No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 17

From the last chapter:

The next day, Marcus wanted to hear all about opening day. Doug and Darren wanted to hear all about Marcus's agent friend too, but he wouldn't say much more than the other day. Marcus did still go on about how much fun it was getting oral sex from a guy though. As Doug and Darren were getting ready to leave, the agent wanted to have a talk with them.

I know what the doctor said about pressuring Marcus into anything.” said the agent, named Todd. “The problem is though, I think I've fallen in love with your friend. When I'm making him feel good, and making him cum, it's the greatest feeling in the world to me. I know he says he can't show those feelings back to me, but it doesn't matter. I still love him. What do you think the odds are of him coming around to me on his own?”

That's a tough one Todd.” replied Doug. “He did try to kill Darren once just because Darren is gay. On the other hand, it appears as though he was brainwashed into feeling that way. With what he's been through, if he's straight we shouldn't interfere with that. Right now though there's no way to tell how he's feeling about it. Just try to be patient Todd. This could take quite some time for him to be able to figure out. I can tell you would be very good to him, but he has to be allowed to figure this out for himself.”

Okay boys, I won't do anything to influence his decision, besides what he's already willing to let me do.” said Todd. “The funny thing is, I never had any thoughts like this myself until I met him. The first time I pleasured him though, it felt so good to do it. He has an incredible cock.”

We'll hope for the best for you two then.” smiled Darren.

The rest of the grand opening weekend went very well, and the park was packed all weekend. Doug and Darren suspected that may be the case for the rest of the summer as well. They were equally glad to hear that their competition was having a much less than expected weekend in regards to attendance. That was sure to help with their efforts to see that the evil CEO got what he deserved.

On Monday, the CEO talked to his lawyer. He now had to get his own lawyer, as the company was no longer willing to defend him. The lawyer said he may be able to get him out on bail, but it would cost quite a bit.

Then do it, and we'll take care of everything once I'm out of here!” said the CEO.

The CEO had had a rough weekend, but by Monday evening he was back in his home. Then he was informed by his people at the park that their attendance over the holiday weekend was less than enthusiastic, while one of their closest competitors had managed to break the single day and weekend attendance records for an outdoor theme park. As a measure of redundancy, the new Chairman of the Board Bob stopped by to see him, and give him the same news.

It's those fucking kids Bob!” said the CEO hotly. “They've been harassing me non-stop, and even have the feds doing their dirty work for them! They can't handle me face to face like men, but I guess that's to be expected from kids! I'll take care of them once and for all though! They've mocked me for the last time!”

As a friend, and one of the few you have left, I'm begging you to please calm down.” replied Bob. “With everything that's already happened, I don't know how long I can save your job. There is already talk of replacing you with a candidate that most of the board has interviewed. He's one of the top park managers from another chain. I'm trying to hold that off, but I need your help. If you keep going after those two boys, there's nothing I'll be able to do for you. Please just concentrate on getting our park back on top where it belongs, and leave the boys alone.”

Damn it Bob!” exclaimed the CEO. “Those two brats have humiliated me! How can I just let it go?”

I'm not asking you.” replied Bob. “If you don't do as I say, I can't save your job. You'll have maybe another week, then you'll be voted out of a job by the board.”

After Bob left, a police investigator showed up at the CEO's door. “Hi, I'm Inspector Dillon, and I have a few questions I'd like to ask.”

Do you have a warrant?” asked the CEO.

Well, I hope one isn't necessary yet.” replied Inspector Dillon. “It isn't, is it?”

Nice try!” said the CEO. “If you have no warrant, I'll talk to you during business hours tomorrow, and only with my lawyer present!”

Meanwhile back in Michigan, Doug and Darren were once again with Marcus. “I think it's really cool that you guys set so many records this weekend.” said Marcus. “I can't wait to be able to see your park for myself.”

Don't worry, you're getting the first class tour as soon as the FBI releases you.” smiled Doug. “After all, we're family now.”

And you can bring a friend along if you want.” said Darren.

I need to talk to you guys about that.” said Marcus. “I know that Todd enjoys doing certain things with me, and it feels really nice too. I just don't know how else I should feel about it. Please guys, what should I do?”

Doug sat next to Marcus, and put an arm around him as he said, “You know we can't tell you how you should feel or think Marcus. People have done that for you your whole life, and look at where it's gotten you. You have to do this yourself Marcus. It's the only way to undo the damage everyone else has done to you.”

