No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 13

From the last chapter:

I guess we have a lot in common then son, don't we?” asked the CEO.

Yes, we do.” replied Marcus. “Just so you know sir, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.”

Do you really mean that Marcus?” asked the CEO.

Yes sir!” replied Marcus.

I don't suppose you would be willing to kill someone for me, would you?” asked the CEO.

Just tell me who and where sir!” replied Marcus. “They're as good as dead!”

It might not be that easy son.” said the CEO. “He's in protective custody right now. You'll have to get past the Federal agents protecting him. I'll help you with the how to though, if you really want to do this for me. And if you get him, I'll make sure you have everything you've ever wanted. His name is Craig Atherton.”

Are you sure you don't want his brother Doug, and that girlfriend of his Darren while I'm there?” asked Marcus. “I'd love to put an end to those two! Hell, I'd kill them for nothing!”

Thanks for offering Marcus, but Craig will be fine.” replied the CEO. “You'll be taking enough of a risk getting him, and I wouldn't want to see anything happen to you.”

Then don't worry, Craig Atherton will be dead within the week!” laughed Marcus.

Doug and Darren's soft opening was going fine. The crowds remained almost as heavy as the first day. The boys were also happy that Craig was back, and had changed so drastically. Things couldn't possibly be going any better, which worried their assistant manager Tim. Tim had seen how things could go when they got to the point where they couldn't go any better. The first one to stop by that Saturday was Chuck.

I heard back on the offer I made for you boys.” said Chuck. “As I expected, they declined the offer. I think now though, they know exactly what shape they're in.”

How much do you think we could afford to raise the offer?” asked Doug.

You aren't seriously thinking we should buy them out, are you babe?” asked Darren.

Well, that park has been there for a long time.” replied Doug. “It use to be a great place to go, until the last few CEO's came through. If it was ran properly, it could be a great place again, and I don't think their board of directors has any idea how to do that anymore.”

Would it be far enough away from us that both parks could survive though?” asked Darren.

I think so, since this park is open year round, and that one can't be.” replied Doug.

If you boys really want, I'll look into what you can afford.” said Chuck. “It's not going to be so much that it would jeopardize this park though.”

Okay, as long as Thunderdome is covered.” laughed Darren.

Meanwhile at the other park, the chairman of the board was talking to the CEO. “I want you to know exactly where we stand.” said the chairman. “You probably won't last much longer here. You've disgraced this park to the point where no one respects us now. We just had to turn down an offer to buy us out, for a mere ten million dollars!”

I can promise that nothing like that will ever happen again though.” replied the CEO.

How can you do that?” asked the chairman. “You're facing charges of planning and ordering a terrorist plot on United States soil! What exactly was going through that idiotic mind of yours?!”

I'll never be convicted of those charges.” replied the CEO. “My lawyer says that he'll make sure of that.”

Your lawyer is the company lawyer!” said the chairman. “He told me you'll be lucky if you only get life! We're holding a special board meeting a week from Monday. I suggest you be ready to clear out of here by then.”

But I'll be cleared by then!” replied the CEO.

If you can pull that off, we might think about things!” said the chairman. “If I were you though, I'd still plan on clearing out! Look around the park man! How many guests do you see? We have more employees in the park than we do guests, and it doesn't appear that will get any better with you in charge! Good bye!”

The CEO took out his cell phone, and dialed a number. “Hello Bob, do you still support me?” asked the CEO.

Of course I do, we're friends.” replied Bob.

I need your help then.” said the CEO. “Don't worry, it's just information. Who are the two biggest board members against me right now?”

There's the chairman of the board, then there's Phil.” replied Bob.

If they withheld their vote, would I have enough support to stay, provided I'm cleared?” asked the CEO.

Well, you might not be fired immediately.” replied Bob. “It might buy you enough time to see if you can be cleared. As a friend though, I want to be honest. Even if you can get them to withhold their vote, you're going to be walking a thin line. All of the other board members are going to be watching for you to make any mistakes at all. When that happens, you'll be out.”

Let me worry about that.” said the CEO.

The next day, Carl stopped by the park to talk to Doug and Darren. “Hi boys.” said Carl. “I came by to ask you a question. Do you two know a boy named Marcus Blake?”

Marcus?!” exclaimed Doug. “I hoped I would never have to hear that asshole's name again!”

