No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 19

From the last chapter:

After resting for a half hour, and taking the time to actually talk, the kids headed out into the park. The evening was beautiful, as park security began sweeping the park from the back. The Sky Diver had an hour and a half wait when the park closed, due to it being Monday, so hopefully it would be cleared by the time the boys got there. While waiting for final clearance at The Sky Diver, Kevin was standing next to Scott.

Are you okay Scooter?” asked Kevin.

I'm more than okay Kev.” smiled Scott. “Tonight was something I won't forget for a while, although I wouldn't want to do that all the time. Maybe even never again if I find the right girl or boy soon.”

I think you're beginning to like this having sex with guys thing!” chuckled Kevin.

Let's just say that if I settled down with the right boy instead of the right girl, I could be happy with that too.” smiled Scott.

Well, you're such a hot young guy that any gay boy would be crazy not to fall for you.” smiled Kevin.

To be honest Kev, I kinda hope that happens.” replied Scott, as he returned the smile.

The next day started early, with Doug and Darren giving Kevin and Carter a wake-up call that morning. An hour later, Kevin, Carter, and Scott were at Doug and Darren's house, ready to go. Besides Doug and Darren; Fred, Chuck, Sam, Tim, and Sky would be going along. The two vehicles they took arrived at the beginning of the causeway two hours later, where they were met by Bob.

Hi everyone.” said Bob. “I'm glad I have a large boat waiting for us. I had no idea there would be so many of you.”

Hello Bob, I'm Doug.” said Doug, as he reached out to shake hands. “The guy beside me is my partner Darren. The the adults here are our dad and park manager Fred, our lawyer Chuck, Fred's assistant manager Tim, and our research and development manager Sam. The other guys my age are our friends Kevin, Carter, Scott, and Sky.”

It's nice to meet all of you.” replied Bob. “The boat is waiting at the small marina next to the employee housing facility on our left. Most of our employees have returned home now, although the two buildings closest to the bay are still open. That's for the remaining staff on the island, as well as the staff of our indoor resort back down the road you came up. Let's go ahead and get started, and just let our boat captain know where you want to go.”

We'll want to start by going around the rim of the crater, toward the old access road.” said Sam. “I'll want to stay about one hundred feet from the rim, so I can get depth readings in the approximate area we would want to run a new causeway through the bay, and bridge out in the lake.”

After that, we'll head over to the marina on the island, and see what the park looks like.” said Doug.

Okay, that sounds good.” replied Bob. “We did get a cable run out to the island, so there is power out there today. The marina facility, including the restaurant, has decided to stay open for now, to see if they can salvage some of the summer by catering to boaters out in the bay. We can have lunch out there today. We needed the power to conduct our clean up and shut down of the park though.”

The boat took a nice slow pace around the rim of the crater, until they got to the strip of land left where the old access road was. The people along the old access road were busy making repairs to their homes.

Right here where it looks like you are thinking of building a new causeway to is where our corporate homes begin.” said Bob. “Most of the property between here and the rim of the crater has been vacated, or will be soon.”

That's good.” said Sam. “We will need the land there to end the causeway, and begin the bridge the rest of the way around the crater.”

The boat then followed the land out to the rim of the crater, where the water suddenly looked much darker. Then they went back away from the rim into the lake, so they could follow the course a bridge would have to take. Finally, the boat arrived at the island near what was left of the employee lot and the entrance plaza. The boat then went across the edge of the crater again, over to the bay side of the island. Once they were docked at the resort marina, everyone eagerly climbed off the boat. Once everyone's legs had steadied, Bob guided them the the marina gate of the park. The older buildings outside that gate, which was also used as employee housing, looked to be in good shape other than quite a few broken windows.

Bob looked over at the antique car ride they were passing by as they entered the park, and said, “You're looking at one of about two dozen rides that didn't have some kind of damage to them. Most of those were smaller rides though, like kiddy rides, that don't have any kind of support structure to them.”

What are the larger rides that didn't get some kind of damage to them?” asked Darren.

