No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 3

From the last chapter:

"Louise and I are about fifteen miles away now, so we should be there soon." replied Arnold.

"If Darren's mom is with you, I guess I better get him ready for this too." said Doug.

"I don't want you to worry him too much Doug." said Arnold. "Louise and I know that your mom and Darren's dad is a family now, and you boys are a part of that family. That's the way things were probably meant to be son. Louise and I both had our shot, and we blew it. We should have put you boys first, and we didn't do that until it was too late. We don't want to try to change the way things are now, but we would like the chance to show to our children that we've changed."

"That would be more than Darren and I could ask for dad." said Doug. "We'll see you in a few minutes."

Doug went to Darren after he ended the call, and told him that Arnold and Louise would be there soon.

"I don't know that I should be too happy about that." said Darren. "After all, my mother thought I was dead for eight months, and when I came back, all she could think about was how much money I was worth to her. Dad was the only one of my parents who showed me any real love."

"They say that they've changed though Darren." replied Doug. "Would it be worth it to give them a chance, if they really have changed? I know your mother felt a lot different before we went to Australia. Didn't she love you then?"

"Yeah, and I do miss that." replied Darren.

"I think it was just the money that made your mom and my dad act the way they did." said Doug. "It nearly cost both of them everything, and I'd like to think they learned something."

"So would I babe." smiled Darren. "I guess we can give them the chance to prove that."

Darren and Doug then went downstairs to wait with Fred and Mary. Fred answered the door when the doorbell rang, because he was most likely to keep his cool. Fred opened the door and said, "Hello Arnold and Louise. Come on in. Mary, Doug, and Darren are in the living room waiting, and I'll call the other boys down."

"Thanks Fred." replied Arnold. "I was a little worried about how you would greet me, but then again, you've always had the most level head of all of us. I could have learned a lot from you if I had tried."

"Well, that's a step in the right direction Arnold." laughed Fred.

Louise and Arnold followed Fred to the living room. When Louise spotted Darren, she went to him nervously and said, "I don't even know where to start apologizing to you son. I am glad you made it through the crash, but it would have served me right to have lost you forever. Your safety and happiness should have been the most important thing in the world to me, but I forgot that until it was too late."

"It's not too late mom!" said Darren emotionally, as he got up and gave his mother a hug.

"I'm so sorry son!" cried Louise, as she hugged Darren.

While that was going on, Arnold went to Doug and said, "Hi son. How are you and your boyfriend doing?"

"We're doing pretty good." replied Doug.

"Pretty good?!" laughed Arnold. "You and Darren won the state championship, and any boys would give anything to be where you two are now."

"It would have meant a lot more if I knew my dad had been proud of me though." replied Doug.

"I am proud of you son." said Arnold, as he gave Doug a hug. "I'm proud that you are growing up to be such a fine man, in spite of having a father who was a real jerk. I should have showed you how proud I was all along, but I let my ignorance get in the way. I did see all of your home games last season though. It made me feel really proud to see you and Darren down on the field, working together like you were meant to be that way. I guess neither of you could have made it without each other."

"Thanks dad!" replied Doug, as he hugged his dad, and let a single tear run down his cheek. "I just wish you could have told me that long before now!"

"I had to be sure that I was worthy of you." replied Arnold. "You are so much better than I ever was, and it took a lot for me to realize that. To be honest though, I almost came down to the field in that semi-final game to be with my son and his mate. You and Darren handled it better than I ever could have though, and I was happy to see that other team get what they deserved. That championship game almost stopped my heart a few times though."

"Yeah, it was a close one, wasn't it?" replied Doug, as he laughed lightly.

"Yes, it was." smiled Arnold. "The best man won though. The best man should always win, which is why you and Darren should always come out on top."

"Thanks dad, I needed to hear that from you." smiled Doug.

At that time, Brett, Tyler, Donnie, Chris, Wakki, and Benjamin came downstairs. Arnold spotted Donnie and said, "Hello son, I'm sorry for what I put you and Doug through."

"You're not going to hit me again, are you?" asked Donnie, with a little hurt and fear in his eyes.

