No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 15

From the last chapter:

Now it was time to make sure the CEO had gotten the message. They drove up to the park, with their agent still in tow, and noticed there were little more than about a hundred cars in the lot. As Doug and Darren walked to the gates, they were followed by the agent, who was staying back just far enough so he wouldn't be noticed. Once inside, Doug and Darren strolled through the park just like any other guest. They did catch a few glimpses of the CEO keeping an eye on them though. About an hour after they got to the park, Doug and Darren were approached by a half dozen park police officers. The agent who was still with them, went on alert.

Hi boys.” said the police seargent. “I've been told to ask you two to leave our park.”

We're just here riding rides and minding our own business like everyone else here.” said Doug very very loudly. “Is this how you guys treat all your guests now?”

Okay kid, enough of the smart shit!” said the seargent. “We can do this the easy way, or we can have both of you thrown in jail. Which is it?”

As the agent came out and headed toward the group, Doug replied, “Don't worry, Darren and I will leave now. Your boss knows we're here, and that's all we need. Tell your boss though, we may be leaving, but we'll still be watching.”

Okay kid, you and your friend just bought jail!” said the seargent.

I'm afraid not.” said the agent, as he showed his ID plainly to all of the officers. “I'm agent Jim Marcelli with the FBI, and these boys are with me. Unless any of you want a free trip to Cuba, I suggest you back off!”

And don't forget to give your boss our message!” added Doug.

Jim followed the boys home to make sure they got there. Doug and Darren had decided on the way home that they really liked Jim. Once they got home, they invited Jim inside for a visit.

Oh man, I wish I could have been there to see that!” laughed Craig, after Jim told everyone what had happened.

Well, no one messes with anyone I'm in charge of.” chuckled Jim. “Besides, that Cuba threat works really well most of the time these days. I just hope I can stay involved in the case after Carl is back on his feet. I'm starting to like you people.”

Darren and I already decided we like you too Jim.” said Doug. “I'm sure we'll find a way for you to work with Carl on the case.”

The next day, Jim stopped by the park on his way to the hospital to see Carl. He also wanted to use that as an excuse to see Doug and Darren. There was something on Jim's mind, and Doug and Darren seemed like the perfect people to talk to about it.

So, do you boys want to go to the hospital with me?” asked Jim.

Sure, we'd love to see how Carl is doing.” replied Doug.

Is there something else on your mind Jim?” asked Darren. “You seem a little distracted this morning for an FBI agent.”

You're pretty perceptive Darren.” replied Jim. “Actually there is, and I was hoping I could talk to you guys about it.”

Well then, come on over and let's have a seat for a few minutes before we go to the hospital.” said Doug. “Tell us what we can help you with Jim.”

Jim went ahead and sat on the sofa with Doug and Darren, then said, “It's about my boys.”

You look pretty young to be married and have kids.” remarked Darren.

It was my high school sweetheart.” replied Jim. “I got her pregnant with out first son on our prom night. I went right to the academy out of high school, and found out she was pregnant two months later. We went ahead and got married, and we were pretty happy at first. Two years after our first son was born, she had our second son. That's when things started going sour for us. She had been awarded custody of our sons at first, then realized she could barely care for herself, not to mention the boys. She signed over full custody to me a year ago, then just dropped out of sight.”

Well, if you need help with them, like a babysitter or something, just let us know.” said Darren.

I might take you up on that someday, but that wasn't what I wanted to talk to you about.” replied Jim. “My oldest son Peter is seven, and my youngest son Sebastian is five. I think Sebastian might be gay.”

Wait a minute Jim!” exclaimed Doug. “Five is kind of young to be tagging him as gay. I think you might want to give him a chance to see how he develops first.”

I know, but I'm almost constantly finding him playing with himself.” said Jim. “I asked him why he does that so much, and he said because it feels nice.”

Well, he's right about that!” laughed Darren. “When I was his age, I loved doing that myself!”

Yeah Jim, all boys play with their equipment.” laughed Doug. “As far as they're concerned, it's theirs and they can do what they want with it. I wouldn't worry about that, or even mention it to him. Just let him have fun with it.”

