The story below is a love story and will involve sex between teenagers. As the story progresses, it will involve sex between young adults males.  All the usual rules apply. 
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chapter 1

It's November 2004. we're all sitting in heath row airport, waiting to board a plane to New York where we have several interviews to give and a couple of TV shows to shoot for the promotion of our fifth album with UNI.

U-N-I, that's the name we gave to the group we formed over 10 years ago. Our lives have been so crazy in the past 10 years, sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure this is all really happening. I always knew we would be famous. Ever since our first jam session in 1993, I knew we would become one of the biggest rock and roll bands in the world...or I hoped so anyway. To be honest with you, if someone had told me that in 1993, I would have had serious doubts about the truthfulness of that statement.

But hehe, one can always dream! My father always told me not to dream. To dream was to be disappointed and it was a waste of time. I learned not to listen to my father though. To me, the power of imagination was priceless and at an early age I was determined to do everything I possibly could to make my dreams come true and to live up to my expectations.

Ok I'm getting a little carried away here but now that you know the end of the story, let's start with the beginning.


I don't remember not knowing the guys. We grew up together outside of Dublin, in Ireland. We went to kindergarten together and we lived in the same neighbourhood. Even before we started going to school together, we were already the best of friends.

There was Jordan, who was the youngest, Damon, Robbie and Dylan. We were all really close in age. Dylan was born in April 76, Damon in November, I on January 77 and Rob only two weeks after me in February, and finally Jordan in March.

There was also Rachel, who seemed to be the only girl in the neighbourhood who managed to put up with us. She always wanted to hang out with us and play our games. She was a great girl, funny, smart and even pretty. She was part of the guys, I suppose. We really liked having her around.

I loved those guys, they were my best friends. They were always there for me whenever I had trouble at home. Yeah, I have to tell you, to counterbalance with having the best friends I could possibly ask for, I had the worst family God ever put on this earth....well maybe not, but it did feel that way to me. My father was a stupid asshole whose favorite occupation was to make my life a living hell. I had stop counting a long time ago the number of bruises he gave me, releasing his anger on my body. An anger that probably came from feeling, like a total useless member of society, going to a dead boring job every day to buy alcohol or cigarettes or if need be, to feed a wife and kids he, from the look of it, didn't even love. I had made a promise to myself never to be like him. I didn't want to end up like that. I wanted my life to be exceptional!

So whenever I was at home, my goal was to do everything I could not to piss him off too much. The only problem was that, no matter what I did, he always found a good reason to make me feel like scum or to give me a nice little beating to remind me who was the boss. God I hated him.

The only good thing I learned from him was French. He was born in France but moved to Ireland with his parents when he was a teenager. He almost never spoke to us in English and we had to talk to him in French most of the time or he would get mad, telling us that we would never learn if we kept speaking English. Even with my brother and sister, we spoke in French if he was around. (I had an older brother, Thomas and a younger sister, Amy). He never really managed to teach my mum but even if she couldn't really speak the language, she understood it pretty well so even when she was here, French was the first language we used in the house. It was not the best way to learn a language because it was forced on us but we did learn it.

As for my mother, well my mother was a Christian, not that there is anything wrong with that, I myself have some pretty strong beliefs when it comes to God. Not just me actually, all the guys did too, we had been going to church every week as we were growing up and well, it was part of our upbringing.

But my mother, she did not seem to be able to make allowances. She followed blindly the dictates of the church and she was very stubborn about it. She had to put up with an abusive husband and a pretty sad life I must add (doing the cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking care of the kids and receiving no appreciation or love for it), and I'm pretty sure that she believed God had intended it that way to make her stronger so she was just putting up with it. She was a strict mother and even though she knew what my dad was putting us through, she didn't really tell him anything. Whenever we complained to her about him, she always told us that God had a plan, and that everything we went through in life had a reason to no big help here.

Well, anyway, let's go back to the part of my life I actually liked. Let me tell you a little bit more about my friends, especially one who I consider as my best friend, my soul mate even!

Robbie lived in the house right next to mine. Our mothers were friends and they had told us that when we were babies, they used to put us in the same playpen. So as you can see, our friendship goes way back. I really thought the guys were a pretty amazing bunch of friends but Rob and I were best friend and everybody knew that. Even when the guys were not hanging out together, we were.

