No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 20

From the last chapter:

Back at Thunderdome, Doug and his group decided to make use of one of the conference rooms in the office section. Somehow Doug and the others weren't surprised when they entered the room, and saw Donnie, Chris, Sammy, and Derek all naked, and on top of one end of the table.

How many people knew they would beat us to this idea?” laughed Doug, as he raised his hand.

Everyone laughed as they raised their hands with Doug, then began undressing each other. Chris and Sammy were laying on their backs, as close together as possible, while Donnie and Derek were knelt between their legs. Donnie and Derek had one arm around each other, as they thrust in and out of Chris and Sammy in unison. Marcus and Todd took the closest spot on the table to the four boys who were already there, and Donnie watched in awe as Marcus's huge cock began going in and out of Todd's mouth. Doug, Darren, Kevin, and Carter got up onto the other end of the table, in much the same position as Donnie, Chris, Sammy, and Derek. That left Craig and Carl taking a sixty nine position between Doug's group, and Marcus and Todd. The room was soon filled with moans of pleasure, as everyone enjoyed making love to their lover. Donnie and Derek were the first two to cum, then they quickly switched places with Chris and Sammy. One by one, everyone shot their cum into their lover. When it was all over, Donnie went to Marcus and rubbed his huge dark cock once as he whispered into Marcus's ear. Whatever was said was enough to leave a look of shock on Marcus's face, and an impish smile on Donnie's face.

What did Donnie say to you Marcus?” asked Doug.

I'd rather not say yet.” replied Marcus. “Are you going to be asking the guys from Lansing to go with us on the trip to your island?”

Yeah, I was going to call Rondell tomorrow actually.” replied Doug. “Donnie and Chris thought it would be a good idea, since they didn't have the chance to be with us the last time. Why?”

Nothing, I was just wondering.” replied Marcus.

That night, Marcus was talking to Todd, as Todd asked, “What did Donnie say to you today babe?”

He said that the last time they went to the island, Doug and Darren fucked him and Chris in Tahiti.” replied Marcus. “This time they want me and Rondell to do it, because we have the two largest cocks they've ever seen. I was so stunned by that that I couldn't even reply.”

Do they think you and Rondell would leave me and Billy out in the cold like that?” asked Todd.

They had that covered too.” replied Marcus. “They said that Sammy and Derek had never done anything with an older person's cock before, and they would love to suck you and Billy at the same time. I actually think they would fight over who gets you, since you're an adult, and Billy is close to their age.”

Would you want to do it babe?” asked Todd.

I only enjoy making love to you Todd.” replied Marcus. “The only thing that would even make me a little curious is that they are younger, and probably a lot tighter than you. I still don't know if I could do it though.”

I love you Marcus.” smiled Todd. “If you and Rondell were to decide you wanted to do it, I'll go along with you on it.”

The next day, Doug, Darren, Kevin, Carter, and Scott all stopped by Sam's office, to thank him for doing such a good job preparing to meet with the contractor at their new park. Of course before they could though, Scott wrapped Sam in his arms, and gave him a very nice kiss. Then Doug and Darren took care of their business with Sam, as Scott stood next to the man with one arm around him. When Doug and the other boys left, Scott stayed behind with his lover.

Scott led Sam over to his bed in the corner of his office, and undressed his older lover. Then Scott had Sam sit on the bed, and lean back into the corner as he undressed. Once Scott was undressed, he climbed onto the bed between Sam's legs, and began cuddling into Sam's legs as he laid his face against Sam's cock. Scott turned his head slightly, and rested his lips against Sam's cock, as Sam looked down at him and smiled.

Scott, you are the most beautiful young man I have ever seen in my life!” said Sam intently.

And you are the most beautiful mature man I've ever seen in my life Sam.” replied Scott.

As Sam watched, Scott stuck his tongue out, and began licking the head of Sam's stiffening cock. After a few moments, Scott opened his mouth and took all of Sam's cock into it. Sam rubbed the back of Scott's head as he moaned softly.

After a few minutes, Scott backed off and said, “I want you to put your cock inside me and make love to me Sam.”

I don't know that I'd know how to do that Scott.” replied Sam.

I'll teach you then Sam.” said Scott. “I really want to feel your beautiful cock inside me though.”

Scott then laid back on the bed the other way, and motioned for Sam to kneel between his legs. Scott reached down to his pants on the floor, pulled out a tube of lube, and handed it to Sam.

Take that and spread it over your cock Sam.” said Scott. “Then rub a little into my pucker.”

