No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 6

From the last chapter:

"That bastard!" yelled Darren at the TV. "Come on reporter, ask him about his experience in killing people on a ride! That asshole has no idea what he's talking about!"

"Calm down babe, I don't want you to have a stroke on me." said Doug.

"He is right though Doug." said Damien. "That is the worst crock of shit that I've ever seen passed off as a news report. I was working that ride when the accident happened. We all knew what was going on, and everyone there had complained about it. The maintenance crew modified the programming of the ride in order to save money on operating costs. It was a big risk, and it had disastrous results. I'm just glad that I was off the day it happened, or I never would have been able to work in a park again."

"In that case Damien, I'd like you to talk to my dad." said Doug. "I'm going to get him to press that station for equal time, then shut that CEO up once and for all. I know the reports the park filed publicly aren't the official ones, but our lawyer could probably get his hands on those by the end of the day. We'll teach him not to mess with us. I know the people we've hired probably have hundreds of years of park experience, when you combine them all together. Will that be okay Dare?"

"I guess so." replied Darren. "Most of the ideas I have all involve someone ending up in jail for what we have someone do to him."

"Then we'll stick with my plan." laughed Doug. "Let's go see dad and Chuck."

Fred wasn't happy at all with the interview that Doug and Darren told him about. It had been a while since Doug and Darren had heard him curse. After Fred talked to Damien, he sat down with Chuck to come up with their response. Once they had a plan, Fred was very persuasive with the TV station, to grant them equal time. While Fred and Chuck was busy with that, Tim, Doug, Darren, and Simon finished up the day's orientation schedule. At dinner that night, Fred told Doug and Darren to be sure to watch the noon news the next day.

That night, as Doug and Darren were preparing to make love, a naked Donnie and Chris came into their room. "Should two guys our age be getting into kinky stuff Doug?" asked Donnie.

After Doug finished snickering, he said, "Come over here and sit with me and Darren, you two." Once everyone was sitting naked on the bed, Doug asked, "Okay, exactly what do you mean when you say kinky?"

"Well, if you look at my nipples, you can still see Chris's bite marks around them from the other night." replied Donnie. "We don't draw blood or anything, but we do like biting hard enough to leave marks. We've also played around with tying each other up. That can be a real turn-on sometimes."

"I guess we might have to help you two do some shopping for toys online sometime." smiled Doug. "Do you guys feel like you have to do those things?"

"Well, our cocks aren't as big as yours is." replied Donnie, as he reached over and stroked Doug's cock once.

Chris did the same with Darren, then said, "If they were, we'd be happy with any kind of sex at all."

"You guys seem to be getting bigger since the last time we talked about this though." said Darren.

"Do you really think so?" asked Donnie, as he and Chris knelt on the bed, and held their dicks out to be inspected.

Doug reached out and playfully petted his brother's dick a few times as he said, "These things are getting a lot bigger. Soon you guys will have to stop calling them dicks, and call them cocks instead."

"Are you just saying that because I'm your brother?" asked Chris as he smiled.

"No, I'm saying it because it's the truth, and I care about you two very much." replied Doug. "Darren does too. Does this show how much we care?"

Doug pulled Donnie to him, and gave his brother a very loving kiss on the lips. At the same time, Darren did the same thing with Chris. Doug was a little surprised to feel Donnie's tongue against his lips, but he recovered quickly and sucked the tip of Donnie's tongue gently for a few seconds. Meanwhile Darren had his hands full. Apparently Chris wasn't satisfied with just the tip of his tongue, so he drove his entire tongue into Darren's mouth. Then Darren's tongue massaged Chris's, as Chris's tongue massaged the inside of Darren's mouth.

Doug and Darren finally pulled away from the two boys, and Doug said, "It's been a long time since I've held you on my lap as my baby brother Donnie. Do you mind if Darren and I do that for a while?"

"That would be so cool!" replied Donnie.

Doug then pulled Donnie into his lap, and cradled him in his arms, as Darren did the same to Chris. The two boys laid back in the older boys arms, and giggled as they smiled at them. Doug then began to gently caress Donnie's body, as he smiled down at his younger brother. Then Doug looked over to see Darren doing the same to Chris.

"Doug, I know the last time you said it'd be the only time, but can you and Darren put your cocks inside us?" asked Donnie. "You don't have to cum in us again, we'd just like to feel it again."

"I don't know." replied Doug. "What do you think Dare?"

"I don't know, we did say that last time was the only time." replied Darren.

"Please guys, it feels so good to have two nice cocks like yours inside us!" begged Chris.

"Your cocks are starting to get very nice though." said Doug, as he gently stroked Donnie's cock.

