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Story Title:Angel We Have Heard On High
Category:High School
Date Of Posting:2002-05-07
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     AAA          NNNN         N      GGGGGGGGG     EEEEEEEEEEEEEE LLL
       AA          N NN        N     G        GG     EE         E  LL
       A A         N  NN       N   G           G     EE            LL
       A AA        N    NN     N  GG                 EE            LL
      A   AA       N     NN    N  GG          GGG    EE      E     LL
     AAAAAAAA      N       NN  N  GG           G     EEEEEEEEE     LL
    A       AA     N        NN N   GG          G     EE      E     LL
   A         AA    N         NNN    GG         G     EE            LL
  A           AA   N          NN     GG       G      EE         E  LL         L

We Have Heard On High

Angel We Have Heard On High 1x02
--{: The Trial - Part I :}--

Patricia: David?! If you don't get your skinny butt in here right now, your father is going to give you a long spanking!

Angel: Previously on "Angel We Have Heard On High"...

*Angel running away*
*Angel sobbing against Derek's shoulder*
Derek: What the hell were you thinking, running away like that again?!
Angel: He touched me.
Derek: Oh my God!
Angel: He made me jack him off and then forced my head downwards, towards it...
*Derek and Robin on Robin's bed*
Derek: Could we please stay here for a while?
*Robin smiling*
Robin: Of course.
Angel: What if we have to stay here forever?
*Robin smiling*
Robin: That would just fine.
*Philip walking up to Derek and Angel*
*Philip shaking Derek's and Angel's hands*
Philip: The name's Philip.

      "Angel?" Derek asked as he entered Angel's room.
      It was night. The moon was shining outside and Derek was wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. He went over to Angel's bed and found that it was empty. "Angel?"

DATE: 17th of June 2001
TIME: 2:01 AM

      Angel was walking down the hall. He found it all so surreal. It looked as if it were the walls and floor moving and not him. It felt as if he was standing still while the rest of the world moved around him. Suddenly, he came to an halt at the balcony door. He opened it and stepped onto the balcony.
      There, he scanned the house's surroundings. There were lots of trees and bushes all over the yard. But he didn't bother admiring the beautiful white roses. He just walked up to the railing and jumped onto it. He looked down and shivered.
      "Ende..." he thought before jumping.
      And in that moment, he felt a peace overcome him, as he fell towards the ground two stories down.

(Opening Theme plays)

Madonna - Like A Prayer

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,
I hear you call my name and it feels like home,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"I hear your voice, it's like an Angel sighing,
I have no choice, I hear your voice,"
Chorus:"Feels like flying,"
"I close my eyes, oh God, I think I'm falling,
Out of the sky, I close my eyes,"
Chorus:"Heaven help me,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

David Andromeda
Derek Andromeda
Philip Wester
Robin Marsters

Philip Wester

(End of theme)

Kevin Brannigan

Written and directed by Philip Wester.

DATE: 17th of June 2001
TIME: 2:05 AM

      Angel's body made contact with the ground and he suddenly felt himself being forced back into the real world. It had all been a dream. He awoke on the floor, in front of the closed balcony door, bathing in sweat.
      "It felt so peaceful..." he thought as he stood up.
      Derek came up to him and hugged him.
      "I was so worried when I couldn't find you in your bed," he sobbed. "We've only been at the Marsters residence for a week now. You have to stay strong!"
      "Yes..." Angel said quietly, but all he could think of was that peaceful feeling that he had felt in his dream.
      Derek hugged Angel closer and then let go of him.
      "Do you remember what day tomorrow is?" Derek asked Angel.
      "Of course," Angel said. "It's a Tuesday."
      "But do you remember what we're going to do?" Derek wondered.
      "We're going to press charges..." Angel said quietly while looking down.
      Derek studied him for a while before grabbing onto his shoulders. "It feels as if you haven't told me everything yet."
      "There's a small detail that I haven't told you about yet." Angel said quietly.
      "What detail?" Derek wondered.
      "Mom knew," Angel said quietly while looking down at the floor, not wanting to meet Derek's gaze.
      "She knew?!" Derek exclaimed.
      "She came in and saw us once while he was lying on my bed, forcing me to touch him," Angel told Derek through tearfilled eyes since his eyes had now started to tear up. "And she just turned around and left. She knew what happened, but she never once tried to help me!"
      A long silence followed, disturbed only by Angel's constant sobbing as tears streamed down his face. Derek felt the dark place in his heart, which he had visited each time he saw an injustice inflicted unto Angel by his parents, expand and grow to twice its previous size. His hatred grew and he could feel his forehead contort.
      "They have to pay." he said coldly.
      "What?" Angel asked and looked up into his brother's face and saw the coldness and hatred in his heart.

