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Notes From a Drifter

By Tomas Bougerois


I walk down the halls of Maine South High School unnoticed by the variable amounts of students in a rush to meet up with their friends or to get to their next class. Today is my birthday, it for the most part goes unnoticed except for the few people who have commented happy birthday on my facebook page, I don't even know why I have one, no one ever comments on my page without me doing so first. Nevertheless I head to my first period class, English, feeling somewhat indifferent as to what today will have in-store for me today. I spy a few acquaintances of mine and they smile politely as I do back, they're the few people in which I talk with throughout the day. I throw my backpack down and sit on the floor outside my class with some others from my class waiting for the day to begin. We gossip about our teacher and talk about how pointless yesterdays lesson was, I really do enjoy gossiping, that is when I get the chance to. I decide I should probably finish my geometry homework so that I wont end up doing it during my English class, but yet I don't really feel up to doing it so I don't.

The bell for first period rings and I am summand to start yet another pointless day of school where I learn about things that will prepare me for life after high school, that is if I don't die of AIDS first, no I don't have HIV but sometimes I wish I did so that people would feel sorry for me, or that I had a drug abuse problem that way people would think that I'm fucked up and scandalous. As I take my seat I see peculiar markings on my desk, one that caught my attention is "2012 JUDGEMENT DAY" what a load of bull shit that is. The only reason people believe that shit is because society has got us so worried about lung cancer, terrorism, money, and health that anything that could shatter the American dream and render us off the face of the planet makes us go crazy with a certain fascination. I look among the drone of faces that I see almost every day, and I stop at one in particular, his face is not familiar to me, I assume he must be a new student. My teacher, Mr. Hannahball, reassures my suspicion by announcing, "Hello class, as I'm sure you're all aware we have a new student joining us this semester, I want you all to welcome him with open arms... his name is Claude Respire, tell me Claude how do you like Chicago compared to New York?"

Claude reluctantly responded, "Its much the same, there are tall buildings and a lot of people trying to get to where they need to be in a hurry!"

Mr. Hannahball replied to Claude's statement, "Ah that does seem to be the American way, everything needs to be done and fast and people are in such a rush that we fail to see the real beauty in life. Um, Jean will you show Claude to his locker so he can put some of his books away?"

I reluctantly agreed, its not that I don't want to help him out its just I know he will become another face in the crowd to me so why even bother getting to know him. He seemed like a friendly person, one that couldn't possibly have any quarrels with anyone, he just personified welcomeness. Claude is about six feet and weighs approximately 180 pounds with a very good body as far as I could tell through his tight Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. He's very cute with deep blue eyes and sandy blond hair with chiseled features and a perfectly white smile.

He said to me, "So you're the lucky guy who gets to show me around huh?"

"Yeah," I said, "Besides it beats having to sit through another lecture about The Great Gatsby!"

"Touche man touche!" he said rather excitedly.

"Yeah so your from New York right, I'm Jean Palait by the way."

"Yeah I am, and yeah I know... You're pretty cute you know, and I like your style, the jeans tucked into the white high tops, the blue plaid button up shirt with your red tie, and your retro Ray Bans really work for you."

What the hell was that I thought to myself, did he just say I was pretty cute, and he liked my style? I'm a pretty average kid standing at about five feet five inches, and more scrawny than most weighing only about 110 pounds. I did my hair in this kind of I don't really care way but I really do care because I spend time making it like that. And my deep ember green eyes really went well with my brown hair. But I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'm cute maybe its just a low self image I have of myself but whatever. I didn't know how to respond so I just said, "Thanks," while blushing a little from the complement.

"Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable man, I just like to say it how it is you know?"

"Yeah I do actually, and by the way, your pretty cute too," Oh shit did I just say that I thought he was cute? What am I getting myself into? I don't want his first impression of me is that I'm some flamboyant queer, even though I was and got made fun of most of the time for it.

"Pretty cute?!?! I would have to say I'm damn sexy!"

"Wow there, don't get to conceded now,we wouldn't want your ego to explode now would we?"

"Haha good point bud."

We got to his locker and I helped him with his combination and he put some books away and we started off for class again. I had to pee though so I told him I need to use the bathroom and apparently so did he. I went to the first urinal and he went to the one right next to me, which is odd because straight men usually like one urinal in between them, and what was also odd was he didn't stay so close to the urinal, he was back a bit leaving him open for a wandering eye. I couldn't help it I just had to look, it was average at about 7 inches, and he had a very sexy "v-shape" coming down from his abdominals leading into his groin section.

"HEY! Are you checking me out?"

I got flustered and embarrassed a bit but then he said, "Its okay if you were cause I was checking you out too!"

"Oh really, and did you like what you saw?"

"I guess I did, but I might have enjoyed it more under different circumstances," and with that he pushed me against the wall and pressed into my lips deep and hard, are pants were still unbuttoned and our cocks exposed. My mind was racing as to what was going on and then I just let go, I let myself be consumed in his kiss as he but his hand on my but and one going up my back. I just let my hands fall to his face, he tasted so good. I found it hard to breathe but I didn't care, I didn't want our lip lock to end, but inevitably it did, and as we parted as stared into his deep blue eyes lost in his gaze. He just flashed me his beautiful smile and gave me a quick peck on the lips, he could sense that I too did not want this moment to end. Could it be love at first sight? I had no time to figure out now, we had to get back to class before we got into any trouble.

To be continued...