No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 8

From the last chapter:

Sam uncovered the radar, which was pointing outside toward the last of the debris around the park that needed to be cleaned up. "Do you see that huge slab of concrete out there?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, we're still trying to find someone to remove it." said Doug.

"This should make their job a little easier then." said Sam.

Sam fired the laser, and the boys gasped as a beam of intense light shot out toward the concrete slab. In an instant, the slab exploded into thousands of small fragments.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Darren. "That's just like out of Star Trek!"

"Well, we can't do that with energy beams yet." laughed Sam. "Light beams can be made strong enough though to penetrate most man made materials. If a plane approaches us in a threatening manner, it should be no match for the full sized version of this that I'm going to make."

"Well, we're officially impressed!" said Darren. "What was the government smoking that made them let you go?"

"It was more of a difference of approach, I think." replied Sam. "My systems were thought to make us look too aggressive. They weren't intended that way though, and are only as aggressive as the people using them. Now, once I finish and test everything, I can turn my attention to designing those rides I'd love to build."

"We're looking forward to that!" laughed Doug.

After leaving Sam to his work, Doug and Darren headed over to the Sky Diver. It had passed it's inspection a week earlier, but Fred and Tim had wanted to give Alex a week of operating the ride before anyone stepped onto it. Today was the day when the first people would be riding, and Doug and Darren wanted to be the very first. Quite a few employees had shown up for test rides, and were waiting when Doug and Darren got there.

"I guess this is what we can expect when we open." laughed Doug.

"Yeah, everyone is going to want to try this at least once." smiled Alex. "Why don't you and Darren go ahead and hop in the front row there? We'll let you ride it once by yourselves, then we'll start getting everyone else on it."

"Have you got Ivan to where he can run the control panel yet?" asked Darren. "As the team leader, you'll have to ride too. You'll be the one doing test rides in the morning, before we start operating for the day."

"Yeah, Ivan can take the controls while I ride." replied Alex. "He and Tim are going to go on the first train after you though. Tim even brought his cute little boyfriend Sky out here for today."

Doug and Darren looked off to the side, and saw Tim and Sky there sharing a kiss while they waited. "They do make a great couple, don't they?" asked Darren.

"Yeah, once you get past the age difference, they look really sweet together." smiled Alex. "I guess as long as it's everything Sky wants, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it."

"Trust me, Tim makes Sky very happy." replied Doug. "With everything Sky has been through in the past year, I never thought he would have gotten over it so quickly. Tim is the one who did that for him."

"That's pretty cool then." said Alex.

Doug and Darren went ahead, and hopped aboard the coaster. Everyone on the platform cheered as the train pulled out onto the mammoth lift. Doug and Darren knew they were firmly strapped in, but still held their breaths as they approached the top of the lift. The view as they crested the lift was breathtaking. Then the train dove straight down, making both boys scream loudly. Everything was now rushing by in a blur, until they got about halfway into the loop. Coming down out of the loop, everything began rushing madly past them again. Once they passed the second large hill, the ride did begin to slow down slightly. It was still very fast though, as it completed the back part of the course, That included two more large inversions, and a couple of very fast bunny hops. The last part of the ride was every bit as extreme as the first part. When the train finally hit the first brake run, Doug and Darren were grinning madly at each other. They knew they had something that no one could beat for quite a while. As the train pulled back into the station, everyone cheered at the sight of Doug and Darren sharing a huge kiss.

"How was it boys?" asked Tim, as he and Sky waited in the front row for the next ride.

"It's the most incredible ride ever built!" exclaimed Darren excitedly. "No one will top this one right away!"

"That's just what we need then." smiled Tim.

Tim and Sky got into the front row when Doug and Darren had climbed out, and strapped themselves into the belt harness. Ivan and Fred were right behind them, and the rest of the train was filled with other employees who were waiting to ride. Alex, Doug, and Darren checked all of the harnesses, then the second train pulled out. All three of them laughed as they heard the screams that began as the train dived down off the lift hill. Not many of the rides were cycled that day, as everyone rode the Sky Diver over and over again. Tim and Sky did disappear to Tim's office a little later that day though.

