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Chapter 11

Beginning of part 2

"Okay, open your eyes," Damien told me excitedly. I did, and saw that he was holding the guitar with which I had recorded most of the songs of UNI third album.

Damien was a sound arranger, and he had been working with us in the studio for the past four months. He had done a great job on the album. He had a really good ear for music, and he was good at his job. He and I had talked a lot and we had a lot in common. I liked him. He was 24, French, gay and even if he hadn't openly told me, clearly interested in me. He was a very intelligent and handsome guy, totally my type. He had dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, really cute dimples and I hadn't seen him without his shirt on, but I was pretty sure he had a nice built too. He was just very attractive and charming. He had that French energy, look and attitude that I thought was really sexy. He spoke perfect English because his father was American, but he had grown up in France. We didn't really speak French together though because we were constantly around English-speaking people.

But all that didn't change anything to the fact that I was head over heels in love with Rob.

Damien had noticed three days through the recording that Rob and I were a couple and had asked me straightforwardly if he was right, so what was the point of lying? I told him that we were indeed together and had been for 6 years. He was quite impressed by that. Apparently, he had never really had a long-term relationship. I asked him if we were really that obvious though and he told me he was just looking for hints, but I think we just really were that obvious.

"Happy birthday," he told me. I looked at the guitar, surprised and confused. This guitar was perfect, absolutely perfect. The sound was amazing and I just loved playing it. Thanks to this guitar, the album sounded even better. Did I mention that we had recorded it in EMI Abbey Road Recording Studios? You know, one of the oldest and most famous recording studios in the world, the one where the Beatles recorded all of their songs and after which they named their final album! How cool was that!?

BMG had signed us for two albums in 1995 but when the time came to re-sign us, all the biggest record companies jumped at the opportunity and rushed to sign us as if we were a real gold mine. Offers came pouring in to us. I bet they were kicking themselves for not listening to our tape in 95 now! EMI had offered a shit load of money to sign us and so, even though we were extremely grateful to BMG for discovering us and giving us a chance, the lure of money was stronger, so we signed to EMI! And I won't tell you how much they offered us or you're gonna cry! But it was crazy to see how much money the music industry generated.

So that's why we had recorded the album in Abbey Road. This studio was owned by EMI. It was like a magical place, they had the best instruments in there. I had offered them to buy the guitar, because I loved it so much, but they had refused. It was one of a kind and it was not for sale, so I hadn't insisted. But maybe I should have, because apparently, it would have worked.

"Don't ask me how I did it, okay! But this guitar is yours now," Damien grinned brightly.

"Really?" I exclaimed happily, "You're serious? It is not!"

"Yes it is!" he assured me. "It has already adopted you so can you imagine how sad it's gonna be if you don't take it home."

I laughed, "oh my God Damien, that's great, thank you so much," I smiled broadly and he handed me the guitar. I hugged him with my free arm and thanked him again. I pulled back and checked out the guitar like I had never seen it before and leaned over closer to him, "you didn't have to put out for this, did you?" I joked.

He cracked up, "You wouldn't believe how many blow jobs I had to give."

I laughed, "well, it sure was worth it. Oh my God, it's awesome. I really can't ask you how you did it?" I smiled and he shook his head no. "Oh well, whatever it is, thank you, I just love it."

"I know... and I also know that you'd love to take it with it on tour, so there you go," he smiled. "Consider it as a thank you. It's been really great to work with you."

I smiled a bit self-consciously, "well, it's been great to work with you too," I told him. We smiled at each other, not really knowing what to say.

"Oh well, look at that! I think a hug is necessary here," he said stepping closer to me. I placed the guitar against the wall and we hugged each other.

He rubbed his hand up and down my back and held me tightly against him for what seemed like forever. I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to let go when my cell phone rang.

"Ahh," he laughed, breaking the hug, "probably your boyfriend's ears burning."

"We were not talking about him."

"You know what I mean," he said.

And yes, I knew what he meant. I think Rob had developed a sixth sense to know when someone was interested in me, or when I was being hit on. He didn't really like Damien, and when Rob didn't like someone, it was pretty final. He had made it pretty clear that he was not going to make any effort to be friends with him. He was nice and civil to him but that was it. He hadn't tried to know him at all. He just didn't like him.

He didn't like anyone who seemed to take even the slightest interest in me, anyway. I thought it was cute, and amusing when he started being watchful of someone. I mean, 98% of the time, he was the friendliest, nicest, sweetest guy with everyone but when someone showed too much interest in me, he could be plain spiteful. Sometimes if someone was too flirtatious with me, he just told them loud and clear where they could go, especially in clubs. It's not like he was insanely jealous though, but he was very protective. Let's just say that guys had better keep off his patch.

As for me, well, I didn't really have to be jealous because most guys who fancied Rob were just too impressed and in awe to even talk to him. No kidding, we had been going out in gay clubs in London recently, even though we knew it would start a few rumors, but rumors were started anyway, regardless of what we actually did, so since we were not desperately trying to stay in the closet, we usually went out where we wanted to go out. There had been a lot of articles written about UNI in gay magazines and we were starting to attract a rather large gay following but I'll tell you about that later.

Anyway, most guys practically shit themselves when they saw him. All eyes were upon him. They stared at him but almost never approached him, and when they did, Rob found a wicked pleasure in shooting them down. So they probably thought he was either straight, or dating someone. I swear, if he kept this up, he was gonna have a reputation for being unapproachable and untouchable.

It's just that he was so picky that the guys he could have been interested in were too impressed to even talk to him, and the ones who did flirt with him were being so bold and aggressive that after a while, he just couldn't take it anymore. He had developed a real skill in turning them dow, and since he usually didn't even fancy them, he just shot them down without mercy. And I gotta say... I found it pretty funny.

Plus, we had kind of grown out of the whole threesome phase. It was not totally out of the question but in the past four months, we had only done it once and as it turned out, it really wasn't the best idea of the century.

So, I think we were completely going to stop now. Firstly because we didn't want to be outed. We wanted to decide how, and when we would come out, and we didn't really want dozens of guys to be able to sell stories about us when we would decide to do it, and secondly because it wasn't as fun as it used to be. We had started doing that because we were curious. Well, our curiosity had been fulfilled. But don't get me wrong though, sometimes it had turned out to be extremely hot. Especially the first time I found myself with my cock deep inside the guy's ass and Rob's cock deep inside mine. God, I came so hard, I felt it in my whole body. And Rob who kept whispering in my ear, "yeah, give it to him, fuck him, baby," as he fucked me. Hot as hell. That was some good fun. But now we knew what was out there, and we got enough from each other so we usually enjoyed being alone together a lot more. But when we did it, it was with guys we didn't really know and would probably never see again.

So, there was no threesome possible with Damien. I wouldn't have minded it though. The weird thing was that Damien had never tried anything, never said he liked me, but it was in his attitude, in the way he behaved when I was around, or in the way he looked at me. It was so obvious. Rob couldn't stand that and he made no bones about showing Damien so.

I reached for my cell phone and smiled as I looked at the screen and saw that it was indeed Rob calling.

"Hello," I said picking up.

"Hey, are you on your way home?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm about to leave the studio now, you can all start hiding and turning off the lights."

"Baby, we're not having a surprise party," he said, sounding really honest about that.

"Yeah ,okay Rob, you're not having a surprise party!" I said, as if I didn't believe him.

"Just get in the car," he said.

"Alright, I'll be home soon."

"Cool, love you."

"Love you too," I said, and hung up.

Damien pressed his lips together and slightly raised his eyebrows, his hands in his pockets.

"You need to go?" he asked.

"Yeah, but you can come with me if you want," I told him.

"No, thanks. I'd love to, but I'm gonna miss my flight if I'm not at the airport in an hour, my cab should be here soon. I really have to be in Paris tomorrow morning."

"Wait!" I said, "I bet you are invited to the party and you are just pretending to fly to Paris so that I won't suspect anything."

He laughed, "no, Mark, I really have a plane to catch."

"Oh, but were you invited though?" I asked, trying to find out whether or not the guys had planned a party for my birthday.

"No, nobody told me anything about a surprise party, sorry."

"Alright, fine, don't tell me," I grumbled.

"I really don't know anything," he said with a smile. We looked at each other and his smile vanished.

"Well, I guess this is where we go our separate ways," he said sadly.

"Yeah, toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin" I told him in French. (all good things must come to an end)

"Yeah, unfortunately. But hey, this has been great. I had the best time, it almost hasn't felt like working" he smiled "I'm sure you guys are gonna sell millions of copies of this album, it's really excellent."

"That's the hope."

"Look, I hope we can stay in touch. I know you'll be traveling a lot but maybe we can find some time to hang out once in a while. I should be working a lot in London during the year."

"Sure, that'd be great. I'll call you or you can call me, ok? Let me know what you're up to."

"I will, but you have to too. I know you rock stars, you get so caught up in your lives, you always forget to let people know that you're still alive."

I laughed, "oh don't worry about that, I plan on living forever."

"So do I," he joked.

"I'll call you soon anyway to give you our tour dates, and you can just tell me how many VIP passes you need for as many gigs as you want, alright! That's not a problem."

"Yeah? Thanks, that's great. I can't wait to see you guys live."

We smiled and he stepped closer to me. He gave me another hug, "okay, you take care of yourself," he said, hugging me. It didn't feel like a regular friendly, goodbye hug though. Again, he was holding me tight against him and again, he was showing no sign of letting go and I was pretty sure he had smelled my hair too.