"I'll never lay another hurtful finger on any of my sons again, I promise." replied Arnold, knowing that he deserved that.

"Not even when I do this?" asked Donnie. Donnie then put his arms around Chris, and gave his boyfriend a very deep and loving kiss. When Donnie broke the kiss and looked back to his father, Arnold was smiling.

"Why would I hurt my son because he knows what real love is?" asked Arnold as he smiled. "I'm just as proud of the man you are going to become as I am of Doug. I'm glad you followed your brother's example of what a man is, and not mine. By the way, you and your boyfriend look very nice together."

"I missed you dad!" cried Donnie, as he gave Arnold a hug.

"Well, I guess I should introduce the other boys." smiled Fred. "The boy that Donnie was so affectionate with is his boyfriend, Chris. The two boys standing next to Chris are Brett, and his boyfriend Tyler. Brett is staying with us until his home becomes stable enough for him to return to. He's going through pretty much what Doug did last spring. The beautifully tanned boy is Wakki. Mary and I rescued him from the streets in Hawaii, and are in the process of adopting him. That should become final soon. The last boy is Benjamin. He's Wakki's boyfriend, and his father Simon is the personnel manager at our park."

"Ah yes, the park." replied Arnold. "I can't tell you how proud and impressed I am with Doug and Darren, for doing so well with what they have. They both seem to have a better head on their shoulders than I ever will! I'm also glad that you were there Fred, to help them with their dreams."

"Well Arnold, you're not the only one who's impressed with what they've done!" laughed Fred. "We should all run over and see it before you leave today."

"That sounds fine." replied Arnold.

Louise had now disentangled herself from Darren, and went over to Mary. "Who do we have here?" smiled Louise, as she lightly touched Mary's distended abdomen.

"That's going to be mine and Fred's son, Adam." smiled Mary. "He's due next month."

"I'm so glad to hear that." said Louise. "I'm only two months along with Arnold's child, so no one can even tell that I'm pregnant yet. We just found out about it this week."

"Well then, congratulations!" said Fred. "I'm glad you two are getting another chance."

"Me too, I just hope we can remember the lessons we've learned this time." replied Louise.

"I'm sure you both will." replied Fred.

Everyone sat down to get reacquainted with each other. Arnold and Louise were now married, which everyone knew about. Craig was still living with them, but would soon be going out on his own. Arnold was trying to correct the mistakes he had made with Craig, but progress there seemed slow at times. Arnold was still working at his old job, but because everyone there except him still seem to be their intolerant old selves, he wanted to find a new career somewhere. Louise was also working her job, and her boss seemed delighted to see a change in her lately. She planned to continue on there until it got close to time for her to deliver, then she would make a decision. Fred and Mary couldn't believe it, but their old mates almost seemed likable again. Arnold and Louise also seemed genuinely proud of their sons now, and Doug and Darren was becoming more accepting of them by the minute. Another thing that Craig seemed to dislike was the fact that Arnold had sought help with his drinking problem, and didn't want any alcohol in the house. This had led Arnold to believe that maybe Craig wasn't such a newcomer to drinking himself. Arnold had tried several times unsuccessfully to get Craig to come to one of his substance abuse sessions, so he could hear what his father had been like.

After going to a nice lunch at one of the best restaurants in town, the group decided to swing by the park. Arnold and Louise went in Doug and Darren's car with them, and the rest followed in Fred's car.

As Doug pulled up to the dome with Arnold next to him in the front seat, Arnold exclaimed, "My goodness son! You and your boyfriend Darren have outdone yourselves here! I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I am with you two boys."

"It's so cool to hear you finally accept me and Darren as a couple." smiled Doug, as he pulled up to the gate.

"Well son, the old me is hopefully gone for good, with the help of all of the good counselors I've had." replied Arnold. "I'm just sorry that I was so screwed up before that I missed seeing you two at your ceremony. I'll bet you both looked great."

When Doug pulled up to the offices, he asked, "Dad, would it be okay for your gay son to give you a kiss on the cheek?"

"I suppose that wouldn't make Louise too jealous." smiled Arnold. "I'd love that son, and it's probably long overdue."

