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By: Chris A.
(Omicron Theta)

Chapter 1

You know that I've have heard it hundreds of times, but that damn alarm clock always pisses me off.  Seriously, who ever invented a sound like that should be shot.  And I would gladly be the one to do it.  Anyway, and this is the only reason it makes that sound, I had to get up to turn it off.  God I wish that I could reach that snooze button.

So I angrily tossed the covers off of me and swung my legs over the edge of the bed.  Being as uncoordinated as I am, swung my entire body off the bed.  Landing hard on my bottom, I swore under my breath.  This is not starting out right.  Getting up, I looked around my room, yep, just like I like it.  A shit hole, as my mom puts it.  I like to call it organized chaos.  Underneath the surface, I know where everything is.  Flipping on the light, I cringed under the bright illumination.  Great, now that I have this permanent light stain on the back of my eye, I won't be able to see a damn thing.  And sure enough, I tripped on my backpack.  "FUCK!"  Getting up for the second time in one minute, I looked around for some clothes to wear.

When it suddenly hit me, Friday, the last day of the school week.  Yep, one more week till summer.  Again smacked with realization, I had put my best casual clothes in the dryer.  Yep, I want to look good today.  Running down the hall and turning the sharp corner to the basement, I stopped.  Stairs.  With the day that I am having, I will slow down for this.  I smiled to myself.  This day better get better.

I retrieved the clothes from the dryer and ran back to my room, ripping off my boxers, I gave myself the once over in my mirror doors.  Not bad, I thought.  6'1", 150 lb. and a killer body.  Yep, I took good care of myself.  Worked out, ate right, and did my homework.  I have bright blond hair and stone cold blue eyes.  I keep my hair cut short because I hate gelling it or what ever the hell all those other guys do to it.  I am sixteen and don't have a hair on my body, save for a little dusting on my legs and arms and of course the normal teenage growth.  And most importantly, I am gay.  By the way, my name is Garrett.  I have come to terms with my sexuality.  I used to hate myself, never suicidal, but the thought did cross my mind once and a while.

Now, I like who I am, and I like guys.  Especially one.  Yep, my obsession, I can't keep him off my mind.  Here is the problem.  He is my greatest friend.  Of course he doesn't know about me, I wouldn't tell a single soul.  Furthermore, I don't want to scare him, I don't want to loose him as a friend.  His name is Noah.  He is 5'7" and roughly 125lb.  He has a swimmer's build.  Something to die for.  But above all, I love his face.  His eyes are a mixture of blue and gray and he has a killer smile.  It is the strangest thing, when he smiles, small creases form at the corners of his mouth.  I gulp, every time he smiles.  His face is so defined, definite but gentle curves around the chin and jawbone.  Everything is just. . . .perfect.  His hair is a deep brown, thick and long, not too long.  It is so cute that he doesn't even touch it.  It looks like a mop, but somehow that turns me on.  What it is, I don't know.

"Holy Shit, time really flies when your deep in thought."  I had fifteen minutes to get to school and it is a ten minute drive.  I jumped into my clothes and straightened up.  Did my hair and made sure to look my best.  Grabbing my backpack I bolted down the hall and out the door.  Whipping out my keys, I opened my car door.  A nice little car, 1999 Saturn.  No time the think, must go now, I took off and was soon, in the school parking lot.  Pulling into my space I got out and ran to the building, halfway there, I ran back and locked the door.  Looking at my watch, I realized that I have no time left.  I actually sprinted to my locker, the coach would have been impressed. I barely made it to Pre-calculus.

Sitting in my seat, I pulled out my book and last night's homework.  Mrs. Trembolt walked around and made sure we did it.  Then we went through it.  The class went pretty fast.  The rest of the day however, moved the speed of a snail.  Yep, Noah was in most of my classes, and like always we sat across the room.  No teacher wanted us together.  We are dangerous when we are together.  So all I could do was stare at him.

In my life I have only had one fantasy.  To hold or be held by him.  That's right, no sex, no blowjobs, or anything.  Just sleeping in each other's arms.  Oh, God, did I want that.  Lunch eventually rolled around.  I sat at my usual table and was soon joined by my three friends.  Noah, Brook, and Alex.  Brook and Alex are a couple, but secretly.  Brook is short and tan.  Lean, defiantly an asset to the female population.  Defiantly a hotty, um, if I was straight.  Alex, is short too.  5'5" or something near that.  He is cute, but I never looked at him like that.

"Hey Garrett," Brook called.

"Hey, Brook, Alex, Noah."  I called back.



Brook started off.  "So what are you guys doing over the summer?"

"I have to get a job." Noah said.

"Me too." I chimed in.

"What about for the second week of summer vacation?"

"I don't know, Why?"

"My parents and I are going on a canoe trip in a canoe area, in northeast Minnesota.  And she said that I could bring along you guys."

My eyes bulged open.  "You have got to be kidding me."

"No joke," she responded.

"That is so cool," Alex said.

"Hell yea."  I finally said.  Brook Chambers' parents were really cool, they were the real adventurers.  Always going on camping trips.  They have probably gone to more places than Rand McNally.  They always brought a piece of their trip back with them.  Their house was absolutely amazing.

"I don't know."  Noah said.  We all looked at him for a few seconds.  "What?"

"What do you mean, `I don't know," Brook said.