"You too," I said. He pulled back just a little so we were face to face. His arms were wrapped around my back and mine around his waist. He looked deep into my eyes and I knew exactly what he was about to do, it was written all over his face. He was looking at me with a longing I had only seen in Rob's eyes before. He leaned forward and lightly pressed his lips against mine, closing his eyes. I didn't move and let him kiss me. His lips softly kissed mine and he opened his eyes again to see my reaction.

"Sorry," he said looking into my eyes.

"That's okay," I said. I probably should have broken the hug but for some reason, I didn't. His hands moved to the sides of my head and his lips brushed against mine again. He kissed me softly and I started kissing him back, embracing him a little. I didn't know why I was letting this happen but I wasn't really thinking, yet.

He was a good kisser, the gentle pressure of his lips was perfect and he was softly caressing my cheek with his thumb. We gently licked and kissed each other's lips, and I could feel his emotions in the kiss. It was strong, really strong. It was giving me a kiss of love and I could tell how much he was enjoying this. It brought me back to reality and I broke the kiss, moving my head backwards a little. I opened my eyes but he didn't. His hands were on my neck and he gave a soft sigh of disappointment as he felt that I was stopping this.

He finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Mark, I...," He started saying taking a step backwards.

"Don't, don't say anything, I know but..."

"But you're with Rob," he interrupted me, sighing again. "I hope he knows how lucky he is."

We stood face to face for a few seconds, and I didn't really know what to tell him. He knew anyway. I looked at him apologetically. I didn't particularly enjoy hurting him. I reached for my jacket and put it on. I looked at him again and I was somewhat relieved that he decided to say something, except that what he said didn't make me feel any less bad and self-conscious.

"Look, I hope we can be friends. I don't want this to make things weird between us but now that I've started, I might as well tell you how I feel."

"Damien...," I started saying uncomfortably, not sure I wanted him to pour his feelings out to me and not have me say them back, but he stopped me by pressing a finger on my lips.

"No, I need to tell you this," he said, doing some serious eye contact.

"You're the most special guy I have ever met. You're different. I, I'm really glad I met you, I spent the best four months ever with you. I've never been happier to get up early in the morning to go to work and to stay until 5am in the morning" he said with a laugh. We had been working almost 24/7 and sometimes he had had to work very late too.

I smiled. "You're so beautiful and talented. The more I spent time with you, the more I got to see how special you are. If you were not already with someone, I could fall in love with you in a minute."

Oh boy! How was I supposed to respond to this? Thank God, he hadn't said that he loved me. I looked at him and smiled, really touched by what he said.

"Damien, I think you're a great person, and I'm really glad I met you too. I consider you as a friend but I love Robbie. He's the one I want to be with."

"I know, I can see that. There's no breaking you up, is there?" he laughed.

I pressed my lips together and slightly shook my head no.

"I'm sorry," I said "I don't wanna hurt you but I don't want you to hope that something could happen between us because what Rob and I have is a real commitment."

He gave a slight nod. "You know... to be totally honest, I'm a bit surprised that you guys have been together for that long. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite aware of his looks and personality and I can see why a lot of people would want to be with him, but he's so complicated. He must drive you nuts sometimes!"

I smiled because I knew exactly why he was thinking this. He hadn't seen the Robbie I knew and loved. Rob hadn't spent any time talking to him, he hadn't revealed himself. When Damien spent time with Rob, it was to record the songs, it was when Rob sang or worked, and so, the guy he saw was the confident, self-assured rock star, funny, independent, strong but sensitive, putting on a show all the time, he had seen all of his different personalities except my boyfriend... although, my boyfriend was a lot of these things too.

And when he had seen us together, he had seen two friends most of the times, not two lovers. He hadn't really seen the guy who could spent hours holding me or looking at me, the guy who could make love to me with such an intensity that it took my breath away, the guy who would do anything for me.

I loved our relationship. The chemistry between us was just perfect. I loved how I needed him to make me feel confident and how he needed me to make him feel "normal", to remind him who he really was. We were equals in the relationship, and when it came to sex, sometimes, he wanted to be more submissive or more dominant, sometimes I did. It just depended on the mood.

God, I was so in love with him. Just spending a few hours, or a day away from him was hard. Every time I thought about him, I felt this warm, fuzzy, wonderful feeling inside my body and I immediately wanted to see him and kiss him. You would think it was harder to concentrate on my work when he was around but actually it was when he was not around that it was difficult because I needed to see him, to know he wasn't far.

We were happy and in love, we had faith in our ability to make it as a couple in the long run now and we trusted and respected each other. Oh, he was still a little jealous, that was just in his nature, and I was not always making it easy on him, but I think he had completely realized that I was not going to leave him for anyone so even if he was jealous, he trusted me.

(That's probably why it made it easy to have a threesome. We had so much trust in each other that it didn't make things complicated between us at all. We just tried to pick the right guys for that, for fun)

"What makes you think that?" I asked nonetheless.

"I don't know, he's not like you. He's not as accessible as you are. Actually, I find him a bit intimidating. I just don't know how to act when he's around, I don't understand him, he's always different. He's pretty difficult to get on with cause I just never know who I have in front of me. I mean that's fascinating but also very disturbing... One minute, he sings like he's the most sensitive guy on earth, but then he looks at me like he just wants to kill me ...Or he acts with such charisma and confidence that it makes you feel all small and intimidated... so I just think, okay, this guy has a strong personality, I get it, but then all of a sudden, he's with you, and he becomes normal, even shy. And it's like, it's like it's another person again."

I laughed. Looked like Damien had seen through him a little after all, a lot actually. I guess, in four months time, you could see something.

"It is. You know, the guy you worked with, it's not my boyfriend. He's not the guy you think he is. When you see him with me, that's him. Most people just don't get to meet the guy I date and the guy I date is pretty much like any other guy, he's really not that complicated."

He looked at me with a confused expression.

"Then, who did I meet?"

"The rock star side of him," I laughed.

"Well, maybe if I got to meet the guy you date, he'd like me a little bit more," he said.

"Yeah, I don't think so. I'm not sure there's one single side of him who likes you!" I told him, shaking my head. "I know he's been acting very distant, and yeah, he doesn't like you very much but don't take it personally, he's just protective of me," I said.

He chuckled. "That's the understatement of the year!"

It's a defense mechanism," I laughed, "but it's just, there's a history and it's not just six years, I've know him my whole life. There's a lot more to him than what he let you see."

He took a deep breath and asked, "do you really think you can be with the same person your whole life?"

That was a good question. I shrugged my shoulders, "most people would think it's not possible. Maybe it's because they have to look for the right person. I've never had to do that."

"How can you be so sure that he's the right person? You have your best years ahead of you. Things change, people change."

"Sure! But when you're in love with someone, you just know. And you know what, if we love each other now, that's fine. If we love each other forever, that's great. But even if things get tough, we have too much invested in each other to let it die."

He smiled, "I don't really know what that's like. But I don't expect you to break up with your boyfriend of 6 years to be with me. I just want you to know that I really like you and I don't want tonight to be the last time I see you. It probably won't be, but when I say `see you', I don't mean once every 6 months for 5 minutes you know. And I'm not saying that because I hope that something might happen if we spent time together, I just genuinely hope that we can be friends."

"I'd like that. I just have to convince Rob that you're not a bad guy," I said with a laugh.

"Good luck with that," he laughed, "but hey he's not the boss of you, is he?"

"No, actually, it's quite the opposite most of the time." Yeah, I usually could get him to do whatever I wanted him to do pretty easily.

"It is?" he asked surprised.

We heard the cab driver sound his horn. "Damn, that's my cab. I gotta go," he said.

"Yeah, well, I should go too."

"Right, you have an imaginary surprise party to go to!" he said and we laughed.

"You really don't know anything about that?" I asked again and he shook his head no.

"Ok, well, thanks again for the guitar. You couldn't have gotten me a better present," I said picking it up and putting it back in its case, "I can't tell you how much I love it."

"I know. You deserve it. You do it justice."

I smiled, "thanks."

We headed out and said goodbye. He climbed into the cab and I climbed into my car and drove back to Notting hill to celebrate my 23rd birthday, or anyway, I think I was. The thing was that we had a big party planned in a couple of weeks, on the 12th of February 2000 for my birthday and Rob's birthday. Rob and I were born only two weeks apart, me on the 29th of January and Rob on the 13th of February, (which certainly didn't bring him bad luck), so we usually celebrated our birthdays on the same day, but even though we were supposed to celebrate it in two weeks, I was 99% positive that the guys had planned a surprise party tonight. How could they not have, my birthday just happened to be on a Saturday this year, so it was just perfect. Plus they knew I had to spend the whole day in the studio so they had time to get everything ready.

Every time I had asked Rob what we would do on my birthday, he was like, 'oh don't know, just hang out together, maybe go out somewhere,' but he was being too casual about it, he sounded too honest. I could read him like an open book and I could see in his attitude that he was trying to convince me that they hadn't planned anything, so I stopped asking and just hoped that I was right.

I couldn't be sure and I didn't want to be disappointed if I was wrong, but I knew that no matter what they had planned, I was going to spend the evening with my best friends.