      "It's as simple as that," Derek said. "They have to pay. They both have to."
      "No... Derek, please..." Angel begged. "Don't."
      "We have to go to the police with this," Derek said sternly. "I watched them hurt you throughout your entire life. Hurting me was bad enough, but you? You never did anything wrong. And then this. They have to pay!"
      "Please, no!" Angel begged, now in tears. "If we go to the police, everybody will know and they will all laugh at me!"
      "We can demand a case that isn't open to the public." Derek said.
      "But..." Angel started protesting, but Derek put a finger on his lips and shushed him.
      "Please, trust me," he said. "I'll make it alright.

DATE: 28th of June 2001
TIME: 1:48 PM

      "Angel!" a voice cried out and Angel turned around.
      He, Robin, Philip, Julia and Derek were standing in a the hallway of a court hall. As Angel turned around, he could slowly make out the figure of his father, Mel Andromeda, standing there.
      "Dad?" Angel asked.
      Mel raised his hand and Angel's eyes opened up wide in realization when he saw what Mel was holding. It was a gun.
      Derek spun around, too, and also his eyes widened at the sight. Mel was standing a good sixty feet away from the two when he pushed the trigger off. A bullet went speeding out of the gun's pipe and towards the two brothers, right at Angel, who was frozen at the spot.
      Derek spun around with his back towards his father to shield Angel from the bullet. The bullet struck Derek in the chest and a small patch of blood splashed out on Angel's chest. Derek then fell to the floor, dragging Angel with him.
      Angel sat up and took Derek into his arms, both of them covered in blood, and started rocking his brother. In a distance, he could hear voices scream "Freeze" and then skin slapping against skin. In his mind, all he could see was Derek, slowly slipping away from him.

DATE: 19th of June 2001
TIME: 4:21 PM

      "So, you want to press charges?" the police officer asked Angel.
      "Yes, officer Bradbury," Angel said. "Right after the first completed rape, we went to the doctor and got a full examination. The managed to get a lot of physical evidence."
      Offier Bradbury, Derek and Angel were all sitting in an office in a police building, Derek and Angel in front of the desk and officer Bradbury behind it. As they talked, Bradbury was scribbling down everything that they said onto a notepad.
      "You do realize that the press might get all over you for this, right?" Bradbury asked Angel. "Things like this usually become top stories."
      "Could we make it a trial closed off to the public?" Derek asked Bradbury. "Please? I don't Angel to suffer more humiliation."
      "I'll see what I can do," Bradbury. "But I can't guarantee anything.

DATE: 21st of June 2001
TIME: 11:56 AM

      RING, RING, RING, the telephone rang.
      "Hello?" Angel asked after picking the reciever up and putting it at at his ear.
      "This is officer Barnaby," a voice said from the other line. "Thanks to your brother's help and cunning, the DA has already collected enough proof to set up for a trial. It will be held next week!"
      "Oh my God!" Angel exclaimed.

DATE: 22nd of June 2001
TIME: 9:40 AM

      "I'm itchy!" Angel complained.
      "Here, try this." Derek suggested and handed Angel a soap bar and a towel.

DATE: 22nd of June 2001
TIME: 10:34 AM

      "I'm still itchy!" Angel complained.
      "Try this." Derek sighed and handed Angel a salve.

DATE: 22nd of June 2001
TIME: 11:53 AM

      "It itches so badly!" Angel complained.
      "Try this." Derek said and handed Angel a couple of pills.
      Angel swallowed them all in a single gulp and fell to the floor, asleep, shortly after.
      "Finally." Derek chuckled.

