No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 4

From the last chapter:

By the time the tour was over, it was supper time. After a great dinner, the group headed home. Fred, Mary, Arnold, Louise, Doug, and Darren sat down together, and talked about finding a house nearby for Arnold and Louise. There was a house a few doors down that was smaller, and Fred thought it might be perfect for them. Arnold said he would come back out soon to check it out.

"Why come back?" asked Doug. "Just spend the night here, and look at it in the morning. It is getting kind of late anyway."

"Where would we sleep?" asked Arnold.

"Brett and Tyler can bunk with us tonight, and you can use Brett's room." replied Doug. "I'm sure it will be okay with Brett. He and Tyler like to make love in the same room with us anyway."

"That's great!" laughed Arnold. "Now I'm going to be stuck with that picture in my head while I make love to Louise tonight! The doctor wanted us to be gentle with our love-making now, but that certainly won't help!"

"I'm glad I could help then dad!" laughed Doug.

That night as Doug and Darren made love alongside Brett and Tyler, they heard Arnold and Louise in the next room. They knew it should have made them feel weird being able to hear their parents make love in the next room, but they couldn't help but to giggle. At least Darren could tell where Doug got his passion during love-making from, and it also helped explain Donnie's sexual appetite.

The next morning Fred, Arnold, and Louise went to look at the house Mary had told them about. While they were gone, Doug and Darren wanted to have a talk with Mary.

"Mom, I know that this will be your first baby with Darren's dad, and that's why you want to name him Adam." said Doug. "There is someone who is very important to us though, and we were wondering if it might be too late to name the baby after him."

"If it hadn't been for Chuck, none of this would be happening right now." said Darren.

"And both our families would be a real mess now, instead of as loving as they are." said Doug. "Is there any way we can consider naming the baby Charles?"

"I'll have to talk to Fred about this." replied Mary. "To be honest though, neither of us even thought about that. I know Chuck has done quite a bit for this family though, and apparently for Arnold and Louise too."

"And when he's young, we can call him either Charlie or Chuckie." smiled Darren.

"I think if we do this, you may want to stick with Charlie!" laughed Mary. "I promise that I'll talk with Fred about it tonight though."

When Fred, Arnold, and Louise returned, there was cause for celebration. Arnold and Louise had decided to put a deposit on the house they looked at, and make the move to Sterling Heights. After a celebration lunch, Arnold and Louise had to return to Lansing to make plans for the move. They didn't leave before getting a hug from Doug, Darren, and Donnie though.

Mary and Fred didn't have an answer for the boys by the next day, but they did tell them they were considering it. That day at school, Brett was given a message that his mother and brother wanted to see him after school. Doug and Darren of course went with him.

"Hi Doug and Darren." smiled Nick. "Have you been keeping my little brother happy?"

"We were leaving that to Tyler!" laughed Doug. "How are things going around here?"

"It's been very exciting." replied Nick. "I'm just glad that you guys had Brett with you."

"What's been happening mom?" asked Brett.

"Well, your father was served with a restraining order." said Nancy. "He didn't take it too awfully well. Then he sent Lenny over here, and he and Nick went at it."

"Lenny didn't like it much when I forced him to the ground and sat on him!" laughed Nick.

"Anyway, after Nick convinced Lenny to leave, I saw that I would have to include him in the restraining order for now." said Nancy. "I'm hoping he will come around later, but his father has really poisoned his mind. After Lenny was added to the restraining order, he and your father both came back. I had to have the police remove both of them from the house. It doesn't look like they will try to come back now. The social worker came by this morning, after speaking to your father at the jail. She said that if you're comfortable with returning, she would be okay with it. The only way she will do it though is if Nick agrees to stay home for a while."

"I've called my professors, and they understand." said Nick. "Nothing is more important to me than you and mom. I'm going to skip this semester, then go back in the fall. They'll let me keep all of my credits, and I can pick right up where I left off. I love you Brett, and I want you and mom to be safe."

"Nick, you are one hell of a great guy!" said Darren. "Brett is so lucky to have an older brother like you!"

"We'll miss having you and Tyler around though Brett." said Doug. "The only other gay guys in the house are Donnie and Chris."

"You forgot about Wakki and Benjamin!" laughed Darren.

"Okay, so we're the gay mecca of Sterling Heights." laughed Doug. "It was still fun having you around."

"What, can't I come visit now that I'm moving back home?" asked Brett as he smiled.

"You, your mom, and your brother are welcome over any time Brett." smiled Doug.

