No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 5

From the last chapter:

As Doug drove as quickly and carefully as he could, Darren called his dad and said, "Dad, Doug and I are on the way to the hospital with mom. She started having contractions right after you left."

"Are you sure?!" asked Fred. "It's a month early!"

"Apparently she's delivered early before, and it's normal for her." said Darren. "Get Tim to bring you to the hospital dad. I don't want you to try to drive it yourself under the circumstances."

"Okay boys, Tim and I will be there as soon as we can!" replied Fred. "Just get Mary there in time!"

"Okay dad." replied Darren.

As Doug pulled into the emergency room, Mary said, "I'm so sorry son! I tried to hold it as long as I could, but my water just broke."

"It's okay mom, it'll clean up!" said Doug, as he hopped out of the car and grabbed the closest wheelchair.

Doug and Darren rushed Mary into the hospital, and her obstetrician was called. He immediately had Mary taken to the delivery room, even though Mary was obviously trying to hold it back. Five minutes after Fred arrived in the delivery room, he witnessed the birth of Charles Douglas Chambers.

"I can't believe we have a new baby brother babe!" said Doug, as he held Darren in his arms that night.

"Yeah, Charles Douglas Chambers!" smiled Darren. "I especially liked that middle name. I was surprised when I heard dad say that. Did you know about that Doug?"

"He surprised me too!" replied Doug. "I do know one thing though. Our little baby brother is going to have anything he wants!"

"It'll be fun spoiling him." said Darren. "It's too bad we can't have kids though."

"I'm never going to give up on that babe!" replied Doug. "I know that you and I would make great parents someday!"

The next week saw Simon continuing to hire employees for the park. Fred joined him later that week, and the boys were back for a second job fair on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was a really interesting weekend when Doug and Darren figured out that someone was trying to infiltrate the park. They knew exactly who might be behind it though, so they called Damien, and took him a stack of suspicious applications.

"Well guys, there are a few here that I don't recognize." said Damien. "Most of them are people who would never leave the park I worked at last year though. They must be trying to sneak into your training to find out everything they can, then leave you short staffed."

"I kinda thought so." said Doug. "After their CEO visited last weekend, I thought they would try something. I have some very bad news for them though. Thanks Damien, you are going to be the best person we've hired when the season starts."

"By the way Damien, is your friend going to leave an application on our web site?" asked Darren.

"Yeah, his name is Alex Winters." replied Damien.

"Okay then, we'll look for him, and give him a call to congratulate him as soon as we see his application." said Darren.

"Aren't you going to wait to look at it first?" asked Damien.

"Our best supervisor has already recommended him, so we don't need to." replied Doug. "Had Alex ever made team leader there?"

"No." replied Damien. "They have an unofficial policy against promoting gay people to team leader positions. The only way it ever happens there is if they don't know about it."

"Would he make a good one?" asked Darren.

"Alex would make a great team leader." replied Damien. "He has a passion for working in places like this. If he found a place like this he could call home, he might be tempted to drop out of college."

"Do you think he might enjoy being the team leader of the world's tallest coaster?" asked Doug.

"He'd kill for that opportunity, and he's not even a violent person!" laughed Damien.

"Of course if he wanted to move into a more permanent position, we'd find something for him after the outdoor season ends." said Darren. "If he can make it here for training after next weekend, could you possibly put him up at your place?"

"If you let him move in with me, he may not move out!" laughed Damien.

"If you guys don't have a problem with it, neither do we." said Doug. "The only thing we're concerned about is that you're both able to make it to work on time every day."

When Damien suddenly looked as though he was about to panic, Darren said, "It's okay Damien, we aren't like those last assholes you worked for. Doug and I are very happy together, and we love seeing other people just as happy. Does he know?"

"I knew that if I'd told him, we wouldn't have been ale to hide it." said Damien. "I wanted so bad to be a team leader, that I just couldn't take that chance."

