No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 14

From the last chapter:

As Doug and Darren left the park, Marcus left his hotel room. Once again, Doug and Darren were stopped outside the safe house. Once again, Carl came out to see them. Then Doug and Darren pleaded to see Craig. Carl could finally tell that the boys had to see Doug's brother, so he gave the okay to open the gate. As soon as the gate began to open, a projectile sailed by, hitting the guard booth and obliterating it. At the same moment, Doug and Darren felt themselves being hit by several shots that rang out. Both boys slumped to the ground immediately. Carl began running for the door of the safe house, but he was struck too.

A few moments later, Marcus walked through the scene of destruction he had created. As he walked by Doug and Darren, who still laid motionless on the ground, he said, “If you two faggots ain't dead yet, I'll finish you off after I pop Dougie's brother!”

Marcus laughed insanely, then stepped on Carl on his way into the safe house. Marcus saw two agents standing guard outside a locked room, and shot both of them in the head. Then he searched one of the dead agents, until he found the key to the locked room. Marcus unlocked the door, then strolled on in holding his gun up.

Well, well, so you're Dougie's brother Craig!” sneered Marcus.

Who the hell are you?!” asked Craig.

Marcus aimed the gun at Craig's head, and laughed, “I'm the man that just killed your faggot brother Dougie and his girlfriend Darren, and now I'm going to kill you!”

Dare?” moaned Doug. “Darren?! Please be okay Darren!”

Ohh, Doug!” moaned Darren. “Am I dead, or did I just get hit by a truck?”

Doug struggled to his knees, and knelt over Darren. “You aren't bleeding babe. I think he hit our vests. Oh shit! We have to get to Craig!”

Doug and Darren forced themselves to their feet, and headed toward the safe house as fast as they could under the circumstances. They came across Carl at the door to the safe house, and he was bleeding from the arm and the leg.

Oh shit, not Carl!” yelled Darren.

Babe, take off your shirt!” said Doug. When Darren took his shirt off, Doug ripped it in half and handed the two pieces back to him. “Put one half over the hole in his arm, and the other half over the hole in his leg Darren. Then push down on the wounds until they stop bleeding. His arm looks the worst, so make sure you push down harder there. I'm going to stop that mother fucker Marcus!”

Please be careful Doug!” begged Darren.

I will babe.” replied Doug, as he grabbed Carl's gun. “I love you Darren.”

I love you too Doug.” replied Darren, as he worked on stopping Carl's bleeding.

No!” cried out Craig in anguish. “Not Doug! I love my brother! Why would you do that?! I'm the one you wanted!”

Don't tell me you're a faggot too!” laughed Marcus. “This is going to be my lucky day then! I killed those two fags out there, and now I get to put a bullet right through the middle of your forehead! How do you think your brother felt when I killed him? Do you think he thought he was right then? Are you ready for me to pull this trigger, and rip a bullet through your brain? Does it feel right to be a faggot now?”

Man, I don't know you, and I've never done anything to you!” begged Craig, stalling for time. “You killed my brother, who I loved very much! You already hurt me more than anything else you can do! Can I ask just one favor?”

Go ahead fag, this should be interesting.” laughed Marcus.

When you kill me, aim the gun right at my heart.” replied Craig. “I want to die fast. You killed my brother, can you at least do that for me?”

Sure thing fag, as long as you're dead!” laughed Marcus.

Marcus then lowered the gun toward Craig's chest, and squeezed the trigger, The force of the bullet hitting Craig's vest knocked him back several feet, and Marcus laughed insanely as he thought he had killed Craig.

You just don't learn do you, you stupid son of a bitch!” yelled Doug.

As Marcus turned toward Doug, Doug fired Carl's gun at Marcus. The bullet struck Marcus in the shoulder, sending his gun flying across the room. Doug ran to Craig to make sure his brother was alive, then took his shirt off. Marcus was bleeding quite a bit from the shoulder, so Doug pushed his shirt into the wound as hard as he could. Then Doug got his phone out with his free hand, and dialed nine one one.

