No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 12

From the last chapter:

Meanwhile, Doug softly said to Craig, “I've never hated you Craig. I've been hurt by you, but I've never hated you, and I don't think it would be possible. As a matter of fact, I've been waiting for the day when I could finally say that I love you Craig. We both have a lot of healing to do, but let's do it together brother.”

Do you mean that you can forgive me after what I've done?” asked a bewildered Craig.

It's already done brother.” replied Doug. “I love you Craig. Can we make up for all the years we've lost?”

Nothing could make me happier, except Carl of course!” replied Craig, as he tried to laugh.

Good.” smiled Doug, as he stared into Craig's eyes with love. “Now, when you no longer need to be in protective custody, I want you to come home with us. I might have to compete with dad for your time, but we have a lot of years to make up for. And don't worry, Carl is welcome anywhere you are. I can see he's a part of you now.”

You've made me happy for the first time in my life Doug.” replied Craig, as he looked into his brother's eyes lovingly.

Well guys, I have to get Craig back to the safe house.” said Carl.

Can he spend more time with us sometime?” asked Doug. “Our family has changed quite a bit, and Craig needs to meet everyone.”

I'll see if we can come back the day after tomorrow.” replied Carl. “Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. We need Craig's help to get a warrant against his boss. After we serve the warrant, I'm sure the man will make bail right away, and Craig will need our protective custody. I'll wait until after he's had the chance to spend the day with his family before I serve the warrant though.”

Once Carl and Craig were back at the safe house, Carl asked, “Are you okay now Craig?”

Yeah, I really needed today.” replied Craig. “When I was picked up yesterday, I had no reason to go on. Before you came into my room and my life, I really wanted to die. Your agents did a good job of making sure I couldn't hurt myself though. Just before you came in, I was begging God to send me a way to kill myself, and end my misery.”

Well, he did send you a way to end your misery.” said Carl, as he smiled sweetly at Craig. “As for you killing yourself, I'm glad my fellow agents did such a thorough job preparing your room. I'll do anything I can to help you Craig, and your family seems willing to forgive you.”

Like I said, I really needed today.” replied Craig, as he looked to Carl for comfort.

Carl saw that, and took Craig into his arms. Then Carl gave Craig the most loving kiss he could. Craig returned Carl's kiss desperately, as the two men laid back on Craig's bed. Carl and Craig shared a long and passionate kiss, as their hands caressed each other through their clothes.

When Carl finally broke the kiss, he said, “Your so-called bed is nothing more than a bare wooden bench Craig. I think you're past any danger from yourself, so I'm going to see about making you more comfortable in here.”

Thank you Carl, I love you so much.” replied Craig.

That evening, Doug and Darren had to prepare everyone for Craig's visit. Wakki had never met Craig, but he had heard about his exploits. Donnie was very nervous the moment he heard Craig was back. Chris had also never met Craig, but that was by choice. Doug and Darren talked to the three younger boys for well over an hour that evening, until they felt the boys were okay with Craig's return.

Carl was right that the next day would be busy. First Craig was interviewed by the chief agent in charge of the case. Carl had submitted his report to his boss, and was at the interview. At that time it was determined that Craig would not be charged, as long as he cooperated fully with the agents on the case. The interview had lasted a good part of the morning, and now Carl was to escort Craig to Federal court. There they would be seeking a warrant against Craig's boss, with Craig telling the Federal judge everything he could about the man. Before Craig spoke to the judge, Carl reminded him that he would not be charged, and not to hold anything back to protect himself. By the time it was over, the judge had easily granted Carl the warrant to serve. It was early evening by the time Carl returned Craig to his room.

If I'm not going to be charged, why do I have to be locked up?” asked Craig.

It's for your protection my love.” replied Carl. “We're not actually locking you in Craig. We're locking people out who may want to get to you. There's always the chance that your boss has figured out what happened, and will try to silence you before we can get to him.”

Will my family be in danger tomorrow then?” asked Craig. “I don't want to put them in any danger.”