Sam rubbed the lube onto his cock, then put some more on the tip of his finger, and gently fondled Scott's anus.

Okay Sam, lift my legs up onto your shoulders.” said Scott. “After that, just put your cock up to my hole, and push it into me.” As soon as Sam's cock began going into Scott, Scott moaned, “Oh God Sam, that feels so good! Push your cock into me as far as it will go, then begin thrusting in and out of me!”

Sam looked down into the face of his young lover, as Scott enjoyed every inch of Sam's cock inside him. Then Sam leaned over, pushing Scott's legs further into the air, and began kissing Scott as he thrust in and out passionately.

“Oh God Sam, this is the best it's ever been.” moaned Scott softly, as their lips parted briefly. “I think I'm going to cum while you're making love to me.”

Please don't do that, my young lover!” gasped Sam. “Please wait for me to take it from you!”

I'll try Sam.” moaned Scott. “I want to be more than your lover though Sam. Will you be my mate?”

Of course I will, and I'll enjoy every day that we're mates.” replied Sam. “Oh God Scott, I think I'm about to cum very hard!”

Scott and Sam both yelled out, and moaned loudly in pleasure as Sam emptied his balls into Scott. It was the most intense orgasm of Sam's life. Once it was over, Scott continued laying on the bed, as Sam pulled himself out. Then Sam laid face down, and began making love to Scott's dick. After only a minute, Scott was writhing underneath Sam, beginning an intense orgasm of his own. After Scott's orgasm was over, Sam and Scott laid wrapped in each other's arms for the next hour.

Doug and Darren were happy, after calling Rondell and finding out that he, Billy, Darryl, and Paul would all join them on the trip to Utopia Island. Then they called the charter company they were going to use, to make sure the jet they had chartered was confirmed, since they would really need it now. It was hard finding a charter company with a perfectly flawless record, and they didn't want anything to interfere with their choice.

Over the next few weeks, everyone from Cincinnati settled into their new homes. Wayne began seeing people there at the park, and Phillip began updating the computer network there. It wasn't that they needed to work. None of the families who came from Cincinnati needed to work anymore, with the exception of Ron and Max, but they wanted to keep busy. Joanna already had the medical services director position at the park, so the only two who now wanted something to keep them busy were Frank and Earl. Doug and Darren had noticed that they had begun having problems with keeping the various park departments stocked properly. They were letting various supervisors take the responsibility for keeping their departments stocked, but that didn't seem to be working. After talking to Tim about it, Tim suggested that they centralize the ordering of supplies, computerize the supply system completely, and put Frank in charge of ordering all supplies. It sounded like a good idea, and Frank said it would be right up his alley. Once Frank and Phillip discussed it, and reported back to Doug and Darren, they decided to go with the idea. The only other problem area was Park Services. It seemed as though the current park services manager was not prepared for how much it would take to keep the park nice and clean, with all facilities operating. Doug and Darren had even noticed that park services personnel frequently seemed to be out of position, or concentrated too much in one area. When Earl was asked if he thought he could get a handle on things there, he replied that he knew that he could. Since Ron and Max needed a good income, Doug gave Ron the job of receiving manager at the warehouse. Then he paid Ron enough so that his income was all that the family would need. That way, Max could care for the house and kids during the day.

After Ron's first week on the job, he came home and said, “Hi dear, I'm home!”

How was your day today babe?” asked Max, as he gave Ron a hug and kiss in front of the kids.

It was good, my love.” replied Ron, as he enjoyed being in Max's arms. “It seems as though all of the kids have their boyfriends and girlfriends over. Is something going on, or are they trying to break you in on running the house?”

Actually, we all wanted to go out to celebrate your first week on the job dear.” replied Max.

Well, that's very sweet of everyone.” said Ron. “Gerald, Marie, and Sam, I'm glad that you consider yourselves a part of the family enough to want to be included on things like this. And Sam, I would like to talk to you at some point tonight.”

Before you do dear, I have some news from Cincinnati.” said Max. “Terri's arraignment will be on Monday. The prosecutor said there will be no need for us to be there for that, unless we want to. He said that the police reports will be enough to arraign her on several counts, including attempted kidnapping and child endangerment.”

Good then, the less we have to see of her, the better!” replied Ron. “Now, have you made reservations somewhere for tonight?”

Yes, in an hour and a half at The Overlook, inside Thunderdome.” replied Max.

Oh great dear!” laughed Ron. “You're taking me to work to celebrate my first week on the job!”

Well, it is the nicest restaurant I could think of.” snickered Max. “You have time for that talk with Sam before we go.”

