Author:Philip Wester, Email #1, Email #2
Story Title:Angel We Have Heard On High
Category:High School
Date Of Posting:2002-05-07
Author's Other Stories:Angel The New Slayer (temporarily discontinued)

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     AAA          NNNN         N      GGGGGGGGG     EEEEEEEEEEEEEE LLL
       AA          N NN        N     G        GG     EE         E  LL
       A A         N  NN       N   G           G     EE            LL
       A AA        N    NN     N  GG                 EE            LL
      A   AA       N     NN    N  GG          GGG    EE      E     LL
     AAAAAAAA      N       NN  N  GG           G     EEEEEEEEE     LL
    A       AA     N        NN N   GG          G     EE      E     LL
   A         AA    N         NNN    GG         G     EE            LL
  A           AA   N          NN     GG       G      EE         E  LL         L

We Have Heard On High

Angel We Have Heard On High 1x04
--{: Judgement :}--

Patricia: David?! If you don't get your skinny butt in here right now, your father is going to give you a long spanking!

Angel: Previously on "Angel We Have Heard On High"...

      *Angel running away*
      *Angel sobbing against Derek's shoulder*
Angel: He touched me. He made me jack him off and then forced my head downwards, towards it...
      *Derek and Robin on Robin's bed*
Derek: Could we please stay here for a while?
      *Robin smiling*
Robin: Of course.
      *Derek and Angel talking to officer Bradbury*
Bradbury: So, you want to press charges?
Angel: Yes.
      *Angel receiving Bradbury's phone call*
      *Angel and Derek walking down the corridors of the city court*
Mel: Angel!
      *Mel firing off a shot*
      *Derek jumping in front of Angel*
      *Derek dying*
Angel: Derek!!!!
      *The gang at the hospital*
Angel: How are you feeling?
      *The gang sitting in the court room*
Derek: Fine, considering that I was recently shot.
      *Judge Whipper banging her hammer against its plate*
Judge Whipper: Court is now in session.
      *Angel testifying*
      *Commotion in court*
      *Derek testifying*
Derek: Unh!
      *Derek collapsing*
      *Shot of Derek's blood on the floor*
Angel: Somebody help him! Somebody help him!

      "Derek, don't do this to me!" Angel sobbed as he, Robin, Philip and Julia were riding together in the back of the ambulance taking Derek to Hereditary General Hospital.
      Derek was once again lying on a stretcher, a tube down his throat to help him breathe. He remained motionless as the ambulance rocked back and forth at every curve.
      "My heart has already stopped seven times this week," Angel sobbed. "Don't give me permanent heart injuries! Don't do this shit! Please! Wake up! Wake up!"
      "Easy there, mate," one of the two ambulance men that were riding in the back of the ambulance said and put a hand on Angel's shoulder. "Yelling at your friend here won't help."
      "He's my brother!" Angel sobbed and glared at the ambulance man.
      "Sorry." the ambulance man apologized.
      "He's gone through a pretty turbulent few months," Robin whispered to the ambulance man. "Just let lim take his anger out on his unconscious brother. They do it all the time... well, not with one of them unconscious. Just on each other."
      "I can relate to that," the ambulance man whispered back to Robin. "I have an older brother, too."
      "William?" the driver of the ambulance yelled into the back.
      "Yeah?" the ambulance man talking to Robin answered.
      "We're almost there," the driver yelled back. "Prepare to bring him in."
      "Okay!" William yelled back and then turned to Angel, smiling weakly. "This is it."

(Opening Theme plays)

Madonna - Like A Prayer

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,
I hear you call my name and it feels like home,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"I hear your voice, it's like an Angel sighing,
I have no choice, I hear your voice,"
Chorus:"Feels like flying,"
"I close my eyes, oh God, I think I'm falling,
Out of the sky, I close my eyes,"
Chorus:"Heaven help me,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

David Andromeda
Derek Andromeda
Philip Wester
Robin Masters
Julia Hurl

Philip Wester

(End of theme)

James Marsters as William
Melinda Whipper
Daniel Danerman
Harvey Potter
Kevin Brannigan
and Daniel Jones as Daniel

Written and directed by Philip Wester.

