No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 18

From the last chapter:

The CEO was walking aimlessly around the deserted parking lot, talking to himself. “Those damn kids are going to pay for this! I need to get home and pack, then head toward Michigan before morning. After I kill those two little motherfuckers, I'll slip into Canada before morning, then catch a flight from Toronto. I always knew that fake identity and passport would come in useful someday!”

Then the CEO noticed there was a light directly above him, and getting brighter by the second. He looked straight up just in time to see the meteor about one second before it struck right where he was standing in the parking lot. The CEO was much more fortunate than his victims, in that it was so quick and painless that he likely never knew what had happened.

Back at Thunderdome, Doug, Darren, and Sam felt a very slight rattle as they watched the radar image of the impact. It was so slight that they would have missed it if they hadn't known what was happening.

Oh my God, what did we do?” asked Sam.

Darren turned on the TV, and tuned into the only station from Toledo that they received there. “We're sorry to interrupt the late show, but we have a very big breaking story.” said the TV announcer. “The moderate tremor that was just felt from here to Cleveland is being reported as a meteorite striking the Earth. We're asking that people on the shoreline please be alert for higher than normal wave activity. Our science sources are telling us that the impact was on filled land on the lakeshore. If it had been on solid land, or in the lake itself, damage could have been much worse than what is now expected. We'll try to get a crew out to the impact area as soon as possible, so please stay tuned for further bulletins.”

Well, maybe it won't be too bad then.” said Doug, trying to lighten the intense mood.

Doug, Darren, and Sam didn't sleep much that night. The TV in Sam's office stayed tuned to the Toledo station, waiting for more news, until Fred heard what had happened. He told Sam and the boys to come back to the house, since everyone there was waiting for news anyway. As soon as Doug, Darren, and Sam came in, a special report broke in on the TV.

This is Irv Cosgrove with a special report on the meteor impact.” said the reporter. “I'm coming to you from the causeway leading to one of the largest resorts in the country. We've been stopped here just before the bridge on the causeway, in fears that it may have become unstable due to the impact. The causeway abruptly ends just past what used to be a small island before the causeway was built. The entire resort is now an island. The impact seems to have taken out most of the filled land out there, as well as the strip of original land that once led to the peninsula. The bay over here to our left now opens out to Lake Erie on both sides of the resort. Damage here on the mainland was limited to a surge of water that came ashore immediately after the impact, and there are no reports of any lives lost on the mainland. I've been told that a tidal surge did come ashore on the Canadian side of the lake at a resort area there, but due to a very quick alert on the other side of the lake, the people there were moved out of harm's way in time. My colleague Mike Bessel has taken a boat and a remote crew over to what is now an island, so let's go over to Mike.”

Thanks Irv.” replied the other reporter. “At this time we are being kept on our boat at the marina here, so as not to hamper any rescue operations. Before docking here, we did go all the way out to the lake, through what used to be the main parking lot here. Almost all of that facility is gone, as you can see from the video we took. We are trying to get a report on suspected casualties out here. The only confirmed report we have at this time comes from park police, who reported that their CEO was seen in the parking lot, just moments before the impact. He has not been seen since, and it is believed there is no way he could have gotten to safety before the impact. Okay, we are being told that there are mostly only minor injuries inside the resort. Rescue crews here are asking for helicopters to transport six people to the hospital on the mainland. Any other injuries they are reporting will be treated here, then transported to the mainland by boat. That is extremely good news considering the devastating nature of the impact earlier tonight. Damage reports on the island will not be available until resort crews have had a chance to begin assessing damage in the morning. As far as human loss goes though, it seems we have been very fortunate tonight, with only one now confirmed casualty.”

Thanks Irv and Mike.” said the announcer back at the station. “If anything does happen tonight, we will be sure to let everyone know. At this time we are scheduling another special report for ten o'clock tomorrow morning, and hope to have further information by then. Now we take you back to our late night programming.”

By this time Doug and Darren had their shirts off, with an arm around each other. Sam smiled as he said good night to the boys, as he got ready to leave. Doug and Darren got up, and said good night to Sam with a hug and a brief kiss to his lips, which was now becoming their way of bidding a friend good night or good-bye. Their kisses left Sam a little stunned, and smiling.

I hope our way of saying good night didn't make you uncomfortable Sam.” said Darren.

Not at all boys.” replied Sam. “I thought it was quite sweet. Your friends should consider themselves quite fortunate that you say good night or good-bye in such a physical manner. I know I do, even though I wouldn't consider myself attracted to other men.”

Thanks Sam, you're the best.” said Doug. “And thanks for spotting that meteor in time tonight. I think it might not have worked out too bad the way it did.”

Yes, I hate to sound callous toward the other park, but it could have been much worse.” replied Sam. “Good night boys.”

The next morning, Doug answered his phone to find Kevin on the other end. “Hey Kevin, what's up with you guys this morning?” asked Doug.

Ron is working out a plan to take care of Terri before we leave Monday morning.” replied Kevin. “Have you guys seen the news from last night?”

Yeah, it was really wild.” replied Doug sheepishly. “What are the odds of something like that happening?”

I don't know, but it does work out well for you guys.” said Kevin. “Oh yeah, Carter sends his love too. Now maybe he'll get back to what he was doing to me.”

