No One Else 3:

Behind Thunderdome

by tim the story guy

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No One Else 3: Behind Thunderdome

by tim

Chapter 9

From the last chapter:

Then Adam said, "I don't know how to thank you guys. I was hoping to have a good summer here, and possibly turn this into something more permanent. It was starting to look like all the other parks around here, but you guys act like you care. It might actually be fun working at the Sky Diver this summer."

"You're working at the Sky Diver huh?" replied Doug. "You'll like Alex, your team leader there. His boyfriend Damien is our floor supervisor. I'll tell you what Adam. We had to terminate three team leaders about a week ago. One of them worked in Damien's zone too, so he was a permanent employee. Why don't we have Alex groom you as one of his assistant team leaders? Then we can move you to the floor after the summer season is over."

"That would be great, as long as I don't have any more problems like Josh." replied Adam.

"I promise you won't Adam." said Doug.

"Yeah, anyone who looks as nice naked as you do shouldn't have any problems!" giggled Darren.

"Maybe we can all shower together sometime." smiled Doug.

The next day, Hank got back in touch with Doug and Darren. "We've started investigating that harassment complaint from last night." said Hank. "I hate to say this, but Josh Buckner looks like he might be a plant."

"What?!" exclaimed Doug.

"Don't tell me, let me guess." said Darren. "Our good old friend, the CEO of that other park?"

"Yes, we found out he did work there." replied Hank. "That wasn't on his application, so it took a little digging. It also seems like he may have been involved in a gay bashing incident there last season. It looks like the company tried to cover it up though, and promoted him to team leader."

"Then he lied on his application." said Doug. "We want him removed from the property. Can you use this investigation to see if there are any more here like him?"

"We might very well run across more before the investigation is closed." replied Hank.

"Okay then, finish the investigation first Hank." said Doug. "After that's done, and we have as much information as we can get, Darren and I will give him his termination personally, then you can remove him from the property."

"I'm really starting to hate that CEO Doug." said Darren.

"Don't let him make you start hating anyone babe." replied Doug. "He isn't worth it. Besides, he'll get what he deserves someday!"

"If this keeps up though, we'll have to start hiring again to replace the spies they've sent over here." said Darren. "I'm not worried about replacing any permanent employees, but it's a little late to be hiring seasonal employees."

"Well, we can always send Simon out to the area colleges, to see if he can recruit any more seasonal employees." replied Doug. "We may have to come up with some kind of extra incentive though."

"We already give raises to seasonal employees who come back for more than one season, and that's a lot more than our competitor does." said Darren. "Plus we have an excellent overtime program, and a bunch of special employee perks. Do you have any other ideas babe?"

"I was thinking maybe health insurance for those who return for a second season." replied Doug. "They could get the same coverage as our permanent employees. We could always look into some level of tuition reimbursement for our seasonal employees who attend college. I'm sure that would attract people who want to come back here next season."

"What about out seasonal employees who don't attend college though?" asked Darren.

"Then we could offer them an end of the season bonus, just like our competition does." replied Doug. "Let's go talk to dad and Simon about this, and see what they think."

Fred and Simon had been made aware that there may be other plants in their park, and knew that they would probably have to hire more employees. They knew that might be a problem for seasonal employees, just as Doug and Darren had figured. Doug and Darren pitched their ideas, and Simon did some quick figuring to see if it would be financially feasible. After determining that it was, and that they would need to offer some type of incentives to seasonal employees, it was decided to add Doug and Darren's ideas to the seasonal handbooks, and cover those who had already been hired as well. Simon decided that he would immediately contact several local colleges, and set up recruitment dates.

Toward the end of the first week of training, Doug and Darren got a visit from one of their seasonal employees named Todd. "I want to set the record straight guys, because I've decided that you treat your employees much better than my last employer did." said Todd. "Actually, I've realized a few things this week. First though, I kind of lied on my application."

"Why would you do that Todd?" asked Doug. "You know that's cause for termination, don't you?"

"Yes, but I was told to." replied Todd. "I know that doesn't make it right though. That's why I wanted to admit that to you, and ask you to hear me out. I'm actually here on an assignment from your competition. There's about fifty of us altogether, and you've only caught four so far."

"Why?" asked Darren, trying to control himself.

"We were sent here to disrupt your training as much as we could, and try to sabotage your soft opening and opening weekend." replied Todd. "The problem is, I can't go through with that. At my old job, I was known to be a bit abrasive towards employees who were known to be gay. There though, only a handful of people were bold enough to not hide who they were. Things are a lot more open here though. I realized that I had probably worked with a lot more gay people than I realized, several of whom I considered good friends."