By the way, Rachel had given birth on the 6th of January 1998 to the most perfect baby boy you had ever seen. Yeah I know, everyone says that about their kids, but he really was. After a lot of deliberation, we had picked the name Lucas. Up until the day he was born, we didn't know for sure how we were going to call him ,but when we saw him, it became obvious. Rachel gave birth in Ireland and we were spending Christmas and the New Year at home with our families. We were supposed to fly to London on the 12th to start rehearsing for the tour so we were in Ireland when she gave birth. It was so incredible. All my fears about becoming a father completely vanished when I first saw him. I couldn't believe we had done that. He was perfect, so adorable, and now that he was here, I wouldn't have gone back in time and erase what had happened with Rachel for the world. Now that I had him, I could never let him go.

Rachel moved to London when Lucas was about six months old, and she came on tour with us. Elaine and Dylan were still together and she had moved to London a little before Rachel did and came on tour with us too. We managed to make it work. It really wasn't that complicated to travel with a baby. All he asked for was to be fed at regular hours and have a nice bed to sleep in and people to play with. It was so great to be able to see him every day, to see him grow up and change. I loved him so much, we all did, and we were all taking care of him. I wouldn't have wanted Rachel to stay in London alone with him while we were gone.

The tour went amazingly well. By the release of our third single, our album sales started really taking off and when the tour began, we had sold over two million copies in the UK alone. Every single gig was sold out and we usually played in venues in front of 2000- 5000 people. We started touring in England in April 1998 and toured for months.

And during the summer, we played in a bunch of festivals all over Europe. We even played Glastonbury. It's the most famous rock festival in England. We played a couple of our songs in front of 50 000 people. It was so amazing. When we set foot on stage, and 50 000 people started singing our songs, it felt soooo great. It was like, `WOW, Thanks'. There are really no words to describe the feeling, the rush, but it is so special. However special you think it is, it is that special.

I had never seen Rob more nervous than that day. I wasn't sure if he would be able to do it. He actually had to throw up before going up on stage. But once we started playing, his confidence came back. It was so weird how he could change in a matter of minutes from being totally freaked out to being totally confident. He was so at ease once he was on stage. He couldn't even explain it himself.

And then, In November we went to Japan to promote the album and play a few gigs. Those people were Rock nuts! Completely crazy I swear, craaaazyyyy! But it was fun and very different.

And in December, we went to Australia and New Zealand. Man it was beautiful over there. It was so awesome to travel all around the world like this. We were so blown away by the whole thing. I can't even start to describe how good it felt to do all this. We were so young and already, we were living the dream, discovering the world with our still innocent eyes.

Then we got back to Ireland to spend the holidays with our families, and celebrate Lucas' first birthday at home, and in January we got back to London and started touring again in England. (as well as in Europe). We worked on the new album, writing new songs, and again, we played a bunch of festivals during the summer, testing our new songs live, and in September 1999, we started recording our third album.

The only market we hadn't cracked yet was the US market, but it was just a matter of time. A special US version of our second album had been released in June 1999, and it was starting to sell because radios were backing us up and playing our songs. And once radios are on your side in the States, you're good!

And I think one of the reasons why the US market was open to us was because journalists in Europe were constantly referring to us as the band to succeed U2 (although I didn't really like that because I certainly hoped that U2 would still write a few albums). I didn't think it necessarily had anything to do with our music even though there were many similarities, but it was more because we were from Dublin like they were, and because Bono loved us. He spoke so highly of us in the media that people who probably wouldn't have paid attention to us did. He was sort of like a godfather and he was definitely giving us great publicity. He was just so nice to us. He had worked with us on one of the songs of the new album and it was going to be the first single to be released. It was so amazing to work with him, I learned a lot from him. All this was just a dream come true.

And also, after winning at the MTV Europe music awards in 97, we started winning a bunch of awards like the British Music Awards in England as best 'International Breakthrough Act' and we won two MTV awards again for 'Best Song' and 'Best Rock' the following year, as well as bunch of other less famous awards. Yeah, blown away, that's all I can say. The past two years had just been a real roller coaster.

And now we were getting ready for a world tour starting in April. That's right! A world tour! The recording of our third album was almost over and the tour was going to start in Europe, then a few dates in Japan, Australia, South Africa, and finally the States, where I hoped there would be enough people interested in our music... but I was not too worried. It's just that the US market was so difficult to crack for bands coming from Europe that I couldn't believe this was actually happening, and so easily. We knew we would probably have to be another band's support group at the beginning if we wanted to tour in the States, but we were okay with that. We had done that before in Europe.


I arrived home and parked the car in the street in front of the building. Even though we had signed for EMI, we were still living in Notting Hill. A few weeks after the beginning of the tour, BMG told us that if we wanted to keep living in the building, we were gonna have to pay a rent and we loved the place so much that we didn't want to leave. Except that we already knew that we might not re-sign with BMG. So we tried to play it smart. Instead of paying a rent to BMG, we asked them if we could just buy the apartments and surprisingly they had agreed. So now, we were paying back the bank.

And with time, we hoped to buy the whole building, all ten apartments. Yeah I know, we were probably greedy here because first, we had to kick out the people living there, hehe. So we were working on that!

Because we had a plan! You want to know what the plan was? Okay, here's what we wanted to do, each have our own apartment. So that would take 5 apartments right! one for me and Rob, one for Elaine and Dylan, and then one for Rachel, one for Jordan and one for Damon. And with the 5 apartments left, we wanted to make a studio, a game room, a cinema, a gym and something else that would be really cool with the fifth one but we weren't quite sure what yet. Okay, I had no idea if it was really going to happen but we were really serious about it. We were gonna need to make a lot of money though before we could do that.

But for now, Rachel and Lucas were living with Rob and me, and we always all hung out in our apartment because it was the biggest one and nicest one of the two. Rob and I had started decorating it a little whenever we had some time, and it was starting to look real good and homy.


As I got out of my car, I had a quick look at the cars parked down the streets. There didn't seem to be more cars than usual and there was none I recognized as belonging to someone I knew. Maybe there was no party after all.

I walked up to the entrance of the building, and as usual, was greeted by a few fans. Our fans now knew where we lived and when we were home, there were almost always a few people waiting for us outside the building, sometimes waiting for hours to see us. There usually weren't more than 10 or 15 fans, so we didn't really mind. But I gotta admit, sometimes it bothered us a little that they came over to our place to see us because most of them always rang the bell for hours sometimes, and some would actually get mad if we didn't come out to talk to them.

It had happened a few times after the tour though, especially on weekends, when the word had gone out that we were back in Notting Hill, that they were so many people outside that we were actually scared to go out.

But still, we loved our fans. They were great and we really liked talking to them. It felt good to share our music with them. We were still rather accessible and the good thing was that most of our fans were our age so we really didn't feel much different from them. But they felt different from us though, they really admired us but once we got to know them, it was really cool. The ones who had started following us around and coming regularly to Notting Hill to see us had become friends.

Tonight, they were five sitting on the steps, three girls, two guys and they all looked 20-22, but I had never seen them before.

"Oh my God," one girl said and they all stood up.

I said hello to them and as usual, started wondering why they looked at me with so much respect and admiration.

"Hi," one girl said with a lot of admiration in her voice. I just couldn't quite get used to it when people looked at me like this. I found it more normal when they looked at Rob like this. I mean, we were the same age you know, it was weird. They told me it was great to meet me and that they loved us and wished me happy birthday.

"Mark, could you...," a girl asked, holding out a piece of paper. They all asked for an autograph and I chatted with them as I signed them.

"Have you finished recording the album?" one guy asked.

"Not quite, but we're almost done. We're really excited about it." I told them with a smile.

"So are we! We're so looking forward to listening to the new songs. I loved the ones you played last summer."

"Yeah? That's cool. I love them too."

We talked a little about the album and the tour. Tickets were already on sale and they told me which gigs they were going to see. I think they were hoping that I would give them VIP passes for those concerts (which I was probably going to do). We also talked about the gigs they had been to before and they told me how much they had loved seeing us live. It was always great to hear that. We were always having such a laugh and such a great time on stage, it was awesome to know our fans were enjoying the show and enjoying themselves as much as we were.

"Have you guys been here long?" I asked them.

"Um no, about an hour," one guy said.

"Do you know if there's a party going on in there? Have you seen a lot of people coming in?"

They all looked at each other. They seemed a little hesitant, not sure how to answer.

"There is, isn't there?" I asked. They smiled and I didn't insist, I got my answer.

"Is Robbie in there?" a girl asked, her voice full of hope as well as total admiration for Rob.

"Sure, he'd better be, if he misses my birthday, I'm gonna kick his ass," I joked.

"oh God..." she said like she was about to cry, knowing Rob was so close. I was used to it and I was proud that my boyfriend was so admired, loved and idolized by so many adoring fans but sometimes I just wanted to scream out loud "Hey he's mine, back off".

I wasn't jealous but when I thought about all these girls, and guys too, who probably fantasized about him, tried to picture him naked, hoped to be with him, I gotta admit, it pissed me off like you wouldn't believe. Oh God, maybe I was jealous. Plus they were taking his time away from me... and the worst thing was that I couldn't even tell them that he was not single.

I got my share of attention from fans too, but I think Rob was just provoking that special feeling in some people. This feeling of fascination and admiration for the singer. He was the personality, he was the one who communicated the most with the fans.

I had difficulty looking at him with their eyes. To me, he was Rob, my best friend. Of course, I understood why they felt so drawn to him, I could see how charismatic he could be, but the person they saw, to me, just didn't really exist. It was a person who vanished as soon as he walked off stage, as soon as the interview was over, as soon as the fans were gone, as soon as we were alone together. He was never like that with me.

