Alex walked into homeroom and Tim smiled at him, "Hi."

"Hey", Alex said back, returning the smile. Tim's face reddened a little.

Rick began to take notice of the slight changes to Tim whenever his new friend was around. "Do you wanna do something this weekend?", he asked. There was no reply. "Tim?", he said a little louder.

"Huh?...Uh, sure, what do you wanna do?"

Rick looked at him curiously for a second. He saw Tim's face begin to get a little more red. Deciding he wouldn't make Tim more uncomfortable, he replied, "I don't know hang out or something. Maybe the beach?"

"Yeah, that sounds good", Tim said as the bell rang for first period.

Tim took a seat next to Alex in Pre-Calculus. However, other than a quick, "Hey" or a few remarks about class, he didn't say much. Tim felt nervous. He was unsure on how to go about this. What if Alex wasn't even gay, he thought. What if I'm going through all of this, and it turns out it was for nothing? Why didn't I think about this before? Even if he is, would he be interested? What if he's not interested in me?

Tim noticed the class begin to pile out of the room and realized the bell must have rung without him hearing. He packed his backpack and headed to the locker room. This practice had been very different than the last few. He wasn't angry anymore, but he was confused. The coach noticed this and made several comments on Tim's lack of coordination. Tim took another long shower, but this time it wasn't because he was sore. After changing he headed for the pay phone. He picked up the receiver, but didn't put any change in. He was standing there for about five minutes, receiver in hand, whe he saw Alex walking down the hall.

He slammed the receiver back on the phone. "Fuck!", he shouted.

Alex walked up to him. "You okay?"

"I can't get a hold of my mom. I'm gonna have to catch the bus."

Alex looked at the parking lot and then back to Tim. "I can take you if you want?"

Tim inwardly smiled, but gave a look as if thinking it over.

"It's okay... You're really not that far from me."

"Yeah, okay. Thanks a lot man."

Alex smiled at him and turned towards the parking lot. Tim was glad he couldn't see his face. They got into Alex's car and started home.

After a few minutes of silence, Alex glanced at Tim and asked, "So what happened to the car you used to have?"

"It broke down. Fortune to repair. So it's probably going to just sit around for a while."

Alex shook his head. "That sucks."

"Yeah." Tim looked out the window. "So...why are you at school late everyday?"


"There's a debate team?" Tim really had no idea.

Alex smiled and said, "yes" with a half-laugh. "We don't win much, but it looks good on college applications."

Tim was staring at his smile.

"So, are you going to try and get a football scholarship or something?"

Time moved his eyes from Alex's mouth to his eyes. "No...maybe. I don't know. If i did get a scholarship, I'm not sure how well I would do on a college team. So, If I lost my scholarship, I'd hate to end up paying everything out of my pocket, especially if it's out of state."

"Yeah, that would be pretty shitty. So if you decide not to continue football, are you gonna go to a state school?"

Tim thought for a second. "I'm not sure. I guess I wouldn't mind taking out a loan to go to a school i really wanted...I just wouldn't want to do it at a school that I went to just for a football scholarship that I lost...you know? Alex nodded. "Are you gonna stay in state?"

"Nah. If anything I'm gonna try to go across the country or something. Time for a change."

Tim smiled. "Yeah, I can understand that."


Sorry about the short chapter...this is about as far as I can go I think. If anyone really likes the story and wants to continue it you are more than welcome to...I'd be happy to work on edits and character tweaking and such...because writing from scratch is way too time consuming. Sorry.

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