"What do you have against gay people Todd?" asked Doug.

"I think it was the way I was raised to believe, along with a lack of understanding of what gay people were really like." replied Todd. "There are quite a few here though that I realized may have been good friends at my old park. I can look back now, and see which of my friends there might have been gay, and were doing everything they could to hide it from jerks like me. I don't want to be like that anymore though guys. I really want to learn to get along with gay people, and consider them friends. I guess you guys have blown all of my misconceptions about gay people right out of the water."

"We're glad we could help then Todd." replied Darren. "Why should we trust you now though? You've admitted to lying to us. Sure, you might have changed, but what about all of the grief you have caused others in the past?"

"I want to make that up to you guys." replied Todd. "My experience here so far has been very good, and you guys do a lot more for your employees than my old employer ever did. I didn't want to risk you guys uncovering me, because I want to stay now. I want to help you guys make this park a success. After your opening weekend, the fifty guys who were sent over here were to leave you, and return to their jobs at the other park. They're going to screw you guys over as much as they can, then leave you short-handed. I can give you the names of all of those you haven't caught yet, while you still have a chance to replace them. I also know that next week my old employer will be back on the news again. They want to talk about their past, and what they hope to do in the future. It's a ruse though. They are going to get off into safety, talking about past rides they have removed for safety reasons. One of those was a ride which you guys are building a replica of here. They want to make it look like you guys build rides that you know are unsafe."

"The ride that we're building here is an updated version though." said Doug. "It's the same layout, and the same intensity, but it'll have safety features and slight track modifications that will make it much safer than the coaster it's based on. We can do things now that even the guy who built the original version never dreamed of."

"I know that Doug, and I know this version will be safe." replied Todd. "The other park isn't going to make it seem that way though. The truth isn't very high on their list of priorities. I want to convince you that it is high on my list of priorities though. Will you guys please give me a chance to prove that I've changed for the better?"

"Is there anything else you've lied on your application about?" asked Doug.

"No." replied Todd. "That was it, I promise."

"Then I guess we can let this one mistake go." said Doug. "You do need to stop in at human resources though, and correct your application. We can't make exceptions to that. Are you prepared to give us a list of people who are here to cause us trouble?"

"It'll be my pleasure guys." replied Todd. "Thanks for giving me another chance. I promise that I won't let you down."

"As long as you've learned from your mistakes Todd, that's all we ask." replied Doug.

Doug and Darren took the list Todd gave them to Tim and Fred, and told them about the conversation they had with Todd, including what was next on the agenda for their favorite CEO. Fred looked a little skeptical about keeping Todd as an employee, but accepted that Doug and Darren thought he deserved a second chance. The forty five names on the list of people who were still hiding their records and agenda wouldn't be quite so lucky though. After talking to Fred and Tim, Doug and Darren went to visit with Sam.

"You boys are just in time!" said Sam. "I put the full-scale version of my radar system online this morning, and it has already picked up something! Now I get to test it, and see if it actually works."

"What do you have Sam?" asked Darren.

"Come over here to the radar screen!" replied Sam excitedly.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Doug. "Holy fucking shit! That thing is huge! What is it?!"

"That's the moon boys, nothing to be alarmed about." laughed Sam. "What I'm tracking has just passed by the moon." Then Sam zoomed in on the image, and continued, "That is a meteor. It is headed on a path that will have it intersect with the Earth, somewhere over North America. It's small enough though that it should burn up completely in our atmosphere, if it gets that chance. Just before it hits the Earth's atmosphere, I'm going to fire the laser at it. The laser should destroy something that size before it enters our atmosphere."

The boys continued talking with Sam, as they watched the meteor get closer and closer to Earth. Finally, the meteor was close enough for Sam to aim his laser at it. A few seconds after Sam fired the laser, the meteor disappeared from the radar screen.

"Yes! It worked!" exclaimed Sam. "Now I know that all of my research wasn't for nothing! I can't thank you boys enough for letting me prove that!"

"That was the most impressive thing I've ever seen Sam!" said Doug. "We're happy that this has worked out for you."

"Now I can move on to what I've wanted to do for some time now." said Sam.

"What's that Sam?" asked Darren.

"I get to design some wicked rides for you boys, of course!" smiled Sam.