He's making love to you while you're talking to me?!” laughed Doug. “I find it kind of exciting that your cock is down his throat while you're talking to me! If Darren and I weren't already out in the park, we might join you.”

Carter and I couldn't think of two better people to share phone sex with!” laughed Kevin.

So, you guys are still ready for the big move Monday then?” asked Doug.

Oh yeah, we're all still looking forward to it.” replied Kevin, who then moaned out, “Oh God Carter, I love you babe!”

That's good, cause Darren and I have a welcome to Michigan party all planned for you guys.” chuckled Doug. “Tell Gina to make sure she invites Marie and her family too. We're going to invite some of our friends from Lansing to help welcome you guys here.”

Sounds fun!” gasped Kevin.

Go ahead Kevin, blast your cum down Carter's throat.” said Doug. “I can just see him loving you eagerly, waiting for the taste of it. I can see him wanting it badly Kevin.”

Oh God yes!” moaned Kevin. “I'm going to cum for you Carter! Uh.. uh... Unnngh!”

That's it Kevin, let your balls drain into him!” exclaimed Doug almost breathlessly. “It must feel good feeling your cum flow through your cock, and into his mouth!”

Oh God Carter, suck it all out of me hard babe!” moaned Kevin loudly.

A few moments later, Doug smiled as he heard kissing and moaning on the other end of the phone. Then Carter came on and said, “Hey there Doug, thanks for the help. We completely drained him!”

And it still tastes good I'll bet!” laughed Doug.

You better believe it!” snickered Carter. “I love how the taste of his cum lingers in my mouth. Anyway, Kevin and I both love you guys, and we can't wait to see you Monday afternoon.”

We can't wait either.” smiled Doug. “We're going to have a great party waiting for all of you. Then you'll be with us all the time, and Darren and I love the thought of that.”

We do too Doug.” replied Carter. “Well, we're going to let you go now. I have to put myself up inside Kevin now, while he's still moaning from his orgasm.”

You guys have fun then.” laughed Doug. “I think Darren and I are going to have to go back to our office now! I'm glad I could help my two good friends feel good this morning.”

Thanks for everything Doug, we love you.” replied Carter. “Tell Darren we love him too.”

He knows that, but I'll tell him.” smiled Doug.

After Doug had made love to Darren, they rested in an embrace with Doug's cock still deeply inside Darren. “I love how your flaccid cock feels inside me after you've made love to me babe.” smiled Darren, enjoying the contact with his mate.

It feels so nice just to rest inside you babe.” replied Doug softly. “Your rectum feels so comfortable wrapped around my limp cock.”

At that point, Doug and Darren turned their attention to the TV in their office.

Good morning everyone, and welcome to our special report on last night's meteor impact.” said the announcer. “We do have some footage from outside the resort where the meteor came down. As you can see from our footage, the impact was devastating to the area where it occurred. Fortunately the impact was on filled land though, which acted as a cushion for the surrounding area. The park itself seems to be in fairly good shape, although we have had unconfirmed reports of damage to rides and structures inside the park. The only visible damage that can be seen here is the observation tower, which seems perilously bent over a bit, from about halfway up. Due to damage like that, we are not being allowed to go inside the park itself this morning. We do have a crew set up at the marina there though, so lets go out to Mike Bessel.”

Good morning everyone, this is Mike Bessel reporting.” said Mike. “As was said, we are being kept here at the marina, but we have been allowed to venture out to the access road on this side of the island. Everyone except staff is now off of the island, with an evacuation by boat throughout last night. The only ones in the park this morning are maintenance, management, and security personnel. They are conducting inspections to determine the extent of damage to the resort. The one confirmed report we have is from the hotel on the opposite side of the island, where the more serious injuries came from last night. The hotel did not actually collapse, but it has sustained significant damage. The good news is that the six people who were transported by helicopter last night are in fair condition this morning. This may take a while to clean up, and there is the fact that now there is no access here except by boat or helicopter. The management has reported the park as closed until further notice. Now let's go to Irv Cosgrove over on the mainland.”

Thanks Mike.” replied Irv. “Reports of damage here on the mainland have been very scattered, with no more than slight damage from the moderate tremor that was felt throughout the area. Although we cannot go inside the employee housing facility here on the mainland, the mood this morning is somber. Resort management has announced that once non essential staff has been transported from the island, all staff will be dismissed for the season, except for security, maintenance, and a small clean up and shut down crew. This does not affect the staff at the resort facility at the beginning of this road though, as they do plan on remaining open for the time being. For now, we have to wait and see what management decides about the island. With only one official casualty though, everyone here is breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn't any worse than that.”

As the report was sinking in on Doug and Darren, Doug's phone rang again. “Hello, Doug Atherton here.” answered Doug.

Hello Doug, this is Bob Smithers.” replied the caller. “I'm the Chairman of the Board at your former competition. Is your partner Darren Chambers with you?”

Yes, we were just watching the news report together.” replied Doug. “What can we do for you?”

Our board has met this morning, along with a geologist that has been sent here to study the impact.” said Bob. “We have come to an initial decision to cut our losses here, and concentrate on the remainder of our business holdings. We were wondering if you and your partner still had any interest in your recent offer for what is now our island here.”