There was a logical reason for that though, the first one being that he was the one I felt the most connected to, we really knew each other very well, and the second was that, every time I had to escape my own house because I was too scared that my dad would want a litlle boxing session in the living-room, I went to his. If my parents started fighting, if I saw that my dad was drunk, if I had a fight with my brother or my sister, I climbed out of my window or walked out the door and went straight to Rob's. The peace and love in his house was priceless to me. Rob and his family knew what I was escaping from, I had started doing that at an early age, I must have been only six or seven the first time I ran to his place in the evening to escape my father. I had knocked at the door and rob had let me in, comforted me and asked his mother if I could stay the night because I was too damn scared of going back home.

His mother knew and understood what I was going through, she was always there to take me in her arms and make me feel special and loved in a way that my parents couldn't. Over the years, it became natural, I considered Rob's mum and dad like my second parents. I'm sure Jane, (Rob's mother) tried to make the situation better by talking to my mother but after a while, it probably became an understanding. My mum would let me slip out of the house, leaving me in the care of someone else, that way she knew I was safe and my dad was just happy that I wasn't home most of the time. He didn't have to bother about me.

So I spend most of my childhood's nights sleeping in the same bed as my best friend. I always went back home after school, after all, it was my house, it was where I was supposed to stay, but after dinner, there was always something that would make me want to escape and I often found myself knocking at my neighbour's door, hoping they would let me stay with them one more time. It was during one of those nights that my relationship with Rob suddenly changed.

We were 16 and we had had a pretty long and hard day at school. It was October so the days were still long and warm enough for us to stay outside until at least 6PM. We were sitting in Jordan's back garden and going through a number of music magazines that his mother had bought for him. We just loved talking about music, the bands we admired, the songs we loved. We were all very musical since we had all learned to play an instrument at an early age. So we had decided to form a band. We loved playing music together. I had started learning how to play the piano in church. There was a teacher who gave classes in the evening and on Saturdays at the local church so my mum signed me in when I was 7, same for Dylan and Damon. Jordan and Rob started learning how to play guitar when they were, like, 6, and I often played with Rob when we hung out together. He would teach me what he had learned. I would have asked my parents to sign me in for guitar lessons but I was 100% sure that they would refuse to pay for it. Piano was the only thing I did outside of school and it was only because it was happening at church, therefore it was cheap enough. I mean , come on, what was the point of spending hundreds of pounds in my musical education....If only they had known!

Anyway, around 6PM, Jordan's mum asked us to go home so we all did. Even I did, which was a big mistake. As soon as I stepped into the house, my dad grabbed me by the arm and pushed me violently into the kitchen, screaming at me (in French) because I was late.

"Where the hell have you been? You think you can just come home whenever you like? Your mother was looking for you. You were supposed to go shopping with her for halloween tonight. She was really upset."

"I'm sorry, I was at Jordan's, I forgot." I told him apologizing.

"I don't care, I don't want to hear any excuses. I want you to come home right after school from now on, is that clear?"

He was pulling my jacket, waiting for an answer and I had no choice but to say yes, even though I knew that he usually weren't home before 6pm, so I wouldn't really have to follow this new, very unfair rule. I almost asked how he would know if I came home after school since he would not be there, but I knew better. it was not the time to act like a smart ass. He grabbed me a little harder.

"Do you get it?"

"Yes, I do." I repeated.

He then dragged me up the stairs forcefully and threw me into my bedroom, slamming the door on his way out, after yelling some more.

"Now you better do whatever homework you have to do. I don't want to hear a single sound from you tonight."

Wait, could I at least come down for dinner? Oh crap! I thought about going over to Rob's but I wasn't sure that was a very good idea, seeing how pissed my father seemed to be. I heard him go downstairs and I realized I was very thirsty. I opened my door as quietly as I could and went into the bathroom to get some water. I drank and without thinking, I took a leak and flushed the toilets. Big, big mistake. My father was upstairs again in a flash, pushing me to the floor, kicking me in the stomach and slapping me in the face. I found myself hoping that my body would become numb to such an assault. I will get used to it one day I suppose, but for now, it still hurt like hell and I was sure I would have a few bad bruises on the next day.

"What did I tell you? I told you to stay in your room. Get back in there right now, your little piece of shit!" Oh well, isn't that a sweet way to talk to your son?

He pulled me up so I was standing again, dragged me to my room and threw me violently on the desk.

