No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 16

From the last chapter:

The CEO then came from around the nearest corner and asked, “Do you boys have any idea what the word harassment means? I have not been convicted of anything, and you two are trying to ruin my reputation! That my young friends counts as harassment!”

Maybe I can change that sir.” said Dirk. “My name is Dirk Patterson, and I'm with the United States Department of Labor, Wage and Hour division. According to complaints and our preliminary investigation, you have been refusing to pay your workers overtime wages, claiming that since you pay a bonus at the end of the season, you are exempt from the overtime wage law. Are you really that stupid, or is that just what you want everyone to think?”

But... but... what?!” stammered the CEO.

This is a federal subpoena sir.” said Dirk. “I am confiscating all of your wage and timekeeping records for the past seven years. If you have refused to pay overtime for that entire amount of time, this could cost you millions of dollars in fines and restitution. And before you try to excuse this, let me remind you that it is illegal to enter into any agreement with your employees to not pay overtime wages.”

As the CEO stuttered and stammered some more, Doug and Darren were laughing so hard that they could no longer stand up. The CEO had wanted them thrown out of the park right then and there, but it seemed like his officers had made themselves scarce.

If you two punks want to get nasty about this, you better watch your backs!” said the CEO to Doug and Darren.

Then Carl came out and said, “Sir, that is making a direct threat to federally protected witnesses in front of a federal agent. I'm going to have to ask you to turn around and place your hands on your head. You are once again under arrest!”

By this time, Doug and Darren were laughing so hard that they could barely breathe.

When Doug and Darren got home and explained why Jim and Carl would be by later, Craig fell off his chair laughing. “Oh my God!” gasped Craig as he laughed. “I wish I could have been there to see that!”

You would have been proud of your boyfriend.” chuckled Doug. “He was great!”

Doug and Darren then went to the hospital to see Marcus. They had to check in with Marcus's psychologist first, before checking in with security. “How is Marcus today?” Doug asked Doctor Cassidy.

I've begun the deprogramming process.” replied Raymond. “Marcus is a little confused and overwhelmed today, but things will get better as he learns to think for himself again. Marcus may be looking for people to make decisions for him in the meantime though. Try to encourage him to think for himself, and try not to make any decisions for him.”

Okay doc, I'll do my best.” replied Doug.

Then Doug and Darren checked in with Marcus's security, and entered the room. Marcus looked a little blank and emotionless until he saw Doug and Darren come in.

I'm so glad to see you guys!” said Marcus, as he gave Doug and Darren both a hug. “What am I going to do guys? Did I really kill three FBI agents?”

Yeah, I'm afraid so.” replied Doug. “Doctor Cassidy is going to do everything he can to help you with that though.”

Should I like talk to a lawyer or something though?” asked Marcus.

I don't think the FBI will let you right now Marcus.” replied Doug. “Besides them and your doctors, Darren and I are the only ones who know you're alive, and they want to keep it that way until your old boss is ready to go to trial. After that, it'll be up to you whether or not you want to talk to anyone. The doctor is trying to see what he can do to help you there though.”

I wish you could tell me what to do though Doug.” said Marcus.

Marcus, we love you and we'll do everything we can for you.” replied Doug. “Your doctor is going to be teaching you to make decisions for yourself though, and it won't help to have me and Darren telling you what to do.”

I'm afraid to make decisions for myself though guys.” said Marcus. “I've never had to do that for myself. What if I make the wrong decisions?”

Marcus, I seriously doubt you could make worse decisions than your old boss or Coach Dunbar did.” replied Darren. “I'm sure that you'll find out really soon that you can do much better by yourself.”

So then, I'm all by myself now?” asked Marcus.

No way Marcus, that's not what I meant.” replied Darren.

Darren and I love you Marcus, and we'll love being your family now.” said Doug.