      "Blood pressure is sinking," a female nurse told the doctor rolling Derek off to ER.
      "EKG?" the doctor asked.
      "Low, but stabile." a second nurse told the doctor.
      "Please, I'll have to ask you to stay here." the first nurse told Angel and the others, who were all running after the doctor and the nurses.
      "But..." Angel protested.
      "Please." the nurse begged and Angel stopped.
      His friends soon followed suit.
      "Why is this happening?" Angel asked Robin, now totally disoriented.
      "I don't know," Robin whispered to Angel and took him into his arms. "I just don't know."
      "Well, this is just another proof of that there is no God." Philip said matter-of-factly and received a shove from Julia.
      "Philip!" she groaned.
      "What?" Philip asked. "I'm an atheist. If there was an Atheist-Pride, I'd march in it."
      "Let's all focus on Angel here." Robin hissed and Philip and Julia both returned to focusing on Angel.
      "Hey, guys?" a familiar voice called out and William ran up to the four friends.
      "William?" Philip wondered. "What are you doing here?"
      "I'm on a break and decided to check up on you guys." William answered with a smile.
      "Do you do this for all of your patients?" Julia inquired.
      "Not really," William answered and grinned sheepishly. "I just thought that Angel might need some support."
      "I appreciate it." Angel, who had now broken free from Robin's arms, said and smiled weakly.
      "Oh, change of attitude." William chuckled.
      "Yeah," Angel sighed. "Sorry for earlier."
      "Don't mention it." William said and smiled widely at Angel.
      That's when it happened again. Angel suddenly couldn't hear anything except for the occassional beeps from an EKG-machine. Then, there was a brief silence and then a low beeping that wouldn't stop, indicating that a heart had stopped beating.
      "Derek!" Angel exclaimed. "No!!!!!"

      "What happened?" Angel wondered and flickered his eyes open.
      He was lying down on what appeared to be a bench as all of his friends and two nurses were crouching around hind.
      "You passed out." Philip told Angel and smiled widely. "You little sissy!"
      "How's Derek?" Angel wondered.
      "What do you mean?" Julia wondered with a look of bewilderment on her face.
      "I mean... he passed out in the middle of court." Angel said a bit unsure and scared.
      "Angel, what are you talking about?" Robin asked with a look of concern on his face.
      "Angel," Philip said with a strange look mixed look of sadness and pity on his face. "Derek's dead. Your father shot him, remember? He was rendered comatose and you decided to pull the plug."
      "No!!!" Angel screamed, his face growing red. "You liar! I would never do that! I would never..."

      "Where am I?" Angel wondered as he flickered his eyes open.
      He found himself lying on what appaered to be a hospital bed and his friends and three nurses were standing in a circle around him.
      "You passed out." Julia told Angel and smiled widely. "You little sissy!"
      "Deja vu..." Angel thought.
      "How's Derek?" he then asked.
      "What do you mean?" Robin wondered.
      "I mean... he passed out in the middle of court." Angel said, once more a bit unsure and scared.
      "He must be delusioned." Philip whispered to one of the nurses.
      "What do you 'delusioned'?!" Angel exclaimed.
      "Angel, there is no Derek," Robin said quietly, not making eye contact with Angel. "Your father shot you in the waiting room of city court, remember?"
      "What?!" Angel exclaimed.