"Ok, well, I think I'll stay in here tonight," I thought to myself. I got his point now. God my body was sore all over. I started to cry. I couldn't help it. I was really getting tired of this. This was becoming more and more unbearable. God I hated him. Why was he doing this to me? I took a leak, for god's sake! What was wrong with that? Fuck him, I had to see Rob! He was the only one who could make me feel better, and I really needed someone to comfort me. I was just too upset and angry, I didn't know what to do with myself.

I managed to climb out of my bedroom window and jumped from the low roof, to the ground with no difficulty, hoping my dad would not hear me or see me leave and headed to Rob's. I saw the lights were on in the house and I knocked at the front door, shivering a little. Rob opened the door and immediately noticed that I was crying. I just stood there watching him, probably looking pretty pathetic and he grabbed my arm to make me move and step inside. I winced in pain. I didn't have to tell him, he knew immediately what was wrong with me.

"God, what did he do to you now? Come here."

He wrapped his arms around me and let me cry on his shoulder. He didn't say stuff like 'that's ok' and I was thankful for that because I certainly didn't think what had just happened was ok. I cried silently for a long time, releasing all my frustrations.

"Why is he doing this to me, I hate him, what a bastard! Who does he think he is? Who gives him the right to treat me like that? This isn't fair, I'm so tired of this...."

Rob just kept saying, 'I know, I know, I understand, you just let it out', I didn't feel bad or ashamed to cry like a baby on his shoulder. I knew he meant it when he said he understood and I knew he didn't think I was just a sissy. He knew how bad my father could beat me up sometimes and I think it genuinely made him ache. We cared a lot about each other and I knew that ifI had seen him like this, I would have felt terrible for him.

After a good 10 minutes, I started to calm down and we went to his bedroom. Rob sat me down on his bed, took off my t-shirt, went into the bathroom and came back with a bottle of soothing lotion. He asked me where I was sore and applied it on my body, massaging my shoulders in the process to help me relax. Feeling his hands on me, God it felt great. It did not really touch the part where I was sore to tell you the truth, and if he did, he was so gentle that it didn't really hurt. I wondered if he was doing this to make me feel better or if he just enjoyed touching me. It felt more like he was caressing me than massaging me really, and my cock started to swell a little. I didn't want him to stop but it was becoming uncomfortable and I didn't want him to notice my state of arousal. That would have been quite embarrassing.

"Does it feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah, it does, thanks."

I put my t-shirt back on and he got up and went into the bathroom to wash the lotion off his hands.

When his mum came home, he told her that my father had beaten me up again. She was really mad, calling him names. She went over to my house and confronted him. I was glad that someone had the guts to stand up for me, even if I was afraid it would backfire on me. I mean, now he knew I had left my room. I was scared he would come over and force me to go home but he didn't. Once again, he was probably glad to get rid of me for the night.

I stayed with Rob's family again that night. We were all very silent during dinner. There was no need to say anything and I knew I didn't want to talk. Rob's mother asked him and his younger brother (Justin) a few questions about school but that was it. Every time I looked at Rob, I noticed him watching me and when my eyes met his gaze, he looked right into me and smiled, letting me know he was there for me.

I could see real understanding and care in his eyes. He has great eyes, they are mainly green but there are different colors in them, and the shade changes according to his mood, or the light. He has this capacity to talk with this eyes, you can read his emotions and feelings just by looking into them. Really amazing. And that night, all I could see was how much he cared for me. I tried to make my eyes say that too but I don't know if I did.

We went to his room after dinner, and played video games for a bit. I guess it was suppose to cheer me up. He kept asking me how I felt though. Around 10pm we stopped playing and went to bed. The whole evening had been weird, we had barely talked to each other but we had done a lot of talking with our eyes, there was a sort of...connection between us that I hadn't really felt before. It was stronger than it had ever been anyway. We never felt the need to talk non-stop when we were together. We always had something to talk about though but sometimes we just hung out silently together. The silence between us was always a comfortable one. It was never awkward.

We got into bed and after a few seconds, Rob put his arm around me. Well, one of us always did that when we slept together but this time he actually snuggled closer to me than usual and I could feel the warmth of his body and his breath on my neck and it felt good. Too good. For some reason, I found myself getting hard again. Man, what was going on here? I wasn't supposed to feel that way for my best friends, now was I? Especially not tonight. I was supposed to be upset, not horny.

The problem was that I was horny and I felt all these mixed emotions. It felt like Rob was sending me all these weird messages that I could not read and at that moment, I just wanted to turn around and take him in my arms. I didn't know what was happening to us, I didn't understand it. Were we supposed to feel that close to each other? I had to know how Rob felt about that.