I don't mind him fondling himself.” replied Jim. “After all, I was a kid myself, and I know kids do that. Peter has told me that Sebastian likes to play with his too though. Of course it feels good, so Peter lets his brother do it. He said he's even let Sebastian kiss him on the lips.”

How does Peter feel about it?” asked Darren.

Peter won't play with Sebastian's dick, but like I said, he's let Sebastian play with his.” replied Jim. “Peter says the kissing thing doesn't make him feel anything, but he loves his little brother, so he's willing to let Sebastian kiss him like that.”

As long as Peter doesn't mind then, I'd let them go ahead and do what they want.” said Doug. “I don't think Sebastian is hurting anyone by doing that, and it still could just be curiosity at his age. If you tell him he shouldn't though, it could cause him problems later on. If it gets to the point where Peter doesn't want to let Sebastian do those things to him, then you should have a talk with him.”

If you want, we could talk to him in the meantime to see where he's going with this.” said Darren.

That would be nice of you boys actually.” replied Jim. “If Sebastian does grow up to be gay, it won't make any difference to me. He's my son, and I'll always love him. I just haven't learned to talk to him about homosexuality yet.”

That's okay Jim, we'll teach you.” snickered Doug. “Why don't you and the boys come over for dinner tonight?”

Okay Doug, it's a deal.” replied Jim as he smiled. “You guys will like Sebastian and Peter. They are two very great little boys. Thanks for the help.”

No problem Jim, now let's go see Carl.” replied Darren.

Carl was looking even better today, and the doctor said he could release Carl that day. It wouldn't be for about two hours yet though, so Jim, Doug, and Darren settled in for a visit.

Carl, we wanted to ask you something.” said Darren. “What are the odds of Jim being your partner on this case? He's been working out really well with us.”

Well, since Jim is new to our office and doesn't have a partner yet, I don't see any problem with it.” replied Carl. “I guess I do need a new partner now anyway.”

Thanks Carl, I'll try to be the best partner I can be.” said Jim. “It was really fun going with the boys to see our suspect.”

Yeah, you should have seen him in action when we went to the park after the funerals.” said Darren. “It was great!”

I wish I could have been there.” replied Carl. “I will be next time for sure though!”

Hey Carl, do you think it would be okay to go by intensive care and see Marcus?” asked Doug.

Why would you want to see him?” asked Carl.

Well, I did kind of shoot him, then saved his life.” replied Doug.

Well, okay.” replied Carl. “He's still unconscious though the last I heard. And remember, no one is suppose to know he's still alive. Jim, could you accompany Doug, just to keep an eye on things from outside the room?”

Sure thing Carl.” replied Jim.

Jim walked with Doug to Marcus's room, then waited outside while Doug went on in. Doug looked down at Marcus in his bed. Marcus still had an IV in his arm, and several wires attached to him.

Damn Marcus, was your hate worth all of this?” asked Doug. “You could have done so much with your life if you had just allowed other people to be who they are. We weren't hurting you man. Why did it matter so much to you that Darren and I were gay? I hate seeing you just laying there with all these wires attached to you, not knowing if you'll ever wake up.”

Doug then reached down and straightened Marcus up a bit. At this point it was hard for him not to shed a few tears over how Marcus had wasted his life.

Ohh.” moaned Marcus very faintly.

Marcus?” asked Doug.

Then Marcus moved his good arm slightly and moaned again, this time a little louder. Doug then encouraged Marcus to come out of it. Marcus finally slowly opened his eyes.

What are you doing here?” asked Marcus weakly. “Where am I?”

You're in the hospital Marcus.” replied Doug. “You almost died.”

Yeah, because you shot me.” said Marcus, still weakly.

You weren't giving me much choice there Marcus.” replied Doug. “You were going to kill my brother, and I couldn't let you do that. I waited too long for Craig to get to the point where I could love him like a brother, for you to take him from me. I did save your life after I shot you though.”

Why would you do that?” asked Marcus, now confused. “If it had been me, I would have let the person I shot die.”

Marcus, you're going to be spending the rest of your life in prison for killing three federal agents.” said Doug. “Don't you think it's time to drop your hatred? What has it done for you?”