Okay then, follow me Sam.” smiled Ron.

Ron led Sam to his and Max's bedroom, so they could talk privately. Once Sam was seated on the side of the bed, Ron said, “I want to thank you to start off Sam. Scott really seems to have found himself with you, and I'm happy for both of you. I have noticed that your relationship has become very serious in a very short time. Scott seems to want to spend a lot of time at the park, and at your place. I really have no problem with that now, but Scott is still rather young. In the fall, when school starts, I'm sure he won't be able to spend as much time as he would like with you. This next question may make it difficult for him to deal with that situation. Have you and Scott decided to be mates, as though you were a married couple?”

How could you know that Ron?” asked Sam.

Well, Scott is my son, and I know him much better than he gives me credit for.” chuckled Ron. “I want you to know that I have no problem with that though Sam. What concerns me is the time you two will be forced to spend apart soon. That will be very difficult for both of you as mates, and I want to do everything I can to make my son happy. That's why I'm asking you if you would consider moving in here Sam. You and Scott would share his room as husbands, and you would be considered a member of the family here. That way, you two would not find yourselves separated because of his school. I hope you accept my offer, as mine and Max's new son in law.”

I love Scott dearly, and I would be crazy to say no.” replied Sam, as a smile spread across his face.

Good!” exclaimed Ron. “Welcome to the family, son in law!”

Scott had no idea what his dad was talking to Sam about, but when he saw the smile on Sam's face, he knew it had to have been good. “Scott, your father has asked me to live here as your husband, and I've accepted.” said Sam.

Scott ran to his dad, jumped into his arms, and covered his dad's face with kisses. “Thank you so much dad!” said Scott emotionally. “This means everything to me, and I love you so much! How did you know that Sam and I have become mates though?”

I can see it in your eyes every time you're with him son, and your happiness means quite a bit to me.” replied Ron. “I'm glad you've found the person you want to be your mate son, and I'm happy to have Sam here as your husband.” Then Ron whispered into Scott's ear, “Now just between us as guys, how is it for you son?”

Scott whispered back, “When Sam makes love to me, it's the most incredible feeling in the world! He makes me feel love that I never imagined possible before. He's turning into quite a hot lover too!”

Then I'm glad he makes you feel so good son, and he makes you happy.” replied Ron. “I know from experience now how good it is to find a man who can make you feel that good with what he has, and I hope you and Sam share that pleasure for quite a long time as husbands.”

Thanks dad.” replied Scott.

Dinner that night was great. Ron arrived there to find that Max had invited all of their friends there, and Doug and Darren had gotten Mary to make sure her staff served a very special dinner in Ron's honor. During the glass rumbling passes of The Screaming Eagle, Ron asked Gerald, “So son, how are things going for you in your new home?”

Joanna is a great mom, and Alex and Tommy are everything I could ask for in brothers.” replied Gerald. “When you add having the greatest girlfriend in the world to that, my life has never been this good.”

I'm glad you're happy then Gerald.” said Ron. “I know you make Jenna very happy.”

Maybe more than happy sir.” replied Gerald as he smiled. “Jenna and I aren't rushing things, but we've been thinking that I should ask you something soon. When Jenna graduates from school in five years, may I marry her?”

I think that would be wonderful son, and you two have my blessing.” replied Ron. “Just make sure that you both continue being careful though. We wouldn't want an unplanned pregnancy to ruin what should be the best times of your lives.”

We intend on being careful until she graduates sir.” replied Gerald.

Please son, call me dad.” smiled Ron. “After all, you're now engaged to marry my daughter.”

Okay dad, and thanks for being a dad to me.” replied Gerald, with the most beautiful smile on his face.

Toward the end of the dinner, Doug and Darren stood up with an arm around each other, as Doug said, “I'm glad everyone could be here tonight to celebrate the first week of our new receiving manager. Ron, you're doing a great job already, and we're glad to have you on board. Now, as everyone knows, our big trip will start one week from tomorrow. Since no one has the room for everyone to park for the time we'll be gone, we're all going to meet in the auxiliary office staff lot. Darren and I have enough buses lined up to get everyone to the airport that we'll be leaving from. I hope everyone has had enough time to get their passports expedited, since we are going to be going to Tahiti to get to the island. I gave Rondell a heads up that this might be happening a while back, so our friends in Lansing are all set. If anyone is having a problem though, just see Chuck before you leave tonight. We're going to meet here at nine AM next Saturday, and leave as soon as everyone is here, so please don't be late. The plan is to arrive in Hawaii on Saturday evening, and spend all of Sunday there. Then Monday morning we will fly on to Tahiti, and spend the rest of Monday there. Tuesday morning we will be taking off to the island. Originally we thought we would have to take seaplanes to the island, but our island manager informed me that they have built a runway there capable of landing small private jets. I've told him how many we have, and he said he would have enough company jets standing by to accommodate us in Tahiti. Then we will spend five days on Utopia island, in the company hotel there. If you wish to camp out on the island some of that time though, please feel free. I know that Darren and I plan on doing that a few nights. There are a few restricted areas on the island, but they will be clearly marked. The island manager has asked that we please respect the restricted areas. The following Sunday we'll be flying back to Hawaii, just passing through in Tahiti. Then we'll spend Monday and Tuesday in Hawaii, and finally return home on Wednesday. I hope everyone is ready for a really fun twelve day trip.”