I was afraid of that.” said Carl. “Marcus had been expelled from school in Lansing, and was facing serious criminal charges. Our CEO friend had heard about it, as he had some kind of personal connection to Marcus's family. The court was convinced to release Marcus on probation to our CEO friend. Marcus's probation officer stopped by for a surprise visit this morning, and Marcus was nowhere to be found.”

Do you think he's on his way here?” asked Darren, as a look of fear crossed his face.

Try not to be afraid son.” replied Carl, in a reassuring tone. “We just put out an FBI alert on Marcus Blake. He won't get near here if we can help it.”

How can I not be afraid?” asked Darren, as he was almost on the verge of crying. “The last time I saw Marcus, he was looking me right in the face, and laughing about how he was going to enjoy killing me! If Doug hadn't found me when he did, Marcus would have killed me!”

My babe is right Carl.” said Doug, as he wrapped Darren in his arms. “Marcus is the most dangerous person I've ever known of. He has absolutely no sense of remorse, and could probably kill someone without thinking twice about it. The only reason I was in time to save Darren's life was because Marcus was taking his time, bragging about what he was going to do.”

I'm sorry boys, I didn't realize how bad he was.” replied Carl. “I'll ask my boss if there's any way we can have him placed on the ten most wanted list. That court in Lansing should face charges for letting such a dangerous person walk free.”

I hope you can Carl, my brother's life is in your hands.” said Doug. Then he turned to Darren and said, “It'll be okay babe. I kept him from killing you once, and there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you. If Marcus comes around here, he won't have the chance to regret it.”

After Carl left to go talk to his boss, Doug locked the door to his and Darren's office. Doug then pulled Darren down onto the couch, wrapped tightly in his arms, and spent the next two hours kissing and comforting Darren.

I'm sorry my love.” Darren finally said. “I thought by now I had gotten much stronger than this.”

You're not Superman babe.” smiled Doug, as he kissed Darren on the tip of his nose. “Marcus scares the hell out of me too. I meant it though when I said I would protect you no matter what. You're the most important thing in the world to me Darren, and I love you more than anything or anyone.”

I love you just as much Doug!” replied Darren, as he snuggled into Doug's embrace. “We should go talk to Hank about this.”

About how much we love each other?” asked Doug as he smiled.

No, you goof!” giggled Darren softly. “About Marcus! If Hank and his men can protect us from pirates, he can protect us from Marcus.”

The chairman of the board of the other park was making himself comfortable at his home, since his wife and children were away visiting relatives. As he was about to sit down on the couch with a favorite magazine, he heard a knock at the door. The man went to the door, and opened it to find the CEO.

What are you doing here?” asked the chairman.

I just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing.” replied the CEO, as he stepped in past the chairman. “You never know when someone might break in and rob you and your family, or something like that. Friends watch out for each other like that, and I hope we can still be friends. I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot, and I really do want to make things better.”

I somehow doubt that!” said the chairman. “I think you came here to try to save your job! I'm glad my family isn't here to see this.”

How can you say that?” asked the CEO, as he picked up a nearby table lamp. “I mean, you might be right, but how can you possibly know?” Then the CEO smashed the lamp against a wall on the other side of the room.

What the fuck are you doing?!” yelled the chairman. “I'm calling the police!”

I don't think so.” replied the CEO, as he pulled out a large caliber handgun with a silencer attached to it. “I came here to make things better, for me at least, and I'm not leaving until I do.” Then the CEO aimed his gun at the chairman's head.

Okay, let's..., let's talk about this!” said the chairman, as a terrified look crossed his face, and beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Oh come on!” exclaimed the CEO. “Give me a break! I just pulled a gun on you! Do you think I'm going to be stupid enough to think you'll be willing to talk about this? You're going to call the police, if you get the chance! Now, toss me your wallet!”

What?!” asked the desperate chairman.

I said, toss me your WALLET!” barked the CEO, as he kicked over the coffee table. “How else am I suppose to make this look like a robbery?”

You'll never get away with this!” said the chairman. “You'll make some slight mistake, and they'll get you! Is it worth it? Just put the gun down, and we'll forget this. Then we'll talk about your job. It's not too late!”

It is for you!” laughed the CEO. “Now, toss me your wallet, or I'll shoot you in the head, then take it!” When the chairman tossed his wallet to the CEO, the CEO said, “And then I'll shoot you in the head anyway!”