Don't worry my love.” smiled Carl. “I'll have a half dozen agents accompany us tomorrow. They will keep the neighborhood secure while we're there. No one will get in or out unless they belong there.”

Thanks Carl, I love you.” said Craig.

I know my love.” replied Carl.

The next morning, Fred was the only one in the house who went in to work. Mary decided she needed to be there while Craig was, just in case. When the FBI finally arrived in the neighborhood, all of Doug and Darren's neighbors must have thought they were under siege. Once everything was secure, Carl took Craig in to see his family.

Doug answered the doorbell, and hugged Craig as he said, “Come on in brother. I think I have everyone ready for today.”

It's that bad, huh?” asked Craig.

Well, it's just been a while, and they don't know all the details of what's going on.” replied Doug. “I thought that should be left up to you, to decide how much you want everyone to know. Anyway, everyone is waiting in the living room.”

Doug led Craig and Carl into the living room, and the first one he saw was Mary. “Hi mom.” said Craig softly.

Hello Craig.” replied Mary. “Doug has said you've changed quite a bit. I can't see that after what you did the other day, but I hope he's right.”

Are you going to throw me into another coffee table, and knock me out again?” asked Donnie.

I see you remember the last time we were together.” replied Craig shamefully. “I'm so sorry Donnie, I shouldn't have done that.”

Yeah, but you did!” said Donnie.

Then Craig went over to Donnie, and sat down with his hands underneath him. “I want you to hit me right in the face Donnie, as hard as you can.” said Craig. “I deserve much worse than that after what I did to you. It'll make me feel better to let you pay me back for what I did.”

Donnie looked at Craig with a hurt look on his face, as he balled up his fists at his side. Then he saw that Craig was serious, and was more than willing to take his hardest and best shot. Donnie's anger immediately disappeared, and he threw both arms around Craig. Craig then took his hands out from beneath himself, and put his arms around Donnie as Donnie began to sob softly.

Why Craig?” asked Donnie. “Why did you do that to me?”

Because little brother, I was a coward and an asshole.” replied Craig. “I promise that I'll never hurt you again though. I have such a cool little brother, and I never realized that until it was too late. Are you sure you can't hit me Donnie? It would make me feel better, because I deserve it.”

Donnie then leaned up, and gave Craig a good kiss square on his lips. “I'm sorry Craig, I can't do it.” said Donnie, after he backed his face away from Craig's. “I'm a lover, not a fighter.”

I can see that.” smiled Craig. “I love you very much little brother.”

Okay, I guess I should introduce everyone.” said Doug, as he smiled at the exchange between Donnie and Craig. “Craig, I think you probably remember Donnie's boyfriend Chris. The really cute well tanned boy is our adopted brother Wakki. We rescued him off the streets when we were in Hawaii. He has a nice English boyfriend named Benjamin, and Benjamin's father and mother works for us. The adorable little baby mom is holding is our little brother Charlie. Wakki, this is our oldest brother Craig. I know you've heard the bad stories about him, but I hope you and Chris will give him a chance to show that he's changed. Everyone, the man with Craig is agent Carl Osborne with the FBI. He's in charge of Craig's safety, until this whole mess is straightened out.”

There's something else Doug hasn't mentioned.” said Craig. “I didn't know if I should bring it up until now, but I think everyone has the right to know. Carl is also my lover.” Craig could immediately see the looks of shock on Mary's and Donnie's faces, so he continued, “I know what you all are thinking, so I better explain. I didn't even realize this was possible until the night before last. I hid who I was from myself for years, which is why I was such an asshole, and why I drank so much. When I had lost everything though, and was at the lowest point in my life, I couldn't hide it from myself any longer. Every one of you have been right all along, and I was the one who couldn't have been more wrong. I know this is confusing, but it's confusing to me too. Fortunately I have Carl to help me figure it out. I hope all of you can give me a chance while we all figure this out.”

Do you mean...?” asked Mary.

