No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 7

From the last chapter:

On Monday, Damien showed up for his first day of work bright and early.

"Hi Damien, we're going to have three training groups today." said Tim. "You'll be in my group, then Fred will have another group, and our maintenance supervisor will take the third group. Everyone in each of the three groups will be learning a little bit about every ride in their group. You will be expected to concentrate mostly on the rides you've been assigned though. Now let me introduce everyone. Damien is our dome floor supervisor. He'll be in charge of The Screaming Eagle, Upshot, Downforce, Tumblebug, and The Barnstormer. Next is Danny, our West Bowl supervisor. He'll be in charge of all of the rides on the west side of the upper and lower bowl, including our raft ride up in the nosebleed section. Finally we have Jamie. She is the supervisor of The Enchanted Village. We may as well start on the floor, with The Screaming Eagle."

Tim spent the day with his three supervisors at The Screaming Eagle. By noon they were cycling the ride, with Damien taking the controls by the end of the day. Tim wanted to spend more time than that training on the larger rides, but that would have to wait until the following week, when the team leaders began showing up for training. Besides, the supervisors wouldn't need to be as thoroughly trained in operating rides as the team leaders would be. That week was a blur for Damien, Danny, and Jamie, but Tim knew they would be ready before the regular employees began showing up.

When Doug and Darren got home from school Monday, they were met by two very excited boys. The packages Donnie and Chris were waiting for had begun showing up, and the two boys needed Doug and Darren to help them immediately. Doug and Darren chuckled as they installed a harness to the headboard of Donnie's bed, and the wall behind it. Then Doug and Darren explained how to use it, and the precautions to take so they wouldn't hurt each other. Then Doug demonstrated different positions they could achieve with the harness, with Donnie and Chris taking turns being bound. Doug and Darren laughed lightly as they left Donnie's room, knowing the two boys would waste no time in playing with their new toys.

That first night would leave smiles on both boys faces, and they would remember it for quite a while.

The following week, Alex and a number of team leaders began showing up for training. Doug and Darren had taken the week off, and were helping the seasonal supervisor of Alex's area so they could be around The Sky Diver. As they were all heading out to the rides, Hank stopped Doug and Darren.

"Hey Doug and Darren, I wanted to talk to you about something." said Hank. "My brother Sam needs work, and I was hoping you could help. He use to work for the government doing research projects on aerial defense. His ideas didn't exactly match what the government now wants though."

"Well Hank, we don't have much need for military style defense." laughed Doug. "I don't know how we could help you."

"Are you sure about that Doug?" asked Hank. "If some radical group could get ahold of some type of aircraft, your park would be more at risk than others might be. Besides, after he shows that his ideas on ballistic defense could have worked, he wants to design rides. He majored in mechanical physics, and has a very good imagination. Here are some rough drawings he's done, of ideas that he knows he could get to work."

"Wow!" exclaimed Doug and Darren together, as they looked at the drawings.

"These do look really good Hank." said Darren. "What you said about the threat we could possibly face makes sense too."

"Yeah, we could always use smaller rides that no one else has ever built before, since we may eventually run out of room for coasters." said Doug. "Would he be willing to work for what we would pay him though? It wouldn't be any more than what we pay our upper level managers."

"He'd be thrilled to death with that!" smiled Hank. "I've been so worried about him since the government let him go. Thanks a lot guys."

"No problem Hank, tell him he can start right away." replied Doug. "We'll help him set up an office any way he wants."

After leaving Hank, Doug and Darren joined Alex and his supervisor on the platform at Sky Diver.

"I am very happy to see you, Doug and Darren." said the supervisor named Ivan, in a thick Russian accent. "Can you go over technical manual with Alex? I have to get other team leaders started with training."

"Sure Ivan!" smiled Doug. "You go ahead and take care of your other team leaders. By the way Ivan, your English is getting better all the time."

"Thank you Doug." replied Ivan. "This is second summer in America for me. I am very happy to be working here instead of that other park."

After Ivan left, Darren said, "I'm glad that we decided to hire a few of the best foreign people who wanted to come here, as long as they've worked at least one season over here."

"Yeah, Ivan is pretty cool." replied Doug. "He almost reminds me of Gregori, except we never heard Gregori swear in Russian."