Carl's boss showed up as the paramedics took over for Darren. Another group of paramedics rushed into the safe house to treat Marcus. Then Carl began to come around. Carl looked at Darren, and asked weakly, “How is Craig?”

Marcus got me, Doug, and Craig in the vest.” replied Darren. “We're okay. A little bruised, but okay. You should take it easy Carl, you lost a bit of blood.”

As if on cue, the paramedics put an IV into Carl's arm, and started giving him plasma until they could get him to the hospital.

What happened here?!” asked Carl's boss.

A sheriff's deputy came up and replied, “The suspect used a grenade launcher or something like that on the guard booth to gain entry. We have the remains of one of your agents there. Then we have your wounded agent here, and two dead agents inside. This young man's friend, Doug I think it is, shot the suspect in the shoulder, incapacitating him.”

Boss, I have a plan.” said Carl weakly. “I want the man who ordered this hit. He's the same man our witness was going to testify against. Deputy, we'll need your cooperation on this too. I want it reported that our witness and the assailant were both killed in the attack. That way our main suspect will think he's in the clear. Darren, would you and Doug help too?”

Anything you want Carl.” replied Darren.

Good.” said Carl. “Darren and his friend Doug are going to attend the funerals of the two men in Ohio that I know he killed. I want you and Doug to rattle him as hard as you can Darren. We'll go over what to say when I get some blood into me. Darren and Doug are going to be all over him so much, that when he slips, we'll be ready to put him back away, and this time until he's convicted.”

Okay Carl, you're in charge.” said Carl's boss.

Doug, Darren, and Craig, with the approval of Carl's boss, got into Doug and Darren's car, and followed the ambulances to the hospital. Carl was admitted in serious but stable condition, and Marcus was admitted in critical condition. Doug, Darren, Craig, and Carl's boss was shown to a private and secure room to wait. As per Carl's plan, Carl's boss had the two deceased agents preliminarily identified as Craig and Marcus. Then Doug asked for permission to call Fred, so Arnold would know that Craig hadn't been killed.

Hi dad, is my real dad around anywhere?” asked Doug.

Yeah son, he just walked into my office.” replied Fred. “What's happening?”

Darren and I went by to see Craig after we left there.” replied Doug. “What I'm going to tell you next has to be kept a secret. I have an FBI field chief sitting right here with me, and he insists on it.”

Oh no!” exclaimed Fred. “What happened?”

When Darren and I arrived at the safe house, Marcus showed up.” replied Doug. “Everything is going to be okay, but you're going to start hearing news reports to the contrary pretty soon now. Marcus was pretty heavily armed when he showed up. He killed three agents, and tried to kill me, Darren, Craig, and Carl. Me, Darren, and Craig were hit only in the vests Hank gave us, so we're okay. Carl was hit in the arm and the leg, besides the shots he took to his vest. The doctors are working on him, and say he should be okay. When I caught up to Marcus and Craig, Marcus had just tried to shoot Craig in the chest, and he was going to finish him off. I had to shoot Marcus with Carl's gun dad. I didn't have any choice, he was going to kill Craig. I wish I didn't, but I had to!”

It's okay Doug, I understand.” said Fred. “You had a duty to protect your brother, and you did exactly what you should have. We'll all help you deal with this. Is that all that happened?”

No, there's more.” replied Doug, after a brief pause. “Marcus is in critical condition after I shot him in the shoulder. The doctors are doing everything they can for him now. Carl has a plan to get the person who sent Marcus here. You're going to hear a report that Marcus and Craig are both dead. You, my dad, and our families are the only ones who can know the report isn't real. If this gets out to anyone, that CEO will get away with this, and we can't let that happen. Can you put my dad on the phone, so Craig can talk to him for a second. That way he'll know for sure Craig isn't dead.”

