Author:Philip Wester, Email #1, Email #2
Story Title:Angel We Have Heard On High
Category:High School
Date Of Posting:2002-05-07
Author's Other Stories:Angel The New Slayer (temporarily discontinued)

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     AAA          NNNN         N      GGGGGGGGG     EEEEEEEEEEEEEE LLL
       AA          N NN        N     G        GG     EE         E  LL
       A A         N  NN       N   G           G     EE            LL
       A AA        N    NN     N  GG                 EE            LL
      A   AA       N     NN    N  GG          GGG    EE      E     LL
     AAAAAAAA      N       NN  N  GG           G     EEEEEEEEE     LL
    A       AA     N        NN N   GG          G     EE      E     LL
   A         AA    N         NNN    GG         G     EE            LL
  A           AA   N          NN     GG       G      EE         E  LL         L

We Have Heard On High

Angel We Have Heard On High 1x06
--{: Little Orphan Angel :}--

      *Angel running away*
      *Angel sobbing against Derek's shoulder*
Angel: He touched me. He made me jack him off and then forced my head downwards, towards it...

Angel: Previously on "Angel We Have Heard On High"...

*Derek and Angel talking to officer Bradbury*
Bradbury: So, you want to press charges?
Angel: Yes.
      *Angel receiving Bradbury's phone call*
      *Angel and Derek walking down the corridors of the city court*
      *The gang sitting in the court room*
      *Judge Whipper banging her hammer against its plate*
Judge Whipper: Court is now in session.
      *Judge Whipper banging her hammer against its plate*
Bailor: Do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Angel: I do.
Derek: I do.
      *Angel testifying*
      *Commotion in court*
      *Judge Whipper banging her hammer against its plate*
      *Derek testifying*
Mr. Danerman: Objection!
Judge Whipper: Has the jury reached a verdict?
      *Derek getting shot by Mel*
Jury Member #8: We have, your honor.
Judge Whipper: What find you.
      *Angel sleeping in Philip's lap*
Jury Member #8: In the case of Patricia Andromeda, on the counts of neglect and abuse, we find the defendant guilty. She will be admitted to the state penetentary for a period of no more than 8 years, no less than 4.
      *Angel hiding behind his house's picket fence as a child*
Jury Member #8: In the case of Mel Andromeda, on the counts of abuse, rape, attempted murder and assault and battery, we find the defendant guilty. He will me admited to the state penetentary for a period of no more than 18 years, no less than 10.
      *Angel crying on Richard's shoulder*
Judge Whipper: Derek and Angel Andromeda are hereby emancipated. Court ajourned.
      *Judge Whipper banging her hamer against its plate.

      "Do you have much left?" Julia asked Angel.
      "No," Angel said quietly. "This will be my last visit. I've only got some stuff left."
      "See ya." Julia bid Angel goodbye.
      "See ya." Angel said back.
                  "Lying in my bed/Hear the clock ticking/Think of you,"