As the first training week ended, the seasonal employees were informed of the additions to their compensation package. This made most of them very happy. There were twenty five employees who weren't informed of the new compensation package though. Instead, they were given their terminations, and asked to leave the property as soon as possible. Another twenty were scheduled to arrive for the second week of training, but they would never be allowed to check in. Simon finally came up with the final figures, and saw that the park was short by two hundred employees. That was counting the employees who were terminated, those that they had already driven to quit in that first week, and the number that they had been short on anyway. Doug and Darren asked if they could call the employees who had left because of the spies, and beg them to give the park another chance. Tim and Fred thought that would be a great idea. Doug and Darren heard quite a few emotional stories, and had to make quite a few promises, but by the end of the day they had convinced all but a half dozen of them to give the park another chance. That would leave Simon one hundred and sixty spots to fill during his recruitment drive.

The second week of training went much better, without the other park's people there to interfere. Todd had ensured that things would go more smoothly now though. To reward Todd for his help, Doug and Darren had him named as the assistant team leader at The Screaming Eagle, which now made Todd a permanent employee. Even though the team leader at The Screaming Eagle was completely gay, and Todd was completely straight, the two guys hit it off very well. Doug and Darren knew that they would become close friends by just looking at them. Todd had also made sure the park would be ready for their competition's interview that week. Fred called the station manager, who sent a crew to Thunderdome. Fred's interview would immediately follow the other park's interview. By the time it was over, Fred had turned things around on the other park, and made them look a little foolish. The only thing the other park accomplished was to give Thunderdome even more publicity, and it turned out to be the type that Fred didn't mind at all.

This weekend would be very exciting for Doug and Darren. It would start on Friday night, when they would go to the airport in Detroit to pick up their friend Gregori. Then on Saturday they would be joined by their friends from Lansing and Cincinnati, as well as their new friends from Orlando. Saturday and Sunday would be two days of full operation just for their friends, before the soft opening began on Monday. In an attempt to play match-makers, Doug and Darren had invited Ivan to their house for dinner. They wanted to get the two friends from Russia together, and see if anything happened. Doug and Darren greeted Gregori with a smile, just outside the security checkpoint at the airport.

"How are my two best American friends doing?" asked Gregori with a thick Russian accent, as he gave the boys a hug.

"We're great Gregori!" replied Darren. "It sure is good to see you again, and without blowing up an island to do it this time!"

That had everyone laughing, as Doug, Darren, and Gregori headed to baggage claim. The three friends talked while waiting for Gregori's bags, catching up with how they were doing since they last saw each other. Actually it took them all the way home to Sterling Heights to do that, even when it included a stop to welcome the group from Orlando to town. Once they got home, Doug and Darren led Gregori inside, and introduced him to everyone. Of course no introduction was needed when they got to Ivan.

"Ivan my comrade, how are you?" asked Gregori.

"I am fine my comrade." replied Ivan. "How has the university back in Moscow been to you this year Gregori?"

"I am glad to be finished for the summer!" laughed Gregori. "My father says that I need to know all of this though, to be ready to take his place someday. Are my American friends Doug and Darren treating you well?"

"They are treating me so well that I may not want to return home to Russia!" laughed Ivan.

"That sounds like Doug and Darren." smiled Gregori. "We missed them very much on the ship, when we dropped them off in Hawaii."

After dinner, Doug and Darren showed Gregori to his room, with Ivan following along. "This will be your home while you're here with us Gregori." said Doug. "We want you to feel at home too. If you meet someone while you're here, please don't hesitate to bring them here, even if it's to show them some affection."

"Yeah, Doug and I show each other affection all the time, so everyone here is use to that." smiled Darren, as he slipped an arm behind Doug.

"Yes, I remember being lucky enough to have you include me in that once." replied Gregori.

"Well, we're a little more exclusive to each other now." said Doug. "There are plenty of nice guys around here though." Then Doug and Darren began sharing a passionate kiss in front of Gregori and Ivan.

"Do you mean that you have been intimate with other men?" Ivan asked Gregori.

"Does that shock you comrade?" asked Gregori. "Look at the love that Doug and Darren share. They offered to share that with me after my ship had rescued them. It looks beautiful, does it not? How could I turn that down? Since then, there has been one other man. He has not seen me in that way yet though."

Gregori looked at Ivan, and saw that Ivan was now looking intently at Doug and Darren. Doug and Darren were now in a very passionate embrace, and beginning to try to remove each other's clothes. Then Gregori noticed the effect it was having on Ivan, causing a noticeable bulge in the front of Ivan's pants.

"Do they not look so beautiful, my comrade?" asked Gregori. "I would so like for that other man I spoke of to see me that way Ivan. Can I kiss you, to see if there is any chance that you may see me that way?"