"So, how's your first year of high school shaping up my love?" asked Tim, as his hand slipped under Sky's shirt, to caress his smooth chest.

"It's great Tim." replied Sky, as his hand rubbed Tim's crotch gently through his pants. "I have the greatest guy in the world to love, my classes are all going great, and Cory says he is so proud of me. He wants to be there if we ever get married, and he says he'd love to see that happen at some point."

"You do have a very nice brother there." smiled Tim, as he slid Sky's shirt over his head.

"He says that he wants to talk to you Sunday when he comes to pick me up." replied Sky, as he worked at unbuckling Tim's pants. "I think he wants to give you a nice big kiss for being so good to me."

"Cory wants to give me a kiss?!" exclaimed Tim.

"Yeah." replied Sky, as he slipped Tim's pants and underwear down. "It's not like he's never done something like that before. He has done things with other guys before he and Jenni got married. Jenni knows that, and she doesn't mind. She knows that he prefers girls, and her especially."

"Wow, I didn't know that!" replied Tim. "So that's how he can understand the way we feel about each other so well."

"Yeah, I guess that has a lot to do with it." replied Sky, as Tim slid Sky's pants and shorts off.

Sky then laid his head on Tim's chest, and wrapped his hand around Tim's cock. At the same time, Tim reached down and gently caressed Sky's cock and balls. Then Tim guided Sky's face to his, and the two shared a deep kiss before passionately making love.

Even though Tim had been warned what to expect on Sunday, he still wasn't prepared for it.

"Tim, if it hadn't been for you, this past year could have been so much worse for Sky." said Cory. "He could have very easily shut himself off from everything, and not had the future that looked so promising for him. Now he does though, because he had you to help him. I'll never be able to thank you enough for helping my little brother, and I hope you two share a long and happy life together."

"It was easy to do that Cory." replied Tim. "I love him so much, and I'll do anything to help him have the greatest life he can."

"I know, and he feels the same way about you Tim." smiled Cory. "I really do want to show you how much I love you for what you've done for him though."

Cory then put his arms around Tim, and pressed their lips together softly. Tim was shocked at the amount of feeling behind Cory's display of affection, and returned the kiss with just as much feeling. When Cory finally broke the kiss, he smiled at Tim as Jenni and Sky smiled at both of them.

"I can see why my brother loves you so much Tim." said Cory. "I'm glad you have so much love to give to him. When school is over this spring, I want him to come here for the summer. I know it's what he wants, and I'm sure he'll be in good hands."

"I promise that I'll take very good care of him this summer Cory." replied Tim.

Over the next few weeks, everyone at the park began preparing for employees to begin showing up. All of the construction and painting was wrapping up, and there was a lot of cleaning and stocking to do. Doug and Darren had received the restraint harnesses they had made for people who were in their friend Kevin's position, and sent one to Kevin for his doctor to examine.

About a week before the regular employees were set to begin showing up for training, Doug, Darren, and Fred were watching the news together. Their interest was peaked when they saw their nearest competitor on the news again.

"Some people say that your new ride this year is a bit of a let down." said the reporter. "How do you respond to that, considering you will have such strong competition from the park to your north?"

"Well, at least our new ride isn't going to kill anyone." replied the CEO. "I've had people planted at the competition's new park, and they tell me that people are going to die there this summer."

"That bastard!" yelled Darren. "If that isn't slander, I don't know what is!"

"I know son, but we have to stay calm to take him on." replied Fred. "I think we've given him just about enough rope to hang himself."

"Good. I'd love to see that!" said Doug.

"You do know that your competition is most likely watching this, right?" asked the reporter. "That is a pretty bold statement to make."

"Yes, and I wouldn't be making it if it weren't true." replied the CEO. "I happen to know that there's no way they can refute that statement though."

"You want to bet, you asshole?!" said Darren at the TV.

"Hey Chuck, are you watching the news?" asked Fred into his phone.

"Yeah, I'm watching it." replied Chuck. "I just can't believe he's that stupid though. The first thing we need to do though is find these spies he's talking about."