I can't though!” replied Marcus desperately.

Then Darren sat down on the other side of Marcus, and put an arm around him as he said, “I think you can Marcus. You may be afraid to think for yourself, but I know you're smart enough to do it.” Then Darren laid his other hand in the middle of Marcus's chest and continued, “The answers to every question you have is right here Marcus. Your heart talks to you all the time, but you've been conditioned not to listen to it. You have to listen to it now though Marcus, because it's the only thing that's going to answer your questions. Your heart will tell you the truth Marcus, and it'll make you happier than you've ever been in your life.”

Darren is right Marcus.” said Doug. “If you'll listen to what your heart is trying to tell you, you'll be amazed at how much better things can get. Darren got me to listen to my heart when we were stranded alone on that island, and I realized I had never been happy until that point. Now it's your turn to be as happy as I am Marcus.”

Go ahead and try it Marcus, listen to your heart while I do something for you.” said Darren. Darren then leaned in and gave Marcus a soft kiss on his lips, then asked, “Did that feel evil Marcus, knowing how much Doug and I care about you?”

Let your heart answer that Marcus, then answer him yourself.” said Doug. felt really nice Darren.” replied Marcus. “I could tell that you and Doug both love me. There's nothing evil about the way it felt.”

Do you think there's any difference if there's someone else who makes you feel that way?” asked Darren.

I guess there wouldn't be, would there?” replied Marcus.

There is one thing that Darren and I will tell you Marcus, and I hope you remember this.” said Doug. “Love is never wrong. Hatred is always wrong though. People taught you to hate because they can't understand that. They feel that love is wrong if others don't understand it, and hatred is fine if you don't understand someone. You're smart enough to know the truth though Marcus. If you'll listen to how your heart makes you feel, you'll never hate anyone again. We do love you Marcus, and we want to see you get out of here. We want you to come stay with us, and be a part of our family. We want you to be happy. If you listen to yourself, I know that'll happen.”

You guys have helped me more tonight than anyone else has in my whole life!” said Marcus. “I'll remember everything you've said, and I'll ask my heart for the answers to my questions from now on.”

Although Todd wasn't suppose to leave the room, he did go to get a quick snack so the boys could have some privacy. When Todd came back into the room, it was time for Doug and Darren to go. As soon as they were alone, Todd could tell something was different about Marcus.

Are you in the mood for some fun tonight Marcus?” asked Todd.

Marcus thought deeply about it for a moment, and replied, “I'm in the mood to make love tonight Todd. Could you love someone like me?”

Absolutely!” replied Todd as he smiled.

The next day as Doctor Cassidy was having his most productive session ever with Marcus, the CEO had called his lawyer to the park, and was now about to meet with Inspector Dillon.

I wanted to go over where you said that you were when the robbery and murder of your chairman took place.” said Inspector Dillon, as soon as he met the CEO and his lawyer.

My client has already specifically answered that question.” said Theodore, the lawyer.

I know, but since no one is backing up his alibi, I'd like him to answer it again.” replied Inspector Dillon.

Is it my fault that I was in my office until late in the night?” asked the CEO. “Did you check with our police? They did see me leave the park that night, well after the horrible events had unfolded.”

Yes, but it seems very convenient.” replied Inspector Dillon. “After all, you don't even have to pass by them to leave, do you?”

That's enough right there!” said Mister Chester, the lawyer. “Do you have some kind of proof to suggest that my client was anywhere but in his office?”

Well, there was the vandalism to his car while he was detained in federal custody.” said Inspector Dillon.

What in the hell does that have to do with anything?!” asked the CEO loudly.

Do you own any jewelry?” asked Inspector Dillon. “Mens rings in particular?”

Of course I own jewelry!” replied the CEO.

Can you describe any rings of yours that might be missing?” asked Inspector Dillon.

If my client is missing any jewelry, I fail to see what that has to do with whether or not he was in his office when the crime was committed!” said Theodore Chester, the lawyer.

As the lawyer was stalling, the CEO thought to himself, “Oh fuck! What did I miss?! He wants to know about rings, but I don't remember any rings, except...”

If it will help you any Inspector, I am missing one ring.” said the CEO confidently. “It's a silver ring, about one quarter of an inch wide, with a small diamond set in the center.”