That's right mom, dad hasn't raised one straight son yet!” snickered Craig lightly.

Maybe he might stand a better chance now though, now that he's changed too.” smiled Doug.

Craig, I wish you could have come to me about this long ago.” said Mary. “I could have helped you come to terms with who you were, and convinced you things would be okay in spite of your father.”

I know mom, and I wish I had.” replied Craig. “It would have made things so much easier for Doug and Donnie.”

I just can't believe both of my older brothers are gay!” exclaimed Donnie.

Maybe this will convince you then.” smiled Craig. “You are the hottest kisser I could ever imagine little brother! Your boyfriend has to be the luckiest guy on Earth. I hope this doesn't make Carl jealous, but when you kissed me earlier, it was so hot that it made me erect! It's affecting me again just thinking about it!”

Donnie looked down into Craig's lap, and noticed his oldest brother now had a very pronounced bulge in his pants. “Holy crap!” exclaimed Donnie. “I made my oldest brother hot for me!”

That got a laugh from everyone in the room. After that, everyone became more comfortable with getting to know Craig over again. As Mary was starting to serve everyone lunch that afternoon, Carl got a call on his radio.

Go ahead for Charlie one.” said Carl into the radio. Due to his earpiece, everyone only heard Carl's side of the conversation. “Are you sure about his current employer?... What kind of alibi does he have?... I agree, that sounds very weak. Ask him if he can't do any better than that!... Nervous huh?... Okay, go ahead and take him into custody!... Heh, let him call his lawyer! Due to the Patriot Act, we can hold him as long as we want anyway. After all, this is a terrorist investigation... Yeah, I thought that would shut him up. Good work Charlie four!”

What was that?” asked Craig, after Carl had ended his transmission.

Nothing to worry about my love.” replied Carl. “It was just a suspicious suspect who didn't belong in the neighborhood. We have everything under control.

Oh crap, I'm putting my family at risk by being here!” said Craig.

I assure you babe, we have everything covered.” replied Carl. “No one will ever get close to this house while we're here.”

Craig honey, I trust your boyfriend.” said Mary. “I don't feel like we're in any danger with his men out there. Let's just continue to enjoy this day, and this will all be behind us soon.”

Your mom is right my love, we're in no danger.” smiled Carl.

Craig finally began to relax again, as everyone sat down to eat. The rest of the day went fine, with no more interruptions. The time finally came for Carl to take Craig back. Craig had no idea how long it would be before he could see his family again, since Carl would be serving his warrant the following day. Craig gave everyone a warm hug before he left.

When Craig got to Wakki, he said, “You are a very cute little brother Wakki. I hope we can get along well as brothers.”

We'll see what happens.” replied Wakki. “You seem to be much different now from the way Doug and Darren use to describe you.”

I am Wakki, and I'll prove that to everyone.” smiled Craig. “Tomorrow they'll be arresting the person who is trying to hurt Doug and Darren, and they're getting him with my help.” Then Craig turned to everyone and continued, “I don't know when it will be safe for me to come back, but I will as soon as I can. My old boss is going to be really upset with me tomorrow.”

I hope it'll be soon Craig.” said Doug, as he gave Craig another hug. “I do love you now, and I'll miss you until you're able to come back.”

Then Mary gave Craig another hug as she said, “Welcome back son. I hope you can make it back soon too. It's been way too long!”

I love you mom, and I love all of you too.” replied Craig. “I'll come home again as soon as I can.”

The next day was very interesting for Carl. He first checked in with the local police, to get an escort to the park. When Carl and his police escort arrived at the park, the park police tried to tell him he couldn't come in without an appointment.

Carl showed his FBI ID again, holding it right up to the park officer, and said, “Do you have any idea at all what this badge means? I have you so outranked that you'll never know what hit you! How would you like a nice long stay at Guantanamo Bay?”

Then one of the local officers said, “Even our jurisdiction supersedes yours. I think you better let us in now, and tell us where we can find your CEO.”

