No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 2

From the last chapter:

As they pulled into Doug and Darren's driveway, Brett finally said, "I guess the worst of it's over now. Thanks for your help you guys. My dad would have killed me if you hadn't been there."

"That's why we were there Brett." said Doug. "We care about you very much. Now, let's go get you moved into the guest room. That will be yours for now. You might have to share with another couple for a week or so though."

Fred and Mary had a warm and compassionate talk with Brett as the other boys took his stuff to the guest room. In just a few minutes time, they were welcoming Brett to their home for as long as he needed to stay. Tyler called home to let his parents know what happened. They felt so bad about it that they agreed to let Tyler stay the night with Brett that night.

Doug and Darren had Carter, Kevin, Billy, and Lester share their room that night, so they could share the guest room with Brett and Tyler. Doug told Brett about some of the things that happened when his family broke up, then Doug and Darren worked out a plan to talk to Brett's mom the next morning, after his dad had left the house. After that, both couples made love at the same time. Doug was glad that Brett had Tyler with him that night.

The next morning when Doug and Darren went to wake the four boys from Cincinnati, Doug had to get Darren to run and get the camera quickly. Carter, Kevin, Billy, and Lester were snuggled tightly together, and their covers had been pushed down off their naked bodies. After Doug took the picture, he went to Carter and Kevin's side of the bed and shook them gently.

"That is going to make an awesome picture Kevin." said Doug, as Kevin's eyes fluttered open.

"Just make sure Carter and I, and Billy and Lester get a copy." smiled Kevin.

When Billy woke up, he also asked Doug to make sure they got a copy. Doug promised to make sure everyone got a copy, then told the other boys to get ready for breakfast, while he called Chuck, and Brett's mom.

Hi Chuck, this is Doug." said Doug, when Chuck answered the phone.

"Hi Doug." replied Chuck. "What can I do for you boys this morning?"

"Do you remember that friend that Darren and I told you about?" asked Doug. "The one who was afraid that his parents might not take him being gay very well?"

"Uh-oh!" exclaimed Chuck. "What happened?"

"He was kind of forced into coming out to them last night." replied Doug. "Darren and I, plus a few of our friends were with him, so he's okay this morning. He spent the night with us last night though, because of how his dad reacted. I taped the whole thing, if you want to hear it. I'll just patch my tape recorder into the speakerphone."

"That would be great Doug, I'd love to hear it!" replied Chuck.

Doug went ahead and set up the tape recorder, then played it for Chuck over the phone. Chuck was stunned by what he heard. Once the tape finished, Chuck said, "It sounds like it got a little rough. Did he actually try to assault you boys?"

"Yeah, but it didn't do him much good." snickered Doug.

"It may do us some good though." replied Chuck. "The fact that you recorded him threatening his own son, and kicking him out of the house, plus the attempted assault will be enough for us to do whatever your friend wants."

"Well, he wants to see where his mother stands." said Doug. "I could tell last night that she's afraid of her husband. I was going to call her next, and see if I can talk to her."

"Have her come to your house Doug." said Chuck. "As your friend's new lawyer, I need to be involved in that conversation. She needs to know that enough has happened already to have him removed from that home, if that's what he wants."

"Okay Chuck, I'll have her come over here in about an hour." replied Doug. Then Doug hung up the phone, and dialed Brett's home number. "Hi, is this Brett's mom?" asked Doug, when the phone was answered by a female voice.

"Yes, this is Nancy, Brett's mom." replied Brett's mom. "Is Brett okay this morning?"

"Well, I'm glad that I wasn't wrong about you caring a little about him." said Doug. "Brett rested better last night than he apparently has in a while. Is it safe to talk right now?"

"Yes, my husband has gone to work." replied Nancy. "I do care much more than a little bit about Brett. I love my son."

"Then why didn't you say something last night?" asked Doug.

"I was afraid of making a bad situation even worse." replied Nancy. "My husband has a history of becoming violent."

"Is he more important than your son though?" asked Doug.

"My husband use to be very abusive before any of our kids were born." replied Nancy, in a distressed tone. "I was going to leave him then, until I found out I was pregnant with our first son. He did promise me though that he would control his temper. He even went to see someone, and did very well for quite a long time. Over the past few years though, I've noticed his old temper trying to come back. I think it has completely now, and he scares the hell out of me. I'm glad you boys were there with my Brett last night. I almost even laughed when you knocked him down before you left."