I'll point them out to you as we go.” replied Bob. “Like the racing carousel up here. It came through okay. Generally though, the closer we get to the front of the park, the more obvious the damage is. The big steel coaster up here isn't too bad, but the older wooden coaster is going to need about a fourth of its wood replaced. As you can see, the tower over there on the lake side is pretty much a total loss. We're going to remove it starting tomorrow, so it doesn't come down on its own and cause more damage.”

What are your general estimates on repair costs in relation to the location on the island?” asked Fred.

The rides toward the front of the park that were damaged will average thirty thousand per ride.” replied Bob. “Some will be quite a bit more, and some will be less. The lake side midsection has the highest average cost, due to the nature of the rides there and the total loss of the hotel. The hotel and observation tower are the only two total losses though. The bay side midsection comes in at twenty thousand, the lake side midsection is forty thousand, and the back of the park is ten thousand.”

The group turned from the front of the park, and headed back in the direction they came in at. Since it was a little past noon, Bob decided it was a good time for lunch. Before turning to the marina gate, he pointed out a pirate ship ride in the other direction that didn't need any repairs.

The restaurant was doing a little bit of business from boaters in the bay, although nothing like it would be if the park were open. All of the boys except Scott had a boyfriend with them for lunch, which made Scott feel a little down. About halfway through lunch, Sam got up to go to the restroom. Scott needed to go a few seconds after Sam had left, and stepped up to the urinal next to Sam. As Scott began relieving himself, he looked over to where Sam was doing the same. Sam looked back at Scott and smiled, which put Scott at ease. Then since there was no one else in the restroom, Scott reached over with his free hand and rubbed Sam's butt lightly.

I don't know that I'm like that son.” said Sam. “To be honest, I rarely have sexual thoughts.”

Doesn't it feel nice though?” asked Scott, as he finished his business then turned toward Sam with his dick still out.

It feels very nice Scott.” replied Sam, backing up a little to show the boy his stiffening cock.

I'd say by the way your cock is reacting, and the way you're looking at my dick, you're at least a little curious.” smiled Scott.

Maybe, but I'm also a lot older than you son.” replied Sam.

So, I don't care.” said Scott. “Let's go back to the boat for a few minutes, so we can be alone.”

I don't know why I'm saying this, but okay Scott.” replied Sam.

Scott smiled happily as he led Sam back through the restaurant. When they stopped briefly at the table, and Scott whispered to Kevin where he would be, Kevin smiled and winked at Scott. When Scott got Sam to the boat, and inside the cabin out of view, he told Sam to undress him. Sam fumbled nervously with Scott's clothes, but he finally managed to get Scott naked. Then Scott returned the favor.

I don't know why my heart is beating so quickly!” said Sam, as he stared at Scott's naked body and dick.

I do!” replied Scott, as he looked longingly at Sam's cock. “We're about to do something that we're both going to enjoy very much! My heart is beating like that now, the same as it was last night.”

What happened last night?” asked Sam.

Let's have sex with each other first, then I'll tell you.” smiled Scott.

Kevin stalled lunch as long as he could, and Scott and Sam were stepping out on the deck of the boat as the group came out of the restaurant. Kevin had to chuckle because while Scott had a smile on his face, Sam looked a little flustered.

There you two are!” exclaimed Doug, as he too chuckled. “Let's get this tour back underway!”

Bob headed the group toward the back of the park when they went back in, and said, “Here are a couple surprises. Two of our oldest steel coasters don't need any repairs. The suspended coaster, and the small looping coaster. Everything else around them has some kind of damage though. The rides to the left weren't damaged too badly though, fortunately. The raft ride down that way came through with no damage too. Now, let's go to the right here. There's the hotel on the right. It's a shame that it's a total loss.”

What about the big coaster on the left up here?” asked Carter.

That one hasn't operated since the incident last season.” replied Bob. “It does have quite a bit of damage too, but we were thinking of dismantling it anyway.”

It can be fixed though, right?” asked Doug.

If you want to put that kind of money into it.” replied Bob. “Even before the meteor, it was going to cost quite a bit to put it back the way the manufacturer was insisting.”

Okay, that's all we needed to know.” said Doug. “We'll put that on the list of top priorities after the bridge is almost done. The area right across from it will be great for a new entrance. There's only one small ride that'll have to be moved.”

I was curious, how are you thinking of managing parking and the entrance?” asked Bob.