"I'll have that done by the end of the day tomorrow!" replied Fred.

"Good." replied Chuck. "In the meantime, I'm going to gather all of our inspection and testing reports together, especially for the Sky Diver. I'll bet the next time we hear from him, he'll be a lot more careful."

"Holy shit dad, listen to this!" yelled Doug.

"Besides, when people find out what kind of people run that park, I'm sure they'll want to steer well clear of it." said the CEO. "It turns out that it's run by a couple of kids, named Doug Atherton and Darren Chambers. They aren't normal kids by any means though. They were stranded alone on an island, by themselves for eight months. Do you want to know what they....."

By this time, Fred was on the phone to the TV station airing the broadcast. "Listen here, I know very well where this guy is going with his interview. If you don't want to be hit the the biggest lawsuit you've ever imagined, you'll cut him off this second! My lawyer is recording this entire interview!"

As the CEO said, "Do you want to know what they...", the anchorman at the station cut in and said, "I'm sorry the interview was cut off. It seems that we're experiencing some technical difficulties. We'll try to get back to the interview if we can. Right now though, lets turn to our Action Newscenter sports team, and see what's happening in early season baseball."

"Very cool!" laughed Doug. "We finally get some real news!"

"We're very sorry Mister Chambers." said the station manager, who was on the phone with Fred. "We had no idea where this man was going to go with the interview. It's our station's policy not to support slander of any kind, and we want to cooperate with you guys fully. If you want to send someone here tomorrow for a rebuttal to what was broadcast, we'll put you on as the lead off at six o'clock tomorrow. If I'd had any idea where he was going sooner, I would have scrapped the entire interview. From now on I promise that we'll make him assign someone else to represent his company before we grant any kind of appearance."

"That will be fine." replied Fred. "You can expect me, my wife, and my lawyer there tomorrow. I'm the general manager here, and I'm the one running the park. He has no idea what he's just done."

"I can't believe he almost outed us on TV!" said Darren, a bit shaken. "I know that Doug and I don't make any secret of our relationship, and we're very proud to be together, but there was no call for what he almost did!"

"I know son, and Chuck and I will make sure he knows he was way out of line." replied Fred, as he put his arm around Darren.

The next day, at the TV studio that was airing the interview the day before, Fred, Mary, and Chuck sat in the studio talking about the interview with the station manager. When the on air light came on, the station manager said, "As many of our viewers know, yesterday we began airing an interview with a local park CEO. The interview was cut off when the CEO began going into an area that was no longer within our standards. It is also our policy to allow the subject of his interview a chance to rebut what was said. I have with me here Fred Chambers, the general manager of Thunderdome Amusement Park, his wife Mary, and the park's attorney, Charles Wainforth. Who would like to address the statement that one of your rides is unsafe?"

"I'll take that one." replied Chuck. "I have here with me the state inspection reports, as well as test data from the ride that was being referred to. It may be taller and faster than anything that has ever built before, but according to these reports, it's also the safest ride that has ever been built before. The park has established rider requirements for this ride, and they will be adhered to completely. Those requirements will ensure that anyone who is physically capable of riding will experience the safest and most extreme ride they've ever experienced. Our competition is making totally baseless claims about this ride, with not one shred of evidence to support his claims. I will be talking to their attorney about these statements."

"Okay, and what about what he was saying when we cut him off?" asked the station manager.

"I don't know how he thinks we're operating, but I am in charge of Thunderdome." replied Fred. "My name is Fred Chambers, and I'm the park's general manager. Sitting next to me is my wife Mary. It is true that our sons Doug and Darren do own the park, but that's because it was built with their money. As for the relationship between the two boys, they were the sole survivors of a plane crash that nearly took their lives as well. Then they found themselves all alone on a deserted island in the middle of the South Pacific. They depended on each other for their survival for the eight months it took for them to be found and rescued. Of course they have a close relationship, as anyone would under those conditions. I can't even imagine what that ordeal must have been like for them. I can tell you however that Mary and myself are very proud of our sons. Very few people could have gone through what they did, and turned out to be such outstanding young men. To be honest, I almost look up to them because of that, and Mary and I love and support them with everything we have."