Before the chairman could jump away from the aim of the gun, the CEO squeezed the trigger. The first bullet hit the chairman in the middle of his forehead, just above his eyes. The CEO laughed as he fired three more shots into the chairman's chest. Then the CEO went through the wallet, and the rest of the house, taking anything that would make it look like a burglar had broken in. Before leaving, the CEO checked to make sure the chairman was dead, then went outside the back of the house, and broke a window from the outside. After looking around to make sure no one had seen him, the CEO took the things he had stolen, and got in his car. He would dump the stolen items way out in the lake that night.

As soon as Doug and Darren told Hank what was happening, and gave Hank a picture of Marcus, Hank gave the boys a pair of bullet proof vests and said, “Take your shirts off boys, and put these on underneath them.”

Are these really necessary Hank, or do you just want to see mine and Darren's chests?” smiled Doug.

You boys have very beautiful chests, but it's also better to be safe than sorry.” laughed Hank. “Besides, it'll make me feel much better if you two are protected as much as possible. I wouldn't want to see a bullet mark those beautiful chests of yours.”

Hank, you're the best!” smiled Doug, as he and Darren put the vests on. “Can I get another one of these to take to Craig on the way home? He may be the one in real danger, and I love my brother very much. I don't want anything to happen to him.”

Sure Doug, anything for you and Darren.” replied Hank warmly.

Phil is going to make this so easy!” thought the CEO to himself, as he worked on cutting through the back side of the restraint belt. The CEO cut the belt in such a way that it wouldn't be seen, but would definitely fail. Once he was finished on the deserted platform, the CEO hid in a spot where he could see the entire ride. He had managed to finish his sabotage just before Phil and the evening maintenance crew arrived.

Phil took his usual seat on the train, fastened the belt, and pulled down the lapbar. Then the worker on the platform signaled okay to the worker in the booth, and the train left the station. Phil was completely unaware as to what was about to happen, until the train plunged down the first drop, and came to the top of the first hill. Then the seatbelt snapped, leaving only the lapbar to hold him in.

Oh God no!” screamed Phil, as he held onto the lapbar as tightly as he could. Phil managed to hold on going over the next hill, but now he was rapidly approaching the highest g forces on the ride. Phil said a prayer that he would be strong enough to hold on, but lost his grip a few seconds later. The CEO laughed as he watched Phil get tossed from the train, one hundred feet in the air.

Doug and Darren went to the safe house immediately after leaving the park, and found them on heightened security. When they wouldn't be allowed in, Doug asked for Carl to come out so he could talk to him. A few moments later, Carl came out to the gate.

You guys are serious, aren't you?” asked Doug. “That kinda scares me Carl.”

It shouldn't scare you Doug.” replied Carl. “We are serious that no one will get to your brother. Now, what can I do for you boys?”

I have something I want my brother to have.” replied Doug, as he handed the vest to Carl. “Can you just call him to the door, so I can see you hand it to him?”

Don't you trust me Doug?” asked Carl. “I promise you with every ounce of love that I have for your brother that I'll take this right to him. It might not be safe for him to come to the door though.”

Okay, I'll trust you Carl, since Craig obviously does too.” replied Doug. “Please tell him that I love him, and I want him to put this on right away. Also tell him that Darren and I both have one on right now, so he doesn't worry.”

Okay Doug, I promise I'll tell him.” smiled Carl. “Maybe if you think Marcus is that dangerous, I should get one of ours and put it on as soon as I give this to Craig. Craig is lucky to have a brother like you Doug. I love you and Darren for caring so much about him.”

I'm glad you and my brother love each other so much Carl.” said Doug. “Please take good care of my brother. Darren and I love you and Craig both.”

Doug and Darren got a cold chill down their backs as they watched the news that evening. Normally a robbery and murder wouldn't have made the national news, even if it was the chairman of the board of a large company. It did tonight though, due to the coincidental death of another member of the board of directors of the same park, after being thrown from one of his own rides. Doug and Darren knew something bad was going to happen soon. Then they saw the man who made them sick to their stomachs, doing an interview.

All of us here are terribly saddened by today's events.” said the CEO. “Our hearts and prayers go out to our two dear friend's wives and children. Our preliminary investigation into the accident leads to a design flaw from the manufacturer, that allowed contact with the restraint belt to compromise its integrity. As for the thief who murdered our chairman of the board today, we hope the police can track him down, and make him pay for what he did.”