Sure son, here's Arnold.” replied Fred.

Hi dad.” said Craig.

Hello Craig, you sure you're okay?” asked Arnold.

Yeah dad, I'm fine.” replied Craig. “It was a real scare watching Marcus shoot me in the chest, but the vest Doug and Darren gave me worked great. Just don't worry about the report you hear that I'm dead. You guys are going to have to act like it's real for now though. I love you dad, and I'll be home soon, I hope. I'll have to stay completely out of sight for now, so my old boss will believe that I'm dead.”

I love you too son.” said Arnold. “Fred also sends his love. Tell Doug and Darren that we both love them too.”

Okay dad, and I hope I see you soon.” replied Craig emotionally.

After Craig ended the call, Carl's boss said, “That was a pretty good guess young man. By the way, since we haven't been formally introduced yet, I'm field chief Harry Banks. Now, are you starting to think like an agent on us?”

Well, Carl and I have become good friends.” smiled Craig. “I guess he's rubbing off on me, after spending so much time with him.”

Yes, Carl is a good agent.” replied Harry. “So were the other agents there though. It's going to be a tough loss for us.”

I'm so sorry about that sir.” said Craig. “This all feels like my fault.”

Don't think that way son.” replied Harry. “Carl's reports have been very detailed. You were used and manipulated by your old boss. He's the one to blame for all of this, and he's the one we want. Now, since we have already decided that you're not to be charged with anything, we're not going to be able to keep you anywhere. It will blow our cover if we're found to be providing protection to someone who's dead. We'll have to have you return home, and make sure you're never seen in public for now. Don't worry though, I will have several special undercover agents establish residence in your neighborhood. Their only job is going to be to make sure our fake reports are believed, and that no one ever suspects that you're alive. You have to do your part though Craig, and make sure no one sees you out in public. Hopefully it won't take too long to get your old boss to slip.”

I'll do everything I can to make sure everyone believes I'm dead.” replied Craig. “Well, except for my close family of course.”

Good.” replied Harry. “Now, when the hospital releases Carl, he's going to be assigned to work with Doug and Darren. That way we can keep him as your contact, without raising any suspicions. You can only see Carl inside your house Craig. If you need to contact him, it will have to be through Doug and Darren, since he is now officially only Doug and Darren's contact with our department.”

I'm starting to like this secret agent stuff!” laughed Darren.

Well, you boys are going to play a critical role in getting this man.” smiled Harry. “I guess that does technically qualify both of you as agents.”

The doctor then came into the room and said, “Carl is out of the emergency room now, and is doing good. I understand that you can't go to his room, so I want to give him an hour before I bring him here for you. He's likely to be feeling pretty tired, but he is in good spirits right now. I will have to stay with him, so I hope that doesn't pose a problem.”

I just need you to understand that this is a very serious situation doctor.” replied Harry. “The young man who shot Carl was sent here by someone we want to catch very badly. He's currently awaiting trial for planning and ordering a plot that could have killed hundreds of innocent people. We suspect he may have murdered two people on the board of directors where he works. And finally, we're sure he planned and ordered the attack on our facility today, and provided the weapons to the young man who carried it out. That's three more charges of murder of federal agents, and four charges of attempted murder. Your cooperation and help will be greatly appreciated by our government.”

I understand sir, and I'll do whatever I can to help.” replied the doctor. “As for your suspect, he's still in surgery now. He is staring to look better than he did when he came in though.”

So, after I shot him, I saved his life?” asked Doug.

If it hadn't been for your quick action, he would not have made it here alive.” replied the doctor. “And don't worry about shooting him. Us doctors may hate seeing people do these things to each other, but I understand that he would have killed your brother if you hadn't dome what you did. You handled the situation far better than most would have, and that young man does owe you his life. I'll update you on his condition when I bring Carl here to see all of you.”

Thank you doctor, I'll appreciate that.” said Doug.