"They do sound like very special young men." smiled the station manager. "I for one would love the chance to get to meet them someday. I can understand why you are so proud of them, and why you feel the interview yesterday was way out of line."

"I'm sure they would love to meet you as well." replied Fred, as he smiled too. "Why don't you come out in a few weeks, and cover our soft opening?"

"Thank you for the invitation Mister Chambers." replied the station manager. "I will look forward to that. I do wish you the best of luck with your opening season this year."

"Thank you very much." replied Fred. "It will be an honor to have you and your crew as our guests."

As Fred was doing the interview, Tim, Doug, and Darren had gathered a group of three of their team leaders.

"I have phone logs here from the housing units you three are living in." said Tim. "The logs show that all three of you have placed calls directly to the CEO you use to work under. Would anyone care to explain that?"

"How did you get those?" asked one of the team leaders. "Those are private conversations!"

"Well, the logs just show that the calls were placed, and how long they lasted." replied Tim. "To go any further would have been a violation of privacy. The record that the calls were made though aren't, since they were made on company phone lines. You should have been more careful there."

"We really didn't mean any harm." said another team leader. "We just thought that he wanted to be able to keep up with you guys."

"You almost caused more harm than you'll ever know!" said Darren. "What did we do to you guys to make you want to try to destroy mine and Doug's lives?"

"We didn't know he would go that far." said the third team leader. "We shouldn't have had any part in it, now that we look back."

"Well, you did." said Doug. "We have no choice but to terminate you for that."

"Our security chief is waiting outside for you three." said Tim. "You are to be escorted back to housing, and you have one hour to be clear of our premises. If you aren't, our security chief will have the police called, and we will file charges against all three of you. Good bye!"

Before the next week rolled by, Tim, Fred, and Simon went over all the new employee's applications again. They wanted to make sure they weren't about to train anymore spies from the other park. It took all week, but they were finally sure that that wasn't the case.

The night before the first of the new employees were to arrive, Doug and Darren were a little nervous. They knew that this weekend would produce many long lines of people checking in at the housing facilities. They would either be sent to area apartments if they were permanent employees and chose that option, or matched with other people into the housing units. Eileen had enlisted as much help as she could for the weekend.

"I just hope we can get everyone checked in okay this weekend Doug." said Darren, as he laid on the bed in Doug's arms.

"I'm sure we will babe." replied Doug with a comforting smile. "Eileen has plenty of people to help her this weekend. We'll be there too, to see if we can help keep people from getting too worked up while they're waiting." Then Doug began to softly stroke Darren's cock as he continued, "We don't have anything to worry about my love."

"I love the way you comfort me Doug." smiled Darren, as he wrapped his hand around Doug's cock. "When I think about that summer we spent in Australia, just before the crash, this seems like heaven to me."

"I'm so glad that crash woke me up babe, and made me realize how much I love you." replied Doug. "I couldn't imagine any kind of life now, without you to share my love with. Together, we can do anything!"

"And that crash gave me the most incredible lover I could have ever imagined." replied Darren.

Darren then moved his face closer to Doug's, and their lips met softly. Doug and Darren let their tongues dance together erotically, as they caressed each other's cocks and bodies. After about ten minutes, Doug turned and began to kiss his way down Darren's chest and stomach. At the same time, he felt Darren's lips kissing his chest and stomach as well. Doug looked longingly at Darren's cock as he thought to himself, "I am the luckiest person alive to be gay, and to have Darren as my lover."

Doug's lips caressed Darren's cock so softly that it made Darren gasp lightly. Then Darren lovingly took Doug's cock into his mouth. Within a few minutes, both boys were moaning passionately around each other's throbbing shafts. Doug and Darren both slowed their pace even more, to have each other's cocks in their mouths for as long as possible. Altogether, Doug and Darren both went about twenty minutes in complete bliss, before lovingly swallowing the sweet nectar that they offered each other. When both orgasms were finally over, Doug turned back around into Darren's arms.