Ivan looked into Gregori's eyes, and saw a deep sense of longing. Gregori looked into Ivan's eyes, and finally saw a look of acceptance. Then Gregori took Ivan into his arms, and gently pressed his lips to Ivan's. Ivan had never felt such overpowering emotions, as he melted into Gregori's kiss. Pretty soon, Gregori felt Ivan kissing him back with equal passion. By this time, Doug and Darren were both naked on Gregori's bed, and making love to each other. Ivan finally looked over to see Doug and Darren, as their cocks lovingly slid in and out of each other's mouths.

Gregori then slid Ivan's shirt off, and caressed Ivan's bare chest as he said, "I love you comrade. I have loved you for a while now. I want to show you that love, the same as Doug and Darren now show their love for each other." Then Gregori slid his hand down over Ivan's rock hard cock, and said, "Please let me make love to you Ivan. Let me show you how beautiful it can be."

Ivan then removed Gregori's shirt, and replied, "I have never considered making love to another man Gregori, but I think I would like to make love to you."

Ivan and Gregori then laid down on the bed next to Doug and Darren, and finished undressing each other. Then Gregori turned so that he and Ivan were in the same position as Doug and Darren were in. Ivan gasped lightly as he felt Gregori's mouth close around his nine inch uncut erection. Then Ivan stared intently at Gregori's eight inch uncut cock, which was right in front of his face. Ivan felt a sudden desire to feel Gregori's cock inside his mouth, so he opened his lips and watched as Gregori's cock disappeared into his mouth. Both men moaned loudly around each other's cocks, as their love-making took on a passion that shocked Ivan. He had never imagined making love to another man before, but now he couldn't imagine not making love to Gregori. Gregori was feeling an incredible sense of joy, as he knew that Ivan had now become his lover. Their love-making was so pleasurable that neither Ivan or Gregori knew how long they were going at it. All either man knew was that they never wanted it to end. Ivan finally began building toward his orgasm though, and worked passionately to build Gregori toward his too. Ivan's orgasm was released from his cock with a force that made him moan out his love for Gregori loudly. As Ivan's orgasm was fading, Gregori's hit him with the same intensity that had wracked Ivan. Ivan couldn't think of anything except swallowing every drop of Gregori's cum, as it shot forcefully from Gregori's cock. When Gregori's orgasm was over, the two men took each other into their arms. Then they noticed that Doug and Darren were smiling widely at both of them.

"That was so hot!" said Doug.

"I've never seen anyone go that long before!" said Darren. "How long were they making love Doug?"

"Almost forty five minutes!" replied Doug. "That beats the crap out of anything we've done!"

"What can I say?" smiled Gregori. "When you have a man like Ivan making love to you, you never want it to end."

"I've never felt a love as wonderful and intense as what we shared Gregori." replied Ivan. "Will you be my lover for the rest of our lives?"

"Of course I will my love!" replied Gregori, as he gave Ivan a hug of joy.

"So Gregori, do you want us to get you a work visa here, so you can spend the summer with your Ivan?" asked Doug.

"That would be a wonderful thing for you boys to do for us." replied Gregori.

Brett and Tyler were the first two to show up at the park then next morning, since they lived in Sterling Heights anyway. Brett had also brought Nick and his mom along with them. Then came the caravan from Lansing. Billy, Rondell, Darryl, and Paul had no problems convincing the entire football team to come with them. Then came Kevin and Carter from Cincinnati, along with their friends and family. That included two incredible looking guys named Chris and Jeremy, who had just gotten out of the Coast Guard. Then came the two busses from Orlando, carrying Rusty, Allen, their bandmates and friends, and their families. After the introductions were made, Doug and Darren wanted to show everyone the time of their lives. That was when everything started getting strange. Doug was sure that he saw Tim toward the back of the group, with his arm around one of the people with the group from Orlando. Sky immediately popped into Doug's mind, and Doug knew that Sky would be devastated by something like that. Doug wanted to talk to Darren first though, before jumping to any conclusions. Almost everyone headed to Sky Diver first, and by that time, Darren could see that something was bothering Doug.

"What's the matter babe?" asked Darren, while they waited for the ride crew to start loading people.

"Could we have been wrong about him Dare?" asked Doug.

"Wrong about who babe?" asked Darren. "What are you talking about?"

"About Tim." replied Doug. "I thought I saw him with his arm around a man from the group that came with Rusty and Allen. How could he do that to Sky? I really thought they loved each other!"