At that point, a glass bowl sailed across the room through the TV screen, accompanied by Darren yelling, “That son of a bitch! He was ready to lose his job! I'd bet my life he killed those two men!”

Dare baby, you have to clam down.” said Doug, as he took Darren into his arms.

I don't wanna calm down!” Darren cried out. “I want that man to pay!”

As Darren cried in Doug's arms, Doug rubbed his back and replied, “Then we'll make him pay my love. We can't do that if we let him do this to us though babe. Just let it go baby, and I promise we'll get him.”

Fred came running into the room and exclaimed, “What the hell?!”

Our friend was on the TV, and Dare got upset.” replied Doug, as he held Darren comfortingly.

But enough to trash our TV?!” asked Fred.

Our friend might have killed two people today, to keep from getting fired.” replied Doug.

Oh, okay.” said Fred, with a strange look on his face. “I'll call the electronics store, and see if I can get it replaced tonight. Take care of Darren for me Doug.”

I will, I promise.” replied Doug.

I feel bad for the families of those two people.” said Fred. “This is getting way out of hand though. I'm going to call Carl, and see if there isn't something he can do.”

Okay dad, I'll take Darren up to our room.” said Doug.

Once Doug got Darren undressed, into the bed, and calmed down, he did everything he could to get Darren to forget the events of the day. Doug was as gentle and loving as he could be, as he made love to Darren that night. Darren finally managed to fall asleep contented in Doug's loving embrace.

The next morning, Darren apologized to his dad for trashing the TV, and Fred replied, “That's okay son, I understand. Doug told me what happened. Are you okay this morning?”

I don't know,” replied Darren. “I can't help but think it might be partly our fault those two people died yesterday. They both had wives and children dad.”

That's complete nonsense son!” said Fred with conviction. “You boys have the right to live your lives the way you want, and no one can take that away from you. This man only thinks he can because he's completely out of control. He doesn't have the right to do this to my boys though, and his day will come. He'll stand before his judge, and have to explain the actions of his life. And do you know what will happen then? His judge will punish him the way he deserves. He'll pay for what he's tried to do to you boys, to those two men, to those men's families, and to all of the innocent people he's tried to hurt along the way. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes, and I wouldn't want you boys in his shoes either. Let him be taken care of son.”

Okay dad, I'll try.” replied Darren.

Doug and Darren went to the park that day, but they couldn't keep their minds on anything there. Fred finally saw that, and told them to go home to rest. Instead of going home though, Doug and Darren decided to go see Craig. Carl would just have to understand that they needed to be with him, if only for a few minutes.

As Doug and Darren left the park, Marcus left his hotel room. Once again, Doug and Darren were stopped outside the safe house. Once again, Carl came out to see them. Then Doug and Darren pleaded to see Craig. Carl could finally tell that the boys had to see Doug's brother, so he gave the okay to open the gate. As soon as the gate began to open, a projectile sailed by, hitting the guard booth and obliterating it. At the same moment, Doug and Darren felt themselves being hit by several shots that rang out. Both boys slumped to the ground immediately. Carl began running for the door of the safe house, but he was struck too.

A few moments later, Marcus walked through the scene of destruction he had created. As he walked by Doug and Darren, who still laid motionless on the ground, he said, “If you two faggots ain't dead yet, I'll finish you off after I pop Dougie's brother!”

Marcus laughed insanely, then stepped on Carl on his way into the safe house. Marcus saw two agents standing guard outside a locked room, and shot both of them in the head. Then he searched one of the dead agents, until he found the key to the locked room. Marcus unlocked the door, then strolled on in holding his gun up.

Well, well, so you're Dougie's brother Craig!” sneered Marcus.

Who the hell are you?!” asked Craig.

Marcus aimed the gun at Craig's head, and laughed, “I'm the man that just killed your faggot brother Dougie and his girlfriend Darren, and now I'm going to kill you!”

Oh God NO Tim! How could I do that?! heh-heh. I'm evil, aren't I? Did Marcus really kill everyone? Is this the end of our dynamic duo? Has the world gone completely mad?! I guess we'll find out in the next chapter, won't we? Please send all comments (excluding death threats) to: Also, don't forget, my new permanent web site address is: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 14, unless one of my fans tracks me down.