The doctor came back an hour later, pushing Carl into the room in a wheelchair. Carl did have a bag of blood hanging from the wheelchair, running through an IV into his arm.

Well, here's Carl.” said the doctor. “I'm going to keep a close eye on him, and he'll have to go to his room when I think it's necessary. And Doug, Marcus is now in intensive care. He has been upgraded to serious condition, and we hope to update him to serious and stable before too long. He'll survive, but he will require a bit of recovery time.”

Thanks doctor, that helps a lot.” replied Doug, who looked a little more relieved at the news.

Hi Carl, you're looking a bit better now.” said Harry.

I'm sorry I let you down at the safe house sir.” replied Carl.

Nonsense Agent Osborne, you did no such thing!” replied Harry. “The suspect was so heavily armed that he could have taken on an Army platoon! You're not going to be held responsible for that.”

Thank you sir.” replied Carl.

You're welcome Carl.” said Harry amiably. “Now, this is where we stand. Craig's protection by us has been breached. We will continue, but not directly. Craig has been told to return home, and not to be seen outside his residence by anyone. He does hopefully realize the seriousness of this. His appearance in public could lead to another attempt on his life. Right now though, him and the suspect Marcus have been reported as being killed in the attack. It's now our job to sell the report of their deaths. Marcus has been admitted here as a John Doe, and we're going to keep his presence here quiet. Doctor, he is under our custody, and we'll provide very discreet security to keep him here and quiet. We will also provide undercover surveillance to Craig's neighborhood, to sell the report of his death. Carl, you are to be the contact for Doug and Darren, who are now cooperating with us after the death of Doug's brother. You can only make physical contact with Craig inside his home, and all contact will be arranged through Doug and Darren.”

I would have to agree with that plan completely sir.” said Carl.

Good, because now I hope you have a plan for Doug and Darren to force our suspect into slipping.” replied Harry.

Yes sir, I have thought that through now.” said Carl. “Doug and Darren, are you up to this?”

We're ready for anything you ask us Carl.” replied Doug.

Good.” said Carl. “You two boys are going to be attending two funerals tomorrow. The first one is at ten in the morning, for the chairman of the board of our friend's park. The next one will be at two in the afternoon, for the board member named Phil who was killed the same day. We expect the CEO to be at both. I want you boys to go to the families, explain who you are, and offer your condolences. Then I want you to look the CEO directly in the eyes as you tell the families you know who killed their loved ones, and you'll make sure he is caught to pay for what he did. This will come as a shock to Phil's family, as his death is being considered an accident. We have to do it this way though. Can both of you handle that?”

I want to see the look on his face when we say that!” replied Darren. “I have an idea. After the funerals, can we go to his park and make sure he sees us there. I want him to think that we'll never let off until we get him!”

That's not bad Darren!” smiled Harry. “It's a nice public place, so he would never try anything. Are you sure that you're not actually an agent?”

That gave everyone a nice laugh for the first time that day. After talking a little while longer, Carl finally began to tire, so the doctor took him back to his room. By that time the security Harry had asked for had arrived, so Harry helped Doug and Darren sneak Craig out of the hospital without being seen. For Craig's safety, he remained down and out of site on the way home. For security reasons, it had been decided that Craig would be staying with Doug, Darren, Mary, Fred, and their family. When the boys got home, Fred helped sneak Craig into the house, with Craig still wrapped in the pile of sheets they had snuck him out of the hospital in.

Once inside, Doug and Darren settled Craig into the guest bedroom, and made sure the curtains were drawn. Then Doug grabbed Craig, pulled him into his arms, and pressed his lips into Craig's. Craig was shocked at first, but then wrapped his arms around Doug, and returned the kiss. Darren smiled as he watched the two brothers share a warm and loving kiss.

I love you so much Craig!” said Doug, after breaking the kiss with his brother. “When I thought Marcus was going to kill you before I could stop him, all I could think of was how deeply and completely I loved you!”