Doug, Darren, and Brett decided to stop by the park after they left Brett's house. Then they would go home, and help Brett pack to go back to his home. When they got to the park, Fred, Tim, and Simon were having a meeting.

"We're glad you lads are here." said Simon. "Even though it's still January, we need to have the first of our job fairs straight away. We have quite a few people to hire before mid April, and we want to make sure we have the best."

"We have Eileen and Sybil to help, and Mary in a very limited capacity, but a job fair will likely attract hundreds, if not thousands." said Fred. "We wanted to have the first one this weekend, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Are you and Darren free to help out Doug?"

"Well, it's our park so I guess we should." smiled Doug. "Besides, we need to get use to doing what it takes to get this place open. We need to be ready to go in three months."

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Darren. "It IS only three months, isn't it?!"

"A little less now actually." chuckled Tim. "It kind of sneaks right up on you, doesn't it?"

"I just hope we can be ready that soon!" said Darren.

"Don't worry babe, we'll be fine." smiled Doug.

Simon then called several papers in the state, and had them run the ads he prepared. Meanwhile, Doug and Darren caught up with Tim. "How is Sky doing?" asked Doug. "We don't seem to see him much anymore since Christmas vacation. You and him need to get out more often."

"Well, I only get to see him on the weekends." smiled Tim. "Then we don't have much time to make up for lost time. He's doing great though, and Cory has been a big help to us being a couple. I guess this weekend though, he'll be helping us at the job fair. He's in charge of our youth corps this weekend. The younger boys will be guiding people to where it's safe to park, and then to the park from there."

"I kinda thought that's what you, dad, and Simon might have had in mind for us." said Darren.

"You and Doug are much too valuable for that!" smiled Tim. "You'll be helping me, Fred, and Simon interview people. Mary, Eileen, and Sybil will be helping the people with applications. These are going to be your employees, so you might as well help hire them."

"Cool!" exclaimed Doug. "Do we have company policies and a handbook yet?"

"Yeah, Fred and I helped Simon with that all last week." replied Tim. "Do you want a copy to look over?"

"I guess we should before the weekend, huh?" replied Doug. "It would be nice for us to know what we offer and expect of employees."

"Well, our biggest push is going to be for a harassment free workplace." said Tim. "That was the major complaint at some of the parks we looked at around here, especially our major competitor. We won't allow harassment of any kind, and we'll be very strict on that. As for housing, Eileen has written some very good policies there. It takes people's differences into consideration, along with their right to privacy and peace. We also won't be placing more than two people into any room. Our benefits package is what I'm the happiest with though. We have a comparable package for same sex partners as we do for families, and that will help us attract the best workers in this industry, because some of them happen to be gay and lesbian. We'll have the best domestic partners benefits in this state."

"That sounds awesome!" replied Darren. "We're bound to have the happiest staff around!"

"We certainly hope so." smiled Tim. "If you boys see anything you'd like added though, just let one of us know before Friday."

"Do our housing policies take family housing into consideration?" asked Doug.

"Well, it would be very tough to do that." replied Tim. "We are going to contract the services of a housing locator though, and we've already begun arranging deals at several housing communities for our year round staff. We'll make that option as affordable as possible. As for seasonal employees, the only way they could house together is if it's a couple that both work here, and have no children. That shouldn't be a problem for your average seasonal employee though."

"What about year round employees who are single?" asked Darren.

"If we have room available in our housing units, they will be welcome to stay there if they want to." replied Tim. "We even have some units that will be strictly co-ed, in case a male female couple with no children wants to take advantage of our company housing. If the female were to become pregnant though, we would help them with housing at one of the communities that we have a deal with."

"Then I'm happy that we're doing everything we can as far as housing our employees." smiled Doug.

Doug and Darren were nervous Friday as they got ready to go to the park with everyone. Donnie, Chris, Wakki, Benjamin, Sky, Brett, and Tyler had all taken off school that day to help out, and Sky would be in charge of them. As everyone pulled up to the dome, Tim met them there with his arm around Sky. Sky looked happier than Doug and Darren had seen him in a long time, and they both went to give him a hug.

"Has Tim been treating you good?" asked Darren.

"He's the best lover I could have ever dreamt of having." smiled Sky. "He's so loving and gentle with me that I have to keep prodding him to be more aggressive."

"How's school back in Lansing going?" asked Doug.

"All the guys miss you two." replied Sky. "Rondell, Billy, Paul, and Darryl ask about you all the time."