"Now you can though." said Doug. "I hope you take that chance the second you see him too. From the way you've talked about him, I know it will make him happy. Now, do you need help moving next weekend?"

"That would be great!" smiled Damien. "I'm so glad I found you guys!"

"We are too Damien." smiled Doug.

Doug and Darren wanted to send a message to the other park, so the next day they began calling back people who had filled out suspicious applications. Once again on Sunday, they were paid a visit by the CEO of the other park.

"I think we got off on the wrong foot boys." said the CEO. "I was really just thinking of your financial future. You have a large seasonal operation, and our methods save us millions of dollars."

"Well, I'm sorry if we lost our heads." replied Darren with a straight face.

"Come on Dare, he's trying to make up and be friends." smiled Doug, while trying to keep from snickering. "Let's give him a chance at least."

"Thanks son." said the CEO.

"We do appreciate you trying to help us sir, but we think there are things that are more important than a mere few million dollars." said Doug. "If you have any ideas that wouldn't include screwing the crap out of American workers, we'll be more than happy to listen though."

"Yeah, well just to show you boys there are no hard feelings, I'd like to sell you a ride for half of what it cost us." said the CEO.

"Um, this ride wouldn't happen to be really big, and have two completely demolished trains, would it?" asked Darren.

"Boy, you have a mouth that just won't quit!" snarled the CEO. "That accident was the fault of previous management! It never would have happened if the park had been under my control. Now the park IS under my control, the trains have been replaced, and the maintenance people responsible for it have been fired."

"Then why would you want to sell the ride?" asked Doug.

"The state is giving us problems over reopening it." replied the CEO. "They are convinced that the ride is unsafe, when we all know it was human error."

"Well, we're going to have to think about it sir." said Doug. "Human error or not, when a ride is going over a hundred miles an hour, there should be so many safety features built into it that something like that could never happen. That obviously isn't the case though."

"How can you even say that, with that big monster sitting out there beside the dome?" asked the CEO.

"Because, that ride has so many safety features built into it, that an accident like yours will never happen to it." said Darren. "And while we're on the subject of what's wrong with you, why did you have your people trying to sabotage our job fair? You may want to talk to them, because they were caught, and their applications were dismissed!"

"Boy, I've had it with you!" said the CEO in a menacing tone. "Who the fuck do you think you are, accusing me of doing something like that?!"

"I'm the one who's had it with you sir!" said Doug, as he picked up the phone and held it to his face. "Louise, could you send Hank on in here for us?"

As soon as Hank came in, Doug said, "Hank, show this gentleman off our property! Make sure he knows that he's never welcome back here too!"

"You boys haven't heard the last of this!" said the CEO loudly, as Hank led him away. "You haven't heard the last of this by a long shot!"

Once the man was gone, Doug said, "Now I'm really pissed at that asshole! I think I have the perfect job for my dad too!"

"What are you going to do babe?" asked Darren.

"I'm going to have dad get a job there, then talk their entire American staff into coming here instead!" said Doug.

"Okay babe, just calm down first." said Darren. "Any of their staff that's any good already seems to be coming here. We don't want to take the worst of what they have to offer, do we? I really think we should stick to the severed head jokes for now, until he blows his top good."

"You're right babe, we'll make him lose his head." smiled Doug. "That one today was a good one too!"

After Doug and Darren laughed so hard they couldn't stand up straight, they got back to the job fair. Between applicants, Darren checked his computer. Sure enough, the name Alex Winters was now showing under seasonal applicants. Darren called Doug over, then opened the file as he picked up the phone.

"Hi, may I help you?" asked a female voice.

"May I talk to Alex Winters?" asked Darren. "This is Darren Chambers, from Thunderdome Amusement Park calling."

"Alex honey, that new park that Damien told you about is calling!" Darren heard the woman yell away from the phone. "Alex will be right here. I'm his mother, and I'm glad you called. After what happened last year, Alex has seemed a little out of it. His friend Damien assured him that your park is nothing like the one he worked at last summer."