Then Doug gave Marcus a very warm hug, and kissed him lovingly on the cheek as he caressed Marcus's back. After Doug was finished, Darren did the same thing

You guys are my only family now.” said Marcus emotionally. “I just wish you hadn't made me so hard!”

Then why don't you strip down, lay down on your bed, and take care of it?” asked Darren. “Doug and I will be right here with you, and we won't mind.”

Marcus then smiled, and began to strip down. Once Marcus was naked, he laid down on his bed and wrapped his hand around his cock. Marcus was hung almost exactly like their friend Rondell, and Doug and Darren smiled as Marcus began to erotically stroke his ten inch cock. The agent in the room was now staring at the boys in amazement, as he became wrapped up in watching his young suspect stroke his cock. Doug reached over and began to caress Marcus's chest and stomach, as Darren reached over and caressed Marcus's huge balls and thighs.

Oh God!” moaned Marcus. “This feels great!”

Doug, Darren, and the agent watched Marcus's cock for the next five minutes, until it began to visibly throb in Marcus's hand. Marcus was now moaning very loudly and passionately as he stroked his cock to an orgasm.

Darren saw Marcus's orgasm was about to happen, so he said, “Let's see how hard you can shoot it Marcus!”

Marcus groaned loudly as his first two shots shot about two feet into the air, and landed squarely in his open and gasping mouth. The next two shots hit Marcus in the middle of his heaving chest, then began to trail off down his abdomen. Then the last of Marcus's very respectable orgasm ran down over the hand that was wrapped tightly around his cock.

That was so incredible!” moaned Marcus, with the taste of his own cum in his mouth.

I'm glad you had fun Marcus.” smiled Doug. “Just lay there and relax, and we'll get a wash cloth and towel to clean you off.”

While Doug and Darren were getting ready to clean Marcus off, the agent was the only one watching him. Marcus brought his cum covered hand up to his mouth, and licked it off clean. Then Doug and Darren returned to their friend.

He already cleaned his hand off Doug!” giggled Darren.

How do you feel about what you just did Marcus?” asked Doug.

I like having sex with girls better, but it was fun!” replied Marcus. “My own cum doesn't taste too bad, but I don't think I could taste anyone else's cum in my mouth.”

Well, your cock is certainly big enough.” said Darren. “Maybe you could suck it yourself if you wanted to.”

I don't know guys, I'd have to think about that one!” laughed Marcus, as Doug cleaned him off.

At that point, the agent got a strange look on his face and ran off to the bathroom in Marcus's room. Doug, Darren, and Marcus laughed, knowing exactly what was going on. While the agent was moaning in the bathroom, the three boys continued to talk.

I don't want you to worry Marcus.” said Doug. “Doctor Cassidy says you were incapable of making any decisions by yourself. The other people in your life had complete control of everything you did, and he's going to do everything he can to prove that, and help you make decisions for yourself. When Carl and Jim get back today, we'll have them talk to your doctor and see if we can straighten this thing out for you. You might have to be in a hospital setting for a while, but I think we can keep you out of prison. I don't think you belong there, and neither does Doctor Cassidy.”

I still wouldn't blame them if they put me there.” replied Marcus. “I killed three people, and that's kind of hard to accept. What about the families of those three people? How are they suppose to feel about me?”

You didn't kill them Marcus.” said Darren. “Your boss did, and he used you as a weapon. Then he went and killed two members of the board of directors of his company. He's the one who needs to pay for this, and Doug and I will make sure he gets the credit for what you did.”

He killed two people?” asked Marcus. “How?”

He shot one and made it look like a robbery, then he sabotaged one of his own rides to kill the other one, and tried to make it look like an accident.” replied Doug. “Darren and I have to make sure he pays for that too.”

I'm sure he had to have left some kind of evidence behind.” said Darren. “No one can be that thorough. I'll bet if anyone were to search his car, they would have to find something.”

We don't want to get caught going through his car though, while he's locked up.” replied Doug.