That sounds like a nice ring.” said Inspector Dillon. “Why didn't you report it to us as missing?”

I just assumed that I had dropped it somewhere, and it would turn up eventually.” replied the CEO.

Okay then, that's all I have for now.” said Inspector Dillon.

The next day when Doug and Darren saw Marcus, Marcus was all smiles. “So, what's with the smile today?” asked Doug.

I'm just really happy I guess!” replied Marcus cheerfully. “That, and I think I might be in love! I don't know for sure, because I've never been allowed to feel love before, but I think this is what it feels like.”

Darren looked at Todd, who grinned like the cat who ate the canary, then he turned back to Marcus and asked, “Was it THAT good?”

It was the most special and beautiful thing anyone has ever made me feel before!” replied Marcus. “The love I felt when he was inside me was incredible! I don't know how I'll ever thank you for getting me to listen to myself for the first time in my life!”

And?” asked Doug.

I'm so sorry for the way I treated the two of you before.” replied Marcus. “I saw two people in love, and I couldn't stand it. It wasn't because you two are gay, because I am too! I can't believe I'm here saying that I'm gay, but I am! It's a wonderful feeling too guys, although I'm sure you know that!”

Then Todd finally got up and went to Marcus. Todd embraced Marcus in his arms, and gave his lover a passionate kiss in front of Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren were shocked to see Marcus return the kiss as if it were the only thing he had ever known. Marcus and Todd just gazed into each other's eyes and smiled when the kiss was over.

Todd, we love our brother Marcus very much.” said Doug. “I hope you take very good care of him.”

I'll do nothing but take good care of Marcus.” smiled Todd. “I plan on spoiling him so badly that he'll love it. I love Marcus as much as any person can love someone else.”

And I love you too Todd.” said Marcus. “I could have never imagined love feeling this good!”

Also that day, Inspector Dillon got the report back on the ring that had been found in the CEO's car. “I knew that scumbag was lying!” thought Inspector Dillon to himself. “Now I have to find out who's ring that is, and I have a pretty good idea where to start!”

That meant that Inspector Dillon would have to travel to Michigan, where the chairman's widow was now staying thanks to the help of Doug and Darren. First he would have to get a court release to take the ring from evidence to show to the widow.

Doug and Darren couldn't believe how busy their park still was. It was now Thursday, and lines throughout the park were still long. The staff was doing everything they needed to do to keep the crowds happy though. One of the hosts at The Sky Diver was also an amateur magician, so he spent most of his time in the queue, keeping everyone entertained. As Doug and Darren looked out at the happy crowd in their park, Darren's cell phone rang.

This is Darren, what's the good word?” said Darren into the phone.

We can't wait to move!” replied Kevin. “How are things there?”

Better than we ever imagined.” replied Darren. “So, you've made up your mind about Doug's and my offer huh?”

My mom isn't giving us much choice there.” said Kevin. “She's trying to cause trouble for dad, for Uncle Phillip, for Carter's family, for Joanna, and even for Stephen and Louis! We didn't even know she knew them! I hate to be the one to say it, but my mom is a real bitch. Uncle Edward even told her that if she continues acting like a spoiled little bitch, he'll move away from her too. Of course that caused Lester to talk his parents into the idea too.”

Wow!” exclaimed Darren. “You guys are going to need an entire subdivision by the time you get here, aren't you?”

Well, I count seven families needing homes there.” snickered Kevin.

Don't worry then Kevin, Doug and I will take care of everything.” said Darren. “You guys need to be out of that situation.”

As soon as Darren ended his call, Doug's cell phone went off. “Magic Kingdom, this is Mickey.” said Doug into his phone.

Is that you Doug, or do you have a mouse in your pocket?” laughed Carl.

Hey Carl, what's happening?” laughed Doug.

Jim and I want to meet you guys at your place, so Craig can be in on this too.” replied Carl. “I even have Todd signing Marcus out of the hospital under a phony name, so he can be here too. Can you guys be home in one hour?”

Absolutely!” replied Doug.

Doug and Darren then rushed home, to wait with Craig for Jim and Carl to arrive. Craig wanted to know what this was about, but Carl hadn't told Doug anything except to get home. When Doug heard a car pull in, he rushed to the door to find Todd and Marcus there. A few minutes later Jim and Carl pulled in, with Jim dragging his two boys along.