Damn, you should have let me die then Doug.” said Marcus. “Why did you have to make me hate you so much?”

I didn't do that to you Marcus.” replied Doug. “The only thing I did was to realize how much I loved Darren. I never hurt you before now Marcus, and I never would have. If you had let me and Darren live our own lives, everything would be fine now. Why did you hate us when we weren't doing anything to hurt you?”

I don't want to talk about it.” replied Marcus.

Marcus, you need to knock off the shit and talk to someone!” said Doug. “You have been wrong all along! You have been so wrong that now you'll never take another free breath again! Is that how people are suppose to try to live their lives? Is the whole world just picking on you for no reason? Not very many people end up where you are now Marcus. You've killed three people, and now the whole world thinks you're dead. It's either that, or you soon will be. Why couldn't you just allow me and Darren to love each other?”

Guys aren't suppose to love other guys like that!” exclaimed Marcus, as loudly as he could.

Guys aren't suppose to go around trying to run other people's lives either, or killing people who've never done anything to them!” replied Doug. “You've needed help for years Marcus, and you better talk to someone who can help before it's too late!”

It is too late Doug.” said Marcus.

I don't think it's ever too late Marcus.” replied Doug. “I use to think it could be too late to change, but then I was almost killed in a plane crash. I had seconds to get out of that plane. I had enough time to drag one person out with me, and Darren looked like he had the best chance to survive of anyone on that plane. Darren and I floated on the ocean for two days before we ended up alone on an island together. Even though I had tortured him for years, he still wanted to be friends. He knew we needed to get along together to survive. I finally realized he was right, and let him be my friend. Then I realized how badly I had acted for years, and how much I had hurt someone who always wanted to be my friend, and never deserved to be hurt. I was glad I took him off that plane with me, because I realized I loved him. That was the hardest thing I've ever had to admit to myself, but Darren helped me. He helped me change from the hateful person my dad had been turning me into, and I can never repay him for that. I love him more than I love myself, or anyone else. I really wish you could know that kind of love Marcus. I think it could help you.”

By this time, Doug had a few tears running down his cheek. Then he looked at Marcus, and was shocked to see that Marcus did too. Marcus tried to say something for the next five minutes, but couldn't form any words at all. Doug finally took ahold of Marcus's hand that didn't have a tube or wire coming from it, to try to help Marcus calm down.

I'm sorry Doug.” Marcus finally said very softly.

I know you are Marcus.” replied Doug. “You were manipulated by your family, then you were manipulated by Coach Dunbar, then you were manipulated by your boss. I want to have someone talk to you Marcus, to see if you can be helped.”

It's too late Doug.” said Marcus sadly. “I killed three people. I'm going to go to prison from here, and I'll never get out. My life has been screwed up to the point where I'd be better off if it were over.”

Doug leaned over and Gave Marcus a quick but soft kiss on his lips, then said, “Don't ever talk like that Marcus. I won't let that happen. I don't think it's too late for you to change, and I don't think it's too late for you to be helped. Please trust me Marcus.”

Then Jim came into the room and saw that Marcus was awake. “Is everything okay in here Doug?” asked Jim.

I need to have someone brought in to talk to Marcus.” replied Doug. “He also needs someone to watch him, so he doesn't hurt himself.” Then Doug turned back to Marcus and said, “Remember to trust me Marcus. Okay?”

Okay Doug.” replied Marcus emotionally.

Jim had one of the agents outside move into the room, with orders not to leave Marcus alone for a moment. Then he called the doctor in, and asked him to have the best psychologist he could find come talk to Marcus. Then Doug told the doctor to make sure it was the absolute best psychologist, and that he would cover whatever the government wouldn't.

Hi Darren babe.” said Doug, as he walked back into Carl's room.

Hi babe, what took so long?” asked Darren.

Marcus woke up.” replied Doug. “I can't even begin to describe how screwed up he is right now.”

After what he's done, that shouldn't be a surprise.” said Darren.

I know, but what is a surprise is that I think I started to get through to him.” replied Doug.

Oh come on Doug!” exclaimed Darren.