He was never this Rock star, this showman, this different guy, like the guy Damien had seen. I don't think I even knew this other guy, he wasn't really... real to me. I always saw him with my eyes, you know. I saw what was under there. I just knew who he really was.

Sometimes, I wondered what people thought of me. I had fans too but they didn't behave in the same way towards me. They didn't cry, they didn't scream, they didn't proclaim their love to me or they almost never did. It seemed like they respected me. Not that they didn't respect Rob, but it was just different. I had much more freedom than he had. I could just see the difference. For instance, there was no way we could have walked around London together, just no way. But if I was not with him, I could still do it. People often recognized me but not to the same extent as Rob. I was not a crowd puller like he was. The way fans behaved towards him was unsettling to say the least.

We had tried to take the tube in London together, wearing a wig, just to see if it would work. We took the underground in Notting Hill and as soon as we sat in the train, we heard someone say, "hey look, the guys from UNI with a wig on." I looked at Rob, "Maybe we should have tried wearing sun glasses too." We laughed, stopped at the next station and went back home. If we were already spotted in the underground, we were definitely not going to remain incognito walking around London.

I couldn't believe how much our fans loved him. No actually, I could believe it but still, you know what I mean. Girls practically crawled over him and as I said, guys too.

Because there had been a few articles written in Gay magazines, we had attracted a lot of gay fans, and speculation was definitely starting to grow about Rob in the gay community. Not so much about me. It seemed like the attention was always more focused on him. I think a lot of our fans were suspicious about him. For now, no one could know for sure that he was gay, except the people we had told. I mean, you know, we were not desperately trying to hide it, but so far, there were very few people who knew.

But the thing was that every time an article was written about us in a gay magazine, and in other magazines too to a certain extent, you could be sure there would be a few lines about Rob's sexuality. I think most people just knew, because even though he was very masculine, there was something in his attitude, in his eyes, that gave him away. But they just couldn't be really sure because Rob wasn't confirming it and people could still imagine whatever they wanted to and fantasize about him in whatever way they desired. I think our straight fans wanted to believe he was straight and our gay fans that he was gay. So there was a little argument going on here among them. We liked reading message boards that had been created about UNI on the Internet to see what people said when they talked about us. And when I read a subject about Rob's sexuality, I could see that our gay fans were just so sure that he was gay and our straight fans had doubts. About me, they just didn't know and I don't think they really cared, especially since most of them knew that I had a kid. When they talked about me, it was always when they discussed music and the songs. And sometimes I even liked posting messages too and chatting with them, asking questions and giving my opinion like I was just another fan to see their reactions and responses, except that most of the time, they didn't know that they were talking to me he he.

And when a journalist started asking us questions about our personal lives, we always asked them to focus their attention on the band and not on the people we slept with, or we would just have to cut the interview short. We almost always refused to talk about it, and after a while, journalists started to realize that we were not the kind of band that talks about their personal lives, and so they almost stopped asking.

It's not that we were scared of coming out though. But Rob liked to play with this in the media and keep a mystery about himself. He was always making innuendos. 'Gotta keep them wondering' he always said. But I wasn't sure they were going to wonder much longer. Because journalists had started analyzing our lyrics in a few articles and trust me, there were a lot of things in there that could totally give us away.

So far we had refused to comment, but with the release of our new album, I wasn't sure we would be able to get away with it.

Yeah, because instead of toning down the gay innuendos in our lyrics, we had made them more obvious. And if straight people would probably not notice anything, gay people certainly would. Sometimes it was crystal clear, and we knew we would probably have to come out with this new album. We wanted to say everything we had to say in our lyrics, and we didn't want to hold back just to stay in the closet. We were ready to take risks and we were ready to come out, even though we were a bit apprehensive. So we had decided, (or anyway discussed it) that the next journalists to straightforwardly ask us if we were straight or gay would probably finally get a clear answer. And I was pretty sure that if we came out, Rob would become a gay icon... and you know what? I hoped our concerts would become a little gay pride where everyone, gays or straights, just meet in perfect harmony to have a good time together.

"Is there any way that, maybe ... I don't know, do you think maybe he could come out just for a few minutes?" the girl said. She was doing some serious begging with her eyes and I almost started laughing at her choice of words. Rob was certainly not ready to come out tonight.

"You know what? I'll see what I can do."

She smiled broadly and they all seemed to be pretty excited about that. I told them I had to go in and asked them to stay around, even though I highly doubted that they would be going anywhere for a while, and they thanked me and wished me happy birthday again.

I entered the building and headed toward my apartment. I unlocked the door and opened it slowly. Of course the place was completely dark, but as soon as I closed the door behind me, the lights were turned on and about 30 people screamed.


"OH MY GOD, I'M SO SURPRISED!" I exclaimed and laughed. I just knew it.

I walked over to everyone and they all wished me happy birthday. I hugged Rob and the guys and chitchatted with everyone a little. Lucas hugged my leg and I looked down, surprised to see him here because it was past his bedtime.

"Hey lucky," I said picking him up and giving him a kiss. "Why aren't you in bed?"

"He was waiting for you to put him to bed," Rachel told me.

I continued talking to people a little and then walked upstairs with Rachel and Lucas. He was two years old now, and he was starting to talk a little and understood everything we told him too. And he knew some words in French as well. From what his pediatrician had told us, he was already quite advanced for his age. I couldn't really compare with other kids but he did seem to be a pretty bright and smart baby. I had started talking to him in French a little but I wasn't sure what to do about that. We had been told that it was extremely good for a child's cognitive development to learn two languages at the same time because it stimulates their brain and sort of creates a flexibility of the mind and so develops their personalities, so I was going to try and teach him French I suppose, but I was really waiting to see how he would react.

I didn't want to force him like my father had forced me, because it was not good memories. I remembered it could be hard sometimes to grow up in an English environment and be forced to speak French at home when I didn't have enough words in my vocabulary to say what I wanted to say.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I put him down and he picked up a ball on the floor and said "catch", which meant that he wanted to play catch so I had to throw the ball towards him and he had to run away so the ball wouldn't touch him. I think that somehow, Rob had given him his passion for balls. I don't know, maybe it was all the sperm he had shot inside me, maybe his gene had mixed with mine, but anyway, whatever the reason, Lucas liked playing with balls and he didn't really care about cars. Every time I tried to play cars with him, he quickly lost interest and asked to play with a ball. So Rob liked that!

We went into Lucas' bedroom and I started playing with him, he was a very lively kid and he knew that now that I was here, it was time to play. I threw the ball towards him and he ran away, outside the room, running like a two-year-old does. He was so cute.

"Mark, don't you know you're not supposed to excite a kid before he goes to bed," Rachel told me.

"And what? Deprive him of his childhood like I've been deprived of mine?" I said.

I saw the ball being thrown into the bedroom and Lucas came running in. Rob laughed and walked in.

"Hey, you weren't surprised at all, were you?" he asked me.

"Not really," I laughed, "but you guys did a good job of covering the tracks though, I was almost starting to think that I was wrong"

Rachel giggled, "okay, I gotta go back downstairs and help Elaine with the food. Change him and put him to bed okay! No more playing," she said smacking her lips against my cheek.

I picked Lucas up and lay him down on the changing table and started changing him.

"There's five of our fans outside," I told Rob, "I talked to them a little. They'd love to meet you."

"Well of course, who doesn't?" he joked.

"They're our age, they look nice, we could invite them."

"Yeah why not! Are they all girls crazy about me?"

"One was! But there's two guys."


I laughed, "is that all you think about?"

He shook his head no and smiled, caressing Lucas' forehead.

"I bet they're gay," he said with a laugh.

"Maybe, I don't know, does it matter?"

I put Lucas down to bed and slowly walked out of his bedroom. He didn't cry, he almost never cried when we put him to bed, he was a really easy baby.

I headed for my bedroom to change and Rob followed me.

I entered THE messiest walking closet you had ever seen. God, we really had to do something about that! It was such a mess.

Clothes were scattered everywhere, on the floor, on shelves, shoes had been kicked off in the middle of a bunch of shirts and pants, not to mention the dirty clothes... all Rob's... He was definitely messier than I was and I had given up cleaning up after him, the problem was that I wasn't really sure what belonged to me and what belonged to him except that I didn't throw my dirty clothes on the floor so it had to be his. We shared everything, down to underwear and socks and we had pretty much the same taste in clothes so apart from a few items, the clothes were ours, not mine or his.

Of course, being gay guys with money, clothes were definitely a big part of our budget even when we didn't need them. We were often given free clothes after photo shoots, or things like that, and we had got into the habit of buying anything we liked, so clothes were starting to pile up and we could go a few weeks without having to wash anything. It's not like we bought stuff out of proportion though but we sure enjoyed shopping.

"Rob, we've reached a critical point here. I can't even see the floor anymore."

He laughed, "that's not true, look," he said moving away some clothes with his foot, "it's right here."

"You know, that's probably why straight guys get married."

He laughed, "maybe we should ask Rachel to clean it up."

"Oh God, don't you say that in front of her." I joked, "no, seriously, we gotta do something."

"Yeah, fuck!" he said, pinning me against the closed closet door.

"What! Now?"

"It won't take long," he whispered, "I've missed you so much today". I let out a soft sigh and told him I had missed him too as his tongue entered my mouth and he started kissing me deeply and firmly, his tongue playing with mine, his breath so exhilarating. So I had guests waiting downstairs but it was my birthday after all, I could do whatever I wanted to and there was no way I was gonna stop this, he was all I cared about at that instant. I let him have his way with me and he dropped down onto his knees and started undoing my pants.