Doug gave his dad a kiss on the cheek, and was surprised when Arnold returned the kiss to his cheek. That was enough for Darren to repeat the same scene with his mother.

"Son, I mean this when I say that I love you and your brother." said Arnold. "I also love it that both of you found good boyfriends, who will take good care of you. You and Donnie deserve that after the hell I put you through. I just wish there were some way to take it all back. I'm proud that you're a great football player, I'm proud that you and Darren are very successful, and I'm proud that you are gay."

"I never dreamed that I would hear you say that dad." smiled Doug. "Maybe we can think of a way for you to take back all that stuff from before."

When Doug and Darren got out of the car, they shared a warm hug and passionate but brief kiss in front of Arnold and Louise. "There is no way to deny that you two boys were meant to be together, and you should always be that way." said Arnold. "Now, who's responsible for those two huge coasters outside the dome? They have you two written all over them."

"Darren and I did the basic designs on a computer program we have." replied Doug. "Then we turned them over to the companies who built them to fine tune the designs."

"Yeah, when the company in California came to us with a proposal for a five hundred foot coaster with a three hundred and fifty foot loop, Doug and I couldn't wait to see what we could come up with." said Darren. "The big wood coaster was just as much fun too."

"Well, I hope you boys are proud of yourselves." said Louise. "I know that Arnold and I are proud of you."

"Thanks mom." smiled Darren.

By that time, Fred and Mary had joined them, along with the other boys. "Okay, what do you say that we start the tour outside, since it's such a nice day today?"

"That sounds fine, Fred." replied Arnold.

As the group walked toward the nearly completed public entrance complex, Fred had everyone put on a hard hat. Construction inside the dome was so nearly completed that the hats were only required in certain areas now, but there was still quite a bit of construction going on outside. The group went through a service door, and Fred started the tour.

"Back toward the freeway is the covered walkway that leads to our parking facility." said Fred. "The booths here in front of us are the entrance to both sections of the park." The group passed through the booths as Fred continued, "We're just about finished with the entrance plaza. All we need is to finish the electrical and phone wiring. If you keep going ahead through the covered section, it goes right into the dome. To the left is where the plaza exits to the outdoor section of the park. In the winter, we can shut that exit off, so the entrance plaza stays nice and warm. In the summer months though, it will be nice and open like this. The first thing we're going to come to is the major ride at our park, The Sky Diver. Across the midway from that is a collection of circular rides, in case people are afraid to tackle the big one right away, or if the lines are too long."

"I'll bet you can expect some long lines with that one." said Arnold.

"The queue for that has been designed to hold a four hour line." replied Fred. "We may even have to go longer than that at first, so we built holes in the midway to put up temporary queues that can extend the line for another two hours. We'll train our people to extend the queue out to the midway in a matter of a few minutes."

"Are you putting in an express queue system, like at other parks?" asked Louise.

"We're considering that, but our thinking right now is that if some people have to wait six hours to ride this ride, it wouldn't be fair for others to walk right on in a matter of minutes." replied Fred.

"Yeah, I'd be mad as hell if I waited for six hours to ride this, and saw others go right past me to get on in a few minutes!" said Doug. "I'm one of the ones who doesn't want the express queue system. Of course we will make arrangements for guests with special considerations. For our guests who are perfectly capable of waiting their turn though, that's exactly what they should do."

"Yes, if the line is too long for them, we have other rides they can enjoy while they wait for the line to go down." said Fred.

"I do have an alternative though, that I wanted to bring up." said Darren. "I want to set up a fingerprint scanner at the queue entrance. That way we can limit the ride to first time riders for the day until a fair time to give every one a chance to ride. Then we can open the queue up for re-rides. At that point, if you want to wait in the long line again, you're perfectly welcome to."

"Damn Dare, you're a genius!" exclaimed Doug. "That's about the greatest idea I've ever heard! Have you talked to anyone about putting in a system like that?"

"There is a company in California that says they can do it with no problem." replied Darren. "They'll also put in a back-up computer system, in case the primary system fails. Then if all else fails, we can resort to a hand stamp system, and stamp the date on their hand when they enter the queue. There is a non-toxic ink that the manufacturer guarantees will not come off for twenty four to forty eight hours."