"I miss Gregori." said Darren. "I want to invite him here for a visit Doug."

"That would be great babe!" replied Doug. "Go ahead and see if you can track him down. In the meantime Alex, Ivan wants you to start reading that manual. It's pretty technical, so we won't be able to use that with the rest of your staff. When you get well trained here, you'll have to start writing a manual for them."

"Sure Doug." replied Alex. "I've never worked at a coaster from this company, but I hear they're similar to another U.S. coaster manufacturer."

"Yeah, but this one isn't like anything that's ever been built before." said Darren.

"Yeah, I could tell." snickered Alex. "Well, before I start, I wanted to thank you and Doug for helping Damien and I make a start out together here. I'd always kind of hoped he would fall in love with me, even though I thought he was straight before now. Now that I know he's gay, and he loves me, it's everything I could have dreamed of."

"It's okay Alex, you two are perfect together." smiled Doug. "Now, get to work on that manual. We need you running this ride proficiently by the end of the week."

"I might need help when it comes to running this ride." said Alex.

"That's why Doug and I are here." smiled Darren. "Ivan has other team leaders to train besides you. Don't worry though, he'll be back before we start cycling."

"He has a cool accent." said Alex. "Is he from Russia?"

"That was a pretty good guess." replied Doug. "He's spent one season at another park here in the U.S., but he's from Moscow. If you like his accent, you should hear him when he starts cussing at someone in Russian."

Doug and Darren laughed at that, and was joined by Alex. Then they helped Alex start studying his manual. Doug and Darren were actually a tremendous help whenever Alex would look over and catch them kissing. Toward the end of the first day, Doug and Darren were helping Alex go over the main control panel. The next day the maintenance technicians were going to drop by and show Alex a few things while they were cycling the ride, then the state inspector would be by to certify it the following day. Toward the end of the day, Ivan stopped back at Sky Diver. Darren hadn't had much luck in tracking down Gregori, and it showed.

"Is everything okay, Darren my friend?" asked Ivan.

"I've been trying to track down a friend of mine and Doug's from Russia, but I haven't had any luck." replied Darren. "We wanted to invite him here for a visit, since he and his father saved our lives once."

"How did they do that?" asked Ivan.

Doug and I were stranded on an island in the South Pacific after a plane crash." replied Darren. "That's when we first fell in love. Anyway, the island turned out to be a volcano, and Gregori and his father Ivan rescued us with their ship just before the island blew up."

"I was in Russian Army before coming over here to work for summers, while going to college." said Ivan. "I may know this Gregori and Ivan you speak of, as I have met many people who work on research vessels. What is the name of the ship?"

"It's the Vlostok." replied Darren. "Their names are Gregori and Ivan Petrovsky. Please tell me you know them."

"I would not tell you that unless I did." smiled Ivan. "It happens that I do know them though. Gregori was taking some college courses with me when I finished school. We exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and I contact him frequently. His ship will be in dock until summer is over, being reworked."

"I love you Ivan!" replied Darren, while throwing his arms around the strong young Russian. "Would he mind you giving me his number, so I can call him?"

"I'm sure Gregori would be pleased if I give you his number." smiled Ivan. "Please call him after eight o'clock though, as to not disturb him too early in Russia."

Later that night, Darren was excited as he dialed the number Ivan gave him. The phone was set on speaker, and Doug was with him. The voice who answered the phone spoke in Russian, which Darren only caught a few words of.

"Is this Gregori Petrovsky?" asked Darren.

"Yes, this is Gregori." answered Gregori with an accent thicker than Ivan's. "Who is this? I do not know many people who speak only English."

"This is Darren, from the United States." replied Darren. "You and your father saved me and Doug from a volcano in the South Pacific. Do you remember that?"

"Of course I do Darren!" replied Gregori warmly. "How could I ever forget my two favorite Americans! Are you and Doug still couple?"

"Yeah, we are." said Doug. "Everything worked out great for us."

"It is good to hear your voice too Doug." said Gregori. "How did you two manage to get my number?"

"A friend of yours named Ivan works for us now." replied Darren.

"I knew Ivan was going back to America to work, but I never would have imagined he works for you." said Gregori.