"If that's the case, I want you to come to my house in about an hour." said Doug. "My lawyer is handling your son's case now. Brett doesn't want to give up on you, but my lawyer will do anything he has to to keep Brett safe."

As Doug was finishing the call to Nancy, the other boys came down for breakfast. Doug told Brett that his lawyer and his mom would both be there in about an hour, and that his mom sounded like she might be open to working with Chuck. Brett wanted to salvage a relationship with his mother. He still didn't know where his older brothers stood though.

During breakfast, which was prepared mostly by Fred, Doug and Darren noticed that Kevin's head had been freshly shaved. Doug and Darren just smiled at their friend, as they thought that made him look sexy. A little while after breakfast was over, and Fred had left for the park, Nancy arrived at the Chambers home. Doug and Darren got a chance to talk to her first, as Doug wanted to tell her about when his family split up.

"I wanted to tell you about my family, because I don't want yours to end as badly as mine did." said Doug. "My dad always hated Darren. Darren and I use to be close as little kids, and I guess he could tell that Darren was different. He was scared to death that I would become gay or something. Then came the plane crash that stranded me and Darren alone together for eight months. I learned a lot of things then. Unfortunately my dad didn't learn anything in that time. When he learned that Darren and I had come into some money, he wanted it all for himself. His hatred for Darren came to the surface again too. By that time though, Darren was my soulmate. There was nothing anyone could do to change that. My dad tried on my birthday though. He and my brother Craig attacked me, Darren, and my little brother Donnie. It got so bad that my mom ended up drawing a gun on my dad. That's an awful way for a family to end."

"I promise I won't let it get to that." replied Nancy. "My other two sons are off to college now, but Brett still needs me. Neither Brett nor myself need my husband though, if he can't accept that there are things he can't change."

"You're right that Brett will need you." said Billy, as he and Kevin came in. "Things are really rough out there for gay kids, and they need all the help they can get. My father had poisoned me against gays so much that Kevin and I nearly ended up killing each other. I followed him across the back of the school property one night, hoping to rough him up some, and give him a good scare. I thought that would make my dad proud of me. It got out of hand though, and we both ended up unconscious. Kevin ended up getting the worst of it though, as he had an aneurysm that almost killed him. The funny thing is though, when I stopped hating gay people, I realized that I was gay myself. How's that for irony?"

"It wasn't Billy's fault though." said Kevin. "My uncle Phillip had been thrown out of the family when I was a little kid because my grandparents found out he was gay. Then he turned my mom, and my uncle Edward against my uncle Phillip. They told them both one lie after another about Phillip, until they hated their own brother. When my mom found out I was gay, she naturally sent me to live with Phillip. She didn't even want her own son in the same house with her. It turned out okay though, because my uncle Phillip cared more about me than either of my parents ever did. I think of him as my dad now. I know that Edward must have constantly drilled his hatred into Billy. It's just too bad that it took us almost killing each other to start turning things around."

"I'll do everything I can to keep anything like that from happening to Brett." said Nancy, shocked by what the boys had told her.

Chuck arrived after that, and told Nancy exactly what he expected. He left no room for Brett's father to remain in the picture. Chuck told Nancy that he had enough on Brett's father already to make sure that he could never get near the boy, and that his job now was to protect Brett, regardless of how he had to do it. Nancy told Chuck that she wanted to keep Brett's father away from him too, and Chuck ended up offering to help her with that. At that point, Doug went to answer a knock at the door. Standing at the door was a good sized young man.

"Can I help you?" asked Doug.

"My name is Nick." replied the young man. "I came home from college this morning to visit my family, and found a note from my mother. It said my brother Brett left home last night to come here to stay, and my mother was here this morning talking to a lawyer. Then the note told me to take the note, and throw it away somewhere where it couldn't be found. What's going on here?"

Doug invited Nick in, and took him to his mother and brother. When Nick and Brett began joking around with each other, Doug got a strong feeling that Nick would be okay with Brett being gay. When Nick asked what had happened, and why their father went nuts, Brett told Nick that he was gay. The scene between the two brothers touched everyone in the house. After Nancy told Nick that she wanted to divorce his and Brett's father, Nick told her he understood that too. Then he told the story about his love for the color purple, and his dad's irrational reaction to that. Everyone was now on board with what needed to be done.