DATE: 23rd of June 2001
TIME: 2:44 PM

      "Hey, Angel!" Philip screamed through the mass of people on the town plaza. "Get over here! Julia'll be here soon."
      "Hey, weird red-haired guy!" Angel screamed back and ran up to Philip, fending off an entire troop of tourists on the way.
      "Should I feel offended?" Philip asked Angel. "Is this a 'Hey-moment'?"
      "If certainly is!" Angel said and grinned.
      "Hey!" Philip exclaimed and then started laughing. "You are so weird. You know that, right?"
      "Hey, I should talk." Angel laughed and motioned for his hair, which also was red.
      "Oh, yeah..." Philip chuckled. "And you were born that way. At least I got my color through a bottle."
      "Hey!" Angel exclaimed.
      "Anywho..." Philip chuckled nervously. "Ok, there's something important that you need to know."
      "And that is?" Angel wondered.
      "I'm gay." Philip whispered and Angel stood like frozen.
      "Angel?" Philip asked. "Talk to me. Don't make me hug you!"
      "You are?!" Angel exclaimed. "Well, duh!"
      "Hey!" Philip exclaimed and smacked Angel upside the head. "It's not as if I'm the biggest queen of all time!"
      "I was kidding," Angel chuckled and then rubbed the back of his head. "And ow!!!"
      "Sorry for that." Philip said. "And also, sorry for this."
      With that said, Philip reached over and pinched Angel's ass.
      "Hey!" Angel exclaimed.
      "Hey!" a voice called out both boys turned their heads to see Julia standing there.
      She hurriedly ran over to the boys and smiled at Angel. "Did you hear yet?"
      "Yes," Angel chuckled. "I have the bruise on my ass to prove it."
      "I'll pretend like I didn't hear that," Julia said quietly. "Anyways, so, anyone wanna go boy-hunting tonight?"
      Angel frowned.
      "We could go girl-hunting, too." Philip added.
      "Okies!" Angel said.

DATE: 24th of June 2001
TIME: 3:42 AM

      "Well that gave nothing," Philip sighed. "I still have yet to get myself my first boyfriend."
      "At least you weren't hit on by a disgusting drunk," Julia moaned and shivered.
      "Oh, be quiet!" Angel chuckled.
      The three friends were all sitting around in Derek's and Angel's room in the Masters house. It was night and the moonlight shining in through the window was the only illumination that the room had.
      "Hey, Angel?" Philip asked.
      "Yeah?" Angel wondered.
      "How are you feeling?" Philip asked.
      "Pretty good..." Angel said quietly. "Considering the consequences."
      "Are you sure of that you're up for this?" Julia wondered. "I mean, they're gonna put you on the stand and ask you questions about it all. And I'm sure of that your parents' lawyer will ask you horrible questions and accuse you of lying."
      "I don't care," Angel said. "I know the truth and I will tell it to the jury."
      "The emancipation will be immediate, right?" Philip wondered.
      "Yes," Angel said and nodded twice. "If my parents are convicted, me and Derek will be emancipated the very same day. Social services have agreed on this. If not, then we will remain in the custody of the Masters."
      "That's great," Philip said and smiled warmly at Angel. "Jules...?"
      "Er, Jules?" Philip asked and looked at Julia, whose eyes were closed.
      She slumped forward, falling right on top of Philip, forcing him to lie down on Angel's bed.
      "Ewww!!!" Philip hissed. "Girl-cooties!"
      "Oh, be quiet and go to sleep!" Julia groaned and Angel snickered quietly.
      He, too, laid down and put his arms around both of his friends, happy to have such good friends. Fatigue overcame the three of them and they all fell asleep shortly.
      "Sweet dreams, bro." Derek, who was standing in the doorway, thought and smiled. "I can see that you're in good hands."