"They're still nothing like yours though." replied Donnie, as his cock stiffened between Doug's fingers. "Please brother? Please put your cock inside me while Darren does the same to Chris."

"Okay guys, but on the condition that we're going to get each of you a dildo about the size of Doug's cock." said Darren. "From now on if you want to feel something that big inside you, that will have to do."

"Okay! It's a deal!" replied both boys as they smiled.

"Okay the Donnie, I need you to lift yourself up off my lap a little bit." said Doug.

When Donnie did that, Doug lubed his cock. Then he passed the lube to Darren, and he and Chris repeated what Doug and Donnie did. Then Doug lined his cock up to Donnie's pucker, and had his little brother lower himself onto his cock. Donnie felt the head of Doug's cock slide into him, so he sat down hard and drove all of it into himself quickly. Doug looked over just in time to see Chris do the same thing with Darren's cock. Then both boys began to smile.

"Damn brother, I guess you two do like big cocks inside you!" exclaimed Doug. "If you two want to do anything though, you'll have to do it yourselves."

"Okay big brother." replied Donnie.

Donnie and Chris immediately began lifting themselves up and down on Doug's and Darren's cocks. When the younger boys began to moan softly, Doug and Darren began to gently stroke their cocks for them. When Darren began to alternate between playing with Chris's cock and his balls, Doug did the same for Donnie. This caused Donnie and Chris to begin slamming down even harder on Doug's and Darren's cocks. Doug then leaned down to put his lips back against Donnie's. When Donnie eagerly returned his brother's kiss, Doug drove his tongue into Donnie's mouth. A few seconds later, Darren was doing the same thing with Chris. Doug finally broke the kiss after several minutes, and could tell that he and Darren had both taken it further than they had planned, and were both ready to cum.

Doug gazed into Donnie's beautiful eyes and said, "We're not going to be able to hold back little brother. You and Chris are going to have to take mine and Darren's cum. I'm about to fill your cute little butt full of mine."

"Go ahead and cum inside me brother!" moaned Donnie.

Doug and Darren both began moaning, and began filling the two younger boys with their cum at the same time. Doug and Darren continued kissing the younger boys, as their balls emptied into them. As soon as Doug and Darren's orgasms were over, Donnie and Chris quickly lifted off their cocks. Then the two younger boys swallowed each other's cocks in a sixty nine. Doug and Darren had never seen anyone suck each other's cocks as ravenously as the two younger boys did. Both boys began cumming within a few minutes, and sucked as much cum from each other as they could. Darren looked down at Doug's cock, which was a little dirty from being inside Donnie. Darren leaned down and lovingly cleaned what had come from inside Donnie off Doug's cock. Then Doug just as lovingly did the same for Darren's cock.

"You guys liked cleaning our stuff off yourselves, didn't you?" asked Donnie breathlessly.

"You two just turn over little brother, and we'll show you!" smiled Doug.

As soon as the two boys laid face down on the bed and giggled, Doug and Darren got on top of them. While Doug thoroughly cleaned between Donnie's cheeks with his tongue, Darren did the same for Chris. Once the two younger boys were clean, Doug had them move so he and Darren could lay on the bed together. Then he had Donnie and Chris lay on top of them. All four boys fell asleep like that, smiling as they hugged.

The next morning after breakfast, while Doug and Darren were waiting for Fred and Mary to get ready to go to the park, they sat down in front of the computer with Donnie and Chris. Then Doug pulled up a site that featured a wide variety of almost any adult toy you could think of. Doug highlighted a dildo that matched the size of his cock, then pulled it up on the screen.

"Okay guys, it says that this one is the same size as my cock." said Doug. "What do you think?"

"It looks cool, plus it comes in different colors!" said Donnie. "I want blue!"

"I'll take green!" said Chris.

"Okay, one blue and one green." laughed Doug. "As horny as you two are, we might as well get you plenty of really good lube too, so you two don't wear yourselves out."

Doug added the dildos and some lube to the cart, then pulled up another section.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Chris. "What is that stuff?!"

"You two said you like to tie each other up sometimes, right?" asked Doug. "That's called bondage. This whole section is devoted to that. Just so you know though, if you want anything here, you'll have to let me and Darren explain it to you carefully before you try to use it. Is that a deal?"

"Okay." replied Donnie. "What is that?"

"Those are harnesses that mount to the ceiling and walls." replied Doug. "Some of them are pretty intricate, and will take a bit of installation. They'll have you tied up like you couldn't imagine though. There's another section that we'll look at when we're done here. You guys say you like biting, so you might be interested in some S and M. The same thing goes with that stuff too though. Darren and I have to explain it thoroughly to you before you can use it."