      Angel looked up into the window through which he spent countless hours staring as a child. He remembered how it felt when his father beat him up in that attic. He remembered how it smelled, how it sounded. He let out a sigh and then walked up to the front door.
      Placing the key into the lock, he turned it gently and opened it. He entered the house and went up into the attic, the only place in the house where he hadn't gone since his parents had been sent to jail.
                  "Caught up in circles/Confusion/There's nothing new,"
      "This is it," he said to himself. "As soon as I get mine and Derek's last stuff from the attic, we won't ever have to come here again."
      He climbed the stairs, his heart beating faster for every creak that they made. He finally reached the last step. He opened the attic door slowly and stepped inside. Then he just stood there, staring into space.
      "Daddy, daddy, no!" rang in Angel's ears. "Please! Stop! It hurts!"
                  "Flashbacks/One night/Almost left behind,"
      He flinched and frowned and the slumped down on the floor as the memories kept coming back.
      "No! Don't make me touch it!" rang in Angel's ears. "Please. No."
      Suddenly, he stood up, abruptly ending the flood of memories. He straightened himself up and then walked over into a corner where all of the stuff had been moved. There were furniture, books, old appliances and lots of boxes.
                  "Suitcase of memories/Time after time,"
      Angel went through them all and picked out the ones that he would bring with him back to his dorm room. As he moved one of the boxes, a bundle of papers slipped out of a hole on the side. Angel didn't even notice it and went back to sorting boxes out.
                  "After my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray,"
                  "Watching through windows/You're wondering if I'm okay,"
      Angel then started taking them downstairs and put them on the wagon that he had brought with him. He had decided to simply roll the boxes to Hereditary High since it wasn't too far from his old house. That's what he now referred to it. His old, former house.
      As Angel was taking the last box downstairs, he noticed the bundle of papers. He gave it a fast scanning eye and then kept going. That was until his brain registered that "Adoption papers" was written on the top of the front paper. He dropped the box that he was carrying. It fell to the floor with a loud thud and whisked some dust bunnies into the air.
                  "Secrets stolen far from deep inside/The aid always is on time,"
      "Adoption papers?" Angel thought.
      He just stood there, frozen, for a while before bending down and picking them up. He started reading the papers, carefully, one word at a time.
                  "If you're lost, you can look and you will find me/Time after time,"
      Most of the words had been smudged by some form of liquid. But Angel could still make out some of the writing on the middle of the page.
      "Custody is hereby leant to Patricia and Mel Andromeda." he read and let his mind digest it slowly.
      Then came a lot of beurocracy information, like where and when they were adopted, who the social worker was and stuff like that.
                  "If you fall, I will catch you, I'll be wasting/Time after time,"
      "I'm adopted?" Angel thought, his mind finally starting to clear up.
                  "Time after time,"

(Opening Theme plays)

Madonna - Like A Prayer

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,
I hear you call my name and it feels like home,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"I hear your voice, it's like an Angel sighing,
I have no choice, I hear your voice,"
Chorus:"Feels like flying,"
"I close my eyes, oh God, I think I'm falling,
Out of the sky, I close my eyes,"
Chorus:"Heaven help me,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

David Andromeda
Derek Andromeda
Philip Wester
Robin Masters
Julia Hurl

Philip Wester

(End of theme)

Madonna as Mrs. Livingstone
Damien Williams

Written and directed by Philip Wester.

      "Adopted?!" Philip exclaimed.
      "Angel, this isn't funny, Bro." Derek said.
      "But I'm not joking!" Angel protested.
      The three of them were all sitting around a lunch table at school having lunch, or rather 'lunch'. They were mostly just poking their really sloppy sloppy joes to see if they were still alive.
      "You're serious?" Derek wondered.
      "Yeah, I found the papers," Angel said. "Most of them can't be read, but you can read enough to see that we're adopted."
                  "Suddenly something has happened to me/While I was drinking my cup of tea,"
      "No wonder they didn't love us." Derek snorted.
      "Yeah, but then why adopt you?" Philip thought out loud. "If they didn't love you, why adopt you?"
                  "Sudenly I was feeling depressed/I was utterly and totally stressed,"
      "Maybe we'll find out if we go to social services." Angel suggested.
      "But we're not eighteen yet." Derek pointed out.
                  "Do you know you make me cry/Woh woh/Do you know you make me die,"
      "Emancipation, remember?" Philip said and wagged his left index finger in the air a-matter-of-factly.
      "Oh, right." Derek said and grinned sheepishly.
      "Have you booked an appointment yet?" Philip wondered.
      "Yeah," Angel said quietly while saring down at the table. "A Mrs. Livingstone is handling our case. Apparently, she was the one that handled our case when were adopted."
                  "And the thing that gets to me/Is you'll never really see,"
      "Well, why are you so gloomy?" Philip wondered and tried to cheer Angel up with a pat on his shoulder. "I mean, we finally have proof of that you two have no connection to the gene pools of one of the most disgusting people on the face of the Earth! No inheriting their psychological dysfunctions there!"
      "But I keep thinking," Angel said quietly and looked up, staring into Philip's eyes. "What if our parents hadn't given us away? Would we be happy? Would we?"
      "Everything happens for a reason." Philip said and smiled weakly at Angel.
                  "And the thing that freaks me out/Is I'll always be in doubt,"
      "I don't believe that!" Angel growled at Philp and slapped him across the face.
      "I have to!" Philip screamed back at him and clutched his stinging cheek. "I have my own problems with my parents. I have to believe that there's a reason for them!"
                  "This is the lovely thing that we have/This is the lovely thing that we,"
      With that said, he got up and ran off, leaving his tray and friends behind.
      "What did you do that for?" Derek asked Angel.
      There was no response. Derek grabbed Angel by his shoulders and shook him. "Why?!"
                  "This is the lovely thing/The animal, the animal instinct..."
      "I don't know..." Angel said quietly. "I just... why? Why did she give us away?!"
      "I guess we'll find out." Derek said and shot a look at the direction where Philip had headed, spotting him nowhere. "When is our appointment?"
      "Tomorrow, at noon." Angel answered the question.