"That's a pretty safe bet ma'am!" laughed Darren.

"Okay mom, I got it." said Alex into the phone.

As soon as Alex's mother hung up, Darren said, "This is Darren Chambers at Thunderdome Amusement Park. I just wanted to call to congratulate you Alex. Your application looks great, and our best supervisor recommends you very highly. Would you have any interest in a team leader position at the tallest coaster in the world?"

"Only a lot!" replied Alex. "It would be an honor for me!"

"Okay then Alex, would you be available to come here a week from tomorrow for training?" asked Darren. "That particular ride is seasonal, but we want to train as many of our team leaders as we can."

"I can take the time off from college for that." replied Alex. "Are you providing housing yet?"

"Our housing isn't finished yet, but we found a young man named Damien who works for us, who would love for you to stay with him for that week." replied Darren. "Do you have any other questions?"

"Just one." replied Alex. "How is your park going to treat me, knowing right now that I'm gay?"

"Although my boyfriend and I would like to, we can't show you any preferential treatment just because you're gay." said Darren. "You will be treated according to the job you do here, in order to be fair to straight people who can't help being that way. If that's all, we'll see you one week from tomorrow. I'm sure Damien will be calling you soon to tell you all about us."

"Thank you so much Darren!" said Alex, trying to hide his joy.

"And thank you for coming to work for us." replied Darren. "We hope you love it here with us."

The following week saw Mary coming home from the hospital, with the newest member of the family. Baby Charlie was immediately flooded with attention from the entire family. Everyone thought he was the cutest baby boy they had ever seen. Darren spotted a toy at the mall that week, that he had to get for his baby brother. Charlie was a bit young for a toy robot, but Darren and Doug decided to save it for him for a few years. It did give Darren a great idea though.

"Doug, I was thinking about the robot we got for Charlie." said Darren.

"It is a really cute robot, isn't it?" replied Doug with a smile.

"Yeah, it's adorable, just like our baby brother." smiled Darren. "I think little kids will really like it, which makes me think about something for our park. We're going to run across lost kids quite a bit, but kids are always told not to go with strangers."

"Yeah, there are times when they have to make exceptions for that, but parents can't teach them that." said Doug.

"Right, but parents don't teach them not to go with toy robots." said Darren. "We need to find a company who can make a remote control robot similar to the toy we bought Charlie. Who knows, maybe the company that made that one can make some that are a little more sophisticated for our park. The we could have people controlling the robots, staying just out of sight, and helping lost kids."

"Damn babe, I've got me a genius for a lover!" laughed Doug. "That sounds like a great idea! We need to call them, and see what they say."

Doug and Darren immediately called the company that made the robot, and ended up talking to their chief designer. He didn't have the knowledge to make such a sophisticated robot, but he thought he knew someone who could help him with it. That got Doug and Darren very excited, and they unveiled their newest plan to Fred and Tim. Fred and Tim both thought it was an excellent idea, and told the boys to get things going as quickly as they could.

When that weekend came, Doug and Darren made the trip to Ann Arbor Michigan, to help Damien move. The locator service had found Damien a very nice apartment, only five minutes from the park. Then on the last trip back to Ann Arbor for Damien's things, they picked up Alex and his week's worth of luggage.

Once they got back to Damien's new apartment, Doug said, "Okay guys, as soon as you have everything stowed away, Darren and I want to take you out for dinner."

"That sounds great guys." replied Damien. "I hope we become great friends. Before we go though, I have something I wanted to say to Alex, and I want someone here for this, so I'll have the nerve to go through with it."

"We're here for whatever either of you guys need." replied Darren. "Go right ahead Damien."