DATE: 25th of June 2001
TIME: 10:36 AM

      "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!!!!" Philip groaned. "I just slept with a girl!!!!!"
      "Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Angel chuckled.
      "Hey!" Julia protested. "At least I'm a good catch!"
      All three were still lying on Angel's bed, side by side, staring up at the ceiling, as the sun rose higher and higher on the bright morning sky.
      "I doubt that." Philip chuckled.
      "Hey!" Julia exclaimed.
      "He! He!" Philip grinned.
      "Keep it down!" Derek groaned from his bed, situated about ten feet away from Angel's, and threw a pillow at the three.
      It hit Angel right in the face and Angel quickly got up and pounced at Derek, grinding his face into his pillow.
      "Mrftt!!!" Derek protested. "Franle! Flet flo flof fleee!!!"
      "Not unless you promise to make us all breakfast!" Angel demand.
      "Foh, fall fright!" Derek groaned and Angel let go of him.
      Angel stood up and went back to his own bed.
      "Big brothers are so nice to have." he said and all four of them burst out laughing.
      "You're the one for me, baby this I know..." Philip started singing and rocking back and forth.
      "'Cause it's true love..." Julia sang with all three boys backing her up on "true love".
      "You're the one I dream of..." she continued with the boys backing her up on "dream of".
      "Your hearts fits me like a glove..." Julia continued with the boys backing her up on "like a glove".
      "And I'm gonna be true blue, baby, I love you..." they all then sang together.
      Then they all got up and stood side by side.
      "I've heard all the lines," Angel sang. "I've cried, oh, so many times."
      "Those tears you say won't fall again," Derek sang and they all then joined together in a group hug.
      "I'm so excited, 'cause you're my best friend." they all sang in unison.
      "So if you should ever doubt," Philip sang. "Wonder what love is all about."

DATE: 26th of June 2001
TIME: 3:28 PM

      "Yay!" Angel exclaimed happily. "Me and Derek found us two room in the doors of Hereditary High!"
      "Two room?" Philip wondered.
      The two were walking through the halls of Hereditary High, which were pretty empty.
      "Yeah," Angel chuckled. "You see, Robin needed a roommate, so Derek decided to room with him. I got myself my own room. Don't know who my roommate is yet."
      The two stopped in front of a door with "352" on a sign hanging over it.
      "Here it is," Angel said. "Let's enter!"
      With that said, he put a key into the lock and turned it. The door swung open, revealing a blonde guy dressed in only a tanktop and a big smile.
      He had sandy blonde hair that was cut short and slightly curly. His eyes were a sparkling green and his smile was pearly white. He was fairly fall and slender, with some slight muscle build to his arms. The moment he saw Philip and Angel, he turned around with his backside to the two and quietly walked into the bathroom.
      "Oh my God!" Philip exclaimed and then glared at Angel. "He's gorgeous! I hate you so much right now!"
      "He! He!" Angel chuckled.
      After about two minutes, the guy emerged from the bathroom now dressed in the white tanktop that he had previously worn and a pair of cutoff jeans, showing off his muscular and not too hairy legs.
      "I can't empathize just how much I hate you!" Philip whispered to Angel, who grinned even wider.
      "Hi," the guy said. "My name is Kevin. Nice to meet you. Sorry for that seeing-me-in-the-nude-thing."
      "Don't apologize!" Philip chuckled and Kevin looking at him funny and then just smiled.
      "My name is Angel," Angel introduced himself. "Well, actually David, but I prefer Angel. And the horndog, er guy stading next to me here is Philip. Feel free to smack him with a roled up mnwspaper if he gets too friendly."
      "A wiseass, huh?" Kevin chuckled.
      "That's Angel." Philip chuckled.
      "So, which one of you is my new roommate?" Kevin wondered.
      "I am!" Angel declared and Philip glared at him again.
      "Aw!" Kevin said in a disappointed voice. "I was so hoping that Philip would be."
      Philip immediately went beet red, which caused Angel to burst into small giggles, which lead to a seres of small slaps on the back of his head delivered by Philip.
      "Hey!" Angel exclaimed.
      "I can see that you two will prove to be two quite interesting friends." Kevin chuckled.