While Nancy, Chuck, and Nick went to take care of what needed to be done that day, Doug and Darren took their friends to the park. Fred and Tim were running The Screaming Eagle when they got there, and Doug and Darren got a laugh out of Billy and Lester's reaction to it as it went flying past them. Kevin was the only one that didn't seem too thrilled by it, so Doug and Darren told him about the restraint harnesses they were having made. The harness would secure a person's head securely and comfortably enough so that someone with a condition similar to Kevin's would not have to worry about their head impacting the restraint. That seemed to help Kevin, but it made Billy feel a little guilty.

"I'm sorry about that too Kevin." said Billy. "It's my fault that you have to worry about things like that now."

"I love you Billy, and I don't want to hear you blaming yourself for this." said Kevin. "It won't hurt me to wait until May, but to see you blame yourself would hurt."

"Besides Billy, what happened is long over now." said Carter. "The Billy that did that doesn't even exist anymore. The Billy that you've become is one of the most decent and beautiful people I've ever known. As far as Kevin and I are concerned, you didn't do anything. It was the other Billy."

"I know I don't deserve friends like you and Kevin, but I'm glad I have you as friends anyway!" said Billy, as he gave Carter and Kevin a hug.

After that, the boys all went to the ride platform, and stood back out of the way as they watched Fred and Tim run the ride. Then they got a chance to take a closer look at one of the trains. The boys were all impressed with the ride, and most of them were looking forward to Friday, when Fred hoped it would get it's operating sticker from the state.

After Fred and Tim ran the ride a few more times, they parked it for the day. Then they headed over to the coaster called Tumblebug with the boys. As with the last time Carter and Kevin visited, Kevin had to sit this ride out. There was too great of a risk of the restraints and ride movement hurting him. Darren could see that Kevin felt down about that, so he disappeared from the group for a few minutes. Then he caught back up to the group as they approached The Barnstormer.

"Hey guys, look at what I found from the last time Kevin and Carter were here!" said Darren, as he presented two pillows and some duct tape.

Kevin smiled at Darren, and said, "I love you Darren."

Kevin did ride that ride with everyone, after being reminded by Tim to keep his head back, and pay close attention to how he felt. After a visit to the Enchanted Village, the two tower rides, and a few of the larger indoor spinning rides, it was time to call it a day.

When the boys got to Doug and Darren's house, Nancy and Nick was waiting there to take Brett and Tyler to supper. Tyler had begged his way into spending another night with Brett, and Fred had gotten them onto one of the nicer restaurants in the area.

"Does dad know what you're doing now mom?" asked Brett, as they waited for supper.

"Yes, we did see your dad after we left the courthouse today." replied Nancy.

"How did he take it?" asked Brett.

"Let's just say it was a good thing I was there." said Nick. "I'm going to call my college, and take a few weeks off. We need to get things to the point where you can come home."

"Well, at least you two love me." replied Brett, a little disappointedly.

"You know mom and I love you little bro." smiled Nick. "You're my little Brat, and nothing will ever change that. I couldn't imagine not having you around."

"That especially goes for me Brett." said Nancy. "You have always been my baby boy, and you will be well after you're a grown man."

"Okay mom, but don't go trying to change my diaper." smiled Brett. "Besides, my boyfriend can handle that."

"You're a trip, little bro!" laughed Nick. "Seriously though, dad has some real problems. I hope he can get help for them someday, but until then, we have to get him out of the house. It may take a few weeks before things are calmed down enough to get you home. Would your friends Doug and Darren be okay with that?"

"They probably wouldn't mind if I stayed there indefinitely." replied Brett. "They are the greatest friends I've ever had."

"They seem pretty cool, and I'm glad you met them." said Nick.

After an excellent dinner, Nancy and Nick took Brett and Tyler back to Doug and Darren's house. Nancy gave her youngest son a good-bye kiss on the cheek, followed by Nick giving him a more playful kiss on the cheek. After Brett and Tyler went inside, they found all of the boys together in the game room. Even Wakki and Benjamin, and Donnie and Chris were there. Brett and Tyler caught up with Donnie and Chris.

"Hey guys, Tyler and I were wondering if we could bunk with you guys tonight." said Brett. "We don't want to interfere or anything, but it would be cool to see two cute young guys like you together."

"Hey, if you want to watch us little boys make love, we don't mind!" laughed Donnie.

"Maybe we can show them a few things they haven't thought of yet!" snickered Chris. "I hope you guys are ready for this."