Hey little dudes, I think Donnie and Chris are in their room playing video games.” said Doug to Sebastian and Peter. “How would you like to play with them?”

Cool!” replied both boys in unison.

As the boys ran off, Doug snickered, “At least I hope that's all they're playing with!”

That got a laugh from Carl and Jim too, as Doug showed them to the living room. Once everyone was seated, Jim said, “This involves everyone here, which is why we wanted all of you here for this. This case may be resolved very soon now. When our friend the CEO had his car vandalized, the local police found a ring in the trunk. The CEO claims that the ring is his, but he botched the description. He said the ring was silver, when it was in fact white gold. We believe the ring is the wedding ring of the chairman that our friend murdered. An inspector will be here in Michigan tomorrow to have the ring identified, and if it did belong to the chairman, the police there will serve a murder warrant on Saturday morning. They have already had the ride that malfunctioned and killed another one of his opponents quarantined, until they can see the broken belts that were confiscated by the state. If those belts were tampered with, there may be a second charge of murder. Under their state law, two counts of aggravated murder are enough to warrant the death penalty. Once he is in custody, everyone here is out of danger. Marcus, you will be able to be released whenever your doctor thinks you are ready, after the CEO has been locked up again.”

I can't believe this is almost over!” shouted Darren, as he embraced Craig in joy because Craig was closest to him. “We're going to be a normal family again!”

And we're going to have our new brother home with us soon!” said Doug, as he hugged Marcus.

Marcus was the most stunned of all. He could have been facing being locked up for the rest of his life over what happened, except that people believed in him when he didn't even know who he was himself. Now that Marcus knew who he was though, and could think for himself for the first time he could remember, he was determined that he was going to turn his life around. Doctor Cassidy was helping him learn to do it, and Todd would be there to help if he needed it. He also had the love of two people he was now proud to consider his family, Doug and Darren.

Everyone decided that it would not be in bad taste to have a celebration that evening at Doug and Darren's house. The mood that evening was festive, oblivious as to what would happen the next day.

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Inspector Dillon wasn't looking forward to what he had to do the next day. He knew that if the ring did indeed belong to the chairman, it would cause his widow quite a bit of pain. Doug and Darren decided they would be with her and her children when the Inspector arrived, so she would know they were sincere about bringing her husband's killer to justice. Once Inspector Dillon arrived, Doug and Darren suggested that the kids go to their room for now. Then they sat on each side of the widow.

Ma'am, if what I suspect is true, this might be a bit painful.” said Inspector Dillon, as he pulled out the ring. “Do you recognize this ring? I need you to be absolutely sure about your answer.”

The widow began to cry softly as Doug and Darren hugged her from both sides, and then she replied, “This is my husband's wedding band. Where did you find it?”

The person who we suspect killed your husband left it behind in the trunk of his car ma'am.” replied Inspector Dillon. “I'm very sorry about this, but now we can make sure he doesn't get away with what he did to your husband and your family.”

Who?” asked the widow. “Why?”

The ring was found in the trunk of the car of the CEO of your husband's park.” replied Inspector Dillon. “We believe he did this for no other reason than to save his job. Your husband and the man who was killed on one of the park's rides were about to have him removed from his position. We believe the CEO also sabotaged one of his own rides, and killed the other man as well.”

I hope he does pay for what he did to our children then!” cried the widow, as Doug and Darren comforted her. Inspector Dillon saw that the woman was in good hands with Doug and Darren there, so he returned to his hometown to begin getting the murder warrant he would serve the next day.

The mood for the rest of the day was somber. The CEO still had friends though, and one of them stopped by to see him as the park was closing for the night.

You may want to consider a trip out of town before morning comes.” said the park's security chief. “My contact inside the police department tells me that they are going to serve a murder warrant against you in the morning .”

A murder warrant?” asked the CEO in shock. “But how?”

They identified the ring found in your car as belonging to our former Chairman of the Board.” replied the chief. “I wish I had better news for you tonight sir.”

That news left the CEO wandering around the quickly emptying park in a daze, until he finally ran across Bob near the front gates. “I'm sorry to have to tell you this, since we've been friends for a while.” said Bob. “The board is going to vote in the morning to ask for your resignation. If you don't resign willingly, you will be removed from your job and the premises.”