Babe, I know you have a big enough heart to see if we can get through to him.” said Doug. “You got through to me when I wouldn't have even tried if I had been you. Granted I never killed anyone, but I was still pretty far gone too.”

I guess I taught you pretty good then, huh babe?” asked Darren, as a smile returned to his face.

Babe, you turned me into the kind of man that everyone should try to be.” replied Doug.

I have to remind you boys that Marcus killed three agents though.” said Carl.

Marcus has been programmed just like a machine for his entire life.” replied Doug. “I don't think at this point he even has the ability to think for himself. If a machine kills someone do we blame the machine, or the person who programmed it?”

That's going to be a tough sell Doug.” said Carl. “One of those men he killed was my partner.”

I know Carl.” replied Doug. “I know it won't be easy, but let's at least try to give him a chance, okay?”

I'll see what I can do.” replied Carl.

A little while later, the doctor came in to release Carl. “Okay Carl, once you are healed enough, I need you to exercise your damaged arm and leg. I think you'll be good as new though. We just need to promote proper healing of your damaged muscles. I'll want to check you at the outpatient clinic one week from today. And Doug, I have someone who's considered the best psychologist in the country coming to see Marcus in about four hours. We'll do what we can for him.”

Darren called home, and told Mary to expect four extra people for dinner. Then Jim, Doug, Darren, and Carl stopped by Jim's house to pick up Sebastian and Peter. Peter was about four inches taller than Sebastian, and the two boys looked quite a bit alike. Both had light brown medium length hair, which was straight and shiny. They both had bright brown eyes, button noses, and the cutest smiles Doug and Darren had ever seen. Carl was sitting in the front seat with Jim, so the two boys squeezed into the back seat with Doug and Darren as Jim introduced all of the boys to each other.

Jim, you have two very beautiful little boys.” said Darren, as the two boys giggled and made themselves comfortable.

Peter was squeezed between Doug and Darren, which left Sebastian sitting mostly in Darren's and Peter's laps. Darren saw right away what Jim had been talking about, when he noticed Sebastian rubbing himself through his pants. Darren stroked the boy's shoulders gently, giving Sebastian an assurance that it was okay to do what he was doing. Sebastian smiled at Darren very sweetly, then opened the front of his pants to play with himself.

He does that all the time!” giggled Peter.

There's nothing wrong with him doing that either.” replied Darren. “He has a very cute little dick, and it probably feels really nice to him when he plays with it like that. Isn't that right Sebastian?”

Yeah Uncle Darren, it feels really good!” replied Sebastian.

Oh oh, you guys have been adopted already!” laughed Jim from the front seat.

I think daddy doesn't like it sometimes when I do this Uncle Darren.” said Sebastian, as he happily played with his dick.

Well, your Uncle Darren and I had a talk with your daddy about that Sebastian.” snickered Doug. “We made him realize that it's completely normal for you to do that as much as you like.”

Thanks Uncle Doug!” chirped Sebastian.

About halfway to their house, Darren noticed Sebastian trying to open Peter's pants so he could get to his brother's dick too. Peter looked a little uncomfortable that Sebastian would do that in front of the older boys though.

I don't know if your brother feels like doing that Sebastian.” said Darren softly to the boy. “Maybe if you two were in private, he might not mind so much. Could you wait until it's just you and him around, for your Uncle Darren?”

Once Jim pulled in at Doug and Darren's house, Darren made sure Sebastian was ready to get out of the car. Jim did hang back a little, and took Darren aside. “I just want to thank you for how you handled that Darren. If Peter wants to let Sebastian play with him, that's fine. Sebastian does have to learn when to do it and when not to though, or it could cause a problem between them.”

I understand Jim, and we'll talk to him about that.” replied Darren. “To him it's just playing, but he does have to learn when it's okay to play with Peter like that.”

I hope it didn't make you uncomfortable for him to do that to himself.” said Jim.

Well, as long as he's just playing with himself, it isn't too bad.” replied Darren. “I'd just want to make sure he knows not to do that around just anyone though.”

Yeah, that would be a good idea.” said Jim. “It's one thing to play with himself around people we know, and who don't mind. I'd hate to think of him trying that in public though.”