"Cool!" exclaimed both boys together.

Doug and Darren spent about an hour with the boys, and quite a bit of money, by the time Fred and Mary was ready to go to the park. It was worth it though to see the look of anticipation on Donnie's and Chris's faces. Doug and Darren would have their work cut out for them when the packages started arriving.

When everyone got to the park, Fred had to go meet a news crew out in the outdoor section of the park. That left Doug, Darren, Tim, and Simon to do the orientation for today. Today's sessions would be a lot of interactive demonstrations that Tim, Fred, and Simon had worked on together. These covered company policy and guest service, and would show everyone exactly how certain situations would be handled in their park. The ride operations staff would have another day's worth of these demonstrations to go through when they got to specific department training later that week. Fred joined everyone as soon as he was finished with the news crew. The demonstrations were turning out to be fun though, and everyone got involved. When it was time for lunch, Doug, Darren, Tim, Damien, and Alex all went to Doug and Darren's office to watch the noon news.

"In the interest of fairness, we've come to visit one of the most talked about new parks ever today." said the reporter. "Joining us today is Fred Chambers, the park manager at Thunderdome Amusement Park. So Fred, I take it that you feel the park CEO we interviewed yesterday was a little unfair to you guys."

"That would be putting it mildly." said Fred. "As you can see by looking around, we have a beautiful park here, with some of the most advanced rides ever built. Our rides have safety features built into them that other parks have never even dreamed of before."

"What about his allegation that you don't have the experience necessary to operate these rides safely?" asked the reporter.

"He's certainly not one to talk, given the recent record at his park." replied Fred. "We'd rather not get into that kind of battle with him, but I can assure you that we would never dream of doing some of the things that led to the disastrous incident at his park last year. Any changes that are even considered would be given to the manufacturer first, for extensive testing, then it would have to be approved by the state inspector's office. As for our experience, we have hired some of the best people in the amusement park industry to work here. Most of them have many years of experience. We're not just jumping into this, without any idea of what we're doing."

"That's very good to know Fred, because it certainly looks like you have some outstanding attractions here." said the reporter. "Most people I've talked to can't wait for this park to open its gates for the first time."

"Yes, we're going to shatter the records in just about every ride category when we open." replied Fred. "If you're looking for the most exciting and intense rides you can imagine, we'll certainly have them here. We also have rides designed for every taste though, even those that are a little less extreme. Our family rides areas will be hard to top by anyone."

"Well then, I'm glad we came by to get your side of the story, and straighten up this misunderstanding." said the reporter. "I know that I'll look forward to covering your grand opening, and I wish your park the best."

"Thanks, and we'll look forward to having you here for the grand opening." smiled Fred. Then a man from the technical crew at Sky Diver came by and whispered in Fred's ear for a second. "This is really good timing with you being here today." said Fred. "I've just been informed that the people who built Sky Diver are ready to give it it's very first ever run. It would be an honor if you would like to catch the record for the world's tallest coaster for your audience."

"Well, I can't pass that up, now can I?" replied the reporter.

Fred and the reporter watched, and the cameras rolled, as the sleek looking train emerged from the station. The train then climbed the fifty degree lift hill smoothly, until it reached the crest at five hundred and twenty feet. Once at the top, the electric lift trolley under the train slowed, letting the train roll slowly over the top of the lift. Everyone held their breath as the train roared down the first vertical drop, leveled off, then climbed up into the high first turn. After roaring down the next drop, the train entered the world's tallest vertical loop. The train sailed through the three hundred and fifty foot loop effortlessly, then sped up toward the back section of the ride. The next big hill was meant to almost kill the train's momentum, to give it's riders a chance to catch their breath. This was the part Fred was most worried about, as it was the most likely place for the test run to fail. He was taking a big chance by letting the news crew film this, but it had worked in all of the simulations. The train slowed to a crawl as it crested the hill, but it continued on over just as it was suppose to.

"Yes!" exclaimed Fred as quietly as he could, to which the reporter smiled.

The train then entered the remainder of the course, and it quickly rebuilt quite a bit of speed. After two more inversions, the train turned back toward the station, and screamed over two hills which were designed to give a great deal of airtime on each one. Then the train finally screamed into the first of two sets of final brakes. Fred and the reporter both heard a round of cheers from the station, as the first train made its way back to its starting point.

"That looks incredible!" said the reporter, as the camera continued to roll.

"That ride breaks every record ever conceived for a steel coaster." said Fred.

"Well, I'm glad you invited us here for this then." said the reporter. "Thank you so much Fred."

"It was an honor to have you here today." replied Fred.

