though."

"I promise you will have it Fred." replied Sam.

Fred left Sam's office thinking the man could help them ensure their guest's safety, and that Doug and Darren had hired a mad scientist. That made Fred chuckle the rest of the day.

The agent in charge of watching the suspected terrorist knew that he wasn't doing too well. He finally decided to go in and have a talk with the man. “I hope you're still not thinking of doing anything bad to yourself sir.” said the agent.

Why shouldn't I?” replied the young man. “I could have killed little kids. I don't deserve to live.”

You admitted it though, and that took guts.” said the agent. “Now with your help, we can go after the man who led you into doing it. That's who we really want.”

It isn't just a matter of him leading me into it though.” replied the man. “I wanted to go after someone else, so it was too easy for him to convince me to do it.”

And how do you feel about that now?” asked the agent.

Everyone in my family has changed, except me.” replied the man. “I seem to be stuck in the same rut, and now I think my father was right. He told me if I didn't change, it would destroy me. I didn't have the right to do what I did, and I don't have the right to try to hurt the person I went after by hurting innocent people.”

Sounds to me like you have a conscience.” smiled the agent. “I don't think you're a true criminal. Very few of them have any conscience at all. I think there's something inside you worth saving, and we'll help you if you help us.”

I don't deserve it.” replied the young man blankly.

I think you do, and I've never been wrong yet.” said the agent. “Why don't you just let us decide that for you, and trust me?”

I'll try.” said the young man emotionally.

The agent saw the young man wasn't doing so well, so he took a chance and wrapped the man in his arms. The young man held onto the agent tightly, and began to cry. The agent knew this man wasn't a monster, and had just been misled. He knew that the young man had issues from before that led to him being misled too. Then the agent thought back to the last time he became involved with a male suspect. That didn't work out well, but this man seemed different to the agent.

Today sure was exciting, wasn't it Dare?” asked Doug, as he and Darren laid in bed after making love.

Exciting doesn't even cover it babe!” laughed Darren.

There's something about that call we got from the guy who tried to destroy us though.” said Doug. “I can't place him, but I know he sounded familiar.”

Your old coach maybe?” asked Darren.

Nah, I don't think so.” replied Doug. “I'm sure I'll figure it out though my love.”

I'm sure you will too Doug.” said Darren, as he stroked Doug's chest.

Back at the FBI safe house, the young man could now feel the agent gently rub his back. The young man wasn't gay, but for some reason, he didn't want to stop the agent. The agent then rubbed his cheek against the young man's, and pulled away just a little.

I liked the way you were rubbing my back.” said the young man. “It felt really comforting. I have to tell you something though, I'm not gay.”

Are you sure?” asked the agent. “Maybe you just haven't met the right man.”

Do you mean you think there's a man out there who can turn me gay?” asked the young man.

Maybe not turn you gay.” replied the agent. “But maybe there's a man who can make you realize that you've been hiding something from yourself. I do get that impression, and I think it's a cause of why you were so easily manipulated by your boss. I think there's something you've been hiding from yourself for years.”

Then why don't you take the chance of proving it?” asked the young man.

With that, the agent drew the young man back toward himself. Then he placed his lips against the young man's lips, and kissed his suspect with passion. At first the young man didn't know what to think, but within a few minutes, he found himself kissing the agent back. When the agent felt that, he began to remove the young man's clothes. Once the young man was naked, the agent broke the kiss and removed his own clothes. Then the agent resumed the kiss, and pressed their bodies together tightly. The young man couldn't believe the feelings he was feeling now. He had never thought of being in a position like this with another man, but now he was enjoying it immensely.

I'm so afraid.” said the young man. “I've treated people close to me very badly because they were different than me. Now I'm having feelings I can't explain, and those people may not have been as different as I thought.”

Craig, you should never be afraid of love.” replied the agent. “I want to make love to you Craig, and you don't have to be afraid. I'm not going to make you feel anything except the most comforting love you've ever felt before. It's not wrong to feel that way.”

All I've ever wanted was to be loved.” replied Craig, with an uncertain acceptance in his eyes.

Then I can give you that love, Craig Atherton.” said the agent.

The agent laid Craig back on the bed, then kissed him again, gently on the lips. The agent quickly moved down to Craig's torso, lingering on Craig's nipples until they were nice and stiff. As Craig moaned, the agent moved down to his stomach. Craig had only a slight beer gut from starting drinking at an early age, but the agent found it attractive. Craig's moans became almost euphoric when the agent moved to his already erect cock. After a few minutes of giving Craig pleasure he had never felt before, the agent turned around on top of Craig. Craig now had a man's cock directly in front of his face for the first time in his life. Craig looked at the other man's cock almost in a daze for a moment, then tentatively licked the head with his tongue. Then Craig closed his eyes, and took the man's cock all the way into his mouth. At that point, the two men made passionate love to each other.