"Just," he thought for a second, "I don't know."

"Whatever, your coming, it wouldn't be the same."  That was one thing about Brook, she fought for what she wanted, no, she assumed that she got what she wanted.  It cracked me up.  We returned to normal lunchroom conversation like teachers, homework, love interests, and food quality.  That was a big one.  Noah stayed quite.  I would have been concerned but I was currently busy talking to Brook and Alex.  Lunch ended all too soon.  And it was back to the mundane schedule of classes.  The day finally finished.  I felt drained, and as soon as I got home I collapsed onto my bed.


With the expectation of the upcoming trip, exam week flew by.  This surprised me, but I wasn't complaining.  Before I knew it I had graduated my Junior year.  Every day, I had a smile on my face.  This turned a few heads, but with my carefree attitude, nothing really mattered.  When the final bell rang I jumped out of my seat and sprinted for my car.  I don't know why I ran, I had to wait for Brook, Alex, and Noah.  I saw them pour our of the building with the rest of the students and waved them over.

"Hey man," Alex said.

"Hey, how's it going..."

Alex interrupted me, "Absolutely fantastic, last day of school is over with.  No more Teachers, homework, bells."  I started to hum, "Glory, Glory, Alleluia." Alex continued, "No more coaches yelling, detentions.  No more pens, paper, pencils.  We are free, free at last."

"Finished?" Brook asked.

"Ohhhh, yea," he responded with a shake of his head.

"Good, lets go," I said.  We all piled into the car.  I started it up and headed out.  "So where you want to go?"

"Denny's," Noah said.  "By the way, Alex, nice speech."

"Thanks, I would like to thank my family and friends for their supp....."
"Moment over, buddy," I interrupted.

"Hey, man your passing it up," Brook said.

"Shit," I said as I made a rather dangerous and rather illegal turn.  I pulled into the lot and walked inside.  Waiting for a table took about. . . . .forever.  It was after all a high school hangout.  But we eventually got one.  That entire meal was spent talking about the trip and the end of school.  But the later seemed second priority.

Noah has gotten permission to go with us and by Brook's orders he is coming.  `Yes,' I thought to myself, `this is going to be great.'  Brook was short and concise in describing the trip.

"Thirty miles into the back country, no toilets, TV's, 1 radio for weather because that is all that we will be able to get, little packaged food, 1 water purifier, and a whole lot of work.

`Great,' I thought, `This ought to be a whole lot of fun.'  And I really meant that too.  She gave us a printed list of everything that we would need to bring.  Printed on her computer.  She was one for perfection also.


The day before the trip nervousness hit me.  I was freaked, out on the open lakes.  Out, having to provide everything, nobody else around.  Ok, so I was a little nervous about the water, but not so much as I am with having Noah with me for a week, close to him, changing, fishing, talking, being with him for a week.  I was freaked that I was going to say something that would give me away.  This is a fear that I had to live with for a long time, but I only had to face him at school, or for a few hours out of.  I never slept over at his house, against some sort of religious thing.

I packed my stuff meticulously.  I made sure that I had a pair of pants, underwear, shirts, my sleeping bag, toiletries, a book in a plastic bag.  I was warned that things might get wet.  I remembered my camera, and just a few other things.  I packed light.  I had a backpack of things, not bad I thought for a 16 year old.  My mom insisted that I give brook's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, a twenty.  I knew that they wouldn't take it.  She then told me to stuff it in her bag.

I had a fitful sleep.  I was troubled with a mixture of fear, excitement, love, and to add to the mixture was a dash of teenage hormones.  Noxious stuff I would think.  I awoke, however, with a start with my mom sitting at my bedside.

"Buddy, its time to get up.  Brooklyn will be here any minute."  My mom always called here by her full name.

"Mom, for the thousandth time, you can call her Brook," I said groggily.

"Really, I never knew,"  She said as a joke.

"Mom!!"  She left and flipped on the light as swept out the door.  "Ugg," I grunted and rolled out of bed painfully onto the floor.  As was the start to every morning.

I heard the honk of a horn then Brook yell, "GARRETT, COME ON!!!!"

"Garrett, there here!" my mom yelled.

"I KNOW!"  I stripped and changed into my casual that I set out last night.  Simple shirt and jeans.  I ran our to the minivan, tossed my bag with the others in the back and climbed into the rear seat with Noah, who was more asleep than awake.  "Good morning, I said to everyone at once."

"Good morning Garrett," Brook said.  Her parents were just as enthusiastic.  I got only grunts from Alex and Noah.  The drive was slow and well, just slow.  I busied myself with observing the passing trees and cars and Noah.  But he wasn't passing; instead, he was passed out on my shoulder.  I loved that feeling of someone else on me.  It just felt so right.  Soon I fell asleep as well.

"Garrett, Garrett.  Get up."  A smile crossed my lips as I heard Noah's small angelic voice.  He pulled himself out from under me.  It was then that I realized my head was on his lap.  The horror of the situation was expertly masked with fake humor.

"Dude you just let me sleep on your lap?"

"Umm, yea.  I figured, since I was sleeping as well and had no choice in where your head ended up!"

"Sorry."  I looked around as I got out of the car.

"Welcome to Ely.  This is a town, which solely lives to house all the outfitters for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  Now come on, we haven't much time," Mr. Chambers said.

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