"I could spend an eternity making love to you Darren, if it weren't for the fact that we both have to cum eventually." said Doug softly.

"I can't imagine anything better Doug." replied Darren, as he melted into Doug's arms.

Doug and Darren were in a great mood the next morning, as the new employees first began to arrive. Doug and Darren's first responsibility was to hand out housing questionnaires and cost lists as the new employees approached the housing office, unless they had already filled those out online. If a new permanent employee chose an apartment, the process was very easy. All they needed was basic information so the cost of the apartment could be taken out of their paychecks, if that's what they wanted. If they chose to be placed with a roommate in an apartment though, they had to go through the entire questionnaire.

By noon, the line at the housing office had grown to a little over an hour long. It was at that point that Doug and Darren had to start ensuring everyone that they would be placed in a housing assignment before the end of the day. At one point the line approached ninety minutes, and Doug and Darren had to start calming frazzled nerves. The new employees had been told to check in by five o'clock, and the line was finally gone by five forty five.

After going home for supper and a quick shower, Doug and Darren wanted to go back to the park to see how things were going now that the housing units there were starting to get busier. There were two shower rooms on each floor in the men's facility. One room was more of a communal shower, while the other shower room was more semi private. The area around the communal showers on the third floor was comprised entirely of male employees who had identified themselves as gay. Everyone at the park wanted their gay employees to live in an environment where they felt safe and free to be who they are.

As Doug and Darren passed by the third floor communal shower room, it didn't sound as though more than a single shower was running. What caught their attention though was when they thought they heard faint crying inside the shower room. Doug and Darren quietly peeked inside the shower room, and identified the noise they heard as coming from the far back corner. The aisle in the shower room was lined by shower stalls, to keep people who were passing by from getting sprayed. The six shower areas though were completely open. Doug and Darren made their way to the back corner, where they saw a young man standing under one of the shower nozzles. His face was pointed toward the nozzle, in an attempt to have the shower wash away the tears he had been crying. The man couldn't see Doug and Darren yet, as he had his eyes closed to keep the water from stinging them. That allowed Doug and Darren to look him over. The man seemed to be in his early twenties, stood about five feet eight inches tall, and had thick brown hair that went down to the middle of his neck. His cock was flaccid from the water, but still seemed to be a little over six inches long. The man then cried very softly for a few seconds, and shook his head to shake the water away from his face. That was when he saw Doug and Darren standing there watching him.

"Aren't you guys a little over-dressed for the shower?" asked the man, as he quickly composed himself. "For that matter, aren't you a little young to be living here?"

"We don't live here." said Darren. "Although that might be kind of fun."

"We were passing by in the hallway when we heard you in here, and thought you sounded like you might need to talk." said Doug.

"Wait, you're those two kids from earlier, when we were all checking in." said the man. "Do your moms work here? And why would you think I need to talk about something?"

"Yeah, our moms work here." replied Doug, as he tried not to snicker. "The reason we thought you might need to talk is because we heard you in here crying."

"Me, crying?" replied the man, a little less sure of himself. "Are you sure you didn't come in because you heard the shower running? I remember when I was your age, I was always curious about what adult guys looked like naked."

"Well, you do have a nice cock there, but we're perfectly happy with each other." smiled Darren.

"You really think it's nice kid?" asked the man, as a smile slowly crept back to his face. Then the man held his cock out in his hand, for Doug and Darren to see better. As it started to stiffen, the man continued, "I never thought of it as anything that special."

"It looks like it's even bigger than mine, now that it's stiffened up." replied Doug. "We think you have a very nice cock."

"Thanks boys." said the man, as he dropped his now erect cock and held his hand out. "My name is Adam. What's yours?"

"My name is Doug Atherton, and this is my boyfriend Darren Chambers." replied Doug.

"Yeah, I suppose as in the Doug and Darren that own this place!" laughed Adam.

"That's us, at your service Adam!" smiled Darren.

"What?!" exclaimed Adam. "You two are just kids! How can you own a place like this?"

"Because we're the two richest kids you've ever met!" laughed Doug, who couldn't hold it back any longer.