Since the hotel is a complete loss anyway, we're going to put a parking structure there, and have the entrance right in here.” replied Darren.

Yeah, that's probably the way I would have went with it.” said Bob.

As the tour neared the back of the park, Bob said, “We have three wooden coasters back here. The first two aren't too bad at all, and the third will only need a little repair compared to the rides we passed back there. The new steel coaster back here was a very nice surprise. It won't need any repair at all. All the way out at the far point of the island is our other hotel. It's also in pretty good shape. What does everyone think?”

Sam, is extending the causeway and building a bridge feasible?” asked Doug.

The bay where it would be built is even shallower than the original route.” replied Sam. “As for the bridge, it won't need to go too far out into the lake. The maximum depth will be about twenty feet. If it weren't for wash out from the waves, I'd be tempted to go with a causeway there too. The wash out would be too severe though, and it would require massive annual maintenance.”

I think we can work with all of this then, and come in near Chuck's estimate.” said Doug. “You have a deal Bob!”

Do you have a sale proposal ready for the boys?” asked Chuck. “We could take it back with us, so I can look it over before they sign.”

We'll stop at the park office on the way back to the marina and pick it up.” smiled Bob.

And make sure you let everyone know who visits the indoor resort that the outdoor resort will be back in business eventually.” said Darren. “We may not make next summer, but definitely the summer after that. It depends on how quickly we can get access reestablished to the park.”

On the way back home, Doug had Kevin sit up front with him. “Kevin, I want you to talk to everyone about something for me.” said Doug. “At the end of this month our families are planning a trip. I think it's going to become like an annual thing. We're going back to Darren's and my island in the Pacific for a week. We have to fly to Hawaii then Tahiti first, then take seaplanes out to the island from there. Darren and I want to know if you guys would join us.”

I think it would be cool to see where you and Darren fell in love!” replied Kevin. “I will have to talk to all of the parents about it though.”

Just let them know that the entire trip is going to be on me and Darren.” said Doug. “From what I hear, the workers practically have a small city built out there now. It'll be really interesting to see what's going on out there, especially since they're bringing in more money than we ever imagined.”

The drive home was spent with the boys talking about the upcoming trip to Utopia Island. The island administrator already knew about the planned trip, and would have enough room at the family members hotel on the island for everyone who came with Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren had been shocked to find out that their island had a hotel now, not to mention entertainment and shopping facilities, which were mostly for the workers there. By the time they returned home, Kevin, Carter, and Scott were very excited about visiting Doug and Darren's Pacific island.

Wayne and Phillip were visiting with Mary as they waited for Fred and the boys to return. As Fred came in, he asked, “So guys, how was your first full day here?”

Well, Simon found me an office today.” replied Wayne as he smiled. “He said he's sure there will be people there to see soon.”

I took a preliminary look at your network today.” said Phillip. “You have it set up pretty good, but I'm sure we can improve it. Will we be adding another park to the network?”

It looks that way.” replied Fred. “Chuck is looking over the sale proposal right now, and the boys want to sign it as soon as possible. They want to get to work on a causeway extension and a bridge as soon as possible.”

Yeah, once their shut down crew has finished, we'll need to put a security and caretaking staff out there.” said Doug. “Once the lake and bay begin to freeze in the winter months, we'll have to get people on and off the island by helicopter. We're hoping to get a bridge and causeway done by then, but I doubt it can happen that fast.”

Tim made a few calls on the way back here.” said Fred. “He and Sam are going to go back Friday to meet with a contractor who comes very highly recommended for bridge and causeway construction. We'll have to wait and see what they say. Hopefully by early spring we can begin on repairs and new construction on the island.”

Everyone decided to have dinner with Fred's family, so Wayne went to work with Mary in the kitchen to prepare it. Doug and Darren took Kevin, Carter, and Scott off in search of Craig and Marcus. Then the boys settled into the family room with Craig and his boyfriend Carl, and Marcus and his boyfriend Todd. All of the boys occasionally shared a kiss with their boyfriends as they talked, and Scott was once again the odd man out.

Is Sky going to be going with Tim Friday?” asked Scott.

I imagine so.” replied Doug. “They are pretty close. Why do you ask Scott?”