"Wow son, you gave that a lot of thought!" said Fred. "I agree with Doug, it's the most ingenious idea I've ever heard. I want you to call the people you spoke with right away, so they can have the system ready by the time we open. Now, if we open at ten in the morning and close at ten night while the outdoor section is open, what would be a fair cut-off time?"

"That would really depend on your attendance, wouldn't it?" asked Arnold.

"I guess it would." replied Fred. "Thanks Arnold."

"I would say about fifty percent of the guests who come here will be able to ride." said Doug. "If we can get the capacity the manufacturer says we can, we should limit it to first time riders for one hour per five thousand guests in the park."

"If we have fifty thousand people in the park though, that would shut the ride off to re-rides for the first ten hours, and only allow two hours for second rides." said Fred. "I say we bump that number up to one hour per seventy five hundred guests. Then we can put a sign up at the queue entrance telling people that re-ride times will be announced throughout the park at noon."

"I say we go with dad's idea." said Darren. "We can always adjust the formula at any time we see that we need to. If we have a long line as we near re-ride time, we can lower the number the next day. If we're at a walk on by re-ride time, we can bump it up more by the next day. We should be able to fix the formula in place during our first few weeks."

"That sounds pretty fair." said Doug.

At that point, the ride crew foreman came up to the group and said, "Hey guys, I was hoping to see you today. I wanted to let you know that the lift system is in place now. All we have to do now is brakes, sensors, the ride control system, and the wiring. You guys should be ready to begin testing by March, as long as the trains are finished."

"That's great news." replied Fred. "We really need to make sure this one is ready by opening day."

"That shouldn't be any problem sir." said the foreman. "I'm going to get back to the crew now. I just wanted to let you know where we are."

"Thanks." replied Fred.

The group then continued on, while Darren made a few calls on his cell phone to get the fingerprint system at the ride entrance going. Fred continued pointing out things along the way, as they came up to the first turn on The Sky Diver.

"Across the midway from Sky Diver's first turn is the world's tallest stand-up gyro drop." said Fred. "Doug and Darren finally talked them into going a little deeper below ground with it, so the platform will be about ten feet below ground level. We're building a building around the base now, that will go twenty feet above ground level. That will give people a thirty foot enclosure to drop into, which should be quite a thrill. Across from this, adjoining Sky Diver, is our outdoor kiddy area. It's about the same size as our indoor kiddy area, and has completely different rides than the Enchanted Village, inside the dome. We're calling this area Kiddy Thrillville."

"Both of our kiddy areas should be very popular." said Doug. "The indoor area goes more for cute and absurd, although there are two indoor kiddy coasters. There are two more outdoor kiddy coasters though, which are a little more thrilling than the two indoor ones. The rest of the rides are more like thrill rides designed for small kids and their parents. They wouldn't be too thrilling for teens and adults, but the little kids should be thrilled out of their socks!"

"Is that a kiddy freefall ride?" laughed Arnold. "I've never seen anything like that."

"It's the first of it's kind." smiled Darren. "There are two towers that go up thirty feet. One shoots the kids up, and the other tower drops them. It's a lot more gentle than the adult versions we have inside, but it should be very thrilling for kids brave enough to tackle it. The only problem is that larger adults won't be able to go on with the kids. Smaller adults should be okay, but we had to have the restraints a certain way to ensure the safety of the kids it was meant for. This will be one of two of our kiddy rides that have a test seat for adults. The rest were designed so that most adults could accompany their kids on the ride."

"It's really great that you're doing so much for the kids who come here." said Louise.

"Well, we use to be kids ourselves!" laughed Doug. "Darren and I want to make them feel as special as we would have wanted to feel at their age."

The group continued on toward the big wood coaster and flume ride at the end of the outdoor section of the park. They passed by a ride that construction was just beginning on, and Fred said, "This is one that me and my assistant manager finally talked Doug and Darren into. It's a recreation of the infamous Crystal Beach Cyclone."