"Geez, we just saw them over Christmas vacation!" laughed Darren. "If you want more people to be in charge of though, you can call them and ask them to come out tomorrow. We'll pay everyone who's helping us with this."

"You guys don't have to do that." replied Sky.

"Are you kidding!" laughed Doug. "Try telling that to Donnie and Chris! Anyway, we have six guys in the youth corps for you to be in charge of today. Did Tim explain what we need?"

"Very thoroughly." smiled Sky.

"Well then, I guess you should take everyone over to the garage and get them ready." said Doug. "The break area over there is finished and heated. Just call out for anything they need. Tim should have given you a list of stores and take-out places that will help with that, and put it on a bill for us. And don't let anyone be out in the cold for too long at a time. The fair starts at nine, so people could start arriving any time now."

"Okay guys, we'll have everything covered." replied Sky. "And I do have that list, although Tim said he had the break room set up with the basics for us."

Sky then led the other boys over to the parking garage, so he could show them where it was safe to have people park before they began arriving. Doug and Darren went with the adults, and helped get ready to start hiring the first of their full staff. Sky was surprised when he got to the garage with the other boys, because their were already quite a few cars lined up beside the road, ready to get into the garage. Hank and a few of his guards met the boys there to help. While Hank and one guard stayed at the garage, another guard went with Wakki and Benjamin to guide people to the fair once they got across the freeway.

The adults barely had the fair set up when the first people began to make their way over the freeway to the park. Wakki and Benjamin smiled when the people stopped to stare out the plaza, at the outdoor section of the park. Then nine o'clock came, and the boys showed everyone the way to the fair. Mary, Eileen, and Sybil had just gotten set up when the first people began coming in. Mary stayed at the desk and handed out applications, while Eileen and Sybil helped the applicants and began arranging interviews for those who passed the initial screening process.

Doug won the coin toss, and took the first of what would be many interviews that day. As Doug introduced himself, he looked at the young man, who seemed to be very nice. Then he scanned the application.

"Okay Damien, it says here that you have worked for one of our competitors for two seasons after you graduated high school." said Doug.

"Yeah, I like the work, and jobs are tough to come by." replied Damien. "I hope it isn't a problem that I worked for them."

"Not at all." smiled Doug. "Like you said, jobs are hard to come by. It must have been tough working at a seasonal park though."

"Well, I only worked enough that first season to draw partial unemployment benefits." replied Damien. "With that, my bonus, and the Christmas job I had that year, I managed to scrape by. Last season I went in as early as I could, and stayed as late as I could, so I'm still drawing unemployment benefits. The way they were treating people last season though, I don't want to return there if I can help it."

"Yeah, one of our people here was one of the ones that got fired last season." replied Doug.

"Then I'm sure he's told you how bad it was." said Damien. "I had a few friends who were treated the same way. They didn't care how badly they treated anyone, or what it did to their lives. The only thing they cared about was saving money by getting rid of the people they had to pay more. I've never seen more of my friends cry than I did last season."

"Yeah, that's what Tim said too." replied Doug. "Anyway, we don't plan on operating that way. We won't have any foreign workers if we can help it. There are plenty of people here who need good jobs."

"Good, then maybe your supervisors won't treat their people the way that place did last year." said Damien. "If that's the case, I'd really like to work here."

"Well, you have two seasons of experience, and your application says you were a team leader by the end of last season." said Doug. "That looks pretty good."

"Well, I only made team leader because they needed me." said Damien. "By the end of the season they had very few people who could speak English, and who didn't have a criminal record. They hated my opinion of the way they treated people, so I'll probably go back to being a host, unless no one will return this season."

"I'm hoping maybe you'll be one of those who don't return." said Doug. "We haven't hired any of our ride staff yet, and I want you to be our first ride employee. I can guarantee that you would at least be a year round team leader, if not our first supervisor. Before I decide though, I want you to look over our policies and benefits, and tell me what you think of them. Please give me your honest opinion too."

Damien looked over the book Doug gave him for several minutes, then said, "It looks as though you are trying to attract gay people to work here."

"We're not trying to attract them, but we want them treated the same as anyone else here." said Doug. "Their sexual orientation should never be a factor in how they're treated. How do you feel about that?"

"It certainly is different than the last park I worked for." replied Damien. "One of my best friends there was gay. They treated him so badly because of it that he needed to see a counselor after he left and got back to college. His grades this year were off at first, but he's started to bounce back now. I talk to him almost every day though, and I'd help him any way that I could. I don't care that he's gay, because the only thing that matters is that he's become a good friend."