"This may be more interesting than Doug and Darren led us to believe, and I would think that would be a stretch!" laughed Brett.

Then Brett and Tyler told Kevin, Carter, Billy, and Lester they could use Brett's room one more night. When Brett and Tyler told Doug and Darren what was happening, Doug and Darren both laughed.

"Just don't let those two little nymphos corrupt you." laughed Doug. "They could make a gay porn star blush!"

By the time bedtime rolled around, Doug, Darren, Kevin, Carter, Billy, and Lester had decided to bunk together that night. Needless to say, the three pairs of lovers had a great time that night. Brett and Tyler had an experience they would never forget though. When Donnie and Chris began removing their clothes, so did Brett and Tyler. As soon as Brett and Tyler were naked, Donnie reached over and grabbed Brett's cock softly, while Chris took Tyler's cock in his hand.

As Donnie and Chris stroked them briefly, Donnie said, "Those are really nice. You two are lucky guys to have each other."

"Yeah, those are great cocks." said Chris. "I'll bet you two have lots of fun with each other."

Then Donnie and Chris returned Brett's and Tyler's cocks to them, and took each other into an embrace. Brett and Tyler smiled at how passionately the two younger boys kissed. Then Donnie and Chris took each other into a sixty nine position for several minutes. Donnie and Chris looked like they loved pleasuring each other more than anyone Brett and Tyler had ever seen. Then Donnie knelt between Chris's legs. Donnie lubed his young dick, and pushed it as deeply into Chris as he could. Brett and Tyler watched in amazement as Donnie leaned over further than they thought he could, and took Chris's dick into his mouth. As Donnie thrust his dick in and out of Chris as urgently as he could, he also made love to Chris's dick as passionately as he could. Brett and Tyler were breathing heavily as they watched the two boys, and instinctively stroked each other. As it looked like Donnie and Chris were both building to an orgasm, Brett and Tyler laid down in a sixty nine, and began hungrily making love to each other. As Brett and Tyler pleasured each other, they could hear Donnie and Chris moaning loudly, and almost obscenely. Brett and Tyler began sucking each other very hard when they heard Donnie and Chris both having their orgasms.

As Brett felt his cock slide in and out of Tyler's mouth, he could also feel a smaller hand grasp his balls. Tyler also felt a smaller hand grasp his balls as well. Then as Brett and Tyler both felt their balls being tugged and stroked, they also felt smaller fingers pushing up into their rectums. As Donnie and Chris milked Brett's and Tyler's balls, they each thrust two fingers in and out of Brett's and Tyler's butts. Brett and Tyler then began moaning just as loudly as Donnie and Chris had been before. The two younger boys continued milking the older boys balls, even as they felt the two older boys cumming into each other's mouths. Once Brett and Tyler had finished cumming, they both laid on their backs, side by side. Then Donnie and Chris laid down on top of the two older boys. As the four boys embraced each other tightly, they began falling asleep in that position. Doug and Darren smiled as they peeked into Donnie's room the next morning, and saw the four boys tangled together tightly.

Since it was a very mild day for January, and the weather was expected to stay mild for the next few weeks, two crews went back to work on the two large outdoor coasters. The boys decided to watch that for a few minutes today, since the Sky Diver was now getting close to being completed. As the boys watched a track section being put into place, they began to talk about opening day.

"So, are you guys going to get a top group to play opening day weekend?" asked Kevin. "You could really beat that other park good if you did that."

"I can't believe we haven't thought about that yet!" replied Doug. "You are right though Kevin, that would really help us have a better weekend than anyone else around here. Does anyone have any ideas?"

"I heard about a band from a cousin of mine in Florida." said Tyler. "He sent me a locally made CD a few months ago. Apparently they were in California last week, recording their first album on a major label, and were almost in that plane crash in Phoenix last Saturday. Two of the bands members did lose their parents in that."

"What's the name of their band?" asked Darren.

"They're called Youthful Discretion." replied Tyler. "Their CD is really awesome. I think when their album comes out, they'll be one of the hottest bands in the country. I'll bring the CD over for you to listen to sometime this week if you want me to."

"That would be great Tyler." said Doug. "If they're going to be that good, we would definitely like to have them here. See if your cousin can find out how they're doing after the plane crash."