The park officer finally backed down, and called his supervisor as soon as Carl and his police escort had passed. Then Carl met the park police chief and two of his officers outside the administration building.

Sir, you are under arrest!” said the park's chief, as he looked at Carl.

And you are interfering with an FBI agent serving a Federal arrest warrant!” replied Carl, who then addressed the local police officers. “I need this man placed under arrest, and held for Federal transport to Cuba!”

Once that roadblock was removed, Carl went on into the administration building. Carl went directly to the CEO's office, and walked right in. The CEO seemed to be waiting for Carl, knowing that he couldn't stop what was now happening.

Sir, you are under arrest for planning and ordering the execution of a terrorist act on United States soil!” said Carl.

The CEO resigned himself to go along quietly. After having the CEO booked, Carl had him transported directly to the nearest Federal court, as he followed closely behind. The judge had been informed that Carl was on his way with a suspected terrorist, and was ready when Carl got there. The CEO's lawyer had also been called by the CEO while he was being booked by the local police, and was waiting at the Federal courthouse. Carl tried to have the CEO held without bond. Although the judge personally wanted to go along with Carl, the CEO's lawyer was able to come up with a precedent for bail to be granted. Carl was able however to add a condition of bail that the CEO would have to be fitted with a transponder before being released. Carl didn't like it, but the CEO was released on bail two hours after appearing in Federal court.

Carl went back to the safe house in Michigan, then went to Craig and said, “Okay my love, this is where it gets interesting. I served the warrant, and your old boss was taken to Federal court as soon as he was booked. As we expected, he was granted bail and released. I was able to have him fitted with a transponder though, which may make it easy for us to have his bail revoked if he makes the wrong move. I wouldn't expect him to be the one to come after you anyway though.”

Do you really believe he'll send someone after me?” asked Craig.

He's facing a life sentence if convicted babe, and it'll be your testimony that convicts him.” replied Carl. “With you out of the way, it'll be his word that you acted on your own, and we'll have no way to refute that. Our agents are going over every paper and recording in his office and home, but if he's been careful enough, we'll need your testimony. If you were him, would you go after the person who could put you in prison for the rest of your life?”

I guess I would.” replied Craig. “After all, he did already threaten me after the plan failed.”

Don't worry though babe, I'm not going to lose you.” smiled Carl. “His men will never get close to you. After he's convicted, you'll have nothing to worry about.”

How long will that take?” asked Craig.

His lawyer will try to stall, but we can counter that to some extent.” replied Carl. “I'm hoping one month, but it could be as much as six. I promise we won't let it go longer than that though.”

Well, if I have to be guarded for the next six months, at least I have you to guard me.” said Craig as he smiled.

Doug and Darren first heard about the CEO's dilemma on the news that evening. They were immediately doubled over in uncontrollable laughter. Fred was able to maintain his professional composure, but it did make him grin widely all evening. Tim came over for a visit that evening, as he was waiting for his boyfriend Sky to arrive from Lansing.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer chump!” laughed Tim. “I wish I could have been there to see that!”

So, does that make up for how you were treated when you worked there?” asked Doug, after getting his laughter under control for the moment.

You and Darren promised you would make up for that, and you two did a heck of a job!” laughed Tim.

Come on everyone, we really shouldn't be laughing at someone's misfortune.” smiled Fred, as he barely continued to keep his composure.

Fred is right guys.” replied Tim, with a wide grin. “What we should be doing right now is making an offer to the board of directors of that park, to buy it from them!”

We have a great park here though!” laughed Darren. “Do we really want to buy that slum?”

Well, that slum is part of a rather large chain of parks.” smiled Fred.

Maybe they're right Dare!” said Doug. “Maybe we should at least make an offer. If nothing else, it'll add insult to injury!”

At that point, Chuck came in with his boyfriend singing, “Ding dong the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead.”

Doug and Darren were launched into another fit of uncontrollable laughter, and even Fred broke his composure long enough to chuckle.