"You have to be kidding!" said Arnold. "You guys are really bringing that one back?! I remember my dad telling me stories about that ride. He always said that nothing ever was, or ever could be as terrifying as that one! I can't wait to see what you do with it."

"Well, it's suppose to be a nearly perfect recreation of the original ride." said Doug. "The guys who are doing that one said they couldn't wait to get it built, and see how close they can come."

"We may have to do quite a bit of tweaking on the trains, to make it comfortable enough to ride, but they're sticking to the articulated trains." said Fred. "That should make it very close to what the original felt like. It will be the first new ride that opens after our grand opening."

"They are going to try as hard as they can to have it ready by July Fourth, and we want that to be its grand opening." said Darren. "We want to plan our entire Fourth of July celebration around that."

"I can't wait to see that!" said Arnold.

Once the tour reached the back of the park, Fred said, "With all of our parking across the freeway now, we are still leaving ourselves quite a bit of room for expansion out here. The outdoor park is already pretty large, but we have room to add on quite a bit in the future. At some point, the dome and its facilities can be almost completely surrounded by the outdoor park."

"What about employee parking?" asked Arnold.

"We had a below ground parking structure put in between the service gate where we came in, and the men's housing facility." replied Fred. "All we have above ground is an employee loading zone for new arrivals, and a small area for service vehicles. Then we have a small drive around the back of the dome, leading to the same thing at the women's housing facility on the other side of the dome. All regular employees will park over here in the underground facility though, whether they're male or female, or whether they live on premises or drive to work every day. Then our executive parking is where we parked today."

"I know I've already said this, but I'm impressed!" laughed Arnold.

"Just wait until we get inside the dome then, dad." smiled Doug.

The group then headed indoors, and Arnold exclaimed, "Wow! I could have never imagined this place looking like this when we came here to watch football games!"

The only construction going on now was on the indoor raft ride, which was the last one left to be finished, and the concession and service areas. It was an incredible sight to see how many rides had been squeezed into the area inside the dome.

"All the rides except for the raft ride on the upper bowl have been finished, and only a few need to be tested and certified yet." said Fred. "This section of the park is pretty much set, and because of space limitations, it won't change much. We feel that what we have here will be more than enough to keep people visiting in the winter months for quite a while into the future though. We believe that winter tourism will continue to rise in this area, and our park should help with that."

"I can't begin to tell all of you how glad I am that Louise and I were put in our places." said Arnold. "What Doug and Darren has done with their money shows me that Louise and I could take quite a few lessons from our sons. I know that I'll never doubt either of my sons again."

"Darren and I can't tell you and his mom how happy we are that you two came here today." replied Doug. "It's too late to take the past year back now, but there's no reason we can't rebuild the relationship we should have had, and go on from this point. Darren and I have been talking about this for most of the afternoon while we've been on the tour, and we both want the same thing. Dad, will you and Darren's mom move out here from Lansing, and come to work in the park? You're both still a part of this family as far as we're concerned, and we want you here with us."

"Please mom, this is important to Doug and I both." added Darren.

Arnold and Louise gave their sons a hug, and Arnold said, "We still don't deserve the love you have for us, but we love you boys just as much. I know I would like to get away from Lansing, and make a new start, and I'm sure Louise feels the same way. We'll both do everything we can to show you two and Donnie the love we should have all along."

Doug could see that his father had changed, and now he was ready to prove that beyond any doubt. "Thanks dad, I love you so much!" said Doug.

Doug then returned his dad's hug, and pulled his dad into him. Everyone watched as Doug put his lips against Arnold's, and gave his father a very warm and love filled kiss. Doug thought he would faint when after a few seconds, he felt his father return the kiss. Doug finally broke the kiss with the biggest smile he'd had since the day on the island, when he realized how much he loved Darren.

"That's the first time I've ever kissed another guy on the lips like that son." smiled Arnold. "It did feel really special, but don't get use to it. I love Darren's mother very much, and I'd hate to make her jealous."

As Doug and Arnold laughed, Doug said, "Don't worry dad. I love Darren as much as you love his mom. I really had to do that one time though, to let you know how much I love you. I was glad to feel that you love me just as much."