Damien then turned to face Alex, and said, "I want you to hear me out before you say anything Alex. We've been good friends for a few seasons at that other park now. Now we're together at this park, and we'll be rooming together for the first time. I know that you're gay, and I don't have any problem with that. There's a very good reason for that though. Even though I went out with a few girls when we worked at the other park, I always enjoyed hanging out with you more. I never thought about anything like this before I met you, but I think I fell in love with you that first season. I couldn't do anything about it though, because I knew how that other park treated people like that. Now I regret putting my job above my feelings. The past few seasons would have been great, even if we had both ended up getting fired, but I was too much of a coward to take that chance. I hope you forgive me for that Alex."

"Are you trying to say that you love me Damien?" asked Alex.

"I'm more sure of that than anything I've ever felt Alex." replied Damien.

"Of course I forgive you then!" said Alex emotionally, as he took Damien into his arms.

Then Damien looked into his friend's eyes, and their faces drew closer. Damien then kissed another guy for the first time in his life. The feelings were so powerful that Alex and Damien held the kiss for almost ten minutes, before finally realizing that Doug and Darren were still watching them. Damien and Alex both looked a little embarrassed.

"The feelings were incredible, weren't they Damien?" asked Doug. "It's been a year and a half since I kissed a guy for the first time, and I still remember it like it happened yesterday."

"I can't even describe how great that felt!" replied Damien.

"I think we can figure it out!" giggled Darren, as he pointed to the bulges in Alex's and Damien's pants. "Now we have a great reason to make dinner tonight a celebration. Two great people have just discovered their love for each other!"

"We hope you two have a great time tonight, when you make love to each other for the first time." smiled Doug. "I can guarantee you will love it Damien. You won't have to worry about anything other than making each other feel as incredible as possible. Now, let's go to dinner!"

The four friends had a great dinner together, filled with laughter and talk. Alex already knew that he had found his home, and they talked about Alex becoming a permanent employee after the first summer was over. Then Damien and Alex returned to Damien's apartment.

That night, Damien's heart raced as he removed all of his clothes in front of Alex, while Alex did the same. Then the two young men laid down in Damien's bed together. Alex pulled Damien to him, so their chests were pressed together. Alex smiled as he felt Damien's heart beat hard, and watched Damien's breathing become very deep.

"How does my bare chest feel against yours?" asked Alex.

"It feels more wonderful than anything I've ever felt before!" replied Damien softly but deeply.

"Then how does this feel?" asked Alex.

Damien gasped when Alex reached down, and wrapped his hand around his cock. Then Damien put one arm around Alex's neck, and reached down with his other hand to wrap it around Alex's cock.

"I've never felt love this strong before!" moaned Damien, just before pressing his lips to Alex's.

After a few minutes, Alex rolled on top of Damien and broke the kiss. "I want to make you feel things you've never dreamt of Damien!" moaned Alex softly. "Just lay there, and left me make you feel my love for you!"

Alex began covering Damien's body with kisses. After kissing each of Damien's nipples, Alex licked at both of them softly. Then Alex kissed the area of Damien's chest were he could feel his friend's heart beating the strongest.

"You have a very strong heart." moaned Alex. "It must be so filled with love, and I can't wait to be the one to feel that love."

Then Alex continued kissing Damien's abdomen, legs, balls, and finally the head of Damien's rock hard cock. Damien gasped loudly as he felt Alex's lips slide over the head of his cock. Then Alex slid his lips down the shaft of Damien's now throbbing cock. Alex could not believe how perfectly Damien's cock filled his mouth, Also, Alex could tell that Damien would not last long like this, so he grabbed around the base of Damien's scrotum, then squeezed it together gently but firmly. Once Alex had enough pressure to control Damien's orgasm, he began making love to Damien's cock hungrily. Damien moaned louder and louder, as he felt his cock being made love to by a man for the first time. Damien knew that he wanted to cum badly now, but for some reason he couldn't.

After a few minutes, Damien was shouting in pleasure. "Oh God Alex! I love you so much! Your love is driving me so crazy with pleasure! I have to cum now!"