"Alright dad!" yelled Darren at the TV.

"You rock dad!" yelled Doug.

"Well, I think Fred did a great job of presenting us to the public properly." said Tim. "We should go find him and Mary, and tell him what an awesome job he did today."

The third day of orientation was an overview of what had been covered so far. Everyone was tested on what they had learned, and they passed with flying colors. That concluded the general orientation for the entire staff. Now the different departments would be split up for the next two days, for department specific orientation. Doug and Darren knew that Tim's group for ride operations would be the most interesting, so they volunteered to help him for the final two days of orientation.

On Thursday, Tim gathered his group together in the large training hall. "Good morning everyone." said Tim into the mic. "Congratulations on making it to the ride operations staff of Thunderdome Amusement Park. A lot of people wanted to make it where you are, which should tell all of you that we think you're the best ride people anywhere. The first thing we need to do is for everyone to come up to the front of the hall here, where Doug, Darren, and I will be handing out your welcome package. This will give you your assignment area, paperwork for the department, your training guides for orientation and area training, and all manuals associated with your area. Team leaders will get manuals for the ride or rides they'll be assigned to, and supervisors will receive manuals for every ride in their area. It's going to seem like a lot of paperwork, but I assure you that we'll have ample time to cover everything."

Everyone started coming forward, and Doug, Darren, and Tim began handing out packages. Alex stepped up to Doug, and Doug said, "Here you go Alex, your package including the manual for the Sky Diver. I'm sure your going to love being the team leader there."

"I already love it here Doug." replied Alex. "You could put me in charge of cleaning toilets at this point, and I'd still love it."

"Well, hopefully it never comes to that!" laughed Doug.

Damien approached Tim at the front of the room, and Tim handed him his rather large box as he said, "Congratulations Damien, you're the supervisor of the dome floor area. Doug and Darren have a lot of faith in you, as that's going to be one of the busiest areas. You have three coasters and two tower rides in your area."

"Thanks Tim, I'll try not to let anyone here down." replied Damien.

After all of the packages had been handed out, Tim said, "Okay everyone, the first thing I want to cover today is safety, because it is the most important thing here. I know other parks might say that, but then they go on to act like policies, schedules, and everything else they can think of is more important. That will never happen here. Safety will always be the most important aspect of your job as a fun host. That's what we have decided to call our ride operations staff. I have four videos to show everyone this morning. The first two are standard safety videos that I'm sure all of you have seen. They're used by every park in the country, so we won't need to discuss those. The next two were made by us, and have information you won't get anywhere else. We will be discussing those two."

After the first two videos played, and everyone finished making jokes about how corny and uninformational they were, Tim stepped back up to the mic and said, "Okay, I know how repetitive those videos are. I've watched them a few times myself. The next video will be anything but boring. The first park I ever worked at showed their employees a safety video called Killer Rides. A lot of the images on the video were very disturbing. It was so disturbing that it made you watch it, and realize exactly what can happen if you do your job wrong. It was also so disturbing that most parks stopped showing it, and the video was removed from the market. If anyone is disturbed by this video we made, I'm very sorry. If you can't stand to think about the consequences of doing your job wrong though, you might be in the wrong line of work. I believe everyone who puts another person onto a ride should know what can happen when things go wrong. The reason for that is that most park accidents are avoidable. If you don't know what can happen though, you might not be as likely to avoid something that could be avoided. I do want to warn you though that the swing collapse was almost too much for me. It hurt to watch it, and it almost made me sick."

As the video played, several people gasped loudly at various places. Tim was hoping that it would do its job, without going too far. When the video got to the footage of the swing ride collapsing, that elicited the loudest gasps of all. Tim could swear he heard someone cry lightly. When the video was finally over, Tim stepped back up to the mic.

"You can't expect us to believe that some of that wasn't staged, can you?" asked one person.

"I wish it were." replied Tim. "I'm afraid that is all authentic accident footage though. Those things can and do happen, but we don't want them happening here."

"Even the swing?" asked another person.

"I do have the background on that." said Tim. "It happened at a small park in Europe, and they are no longer in business because of that accident. Most government agencies in the world do not like it when your rides actually collapse. Is everyone here still okay with the jobs we have to do?"

After everyone nodded yes, Tim continued, "I hope that video sticks with you. It shows that no ride should ever be operated with an unsafe condition present. If the weather isn't right, if someone isn't restrained properly or is acting inappropriately, if your ride makes any kind of unexpected noise or movement, it should be stopped immediately. We would much rather reset and restart a ride, than to clean up after an accident. Some of the things that happen because of an accident like the ones in that video can never be fixed. The emotional damage of operating a ride when something like that happens may never go away. I've known idiots in this business who have actually bragged about working at a ride that has killed someone. Trust me, unless you're a complete monster or asshole, it's nothing to brag about."