Well sir, we hate for it to come down to this.” replied Doug. “We'd be welcome to offer you any assistance we can to help you recover.”

That is very nice of you Doug, but we're not really in shape to put that kind of expense into resuming operations here.” replied Bob. “Any offer would also include the remaining resort we still have in operation here this morning.”

We have to draw the line somewhere sir.” replied Doug. “We would hate to see you leave the area altogether, and would have to insist that you retain at least that property.”

Are you sure Doug?” asked Bob. “After the report we got this morning, that may be the only property we have here that's worth selling.”

Why?” asked Doug. “Is it that bad?”

The geologist has reported that the meteor left a crater three quarters of a mile wide, and a half mile deep.” replied Bob. “The rim of the crater runs from about two hundred feet out from our main gate to about one hundred feet into the lake, and three quarters of a mile in each direction from there. Rebuilding our parking facility would be astronomical, as it would take a lot of filling to fill in such a crater, which is now the deepest part of Lake Erie. Then there's the damage to the island itself. Most buildings have some damage to them, with the hotel being a complete loss. There is damage to other facilities here, but if we were just discussing that, we might be able to handle that. With everything else combined though, it's just a little too much for us to consider rebuilding.”

Okay then Bob, how much would we be talking for just the island itself?” asked Doug.

We would be interested in pursuing any offer you would make.” replied Bob. “If you want us to retain our remaining resort here, we won't expect the offer to be too much.”

Okay then, I'll talk it over with my partner, our lawyer, and our top management staff.” replied Doug. “I really am sorry for what happened.”

Don't worry about it Doug.” replied Bob. “We weren't having the best of seasons due to our former CEO anyway. At least we will be able to concentrate on our remaining holdings now though. Our current thinking is to headquarter our company in Cincinnati now.”

Well then, I wish you luck there.” said Doug. “I'll get back to you as soon as I've had a chance to talk things over with everyone here.” When Doug ended the call, he turned to Darren and smiled as he asked, “Would we be interested in buying another island babe?”

It could be kinda fun, I guess.” snickered Darren.

As much fun as this?” asked Doug, who leaned over and began nibbling and licking at the head of Darren's cock.

Nothing is that much fun babe!” moaned Darren, as Doug engulfed the shaft with his lips.

Darren continued his moaning, as Doug's tongue and mouth massaged his cock lovingly. As Darren's cock began to grow and throb, Doug made it as one with his mouth. Doug made love to Darren as though his cock was meant to be a part of his body too, which made Darren moan out loudly. Then Doug sucked lovingly, making Darren's cum a part of him.

After their love making, Doug and Darren called Fred, Tim, Sam, and Chuck into their office. Since it was Saturday, Tim had Sky with him, attached firmly to his arm.

Okay everyone, I talked to the board of the other park this morning.” said Doug. “They want to sell, and it sounds like they would consider any reasonable offer. There are a couple of things to consider though. First is the twenty seven hundred foot deep crater between the end of the causeway and the entrance to the park. Second is that they no longer have a parking lot. The hotel on the island is a total loss, and most buildings and rides have some kind of damage. What does everyone think would be reasonable, and how could we overcome those obstacles?”

You boys are serious this time, aren't you?” asked Chuck.

Let's just say that we're entertaining the idea.” chuckled Darren.

It would take a mountain of Earth to fill in a crater that size.” said Sam. “However, if the lake is still shallow enough at the rim of the crater, it might be more cost effective to construct a bridge to the island.”

We're still talking about millions.” said Fred.

With the business we're doing here though, it might make the cost feasible to some lender.” replied Tim. “I figure this park can easily repay half its debt this year, and still make a handsome profit.”

I've gone over the numbers too, and Tim is right.” said Chuck. “Let's say we build a bridge then. What about parking?”

The main hotel is a total loss.” replied Doug. “We could remove it, and build a parking garage. Even if we do consider rebuilding it, they have a campground that could be turned into a parking garage.”

What about the other hotel, all the way out at the end of the peninsula?” asked Tim.

From what we were told, it only sustained slight damage.” replied Darren. “It's easily fixable.”

Then I say we would keep the campground, and remove the badly damaged hotel.” said Fred. “Even with that issue though, there are going to be a mountain of repairs to be made.”

I would say the cost could easily be between fifty and a hundred million to get everything in order to operate there.” said Chuck. “Maybe even more. It's two to four times more than they ever spent at one time, which is why I'd say they want to sell.”

It might be a lot for them to continue operating, but is it too much for someone to start a park there?” asked Darren.

I guess if you look at it that way, it would be about average for a start up cost.” said Chuck. “Hell, we spent a lot more than that here!”

Okay then, what should we offer?” asked Doug.

If the land were cleared, I'd say they could get ten million from developers.” replied Chuck. “I'd probably offer them another five million for everything else, since almost everything will need some repair. Do you boys want to commit to this?”

Sure, if they take our offer!” replied Doug. “Sam, we'll need you to determine the best route for a bridge, and if the lake bed is suitable for building one on.”

What about the upper bay, that used to be a part of the main bay before the causeway was built?” asked Tim. “The old access road goes all the way around the bay. To get to it, you have to go quite a ways out of town to the airport. It's quite a long detour going that way.”