"The gems on our island were worth more than we could have imagined." said Doug. "A company went back to mine the island, which we now own, and found diamonds there too. We've used the money we've made there to build an amusement park here in the United States."

"The park is almost ready to open now Gregori, and we'd love for you to come visit us." said Darren.

"I would love that, but my father and I have been spending most of our money on the ship, and for me to have more education." replied Gregori. "The ship really needed to have work to remain seaworthy, and I will have to be prepared to take my father's place someday."

"That's not a problem Gregori." said Darren. "Doug and I would pay anything to see you again. Let us know when you have the time to come here, and we'll have tickets waiting for you at the airport in Moscow. Then you will be our guest all the time you're here."

"I could not let you spend that much on me." said Gregori.

"Gregori, we still owe you our lives." said Doug. "We could pay for the vacation of a lifetime for you, and our debt to you wouldn't be close to being paid. We want to see you again, because we miss you very much. Please let us do this for you."

"I do not know what to say." replied Gregori. "I would love to see my two special comrades again. Is it possible I might get to see you two make love?"

"Anytime for you Gregori." smiled Doug. "Maybe we could even hook you up with our friend Ivan too."

"I have tried to get feel for if Ivan would be interested already." said Gregori. "He was in Russian Army though, and I do not think he would do something like that with me."

"Well, we'll see when you get here." laughed Darren. "You never know how someone will react if their passion is aroused. Now my friend, when can you make the trip?"

"How is last two weeks in April?" asked Gregori.

"That will be fine." replied Darren. "Just make sure to have your passport and visa in order. We'll have tickets waiting for you at the airport in Moscow for the Saturday that starts off the last two weeks in April. I'll call you back with the details when we get the tickets for you."

"It will be great to see you two again." said Gregori. "I have to get ready for classes now, so I will talk to you when you have tickets ready."

"Okay, we'll get them tonight, and I'll call you back in about twelve hours." said Darren. "It was great to hear your voice again Gregori."

"I liked it as well Darren and Doug." replied Gregori. "I will speak with you again in about twelve hours."

As soon as Doug and Darren hung up the phone, Darren was right back on, making arrangements for Gregori to have tickets waiting for him at the airport in Moscow. Then Doug and Darren got a call from Donnie to come to his room. When Doug and Darren got there, Chris had his wrist and ankles shackled together behind him, and was hanging from the ceiling. Both he and Donnie were completely naked, and Chris had a large dildo protruding from his butt.

Darren walked over to the bed, tapped the base of the dildo lightly into Chris, and asked, "How are you doing there Chris?"

"Oh my God!" moaned Chris. "Do that again!"

Darren grabbed the base of the dildo, pulled it out of Chris a little bit, then pushed it back in. That made Chris's erect cock begin twitching wildly beneath him.

"He says he's harder than he's ever been before!" smiled Donnie.

"I can see that!" smiled Doug, as he felt Chris's extremely hard erection. "Has he had you in this position yet little brother?"

"Nope, but I'm next!" replied Donnie. "I can't wait either! Can you show us how to use some of this other stuff we got today?"

"Sure." chuckled Doug.

Donnie handed Doug the first package, and Doug held out a conical leather collar that snapped together, and had metal loops around the larger edge. "This is a ball collar." said Doug. "You snap it around the balls, so it can't come off. Then you use the chains and weights that came with it to pull the balls out away from the body. It's used mostly to increase the size of the scrotum, and make your balls hang lower."

"Cool!" exclaimed Donnie. "Ours are usually right up against our groins!"

"Well, this will fix that then!" laughed Doug. "Let me show you how to hook it up to Chris."

Doug pulled out on Chris's balls lightly, and placed the collar around the base of Chris's scrotum. After making sure that both of Chris's testicles were through the collar, Doug snapped it closed.

"Mmm, that feels nice Doug." moaned Chris softly.

"Just wait until you feel what comes next!" laughed Doug, as he fondled Chris's balls for a few seconds. "You may want to kiss your boyfriend while I do this Donnie."

Donnie began kissing Chris passionately, as Doug hooked the chains to the collar. After Doug snapped the chains together, he picked out a nice three pound weight. When Doug put the weight on the end of the chains, and let go of it so it pulled on Chris's testicles, Chris's eyes went wide as Donnie kissed him. Donnie finally let go of the kiss.