The boys did eventually start getting a little chilly, so they went inside to watch the Screaming Eagle run again. Since there were no people riding yet, Tim and Fred gave the boys a chance to help run the ride. A little later, Tim and Fred gave the ride a rest again, and ran a few more rides for the boys. Fred promised that the next day, they would warm up a few of the outdoor rides that were ready, so the boys could ride those too. The boys thought it was amazing that the outdoor rides could still be operated, until Tim explained that since the outside work was still going on when the weather allowed, they had decided to use anti-freeze systems on those rides for this year. Next year they would be winterized though, like most northern parks did with their equipment.

By this time, Lester and Billy were getting use to seeing Tim and Sky together, and seeing them kiss. They would become a lot more use to it at the end of the day though. Doug and Darren had left some trade papers that they wanted to look at in Tim's office, so Billy and Lester volunteered to go get them. When they got there, Tim's office door had been left slightly ajar, so Billy and Lester went on in, thinking that Tim and Sky had stepped out for a moment. Instead though, Tim and Sky were naked on the couch in Tim's office, and Sky was eagerly making love to Tim. Sky and Tim saw the two boys come in, but were so involved in making love now that they didn't want to stop. As Billy and Lester watched the two pleasure each other with their mouths, they went to the unused end of the couch, stripped down, and began making love too. As Billy and Lester made love, they kept an eye on Tim and Sky. Then they saw Sky move between Tim's legs, and push his cock inside Tim. Billy and Lester now thought the two looked very good making love to each other. As Tim felt Sky's cock inside him, and looked at the other two boys, he smiled. He thought it looked as though Billy and Lester had always been in love with each other. After Sky had shot his cum deep inside Tim, the two switched places. It was now Sky's turn to smile, as he felt Tim's cock gently slide into him. Tim, Billy, and Lester finally all had their orgasms at the same time.

As the four guys sat naked on the couch recovering, Lester said, "I can't believe how much you two look like you were meant for each other. I wondered how someone Sky's age could be so in love with someone your age Tim, but you two just answered that."

"I love Sky with every ounce of my soul, and I never want him to feel anything besides love and pleasure." smiled Tim. "He deserves that. I don't know why he ever fell so deeply in love with me, but I'm very glad that he did."

"You two are the ones that amaze me." said Sky, to Billy and Lester. "If I didn't know it, I never would have thought that Billy could have been a gay basher."

"I guess I was always over-compensating for what I really felt." replied Billy. "I'm glad Lester came along though, and helped me realize who I really am. I could have never imagined being this happy, at least until my dad finds out that I'm gay."

"Well, if he needs to speak with someone about that when he finds out, I'd be happy to help any way that I can." said Tim.

"Thanks Tim." replied Billy. "With everyone who said they will help him understand this, I hope I should be okay."

"I think you'll be more than okay Billy." smiled Tim, as he ruffled Billy's hair. "You and Lester look like you were meant to be lovers."

The four guys then got dressed, and went over to Doug and Darren's office together. Billy grabbed the papers at the last second, almost forgetting why he and Lester had gone to Tim's office in the first place.

The rest of the week went by pretty uneventfully, except at Brett's house. Brett's father had gone so nuts that Nancy was now getting a restraining order to have him removed from the house, and Nick was going to help get him out. They were hopeful that by the end of the next week, things would calm down enough for Brett to come home. Nick's professors at college were very understanding about him needing to be with his family. His psychology professor even joked that since they were currently studying abnormal psychology, maybe the class should do some field studies at Nick's house. Nick laughed as he replied that his father wouldn't be there that much longer.

Brett was having a good time staying with Doug and Darren though. Tyler did have to go home after the second night, but he was over there most of the day. Billy was now hoping that his father wouldn't go as nuts as Brett's father did when he found out.

Friday was a big day for Doug and Darren. First, the construction crew was putting the last section of track into place for the Sky Diver today. All that had to be done with that now was to finish the ride control systems, and put the trains on the track when the manufacturer had finished them.

Before that would happen though, the state inspector was scheduled to do a final inspection on the Screaming Eagle. Fred and Tim held their breath as the inspector went over the latest stress reports, then went over the ride carefully himself. After a thorough inspection of all three trains, the inspector then had Fred and Tim start the ride up. The inspector watched emergency operations tests, then watched carefully as the ride was operated in normal conditions.

The inspector finally had Fred and Tim park the ride, and said, "Your staff has done a very good job of preparing this ride, and it should be a major hit this summer. Congratulations, you now have another ride that has passed inspection."