"What's happening to us?"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not sure, I just...I just feel...You know what, forget it, let's just sleep," I said, not finding the right words to ask him and backing down.

"No tell me, what is it?" he insisted and I decided to just say what was on my mind.

"I was do you feel about me? what do you think of me?" I asked him.

"I, you're...what are you asking me this?"

"Because, I don't know, what you're doing right now, I know we've always done that, but I just thought, well, it's not really normal for two guys to sleep in the same bed so close to each other, is it?"

"I just, I just want you to feel safe, I don't ...." And he lost it. He sat up on the bed as far away from me as he could and his breathing changed. He took several deep breaths and he sounded like he was about to cry, if he wasn't already. I sat up on the bed as well and crawled over to him.

"Rob, what's the matter, are you crying?" I asked him, rubbing his back a little. He didn't answer and I looked at his face and saw tears rolling down his cheeks. He quickly wiped them away but they kept coming.

"What's wrong?" I asked. I really had no idea why he was suddenly crying. Was it because of what I had said? it wasn't something to cry about now, was it? Plus he wasn't the kind of guy who cries for no reason so he had to be really upset about something to react like this.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me, this is so stupid."

"I don't get it. Why are you crying? I mean, I don't mind that we sleep in the same bed, it's fine. We've been doing that for so long, it feels natural. But..."

"Please stop, I don't want to talk about it ok. I can't, I'm sorry, this is just stupid."

It didn't seem like he was going to tell me what was bothering him but he made no move to go back to sleep and he continued crying a little. I didn't know what to do so I sat in front of him, and without really thinking about it, I wrapped my legs around him and held him tightly against me, our t-shirt covered chests pressing together. I didn't really know what I was doing but it felt right to hold him like this and it seemed to be what he needed me to do. He resisted a little at first but soon wrapped his arms around me too and held me, crying on my shoulder. It seemed like we were taking turns. Just a few hours ago, I was the one crying on his shoulders. I didn't know what was happening to us, maybe it was the full moon or something like that but we were behaving like fucking pre-schoolers again. After only a few short minutes, Rob really started to let his emotions overtake him and he started sobbing. it seemed like something was really eating him up but I had no idea what could upset him that much. He clung onto me and I winced in pain, he felt it and apologized.

"Sorry. God, I hate to see you hurt. I wish he would stop hurting you, you don't deserve this, you deserve so much better" he said.

"Hey Rob, it's ok, I'm fine. Well I could be better I suppose but it's ok. I can take it. I'll be fine ok, don't worry about me." Now I was trying to make it sound ok, yeah right, who was I kidding? well, Rob I hoped.

He wiped his tears away again and started calming down, his breathing soon returning to normal. He stared at my face but he wasn't really looking at me in the eye, like he was afraid of what he might see if he did. I moved my head a little to make him look at me and he met my gaze. Oh my God, his eyes were filled with tears but I could see so many emotions in those beautiful eyes of his. It felt more like he was looking into me again, I don't know how to explain it, it was like he was trying to see into my soul, to read my mind.

"Rob, you're not crying because I'm hurt, I can tell, please tell me what's bothering you."

"I can't." He said calmly, still looking into my eyes. I could see that he was worried, a bit scared and hesitant, like he wanted to tell me but for some reason, couldn't find the courage to do it. And I just couldn't think of anything that could be so hard for him to tell me.

"Why not?" I asked "we've always told each other everything. I mean whatever it is, you know you can tell me."

"I don't think I can, I don't want you to hate me."

"Hate you? How can you think something like that? are you nuts?"

My voice sounded a little bit more pissed off than I had intended but how could he think that I could hate him. That was just stupid.

We were still holding each other but as I said this, he pulled away from me and got back under the covers.

"Look," he said "can we just sleep please, I'm really tired, I'm sorry Mark, I'm sorry I lost it, You don't need this right now. Honest I'm fine now, I just, can we talk about this tomorrow?"

"Alright" I said getting back under the covers too.

We lay there silently for a few minutes. Rob was lying on his side, his back to me and I was on my back, still wondering what was happening to him.

The curtains were shut but the room was not completely dark or maybe our eyes has adjusted to the darkness. I turned on my side and watched the back of his head.

"Rob" I called.

