Alex pulled up to Tim's house. Tim grabbed his stuff from the back seat and said, "Thanks for the ride."

Alex was looking over at Tim's house. It wasn't what he thought it would be. "No problem." Tim headed towards the house. Alex looked over at the car in the driveway. It was Tim's. The paint was rusted and the passenger door was a different paint color - probably from a different car. He rolled down the window and called to Tim. "Hey, anytime you need ride a home..."

Tim yelled back, "Thanks." He smiled.

Alex smiled back at him and waved goodbye. Tim watched as he drove away and then went inside the house. His brother was sitting on the couch watching television. "Hey, where's mom?"

His brother didn't stop watching the television but answered, "She's teaching a lesson."

"Is dad gonna be home tonight?"

Sean turned to look at him. "No, I think later next week or something."

Tim gave him a half-smile and said, "Okay." He put his stuff by the door and went to the kitchen. He took filled a glass with some water from the sink and took a sip. "I have some homework, but do you wanna go to the park when I'm done and play some catch?", he called to his brother as he walked back to the living room.

His brother looked up and smiled at him, "Sure!"

Tim grabbed his stuff and headed towards their room. He finished his homework and went back to the living room. His brother had turned the television off and was taking a nap on the couch. He decided to let him sleep and go for a walk. He thought a lot about his poor performance during practice today. He needed to find a way to keep this from affecting him so badly. He thought a few times about just asking Alex if he was interested. It seemed, however, that the bad scenarios outweighed the good in how it would play out. When he got back home his mom's car was in the driveway. She was sitting at the kitchen table with Sean, helping him with homework.

She noticed Tim enter the kitchen and smiled at him, "Hi sweetie, what have you been up to?"

He returned the smile. "I was just out walking around."

"I thought we were going to play catch?" Sean had stopped working and looked up at Tim.

"I came to get you, but you were asleep on the couch. Do you wanna go now?"

Sean got up and went to their room to grab a football. His mom picked up his homework and placed it on the counter. "I'm going to start dinner now, so don't be too long, alright?"

Tim nodded as Sean came back with the football. They both gave their mom a hug and headed outside. The park was only a five minute walk from the house. The threw the football around for about 45 minutes before they headed home. They were almost home when Sean realized he had forgotten to tell Tim something.

"Oh yeah, Rick called while you were out. He said he'd be here around noon tomorrow."

Tim looked confused for a second and then remember that they were going to the beach tomorrow. "Thanks."

The weather was great. There were no clouds and the breeze was steady. Rick and Tim set up a couple of blankets on the beach and took off their shirts and shoes . Rick ran toward the water, while Tim took a minute to put some sun screen on. He never liked putting on sun screen, or any lotion for the matter. It always made him feel greasy, but the last time he went without it, he regretted it the next day.

The water was warm and it felt good against his body. He and Rick swam out to the perimeter buoys and back a few times before they headed back to their towels.

They were sitting in silence for a few moments before Rick finally spoke. "So you think that kid in homeroom would let me give him a blow job?"

"What?", Tim time said with a high inflection. "What is wrong with you? What are you talking about?"

Rick raised his eyebrows and shook his head in a what-don't-you-understand manner. "You know that kid you always say 'Hi' to? You think he would go on a date with me? I know you wouldn't care that I was gay. We've been friends long enough that I know I could tell you and you wouldn't get mad. Hey, you two seem pretty close...you think you could set us up." He said the entire speech with an unmistakable look in his eyes. He knew and now Tim knew he knew.

Tim smiled at him. "You know...you're a real asshole."

Rick looked shocked. "So you won't do it? What, you want him for yourself or something?"

Tim shook his head in defeat. Then Tim began to worry. "If you know...do other people? Am I that obvious? I mean I don't even know, really. Are you going to say shit? Rick, really I..there isn't..."

"Calm the fuck down", Rick pleaded. "I wasn't even sure and your not obvious, I just know you. You like that kid, right? I'm guessing you've already been fucked by him right? Did you even use a condom, dude, cuz he seems pretty dirty to me."

Tim laughed a little and then punched him in the shoulder. Rick let out a curse and started massaging it. Tim thought for a moment and then started to speak. "I don't even know him, really. I saw him after practice a few days ago, while I was waiting to get picked up, and we started talking. I've...I didn't even know I was like that, you know? I mean I...I never liked..." Tim dropped to a whisper, "...guys."

Rick could see the confusion on Tim's face. he felt bad for him. "Did he tell you he likes you or something?"

Tim's face turned to confusion. "No. Actually, I don't even know if he...he may not even..." There was something in trying to express to Rick that he didn't even know if Alex was gay that finally brought Tim to a realization. He really liked the kid. If he could go out with him he would. He would go to a movie with him, hold his hand and make out if he would let him. He realized, without even second guessing himself this time, that he was gay. It scared the shit out of him. His face darkened and he got up from the ground. He picked up his towel, shirt and shoes and headed towards Rick's car.

It took Rick a second to realize he was leaving and he called after him. Tim didn't stop walking. Rick gathered his things and jogged to catch up to him. "What's wrong, what happened to you?"

"I don't wanna talk about it. Let's go."


I know I wrote chapter 4 anyway...I figure I'll keep writing if I have time....the chapter's are short because creating stuff is hard and I don't have a lot of time...sorry.

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