      "It's snowing!" Julia exclaimed as she swirled around in the big yard behind Hereditary High, her tongue sticking out to catch the snowflakes as they fell.
      And it was snowing, although just lightly. White corns of frozen water soon colored the green grass white and turned Julia's hair into a glittering mass since the sun could still be sighted behind the clouds.
      "Don't act like a seven yearold." Philip groaned as he caught up with her. "Personally, I can't stand snow. At least not in big amounts. I once got lost in the snow for 3 hours. It made two different turns look identical and I had to go and pick the wrong one."
      Suddenly, a snowball splattered itself across his face, spreading its coldness.
      "Hey!" he exclaimed and another one hit his chest.
      "So fight back, you big sissy!" Julia chuckled and got hit by a big snowball on her forehead.
      "Take that!" Philip shouted triumphantly.
      Suddenly, he spotted Derek and Angel leaving campus grounds. He knew where they were going, but he was still mad at Angel for hitting him and not apologizing. So he just shrugged his shoulders and continued waging his war of snow against Julia.

      "I don't like this place." Angel whispered to Derek as they sat on a bench in the waiting room of the local social services office.
      "Bro, nobody likes this place." Derek whispered back.
      "No! No!" a girl's voice could suddenly be heard screaming.
      Derek glanced over at the direction where it had come from. There sat a girl, about his age, craddling a baby in her arms, a boy her age by her side. They were obviously teen parents who had just been robbed of their parenthood just because of their age.
      "Nobody likes it here." Derek whispered to Angel again.
      "Mr. Andromeda?" a voice suddenly called out and Derek and Angel got up and walked up to the middle aged blonde woman that had called out for them.
      "This is he." Angel said.
      "Step into my office, please." the woman said and lead the two brothers to her office.
      She motioned for them to sit in the two chairs in front of her desk, closed the door and then took a seat at the leather chair behind the desk.
      "Good day," she greeted them and then put down a pile of paper on her desk and started going through them. "My name is Mary Livingstone."
      "Derek." Derek introduced himself.
      "David." Angel introduced himself.
      "So, let's see here," Mrs. Livingstone mumbled and continued to browse through her papers until stumbling upon a bright yellow one. "Ah, here it is. Yes, you have been emancipated and therefor have a right to find out who your real parents were. Now, are you sure of that you want to know this?"
      "Yes," Angel said flatly. "I wanna know everything. Every last detail."
      "Alright then." Mrs. Livingstone said and produced three stapled piles of papers from her papers.
      She handed Derek and Angel a pile each and then opened up the second age of the third.
      "Yes, now I remember." she said and then looked up at Angel.
      Angel suddenly got nervous. He felt his legs starting to tremble and his brow starting to gather up sweat. His eyes darted back and forth and he suddenly noticed every detail in the room. From the small piece of paper that had fallen under the bookcase in the corner to the unusual shade of blue that Mrs. Livingstone's dress had.
      "Your mother, Ashley Radcliffe, born Williams, was a young woman, of age, but still young, when she gave you away," Mrs. Livingstone began telling the brothers about their parents. "She married at the age of 18, only three days after her 18th birthday, actually. She became pregnant with Derek three months later. When you were only 2 and 1 years old, her husband, Daniel Radcliffe, died because of brain cancer. The doctors spotted the tumor to late to operate. Your mother had no choice but to give you up. You see, she had a third child, Damien, just months before Daniel's demise. She had to give you two up."
      "Oh God," Angel said quietly while staring down at his fidgetting hands. "So she didn't do it willingly?"
      "Oh no," Mrs. Livingstone said, the sincerity quite clear in her eyes, she cried floods when signing the papers and even more when we came to take you away. She gave her youngest son, that's you, David, her most valued possession, a silver necklace with a silver dragon hanging on it."
      "Oh!" Angel exclaimed. "I lost it as a child, but I found it in one of those boxes that I brought back to the dorm."
      "Why was it so valuable?" Derek wondered.
      "Your grandmother was a lovely woman," Mrs. Livingstone said while looking into Derek's eyes. "She had a diamond necklace that was stolen. Unfortunately, she was wearing it at the time and the thief stabbed her to death."
      Angel flinched at that, an image of an old woman getting stabbed to death flashing through his mind for a split second.
      "Two diamonds fell off the necklace when the thief fled," Mrs. Livingstone continued after taking a brief pause to let the information sink in. "Your mother let a jeweler forge those diamonds into a piece of jewelry. They reside inside of that silver dragon."
      "How do you know so much about our family?" Angel asked Mrs. Livingstone.
      "You see, David," Mrs. Livingstone said and stared directly into Angel's eyes. "I was your mother's best friend."
      Looks of shock washed over Derek's and Angel's faces followed by looks of confusion.
      "She came to me very distraught after your father's funeral," Mrs. Livingstone told them. "She had just found out that she was about to lose her house. She had to take a fulltime nightjob and go back to her school for higher education."
      "What do yoy know about the couple that adopted us?" Angel asked Mrs. Livingstone. "They didn't love us. Why did they adopt us at all?"
      "Don't you know?" Mrs. Livingstone wondered. "Williams was the maiden name of Patricia Andromeda. Patricia is your biological aunt."
      "That still doesn't explain why they took us in." Derek said.
      "Your grandfather made them," Mrs. Livingstone told the brothers. "It was supposed to simply be a temporary solution. But them Mel got a job here in New York and they moved away and lost contact with your mother's side of the family. I moved here just a couple of years ago."
      "Do you have our mother's current address?" Angel asked Mrs. Livingstone almost franctially. "Please. Give it to us. Please! Please!"
      "I'm very sorry." Mrs. Livingstone said and her gaze dropped.
      So hid Angel's heart. It felt as if it sank into his stomach since he suddenly stopped feeling it beating while feeling a sudden heavy sensation in his gut.
      "We lost contact a couple of years ago," Mrs. Livingstone continued. "She moved away with Damien."
      "Do you know where?" Derek asked.
      "Yes," Mrs. Livingstone said. "Los Angeles, I believe."
      "Is this all you have to tell us?" Derek wondered.
      "Yes," Mrs. Livingstone said and smiled weakly at the two brothers. "I'm sorry."
      "Please, don't be," Angel said. "You've helped us tremendously. Thank you. Just a couple of more questions."