He's locked up?” asked Marcus.

Yeah, Carl and Jim got him for threatening me and Darren today.” replied Doug. “He might make bail again, but this time it will take him a while, and cost him quite a bit.”

I wish I could have seen that.” said Marcus.

Funny, that's what everyone who knows him has said!” laughed Darren, which caused Doug and Marcus to laugh too.

The Doug asked, “We may not be able to go through his car, but what about giving the police probable cause?”

I don't follow you babe.” replied Darren. “What do you mean?”

Maybe we can get someone to vandalize his car while he's busy with the federal court again, in a way that will get the cops to search it thoroughly.” said Doug.

Doug my love, I'm shocked!” replied Darren. “Now, who could we get to do it?”

The boys laughed as they talked about Doug's plan. The time finally came for Doug and Darren to leave Marcus, but at least now he was feeling better. When Jim and Carl came by the house late that night, Doug and Darren asked them to talk to Doctor Cassidy the next day. Carl promised he would keep an open mind, and talk to Marcus's doctor.

It was three o'clock in the morning, but Rondell and Billy had no problem staying up all night to do a favor for Doug and Darren.

We need to do this quick Rondell babe, so we don't get caught.” said Billy. “How exactly are we going to get the cops to go through his car?”

I think I have an idea!” replied Rondell. Rondell then took out a screwdriver, and scrawled “Do not look in here. Dead body in the truck!” on the trunk of the CEO's car. Then Rondell laughed as he said, “That should do it!”

Then Rondell had Billy get into their car and start it. As soon as Billy was ready, Rondell smashed the driver's side window of the CEO's car as loudly as he could, and the two boys took off.

The next morning as Jim and Carl were talking to Doctor Cassidy, and realizing the scope of Marcus's problem, Doug and Darren were taking a call from their friend Kevin from Cincinnati.

How are things going down there Kevin?” asked Doug.

I wish they were going better.” replied Kevin. “We finally got things going pretty good at school by the end of the school year, but then my mom started her shit.”

What's she doing?” asked Doug.

She's giving my dad all kinds of hell over custody of Scott, Jenna, and Gina.” replied Kevin. “And as if that isn't bad enough, she's trying to cause problems for Phillip and Wayne because Uncle Phillip has custody of me. She doesn't even give a shit about me either, and never has. She went over the line though when she started trying to cause problems for anyone who even knows Uncle Phillip. This kind of crap is exactly why Phillip never missed his family when he was living in Florida.”

Damn, maybe I should send our lawyer Chuck down there to take care of her!” said Doug. “In the meantime, if things get too bad, you guys are always welcome here. I know none of you need the money, but if anyone needs to work, Darren and I can provide any kind of work anyone there wants.”

I'll talk your offer over with everyone Doug, and thanks a lot.” replied Kevin. “As bad as things are getting, we may have to take you up on your offer. I know Phillip and my dad both would right now.”

In that case, Darren and I will start looking for houses for everyone.” said Doug. “Just give me a call back, and let me know how many of you will probably be coming up here.”

Thanks Doug, I will.” replied Kevin. “I hope you guys have a good holiday weekend.”

I'm sure we will.” said Doug. “Rusty, Allen, and the gang from Orlando should be in town by this evening. Darren and I have to go with them to the airport to pick up a friend of theirs who's flying in from England. The poor guy has had it pretty rough. His boyfriend in England was killed by a bunch of gay bashers, so he's spending the entire summer with the band.”

Damn, that really sucks!” replied Kevin. “I can only imagine what Carter felt when he thought he might lose me.”

After the conversation with Kevin, Doug and Darren went to see Marcus. Jim and Carl was just wrapping up their visit with Doctor Cassidy, so they wanted to talk to the boys before they went to see Marcus.