"So, you need help taking this off?"

"I don't need help, but feel free to do it for me," I smiled.

He gave me a grin and I lifted my legs one at a time so he could pull my jeans and shoes off. He took my jeans in his hands and threw them over his shoulder onto the floor.

"Oops," he laughed.

"I'm gonna sign you up for "how to clean up your mess" lessons if you keep this up," I joked.

"They don't exist."

"Yeah they do. I'll be your teacher."

His ran his fingers softly against my cock through my underwear and lifted my cock out of them. He quickly brought my cock into his mouth and worked to get me completely hard as he pulled down my underwear.

"So we're gonna have sex in the closet?" I smiled.

"Well, we are in the closet," he laughed.

A few seconds later, my cock was fully hard, sliding between his lips and sinking into his mouth.

"oh, yeah, suck me baby." He ran his tongue up and down my erection and before I knew it, he had plunged my cock to the back of his throat and I gasped and moaned. He slowly started to pull out a little and again took me down to the base, holding my cock tightly in his warm, wet mouth. His hand found its way under my t-shirt and I took it off to let him caress my chest easily. His hands roamed up and down my six pack as he started pumping my cock in and out of his mouth.

I put my hand in his hair and his mouth left my dick to cover my stomach with kisses,

"You smell so good," he told me and I moaned.

Both his hands moved to my ass, holding my cheeks and he engulfed me again, pressing on my ass with his hands every time he went down on me.

"Ohh baby, you're so good," I moaned as I looked down at him blowing me, the sight of it making me so hot. “God, you're so beautiful when you do that,” I moaned as I stared at him.

He looked up at me with a smile and I felt a finger ran up and down my crack.

"You wanna fuck me, don't you?" I asked with a smile, pretty sure that's what he had in mind. He looked up at me, the head of my cock still in his mouth, sucking a little and he slowly nodded his head yes, smiling and looking into my eyes.

His eyes were so amazing, I couldn't stop staring at him. With a slurp, my cock fell from his mouth and he turned me around, my chest against the door. It looked like it was gonna take a little more time than he had planned after all.

He kissed and licked my ass cheeks. I reached for my dick and slowly started stroking it as I felt his tongue lick its way closer and closer to my hole.

He spread my cheeks and his tongue started probing me. I let out a loud moan as I felt his tongue on my hole. Rimming was something that always really turned us on. I felt his tongue swipe over my hole, and swirling everywhere, lapping like a cat drinks its milk, kissing it and swiping over it again several times and I was transported to another dimension. I loved the feeling.

"Uggh, yeah, ohhh," I groaned continuously as he licked me.

"You like that, um?" he giggled.

"Oh yeah, you know how much I love it, eat my ass," I encouraged him and he continued his expert rim job, applying more and more pressure on my hole.

With one firm push, his tongue pushed its way inside and entered my ass and I shivered at the intense pleasure of feeling his tongue inside me. He slowly began pushing and pulling his tongue in and out and I cried softly.

This felt so amazing.

He pulled out and licked my hole before pushing his tongue inside me again.

"Ohh Rob, baby, I love it," I felt warm waves of pleasure in my stomach, moving down to my cock, and I kept moaning as he slowly slid his tongue in and out. He kissed my hole one last time and got up, hugging my naked body tightly against his from behind.

"Ohh don't stop," I moaned. "I want more."

"Sorry, no time. People are gonna start wondering what the hell we're doing in here if we don't hurry," he said licking my earlobe.

"And I do have more for you," he told me sensually, applying lube to my hole.

I had no idea where he had found the lube. Oh, he had probably just been planning this. I was completely unaware of everything apart his tongue on my ass before anyway, but I definitely wanted his cock now.

I felt his dick press against my ass and the head began gently stretching my hole, pushing its way inside more and more.

"ohh, feels soo good," I moaned.

I pressed my hands against the door and Rob quickly placed his hands on top of mine, lacing his finger through mine. He pushed his cock all the way into my ass and an incredible shudder washed over me as he pulled back and pushed back in. I was so fucking turned on. God, I loved feeling him in me.

"Hold me," I said helplessly, needing to feel his body against mine.

He wrapped his arms around my upper body, holding me tight and kissed my neck and shoulders. He thrust in and out of me, and my ass gently massaged his cock. The pleasure was intense for both of us and we were both moaning sensually, but I was much louder than he was. His hard member in my ass, teasing my prostate and his body rubbing against my back was giving me goosebumps and making me shudder with pleasure and I couldn't control my moans. Every time he pushed back into me, a moan or a sigh of pleasure escaped my lips.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "moan for me, it's so good to hear you moan, it makes me so hard, I love you baby!"

"Ogh... oohh!" Yeah, there was no other sound coming out of me and the more he fucked me, the louder I got.

"Tell me you love me," he asked moaning.

"I love you," I moaned.

"Say it again," I smiled and told him several times in English and in French and moaned again, "oh it's so good to feel your cock in me baby."

He brought one hand to my ass and spread my left ass cheek a little. He pulled back and reentered only a few inches of his cock into my ass, speeding up his pace. His cock was really hard and he started giving me quick thrusts with the top, making me moan loudly and wildly, "ohh Rob, yes, fuck me, ohhh"

"Ooh, Mark, you're gonna make me cum," he groaned. He moved his hand from my ass to my mouth and brought a finger to my lips, probably as an attempt to shut me up because that was turning him on too much and I opened my mouth and gently sucked on it as if it was his dick. He wrapped his other hand around my cock and gave it a squeeze before stroking it in perfect rhythm with his thrusts in my ass and of course, his hands on me elicited soft cries of pleasure out of me.

"Ohh god, you're too much," he moaned pushing his cock deep inside me, speeding up his pace, and keeping up a fast, steady rhythm, "I'm gonna fill you up," he said sensually in my ear.

"Oh yeah, cum in me," I urged.

He caressed my chest with one hand and pulled on my cock with the other. He started jerking me off in such as way that he knew I was gonna cum quickly. He was an expert at that, he knew exactly what I liked and how to jerk me off to squeeze the life right out of me. I moaned and let the feeling sweep me away as I neared my climax. It was gonna be a good one.

Rob came first, erupting hard inside me, letting out hot high pitch moans, whimpering and holding me against him and I soon followed him. He was not done cumming that I was already shooting a huge load all over myself and his hand, feeling the intense feeling of release spread throughout my body.

Our orgasms started to subside and he waited until my ass, which was still gripping his cock, relaxed a little to pull out of me.

He gently eased himself out of me, sighing and panting heavily and he slapped my ass. "That was you first present of the night," he said.

"That was a real good one," I giggled, resting my forehead against the door.

He took my chin in his hand and made me turn my head to make our lips meet, and he gave me a quick loving kiss.

We got ourselves back together and ran to the shower to quickly wash ourselves. In less than two minutes, we were out of the shower and it took just a few seconds for Rob to get dressed, wearing the same clothes he had on before and he headed downstairs. But I, on the contrary, had to figure out what I was going to wear.

No, but you would think it would be easy, but 3/4 of the clothes were on the floor, needing to be washed. That was it, tomorrow, we were gonna clean this up. After spending a few minutes trying to find something clean that I liked, I headed down the stairs too and out of the apartment to invite our fans in.

When they saw me come back, I could tell that they were absolutely thrilled. I looked at them and kind of felt bad for them, it was freezing outside.

"Sorry I made you wait for so long, but I've got good news!" I told them, smiling, because the line, 'sorry I made you wait for so long, but I was busy having sex with Rob, and he was giving it to me real good' popped into my head.

"Really?" the same girl who had asked to meet Rob said with the biggest grin on her face. Man, I bet she was going to hit on him!

"Since you've been such excellent secret keepers, right! Would you like to join the party?"

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed, jumping up and down, grabbing her friend, and they all smiled happily.

"Oh my god, really? You for real," another girl said more seriously, as if she couldn't quite believe it.

"Oh yeah," I said, "but there's a small condition though, you've got to behave like normal people," I joked.

One of the two guys laughed, "Don't worry, I don't really know her," he said, about the girl who was still happily jumping a little, about to cry I think too, "but I'm sure she's going to calm down, we'll make sure she behaves!”

"Okay, sounds good!"

They introduced themselves, and we talked about where they were from and why they had come here tonight, as they followed me inside and into the apartment. I introduced them to Rob, who looked at me like, 'great Mark, thank you very much, they're gonna follow me around all night now. But they were just so thrilled to meet him, especially the girls, it was cool to make people happy.

And it was funny to see that they were looking at him, thinking they were going to meet the guy they had seen on stage, except that it wasn't the same guy who was in front of them and it didn't seem like he wanted to be that guy. They were gonna meet someone a little less confident. He hugged the girls, who were just dying to touch him. They just kept telling him how great they thought he was. He signed them autographs and when that was out of the way, the girls calmed down and we chatted with all of them for a bit. After a few minutes, I left him alone with them and Rachel came up to me.

"I need your help," she told me.

"With what?" I asked.

"The Asian guy over there with a D&G jeans, talking to Jordan, straight or gay?"

"How should I know?" I said.

"I don't know, use your gaydar, that's why I invited him, he just got here and Jordan's already on it but I want your opinion too," she laughed.