I was thinking that maybe Sam wouldn't mind if I went along with him.” replied Scott.

Damn little brother, you and Sam must have had fun on that boat!” laughed Kevin.

Well, I'm certainly not complaining, and I didn't hear him complain either.” smiled Scott. “I did have to coach him a little while he was sucking me, but he really seemed to like it almost as much as when I sucked him. You should have seen him when I told him about the party last night though! I don't think it would take very much convincing to get him to put his cock inside me.”

I never really thought of Sam as being the type who would be gay, but maybe it just took meeting the right boy.” said Darren. “I guess we may have to invite him along on the trip to Utopia Island.”

I think maybe Scott should be the one to ask him.” said Doug. “Then we'll know for sure where he stands. Would you like to ask Sam to be your date on our trip Scott?”

Absolutely!” replied Scott.

I think it's cool that you have an older boyfriend.” said Marcus. “Todd is older than me, although not by as much as Sam is to you. I know how it makes me feel to look at him as my lover though.”

The next day, Scott tagged along with Jenna, Gerald, Gina, and Marie as they went to Thunderdome. Once there, Scott got a visitors pass from Doug and Darren, along with directions to Sam's office. Scott smiled brightly as he knocked on the door.

Come on in!” called out Sam. “The door is unlocked.”

Hi Sam, what are you up to?” asked Scott, as he entered the office.

Hello there Scott, this is a very nice surprise!” replied Sam. “I'm working on a design for a bridge that will be able to handle extremely large loads, and be completed in a short amount of time. What are you doing today?”

I just thought I would stop by and visit my favorite scientist in the whole world.” smiled Scott. “I also wanted to see if you would mind if I went along with you on Friday. I told my dad all about you last night, and he says it's okay. I mean, Tim will have Sky going with him, so I thought you might enjoy the company.”

Tim and Sky are lovers though Scott.” replied Sam. “It's natural for them to want to be together.”

Don't you want to be with me Sam?” asked Scott, as the smile disappeared from his face.

I didn't mean that at all Scott.” replied Sam. “You are a very nice young man, and I do enjoy your company very much. It was even quite a bit of fun doing what we did on that boat yesterday. I'm just not sure of my feelings though Scott.”

I am Sam.” said Scott. “Tell me if you can feel what I'm feeling right now Sam.”

Scott then stepped up to Sam, and placed his arms around the man. Then Scott placed his lips against Sam's, and kissed the man passionately. Sam could feel feelings that he had never felt before, especially when he felt Scott's tongue push into his mouth. Then Sam's confusion began to clear. He could feel that Scott loved him deeply, and he was falling in love with Scott as well. It made Scott very happy when he felt Sam sucking lovingly on his tongue. Sam broke the kiss just long enough to pull Scott's shirt up over his head, then planted his lips back against Scott's. Scott though he would melt from feeling Sam's hands caress his bare back softly as they kissed.

After ten minutes, and after both Scott and Sam were erect, Scott broke the kiss and gazed into Sam's eyes as he said, “I don't ever want to have sex with you again Sam. From what we're about to do now, and for now on, I only want to make love to you.”

I want to make love to you too Scott!” replied Sam breathlessly, as he rubbed Scott's nipples between his fingers.

I love you Sam, and I want you to be my lover.” said Scott.

I love you too Scott.” replied Sam. “It would be my pleasure, and make me very proud to be your lover.”

As Scott and Sam sat naked together after making love, Scott said, “Doug wanted me to find out if you would go with us to Utopia Island, out in the Pacific Ocean. I guess you would be going as my date. He wanted me to ask you, because he wants to see if there's any interest between you and me.”

Doug and Darren are so nice to always be thinking of other people.” smiled Sam. “I would love to go to an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with my young boyfriend. I've been told I don't get out enough anyway.”

Thanks Sam, you've made me very happy today.” smiled Scott.