I love you just as much little brother.” smiled Craig. “When Marcus told me he had killed you, it felt like he had already killed a big part of me too. I never want us to feel anything except this love for each other again Doug. By the way Darren, you're a lucky guy to have a lover who can kiss like Doug!”

Yeah, I'm the luckiest guy in the world!” smiled Darren, as he wrapped one arm around each of the brothers.

And now it's Doug's turn to be jealous.” smiled Craig, who then pulled Darren into his arms, and gave him a good kiss on his lips. After he broke the kiss, Craig said, “Thank you so much for everything you've done for my brother. You were there every time he needed you, and I love you for that.”

Thanks Craig, I love you too.” smiled Darren.

Fred wasn't happy with what the boys had planned for the next day, but he understood the CEO needed to be stopped. Now that Craig had been reported dead, it was up to Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren were nervous on the drive to the other park's city, even though Harry did have an agent following them. The agent would remain out of sight, unless Doug or Darren signaled that they needed him. By the time Doug and Darren arrived at their first destination, they had calmed each other down.

When Doug and Darren entered the funeral home, the first people they noticed were the chairman's widow and two children. They were sitting up front, and looked like they were just able to hold themselves together. The woman's son looked about twelve, and was about the cutest little boy they had ever seen. The daughter looked about ten, and was very pretty herself. Both children looked like they couldn't understand what had happened to their father though. It was all Doug and Darren could do to keep from crying over the pain they knew the family was feeling. Then they looked over and saw the CEO. The man looked like he didn't have a care in the world, and was almost smiling! The chairman's widow did cry a few times during the service, and the boy looked like he wanted his dad to come back, and make everything okay.

That man is going to be so screwed on the day he goes to meet his maker.” said Darren quietly to Doug.

I know babe, I wouldn't want to be in his shoes then.” replied Doug softly.

After the service, Doug and Darren waited for the CEO to approach the widow. Now it was time, as they got up and approached too. The CEO hadn't seen Doug and Darren yet, but he did now and his expression suddenly changed.

Hello ma'am, my name is Doug Atherton, and this is my friend Darren Chambers.” said Doug. “We own Thunderdome Amusement Park near Detroit. We wanted to be here today to tell you how bad we feel about what happened to your husband. We feel the park industry is one big family, and it's like losing a member of your family when something like this happens.”

If there's anything at all that we can do for you and your family, please let us know ma'am.” said Darren. “We'll be there for anything you need.”

Then the boy tugged on Darren's shirt and asked, “Why did my dad have to leave, and not come back?”

Darren leaned down and gave the boy a hug, as he replied, “You dad had to go be with our maker. He has things to do there now. It wasn't because he didn't love you though. I'm sure your dad loved you very much, and leaving was the hardest thing he ever had to do. I know wherever your dad is now though, he still loves you, your sister, and your mom very much.” Then Darren released the boy, and stood back up.

Doug and Darren both looked directly into the CEO's eyes as Doug said, “We can do something for you now though ma'am. We know who did this, and we're going to make sure he pays.”

What do you boys mean, you know who did this?” asked the widow.

It wasn't a robbery ma'am.” replied Darren, as he and Doug intensified their stare at the CEO. “Your husband was murdered, and we know who did it. We know why he did it too. We can't prove he did it, but we'll never let him rest until we can, and he pays for what he did. Your husband would want that ma'am.”

If that's true boys, and you can, I'll be very grateful.” said the widow. “Our children shouldn't have had their father taken from them like that!”

It's a promise ma'am!” replied Doug.

The CEO then slinked out of the funeral home quietly. Doug and Darren knew that they had gotten to him already, and that made them glad. The next funeral was held at the church Phil and his family attended, and there was a good sized crowd there. Phil had a wife and three children, two boys and a girl. They were all very sad today, but Phil's wife looked sad and angry both. Doug and Darren knew the CEO would be looking for them this time, so they hid themselves in the crowd as much as they could. Once again, the CEO approached the family after the service, and once again, Doug and Darren approached as well. This time, the CEO had a look on his face like he knew he was about to have a very bad dream.