"Are you trying to pull my balls off?!" gasped Chris.

"That's just three pounds." laughed Doug. "Your balls won't be coming off anytime soon. Just wait until you get to five pounds. That's where your scrotum actually starts to stretch. Three pounds just gets your testicles use to the pressure."

"Maybe if we hook this to him, it'll make him forget about his balls." smiled Donnie, as he held up another device.

"That's a nipple rig." replied Doug. "You guys have to have your nipples pierced for that. That's why we also got a sterile piercing kit for each of you. Are you guys up for that?"

"Is it going to hurt?" asked Chris.

"Probably." replied Doug.

"Then show Donnie how to do it to me." said Chris. "I want him to be the one doing it."

"Okay, but I'm going to be right there with him." replied Doug. "Let's go wash our hands Donnie."

As Doug and Donnie were washing their hands thoroughly, Darren set one of the kits up below Chris. Chris gulped as Doug and Donnie came back into the room.

"Okay little bro, the first thing you have to do is wipe his nipple with the antiseptic wipe." said Doug. "Make sure you cover it well, so anything we touch it with will be touching clean skin. We'll do one at a time, so don't worry about the second nipple yet. Now that he's clean, you're going to have to put the clamp from the kit on his nipple. That will flatten it out, so the needle will go through cleanly. Just pull out on the nub, until you can put the clamp between a quarter and a half inch back from the nub."

"Ouch!" yelped Chris. "That kinda hurts!"

"Just take a breath and hold it Chris." said Doug. "He's going to put the needle through in just a second. Okay Donnie, take one large bore needle out of it's package, then push it all the way through the center of the clamp. There may be a little blood, so be ready to wipe it off with a clean antiseptic wipe."

"Ow, fuck!" yelped Chris. "Take it easy there babe!"

"He's being as gentle as he can about pushing a needle through your nipple Chris." smiled Doug. "Okay Donnie, carefully remove the clamp. Be careful not to disturb the needle. Now that the clamp is off, take one of the rings and retract the clasp. You're going to put the open end of the hoop over the end of the needle, and use the hoop to push the needle on through his nipple. Okay bro, now that the needle is out, release the clasp."

"This does hurt a little guys!" gasped Chris.

"Relax a little Chris." said Doug. "One is done, and the other will be done in about a minute. The sooner it's done, the sooner it'll stop hurting. Okay Donnie, go ahead and repeat that for the other nipple. When they're both done, and you've wiped up any blood, you can wipe both nipples with the anesthetic wipe. Then your boyfriend will be done."

"You look like you've done that before Doug." said Darren.

"A few guys from the old asshole team wanted theirs pierced." said Doug. "It pissed them off when I did theirs, but didn't want mine done."

By the time Doug and Darren finished laughing, Donnie was done with Chris. "I'm sorry that I hurt you baby." said Donnie.

"Don't worry about it." smiled Chris. "We wanted this done, and you love me enough to go through with it, even though we knew it would hurt. I love you so much Donnie. Besides, it made my cock feel even harder than it was before!"

"Wow!" exclaimed Donnie. "It is even bigger than before! It's so stiff that it's a little flushed. I'm going to make it feel good now baby!"

As Doug and Darren watched Donnie swallow Chris's cock, Doug said, "That's a common reaction from having your nipples pierced. Every last guy on the team that I pierced had an erection by the time it was over. None of them admitted it, and they did everything they could to hide it, but it was easy to see what a little pain did to their cocks."

A few minutes later, Chris moaned out, "Oh God Donnie! I'm going to cum more than I ever have in my life! I love you so much!"

From the way Chris was bucking in the air, and Donnie was swallowing as fast as he could, Doug and Darren could tell that Chris was indeed having a massive orgasm. When it was finally over, Donnie had to back off to catch his breath.

"Oh God Chris!" exclaimed Donnie, when he could speak again. "I've never swallowed so much of your cum at once before! And it tasted so good too baby! Let's get you down from there so you can do me!"

Donnie took off the ball collar, then lowered Chris to the bed and released his wrists and ankles. The first thing Chris did was to lightly rub his nipples.

"Damn!" exclaimed Chris. "These look so cool that I might get hard again! Thanks for piercing me Donnie."