On Friday, most of the kids took off to the park, although in separate groups. When Donnie, Chris, Derek, and Sammy took off together, it scared Doug, Darren, Kevin, and Carter. Doug joked that he would have to tell Hank to handle any complaints about them as discreetly as possible. Then everyone except Doug, Darren, Carter, Kevin, Craig, Carl, Marcus, and Todd took off in another group. That left those eight to make up the last group to take off to the park. At about the same time, Tim, Sky, Sam, and Scott were taking off for Doug and Darren's new park. While Tim and Sky got into the front seat, Sam and Scott climbed into the back seat together. It only took Tim looking back at the pair in the back seat one time to figure out how they would be spending the ride there.

As Donnie, Chris, Sammy, and Derek waited in line at The Sky Diver, they decided to get a little frisky and do what they thought was a little bit of discreet butt grabbing. Then Hank stepped up behind the boys and put his hand on Donnie's shoulder, causing Donnie to jump slightly.

Your brother told me to try to keep an eye on you four today.” said Hank.

Geez, what a party pooper!” said Derek.

Nah, Doug just knows you guys too well!” laughed Hank. “Listen, if you boys want to try to get away with little kissing or something like that, just be discreet about it. Don't let everyone in the park see you doing it. I'll try to cover for you if anything comes up, as long as that's all it is. If you want to do anything else though, try to wait until you go home, okay?”

Okay Hank.” replied Donnie. “We wouldn't want to get you into trouble with Doug.”

Tim and Sam had a good visit with the contractor. He looked over the readings Sam took earlier in the week, while glancing occasionally at the very dark water over the crater.

This certainly looks like the way I would go.” said the contractor. “My grandfather was a foreman during the construction of the first causeway. It's a shame to think of most of it at the bottom of that crater now, but I know he'd be proud of me for rebuilding it for him. Actually curving it here at the island would have been the best way to go originally, as the bay is twice as deep where he went with it. What I like most is the bridge though. The way you've planned it, it'll take half the time to pound the supports into place. I think we can have this wrapped up by Thanksgiving, provided we pour all of our manpower into it, and start first thing Monday morning.”

I'll make sure the owners have a draft deposited to you Monday morning then.” replied Tim. “Thanks for taking this on for us on such short notice. You were the most highly recommended people we could find.”

No thanks are necessary.” said the contractor. “I know things haven't been right there lately, but that island out there has brought a lot of joy to my family in the past, and to me when I was younger. Now we have to get it connected to the mainland again, and as soon as possible.”

Back at Thunderdome, Doug and his group decided to make use of one of the conference rooms in the office section. Somehow Doug and the others weren't surprised when they entered the room, and saw Donnie, Chris, Sammy, and Derek all naked, and on top of one end of the table.

How many people knew they would beat us to this idea?” laughed Doug, as he raised his hand.

Everyone laughed as they raised their hands with Doug, then began undressing each other. Chris and Sammy were laying on their backs, as close together as possible, while Donnie and Derek were knelt between their legs. Donnie and Derek had one arm around each other, as they thrust in and out of Chris and Sammy in unison. Marcus and Todd took the closest spot on the table to the four boys who were already there, and Donnie watched in awe as Marcus's huge cock began going in and out of Todd's mouth. Doug, Darren, Kevin, and Carter got up onto the other end of the table, in much the same position as Donnie, Chris, Sammy, and Derek. That left Craig and Carl taking a sixty nine position between Doug's group, and Marcus and Todd. The room was soon filled with moans of pleasure, as everyone enjoyed making love to their lover. Donnie and Derek were the first two to cum, then they quickly switched places with Chris and Sammy. One by one, everyone shot their cum into their lover. When it was all over, Donnie went to Marcus and rubbed his huge dark cock once as he whispered into Marcus's ear. Whatever was said was enough to leave a look of shock on Marcus's face, and an impish smile on Donnie's face.

What did Donnie say to you Marcus?” asked Doug.

I'd rather not say yet.” replied Marcus. “Are you going to be asking the guys from Lansing to go with us on the trip to your island?”

Yeah, I was going to call Rondell tomorrow actually.” replied Doug. “Donnie and Chris thought it would be a good idea, since they didn't have the chance to be with us the last time. Why?”

Nothing, I was just wondering.” replied Marcus.

Well now, wasn't that fun? Doug and Darren have a new park, and Scott has a new boyfriend. I'd say everything is finally going well for everyone. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit me at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you again in Chapter 20. And don't forget who to blame for the delay.