"Remember I told you about him, he's in some of my classes. I really like him and I'm not crazy, I'm pretty sure he's been flirting with me but after you and the Ben fiasco I'm not taking any more risks"

I laughed. Poor Rachel. It looked like she had a tendency to be only attracted to gay men. A few weeks ago, she had had this huge crush on a guy at her art school named Ben. She got all worked up about it. She really liked him. She invited him over a few times and he was nice, at first. When she saw that he wasn't asking her out, she did, but he turned her down and told her he was gay but thought she was cool. She was so crushed. She actually cried on my shoulder for two hours. Seriously.

The thing was that I think he had used her to get to Rob and I in a way. And oh god, we were so bad. This guy was the one with whom it hadn't been the idea of the century to sleep. I think he needed money and he saw an opportunity. After sleeping with him, he blackmailed us, saying he would tell Rachel if we didn't give him a little something to shut up. We didn't want to give in so we told him to fuck off because even if he told Rachel, well she might have been a bit mad and upset, but it wasn't like he was her boyfriend or anything, so we didn't really care.

So when he saw that it was not working, he threatened to out us and told us that he could probably make a lot of money with what had happened. The little bastard! Well done with that one Rach! But it had no proof, so it was his words against ours and Rob and I decided not to let ourselves get manipulated. But I don't think he had ever intended to actually out us, because he never did, so far, or maybe he did but his story was not good enough. But he got us scared a little. It got me worried though, I mean, can you imagine if maybe, some guys had actually talked to the press, and magazines were just keeping the hot gossip for later. Oh God, I didn't even want to start thinking about that.

"Is he Asian?" I asked, "he doesn't look that Asian."

"Yeah, that's because he's only half Asian," she said, staring at him, "God he looks so good, please let him be straight" She begged looking up. I laughed and looked at the guy. He was indeed very good-looking. He had a pretty face, and you could see by looking at his eyes that he had Asian blood in him but apart from that, it really wasn't obvious at all.

"He's too hot to be straight," she said to herself, sounding resigned as she glanced at the guy.

"What? you're giving up already? I didn't even get a chance to test my gaydar yet." I laughed.

"Well, okay go help Jordan then."

I walked over to them and Jordan wrapped an arm around my shoulder and said in my ear, "you're getting old!"

"You're just saying that because you can't stand being the baby in the group," I joked.

He laughed "Mark, this is David, he's in Rachel's school," I shook his hand and he smiled "hi, it's, it's really nice to meet you." He said with a bit of admiration, which surprised me a little.

"And this is...," Jordan said trying to remember the name of the girl he was with. Typical of him! He was with a different girl every day. No, ok, I'll give him some credit, every week!

"Natalie," she reminded him.

"Right, Natalie, I knew that." He said "would you like a refill?" He quickly asked, pointing at her empty glass to make up for it, expect that it sounded more like he was trying to get her drunk.

"Yeah, maybe later. I'm just gonna go to um, ... I'll be right back," she said and walked away, probably to use the bathroom.

"She's pretty, how long is she gonna last?" I kidded.

"Probably the night," he said casually.

I laughed, "you're so bad."

"I picked her up on the pavement this afternoon. She's a fan," he said dreamily.

"Of yours?" I asked, as if it was not possible.

He laughed, "probably not, but let me turn on the charm, and she'll forget all about Rob."

David laughed, "does he get them all?"

"Well he could, but he doesn't know anything about women. So it makes it all the more easy for me!"

I looked at him and pinched his ass. He knew he was not allowed to say that kind of things to people we barely knew.

"Hey" he complained, "do you want me to get started on what you know?" He laughed.

"You..." I was about to answer back but I knew better. I really shouldn't play that game with him. I knew I was gonna lose. "Oh, never mind."

This is funny actually, because I had a bet going on with Jordan that I would convince Rob to have a threesome with a woman. So far, all I got from him was a categorical NO, NO, NO and NO and it had been, wait, let me think, um, yeah, over a year! I think I was gonna have to admit that I had lost that bet but I didn't want to give up because if I won, Jordan had to do it with a guy! And I mean, like all the way ...I think he was curious to try but he needed a little push, literally! But he knew that he would probably never have to do it since Rob was 500% gay.

Plus, it pissed Rob off every time I mentioned it and I found it funny. You know, you'd think he'd do anything for me! Well anything but that! I was running out of ideas, I had tried everything to convince him but nothing worked. After a while, I had even thought about getting him drunk, but then I realized that there was already a very good chance that he would not get hard at the sight of a naked woman's body, so if he was drunk on top of that, forget it! Plus it was not only that he didn't want to sleep with a woman but he also didn't want to see me with one so I think that was a lost battle. The idea was just not turning him on at all. Man, I gotta say, I just couldn't understand what grossed him out that much!

"Man you guys must get laid all the time," David laughed.

"Oh yeah, we're spoilt for choice," he joked.

"Yeah, actually, I just invited three other girls who were standing outside when I arrived," I told Jordan with a laugh.

"And you only say that now! where are they?" he said, looking around for just a second before focusing his attention on me again, smiling as if to say he was just kidding.

I laughed, "you know, that girl seems nice, I think you should give her a chance”. I looked at David and asked, "Wouldn't you give her a chance?"

"I think he wants to give Rachel a chance," Jordan said with a laugh.

"Really?" I said sounding intrigued. Well looks like Jordan had already succeeded in finding out whether or not he was straight.

He laughed, but it looked like he was a bit uncomfortable. Man, this guy was cute.

"Oh I, um, yeah, um," he murmured, looking at me.

"Hey don't worry, he won't eat you," Jordan told him. He looked all intimidated by me.

He laughed, "yeah I really like her, she's great, she's not like most girls."

"Oh that's because we've taught her well," Jordan joked, "she's always hung out with us much more than with her girl friends. I think up until she was ten years old, she didn't know that when girls played together, they played dolls and not cars," he kidded.

He laughed, "she is great but are you two..." he said looking at me.


"Well you've got a kid together and Rachel is so crazy about you, I don't wanna get in the middle of something too complicated."

"What's complicated?" Jordan asked, "They got drunk, he fucked her, she got pregnant, he refused to marry her because he was..."

"Jordan, shut up," I quickly exclaimed trying to stop him from scaring this guy away as well as outing me if it was what he was about to say. Even though David would quickly find out if he started dating Rachel.

I turned to David. "Look, I'm not with Rachel. I've never been with her. We're just friends but things just got a little out of hand but don't worry, you won't be getting in the middle of anything."

"Hey, but be prepared though," Jordan said, "because if you hook up with her, you'd better like Mark, cuz you're gonna see him a lot. And don't say anything to Rachel that you don't want him to know because she tells him everything!"

I smiled, because he was saying that for a reason. I'll let you guess what it had secretly told Rachel that I was not supposed to know about.

"Alright look Jordan, why don't you go find yourself a nice girl, okay," I said, joking.

"I'm all good, I already found one."

Damon came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

"Oh God, here comes another one," I joked.

"Happy birthday man," he said, kissing my cheek.

"Thank you," I said. "But Jordan thinks I'm old."

Damon laughed, "ah, you really shouldn't listen to him. What does he know? He's only 15, he'll be 15 forever!" he kidded and Jordan grabbed Damon and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

He roughly rubbed his hand on Damon's head and completely disheveled his hair. We were all very affectionate and tactile with each other. I guess it was a bit because of Rob and I. We touched them all the time, not in a sexual way but in a friendly way and after a while they had gotten used to it and now they were doing it too. It was just a way of showing affection. I mean, we really loved each other, we were all very close. I think we really were a little family and even though we fought sometimes, because it's normal when you spent that much time together, I really believed that nothing could split our group up.

Jordan and Damon started fighting and messing around and I turned to David.

"Hey, you don't have to worry about me, go for it, she's a great girl, but please don't hurt her." I told him.

We talked a little and Damon started talking to him too. After a few minutes, I looked around to see if Rob had managed to get away from his fans. He must have because they were now talking to Dylan and Rob was nowhere to be seen. I looked for him a little and found him in the kitchen, getting himself a drink. I did the same thing, and Jordan soon joined us too in the kitchen.

"So who's the hottie you were talking to?" Rob asked me.

"Rachel's date," I told him, "she met him at her school."

"Like Ben?" he laughed.

"No not like Ben," I laughed too, "looks like this one is 150% straight."

"Yeah, and I think he'd like to stay this way Rob, leave some for Rachel," Jordan joked.

"So? Rob said, "we can just fuck him 50%, he's still 100% straight, that's fair," he joked and we broke out laughing. He gave me a high five and took a sip of his drink, smiling.

"You guys are really fucked up," Jordan said, shaking his head in disbelief just as Rachel walked into the kitchen.

"So," she said inquisitively.

"You can go for it, he's straight," I told her.

"Still 150% for now," Rob joked.

"And he likes you," Jordan told her.

"Yeahhhh," she said happily, and rushed out of the kitchen.

We followed her and enjoyed the party. I chatted with everyone for a while. I really felt good about myself. You know how I was scared a couple of years before that I would not be able to stay in control, that we would just manage to fuck everything up somehow! Well, it didn't seem to be happening after all. Everything just seemed to be going fine. We enjoyed everything that was given to us, we lived our lives to the fullest but we worked hard too. But we loved doing it. Our hobby was our job. It was what we had always wanted and we were so happy to have achieved this goal.

I really loved my life, and it was going exactly in the direction I wanted it to go. Everything was perfect. I was just really happy. I had an amazing boyfriend who loved me more than he loved himself, I had a child (and a boyfriend) who I loved more than I loved myself, I had great friends, ah there was something missing to the picture, my family, but I didn't want to think about them anymore, and I had a career, the very career I had always wanted to have. I felt like I had it all, all at the age of 23, even before that actually. Or maybe I was 30 and I just didn't know it.