Doug and I will make sure he knows better.” laughed Darren.

Everyone had a very nice dinner and visit, and Jim was being made to feel like a part of the family just as Carl had been. Doug and Darren did have a nice friendly talk with Sebastian, and were sure that all Sebastian was doing was playing. As for the kissing, it appeared as though that was the only way Sebastian liked to kiss anyone for any reason. Doug and Darren even gave the boy a very nice kiss on his lips themselves, and were convinced that was the only way he knew how to kiss. Then they took Peter aside for a talk, and explained everything to Peter a little better. Peter cared about his brother very much, so he agreed it wasn't a problem to let Sebastian play however he wanted.

The next day, Carl and Jim asked Doug and Darren to meet them at their house, so they could talk to Craig too.

I have some very interesting news boys.” said Carl, after giving Craig a nice passionate kiss. “This morning I was contacted by Dirk Patterson from the U. S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division. It seems as though a complaint had been filed against your CEO friend's company. Some of the employees there have complained that they had regularly worked over forty hours per week, and not been paid overtime. They said the company told them that since they paid a bonus at the end of the season, they were exempt from the overtime pay law. They even had employees sign an agreement that they understood the company policy not to pay overtime pay. The problem is, the company is full of crap. Paying their employees a bonus does not exempt them from the overtime pay laws. Mister Patterson is going to be serving them with a subpoena for all of their pay records, and it could cost them millions of dollars.”

Oh my God!” exclaimed Darren. “We have to be there to see that!”

We thought you boys might be interested in that!” chuckled Jim. “The subpoena will be served tomorrow. If you want, we can call Dirk back to make arrangements for you to help him serve the subpoena.”

Absolutely!” exclaimed Doug as he laughed.

Damn, I wish I could see that too!” laughed Craig.

Well, we can't do that love, but we will arrange for Doug and Darren to be there tomorrow.” replied Carl as he smiled. “By the way Doug, Marcus's psychologist wants to see you at the hospital at two o'clock today. You are the only one who knows Marcus is alive, and that Marcus will release the doctor to talk to about him.”

Okay, we'll head over there.” replied Doug.

Jim then called Dirk back, and arranged for Doug and Darren to meet Dirk inside the park at one o'clock the next day. After that, Doug and Darren left for the hospital. Jim and Carl stayed, so Carl could spend time with his boyfriend Craig.

When Doug caught up to the doctor, the doctor said, “Hello Doug, my name is Doctor Raymond Cassidy. I spent two hours with Marcus Blake yesterday, and another hour today. There's going to be a lot of work there. I'm letting the in-room escort stay with Marcus for now.”

So he's really that much of a threat to himself?” asked Doug.

Yes, and that was a very good call on your part.” replied Raymond. “Right now Marcus feels that he's had no say in his actions, and now that he does it feels like everything is too out of control for him to handle. I have never seen such a completely thorough job of brainwashing in my life. First his parents had most of his life to condition him into carrying out their behavior. Then his high school football coach took over, and basically programmed him into being nothing more than a robot. Then he was turned over to the worst influence he could have possibly had. The man took away the last of Marcus's moral inhibitions to the point where Marcus would have done whatever the man told him to without questioning it. First I have to document all of this. I'll have to get a private investigator to gather evidence from every influence Marcus has ever had in his life. Then I'll have to deprogram Marcus, and he'll have to learn how to make decisions for himself all over again.”

Did Marcus have enough control over himself to decide whether or not to do the things he's done?” asked Doug.

I would say he hasn't had that ability for at least the past four years.” replied Raymond. “The only things he has been able to do for himself were involuntary body functions. I'm quite serious that he's been turned into nothing more than an unthinking and unfeeling robot. If it hadn't been for you Doug, he wouldn't stand a chance. You somehow managed to find the only crack that others had left in his armor, and was able to get through to him. One more thing Doug, you are the only person that Marcus is now willing to list as next of kin. You are now his entire family. It may take years to straighten out the damage that's been done inside his head, and I'll need your help.”

I'll do anything I can to help him doc.” said Doug. “Is there any way I can see him now?”

I'm sure he would like that very much.” replied Raymond. “He's actually been asking to see you, and your friend Darren.”