Well, the bay was shallow enough to build one causeway.” replied Darren. “We could just reroute it from where it ends now, and extend it over to the old access road. We should be okay as long as we stay far enough from the rim of the crater, shouldn't we Sam?”

I'll have to take depth readings in the bay, but I don't see why not.” replied Sam.

Let's do it then!” said Doug.

Okay boys, I'll go along with whatever you want to do.” smiled Fred.

Then you boys can run it the way it was meant to be run!” smiled Tim.

Doug smiled as he took out his phone and dialed it, then said, “Hi Bob, this is Doug calling back. We're prepared to offer fifteen million. If your board accepts though, we want to inspect the bay, island, and lake on Tuesday. We want to have our research person make sure our ideas there are feasible.”

Okay Doug, I'll call a meeting of the board right away.” replied Bob.

How is the causeway bridge?” asked Doug.

They just finished inspecting that, and it's completely sound.” replied Bob. “I do have the feeling that I'll be seeing you and Darren on Tuesday. Like I said, the board is anxious to cut their losses here.”

We'll look forward to it Bob.” said Doug.

After the meeting, Carl and Jim called to have Doug and Darren come to the hospital. They were ready now to release Marcus to Doug and Darren. Todd, Carl, Jim, and Marcus were anxiously waiting when Doug and Darren got there. The first thing Doug and Darren did was to give Marcus a hug and a brief kiss.

Well brother, are you ready to leave here and come home with us?” asked Doug, as he put an arm around Marcus.

Yeah Doug, I've been in here long enough!” smiled Marcus.

And Todd, as Marcus's lover, you're welcome at our house anytime.” said Darren.

That caused Carl and Jim to both raise their eyebrows, as Jim asked, “Todd, did he say lover?”

Yeah sir, I've fallen madly in love with Marcus.” replied Todd bashfully.

It's nothing to be ashamed of Todd.” laughed Jim. “It's just kind of a surprise is all. I hope you are both very happy together.”

We are sir.” smiled Todd. “Well then Marcus my love, I'll give you a chance to get settled in tonight. I'll come by in the morning though, if it's okay.”

Like Darren said, you're welcome any time to see your lover Todd.” said Doug. “You can come by tonight if you want. I'm sure Marcus would at least like to give his lover a good night kiss. Then when we take Marcus out shopping tomorrow, you're welcome to join us for that too.”

To hell with the good night kiss!” laughed Marcus. “I want to make love to my hot and sexy lover before I go to sleep tonight! I'm serious though Todd, you've shown me how beautiful making love can really be.”

Marcus then gave Todd a passionate kiss in front of everyone, before leaving with Doug and Darren. Carl did follow the boys home, but now it was only so he could see his boyfriend Craig. After Marcus got settled in, he joined the other gay couples in the house. When Todd came by later that night, Marcus was having a good time talking to Doug and Darren, Craig and Carl, Donnie and Chris, and Wakki and Benjamin. Marcus didn't mind at all now being around so many guys who loved other guys. He even thought it was cute when Donnie and Chris flirted with him. When Todd arrived, he joined Marcus and the other guys.

After talking a few more minutes, Doug said, “It's getting kind of late, and I know there's a few of us here who want to make love to our boyfriends before going to bed for the night.”

Yeah, he's right.” said Craig. “Would you like to join me in my room Carl my love?”

Always!” smiled Carl.

Once Craig and Carl got up to go to Craig's room, Wakki and Benjamin went off to Wakki's room. When Doug and Darren went to their room, that left Donnie, Chris, Marcus, and Todd.

I guess we should go on to my room Todd.” said Marcus.

Would you guys mind if Chris and I joined you?” asked Donnie. “We love to see older people make love while we do it too.”

Doug warned me how horny you two are.” laughed Marcus. “What do you say Todd? Is it okay if the kids come along?”

I guess so, if you're okay with it.” replied Todd, as Donnie and Chris smiled.

As soon as they got to Marcus's room, Donnie and Chris stripped quickly. Then they massaged each other's dicks as they watched Marcus and Todd.

Doug was right!” laughed Marcus, as he and Todd removed their shirts. “You are the two horniest kids in the world!”

We can't help it.” replied Donnie. “I think we were born that way.”

Is this what you're waiting to see?” asked Marcus, as he suggestively unzipped his pants.

When Donnie and Chris glued their eyes to Marcus, Marcus and Todd laughed as they slowly finished undressing each other. When Marcus's cock finally came into view, both boys gasped.

I've never seen a cock that big and beautiful Marcus!” exclaimed Donnie. “How big is it?”

Ten inches when it's erect, but still a good eight inches flaccid.” replied Marcus proudly. “How would you two like to feel it?”

Sure!” replied both boys excitedly.

Marcus smiled as he stepped up to the boys, putting his cock just inches in front of their awestruck faces. Donnie was the first to reach out, and wrap his hands around Marcus's cock. A few moments later, Chris eagerly took his turn.

Todd, is it okay if we feel Marcus inside us?” asked Donnie. “We don't want him to orgasm inside either of us, but we do want to feel ourselves spread open by his huge cock. We've never had anything real inside us that's that big.”

What, do you boys have a ten inch dildo or something?” laughed Todd.

