All of the usual disclaimers and things apply. If you have gotten this far from the home page then you know where you are and probably what you are about to read. If not, this is an adult oriented story involving gay things so if that doesn't interest you then kindly leave. Thanks -- MJ

Noises in the Dark
~ A Short Story ~

Almost eleven o'clock. Time for lights out I guess.

"You ready to hit the hay Steve? Or are you going to stay up?" I asked my best friend.

"Nah it's been a long day and I'm really beat Tim" he replied back.

As I headed upstairs to my room, Steve followed me up the steps. This wonderful old house of my mom and dad's had an upstairs, downstairs and a fully finished basement. When I was younger I lived down in the basement in my own private area. The older I got though, the more stuff we seemed to have accumulated. Eventually I moved out of the basement into the first floor where one of two bedrooms were located. This didn't last for very long, maybe a year or so at most. One day my dad got hurt on the job and was unable to maneuver the steps that led upstairs to the master bedroom. So his brilliant idea was that he and my mom would move into my room downstairs, and I would move into the master suite on the top floor. I won't go into the boring detail of all that but it was really sweet to be able to move up to the master suite. It wasn't anything like the ones you see on tv so don't get overly excited. It did however have a decent sized bedroom and a bathroom with more than ample space. Now that you have the general idea of who's on first, let me get back to the thought at hand.

Steve and I had just finished our Sophomore year of high school and were looking forward to a very long summer vacation. There would be the normal for us. Boating on the lake, fishing in the river about twenty some odd miles from my house, and anything else that wouldn't get us into too much trouble. Now Steve and I hadn't been best friends for all that long. See my dad was transferred last summer to this small town and Steve's mom moved herself and Steve here that very same summer. We actually only lived a few blocks away from each other and had even seen each other in passing during the summer. But, it wasn't until school let back in that we actually began to know each other. Without going into too much detail, we both discovered the first few days of school that everyone was in their own clique and no one seemed interested in new comers. Small towns are like that. Somehow Steve and I ended up at the same table every day for a week during the lunch period. We would acknowledge each other in some small way but other than a really quick hello or something, nothing else was ever said between us. Then one day I noticed that he had a book by James Patterson out and was reading it. Now I love James Patterson, and Stuart Woods for that matter, so I decided to point out that I had just finished the very same book, Along Came a Spider. We hit it off instantly and soon started our own clique, just the two of us. As anyone could guess, we spent more and more time together. We were always at one another's houses.

The first day of summer break I decided to invite him to spend the night over if he didn't think that it would be too dorky. And rather quickly he accepted. Now we were always open around each other and didn't seem to hide much but I got a look at a different side to Steve. We hung out with my parents, shot some pool in the basement, then hung out in my room listening to music. When it came time for bed Steve shucked off his shoes and socks, then dove in the bed fully clothed. He scooted over to the other side of the bed that was against the wall to give me the outside edge of the bed.

As I stared at him in disbelief, he just looked at me and said, "What?!"

"Steve aren't you going to get undressed man?" I asked.

"Yeah I will after the lights are off." Came his reply.

All I could think to myself was "how weird is that?" So I asked him about it.

"Well my mom is really old fashioned and since my dad left she's really funny about clothing."

"Oh...ok" was all I had. What else could I say. Something like, "dude that's really weird." Well shit now that I think about it, Steve doesn't even take P.E. I wonder how in the hell he gets away with that?

Anyways, I stripped down to my boxer briefs before pulling back the sheets and climbing in the bed next to him. I reached over and clicked off the lamp on the night stand casting the room around us into pitch darkness. That's one of the things I love about my room the most. Even after your eyes get used to the dark, it's still completely dark in the room. Settling into my pillow I realized that Steve is moving around now. I guessed that he was starting to get ready for bed.

If you've ever laid in the complete dark then you know that your ears seem to pick up every noise. Usually it's a cricket. A frog. Whatever. Tonight it was Steve as I laid there listening. I could feel the bed shift when he sat up but I could also hear the rustling of the bed sheets sliding off of his body. He flopped the sheets down as got them down past his waist. I could hear him breathing. He had apparently started to pull his t-shirt off because I could here the fabric sliding across his smooth chest. As it neared his thick head of hair, it made this whooshing sound as his head popped out of the neckline. Now most guys at this point would just toss the shirt in the general direction that they believed was the open area of the room in the darkness. Steve instead lightly touched my bare arm with his left hand then poked his shirt at me with his right. I took it with the assumption that I was to put it on the floor or something. Now Steve is not a bodybuilder or anything but at 6'2" he's really tall to me and quite good looking. In my eyes I'm only fair looking and at 5'8" I feel rather short at times. I decided to sneak a sniff of the shirt as I was moving it towards the floor. I decided to just run it past my nose. And that shirt smelled just like Steve. Slightly manly and soapy all at the same time. Instant boner. Shit now what do I do? I couldn't jack off with my best friend in the bed especially after I threw the boner smelling his shirt!

He settled back onto the bed and for an instant I thought that that was all the clothing that he was planning on taking off. Nope! The most wonderful sounds hit my ears in that darkness. It was the sound of a zipper. Now most people would have just yanked down their zipper like they were getting ready to take a piss. Not Steve. He pulled down that zipper like he was trying not to make any noise at all. What seemed like forever was probably just a second or two but the sound of that zipper being pulled down was making me extremely hard! When the sound stopped it was replaced by a single snapping sound. He had just unbuttoned his jeans. The sound of fabric being pulled away from other fabric followed. Then there was a silence. A moment or two later there was the sound of fingernails scratching across skin. I wondered what he was scratching? Was it his stomach? Or perhaps his chest? Maybe it was his underwear clad cock? Some shifting of his body weight on the bed made me refocus my attention as to what he was doing now. He was lifting up his hips. More fabric sliding across fabric. His jeans were coming off. The bed made a rolling motion so he must have sat up enough to reach his feet. More fabric rustling. He leans back in the bed. Again he reaches out his left hand to touch my bare arm. His right hand pushes the fabric of his jeans into my direction. Again I sneak an opportunity to take a sniff at them. Nothing much to smell this time. I couldn't take a deep breath and risk him hearing me. Especially not him figuring out that I might be smelling his dirty clothes.