I wouldn't have believed anyone could be brainwashed so completely until I talked to Doctor Cassidy!” said Carl. “I know that Craig was manipulated and used by that man, but Marcus was turned into nothing more than a machine that could be programmed to do anything he wanted Marcus to do. Could you two let Marcus know that we understand that he had no control over what happened, and we'll be in his corner?”

Sure, we'll tell him.” replied Doug. “That may help him quite a bit right now.”

Here's something else that might help.” said Jim. “It seems that our friend the CEO's car was vandalized last night.”

Aw, it couldn't have happened to a nicer creep!” replied Darren.

That's not even the best part.” said Carl as he smiled. “What the vandals scratched into his car was enough to give the police probable cause to search it. What they found wasn't enough for an indictment for the murder of the chairman of the board at his park, but they are now investigating him as their number one suspect.”

Would it be considered in bad taste if we cheered that news?” asked Doug, as he began to snicker.

I don't blame you boys after everything he's tried.” replied Carl.

Even if he does make bail this time, he may not be out long.” said Jim.

Aw Doug, we should go give him our best wishes when he makes bail.” laughed Darren.

Not without us you don't!” replied Carl.

When Doug and Darren gave Marcus the news about the CEO, Marcus wasn't exactly sad to hear it. He did perk up a little when the boys told him that Jim and Carl now believed he wasn't in control of himself when he attacked the safe house.

So, you're not getting too bored in here are you Marcus?” asked Darren.

Not really.” replied Marcus. “I've even come up with a way to relieve myself, or should I say, have myself relieved.”

You don't mean...?” asked Doug, as he glanced at the agent in Marcus's room.

I'm not ready to switch teams, but I won't complain about someone making me feel better.” smiled Marcus. By this time the agent was blushing, as Marcus continued, “It's not taking advantage of someone if they accept you can't do anything back for them, but you still let them do things for you, is it?”

Not if he's okay with it.” replied Doug, who then turned to the agent. “And don't be embarrassed sir. Marcus is very nicely hung, and if anyone likes to do that, I can't blame them for wanting to do it to Marcus. Besides, Darren and I both think the idea of that is kinda hot!”

I just can't believe it feels so nice to let a guy do that to you.” said Marcus. “Like I said though, I'm not about to switch teams. I love making love to the opposite sex. At least I think I do. It's hard to know anything for sure these days.”

Just learn to go with your feelings Marcus, they won't lie to you.” said Darren.

As soon as Doug and Darren finished their visit, Marcus turned to his guard and asked, “Would you like to have some fun?”

Like I said after this morning, anytime!” replied the agent.

Marcus smiled as he dropped his gown, and laid down face up on the bed.

Doug and Darren then went to meet Rusty, Allen, and their band, after picking up two vans to take to the airport. Then it was off to the airport to pick up Rusty and Allen's friend from England. Doug and Darren talked to the boy named Liam on the way back to the hotel. They liked Liam quite a bit, and thought it was terrible that he had gone through the nightmare he had.

The next morning, Doug and Darren couldn't help but to get up early. Even with everything that had happened lately, the only thing on their mind today was their official grand opening day. Doug and Darren got to the park at about eight o'clock, and it looked more beautiful than it ever had. Doug and Darren were shocked that quite a crowd was already beginning to line up to get into the parking facility. Doug made a few quick calls, and had people from the parking crew get out to open up the parking facility before the line backed up out onto the freeway. Within fifteen minutes, the parking facility was open. Five minutes later, the line began shifting to waiting at the gates.

Doug and Darren wanted everything to look like no one had ever been in the park before, but now they were wondering if they should rush morning preparations to open as quickly as possible. Instead they quickly had notices put up the the male and female housing that if anyone who was not scheduled to work wanted to come in right away for four hours, they would be paid double time for the four hours. Then they told all team leaders as they came in to expect extra people, and asked them to use the extra help to try to be ready by nine thirty instead of ten.