When Damien shouted that, Alex released his scrotum. Damien's cock exploded into Alex's mouth with a force that even surprised Alex. Alex swallowed as fast as he could though, not wanting to miss one drop of Damien's precious cum. Damien's chest heaved as he moaned loudly, and Alex sucked hard on his cock. Then Damien's orgasm finally trailed off.

After taking a few minutes to recover, Damien began kissing Alex's body. Damien was now very eager to make love to another guy for the first time, because it was Alex that he would be making love to. Damien tried to copy all of the things that Alex had done, then looked at Alex's cock longingly. As Damien's lips slid over Alex's cock, he couldn't believe how great it felt. As Damien made love to Alex for the first time, Alex moaned his approval. By the time it was over, and Damien had tasted his first load of cum from Alex, the two young men knew that they would always be together from now on.

The next morning when Alex got up, he put on his shorts and went to the bedroom door. When he saw Damien standing naked at the kitchen counter, making a small pot of coffee for them, Alex stripped his shorts back off and went up behind Damien. Alex wrapped his arms around Damien from behind, resting his hands on Damien's chest.

"I love you so much Damien." said Alex softly, as he nuzzled the side of his face into Alex's back. "I hope you understand that I have to go home after this week, and leave college so I can come back here to be with you forever."

"I would be concerned about you leaving college, but that being together forever part sounds so good." snickered Damien. "I know we have a home here at Doug and Darren's park for as long as we want it though, and I'm already a supervisor there. I have a feeling that it might not be long before you are too."

"Then I'm definitely leaving college to move in with you!" smiled Alex.

The next day was the beginning of training for supervisors and team leaders at Thunderdome. Doug and Darren was happy to see the smiles on Damien's and Alex's faces, and knew what it meant.

Doug went to the front of the room, and said, "Good morning everyone. Welcome to the first day of formal training for the employees of Thunderdome Amusement Park. All of you here are either supervisors or team leaders, so you will need more training than the rest of our staff. The things we want to cover this week are our rules of conduct, employee benefits, safety, and what we will expect of all of our employees. We will be much more in depth with this group than any other group, because you are the people who will be helping to train thousands of new employees in April. It may seem like April is a long way off, but it'll be here quicker than any of us realize. By then you will know everything about the areas you are assigned to, and about how we want the park run. After this week, some of you will be going back home until April, while others will be staying on with us. Those who are staying on will be given in depth training about the operation of their work locations. Most of our rides have been certified, and are ready to cycle. We will need them cycled on a regular basis now, and operations manuals will need to be written. Like I said before, we have a lot of work to do in a very short time. Food service locations need to be set up and readied for operation. Merchandise locations need the same. Guest service policies need to be gone over and over, and refined until they are perfect. There are times where this period will be harder work than after we open for business. There is one other thing too. Our competition is scared to death of us. They hate us, and may try to do anything to interfere with us. All of you here today are people we feel we can trust absolutely. You'll need to be on the lookout for anything that appears out of place. They may not do anything blatantly illegal, but I wouldn't put anything else past them. We'll go into that in detail this week too though. Now, I want to introduce everyone who will be a part of your experience here this week. My name is Doug Atherton, and beside me is my partner, Darren Chambers. We are the owners of Thunderdome Amusement Park. Next to Darren on our left is Darren's father, Fred. He's the manager of the park. Next to Fred is Tim, who is Fred's assistant manager. Then we have Simon, and his wife Sybil. Simon is our personnel manager, and Sybil is the employee housing manager. I'm going to let Darren finish the introductions."