      "So, when are you leaving?" Julia asked Derek and Angel.
      The three of them were sitting on a park bench right outside of school watching the cars go by while more snow fell down the sky.
      "Tomorrow morning," Derek told her. "We got her age and various additional info, so we should be able to track her down."
      "Good luck to you." a familiar voice said, causing all three friends to turn their heads.
      There, right behind them, stood Philip.
      "Philip, I'm so sorry." Angel apologized.
      Philip just smiled and then grinned and then pinched Angel's ass and then resumed smiling. "You're forgiven."
      "Oh, Philip." Julia groaned and rolled her eyes.
      "Bring me something from L.A., will ya?" Philip asked Derek.
      "Sure." Derek replied.

      The next day, Derek and Angel were followed by Robin, Philip and Julia to the airport, where the brothers were wished good luck and bid adieu by their friends. The brothers entered the plane, sat down and then settled in for seven hours of flight. They landed in Los Angeles late at night and checked into a cheap motel for the night.
      They got up early the next morning and went to the local library, where they used the Internet and local phone books to find the Ashley Williams that they were looking for. They finally found her through a search engine specializing in finding persons.
      "This is it!" Derek exclaimed.
      "Are you sure of that it's her?" Angel wondered.
      "I pulled up everything they had on her." Derek said. "It says right here that she had three children and married young, with a man called Daniel Radcliffe."
      "Oh my God!" Angel exclaimed, attracting the attention of the librarian and others in the library and also earning lots of shushes, and reread everything that was on the computerscreen in front of him. "Do you have her address?"
      "Right here." Derek said and pointed at the screen.
      The brothers printed the address out and then went looking for it. After countless of "Excuse me, do you know where this is"es, they finally found what they were looking for.
      It was a nice little yellow house by the side of the road. It had a big garden full of different kinds of flowers. Many daisies and roses. Derek suddenly remembered smelling a lot of daises as a young child.
      The two brothers approached the house until they were only one hundred feet away. Then, suddenly, someone walked across the kitchen window and Angel jumped. He quickly grabbed hold of Derek and ran out of there, not stopping until they could no longer see the house.
      "Angel?" Derek asked his brother. "What was that?"
      "I don't know," Angel said quietly. "I panicked."
      "It's okay to be nervous," Derek said and smiled warmly at his brother. "I am, too."
      "It's just..." Angel said and then trailed off. "It's just that what if she doesn't like us? Or if Damien doesn't like us? What if she slams the door in our faces?"
      "Then it doesn't matter," Derek snorted. "She'll just be another stranger we'll never find out more about."
      "You don't really mean that, do you?" Angel wondered.
      "Of course not," Derek chuckled. "But I don't think she'll turn on us. I think she'll be thrilled to see us."
      There was an awkward silence followed by a sneeze from Angel. Then, Angel looked up at his brother and hugged him.
      "I love you." he said.
      "I love you to." Derek chuckled.
      "Disgusting." came a voice from behind them.
      Both brothers turned around to be greeted by the sight of a boy their age, black to the hair and with piercing green eyes, doing some garden work nearby.
      "Hey, you homophobic biggot!" Angel yelled at him, outraged. "We happen to be brothers!"
      "Huh?" the boy wondered and looked up. "Oh, sorry."
      He chuckled nervously and ran up to them. "I was talking about the snails."
      "Snails?" Derek wondered.
      The boy held up his right hand and showed them a garden snail. He quickly threw it far away and wiped his hand off on his dirty tanktop.
      "I was doing garden work and commenting on how disgusting all of the snails are," he chuckled. "Our garden's full of them. I mean, my aunt's garden. I'm living with her. Anyways, I wasn't talking to you. I'm fine with people being gay."