Yeah, but it's not the same as a real cock.” replied Chris.

I guess it's okay this once, for a few minutes if Marcus doesn't mind.” said Todd, stunned by Chris's reply.

The next morning, Donnie and Chris were both walking kind of funny. Doug saw that and burst into laughter, knowing what had happened. Marcus came up and saw Doug laughing, so he asked Darren, “What's Doug laughing so hard at this morning?”

He saw the way Donnie and Chris were walking.” snickered Darren. “We both just knew they would talk you into something like that.”

You mean Doug isn't mad that I put my cock in his younger brother?” asked Marcus in shock.

They may have been walking funny, but they were both still smiling like crazy!” laughed Darren.

As long as you only do what they ask and don't hurt them Marcus, I really don't mind.” snickered Doug, finally recovering from his laughter. “My little brother and his boyfriend have an almost insatiable curiosity when it comes to sex, not to mention that they are the two horniest kids in the world! I'll bet when you took it out of the last one, they made love like two kids possessed, didn't they?”

Yeah, even Todd thought they were pretty hot!” snickered Marcus.

Then I'd say they had a good time.” said Doug. “Now, let's get breakfast before Todd gets here, then we can take you out shopping!”

For the first time in a while, everyone had a nice relaxing day. Donnie, Chris, Wakki, and Benjamin wanted to go shopping too, so Todd and Marcus had to follow in Todd's car. Even though the day was just about shopping and having fun, Donnie and Chris did make it a point to thank Marcus for the previous night. Also, like most others, Marcus and Todd did remark how cute Doug's Hawaiian brother Wakki and his English boyfriend Benjamin looked together. Besides shopping for Marcus, Doug and Darren needed to pick up some things for the party the next day. Fortunately they were going to have it at Thunderdome, so the park could provide most of what they would need.

The next day started out somber in Cincinnati. Carter and Kevin went by the cemetery there, so Carter could say good-bye to Travis one last time. As the moving caravan from Cincinnati approached Michigan though, Carter was once again his old self. A lot of that was due to the excitement of soon seeing their best friends Doug and Darren again, and becoming neighbors with them. As the caravan crossed into Michigan, Doug's and Darren's friends from Lansing arrived for the party. They were a little early, since Doug and Darren were going to give the group from Cincinnati two hours to unpack and rest from the trip. Rondell wanted to have time to visit his friends before the party started though. Since Paul and Darryl were riding with Rondell and Billy, they had no choice but to come early, not that they minded.

Hey Rondell, how ya doing?” asked Doug, after giving Rondell a hug and a kiss.

Most of my friends know about me and Billy now.” replied Rondell. “I swore them to secrecy though. It wouldn't do for the family to find out.”

How's it working out?” asked Darren, after giving Rondell the same greeting.

It let's me treat Billy like the guy I love when we're around our friends.” replied Rondell. “It also keeps more of the girls off my back after me and Shanice called it splits. I ain't putting on any more show. Billy's the only one I want to have any feelings for.”

Then Rondell gave Billy a passionate and loving kiss. After that, Doug and Darren greeted the rest of their friends with a hug and kiss. “How are you two doing Paul?” asked Doug.

Darryl and I have been practicing for me to make starting quarterback this year.” replied Paul. “If I put my hand against his nice firm butt, we're running a running play. If I put my hand against his balls, it's a pass.”

What if it's a quarterback sneak?” asked Darren with a smile.

I get a hard on!” laughed Darryl.

That made all of the boys double over. Once they stopped laughing, Paul explained his system in a little more detail. It was apparent that there was a definite advantage to the quarterback and center also being lovers, although Paul and Darryl both expected to be sporting boners by the end of each game.

How's your brother doing Rondell?” asked Darren, after the strategy talk died down.

He's doing great!” replied Rondell. “He even has a little girlfriend now. I did have a talk with him about me and Billy being lovers though, and now he thinks of Billy as another big brother. He's perfectly fine with having a gay big brother, and he knows how important it is to keep it from the parents for now.”

We're glad he's doing so well then.” said Doug. “How's the principal?”

You wouldn't believe that one man!” replied Billy. “He came out of the closet! It seems that he had a boyfriend once that was Darren's uncle! It's really helped him deal with what happened though, and he acts like a new man. The school board was iffy about it at first, but all of the teachers and quite a few students stood behind him. By the way Darren, he wants to talk to your dad sometime about your Uncle Darren. He gave me his number to give you, in case your dad feels up to talking to him.”

I don't see why he wouldn't, and I think it's really great.” said Darren, as he took the number from Billy.

The boys spent the next few hours catching up, with Sky joining them at about one. The caravan from Cincinnati arrived at about noon. Even though Carter and Kevin could see Doug and Darren's house from Kevin's, and they wanted to go there badly, they had to help unpack. First they went to Wayne and Phillip's new home to help Kevin and them unpack, then they went across the street to Frank and Rebecca's new home, to help Carter and them unpack. It was still only about one, and the party wouldn't start for an hour. The adults wanted to relax in their new homes from the trip, but Kevin and Carter ran out the door like their butts were on fire.

A few minutes after Sky arrived, Doug went to answer the door. “Kevin! Carter!” exclaimed Doug. “I thought you'd be relaxing until the party!”