"Congratulations Damien, you're our first ride supervisor." smiled Doug. "Your attitude is just the kind we want at our park! Now, since you're a supervisor, we will need you to begin much sooner than everyone else. Would two weeks be too soon?"

"Well, I'd have to move here and everything." replied Damien. "I drove fifty miles to get here today, and that's a little too much of a commute."

"Okay, but we can help you with that." said Doug. "You'll find the number of the housing locator service we are using in your employment package. If you call them, they can arrange something with an apartment community we have a deal with."

"Then I'll see you in two weeks!" smiled Damien. "Thanks a lot Doug. You're really helping restore my faith in the amusement park industry. By the way, how are you handling seasonal hiring?"

"Tell your friend to go to our web site and fill out the application for seasonal work there." smiled Doug. "Tell him to put you down as the person who referred him, so we know to hire him first, and we'll give him a call as soon as we start on seasonal employees."

"Thanks Doug, you're great!" smiled Damien. "I can't wait to start working for you!"

Doug shook hands with Damien, then put his application in the box to be processed as a new hire. That first day saw about twelve hundred people filling out applications. About half of those didn't pass the initial screening, and were told that interviews were only being done for certain positions today, and that they would be called back if the interviewers were interested. At about three o'clock, everyone had to be told that they would be called back to come in for an interview, or they would be interviewed by phone. Then Doug, Darren, Fred, Tim, and Simon began clearing the two hour backlog of interviews for that day. About four hundred applications were set aside for processing on the first day, one hundred were decided that no further action was necessary, and another hundred would have to be called back.

After the last of the applicants were gone, Doug said, "Man, I can't believe we only got four hundred good applications out of all those people!"

"Well lad, from what I've been able to gather from statistics here in America, you can expect a quarter of those to fail the background check." replied Simon. "That makes three hundred down from an expected permanent staff of two thousand."

"Maybe we'll do better tomorrow." said Darren. "We'll have to try to pick most of our supervisors out of this weekend's applications if we want to start them in two weeks."

"We may get a slight majority this weekend, but I expect that we'll do some quick promotions early on." said Simon. "At any rate, we should all get some rest tonight so we can start fresh tomorrow."

"That sounds like an excellent idea Simon!" chuckled Fred.

The next morning, four more boys from Lansing showed up bright and early. Then Doug had an idea, so he went to Billy and Rondell and asked, "Can you guys dress up a little for today? I know that Sky told you that you'd be helping him and the other boys, but Darren and I need you."

"You know you're my captain Doug." smiled Rondell. "Billy and I will do anything you want us to. What did you have in mind?"

"I need you two to dress nicely today, so you can help us interview people." replied Doug.

"Are you sure about that man?" asked Rondell. "Billy and I don't know that much about hiring people."

"All you really have to do is use your judgment of whether or not they're good people." said Doug. "I coached you guys to a state championship, and I'm sure you can do it. Please help us."

"Anything for you and Darren!" smiled Rondell, as he gave Doug a hug.

With Rondell and Billy's help, they managed to clear six hundred applications that day. That gave them a total of one thousand so far, and according to Simon's estimates, seven hundred and fifty would pass the background check. Even though Sunday promised to be slower, everyone was still hopeful that they could hire half of their year round staff that weekend.

There were a lot of sounds in the house that night. The most passionate came from Billy and Rondell, who slept with Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren could not believe how hot their friends were together.

On the way to the dome the next day, Doug said, "I can't believe how far you've come Rondell. Almost any gay man would love to have you make love to them."

"Well bro, there ain't any gay man I'm interested in except for Billy." smiled Rondell. "When I think back to the beginning of the football season, I wonder who that guy was. I couldn't imagine making love to anyone besides my Billy now."

"What about your image though?" asked Darren.

"The way I figure it, my sex life isn't anyone's business unless I tell them." replied Rondell. "Billy and I are going to try to handle it that way."

"I just hope Shanice doesn't blow things." said Billy. "She's been hanging around a bit more again. We may have to play things cool with her, without leading her on too much."

"Let the games begin!" laughed Doug. "Really though Rondell, if you need any help at all, just let us know."

"Thanks Doug." said Rondell. "You and Darren are the greatest!"

When the day started, it was apparent that they would indeed reach one thousand employees. About halfway through the day though, the boys had a visitor.

"Hello boys, I'm sure you know that I'm the new CEO of the best park around here." said the man. "I thought it was time I had a talk with the owners of this place."