The next day was busy for Sam and Scott. Scott was helping Sam pack to move in at their house. Sam wouldn't need much other than personal effects, but everything had to be packed, so it could be stored for a garage sale at a future time. Once they were back at Scott's house, Max took them out to get a bed for their bedroom. Neither Scott nor Sam had a proper bed to share as husbands, although they had been able to make do for making love. At the second furniture store they went to, a very nice king size bed caught Scott's eye. It was an antique trim with storage in the headboard, and underneath the bed. After thinking how it would fit in with the rest of the decor of Scott's room, Max decided to get the entire matching set for Scott and Sam. Since the entire set was handmade wood, and weighed a ton, Max was glad the store had delivery.

Once they got home, it was time to strip Scott's room, and prepare for the new furniture to arrive. Scott's old furniture from his room, and Sam's belongings in the van he rented would need to be stored in the garage, until they got back from the trip and could have a garage sale. Jenna, Gerald, Gina, and Marie were happy to help out, but Max wanted Max Junior to give the kids a hand.

Where is Max Junior?” asked Max.

I think he went to his room with Donnie and Chris.” replied Jenna.

Okay Jenna, thanks.” said Max.

Max went to his son's room, and opened the door without thinking. He found the boys there, with Max Junior laying on the bed naked. Donnie and Chris were naked as well, with Donnie straddling Max Junior's head while thrusting his dick in and out of Max Junior's mouth, and Chris sucking hungrily on Max Junior's dick. Max Junior appeared frightened by his father seeing them like that, but Donnie and Chris weren't phased at all, continuing what they were doing with Max Junior. Max backed out of the room and shut the door, giving the boys some privacy. About five minutes later, after the moaning from inside Max Junior's room had stopped, Max Junior opened the door in his briefs, and let his dad back in. Donnie and Chris were sitting on the bed in their briefs too, smiling like mad.

Son, I don't want you to feel bad about what I saw.” said Max, as his son sat down with Donnie and Chris. “It's all a natural part of growing up. Even if you are gay, so is your old man. So, are you gay son?”

I don't really know dad, but I've been wanting to find out.” replied Max Junior. “Donnie and Chris didn't seem to mind helping me with that, and that's how we ended up like you saw us.”

Was it fun?” asked Max as he smiled.

I guess so.” replied Max Junior.

I'd say you more than guess so!” giggled Donnie. “Your dick is poking out of your briefs!”

Max Junior blushed like crazy as the other two boys giggled. “Don't be embarrassed son.” smiled Max. “You have a very cute dick, and I know how tough it is for boys to control their dicks at your age. Maybe your friends there will take care of it again for you after I leave. If you are gay son, there's nothing wrong with that. I want you to do what feels right to you, and be proud of who you are. That's the most important thing to remember.”

I really don't know though dad.” replied Max Junior. “I met a girl down the street about my age this week. She told me that if I could find rubbers to fit my dick, she'd like to have a little fun. Donnie and Chris had some, so they gave me a few of them. Then I brought Andrea back here, and she let me put my dick inside her. I thought that was a lot of fun and felt really nice, but today with Donnie and Chris felt the same way.”

Well son, don't worry about liking both.” said Max. “You have all the time in the world to figure it out. I just want you to know that I'm here for you if you have any questions, or want to talk about your feelings about sex. I'll help you figure things out if I can, and I'll be proud of you no matter who you are.”

I just can't figure out why both felt just as good.” said Max Junior. “I always thought there was supposed to be a difference. Do you know why dad?”