      "Oh, that's good," Angel said and smiled widely. "Sorry for calling you a homophobic biggot."
      "Nah," the boy chuckled. "It's nothing."
      He then offered Angel his hand. "I'm Riley."
      "Angel," Angel introduced himself and shook Riley's hand. "This is my brother Derek."
      Riley and Derek also shook hands and then they all just smiled at each other.
      "Well, if you're ever in the neighbourhood, don't be stranges." Riley chuckled and ran back to his garden work.
      Derek and Angel just smiled at him and then turned around and walked up to their mother's house again. This time, they stopped for a moment to just stare at it before walking up to the treshhold and pushing the doorbell.
                  "There are places I remember/All my life, they've somehow changed,"
      They waited in silence for a while and then heard some shuffling from inside. The door was unlocked from inside and then swung open. A boy with slightly curly dirty blonde hair and piercing eyes, one green and one blue, greeted Derek and Angel with a smile. Although he looked younger than Angel, he was taller than both Derek and Angel. He was wearing a white tanktop and a pair of black slacks.
      "Hi," he greeted them. "How may I help you?"
                  "Some forever, not for better/Some have gone/And some remain,"
      He was cheerful and happy. Angel recognized him at once. He looked like a crossing between Derek and Angel. Angel knew that it had to be Damien.
      "We're looking for..." Derek started, but was cut short by Angel.
      "Damien?!" Angel exclaimed and the boy's eyes opened wide.
      "Yes," he said. "Do I know you?"
      "Oh God!" Angel said and embraced the surprised Damien who just stood still, frozen in surprise.
      When Angel broke the embrace, Damien was still slightly shocked and just stood there, staring at the two brothers.
      "W-w-who are you?" he asked them.
                  "All these places had their moments/With lovers and friends/I still can recall,"
      "Damien, may we please come in?" Angel asked Damien. "Sorry for my brother. He's got no manners."
      "Hey!" Angel exclaimed.
      "Anyawys," Derek continued, ignoring Angel's "Hey". "What we have to say might shock you far more than that hug, so you'd better be sitting down when you hear it."
                  "Some are dead and some are living/My life/I've loved them all,"
      "S-s-s-sure." Damien stuttered and invited the two brothers in.
      He showed them to the livingroom and they all sat down, Derek and Angel on the white loveseat and Damien on the couch opposite to it.
                  "But of all these friends and lovers/There is no one that compares with you,"
      "Now, please, Damien, brace yourself," Derek said and Damien's eyes grew wide in anticipation. "We're your brothers."
                  "And these memories lose their meaning/When I think of love as something new,"
      A long silence followed. Damien just stared at the two brothers, his mouth agape in shock.
      "Derek and David?" he wondered.
      "She told you about us?" Angel wondered.
      Before either Derek or Angel got around to saying another word, Damien pounced on them and grabbed them into a grouphug.
                  "Though I know I'll never lose affection/For people and things that went before,"
      "Oh, I'm so happy!" Damien sobbed, which caused Angel to start crying to.
      Derek was on the verge of tears, but braced himself.
      "She told me so much about you," Damien sobbed and broke the embrace.
                  "You know, I often stop and think about them/My life/I loved them all,"
      He scooted in between his two brothers and put his arms around them. "Even though you had little time together, she really loved you. She always said that I should try to find you and that she'd be sure of that we'd become good frie... brothers."
      "We were so worried you weren't going to accept us." Angel said and Damien smiled widely.
      "Of course I accept you!" he chuckled.
      "So, where is... mother?" Derek wondered.
      Damien's smile suddenly faded and tears started falling from his eyes again, this time tears of sadness and not joy.
      "She died." he said quietly.
      Another long silence followed.