After Doug and Darren had gotten to the park the next morning, Doug said, “Let's hope for a much quieter day today.”

You can say that again!” laughed Darren. “It looks like we're just as busy today though babe.”

Just wait until we open to the general public!” replied Doug as he smiled. “It'll make this look like nothing!”

Did you ever figure out why that voice on the phone yesterday sounded so familiar?” asked Darren.

Nah, but it'll come to me.” replied Doug.

Back at the safe house, the agent went in to say good morning to Craig. “Good morning Craig, how are you feeling today?” asked the agent.

A little better Carl, but I would like to talk.” replied Craig.

Oh, unsure about how you feel about last night?” asked Carl.

Nope.” replied Craig. “Last night was the most special night of my life, and I think I might love you. I don't know though, because I've never thought of being in love with another man before. I wanted to talk about my past though.”

Okay Craig, I'm listening.” replied Carl.

I want you to listen officially Carl.” said Craig. “I want this on record. It may help others, even if it is too late to help me.”

Okay Craig, let me get a recorder then.” replied Carl. “I want you to know though, no matter what you say, I still love you.”

We'll see when I'm done.” said Craig. Once Carl had set up a recorder, Craig started. “I was the oldest of three boys. Doug is sixteen, two years younger than me, and Donnie is thirteen. My dad was a real hard drinking, intolerant, closed-minded he-man as I grew up. Since I was the oldest, I always wanted to make him proud of me. Doug never seemed as interested in that though. When Doug was young, my dad thought he was getting too close to his friend Darren. My dad saw Darren as the type that might grow up to be some kind of weirdo, as he put it. My dad split Doug and Darren up, told me I was to never act the way Doug was starting to act, then tried to make Doug a normal boy again. Then came the plane crash, where we thought we had lost Doug. Doug and his friend Darren did survive the crash though, and during the time they were stranded on the island in the Pacific they were on, Doug realized he was gay. He and Darren also became very rich from their time on the island. I still wanted dad to be proud of me, and he didn't want any of his sons being gay, so I treated Doug pretty bad. After a while my mom had had enough of it though, so she threw me and my dad out. Then my dad and Darren's mother, who had been thrown out by her family too, decided to try to take Doug and Darren's money from them. I went along with it, because I thought they could actually do it. My dad and Darren's mom ended up losing everything though. Then Doug and Darren could have pressed charges against my dad, but they didn't. They wanted him to learn something. My dad did seem to change after that. He knew he was wrong, and he wanted to prove that to his family someday. My dad ended up in counseling and AA, and he completely changed. I didn't though. I had been brought up to think a certain way, and I couldn't change just like that because he did. My dad begged me to change before I destroyed myself, but I couldn't. It only made me hate Doug more, because he had made me lose my family. I didn't have anywhere else to go, so I began working for the park I was sent here by. My new boss hated Doug and Darren too, and wanted to drive them out of business when they opened a park they had built with the money they had from their island. I hated Doug so much that I didn't even think about what I was being asked to do. My boss was going to pay me well to put them out of business. I didn't even stop to think that I could have killed innocent little kids. What he asked me to do was sick, and I was sick for trying to do it.”

Doug didn't cause you to lose your family though, did he?” asked Carl.

No, he was just looking out for the people he cared about.” replied Craig. “I was the one who caused me to lose my family. Please help me Carl!”

I love you Craig, and I'll help you any way I can.” replied Carl. “Are you willing to help me put the man away who put you up to doing what you did?”

I'll do everything I can to help Carl.” sobbed Craig.

Carl hugged Craig, and softly said, “Then don't worry my love. I'll make sure everything works out okay for you. Now, let's go explain to your family what happened.”

Doug and Darren were having a great day. The second day of their soft opening was going much smoother than the first day had, and their guests looked like they were having more fun than they ever had before. Even though their systems still had a few minor glitches, and some of the rides would shut down for a few minutes every once in a while, the guests didn't seem to mind. Doug and Darren had hired a great staff, whom seemed to be able to handle these glitches in stride, keeping the guests in line happy. Doug and Darren decided to stop by the Wacky Dragster to see how Gregori's first day of training was going.

The Wacky Dragster was a unique kiddy ride, with trains that resembled a cartoon style dragster. The ride would launch its young riders from the starting line at a respectable fifty five miles per hour. The hill that it climbed straight up, then dived straight down, was about seventy feet tall. That made it a tough sell to the state as a kiddy ride. While it might not have been the most thrilling ride in the world for older riders, it was enough to thrill the younger riders like they had never been thrilled before, which is why older guests had to have a smaller child with them to ride. That still kept the line at about thirty minutes, filled with smaller kids brave enough to take on an extreme adult type ride.