Yeah, it seemed like Rob and I had love, friendship, family, fame, respect, admiration, wealth. What more could we ask for? Nothing! You know what? I was really proud of us. I just hoped it would last.


At some point during the night, I joined Dylan, Elaine and a couple of friends, who were talking around the piano. We had bought a black grand piano and put it in the living room. I really wanted one because, well because I needed one. 80% of the time, I composed on the piano, not the guitar. I found it easier, maybe because piano was the first instrument I had learned how to play. I usually re-transcribed the melody on the guitar afterwards. Jordan re-transcribed it on the bass and Damon on the drums.

That's how it worked. I was usually the one to come up with melodies, true, but from there, we all developed it together. I loved doing that. You wouldn't believe the numbers of hours we could spend playing together, and I was even worse because on top of that, I spent hours by myself learning other people's songs or writing stuff. I could never get bored of it.

Anyway, I sat on the piano stool and started talking and laughing with Dylan. After only a few seconds, my hand move to the keys, I couldn't help it and before I knew it, I was almost unconsciously playing softly 'imagine' by john Lennon with my right hand as we chatted and it attracted everyone's attention.

"Ohh play it," Elaine asked.

"Nahh," I said, pretending I was too shy, "Dylan's gonna play."

"No, no, no," he said shaking his head.

"Come on Mark, play a couple of tunes, you gotta entertain your guests ... Rob, come here." She called him. A few people gathered around the piano and Rob joined us. The fans I had invited in before begged me to play and everyone was so pushy that I didn't really have a choice.

So I started playing 'imagine', and Rob sang softly, a few people singing along with him, spreading a nice aura of love in the room. We finished the song, people clapping a little and I was asked to play something else.

Someone suggested 'Let it be' by the Beatles, and then, our fans requested a few of our songs.

Half an hour later, I was still playing, with everyone gathered around the piano.

"Do you know how to play Hallelujah?" someone asked me.

"Oh yeah, I love it," I said.

"Can you play it?"

"Alright, but that's the last one," I said.

So, I started playing Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and as Rob started singing, everybody grew quiet and listened. His voice was beautiful and filled with emotions. I knew how to play this song really well, piano or guitar. We couldn't really relate to the lyrics but we loved it anyway. It was beautiful. Half way through the song, Rob looked directly at me and held a stare. I smiled, knowing why he was doing that. We blocked everyone out, it was like we were alone in the room for just a few seconds. I knew the song so well, I didn't have to look down at the keys and we looked at each other straight in the eye. He smiled and I smiled back at him. I knew people could probably see it but I didn't care. I pressed harder on the keys to make the moment more powerful for everybody as he started singing his favourite verse to me,

But remember when I moved in you

And the holy dove was moving too

And every breath we drew was hallelujah

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah...

We finished the song and everybody clapped again. They asked for another one but I got up and said I'd play more later, even though I didn't really intend to.

"Mark, do you want to open your presents now?" Rachel asked me. I looked at her with an expression that said that I was dying to open them. She laughed and we all gathered around the table where people had placed the presents. I opened them all, got some really cool stuff and when I was done, Damon put his arm around my shoulder and said,

"Did you notice there were no presents from us?" he said talking about him, Rob, Jordan and Dylan.

"Um, yeah," I said, just realizing it.

Rob came up behind me and tied a scarf around my eyes.

"What's going on?" I asked confused. He took my hand and we started walking.

He slowly led me out of the apartment and into the hallway, or anyway, I think he was.

"Where are we going?" I asked

No one answered, but I could tell by the people chattering around that everyone was following us. We continued walking and headed out of the building, Rob leading me with his hand and his voice. "Step," he warned me.

Then we stood outside on the pavement, and I felt Rob's arms wrap around me from behind.

"Okay," he said, "keep your eyes close for a sec."

He untied the scarf and put his hand over my eyes. He hugged me tight and slowly moved down his hand to reveal right there in front of me a yellow 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello.

"Happy birthday baby," he whispered in my ear.

Oh dear God! They had bought me a Ferrari.

My mouth dropped open. I wanted to say something but I was speechless. I could not believe they had bought me a Ferrari. I stared at the car and Rob broke the hug. I took a few steps closer, and then turned around to look at the guys smiling and stunned.

"Hey Mark," Jordan yelled, "if you don't like your present, we'll get you something else," he joked, seeing the look of happiness on my face.

"Oh my God," I exclaimed, looking back and forth between them and the car, "Oh my God, I cannot believe you did this!"

I walked closer to the car and touched it, "I, It's, Oh my God," I said, turning around again to look at them, just to make sure it was really mine and that they hadn't just rented it for the night. The grins on their faces gave me a pretty good indication that this was really serious and I rushed over to them. I hugged them all cheerfully and thanked them a millions times, I could not stop smiling, I just loved it, I just loved them. Man, this was a good birthday.

"Wanna take it for a spin?" Rob asked me.

"Hell yeah!" I exclaimed, my eyes probably sparkling.

"Aright! we'll be back soon," He told everyone.

We climbed into the car and Rob handed me the key. I switched the car on and lowered the window.

"It's so beautiful, would you look at that," I told Jordan happily as he leaned over to check out the interior of the car. He smiled and told me to drive carefully. Everyone cheered as we left and Rob and I laughed.

"Wow, this is different," I told him as I got used to the pedals and the gearbox.

"Well it's a sport car," he said.

"Oh dear God, can you even feel the road?" I asked.

"Nope" he said and we laughed.

"I cannot believe this is mine! I'm 23, and I've got a Ferrari" I exclaimed, "this is sooo fucking cool. I love my life!"

He laughed, "you'll let me drive it once in a while, right?"

"Well, sure, you know I've always shared my toys with you," I joked.

I drove in the direction of a motorway even though I didn't really intend to go that far but the roads to reach the motorway were nice and I wanted to test this car and see what it got.

"God, Mark," Rob said after a few minutes, "please slow down, I'd like to get out of this car alive."

"Oh come on, have you seen the horsepower on this thing?"

"Yeah I have, but it doesn't make it any less dangerous to drive 30 miles above the speed limit!"

"My god I love it! We should go down to Brighton tomorrow," I said, speeding up instead of slowing down.

"Oh Jeez, what were we thinking when we got you this!" he said putting his head in his hands.

I laughed, "Man, you guys are the best, whose idea was that? Yours?".

"Yeah, you think I didn't see you in Paris?" Yeah, we went to the Motor Show in Paris in October (called Le Mondial de l'Automobile, if you wanna know) and I had indeed focused my attention on the new Ferrari but it cost 225 000 dollars and I just thought it was -a little- too much money to spend on a car. I mean jeez, most people don't even spend that much on their house. We were making a lot of money now but I still thought it was way too expensive. I didn't know if they had paid cash or took out a loan. They had probably paid cash, but man, it was an investment. It's just, we hadn't been raised in extremely wealthy families and to me, even 1000 dollars (or whatever the currency) was a lot of money.

"You guys are crazy," I laughed.

"Well, you wanted it and you're too damn serious to buy what you want! So we had to take some action!" he said with a smile on his face.

"But 225 000 dollars Rob!"

"I know, but we can afford it! Especially with the album and the tour coming! I mean, what's the point of earning money if we don't enjoy it. You know what? it's a gift, so try not to think about it! You deserve it. We wouldn't be where we are now without you, so we had to thank you!" he said, smiling.

"And you think we would be without you?" I said.

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders slightly.

"Man, you're gonna have to teach me how to show off properly now," I laughed.

"Oh no baby, you leave that to me. I'm the show-off in the family," he joked.

I kept driving and slowed down as we tried out all the options. After a few seconds of silence, I said, "so, guess what?....Damien finally kissed me tonight."

"He did?" Rob said sitting straight up in his seat.


He chuckled. "It was about time... Man, I knew he was gonna try something!"

"I guess you were right."

"Of course I was right. I cannot believe he waited until the very last day to put his tongue down your throat. Now there's nothing I can do. I hate that guy," he said shaking his head.

"Oh no, it wasn't like that at all, he hugged me goodbye, looked deep into my eyes, and then he did it! It was so sweet, and he apologized right away!"

"What a loser! I'm gonna kick his ass."

I laughed, "you can't, he's gone."

"Oh he can run, I'll find him," he joked, "I hope you turned him down."

"Yeah, but I felt so bad for him."

"Oh that poor bastard," Rob said sarcastically.

I laughed and told him, "I think he might actually be in love with me. He didn't actually say it but he showered me with compliments and he told me that if I weren't with you, he could fall in love with me in a minute."

Rob gave out a laugh and shook his head again, "oh jeez. I knew it. See, here's what happens when I let guys get too close to you."

I laughed. "He also said that he hopes you know how lucky you are."

"Am I?" he asked.

I looked at him and smiled. He grinned playfully and leaned over to kiss my cheek. He kissed it several times, moving his lips closer and closer to my mouth until they were pressing onto mine. I kissed him back but tried to focus my attention on the road. "I'm driving" I reminded him.

"I love you," he told me kissing my cheek again and I smiled. "Stop as soon as you can, I wanna try it too. I'll drive back home. If we don't get back soon, they're gonna think we crashed the car," he laughed.

"We might if you keep this up," I said as I felt him lick my earlobe and nibble a little at my neck, his hand caressing my thigh.

He kissed my cheek one more time and sat down properly in the seat again, looking straight ahead.