How could we relax when our friends were down here, and we wanted to see them?” asked Kevin.

Doug led Kevin and Carter to the family room, where the other boys were at, and he and Darren gave them a hug and kiss. Then Doug introduced them a little better to the guys from Lansing than he had the last time. Rondell, Billy, Paul, Darryl, and Sky all greeted Kevin and Carter with a hug and a kiss.

I love that your custom is catching on Doug.” laughed Kevin. “It's so nice to give other guys friendly kisses without worrying about it.”

That's why Darren and I started it!” smiled Doug.

We're starting another custom too.” said Darren. “Doug and I want to own the biggest and best park chain in the country. We're starting with buying the park that the meteor hit. Doug and I are going to look it over tomorrow, to see where it stands.”

What are you going to do about the fact that it's an island now?” asked Carter.

Our research and development person Sam suggested a bridge along the lake rim of the crater.” replied Doug. “We'll just move the parking to where the hotel used to be, and have everyone drive all the way around the park. I guess the new entrance will have to be across from where the tallest ride in the park is, and we plan on fixing that up too! We may have to hire the manufacturer to come out and put it back into original working order, but it should work after that.”

Is there any chance we can go with you guys?” asked Kevin.

We'd love that, but won't your movers arrive tomorrow?” asked Darren.

We'll just tell everyone to put our stuff in our rooms, and we'll deal with it Wednesday.” replied Carter.

Then we'd love for you guys to come along.” smiled Doug.

After the boys talked a bit more, it was time to head to Thunderdome for the party. Doug and Darren had told everyone to meet at the offices, and they had a conference room lined up to kick things off in. By two o'clock it looked like everyone had arrived, so Doug and Darren led the way to the party.

Okay everyone, I know we've all been introduced briefly before, but now that we're going to be much closer friends or even neighbors, I want to introduce everyone better.” said Doug. “These are mine and Darren's friends from Lansing, Rondell, his boyfriend Billy, Paul, his boyfriend Darryl, and Sky. Next there's my family. My dad Arnold and his wife Louise, my younger brother Donnie and his boyfriend Chris, my older brother Craig and his boyfriend Carl, and my new brother Marcus and his boyfriend Todd.”

What?!” exclaimed Rondell.

It's a long story Rondell.” replied Marcus. “We'll have to talk about it sometime today.”

Okay, next is Darren's family.” said Doug, as he chuckled at Rondell and Marcus. “First is Fred and his wife Mary. Before I go any further, Mary is actually my mom and Louise is Darren's mom. Our parents got divorced, and our dads ended up remarrying each other's wives. Anyway, next is Darren's younger brother Wakki and his boyfriend Benjamin, and his older sister Jenni and her husband Corey, along with Corey's little brother Sky. Finally we have Benjamin's parents Simon and Sybil, Chris's mom Ellen, and Sky's boyfriend Tim. Now, let's have Kevin introduce everyone from Cincinnati.”

Thanks Doug, give me the tough job!” laughed Kevin. “I guess I'll start with my dad Phillip, who's actually my uncle, and his mate Wayne. Then we have Phillip's and Wayne's foster sons Benji, Zack, Seth, and Gerald. Then there's my boyfriend Carter and his family. His dad and mom Frank and Rebecca, and his brothers Sammy and Derek. Then there's my real dad Ron, my brother Scott, and my sisters Jenna and Gina. Next would be Benji's boyfriend Alex, Alex's mom Joanna, and her foster sons Tommy, Al, and Andy. Then there's my cousin Billy, and his dad and mom Edward and Theresa. Next is Billy's boyfriend Lester, and his dad and mom Earl and Mildred. Finally there's our friend Stephen, and his foster son Louis. Oops, I almost forgot Gina's girlfriend Marie, and her parents George and Grace. I didn't miss anyone, did I?”

That got a chuckle from the room, and Kevin looked happy with a job well done.

Okay everyone, we're going to start out with refreshments in here.” said Doug. “This will be the base for our party for now. You can hang out here and have refreshments while you get to know each other better, or head out into the park to have some fun. Darren and I have a section of our restaurant reserved for the entire group at six, so we'll meet back here by five forty five. The park will be closing early at eight tonight, so we'll have it to ourselves as it clears, and the party will wrap up at eleven. We hope they can clear The Sky Diver by ten or so, so we'll have that to ourselves for almost an hour. The line right now is going back and forth between three and a half and four hours. We also have a conference room next door to this one, and we'd like all of the younger people to meet there after dinner to get to know each other better. You don't have to, but Darren and I thought it would be a nice idea.”

Everyone enjoyed the refreshments that had been set up, as the kids introduced themselves to each other more personally. Doug and Darren began showing their customary greeting to all of their friends, and it began catching on quickly. The adults all thought it was really nice to see their kids getting comfortable greeting each other with a hug and a kiss. Then the adults settled into getting to know each other better.

So Phillip, I hear you're into computers.” said Fred, after he and Mary decided to use the boys' greeting with Wayne and Phillip.

I guess you could say I know a little something about them.” chuckled Phillip. “Why?”

With the boys wanting to expand to two parks now, we could use someone with a little knowledge there.” replied Fred. “Our system only handles one park now, and it already gives us fits sometimes.”