      Angel's eyes opened slowly and he flickered them open. He looked around and saw the familiar faces of his three best friends in the world. They were all standing around him in a circle, joined by a male nurse. Angel looked down at himself and found that he was lying on a bench in the waiting room of ER.
      "Ok, what the Hell happened?" he asked a bit annoyed.
      "You passed out." Robin told him.
      "Oh, I know this!" Angel thought. "Either a demon named Tempus is doing this or three geeks have put some chip on my clothes or some guy has wished for tomorrow to never come until a hero comes along and saves his love and makes peace between their families! Either that or I'm gonna kill everyone and see if time is turned back again!"
      "How's Derek?" he then asked.
      "He's just fine." Philip said and smiled widely at Angel.
      "But... I heard that his heart stopped beating." Angel protested.
      "Oh, that wasn't his," Julia said. "The machine made that sound because a patient was released and they had removed his wires without shutting the machine off."
      "Thank God." Angel sighed and jumped to his feet. "Now where is he?"
      "Right here!" a voice said from behind him.
      Angel spun around and jumped straight into the arms of his brother, hugging him closely.
      "Stop doing that to me!" Angel then yelled at Derek and broke free from the embrace. "Do you want me to go into cardiac arrest?"
      "Well, it's not like they'd have to take you far to get you to the hospital." Derek chuckled and received a light punch on the arm by Angel.
      "Stop being so cute!" Angel growled.
      "No, please don't." Philip chuckled and recieve a light punch on the arm from Julia.
      "Now, let's eat," Robin suggested. "I'm starving."

      "What are you thinking of?" Robin asked as he dried himself off after his shower, exposing his naked figure to Derek, who was lying face down in his bed.
      "Nothing special." Derek thought as he looked around the room that was his and Robin's dorm room.
      "You're weird, you know that, right?" Robin chuckled and he threw the towel over his head to dry his hair off.
      "Yah." Derek chuckled. "I do."

      "Nightie, nightie, son!" Mel said and fired off a shot.
      In a flash, Derek had thrown himself in front of his brother and let the bullett hit him in the chest. It was then that an image of Robin flashed before Derek's eyes, right before he hit the floor.
      "R... o... b... i... n..." Derek said slowly, moving his lips and closing them, although no sound came out.
      He could hear Angel crying, but all he could think of was Robin. Then, a mental image of Robin naked flashed through Derek's mind. Followed by a long sequence of memories involving Robin.

      "Nothing special..." Derek repeated and glanced over at Robin once more before closing his eyes to sleep.

      The following week was filled with visits to the court. Robin, Philip and Julia were all called as witnesses and they all did well when Mr. Danerman crossed them. Them came the time for Mel and Patricia to testify. Derek had to be restrained by Philip and Robin to keep him from jumping out of his seat every other minute while his parents were lying on the stand.
      Countless items were submitted as evidence. Friends of Mel and Patricia were called as character witnesses and even some of Derek's and Angel's class- and schoolmates were called. Finally, the trial came to an end.
      "Nervous?" Philip whispered to Derek.
      "Very." Derek sighed.
      The jury had retreated back to their chamber in the back to discus whether to find the defendants guilty or not guilty. They had been discussing for over and hour and everybody was growing restless. The gang was sitting in the downstairs cafeteria, just sitting and looking back and forth. Not many words were exchanged until Angel finally broke the ice
      "Oh, somebody please speak to me!" he groaned. "I'm going mad just sitting here and doing nothing!"
      "Derek! Angel!" the DA called from the door. "The jury has reached a verdict and is about to deliver it. Hurry!"
      The five friends filed out of the cafeteria and all rushed upstairs and sat down on the spectator's benches.
      "Has the jury reached a verdict?" judge Whipper asked the chairman of the jury, jury member number 8.
      "We have, your honor." he answered and handed the bayleaf a folded piece of paper.
      The bayleaf gave it to judge Whipper, who then opened it and read what that was written on it. She then put it down in front of her and turned back to the chairman.
      "What find you?" she asked.
      "In the case of Patricia Andromeda, on the counts of neglect and abuse, we find the defendant guilty. She will be admitted to the state penetentary for a period of no more than 8 years, no less than 4." he said almost robotically.
      Derek and Angel hugged each other and were patted on the back by their friends and then everybody turned their attention back to the jury.
      "In the case of Mel Andromeda, on the counts of abuse, rape, attempted murder and assault and battery, we find the defendant guilty. He will me admited to the state penetentary for a period of no more than 18 years, no less than 10." the chairman announced and Derek, Angel and their friends exploded in a loud cheer.
      They all jumped to their feet and started hugging each other.
      "Derek and Angel Andromeda are hereby emancipated," judge Whipper started speaking and turned her head to Derek and Angel. "A representative of social services are waiting for them outside of this court room to deal with the neccessary paper work. The court thanks the jury members for their participation."
      With that said, she banged her hammer against its plate for one last time. "Court ajourned."