Doug went back out to the waiting room to Darren, then the two boys went to Marcus's room. Marcus seemed happier the moment he saw Doug and Darren enter the room.

Hey guard, is there any way I can have some privacy?” asked Marcus. “You don't really have to be here all of the time, do you?”

I'm sorry Mister Blake, the only one I can leave the room for is your doctor.” replied the agent.

So, if I wanted to jack off, you'd have to stay here and watch?” asked Marcus.

I'm afraid so.” replied the agent.

Okay, whatever.” said Marcus. “Hi Doug and Darren. First I want to say to Darren that I'm so sorry for everything I did to you.”

Marcus then put his arms around Darren and hugged him tightly. Darren was shocked at first, then he began hugging Marcus back. When Darren felt Marcus sobbing in his arms, he put his lips against Marcus's cheek and gave him a kiss.

It's okay Marcus.” said Darren. “Doug and I will help you any way we can. I promise I won't hold anything in the past against you.”

No wonder Doug fell in love with you.” replied Marcus. “I wish I had been able to give you the chance to be a friend before. I can't believe I let myself have no say in my life.”

From what your doctor said, that could have happened to anyone Marcus.” said Doug.

Darren, I hope you're not going to get jealous.” said Marcus. Marcus then went to Doug, and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you for saving my life twice Doug. I still wish you had let me die, but I understand why you didn't now.”

You're welcome Marcus.” replied Doug. “Don't worry about anything that hasn't happened yet. I'm sure your doctor can help you.”

I hope so, I need it right now.” said Marcus.

Doug and Darren then spent the next two hours talking to Marcus. Now that he could speak for himself, he wasn't nearly as bad as he had been before.

The next day, Doug and Darren had agreed to take Sebastian and Peter with them to the park, while Carl and Jim kept an eye on them. Then the two boys would go to be with their dad when it was time for Doug and Darren to meet with Dirk. Doug and Darren had fun taking the two young boys on the rides there that they could ride. They did notice that the park police were watching them, but they seemed unwilling to approach as long as the little boys were with them. Then the time finally came to meet with Dirk. Jim introduced Dirk to Doug and Darren, then disappeared into the background with his two boys. The park police then quickly decided to approach Doug and Darren.

You two boys just don't learn, do you?” asked the chief officer. “If your FBI buddy shows up this time, we might have a little surprise for him.”

And Darren and I might have a little surprise for you!” said Doug. “Get your boss out here right now. I know he's around here watching.”

The CEO then came from around the nearest corner and asked, “Do you boys have any idea what the word harassment means? I have not been convicted of anything, and you two are trying to ruin my reputation! That my young friends counts as harassment!”

Maybe I can change that sir.” said Dirk. “My name is Dirk Patterson, and I'm with the United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour division. According to complaints and our preliminary investigation, you have been refusing to pay your workers overtime wages, claiming that since you pay a bonus at the end of the season, you are exempt from the overtime wage law. Are you really that stupid, or is that just what you want everyone to think?”

But... but... what?!” stammered the CEO.

This is a federal subpoena sir.” said Dirk. “I am confiscating all of your wage and timekeeping records for the past seven years. If you have refused to pay overtime for that entire amount of time, this could cost you millions of dollars in fines and restitution. And before you try to excuse this, let me remind you that it is illegal to enter into any agreement with your employees to not pay overtime wages.”

As the CEO stuttered and stammered some more, Doug and Darren were laughing so hard that they could no longer stand up. The CEO had wanted them thrown out of the park right then and there, but it seemed like his officers had made themselves scarce.

If you two punks want to get nasty about this, you better watch your backs!” said the CEO to Doug and Darren.

Then Carl came out and said, “Sir, that is making a direct threat to federally protected witnesses in front of a federal agent. I'm going to have to ask you to turn around and place your hands on your head. You are once again under arrest!”

By this time, Doug and Darren were laughing so hard that they could barely breathe.

I hope it was as fun for you as it was for Doug and Darren. The overtime wage information in the chapter comes directly form the United States Department of Labor website. It made very interesting reading. lol. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site's new address at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 16.