We lay there for what seemed like an eternity. We talked back and forth about nonsense stuff and eventually he sounded as if he had dozed off. He had the slightest, cutest little snore you had ever heard. Once again I was hard as a rock. I was laying there, on my back, contemplating letting my hand "accidentally" fall to my side down between our two bodies when I decided to do just that. I let it fall between us with the palm up. I had every intention of touching his side because I could somehow tell that he was on his back as well. But with just my hand laying on the bed between us and the body heat I could feel radiating from his underwear clad body, I almost creamed in my boxer briefs. Now I was afraid that if I touched him then I would really cream my shorts. And I didn't want that to happen too quickly. I was still wondering if I should touch him when I felt his hand fall down next to mine. He moaned in his sleep and his hand slid across the bed sheets. First it just bumped into my hand. Then it sort of explored. Even though he sounded asleep, his hand was slowly feeling it's way around the area that lay between us. Just in case he was faking being asleep, I was going to fake being asleep too. So I started into my little fake snoring. His hand slowly crept over my hand like it was feeling out the position of it. Then it lay motionless. Steve was still snoring or so it seemed. Several moments went by, then the hand moved off of mine. I could hear it slipping across the bed sheets, then sounding like it had moved back on top of Steve.

Several tense moments went by, some with me faking a snore. Some with him faking a snore. Then I heard it. Pop. I would know that sound anywhere. It was the elastic around the top of a pair of underwear. It's the sound you get when you grab your underwear's elastic waist and let go of it. The POP you hear when it slaps into your stomach. And by the crispness of the popping sound, the elastic was on a pair of briefs or boxer briefs but definitely not plain old boxers. As I lay there contemplating that sound I had to start to think of all kinds of things. Was Steve just scratching and needed to get a good skin on skin scratch of his balls? Was he playing with himself thinking that I was asleep? I didn't really have time to think up any more questions because he all of a sudden moaned like he was sleeping and stretched. Along with the stretch he rolled over onto his side so that he was now facing me. This put his waistline up against my hand and upon a better focus I realized that his very hard cock in his really tight briefs were actually up against the upturned palm of my hand. I froze. I listened to his breathing. He sounded asleep. Maybe he was just having a really hot dream and trying to rub his cock in his sleep. I gently moved the tips of my fingers around to get an idea of what his cock felt like. That's when I heard it. He moaned!

And then he rolled over onto his back. What the hell?!

Very slight movement from him...then...POP!

Now he's rolling onto his side again. Only...this time he's rolling even farther over towards me.

Oh my...I can't breathe. I can't think. No, I can think because I think I just about shot half a load into my boxer briefs. His crotch is once again on my hand. This time when he rolled over farther, it sort of pressed the entire crotch into the palm of my hand.

And this time there was something different. No fabric!

In other words, his very hard dick was now laying in the palm of my hand completely free of underwear! And he was leaking pre-cum all over my hand!! He moaned again. I may pass out ... he's started to hump my hand. And out of reflex I tightened my grip on the dick in my hand to help aid in his pumping action. Apparently this was all the go ahead he needed. Steve slid his right hand over to my chest and started to tweak my nipples.

My turn to let out a moan. Apparently only encouraging him more. He quickly slid his right hand down my chest to my stomach then on to my waist. Without hesitating, he grabbed the elastic of my underwear, pulling it down and tucking it under my balls for safe keeping. This out of the way he wrapped his palm around my dick and started to slowly jerk on it. All the while he is slowly thrusting his slicked up cock in and out of my hand that's caught between us on the bed.

I honestly started to pant at that moment. This was all new to me and other than rosy palm and her five sisters, nothing else had ever come close to my dick in my young teenage life. He increased the speed of his hand on my cock and while doing so he also sped up the speed to which he was thrusting in and out of my gripping fist around his cock. I was so very close to cumming at that point that I didn't know what to do. I was panting almost to the point of loosing control. Steve was now panting just as loudly as I was and when it couldn't get any better, he pulled my right nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently. That's all it took. I shot my entire load all over his hand, my stomach, my chest and the back of his head in his hair. He moaned and sucked my nipple for all he was worth while increasing his on thrusts. In a matter of seconds after I started cumming, Steve started shooting these gobs of warm cum into my right fist. I was in heaven.

Without stopping to think it through, I grabbed Steve by the hair on his head pulling his face off of my nipple and up to my face. In the total darkness I kissed that boy until I was blue in the face. We tongue fucked each other's mouths until our tongues were so tired that we couldn't do it anymore. Even our cum had had time to dry up by the time we finished making out.

In the total darkness I said, "Steve, I hope that that was ok..."

He cut me off with another kiss, then broke it off saying, "Tim I've loved you from the first time I ever saw you in the lunch room at school."

And that's how we started off, just some noises in the dark.


Authors Note: This was a short story for me. It's been nagging at the corners of my mind for a little while so I figured I would write it out. It's not my favorite story but I had to write it none the less. Unfortunately it's pure fiction but so be it. I hope you enjoyed it. That's all there is going to be for it, so take care. -- MJ