      "School starts in two weeks," Julia said. "Please, someone explain to me again how that is a good thing."
      She, Robin, Philip, Derek and Angel were all lying down in a circle on the floor of Angel's dorm room.
      "Oh, let's see here," Philip said and looked thoughtful for a moment. "For me, I'll have Internet access again and for you and me, we'll get to stare at cute boys all day in class again."
      "Good answer," Julia chuckled. "Good answer!"
      "Hey, how come you're a freshman, too?" Philip asked Angel. "I mean, you were born in 1986."
      "Oh, it's because I did so well in school that I got skip one grade." Angel chuckled.
      "They offered me that, too," Philip told his friends. "I'm third of fourth grade. I could skip a grade, but I decided not to. I'd have to leave all of my friends, which weren't that many, really, and lose my advantage as class valdevictorian."
      "You are so evil." Derek chuckled.
      "I am, ain't I?" Philip chuckled.
                  "When do years fall/I'm bitter,"
            "So, are you happy now?" Robin asked Angel. "Do you feel like you have peace of mind?"
                  "It's chilled last to the bone,"
      "I think so," Angel sighed. "I'm not sure, but I think so. They will be punished and me and Derek are finally free from them."
                  "I haven't seen the sun for weeks/Too long, too far from home,"
      "But how will you be able to pay for school and clothes and food and stuff like that?" Julia wondered.
      "Robin's parents will," Derek chuckled. "They're rich."
                  "Feels just like I'm sinking/And I claw for solid ground,"
      "They rich?!" Philip exclaimed. "How much do are they worth and can I get a DvD-player?"
      "They're not that rich," Robin chuckled. "Just well off."
                  "I'm pulled down by the omentum/Never thought I could feel so low,"
      "So I'm not getting a DvD-player?" Philip wondered.
      "No." Robin said squarely.
      "Just checking." Philip sighed.
                  "Oh, darkness, I feel like letting go,"
      "So when will we get to meet your roommate, anyway?" Julia asked Philip. "Is he cute and can I have him?"
                  "Fallen of strength/All out of courage/Come and lift me from disgrace,"
      "One, I haven't met him yet," Philip chuckled. "He's arriving in three days. And two, no way! He is mine! Unless he's straight. Then he's yours."
                  "I know I could love you much better than this,"
      "Ah, well." Julia sighed.
      "You little horn dogs!" Angel groaned and the five of them all burst into laughter.
                  "Full of grace/Full of grace/My love..."

Semester will start in 14 days...

      "This is so boring." Philip sighed.
      He and Angel were lying on Angel's bed and reading Donald Duck comics as the rain poured down outside. Kevin was lying on his bed reading a Playstation magazine.
      "Maybe tomorrow'll be sunnier." Angel sighed and looked out the window, staring into space.

13 days 'til fall semester

      "This is so boring." Julia sighed.
      She and Philip were lying on Philip's bed reading People as a hailstorm poured down outside.
      "My roommate'll arrive in the morning," Philip said. "Hope he's nice and that we'll be able to become friends."

12 days 'til fall semester

      "This is so boring." Derek sighed.
      He and Robin were both lying on Robin's bed reading X-Men magazines while a combined hailstorm and rainstorm poured down outside.
      "The weather's so bad that Philip's roommate had to postphone his move until tomorrow," Robin sighed. "Mother Nature can be so cruel.

      "Humidity's rising," Philip sang as the karaoke version of Geri Halliwel's verson of "It's Raining Men" pumped out of the amps of Kevin's stereo. "Barometer's getting cold."
      He, Julia and Angel were all packed together in Angel's room. Kevin was out with a friend and the three of them were all standing up on Angel's bed.
      "Barometer's getting cold," Julia sang and made some hand gestures. "According to all sources..."
      "The street's the place to go," Philip, Julia and Angel all then sang in unison.
      "'Cause tonight for the first time." Philip sang with Julia and Angel backing him up on 'First time'. "Just about half past ten."
      "For the first time in history." Julia sang.
      "It's gonna start raining men." the three of them then sang in unison.
      "Do you know how ridiculous you all look?" Kevin chuckled as he entered the room carrying a bag of chips.
      "Oh, be quiet!" Angel yelled.
      "You two are so married," Philip chuckled and then glared at Angel. "I hate you."
      Then, suddenly, Angel lost his balance and fell to the floor, dragging Philip with him.
      "Ouh!" Julia giggled. "It really is raining men!"