He didn't answer but after a few seconds, he turned around and faced me. We looked deep into each other eyes, something was happening between us, a sort of unspoken communication and I did my best to make sure he saw that whatever it was that was bothering him, he could count on me to help him.

He must have grown strength from that because he suddenly spoke,

"I think I'm gay Mark."

Gay? was that what he was afraid to tell me? I had not seen that coming, but now I understood why it was so hard for him to say it. I didn't know what to do with that though. Did it mean he didn't fancy girls at all? He had a girlfriend. How did he know he was gay. Where was that coming from? He had never told me anything about that. I thought I knew him so well, and there he was, telling me something about himself I did not suspect at all, something that could change a lot of things between us.

"Mark?......Mark, say something please."

He sat down on the bed again and I saw he was about to start crying again so I reached out to him. I didn't really know what to do or what to say so I just held him gently. I mean, how are you suppose to react to that. I knew what people said about gays, none of it good. I knew what my father said about gays and that was even worse and the church too but I didn't care. Rob was my best friends and I loved him. I just wanted to do everything I could to make him feel better like he had always done for me when I was down.

"Rob, it's ok, I really don't hate you."

"You don't?" he asked.

"Of course not. I told you I could never hate you"

He sighed, sounding relieved "I was so scared of telling you. Do you think it's weird?" he asked.

"I don't know, I never really thought about it . I mean, how do you know? You've been dating girls and all. What about Sally?" Sally was a girl from school he was dating. I knew he hadn't slept with her. I thought it was because she didn't feel ready yet, but after what he had just told me, I realized that it was probably not the only reason.

"Yeah well, It's just because everyone is doing it. Sally is fun but I don't, I don't know, I just don't want to do anything with her. I want to be with a guy. I can't explain why Mark, but I want to be with a guy. I don't feel anything for girls."

And then it hit me. As he was talking, I began to realize that he probably had feelings for me. That's why he was so upset that I was hurt, that's why he wanted to be close to me all the time, why he looked at me so intensely. I mean I could understand that, because even though I had never really asked myself if I were straight or gay, even though I had never put a word on it like he had, I did feel something for him that was going beyond friendship and as I looked into his eyes that night, I knew I loved him. Maybe not in the same way but I did. I had that feeling in my body that told me I would cry a river if I were to lose him. He was my best friend, we knew each other better than we knew anyone else. We shared everything and he meant so much to me. He was someone I could tell everything to, he was someone I could go to when things were too hard to handle at home and I knew there would be no judgments, just understanding and help.

"Do you love me?" I blurted out.

"Oh God...." I could tell he didn't expect me to be so straight forward.

A few tears rolled down his cheeks and again, I sat in front of him and wrapped my legs and arms around him. I wasn't sure I knew what I was doing but I wanted to feel close to him, I needed to feel close to him and I wanted him to know I was ok with him being gay. I didn't care, this didn't change anything, I wanted to help him. I almost wanted to reciprocate and tell him that I loved him too but I didn't know if what I felt for him was friendship or love. God, I had to seriously think about that. I mean, we were young. We were gonna be 17 soon but still, I didn't really know what it meant to be in love and I don't think he did either. I just felt something different for him, I loved being with him, that I knew.

"Mark, I do. I'm sorry, I don't want to freak you out. I know you must think I'm totally fucked up. But I do, I love you."

"Rob, That's ok, look at me." He couldn't... "Look at me." He did. He looked scared and worried.

"I don't hate you, you're my best friend. You've never let me down. And this, well it's a bit weird but I understand. I care about you and I don't know if it's the same but I love you too."

"What? What do you mean?"

"I mean, I love you because you're my best friend and I love hanging out with you and all. You know me so well, you know, and you're always there for me."

"But you don't love me like I do. You don't want to kiss me right now, do you?" he said laughing a little, like it was totally impossible and funny that I could even consider kissing him.

"Do -you- want to kiss me?" I asked him grinning. I think I wanted to lighten up the atmosphere. He looked directly at my lips and I guess that was his answer.

"Do it if you want." I told him, suddenly curious to know how it would feel like. For some reason, I wanted to do things with him, I was feeling all funny about what he had told me and I was sexually curious. There was a connection between us and I wanted to explore it, I didn't even want to think about what it would change between us.

He looked at me like I could not possibly mean that.

"Seriously?" he asked with hope in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm curious. We can try, I don't mind."