      "She died." Damien sid quietly.
      Another long silence followed. Damien just fidgeted in his seat while Derek and Angel stared at him, their faces full of shock.
      "When did this happen?" he asked.
                  "Though I know I'll never lose affection/For people and things that went before,"
      Angel now started weeping openly, which opened up the flood gates to Damien, which then caused Derek to shed some tears, too.
      "Just last year." Damien sobbed.
      Derek and Angel just held Damien and rocked him for support.
      "She died of leukemia," Damien continued. "Ironic isn't it? Cancer took both of our parents."
                  "You know, I often stop and think about them/My life/I loved them all,"
      "But... then who are you living with?" Derek wondered.
      "No one actually." Damien said quietly and stared down at the floor. "Mom had no living relatives that they could find. I was shuffled back and forth between foster families. I ran away recently and have been hiding in here since. I'm afraid of that they'll find me soon and take me away."
      "You don't have to worry about that," Angel said and hugged Damien closer. "You can come and live with us."
      "Really?!" Damien exclaimed, his voice cracking due to the tears.
      "Really." Derek said and smiled at Damien.
      "Are you sure of that your parents will let me?" Damien asked, unsure.
      "We're emancipated," Angel told Damien. "It's a long story, but our adoptive parents beat us."
      Angel wasn't quite ready to tell Damien about the rapes yet and he was sure of that Damien wasn't ready to hear about them.
      "Oh, that's terrible." Damien said, his voice now steady.
      The three brothers started wiping their tears away whilst continuing to talk.
      "Anyways, so we took it to court," Angel continued. "They were convicted and we were emancipated. We managed to prove it to social services that we could take care of ourselves."
      "And you want me?" Damien asked, his voice starting to tremble again, as well as his lower lip. "Because all of those foster families..."
      "Yes, we want you," Derek chuckled and Damien settled down again. "Even though we've just met, I feel like we've known each other for a very long time."
      "I feel the same." Damien and Angel said at the same time.
                  "I'm in over my head,"
      "Wow, we really are brothers." Derek chuckled.
      "What about money?" Damien wondered. "I mean, I'm not high maintnance, but what if you can't afford me?"
      "I've started working part time." Derek said. "The pay isn't much, but we manage. And we have a good friend whose parents are well off. We've been friends since childhood, so their parents like us very much. They give us what money we lack to survive and live healthy and pretty prosper. I'm sure of that they'd be happy to help you, too."
                  "They wanna try to build me up so they can tear me down,"
      "But you have to go to school," Angel said strictly. "That's an order."
      "Geez," Damien groaned. "Yes, daddy."
      "We just want you to grow up to be a healthy well educated handsome young man." Derek chuckled.
                  "I wish that I could be back there/But I'm riding here right now,"
      "Ten minutes of being dads and you're already riding me." Damien groaned.
      "And, oh, do you have anything against homosexuality?" Angel asked Damien flatly.
      "Why should I?" Damien wondered. "I'm bi."
      "Oh." Derek said and smiled. "Good."
                  "They've taken everything that I've hard to give them,"
      "Oh, this is so exciting!" Angel said. "I'm gonna love being a dad!"
      "Oh, stop it," Damien groaned. "Wait... what about curfew?"
      "Well, as long as you don't drink, smoke, do drugs or the likes, you can come home anytime you want." Angel said cheerfully and got an "ehum" from Derek. "Of course, that's only for the weekends. On school nights, you have to be in by 1 AM."