"I'm sure they do Doug." replied Darren. "I'm sure there's a good explanation for what you saw."

"I hope so." said Doug. "After what Sky has been through, I don't want to see him hurt like that. I'd hate to have to make Tim our first termination, besides those people from the other park."

"Let's just wait and talk to him later, before we jump to any conclusions Doug." replied Darren.

Doug and Darren rode right behind Kevin and Carter. By the time the ride was over, Kevin and Carter were enthusiastically pleased with the ride. After the two boys from Cincinnati had moved on, Doug and Darren spoke some more at the exit to Sky Diver.

"Doug, do you think our friend the CEO might have had anything to do with what you saw?" asked Darren.

"What are you saying he did Darren?" asked Doug. "Do you think he found someone who looks exactly like Tim, just to make us mad at Tim?"

"What better way to hurt us if he could?" replied Darren. "Send someone here who looks like Tim, and make us get rid of one of the people who helped us get this place going. He knows he can't keep us from opening now, and I'm sure he knows where all of his season passholders are disappearing to."

"You're right that losing Tim would hurt us, but that just sounds too far-fetched!" said Doug.

"Oh come on babe, don't tell me about far-fetched!" laughed Darren. "We have a mad scientist on our payroll, who has built a laser that can shoot down meteors! Who knows, maybe we can even get Sam to bring one down on our CEO friend's head!"

"Okay babe, you made your point." laughed Doug. "Wait Dare, here comes Tim and Sky!"

"Hey Tim, can I talk to you alone?" asked Doug.

"Sure my friend, anything for you." smiled Tim.

As soon as they were out of range of the others, Doug asked, "So Tim, is there anything about today that you haven't told us?"

"No Doug, everything seems to be one hundred percent ready, or at least close to it." replied Tim. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you and Sky are both friends of mine." said Doug. "I don't want to see either of you hurt."

"What are you talking about Doug?" asked Tim.

"I saw you earlier Tim." said Doug. "You had your arm around someone from Rusty and Allen's group."

"What?!" exclaimed Tim. "That's ridiculous Doug! I love Sky with all my heart. Do you think I would do that to him, after what he's been through?"

"I don't know what to think Tim." replied Doug. "I know I saw you though, unless there's someone here who looks just like you. You might have changed shirts, but it was you."

"I don't know what's going on Doug, but please believe me." said Tim. "It wasn't me. I would never have my arm around anyone except my Sky. I could never love anyone the way I love him. I swear that whoever you saw, it wasn't me."

"I believe you Tim, but what the hell did I see?" asked Doug.

"I don't know, but I'll try to find out." said Tim. "If someone is trying to get me into trouble with you guys, I want to know about it!"

Doug and Tim then rejoined Darren and Sky. What Tim had told Doug was now starting to confirm Darren's speculation, but it still sounded too unbelievable to Doug. After Tim and Sky left, Gregori came off the ride. Doug and Darren decided to show Gregori a good time, while they gave Tim a chance to find out what was happening. Doug had a nagging feeling that things would only get stranger though. Doug's nagging feeling would be confirmed, when they ran across Rusty and Allen back at the exit to Wooden U. Doug wanted to talk to the guys about the stage set-up, and things went so well that Rusty and Allen offered to have the band play that evening.

Then almost out of the blue, Rusty asked, "By the way, do you guys have an assistant manager here named Tim?"

"Yeah, he helped us open this place." said Doug. "Something really strange is going on here today though."

"I'll say!" said Rusty. "We brought a friend named Tim with us from Orlando, and the two look exactly alike!"

"You're kidding!" said Doug. "I might owe Tim an apology then. I thought he was fooling around on his boyfriend, who's another really close friend of ours."

"I might too then." said Rusty. "I accused him of trying to mess with our heads. We need to catch up to both of them, and straighten this out!"

At least now Doug knew that he wasn't losing his mind yet, although this day was getting weirder by the moment. Doug and Darren agreed to get Tim and Sky to meet them beside the stage before the show, and Allen and Rusty agreed to get the other Tim and his boyfriend Jay to meet them at the same place. Doug couldn't believe his eyes when he saw two exactly identical people named Tim at the meeting. As a matter of fact, it left all of the boys scratching their heads, as the two Tims went off together to try to figure out what was happening. They really couldn't offer an explanation for what happened when they returned. Doug thought that Allen came up with the best explanation later that evening, when he said it might be a gnome playing around with the space/time continuum.

Whatever the explanation was though, it was one of the strangest days Doug and Darren had ever had.

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