I suppose I could look things over for you Fred, and see where you stand with your network.” replied Phillip. “It's not like I need a job now, but it would help occupy my spare time. That's the same reason my husband Wayne wants to have at least a small practice here. He loves his work as a psychologist.”

Maybe we can help there too.” said Fred. “A lot of our staff are younger people between eighteen and twenty. Most of the seasonal staff are young people working the summer vacation from college. Some of them have issues that it would be good for them to talk to someone about, if we had someone on staff to help them. What about it Wayne?”

Well, my area of interest is in helping teens coping mostly with homosexuality.” replied Wayne.

I think that's great too.” said Mary. “Gay kids have a much rougher time than they deserve, and need people like you to help them along the way.”

Of course I'm not talking full time here though Wayne.” chuckled Fred. “I hope our staff isn't in THAT much need of help. I was thinking maybe two or three days a week. That would give you another two or three days to devote to helping gay kids, which I think is important too.”

I think I might like that then.” replied Wayne. “I really don't need to work either, but I love my chosen field.”

Great, and welcome aboard guys!” smiled Fred. “Now, if we could only come across someone to straighten out our first aid department. We've hired a few certified paramedics and nurses, but none of them have been able to handle the department efficiently. Right now there's a few who work together on it, then Tim or I have to oversee everything.”

Maybe you should talk to Joanna then Fred.” suggested Wayne. “She has an extremely good head on her shoulders when it comes to running things, and she's an outstanding nurse.”

I might just do that Wayne.” replied Fred. “Thanks for the suggestion.”

By this time the kids were ready to break up into groups, and head out into the park. The first group was Doug, Darren, Marcus, Todd, Rondell, Rondell's Billy, Kevin, Carter, Lester, and Lester's Billy. The next group got together when Donnie and Chris spotted their friend Scott. It included those three plus Al, Andy, Derek, Sammy, Alex, Benji, Wakki, and Benjamin. The next group to head out was Gina, Marie, Jenna, Gerald, Jenni, and Corey. The last group to form to see the park together was Tim, Sky, Stephen, Louis, Tommy, Zack, and Seth.

Stephen saw Tim with his arm around Sky and said, “I guess this group has quite a bit in common. It's older people with younger boyfriends.”

So, your foster son Louis is also your boyfriend?” asked Tim.

Very much so!” smiled Stephen. “Louis is everything I've ever wanted in a lover.”

Well, I think you two make a very nice couple.” smiled Tim. “What about you Tommy? Which one of those two are your boyfriend?”

Both of them!” replied Tommy proudly.

Yeah, me and my brother both love our boyfriend Tommy!” beamed Seth.

They're just so adorable like that, aren't they?” chuckled Stephen.

I know I'll never forget the two nights we spent in a hotel room with them!” laughed Louis.

Okay guys, we better get going before you make me and my boyfriend Sky hard!” laughed Tim, who then gave Sky a warm and passionate kiss.

The groups didn't have much time at all before it was time to head back for dinner, but they still had quite a bit of fun. The dinner was very nice, and then the real fun started afterward. All of the kids showed up at the get together Doug and Darren planned after dinner, along with the older boyfriends of some of the boys. Thanks to Donnie and Chris, it soon turned into an orgy. The two boys approached the group of Scott, Al, Andy, Sammy, and Derek.

Hey Scott, how have you been since you and Becky split up?” asked Donnie.

That was bound to happen.” replied Scott. “Al and Andy made it so I don't miss her though.”

Darn, we were hoping we could get together again like we did that night!” said Chris.

Well, I did tell Al and Andy how horny you guys are, so I don't think they'd mind if all of us got together.” snickered Scott.

Yeah, he said you two are the horniest guys in the world!” laughed Al.

Hey wait!” exclaimed Sammy. “Derek and I are the horniest guys in the world! Let's make it a seven way, and we'll prove it!”

Damn Chris, they're going to give our title a challenge!” laughed Donnie. “We'd love to be a part of seven guys making love together, so you'll have to do better than that!”

Okay then, how's this?” asked Derek. “I'll put the numbers one through seven into a hat. Then we'll all draw a number, and lay in a circle in order of the number we drew, then make love to the person ahead of us. We'll switch every minute or two, so we get to make love to as many different dicks as we can.”

That's a good start I guess.” laughed Donnie.

Oh no, the four of them together is going to be trouble!” laughed Andy.

What do you say to making it even more interesting though?” asked Donnie. “The first one to cum loses, and has to take the other six inside him until all six of them fill him with their cum.”

Is that a challenge?” snickered Sammy. “Derek and I can hold back for quite a while! Scott, are you, Al, and Andy up to it?”

This is going to be fun!” laughed Scott.

Okay Derek, go ahead and put seven numbers into a hat.” snickered Al.