Once that was taken care of, it was time to meet with the television crew for the band. As time approached for Doug and Darren to go open the park, the band showed up and took over with the television crew. The weather forecast was so good for the entire weekend, Doug and Darren had decided the day before to open up the entrance plaza. The roof and walls of the plaza were rolled back on tracks overnight, and the ticket booths and turnstiles were now open to the beautiful late spring weather. The entrance plaza was packed tightly, and people were starting to line up back into the tunnel that covered the bridge over the freeway.

Doug got onto the PA once Tim and Fred had joined the boys, and said, “Good morning everyone, and welcome to our grand opening day! We will be playing the national anthem shortly, then we will open the ticket booths and turnstiles. The path to the right after the turnstiles leads into the dome, and the path to the left leads to the outdoor section of the park. We are going to get everyone in as quickly as we can, so please don't push or shove while waiting in line. If our security sees that, they will move you to the back of the lines. All of the rides are ready right now. Due to the number of guests we expect today, The Sky Diver will be limited to one ride per person for most of the day. Please be safe after you pass through the turnstiles, and have fun today!”

Then Darren got the PA and added, “And don't forget, Youthful Discretion will be playing here this evening back at the outdoor stage.”

After a good round of applause, the national anthem played over the park PA. Then everyone got excited as the ticket booths and turnstiles opened. As most people got past the turnstiles, they ran as fast as they could to The Sky Diver. Alex, the team leader at The Sky Diver, was waiting at the entrance with his entrance hosts when the first guests ran up. Once a few trainloads of guests had arrived, Alex was ready to open.

Alex took out the mic for the ride entrance PA and said, “Welcome to The Sky Diver everyone. Since this ride is the tallest and fastest ever built, no loose items at all will be allowed on. If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses, they have to be secured with a snug fitting strap. We have merchandise people selling acceptable straps going through the line now, so I suggest you take advantage of it. If you get to the two employees here at the entrance with loose items or unsecured glasses, you will not be allowed to enter until the problem has been resolved. Our lockers over here before you get to the entrance only cost one dollar, no matter how long it takes you to get onto and off the ride. We do expect a great number of guests today, so the ride will be restricted to one ride per guest, until our queue time drops off to five minutes this evening. You will have to pass a fingerprint scan at the entrance, to be allowed access to the queue. If you try to use it a second time before we discontinue its use for the day, it will not allow you in a second time. If you have to leave the line for any reason before riding, please ask a host for a readmission pass. That is the only way you can get past the fingerprint scan twice in one day. Okay everyone, follow me and get ready for the wildest ride of your life!”

Everyone cheered loudly as Alex took the chain down, and led the line of guests through the queue. The guests stared in appreciation as they passed by all of the empty queue lines on the way to the ride. They knew they wouldn't be like that for long.

The ticket booths and turnstiles were able to get the lines out of the tunnel, but they knew the entrance plaza would be packed all morning. Doug and Darren had been joined by Tim after the park opened, and the three would spend the rest of the day following the television crew around the park.

Just after eleven, the producer noticed that the park was getting quite crowded. "Damn Tim!" exclaimed the producer. "How many people are you guys trying to stuff into this park today?"

"Well, I just got two calls on the radio." replied Tim. "The front gate says that we're closing in on the one day attendance record, and parking says that our parking structure is full. We have a deal with the arena down the road though, so we're going to send our overflow there, and shuttle them back here."

"So, you're going for the record then?" asked the producer.

"We figure that we might as well, while we're going to be getting all this publicity from you." smiled Tim. "There's no sense in wasting that kind of opportunity."

"I can see your point!" chuckled the producer. "Won't you have some upset visitors for packing the park so full though?"

"We hope not." replied Tim. "We've been giving everyone who buys a one day ticket today a second ticket to use any other day they want. We just hope they don't all use them at the same time."