"I'm glad you did it too son." said Arnold. "It was the best way I could have thought of to tell you how much I love and accept you. I just hope Darren has told you what a great kisser you are!"

"I must have got it from you then dad." laughed Doug. "When you kissed me back, I thought I was going to pass out! Thanks for sharing that kiss with me though."

"It was my pleasure son." smiled Arnold. "Now, I think I might owe your brother Donnie one of those too."

"Holy shit little bro, you better get ready for this!" exclaimed Doug as he laughed. "You ain't gonna believe how intense this will be!"

Donnie smiled nervously as Arnold walked over to him. Then Arnold leaned down, and wrapped his arms gently around his youngest son. Donnie immediately returned the hug, then gazed up into his dad's face.

"I love you so much Donnie." said Arnold. "I should have been shot for treating you and your brother the way I did last spring. I'm glad I've been given the chance to make it up instead though."

Then Arnold leaned down into Donnie's face, and placed his lips on Donnie's. When Donnie felt the amount of love behind his father's kiss, it almost took his breath away. Donnie recovered quickly though, and began kissing his father passionately. The two shared a very loving kiss, and finally broke it. It almost left Arnold out of breath.

"Damn son, you're a better kisser than me or your brother!" exclaimed Arnold, as he finally laughed softly. "You are one hell of a lucky boy Chris, to have a boyfriend like my youngest son!"

"You should see them when they get going!" laughed Doug. "It would make a straight man pop a boner!"

"I'll take your word for it Doug." laughed Arnold. Then he turned back to Donnie and asked, "Are we okay now son?"

"I love you so much dad, and I'm glad you're back!" smiled Donnie.

Arnold finally returned to Louise's side, and asked, "Are you okay with what happened dear?"

"Of course I am honey." smiled Louise. "You needed that moment with your sons. I'm sure your counselor will be thrilled to death when you tell him about this."

"Well, he said that I need to find ways to display unconditional love." laughed Arnold. "I guess this would definitely count!"

"Now, let's ride a few rides, then go home and discuss finding you and Darren's mom a house here." smiled Doug, as he wrapped his arm back around Darren. "Are you okay with me and my dad kissing like that babe?"

"Of course I am." smiled Darren. "It was a lot happier picture than some I've had of you two. Besides, it did look kinda hot. It's too bad your dad's not gay. He'd really knock some lucky guy off his feet!"

"I'm sorry son, that was one time only, and only for my sons!" laughed Arnold. "I'm very happy with the love your mom and I have for each other."

The boys went ahead and rode some rides before leaving, after Fred showed Arnold how to help him operate them. Arnold did catch Brett and Tyler kissing after one of the rides, and told Brett that since he had made the same mistakes with Doug and Donnie that his father was making with him, he would be happy to talk to his father for him. Brett smiled as he told Arnold that it might do his father some good, even if it was too late to get him back into the house.

By the time the tour was over, it was supper time. After a great dinner, the group headed home. Fred, Mary, Arnold, Louise, Doug, and Darren sat down together, and talked about finding a house nearby for Arnold and Louise. There was a house a few doors down that was smaller, and Fred thought it might be perfect for them. Arnold said he would come back out soon to check it out.

"Why come back?" asked Doug. "Just spend the night here, and look at it in the morning. It is getting kind of late anyway."

"Where would we sleep?" asked Arnold.

"Brett and Tyler can bunk with us tonight, and you can use Brett's room." replied Doug. "I'm sure it will be okay with Brett. He and Tyler like to make love in the same room with us anyway."

"That's great!" laughed Arnold. "Now I'm going to be stuck with that picture in my head while I make love to Louise tonight! The doctor wanted us to be gentle with our love-making now, but that certainly won't help!"

"I'm glad I could help then dad!" laughed Doug.

That night as Doug and Darren made love alongside Brett and Tyler, they heard Arnold and Louise in the next room. They knew it should have made them feel weird being able to hear their parents make love in the next room, but they couldn't help but to giggle. At least Darren could tell where Doug got his passion during love-making from, and it also helped explain Donnie's sexual appetite.

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