                  "They say it's over but that I'm still here living,"
      That earned him another "ehum" from Angel. "Midnight." Angel quickly said.
      This time, there was no "ehum".
      "So where exactly will I be living?" Damien wondered. "Do we have a house? An apartment."
                  "I don't know what to do/I think that maybe,"
      "Actually, a it's dorm room." Derek said.
      "Actually, two dorm rooms," Angel said. "Derek's rooming with our friend Robin, whose parents are providing for us, so be nice to him. I'm rooming with a guy named Kevin. But our room's actually built for three. It's just that no third guy has moved in yet."
                  "I'm in over my head/Stuck in the bed/Something they said/Makes me think that,"
      "Oh, this is so great," Damien said and suddenly, his stomach grumbled loudly. "Sorry."
      That's when Derek realized how pale Damien was.
      "Oh my God!" Derek exclaimed. "When was the last time you got a decent meal?"
      "The day before yesterday, I think." Damien said weakly.
                  "I'm in over my head/Over my head/Over my head,"
      "Eeek!" Angel exclaimed. "Let's go get you some food right now! In fact, I'm hungry, too."
      "Chinese?" Derek asked Damien.
      "I love Chinese." Damien said and the three got up.
                  "I've gotta get away from here/It couldn't be too soon,"
      "Wait, what about the house?" Derek wondered.
      "What about the house?" Damien wondered.
      "Well, who's gonna get it and the money that mother must've left you?" Angel asked Damien.
                  "I see the stars are here with me/Like rockets to the moon,"
      "My legal guardians." Damien chuckled.
      "Oh my God!" Angel exclaimed. "We're getting a DvD-player!"
      "Actually, we already have one." Damien said and pointed at the Sony DvD-player that resided on top of the widescreen TV.
                  "You take me everywhere that I've never been ,"
      "Damien, now I really love you!" Angel said and gave Damien a quick peck on the cheek.
      "Now, let's eat." Derek said and the three exited the house, Damien locking it after them.
      "What are you in the mood for?" Angel asked Damien.
      "Wooked beef and bamboo shoots, curry chicken and fried scampi?" Damien suggested.
                  "Show me the meaning of what life has to give in,"
      "Oh my God!" Angel exclaimed. "They're all my favorites!"
      "And who says we need DNA-tests!" Derek chuckled.
      "Did I mention that I'm very good in school?" Damien mentioned. "I just love science."
                  "I don't know what to say/I think that maybe,"
      "No!" Derek exclaimed in disbelief. "Me, too!"
      "Oh, you nerds." Angel groaned and rolled his eyes in mock disgust.
                  "I'm in over my head/Life in the bed/Something she said,"
      "Notice how Angel's a smartass." Derek said and leered at Angel.
      "Oh, did you see the 'The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring' trailer yet?" Damien asked his new brothers.
      "I love 'The Lord of the Rings'!" Angel exclaimed. "I've read all of the books. Derek on the other hand is only on the 2nd one."
      "I've been busy!" Derek said defendingly and Damien chuckled.
      "I think I love you both very much," Damien chuckled. "Either that or my stomach's doing weird yoga exercises. Probably both."

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"Like a child, you whisper softly to me,
You're in control, just like a child,"
Chorus:"Now I'm dancing,"
"It's like a dream, no end and no beginning,
You're here with me, it's like a dream,"
Chorus:"Let the choir sing,"

"When you call my name, it's like a little prayer,
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there,
In the midnight hour, I can feel your power,
Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there,"

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone,
I hear you call my name and it feels like home,"

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