11 days 'til fall semester

      "So, when is he arriving?" Julia asked Philip as the two walked down the halls of Hereditary High.
      "Actually, he just arrived," Philip said. "Let's go greet him."
                  "There was a time when I would go walking backwards 'round the world if you said 'You're mine',"
      The two soon arrived at Philip's dorm room and entered. They were greeted by a smiling boy their age. He was taller than the both of them and lanky. He had dark brown hair that was cropped short, spiky, and sparkling green eyes. He wore a pair of baggy blue jeans and a tight white tanktop.
      "Hi," he greeted them and smiled at Philip. "You must be my new roommate.
      "Yep," Philip said and offered the guy his hand. "Welcome to Hereditary High."
                  "And I'd run blindfolded down the King's Road Monday morning if you just for once arrived on time,"
      "Thanks," the kid said and shook Philip's hand. "My name is Daniel Jones. They call me 'Thunderbolt'."
      "Why?" Philip asked and broke the handshake. "And by the way, my name is Philip Wester. They call me weird."
                  "But you turned into another liar,"
      "Well, they call me Thunderbolt because I was on my previous school's track and field team," Daniel chuckled and grinned sheepishly. "And I am a fast runner, so my teammates made it up."
      "Well, this is Julia," Philip introduced Julia. "They call her Brunette."
                  "And you came unlike a new Messiah,"
      "Hey!" Julia exclaimed. "My hair is naturally blonde!"
      "Yeah, right." Philip chuckled. "And this is my natural hair color."
      He pointed at his head, which was still deep brown, but now also had blonde highlights.
                  "So before you say what you desire,"
      "Oh, shut up!" Julia growled.
      "You shut up!" Phili growled back.
      "You two are so married." Daniel chuckled.
                  "I'm telling you now,"
      "I like you." Philip said to Daniel, which caused Daniel to chuckle.
                  "I quit/I quit,"
      "I'll just run along now," Julia said. "Going shopping."
      "See ya." Philip bid her goodbye.
      Julia ran off, which left Philip and Daniel to talk.
                  "'Cause loving you's a job I don't need/Ain't gonna go to work no more,"
      "Er... so, do you need any help with the moving?" Philip asked and then looked around the room.
      It was filled with boxes of various sizes and shapes and Philip realized that Daniel had already had all of his stuff delivered.
                  "I quit/I quit,"
      "No, but I'd be really grateful if you'd help me pack it all up." Daniel said.
      "I'd be glad to." Philip said and smiled.
                  "The situation's vacant for me/Ain't gonna go to work no more/Ain't gonna go to work no more/Ain't gonna go to work..."
      "I have a feeling of that we'll become good friends." Daniel chuckled.
      "Me too." Philip agreed.

(Ending Theme plays)

Madonna - Like A Prayer

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"Like a child, you whisper softly to me,
You're in control, just like a child,"
Chorus:"Now I'm dancing,"
"It's like a dream, no end and no beginning,
You're here with me, it's like a dream,"
Chorus:"Let the choir sing,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,
I hear you call my name and it feels like home,"

Executive Producer
Philip Wester

Derek and Angel's fatherMEL ANDROMEDA
Derek and Angel's motherPATRICIA ANDROMEDA
Jury member #1JANE ESPENSON
Jury member #2JIM CUMMINGS
Jury member #3KRISHNA RAO
Jury member #6CHARLIE WEBER
Jury member #8DANNY STRONG
Jury member #10ELIZABETH ROHM
Jury member #11CHRISTIAN CANE
Jury member #12NICK BAKAY

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