"I can vouch for that." said Damien. "I worked at the coaster where the trains collided in that video, and I'm not proud of it. I wasn't even on duty that day, but I'm ashamed that I was associated with a park that would allow that to happen. You don't ever want that to happen to you."

"Thanks Damien." said Tim. "I hope you can put that nightmare behind you someday. Safety is so much of a concern for us that we're going to do something that all parks are suppose to, but none do. Each and every employee at each and every ride here has the authority to stop the operation of a ride. The ride will not reopen until the issue has been resolved, and our ride operations manager has approved the ride to operate. We will take safety very seriously here. If a ride doesn't sound right, stop it. If a rider doesn't behave right, stop it. If the weather looks too dangerous, stop it. You won't be in any trouble for it here, like you could be at other parks. Now we're going to watch the other video that we produced. It's set in a fictional park where bad things have happened, and shows what could happen because of it."

The last video featured Tim in an empty park. The park was very well known, and Tim was superimposed into the frame. Also superimposed in the frame were tumbleweeds, overgrown park paths, and wisps of dust clouds to create a sense of desolation. The opening shot made most people laugh, as they felt it was a case of wishful thinking on the part of their new employer. In the video, the once mighty park had suffered a series of serious incidents. Now it was left empty and deserted, with the people who use to fill it scattered to the wind. It was a very graphic image of a park's worst nightmare.

The rest of that day and the next day were filled with paperwork and demonstrations. By the end of the day Friday, Tim was very satisfied with the orientation training the employees had received. Then he came up to Alex and Damien, who were sharing a hug off in a corner of the room.

"Hi guys, you make a nice couple." said Tim. "So Damien, are you ready for next week?"

"Yeah, I'm really excited about it." replied Damien.

"He's so excited that he's invited Doug and Darren to our apartment tonight to thank them." snickered Alex.

"That's great." smiled Tim. "And you'll be back with us the following Monday, right Alex?"

"I wouldn't miss it for anything!" replied Alex. "Living with Damien and working someplace like this is everything I've ever dreamed of."

"I'm sure you'll both love it here then." said Tim.

That night, Damien and Alex showed Doug and Darren what they did by getting them together. Doug and Darren thought the two young men looked really hot when they kissed, and Damien and Alex appreciated seeing their bosses being affectionate together.

Over the weekend, Doug and Darren had a few of their friends over for most of the weekend. Brett, Tyler, Rondell, Billy, Paul, and Darryl were at the house most of the time with Doug and Darren. Due to the activity at the park though, they wouldn't get to do much riding, except at night.

On Monday, Damien showed up for his first day of work bright and early.

"Hi Damien, we're going to have three training groups today." said Tim. "You'll be in my group, then Fred will have another group, and our maintenance supervisor will take the third group. Everyone in each of the three groups will be learning a little bit about every ride in their group. You will be expected to concentrate mostly on the rides you've been assigned though. Now let me introduce everyone. Damien is our dome floor supervisor. He'll be in charge of The Screaming Eagle, Upshot, Downforce, Tumblebug, and The Barnstormer. Next is Danny, our West Bowl supervisor. He'll be in charge of all of the rides on the west side of the upper and lower bowl, including our raft ride up in the nosebleed section. Finally we have Jamie. She is the supervisor of The Enchanted Village. We may as well start on the floor, with The Screaming Eagle."

Tim spent the day with his three supervisors at The Screaming Eagle. By noon they were cycling the ride, with Damien taking the controls by the end of the day. Tim wanted to spend more time than that training on the larger rides, but that would have to wait until the following week, when the team leaders began showing up for training. Besides, the supervisors wouldn't need to be as thoroughly trained in operating rides as the team leaders would be. That week was a blur for Damien, Danny, and Jamie, but Tim knew they would be ready before the regular employees began showing up.

When Doug and Darren got home from school Monday, they were met by two very excited boys. The packages Donnie and Chris were waiting for had begun showing up, and the two boys needed Doug and Darren to help them immediately. Doug and Darren chuckled as they installed a harness to the headboard of Donnie's bed, and the wall behind it. Then Doug and Darren explained how to use it, and the precautions to take so they wouldn't hurt each other. Then Doug demonstrated different positions they could achieve with the harness, with Donnie and Chris taking turns being bound. Doug and Darren laughed lightly as they left Donnie's room, knowing the two boys would waste no time in playing with their new toys.

That first night would leave smiles on both boys faces, and they would remember it for quite a while.

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