"you're not gonna see him again, are you?"

I sighed, "oh Rob, come on!"

"What!" he exclaimed "Now that we're not working with him anymore, why would you want to see him again?"

"Because we're friends."

"Oh please, he just told you that he's in love with you."

"He didn't say that, I did, and I just said that he might be. Look, he knows we're together, he got it, you made your point" I said and he smiled, knowing exactly what I meant by that "he just wants us to be friends and so do I. He's a great guy and if you had tried to know him a little, you would have seen that."

"Oh jeez, don't be so naive. He wants to fuck you Mark, that's what he wants."

"I...," I was about to say something else but what he said aroused my curiosity.

"Why do you think I'd be the one getting fucked?"

He looked at me and smiled, "aww, did I hurt your masculinity?" he teased.

"Fuck you," I retorted playfully.

"Park the car first," he joked. "Look honey, you're just gonna have to realize that he doesn't want to be just friends. No gay guy in his right mind would only want to be your friend, you're way too hot!"

"You're right. He probably does want more. But does that mean he'll get it? Don't you trust me?" I asked even if I knew that he did, but I liked arguing with him about our relationship. Don't ask me why, I guess it was a way of making sure nothing had changed.

"Oh I trust you, I just don't trust him."

"So what are you saying?" I asked, a bit annoyed.

"I'm saying that I don't you to see him again," he said, but not authoritatively.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah,” he confirmed.

"Jeez, do you see me tell you who you can be friends with and who you can't?" I asked even though I didn't exactly expect him to tell me that I could spend as much time with Damien as I wanted to. He sighed and turned his head to look through the window as I stopped the car on the car park of a closed DIY store.

"Well I don't give you any reasons to tell me that."

"Hey it's not my fault if the guy fell in love with me," I said.

"I bet it was your fault a little," he joked. "And see," he said, pointing his finger at me, "you just said it, right here, you said it! He's in love with you. So you're not allowed to spend time with someone who's in love with you. Sorry, I win."

"No you don't. You can't make up new rules like that."

He laughed, "God, you're not gonna listen to me anyway, are you? That would be a first," he said.

That was true, I didn't really like people telling me what to do, even Rob. I guess that's because I had had very little freedom growing up and I was making up for it.

"Well, tell me something I agree with, and I'll listen," I joked.

"Fine," he said, "do as you please," he said in a old fashioned way, "but don't expect me to be cool with it."

I disengaged my seatbelt and his and swung myself on top of him. I pressed my body against his and smashed my lips against his. He smiled and opened his mouth and I sucked on his tongue a little and kissed him affectionately. He wrapped his arms around me and the kiss quickly became heated and passionate as he drew me closer to him and I felt the familiar feeling of lust deep inside my body that I felt every time we kissed like that.

"I love you, only you," I told him looking deep into his eyes. He smiled and kissed me again, his hands moving from my upper back, down to my thighs.

"We should get back," I told him, giving him one last kiss and reaching out for the door handle.

"Wait!" he whispered, grasping my arm, not letting me open the door. He took my hand in his and put it on his crotch.

I laughed, "did I wake the monster?"

"With a kiss like that, yeah, you certainly did!" he smiled "don't tell me you're not hard too."

I smiled, biting my lower lip "yeah, okay, I am," I admitted, "but we should really get back though and I'm not sure we should have sex in this car."

"Why not?" He asked, like he couldn't think of a reason why we shouldn't.

"Because it's so expensive," I stated "and look how clean it is and how good it smells!"

"No, see, I think it needs to be baptized," he laughed.

"What if someone sees us," I said, looking out the window.

"We're on a deserted car park in a car with tinted windows," he said, pointing out that it was very unlikely that someone would see us.

"True," I smiled "but don't you find it unsettling? I mean, how are we supposed to feel like no one can see us when we can see everything!"

"All the more exciting," he said with a wink, "come on, whip it out," he laughed playfully, unbuttoning my pants. He grasped my cock through my underwear and then pulled it out. God I loved feeling his hand on me. He stared at it for a few seconds, caressing it softly.

"Ooo that's a nice boner you've got here!" He looked up at me and made himself look as innocent as a puppy dog.

"Can I play with it?" he asked, quickly looking down at my cock again as if it was the first time he got to see it.

I laughed. How could I resist that? "you like what you see?" I asked, amused at how mesmerized he was by my cock. He smiled and pushed the foreskin down to expose the head. He ran his thumb over it and covered it again, still staring. But his hypnotic fascination for my cock was broken by the radio as we heard the DJ say that he was going to play "you're my best friend" by Queen

"Oh I love that song," Rob said, turning the volume up with his left hand, his right hand being wrapped around my cock. He jerked it gently as he waited for the song to begin and listened to the song intro. As soon as Freddy Mercury started singing, Rob did too, looking deep into my eyes, and I smiled and caressed his face.

"ooo you make me live

whatever this world can give to me

It's you, you're all I see

ooo you make me live now honey, ooo you make me live"

He gave me a quick kiss on the lips and slipped his hands under my shirt caressing my stomach and then my back, still looking into my eyes and he continued singing,

"ooh you're the best friend that I ever had

I've been with you such a long time

You're my sunshine and I want you to know that my feelings are true

I really love you

ooh you're my best friend"

I smiled and kissed him briefly but lovingly, placing my hands on each side of his face. When the lyrics came back, I pressed a finger over his lips and started singing to him.

"ooo I've been wandering round

Still come back to you

In rain or shine, you've stood by me" Freddy Mercury says 'girl' here, because that song was written by John Deacon for his wife but I said 'man' instead and Rob smiled.

"I'm happy at home

You're my best friend"

ooo you make me live

Whenever this world is cruel to me

I've got you to help me forgive

ooo you make me live now honey, ooo you make me live"

He smiled and wrapped both his arms around my back. He pulled me into him a little more and I continued, caressing his eyebrow. This song was great, the lyrics were perfect.

"Ooh you're the first one, when things turn out bad

You know, I'll never be lonely

You're my only one

And I love the things" he sang the next line before I could, smiling and emphasizing the word `really' like Freddy Mercury.

"I really love the things that you do

Oh you're my best friend"

We continued singing the line, "Oh you make me live, you're my best friend," a few more times until the end of the song, making out at the same time.

"Wow," I smiled when the song was over, "it's like it was written for us"

He brought his lips to mine and kissed me tenderly. He tasted so good. He licked my lips and laughed a little when he heard the next song. It was, "I'll be there for you" by Jon Bon Jovi, "The DJ must be in a romantic mood," he joked, turning the volume down a little

He grasped my cock again, and resumed stroking it, and again the same feeling of lust I felt every time he touched me overtook me. I reached for his zipper and slipped my hand down his pants, touching him. God he was so hard.

I pulled out his cock and slid my hand up and down his shaft a few times.

"You're so big," I told him, my lips millimeters away from his.

I had measured his cock recently, he was 8 inches, and quite thick too. I was 7.5 and almost as thick but not quite.

I shoved my tongue in his mouth and kissed him passionately. He sucked my lips and tongue and kissed me deeply again. We jerked each other's cocks as we kissed and Rob caressed my back under my shirt. I broke the kiss and exhaled and looked into his eyes

"I wanna suck you," I moaned, feeling his hard member in my hand.

He smiled, "go for it"

I moved so I was kneeling on my seat again, which wasn't easy in the cramped space of the car. He pulled down his pants a little and I started licking his cock, running my tongue along his shaft before swallowing him. I massaged the base of his cock and took half of him inside my mouth, sliding my lips up and down, holding his cock tight. We both moaned quietly, enjoying the feeling and I started taking more of him in my mouth until my lips brushed his pubes. He played with my hair, he loved playing with my hair, and I pulled back a little and continued sucking him, paying special attention to the head and massaging his pole with my hand and tongue, jerking myself off as well.

"I love your mouth," he moaned, his eyes closed, tilting his head backwards a little, resting it against the seat, a smile on his face which made me look up at him and smile too.

I licked, sucked and jerked for a few minutes until I started to feel my orgasm build up. I stopped sucking him and jerking myself off, and concentrated not to shoot my load.

Rob raised his knees and bend over a little and he took off his shoe and his sock.

"Here, cum inside the sock," he told me. God he knew me so well. He knew I was holding back because I didn't want to make a mess in the car. I put my cock inside his sock and resumed masturbating myself. I quickly started blowing him again, harder and faster.

"Oh Mark, I can feel it coming, don't stop!"

I sucked even faster, bobbing my head up and down his cock. I held the base tightly and slid my hand up and down the base, jerking him off. I brought my hand to his balls and played with them and I felt them lift up.

"Ahh yeah ohhh," he moaned as he started filling up my mouth. I quickly swallowed and reached for my cock again. I jerked myself off fast and roughly, and felt my climax come back. His moans were so good to hear and so sexy that it sent me over the edge. With a groan, I ejaculated several loads of cum inside the sock, and continued sucking Rob and taking everything he had to give until I was sure that his orgasm had subsided.

I licked his cock clean and passed my tongue over the head of his cock one last time, giving it a kiss. I looked up at him, grinning and he laughed.

We put our pants back on and Rob sat in the driver's seat and drove back home, much more carefully than me. We partied until late into the night and when we went to bed, he wished me good night but I would have none of that. I wanted another birthday present, out of the closet this time, and we made love. I rode him for a long time that night, stopping every ten minutes to talk and make it last. And when we came, I felt like I was the happiest, most satisfied guy in the world.


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