After noon, and after the park had broke the one day amusement park attendance record, the band finally made its way to The Sky Diver. The high point of the day so far was when a single rider stepped forward to ride with Liam, and the two boys ended up sharing a kiss as the train began to move. The rest of the day went just as well as it had started. By the time of the concert, the line at The Sky Diver finally began to fall off. As Rusty, Allen, and the other boys in the band began doing encores, the line at The Sky Diver dropped to five minutes. Alex immediately came down, and shut off the fingerprint scanner. The system had passed its first test, and Alex would file a positive report on the system to Doug and Darren. Although the park would be open until midnight, it was decided that The Sky Diver's queue would be cut off at ten. It still had a four hour wait time at that point.

That night Doug and Darren celebrated a successful opening day by making love, while Craig and Carl made love in the next room. As Doug and Darren listened to Craig and Car's moans, Doug gently pushed his cock all the way into Darren.

I love you so much Doug!” moaned Darren, as he felt Doug's cock slide deeply into him.

I love you just as much Dare.” replied Doug softly, as he gazed lovingly into Darren's eyes. “We've done everything we wanted to do, and we did it because we have each other.”

That's how it was always meant to be Doug.” said Darren dreamily. Then he noticed a huge smile on Doug's face and asked, “What is it my love?”

I just imagined me and you as being twelve again, and doing this!” snickered Doug. “It looked so cute!”

Hmm, I just did the same thing, and look what it did to me.” replied Darren, as he pointed at his erect cock.

Doug looked down, then began massaging Darren's ball as he thrust in and out of Darren. After several minutes, Doug could tell Darren was just as close to an orgasm as he was. Doug thrust himself into Darren deeply, then watched as Darren began shooting cum on his own chest and stomach. Then Doug shot his cum deeply into Darren. After Doug's orgasm was over, he laid himself down onto Darren, rubbing Darren's cum between their bodies. As Doug and Darren embraced and rested, they could hear the unmistakable sounds of Craig and Carl having their orgasms together.

The next day, Marcus wanted to hear all about opening day. Doug and Darren wanted to hear all about Marcus's agent friend too, but he wouldn't say much more than the other day. Marcus did still go on about how much fun it was getting oral sex from a guy though. As Doug and Darren were getting ready to leave, the agent wanted to have a talk with them.

I know what the doctor said about pressuring Marcus into anything.” said the agent, named Todd. “The problem is though, I think I've fallen in love with your friend. When I'm making him feel good, and making him cum, it's the greatest feeling in the world to me. I know he says he can't show those feelings back to me, but it doesn't matter. I still love him. What do you think the odds are of him coming around to me on his own?”

That's a tough one Todd.” replied Doug. “He did try to kill Darren once just because Darren is gay. On the other hand, it appears as though he was brainwashed into feeling that way. With what he's been through, if he's straight we shouldn't interfere with that. Right now though there's no way to tell how he's feeling about it. Just try to be patient Todd. This could take quite some time for him to be able to figure out. I can tell you would be very good to him, but he has to be allowed to figure this out for himself.”

Okay boys, I won't do anything to influence his decision, besides what he's already willing to let me do.” said Todd. “The funny thing is, I never had any thoughts like this myself until I met him. The first time I pleasured him though, it felt so good to do it. He has an incredible cock.”

We'll hope for the best for you two then.” smiled Darren.

The rest of the grand opening weekend went very well, and the park was packed all weekend. Doug and Darren suspected that may be the case for the rest of the summer as well. They were equally glad to hear that their competition was having a much less than expected weekend in regards to attendance. That was sure to help with their efforts to see that the evil CEO got what he deserved.

On Monday, the CEO talked to his lawyer. He now had to get his own lawyer, as the company was no longer willing to defend him. The lawyer said he may be able to get him out on bail, but it would cost quite a bit.

Then do it, and we'll take care of everything once I'm out of here!” said the CEO.

That doesn't sound good, does it? On a positive note, the noose is tightening around the CEO's neck, and Doug and Darren are having a more successful opening than they hoped for. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 17.