He looked at me, trying to see if I was really serious, and honestly I had no idea if I really was. But before I had time to think twice about it, he was pressing his lips against mine. It felt electric and goosebumps covered my arms. I hadn't expected this. He was kissing me but I wasn't kissing him back, I didn't know what to do, I was lost in another dimension. It felt good to feel his lips against mine, and I just couldn't believe how much I liked it. It was really turning me on. I felt his tongue trying to find its way into my mouth and I came back to earth and started to kiss him back. My tongue started playing with his and god, I loved it. Kissing him felt like the most natural thing in the world. It WAS the most natural thing in the world. It felt totally familiar even though we had never done that before.

The kiss was gentle and hesitant at first but when he saw that I wasn't stopping him and that I was kissing him too, he closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around my back and started to hold me tighter against him, pulling me closer to him and his kisses became more and more passionate. Feeling his body so close to mine, I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me and I was instantly hard.

I could tell he was smiling as we kissed. I think he was just genuinely happy and so was I. He put his hand behind the back of my head and drew me even closer to him, pushing his tongue deeper into my mouth, his finger running through my hair. I couldn't believe how amazing this felt, I was hard as a rock and I could feel that he was too. We started moaning a little and continued kissing, but only using our lips now. Rob stopped and put his head on the side of mine and smelled my hair, caressing me head with his fingers. He pressed his body hard against mine and I lay down on the bed, him on top of me as he resumed kissing me. God I just loved it, it felt so good, HE felt so good. He started nibbling at my neck,

"Wait Rob.... Rob," I said.

"No, Mark please, I don't want to stop, please, don't stop me, I never felt like that, I don't wanna stop," He begged kissing my lips again.

"No I don't want to stop either," I told him in between kisses, "I just, God, it doesn't feel weird at all to do this, it feels like, like, I can't believe we haven't been doing this before. Why does it feel like this?" I asked him, truly wondering why the hell it felt so natural to kiss my best friend. Was I gay?

He looked at me and smiled. I had turned on a small light by his bed when he had been crying before so I could see him very well. God he was so cute when he smiled, his whole face lit up and his eyes were just so beautiful, full of passion.

"I don't know, Mark, but I knew it would. I've been wanting to do that for months. I was so scared you would reject me. I can't tell you how happy I am that you didn't."

He kissed me again, small, long kisses, we couldn't stop. He started kissing my neck again. A girl had done this to me once and it had felt amazing. I think my neck was a really sensitive part of my body but with Rob it was just ecstasy. My whole body shivered and he felt it which just made him kiss me even harder. This felt so fucking good. He kissed my lips again and then started kissing my whole face, my nose, my forehead, my cheeks, my ears.

He pulled back, looked at me and asked, his voice full of need, "can I take off your clothes?"

I was just wearing a T-shirt and my boxer briefs and so was he. I slowly nodded yes and he pulled my shirt over my head in one quick motion. We were both breathing hard and I could not keep my eyes off him. He started kissing my chest, making sure not to press too hard on any part of my body. The bruises were starting to show.

When he got to my nipples, I exhaled and inhaled again, loving the feel of his tongue against them. I was so turned on, I thought I would cum whether he kept kissing me or not. It was the most intense experience of my young life. He licked his way down, kissed my navel and started pulling down my boxers-briefs.

He was doing all the work, I was just enjoying it, I was in total ecstasy. I didn't know what to do with myself, he was in control, he could do whatever he wanted to with me and I think that's the way he wanted it. He had probably thought about doing this more than once. Me, I was totally overwhelmed by what was happening but I was loving every second of it. As soon as he had pulled down my boxer-briefs, he stared at my teenage hard on. It looked like he was mesmerized. He didn't touch it, just looked at it and then he lay down on top of me, kissing me again.

"God Mark, you're really beautiful. I could just look at you forever, I love your body, you're so gorgeous, I want you so bad."

"I'm here" I moaned. I guess he had been watching me quite a lot. I did have a pretty well-defined and well-developed body for my age, and Rob did too. We had spent almost every afternoon at the pool during the summer and I guess all the swimming had paid off, plus we were both quite athletic and we did a lot of sports at school. Our skin were still tanned from the summer, but I was still darker than him. I could get a tan very easily.

He pulled me for another kiss and looked into my eyes. Oh god, I thought I was going to melt, those eyes were full of love and need. He really wanted me, I could see it, I could feel it, I could sense it. He ran his thumb over my lips and kissed me lightly.