DATE: 27th of June 2001
TIME: 4:21 PM

      "Ok, relax," Philip said encouragingly. "You can do this! You are strong! You can do it!"
      He, Angel, Robin, Derek and Julia were all standing in the middle of town square, watching two girls perform Britney Spear's (ew ew ew ew ew) worldhit "Crazy".
      "Yes, you can," Derek said. "If you can endure those two singing 'Crazy', you can do anything. Ok, you can do it, right? Do it or I'll kill you!"
      "Alright already!" Angel said. "I'll do it!"
      "Great!" Julia said. "We can beat those bimbos! We will win this talent show!"
      The two girls stopped singing shortly and the five friends all went up in front of the entire class with Philip standing in front of the rest of the group.
      "Strike a pose!" he yelled and a technician turned the music that the five friends were going to sing to on.
      "Strike a pose!" Philip yelled again and Robin, Julia, Derek and Angel all struck poses, each one unique.
      "Look around," Philip started singing when his cue came up. "Everywhere you turn, there's heartache. It's everywhere that you go."
      "Just look around." the rest echoed.
      "You try everything you can do escape," Philip continued. "The pain of life that you know."
      "Life that you know." the rest echoed.
      "Let go, they'll say that you long to be," Philip continued. "Something better than you are today. And there's no place where you can get away. It's called a dancefloor. And here's what it's for!"
      Philip then waved with his left hand and the five started dancing the dance that Madonna dances in the music video.
      "So, come on, vogue." Philip sang. "Let your body move to the music."
      "Move to the music." his friends echoed.
      "Hey, hey, hey!" Philip continued. "Come on, vogue. Let your body go with the flow."
      "Go with the flow." his friends echoed.
      "All you need is your own imagination..." Philip continued.

"Greta Garbo and Monroe,
Dietrich and DiMaggio,
Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean,
On the cover of a magazine,"

"Grace Kelly, Harlow Jean,
Picture of a beauty queen,
Jean Kelly, Fred Estaire,
Ginger Rogers, dance on air,"

"They had style, they had grace,
Rita Haywood gave good face,
Lauren, Katherine, Lana, too,
Bette Davis, we love you,"

"Ladies with an attitude,
Fellows that were in the mood,
Don't just stand there, let's get to it,
Strike a pose, there's nothing to it,

DATE: 28th of June 2001
TIME: 1:46 PM

      "Are you ready for this?" Derek asked Angel, who just nodded quietly.
      The two, Robin, Philip and Julia were all standing outside of a court room, all holding hands.
      "Let's do this!" Philip said and they all nodded.
      "David!" they could all suddenly hear someone call out.
      Angel turned his head to see his father standing there, about sixty feet from him and his friends.
      "Dad?" Angel wondered.
      Dere's and Angel's father didn't say a word. He simply glared at Angel with pure hate in his eyes and raised his right arm, revealing that he was holding a small gun in his hand.
      "Nightie, nightie, son!" he said and fired off.
      A bullet blasted out of the pipe and flew towards Angel, who stood frozen. Derek hurriedly threw himself in front of Angel, holding onto his brother to shield him. The bullet hit Derek square in the chest and he fell to the floor, dragging Angel with him.
      Robin and Julia bent down to examine Derek while Philip ran over to Derek's and Angel's father. He kicked him in the arm, causing him to drop the gun, and then in the stomach. Philip then ran back to his friends.
      Derek was lying on the floor, unconscious, whilst Angel desperately shook him.
      "Nooooo!!!" Angel howled. "Derek! Nooo!!!"
      Blood was forming into a puddle on the floor beneath the two. Derek's chest was covered in blood. Angel's chest was splattered with the same blood.
      In a distance, Angel could hear voices that slowly came closer. Then, he heard some commonition and the clicking of metal. He didn't care. He couldn't understand anything more than the fact of that his brother was lying in his arms, his pulse growing weaker with every second.
      "Derek!" Angel sobbed. "Derek!"

(Ending Theme plays)

Madonna - Like A Prayer

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"Like a child, you whisper softly to me,
You're in control, just like a child,"
Chorus:"Now I'm dancing,"
"It's like a dream, no end and no beginning,
You're here with me, it's like a dream,"
Chorus:"Let the choir sing,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,
I hear you call my name and it feels like home,"

Executive Producer
Philip Wester

Tourist #2DAVID FURY
Tourist #5TIM MINEAR
Britney-Spears Wannabe #1BRITTANY SPHEARESON
Britney-Spears Wannabe #2SAMANTHA JONES
Derek and Angel's fatherMEL HANEMAN

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