As a man who's had sex with both men and women, I might be able to help with that.” replied Max. “If you're open about feeling pleasure, sex feels very good no matter who you have sex with. The physical feelings inside your body feel the same whether you're having sex with a boy or a girl. The difference between being straight an gay comes from here.” Max placed his hand against Max Junior's bare chest, right over his heart, and continued, “Your heart is what tells you who you love son, not your dick. Your dick is only responsible for bringing you pleasure, and peeing. If you want pleasure, your dick can give you that just as easily with another boy or a girl. If you want love though, you have to listen to your heart.”

Is there anything wrong with just wanting pleasure for now?” asked Max Junior.

There isn't anything wrong with that son, so don't worry about who you have fun with.” replied Max. “When your heart feels love though, it'll let you know.”

Thanks dad, that helps quite a bit.” smiled Max Junior. “I'm almost glad you caught us today.”

Me too son.” laughed Max. “It was quite a sight, and now I have it etched into my memory. I was going to ask you to help your brothers and sisters, but why don't you boys just have some fun?”

It's okay sir.” said Donnie. “We can help out, then come back here to have more fun. Just let us get our clothes on.”

Thanks boys.” replied Max. “I'm sure Max Junior's brothers and sisters will appreciate it.”

With everyone helping, Scott's room was stripped bare before the furniture arrived. Then after the furniture was set up, and the bed was made, Scott and Sam began putting their personal items back into the room. Donnie, Chris, and Max Junior went back to Max Junior's room, so Donnie and Chris could help him with his problem again.

A while later, Max went back to Max Junior's room again, and knocked this time before he entered. Max Junior called out for his dad to come on in, and the three boys were putting their clothes back on. Max asked Donnie and Chris if they wanted to stay for dinner, but Chris's mom was expecting the two boys back at her house for dinner.

That night at bedtime, Sam and Scott got ready for bed together. Scott did have to convince Sam to try sleeping in the nude, but it wasn't too difficult. As they laid down in bed together, Scott asked,
What do you want to do tonight?”

I want to hold you in my arms, and enjoy our first night together in our bed as mates.” replied Sam, as he wrapped Scott in his arms.

That sounds like it could be fun!” snickered Scott.

Over the next week, Max Junior had Andrea over once, Donnie and Chris over twice, and Sammy and Derek over once. Max joked that he was working hard at trying to figure out whether he was straight or gay. On Friday night, everyone was busy packing for their trip. Everyone had fun packing their bags at Ron and Max's house. Scott and Sam packed together, but still had a bag each. Gerald stopped by after packing his bags early, to help Jenna with swimsuit selections. Marie was relieved that her parents finally gave in, and let her go with Gina. Since Marie already had a passport from traveling overseas with her parents, that wasn't a problem. Ron did have to get a notarized letter from Marie's parents though, stating that they consented to let Ron be responsible for her on the trip. Fred and Mary would need notes like that from the boy's parents from Lansing as well, since passport regulations had tightened since their last trip.

At Wayne and Phillip's house, Wayne had to finish packing quickly, so he could help Zack and Seth pack. Phillip was a little concerned about flying again, even though Doug and Darren assured him that they had picked the charter company very carefully. The company had a perfectly spotless record, with not even as much as a bloody nose on board their aircraft. The only emergency situations they had ever dealt with was the occasional air sickness. After Wayne helped the youngest boys pack, he still had to calm Phillip's apprehension.

Babe, I've checked this company over too, and they take putting planes in the air more seriously than anyone in the world.” said Wayne. “Every time one of their planes returns from a trip, they go over every part on the plane. Most airline companies go by a schedule, but inspection is constant with these people. If anything looks like it has the least bit of wear, it's replaced during the inspection, even right down to the armrests on the seats. That's why they charge as much as they do. They may be expensive, but they spare no expense at having the best planes in the air. I feel very comfortable with the choice Doug and Darren made, and I'll be with you at all times.”

That's good love, I may need it by the time we get there.” joked Phillip nervously.

As packing was winding up at Fred and Mary's house, Todd and Carl arrived with their bags packed. They thought they might as well be with Marcus and Craig that night, instead of having to get up too early in the morning. Almost everyone fell asleep excited that night, anxiously looking forward to the trip the next day.

As Doug fell asleep in Darren's arms, he asked, “Everyone is going to know our story before too long, aren't they?”

Yeah, maybe we should have a movie made about it.” replied Darren as he snickered.

It sounds like everyone has made themselves at home now. Scott seems to have settled on who he is now, and Max Junior has become curious about his sexual orientation. I'm sure he'll figure it out just fine though. Please send all comments to: Also, don't forget to visit my web site at: Thanks for reading, and I'll see you for the beginning of the big trip in Chapter 21.