"I've been wanting you for so long, it's always been you, I don't care about anyone else. I want to be with you. I love you Mark, I love you so much it hurts, let me show you how much I love you"

He kissed my ear, sending shivers up and down my spine and I felt him wrap his hand around my erection. My God, his hand around my cock, that was just too much. I felt like my whole body was on fire and it was amazing. I had never really slept with a girl yet. I had messed around with a couple of girls, but it had never felt this great, and at that instant, I was sure that no girl could make me feel like he was making me feel. He started stroking me gently and I almost lost it.

"Uggghhh, God, don't stop Rob, it feels so good, I need to cum so bad."

"I know, do you want me to suck your cock?" he whispered in my ear, "because I really want to do that. I want to taste you. Are you ok with that?" he asked me, clearly hoping that I would say yes.

"Oh God, yes, do whatever you want." I told him, ready for anything. He kissed his way down my body, still smiling and lowered his head toward my cock. He stroked it a couple of time and licked the head gently before swallowing half of it. His mouth felt so warm around my cock, I could not believe I had my cock in Rob's mouth, the thought and the sight of it almost sent me over the edge but I tried to hold back. He held my cock tightly in his mouth and started sucking me, moving his head up and down. He was holding the base of my cock with one hand and caressing my navel with the other. I moaned and started to play with his dark hair. He took the head of my cock between his lips and sucked, it felt so amazing, I knew I was not going to last much longer. Nothing had ever felt better before. He started sucking me faster, bobbing his head up and down, taking my cock as far as he could in his mouth without gagging. He took his hand away from my stomach and started playing with my balls. that was it, I felt them lift up, and there was no way I could hold back this time.

"Rob, I'm gonna.....ughhhhhh." A wave of pleasure stronger than I had ever felt before swept over me and I started cumming hard, moaning and shooting my load like I had never shot it before. It seemed like a river of cum was escaping from my cock and Rob kept his mouth tight around it through the whole orgasm and swallowed my cum. I couldn't believe he had just done that.

He continued sucking on me long after I had stopped cumming and then he licked my cock clean thoroughly. I had cum so hard, he hadn't been able to swallow it all. It didn't seem like he wanted to let go and I didn't want him to stop either. I loved feeling his mouth on my cock even if my orgasm had subsided. He stroked my cock a few more times, and came back up, lying next to me. We didn't say anything for a few seconds and I decided to break the silence.

"Thanks" I told him. "That was, woow! I didn't know it could feel that good."

"So you liked it?" he asked giggling.

"Are you kidding!" I said laughing a little.

We lay side by side and held each other. He kissed me again, caressing my back and I could taste my cum in his mouth.

"Man, I can't believe you swallowed it" I said.

"Hey, I want everything you've got!" he said blushing a little.

I was caressing his back too while we made out and I realized that maybe I should return the favor here. I actually wanted to do it, I mean Rob had clearly enjoyed it, why wouldn't I?

I wanted to touch him and taste him too. I ran my fingers down his back and pressed my hand on his ass, he was still wearing his boxer-briefs.

"Rob, do you want me to, I mean do you need to..." I was not really good at this but he understood what I meant.

"Uhhh"... "I sort of....came in my briefs" he said, a bit embarrassed.

"You did?" I asked smiling.

"Well, I just, that was really hot, I was so turned on, when you came I just couldn't help it. I think I need to clean myself up a little" he laughed.

He kissed my nose and got out of bed. I heard him go into the bathroom and he came back a few minutes later with a clean pair of underwear on and a glass of water.

"Oh good idea," I said. We drank and snuggled close to each other in bed. It felt good to be in his arms. I didn't feel embarrassed at all about what we had just done and I don't think he did either. It had really felt natural and I actually wanted to do it again.

We made out some more, caressing each other bodies a little. I loved kissing him, I loved his scent and his touch. I didn't know if I was ready to do what he had done but I wanted to try and I just didn't want to think about why I had loved it so much.

"You should try to sleep," he said caressing my face. I slightly nodded yes.

"Can I hold you?" he asked me.

I smiled "yeah" I told him.

I snuggled close to him and he wrapped his arms around me and caressed me gently "I love you, you're safe here," he said. I did feel safe in his arms. He protected me. He was making me feel loved and wanted.

"I love you too," I heard me say, truly meaning it, not caring about what it meant and how it could change everything in our lives. I closed my eyes and suddenly felt extremely tired. I fell asleep in his already strong arms.


To be continued,

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