The boys went ahead a drew numbers with Al drawing number one, Derek drawing two, Donnie drawing three, Scott drawing four, Sammy drawing five, Chris drawing six, and Andy drawing seven. After laying on the floor in a circle, Derek took Al's dick into his mouth, Donnie took Derek's dick into his mouth, Scott took Donnie's dick into his mouth, Sammy took Scott's dick into his mouth, Chris took Sammy's dick into his mouth, Andy took Chris's dick into his mouth, and Al took Andy's dick into his mouth to complete the circle. Then the seven boys began making love to each other as passionately as they could. By the time it came time to switch, all seven were eagerly into their little game. After the third switch, Scott found his dick in Chris's mouth while he got to suck Derek's dick. So far he had got to taste Donnie's, Al's, and now Derek's dicks. Sammy and Donnie had done good jobs on making love to his dick, but now Chris was putting a very passionate effort into it. The boys had even attracted quite a bit of attention, and the kids were cheering for their favorites to hold back. Kevin was cheering Scott on, but was disappointed when he saw his brother unmistakably approaching his orgasm.

Come on Scooter, you can hold it back another few minutes!” said Kevin in encouragement. “Just think of Nancy Reagan!”

Oh no, I'm not going to be able to hold back!” thought Scott to himself. “I wonder how it'll feel to have six guys cum inside me? Come on, let me hold back a little longer!”

Kevin and Chris knew it would be over at any moment, as Scott began moaning around Derek's dick. Then everyone watched as Chris began swallowing Scott's cum eagerly, and Scott let himself go, writhing between Chris and Derek.

Chris finally backed off, and said, “That was great Scott! Your cum tasted so sweet, and it was an awesome load! Unfortunately though, it's time for you to get on your back for us.”

Scott went ahead and laid on his back willingly, knowing the other guys would have gone through with the deal as well. Chris knelt between Scott's legs as the other boys gathered around Scott, and Chris lubed his dick. Chris put Scott's legs up onto his shoulders, and put his dick up to Scott's hole. Scott relaxed as much as he could as he felt Chris's dick push into him, knowing that five more boys would be following Chris. As Chris began thrusting in and out, Kevin knelt by Scott's head and gently rubbed the sides of his face.

You'll be fine Scooter, but this will be a party you won't forget for a while.” said Kevin comfortingly, as he looked down into Scott's face. “Damn Scooter, I think you're even looking forward to it, aren't you?”

I can't wait to see how it feels to be filled with six boys' cum!” moaned Scott softly. “Can you kneel down a little lower Kev?”

Sure Scooter.” smiled Kevin, as he rested his cock on Scott's face.

Scott didn't want to suck his brother's cock, but he did let the head of it rest in his mouth for comfort. Kevin smiled as he looked down at the head of his cock resting motionless in Scott's mouth. Kevin did feel a little pressure on his cock as Chris began to cum inside Scott, but Scott still didn't suck it. Then Donnie knelt between Chris's legs, and had Kevin hold them back. As Donnie pushed his dick into Scott, he reached down and began rubbing Scott's chest lovingly. Donnie smiled as he felt his dick thrusting back and forth through Chris's cum, and as he began to approach his orgasm, he began tweaking Scott's nipples lightly. Next came the couple of Sammy and Derek, who were both very loving about pushing their dicks into Scott. When Sammy began cumming, Scott could really feel his rectum begin to fill with cum. As Derek made love to Scott, cum began working it's way back out of Scott's rectum. Al and Andy were both very gentle about making love to Scott, knowing that four boys had already made love to him. They both slowly and gently worked their cocks in and out of Scott, as they leaned over and covered his chest with soft kisses. Andy went last, and by that time Carter felt Scott deserved the wonderful taste of Kevin's cum. Carter got in behind Kevin, and pushed his cock into Kevin. Then he began to massage the part of Kevin's shaft that wasn't in Scott's mouth. In a few minutes, Andy and Kevin both began moaning softly. Since Scott was making no effort to remove Kevin's cock from his mouth, Kevin let himself go.

Here comes Scooter!” moaned Kevin. “I love you brother.”

As Kevin began cumming into Scott's mouth, Andy began his orgasm. Scott writhed in pleasure as he swallowed Kevin's cum, and felt the sixth orgasm filling his rectum. As Kevin's orgasm was ending, Carter began moaning and shooting his cum into Kevin. By the time Carter's orgasm had finished, Scott was nursing Kevin's softening cock like a baby would nurse its mother's nipple for comfort. Scott finally let go of Kevin's cock and took off to the bathroom that was attached to the conference room, needing to let his friend's cum out of his rectum. Most everyone in the room ended up making love, especially after the display of seven of the hottest boys they had ever seen.

After resting for a half hour, and taking the time to actually talk, the kids headed out into the park. The evening was beautiful, as park security began sweeping the park from the back. The Sky Diver had an hour and a half wait when the park closed, due to it being Monday, so hopefully it would be cleared by the time the boys got there. While waiting for final clearance at The Sky Diver, Kevin was standing next to Scott.

Are you okay Scooter?” asked Kevin.

I'm more than okay Kev.” smiled Scott. “Tonight was something I won't forget for a while, although I wouldn't want to do that all the time. Maybe even never again if I find the right girl or boy soon.”

I think you're beginning to like this having sex with guys thing!” chuckled Kevin.

Let's just say that if I settled down with the right boy instead of the right girl, I could be happy with that too.” smiled Scott.

Well, you're such a hot young guy that any gay boy would be crazy not to fall for you.” smiled Kevin.

To be honest Kev, I kinda hope that happens.” replied Scott, as he returned the smile.

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