Hello ma'am, my name is Doug Atherton, and this is my friend Darren Chambers.” said Doug once again. “We own Thunderdome Amusement Park near Detroit. We wanted to be here today to tell you and your family how sorry we are about what happened.”

You should be sorry!” said the woman. “You two are a part of what killed Phil! I've had my doubts about the safety of this stuff for quite some time now! Killing twenty people on a ride last year wasn't enough, they had to have my husband too! I will never let my children ride these things again, not that they want to after losing their father! Why do people like you run these things, knowing they aren't safe?”

It's not what you think ma'am.” replied Darren.

It's exactly what I think!” said the widow. “I'll tell you boys what though. I intend to use my late husband's spot on the board to make sure this never happens again. And after I have every ride at this park dismantled, I'll take this across the country!”

Doug was now preparing to run a bluff, and he hoped it was close enough to work. “Ma'am, these rides are safe.” said Doug. “The park your husband sat on the board of directors for never had one fatal accident until last year, and that was because the former CEO there was cutting corners on maintenance. That wasn't an accident, and neither was your husband.” Doug and Darren both stared into the eyes of the CEO, as Doug continued, “The belt on that ride was cut. It was cut in such a way that Phil wouldn't notice it, and it would break. Your husband was murdered ma'am, and we know who did it. We can't prove it yet, but we won't let the man who killed your husband rest until he pays for what he did.”

Ma'am, Doug and I own a park ourselves.” said Darren. “We ride our own rides every day, and we know they're safe. Our staff is the best we could find, and they are given everything they ask for to keep our rides safe. Doug and I wouldn't step onto those rides if we didn't know beyond doubt that they're safe. Belts don't break just like that ma'am. They can withstand thousands of pounds of pressure. We promise we'll get the man who sabotaged that ride, and murdered your husband.”

If what you said is true, I'll owe you boys an apology.” said the woman, as she looked like she was about to break down.

As Doug took the widow into his arms, and she broke down, Darren said, “You won't owe us anything ma'am. Your husband was a good man, and we have to do this for him. I know he would also want us to offer to do anything we can for you and your family.”

By this time, the CEO had decided to get out quietly again. Doug and Darren spent the next hour comforting Phil's family, helping them accept that what happened was no accident, and pledging their help and support. By the time Doug and Darren left, they had become friends with Phil's wife and children.

Now it was time to make sure the CEO had gotten the message. They drove up to the park, with their agent still in tow, and noticed there were little more than about a hundred cars in the lot. As Doug and Darren walked to the gates, they were followed by the agent, who was staying back just far enough so he wouldn't be noticed. Once inside, Doug and Darren strolled through the park just like any other guest. They did catch a few glimpses of the CEO keeping an eye on them though. About an hour after they got to the park, Doug and Darren were approached by a half dozen park police officers. The agent who was still with them, went on alert.

Hi boys.” said the police seargent. “I've been told to ask you two to leave our park.”

We're just here riding rides and minding our own business like everyone else here.” said Doug very very loudly. “Is this how you guys treat all your guests now?”

Okay kid, enough of the smart shit!” said the seargent. “We can do this the easy way, or we can have both of you thrown in jail. Which is it?”

As the agent came out and headed toward the group, Doug replied, “Don't worry, Darren and I will leave now. Your boss knows we're here, and that's all we need. Tell your boss though, we may be leaving, but we'll still be watching.”

Okay kid, you and your friend just bought jail!” said the seargent.

I'm afraid not.” said the agent, as he showed his ID plainly to all of the officers. “I'm agent Jim Marcelli with the FBI, and these boys are with me. Unless any of you want a free trip to Cuba, I suggest you back off!”

And don't forget to give your boss our message!” added Doug.

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