Hi comrade Gregori, is Jennifer doing a good job training you?” asked Doug.

Hello my comrades Doug and Darren!” replied Gregori, as he gave both boys a firm hug. “Jennifer is an outstanding trainer, and I am learning much from her.”

It helps that Gregori is mechanically inclined, and a natural with kids.” smiled Jennifer, the trainer at Wacky Dragster. “I have a feeling he is going to be our most popular attendant here with the younger guests. He's already had a few of them in stitches.”

What can I say, I love making children laugh.” chuckled Gregori.

It's a shame we only have him on a seasonal basis.” said Jennifer.

I had a feeling Gregori would do well here.” said Darren. “Who knows, maybe by the end of summer we can talk him and Ivan into staying with us on a permanent basis.”

Yeah, Gregori has talked quite a bit about Ivan.” replied Jennifer. “He sounds like a wonderful guy. It's too bad that they are a couple. They could drive the girls here in America wild!”

So then, the staff here is okay with Gregori being gay?” asked Doug.

Gregori is such a friendly and sweet guy that I don't think anyone could possibly mind something as small as that.” smiled Jennifer. “We already think as highly of him as we do the two best bosses in the world.”

Jennifer, are you bucking for a promotion already?” laughed Darren.

Hey, if telling the truth can get me ahead, I'm all for that!” snickered Jennifer.

Okay, we'll let you get back to work.” smiled Doug. “We'll keep an eye on you for that promotion Jennifer.”

As Doug and Darren left the Wacky Dragster, they got a call on the radio from Fred, wanting them to come to the office. Fred wouldn't say what he wanted, but it sounded important. Fred met the boys outside his office, and didn't say anything as he led them inside. When Doug stepped into the office, he stopped in his tracks.

Hello little brother, I guess you still remember the last time we saw each other.” said Craig.

Yeah, I do, and I'm surprised you have the nerve to show up here Craig!” replied Doug.

Okay, I had that coming.” said Craig. “I don't blame you for feeling that way Doug, I've acted pretty badly. Besides, by the time this visit is over, you'll probably hate me even more.”

It's not that I hate you Craig, I'm just very hurt.” replied Doug. “Does dad know you're here? He should be out in the park working somewhere.”

You gave dad a job huh?” asked Craig. “I'm sure he's happy then. When he and Louise left Lansing, it was all he seemed to want. I wish I could have changed for the better as much as he has.”

It's not too late Craig.” said Doug, in an offer of truce.

I'm pretty sure it is.” replied Craig. “The man with me here is FBI special agent Carl Osborne. I think I better let him talk now.”

At that time, Arnold walked in after being called on the radio by Fred. “Craig?!” exclaimed Arnold. “Don't tell me that both my oldest boys are together again! That would make me so happy!”

Probably not dad.” replied Craig, “Special agent Osborne was just about to explain why we're here. Then I'm sure Doug will never want to see me again.”

Okay everyone, here goes.” said Carl. “Yesterday at one thirty six, the power grid in this area was sabotaged. Your park was the actual target of the sabotage. Fortunately this only caused a slight partial deflation of your roof, or things could have been much worse. At a little past three o'clock, a young man tried to cross into Canada at the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. The Canadians were extremely suspicious of the young man, as they knew we were looking for a suspected terrorist. We apprehended the young man at U.S. Customs, after he had been turned back in Windsor. In our investigation, we determined that the young man's boss at one of your competitors used past events in the young man's life in leading him into committing the sabotage of the power grid. Craig is the young man we apprehended.”

What?!” exclaimed Doug. “I know my own brother's voice, and that wasn't Craig who called yesterday! This has to be a mistake, right Craig?”

Craig then altered his voice, and replied, “I wish it were Doug, I really do. I changed my voice so you wouldn't recognize it.”

But why Craig?” asked Doug. “I knew you hated me, but if I had known you hated me that much, we could have talked about it!”

For what it's worth Doug, I was wrong.” replied Craig in his normal voice. “I always wanted nothing more than to make dad proud of me. Then dad changed, but I couldn't. I had already lost a lot, but then I lost the rest of my family. I know that was my fault, but it was easier to blame anyone but me. So instead, I blamed you. I know it wasn't your fault Doug. You are so much like mom, in that you always want the best for everyone. There's no way I can ever apologize enough to deserve to be forgiven.” Then Craig hung his head, waiting for a response.