Then Darren said, "On our other side, holding the baby is Doug's mother, Mary. Mary is the food services manager. Before any of this gets too confusing, mine and Doug's parents got divorced, then my dad remarried Doug's mother, and Doug's dad remarried my mother. We talked to them about telling all of you this, and they agreed that it would help you from getting too confused. Anyway, next to Mary is Doug's father Arnold. Right now, Arnold is our special projects manager. Then there is my mom, Louise. Louise is the main company receptionist, and public relations manager. Next to Louise is Eileen, who is our guest services manager. Then finally we have Chuck and Hank. Chuck is the company attorney, and Hank is our security chief. We do have one more person to introduce, sitting in the front row. His name is Robert, and he is our merchandise manager. Robert use to work for a very large park chain, back during a time when they were pretty successful at merchandising themselves almost everywhere on the face of the Earth. We hope he does the same for us. The main company executives will be talking to everyone as a group for the first part of the week, then you will be turned over to the different department managers. Until we hire someone for the job, Tim will be acting as the ride operations manager. He has learned everything there is to know about every ride here. Our first speaker today will be Fred, who will go over our park's code of conduct, and company objectives and mission. One thing that I want everyone to remember is that we want this to be the most fun and rewarding job experience that any of you has ever had."

Fred then took over, and covered rules of conduct as thoroughly as he could. It wasn't that they were going to be strict, except about safety, but they wanted to ensure that every employee's rights were respected and protected. It took the next few hours to get through that to Fred's satisfaction. Then Fred announced that they would take a thirty minute break, before covering employee compensation and benefits. Then it would be time for lunch. During the break, Doug and Darren caught up to Damien and Alex.

"So, I take it the last two nights went well?" asked Doug.

"It's gone so well that I've decided to leave college, and come live with Damien." replied Alex. "I'm going to go home next week, and pack everything to move here as quickly as possible."

"In that case, we need to change your status from seasonal to permanent as soon as possible." said Darren. "We hate to see you leave college, but we're glad you two are happy. Will you be available to begin the following week? Sky Diver is very close to being completed, and we need that one run as much as possible."

"I'll look forward to it!" smiled Alex. "Damien and I want to thank you guys for everything. There's no way that either of us could be happier than we are right now."

"Yeah, love is the greatest thing in the world, and I have the greatest guy to share it with!" smiled Damien.

"We couldn't be happier for you two then." said Doug. "I hope you two are as happy together as Darren and I are."

After the break, Simon came in to talk about compensation and benefits. He called on Sybil to help him when he got to housing benefits, even though most of the people there today would be placed in area apartments. Once the talk about compensation and benefits was over, it was time for lunch. Alex and Damien joined Doug and Darren in their office for lunch, while the noon news played on the TV in the background. As they talked about supervisor's offices, Darren noticed their friend the CEO on the TV screen.

"Let's turn this up, and see what he's saying." said Darren.

Doug turned up the TV, and the guys heard the CEO say, "I'm sure we'll have a great season, now that our park will be under better management this summer. As for our new competition, I'm not too worried about them. I know they've been getting most of the press in the off season, but they are a very new and inexperienced operation. They may have a few impressive rides, but they also have little knowledge how to run them safely."

"That bastard!" yelled Darren at the TV. "Come on reporter, ask him about his experience in killing people on a ride! That asshole has no idea what he's talking about!"

"Calm down babe, I don't want you to have a stroke on me." said Doug.

"He is right though Doug." said Damien. "That is the worst crock of shit that I've ever seen passed off as a news report. I was working that ride when the accident happened. We all knew what was going on, and everyone there had complained about it. The maintenance crew modified the programming of the ride in order to save money on operating costs. It was a big risk, and it had disastrous results. I'm just glad that I was off the day it happened, or I never would have been able to work in a park again."

"In that case Damien, I'd like you to talk to my dad." said Doug. "I'm going to get him to press that station for equal time, then shut that CEO up once and for all. I know the reports the park filed publicly aren't the official ones, but our lawyer could probably get his hands on those by the end of the day. We'll teach him not to mess with us. I know the people we've hired probably have hundreds of years of park experience, when you combine them all together. Will that be okay Dare?"

"I guess so." replied Darren. "Most of the ideas I have all involve someone ending up in jail for what we have someone do to him."

"Then we'll stick with my plan." laughed Doug. "Let's go see dad and Chuck."

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