The boys who were there watching the inspection cheered wildly at that announcement. The group included Paul, Darryl, Billy, and Rondell from Lansing, as Doug and Darren had invited them out today for the inspection. Fred, Tim, and Simon all shook the inspector's hand, and thanked him for his approval. Once the photographer Fred hired had arrived, it was time for the first ride with people on board. While Fred and Simon manned the controls, Tim, Sky, Doug, and Darren took their places in the gates for the front row. The photographer prepared to take still photos, as well as a few videos. Once the maintenance supervisor inspected the video equipment to insure it was secured, he had his staff start up the other rides inside the dome that were operating. Then it was time for Fred to open the gates for the first time. The front row riders took their places, and all the other boys except Kevin filled in other seats on the train. After Simon checked all the restraints, the photographer got a few still shots. Then Simon and Fred dispatched the first loaded train on the Screaming Eagle. The front row riders held their breath as the train rolled out to the lift hill, then climbed toward the roof of the stadium. Fred and Simon smiled as they heard the boys scream and yell as the train dived down through the first turning drop. The first ride was filled with screams, especially through the inversions, and the restaurant fly by.

When the train finally came back to the station, Tim motioned for everyone to switch seats so they could go again. He wanted everyone to get a chance to ride in the front row. The boys spent a few hours being photographed and taped riding the newest ride, and Fred and Simon even got a chance to ride. Doug and Darren smiled as they realized that this would be a very popular ride, and the Sky Diver promised to be even better. They were sure their park would be the best park in the world. After the boys had their fill of the Screaming Eagle, everyone went over to the Barnstormer so Kevin could ride too. By that point, the boys decided too make a day of it. While the boys were playing in the Enchanted Village, Fred went over the pictures and videos that had been taken. These would be a very important part of their advertising campaign, which Fred wanted to get started on soon. He knew that five months would end up not being a lot of time to get everything ready.

When bedtime came that night, Doug and Darren wanted Kevin and Carter to bunk with them. This would be their last night in Michigan, and Doug and Darren wanted to share that with them. The boys did stick with their own lovers that night, but were very close together on Doug and Darren's bed.

The next morning after breakfast, it was time for Doug and Darren to say good-bye to their guests from Ohio. They gave Billy and Lester a warm hug, then came to Carter and Kevin. A hug just didn't seem like enough with them though, so Doug and Darren gave them both a very tender kiss good-bye.

"You guys make sure to get back here when the Sky Diver is finished." said Doug. "By that time we should have the harnesses for our shoulder restraint rides too, so Kevin can ride a lot more."

"You can count on us to be here for that." smiled Carter. "There's no reason you guys can't come to Cincy for a visit too though."

"We'll see what we can do." smiled Doug.

As Doug and Darren watched the boys from Cincinnati drive off, they had to fight back a few tears. Doug's mood was about to improve drastically that afternoon though.

"Hi son." said Arnold, when Doug answered the phone.

"Hi dad, how are you doing?" replied Doug, unenthusiastically at first.

"Well, I've been going to counseling since last June." replied Arnold. "I have to say that it's made a big difference in the way I feel. The only thing wrong is that I miss my youngest boys. Craig is still with me and Louise, but I miss you and Donnie. You should have seen Craig when I first made him go to counseling too."

"I would like to have seen that." smiled Doug. "I'll bet he pitched a fit."

"Well, he wasn't very happy until he saw that that wasn't going to do him any good." replied Arnold. "It's done Louise and myself a lot of good though, and Craig has been coming around lately. I was wondering if it might be okay to stop by and see you today."

"I guess I wouldn't mind, but don't you think you should ask mom too?" replied Doug.

"I already did." replied Arnold. "She said it was up to you."

"When are you going to be here?" asked Doug.

"Louise and I are about fifteen miles away now, so we should be there soon." replied Arnold.

"If Darren's mom is with you, I guess I better get him ready for this too." said Doug.

"I don't want you to worry him too much Doug." said Arnold. "Louise and I know that your mom and Darren's dad is a family now, and you boys are a part of that family. That's the way things were probably meant to be son. Louise and I both had our shot, and we blew it. We should have put you boys first, and we didn't do that until it was too late. We don't want to try to change the way things are now, but we would like the chance to show our children that we've changed."

"That would be more than Darren and I could ask for dad." said Doug. "We'll see you in a few minutes."

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