"You're welcome baby." smiled Donnie. "Now it's my turn!"

Doug and Darren watched as Chris shackled Donnie's wrists and ankles, then raised him in the air. Doug then helped Chris put the collar around Donnie's scrotum, and helped Chris through piercing Donnie's nipples. Donnie made just as much of a fuss as Chris, but it had the same effect on him. Doug and Darren then left the two boys alone, so Chris could drain Donnie's balls.

The next morning, Darren called Gregori back with the flight information. Gregori thanked Doug and Darren again, and they couldn't wait to see him at the airport in Detroit. By the end of the week, Alex was ready to start cycling the Sky Diver. On the way out to the ride, Doug and Darren ran across Hank's brother, Sam.

"Hi guys, thanks for giving me a chance." said Sam. "After I get what I wanted to show the government done, I want to start designing some crazy rides for you."

"That'll be great Sam." replied Doug. "What exactly are you working on now?"

"It's a very powerful radar and laser system." replied Sam. "It can track anything that might be a threat to this area, and specifically our park. And, it can track objects about a half million miles out. That's twice as far as the moon. That will give us all of the protection we'll ever need."

"Are you expecting ET to attack us?" laughed Darren.

"No, but we'll be ready if he does." smiled Sam. "Besides, with it being that sensitive, you couldn't fly a paper airplane at this place without being detected."

"I guess that should be good enough." said Doug. "What are the lasers for?"

"They are very condensed laser beams, that can destroy any threat that comes at us." replied Sam.

"Man, if this stuff really works, the government made a huge mistake by letting you go." said Darren.

"Thanks boys, that's what I hope to prove." smiled Sam.

After helping run Sky Diver, Doug and Darren could see that the ride looked like it was built for Alex. Alex even showed Ivan a few things he hadn't picked up yet, so it looked like their premier ride would be one hundred percent ready well before opening day. Now they hoped that their other choices for team leaders would work out just as well.

The following week, the team leaders who hadn't shown up yet were scheduled to begin training. The housing units were also ready to open, which several people were already waiting for. The people who stayed at the park made sure to comment to Eileen that their units were better than anything they had expected. By this time, most of the rides were being cycled every day now, so the team leaders could be very comfortable with them before it came time to train their staff, whom they would have to begin writing operating manuals for the following week. Tim had now come up with a template for the team leaders and supervisors to follow, to write their manuals. That would make training for different rides much easier, in case anyone needed to be trained for multiple rides.

At the end of manual writing week, Doug and Darren stopped by to visit with Sam. "I'm so glad you boys showed up today." said Sam. "I wanted to show you a few things I'm working on. I'm finally back to the point I was at when the government shut me down. You know that radar unit I put on top of the men's housing units? This is what it's showing us."

Doug and Darren looked at the screen as Sam had the radar search for objects. The first object it locked on was massive. "That's the moon." said Sam. "At that far out, the system can pick up something as small as a basketball. Here's another object showing up now. This one is the space shuttle on it's current mission. All of these objects are recognized as no threat. If they were a threat, the radar would send exact coordinates, down to the centimeter, to the laser unit when it's finished. I have a prototype ready now, that can show you what it can do."

Sam uncovered the radar, which was pointing outside toward the last of the debris around the park that needed to be cleaned up. "Do you see that huge slab of concrete out there?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, we're still trying to find someone to remove it." said Doug.

"This should make their job a little easier then." said Sam.

Sam fired the laser, and the boys gasped as a beam of intense light shot out toward the concrete slab. In an instant, the slab exploded into thousands of small fragments.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Darren. "That's just like out of Star Trek!"

"Well, we can't do that with energy beams yet." laughed Sam. "Light beams can be made strong enough though to penetrate most man made materials. If a plane approaches us in a threatening manner, it should be no match for the full sized version of this that I'm going to make."

"Well, we're officially impressed!" said Darren. "What was the government smoking that made them let you go?"

"It was more of a difference of approach, I think." replied Sam. "My systems were thought to make us look too aggressive. They weren't intended that way though, and are only as aggressive as the people using them. Now, once I finish and test everything, I can turn my attention to designing those rides I'd love to build."

"We're looking forward to that!" laughed Doug.

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