"I wasn't aware that we hired a CEO, were you Darren?" replied Doug with a straight face.

"I'm sure I would have remembered that!" said Darren, playing along.

"Okay, you boys got me!" laughed the man. "I'm sure you know what park I'm talking about though. When I heard you were ready for your first job fair, I wanted to stop by to see how things were going."

"Everything is great, so far." said Doug. "We should have the best staff we can find all set by the time we start preparing to open."

"How many foreign workers are you bringing over?" asked the man.

"I don't see why that concerns you, but we're not bringing in any foreign workers." replied Doug.

"I'm afraid that won't do." said the man. "We have agreements with all the major parks to hire a certain number of foreign workers."

"You don't have that deal with the park in Pittsburgh." replied Doug.

"I did say MAJOR parks, which doesn't include them." said the man.

"I don't know." said Darren. "I've been to that park and yours, and I have to say that I like that park much better. We'd rather do things the way they do, if it's all the same to you."

"Listen kids, you have no idea what you're doing!" said the man. "If you want to buck the system, I can assure you that the system bucks back! You two are just a couple of little boys who have no idea what you're getting yourselves into."

"We know exactly what we're doing, and we have the best people we could find helping us!" said Doug. "You're just afraid we will hire away all your best workers, which are the only ones we would be interested in! You can relax though, because that also means we won't be hiring any of your managers or supervisors away from you. I also know one more thing. I know that I have a security chief who would take great pleasure in throwing your ass off our property if I asked him to! Do you get my meaning?"

"Okay boys, but if you want a fight this season, that's exactly what you'll get!" said the man.

"Good luck fighting us without your biggest ride!" said Darren. "How many people lost their heads in that deal again?"

"That was totally uncalled for." said the man. "I'll take great pleasure in putting you boys under this season!"

As soon as the man stormed out, Doug and Darren went to talk to Tim, Fred, and Simon. Tim assured the boys that the man was in no position to hurt them, and that they would have a great first season. When Rondell heard what had happened, he got a little mad.

"I know the class we're in this year always takes their class trip at that park, but I'll organize a boycott if they try it." said Rondell. "I'll suggest that we come here instead. You did say something about an early opening, right?"

"Yeah, we're going to have a soft opening starting the first weekend of May for our annual passholders." said Doug. "We'd be happy to have our old class here too though, and we won't charge you guys any admission."

"I think that might seal the deal." smiled Rondell. "Besides, I think our class would love the opportunity to be the first ever class trip here!"

By the end of the job fair, there were enough applications approved that they would be sure to have half their staff after the applicants who would fail the background check were weeded out. Tim celebrated by taking Sky back to his place before taking him home, so the two could make love. Doug and Darren's celebration would wait until they went to bed together that night. Doug and Darren kissed so passionately that night, that they barely needed any sexual contact to cum for each other.

The next day, after Fred had already left for the park, Doug and Darren were getting ready for school when Mary came into the kitchen.

"I don't want to alarm you boys, but I think it's time!" said Mary, as she held her abdomen.

"It can't be time!" replied Darren. "You're not due for another month!"

"Um babe, my mom has a history of delivering early." said Doug. "I was three weeks early, and Donnie was a full month early."

"Can you boys discuss this on the way to the hospital?" asked Mary. "I really think my water is about to break!"

"Oh shit mom, I'm sorry!" replied Doug. "Let's get mom to the hospital Darren!"

As Doug drove as quickly and carefully as he could, Darren called his dad and said, "Dad, Doug and I are on the way to the hospital with mom. She started having contractions right after you left."

"Are you sure?!" asked Fred. "It's a month early!"

"Apparently she's delivered early before, and it's normal for her." said Darren. "Get Tim to bring you to the hospital dad. I don't want you to try to drive it yourself under the circumstances."

"Okay boys, Tim and I will be there as soon as we can!" replied Fred. "Just get Mary there in time!"

"Okay dad." replied Darren.

As Doug pulled into the emergency room, Mary said, "I'm so sorry son! I tried to hold it as long as I could, but my water just broke."

"It's okay mom, it'll clean up!" said Doug, as he hopped out of the car and grabbed the closest wheelchair.

Doug and Darren rushed Mary into the hospital, and her obstetrician was called. He immediately had Mary taken to the delivery room, even though Mary was obviously trying to hold it back. Five minutes after Fred arrived in the delivery room, he witnessed the birth of Charles Douglas Chambers.

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