It had been another busy day at Thunderdome, and Doug and Darren found themselves at the park quite late that evening. They just couldn't seem to relax with everything that had happened over the past two days. Sam was also at the park late that evening, and Doug and Darren noticed the lights still on inside his office. Sam always seemed to make Doug and Darren feel good, so they went on in.

Hi Sam, what are you doing here so late?” asked Doug.

Didn't you boys know?” replied Sam. “I live in this office. I have a little cot that I bring out every night. It's quite comfortable too.” Then Sam doubled over in laughter when he saw that Doug and Darren had believed that.

You got us there Sam!” laughed Darren. “That's why we came here, we needed to feel better.”

I'm glad I could help then boys!” smiled Sam. “Really, I just wanted to stay late because I was in the middle of working out the mechanics of a really exciting ride, and I didn't want to leave in the middle of it.”

Sam, what's this blinking red light over here on your radar screen?” asked Doug.

Blinking red light?!” exclaimed Sam. “Oh my God boys! Let me see!” Sam looked at the screen and shouted, “Oh no! Something is coming in from space boys, and it's heading right for us! Darren, flip the laser power switch as fast as you can!”

Can you stop it Sam?” asked Doug.

I'm afraid I've let it get to close to avoid a collision with Earth, but I may be able to redirect the impact.” replied Sam. “Judging from the size of the meteor, it's going to leave about a three quarter mile wide crater wherever it hits! Help me find a spot to redirect this to Doug. It has to be within two hundred miles of ground zero, which is right where we're standing!”

How about Lake Huron?” asked Doug.

The southern end of that lake is much too shallow to soften it's impact.” replied Sam. “The tidal surge from such an impact would travel up the Detroit River, and take out Windsor and most of Detroit.”

The only other choice would be the western end of Lake Erie then!” said Doug.

Well, that lake is deeper.” replied Sam. “It would still cause quite a stir in Toledo and Cleveland, but not as much as a wave coming into a much swallower Lake Saint Clair and the Detroit River.”

The laser is at full power Sam!” yelled Darren.

Sam made his calculations quickly, and fired the laser. Sam and the boys watched as the incoming meteor began to change course. Then they realized that although Sam had tried to deflect it to the deepest part of the lake, the meteor appeared to be heading toward the shoreline now.

The CEO was walking aimlessly around the deserted parking lot, talking to himself. “Those damn kids are going to pay for this! I need to get home and pack, then head toward Michigan before morning. After I kill those two little motherfuckers, I'll slip into Canada before morning, then catch a flight from Toronto. I always knew that fake identity and passport would come in useful someday!”

Then the CEO noticed there was a light directly above him, and getting brighter by the second. He looked straight up just in time to see the meteor about one second before it struck right where he was standing in the parking lot. The CEO was much more fortunate than his victims, in that it was so quick and painless that he likely never knew what had happened.

Back at Thunderdome, Doug, Darren, and Sam felt a very slight rattle as they watched the radar image of the impact. It was so slight that they would have missed it if they hadn't known what was happening.

Oh my God, what did we do?” asked Sam.

Darren turned on the TV, and tuned into the only station from Toledo that they received there. “We're sorry to interrupt the late show, but we have a very big breaking story.” said the TV announcer. “The moderate tremor that was just felt from here to Cleveland is being reported as a meteorite striking the Earth. We're asking that people on the shoreline please be alert for higher than normal wave activity. Our science sources are telling us that the impact was on filled land on the lakeshore. If it had been on solid land, or in the lake itself, damage could have been much worse than what is now expected. We'll try to get a crew out to the impact area as soon as possible, so please stay tuned for further bulletins.”

Well, maybe it won't be too bad then.” said Doug, trying to lighten the intense mood.

Well folks, it's time to pay our respects to the evil CEO. Yay!!! I hope I was able to surprise everyone with his final demise, even though I did throw a few hints out there. Yes, this was Sam's calling from the second he was introduced to the story. Now that the CEO is gone for good, the boys can concentrate on preparing to be joined by the gang from another one of my stories, Starting Over. If you haven't read it yet, now may be a good time so you will have background on the characters there that will be joining our heroes. Please send all comments to: Also, please visit my web site at: Thanks for joining me for the demise of the evil CEO, and I'll see you again in Chapter 18.