Chuck, we're glad you're here!” snickered Tim. “The boys want to make an offer on a nearby park that may be falling on hard times soon. Can you see what they can afford to offer, and handle that for them?”

That, my good friend Tim, would be a pleasure!” replied Chuck as he smiled.

Make sure the offer isn't too high though.” said Doug, as he continued to laugh. “We want it to reflect the job we think they've been doing in running the place.”

Would two cents be too high?” laughed Chuck.

That sent Doug, Darren, and Tim right back into their fits of laughter. “I think they're saying two cents may not be too high.” snickered Fred.

The next day, all of the talk on the news was concerning the disgraced CEO and his company. There was even a news crew at Thunderdome, wanting Fred's take on the recent events.

Well, I can't really speak on how other parks are run.” replied Fred, to the interviewer's questions. “I know something must be terribly wrong for their CEO to be arrested by the FBI, but I can't really comment on what led to those events.”

I just think you're being nice Fred.” said the interviewer, as the cameras continued to roll. “We all remember some of the things the same man has had to say about your park. Now as I look around, I see a well run park and a large crowd of guests having the best time of their lives.”

That's what we've said we'll have here all along.” replied Fred. “Our soft opening crowds have been so large that some parks would love to have those numbers for their regular season. We've trained our guest service department to handle all kinds of problems, but most of what they've been handling so far have been compliments. I guess that's one thing our competition might have been afraid of. That may be what led to their current problems.”

So Fred, what do you see for the future of Thunderdome, considering recent events?” asked the interviewer.

That one is easy.” smiled Fred. “I predict that we'll set a one day record on our grand opening day. We have a great place for families and people to have fun. On opening day, we'll also have one of the hottest bands in the world performing here. Then from opening day on, things will only get better for us.”

Doug and Darren caught up with Fred right after the interview, and complimented him on a great job. Then Chuck caught up with all three of them.

I just wanted to let everyone know what is happening.” said Chuck. “I contacted the board of directors at our competition, and made an offer of ten million to buy them out. I know that is low for such a large company, and I fully expect them to reject it, but it sends the message Doug and Darren wanted to send.”

Cool!” exclaimed Doug. “Thanks Chuck.”

It's no problem boys.” smiled Chuck.

It was the day before opening day at the CEO's park, as he walked through the park wondering how long it would be his. Even if he were able to take care of the only witness against him, it still may be too late to save his job. It was now the only chance he had though. Then he crossed paths with one of his remaining loyal employees.

Hi Marcus, how is everything going?” asked the CEO.

I hate to see what's happening to you sir.” replied Marcus. “You took a kid who couldn't go to school anymore, and really helped him. If it hadn't been for you, I would have ended up in prison, but you stopped that from happening, and helped me get back into school.”

I had to help.” replied the CEO.

No you didn't.” said Marcus. “I really wish you had gotten that Doug and Darren! They're the ones who led to my problems!”

I guess we have a lot in common then son, don't we?” asked the CEO.

Yes, we do.” replied Marcus. “Just so you know sir, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.”

Do you really mean that Marcus?” asked the CEO.

Yes sir!” replied Marcus.

I don't suppose you would be willing to kill someone for me, would you?” asked the CEO.

Just tell me who and where sir!” replied Marcus. “They're as good as dead!”

It might not be that easy son.” said the CEO. “He's in protective custody right now. You'll have to get past the Federal agents protecting him. I'll help you with the how to though, if you really want to do this for me. And if you get him, I'll make sure you have everything you've ever wanted. His name is Craig Atherton.”

Are you sure you don't want his brother Doug, and that girlfriend of his Darren while I'm there?” asked Marcus. “I'd love to put an end to those two! Hell, I'd kill them for nothing!”

Thanks for offering Marcus, but Craig will be fine.” replied the CEO. “You'll be taking enough of a risk getting him, and I wouldn't want to see anything happen to you.”

Then don't worry, Craig Atherton will be dead within the week!” laughed Marcus.

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