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Adam. "I'm standing in front of my bosses naked, and showing them my cock like some piece of meat!"

"Don't worry about it." snickered Darren. "If we had minded seeing your nice looking cock, we would have told you."

"So Adam, why did we hear you in here crying?" asked Doug.

"I guess it's just been a long day." replied Adam, as he turned off the water and went to sit on the bench against the dry wall of the shower area. When Doug and Darren sat on each side of him, Adam continued, "I was kind of looking forward to this job. Then I got here to the long lines at check in, and thought to myself that this was going to turn into the same as some of the other parks I've worked at. I heard that they were suppose to be matching people up really well here though, so I tried to put that thought out of my mind. Everyone else in this section seems to be living with someone they get along great with. My roommate seems to hate gay people though, and I kind of let it slip that I was gay before I found that out." By this time, Doug and Darren each had an arm around Adam's bare back.

"Wait a minute Adam!" said Doug. "This area of the third floor was specifically reserved for people who identified themselves as gay. We heard at another park about the way people were treated for who they were, and we didn't want that happening here. If your roommate has a problem with gay people, then he deliberately lied so he could harass people like us. We're not going to tolerate that for one moment!"

"Good, because he also likes loud music." said Adam. "I don't mind music myself, but that stuff he listens to isn't even music. I know everyone has different tastes in music, which is why I listen to mine mostly through headphones. I'm beginning to think he was placed with me just to make my life hell."

"What room are you in?" asked Darren.

"Thirty three oh five." replied Adam.

"That's a reduced noise section!" exclaimed Doug. "Can you dry off, get dressed, and come with us Adam? I promise we'll get to the bottom of this for you. We want everyone to be happy here, including you."

Doug, Darren, and Adam went to the front desk as soon as Adam was dressed. Doug put his password into the computer system, and was able to pull up the intake files for both people in room thirty three oh five. The first was Adam's file, and everything looked fine. Then he pulled up the file for Adam's roommate, Josh Buckner.

"Okay Adam, it says here that Josh is gay, doesn't mind visitors to the room but doesn't like a lot of noise, doesn't drink, and doesn't smoke." said Doug. "Does that sound like the Josh who's in your room?"

"No, not at all." replied Adam. "Josh says he hates gay people, but wanted to room with a gay person in case he didn't find a girlfriend here. He says that gay people are only good for giving head to any guy who wants it. He's been playing his music loud from the second he hooked it up, and said if I didn't like it, that's too bad. He was drinking when I left, and said if I didn't like his smoking, that's too bad. He says that he's going to have friends over, and doesn't want me acting like a fag around them. He would prefer that I wasn't even there if he had friends over. And he doesn't want me bringing any fag friends around."

"Well, I'm printing this out and calling Hank, then we're going to have a talk with Josh." said Doug. "Some of the things you've said are sexual harassment from him, and he's not staying there! I'm really sorry this happened Adam."

Doug did have Hank remove Josh from Adam's room, but not without an argument from Josh first. Doug told Josh that Adam's complaint was enough for a harassment investigation, and he would have to be moved until that was completed anyway. Once Josh was gone, Doug called the front desk and told the clerk to have Josh room with the toughest match they had open, and not to go by Josh's profile.

Then Adam said, "I don't know how to thank you guys. I was hoping to have a good summer here, and possibly turn this into something more permanent. It was starting to look like all the other parks around here, but you guys act like you care. It might actually be fun working at the Sky Diver this summer."

"You're working at the Sky Diver huh?" replied Doug. "You'll like Alex, your team leader there. His boyfriend Damien is our floor supervisor. I'll tell you what Adam. We had to terminate three team leaders about a week ago. One of them worked in Damien's zone too, so he was a permanent employee. Why don't we have Alex groom you as one of his assistant team leaders? Then we can move you to the floor after the summer season is over."

"That would be great, as long as I don't have any more problems like Josh." replied Adam.

"I promise you won't Adam." said Doug.

"Yeah, anyone who looks as nice naked as you do shouldn't have any problems!" giggled Darren.

"Maybe we can all shower together sometime." smiled Doug.

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