Didn't I tell you the lesson I learn about hate son?” asked Arnold. “I finally figured out that you have to let it go, or it will destroy you. I tried to tell you that Craig, for your own good. I was hoping you would listen to that, and not the garbage I use to fill your head with. Doug, I'm so sorry. This is as much my fault as it is Craig's.”

Agent Osborne, is Craig under arrest for this?” asked Doug.

Not at the moment, however he is in protective custody.” replied Carl. “Once we see how much help he is in going after the person who ordered the sabotage, we'll decide if charges should be filed against him. For what it's worth though, Craig is cooperating fully, and he really does seem to realize what an awful mistake he has made.”

I'm with you agent Osborne!” said Darren. “I want that son of a bitch at the other park put away for the rest of his worthless life! He's trying to destroy Doug and I for no good reason, and he's gone way too far this time!”

Dare baby, calm down.” said Doug. “That man is filling you with hate, and it isn't worth it. I don't want him getting away with this either, but now he's going to get what he deserves. Isn't that right Craig?”

I promise you Doug, I'm going to do everything I can to help with that.” replied Craig. “There is something else, and dad needs to hear this too. I was awful to you Doug. I hated you because you're gay. I was the one who was wrong though, not you. You are the bravest guy I know. You knew you loved Darren, and you knew it wasn't wrong. You were willing to face anyone about it, and defend what you knew was right. With all that you faced, that took more courage than anything I've ever seen. As for me, I'm the most worthless coward in the world. I tried to make it look like I hated you in order to make dad proud, but that wasn't the real reason. Dad, my first drink wasn't in Louise's apartment with you. I started drinking when I was fourteen, and was drinking heavily by the time I turned fifteen. I conned myself into believing it would make you proud of me someday dad, but that wasn't why I did it. I drank to hide from myself, and I did a pretty good job of that. I hated Doug because I wanted to convince myself that he was wrong, and I did a good job of that too. He had to be wrong though, because something like that just couldn't be right as far as I was concerned.”

By this time Doug realized something very important was about to happen. Doug almost held his breath as he waited for Craig to go on.

Doug, you were right all along though.” said Craig. “Dad was wrong, I was wrong, but you were right. Dad finally realized that, but he didn't have to face what I did by admitting you were right. Yesterday was about the lowest point in my life though. I knew I couldn't hide from who I had become anymore. Then Carl came into my case, and he helped me realize that I had been wrong my whole life. I hid from myself because I was more like you than I could stand to admit Doug. But you were right, and now I have no choice to admit that. Carl helped me accept that, and he helped me accept that it was okay to be like my little brother. Now I don't have to hide from myself, and Carl is a beautiful man for helping me stop hiding. Doug, Carl and I have become lovers in the brief time we've been together. I'm so sorry for the way I've treated you, one of the greatest people I've ever known!”

By this time Craig looked as though he were about to break down. Doug did the only thing he could, and took Craig into his arms, as his older brother began to cry. Craig let the years of the pain of hiding come out, as he cried heavily onto Doug's shoulder. Then Doug let the years of not having the love of his older brother out, and joined Craig in crying. The sight of the two boys had a profound effect on Arnold, but he had no one there to release his feelings to. Darren saw that, and offered his arms to Doug's father.

I'm so sorry for all the pain I've caused all of you boys!” cried Arnold into Darren's shoulder.

We know you are dad.” said Darren softly. “That's why we've completely forgiven you. You're worth being forgiven, and given another chance.”

Meanwhile, Doug softly said to Craig, “I've never hated you Craig. I've been hurt by you, but I've never hated you, and I don't think it would be possible. As a matter of fact, I've been waiting for the day when I could finally say that I love you Craig. We both have a lot of healing to do, but let's do it together brother.”

Do you mean that you can forgive me after what I've done?” asked a bewildered Craig.

It's already done brother.” replied Doug. “I love you Craig. Can we make up for all the years we've lost?”

Nothing could make me happier, except Carl of course!” replied Craig, as he tried to laugh.

Good.” smiled Doug, as he stared into Craig's eyes with love. “Now, when you no longer need to be in protective custody, I want you to come home with us. I might have to compete with dad for your time, but we have a lot of years to make up for. And don't worry, Carl is welcome anywhere you are. I can see he's a part of you now.”

You've made me happy for the first time in my life Doug.” replied Craig, as he looked into his brother's eyes lovingly.

Okay, if that didn't make every last one of you cry, you're not human. lol. It seems as though the entire Atherton family has now come to terms with their problems. Doug and Craig are once again brothers, as they should be. And the noose is tightening very tight around the neck of the Wicked CEO of the East. Once the shock has passed, please send all comments to: Also, don't forget my new address at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 12.