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chapter 2

Something woke me up in the middle of the night, probably my sore body. I tried to get more comfortable but Rob's arm was still around me and I didn't want to wake him up. I tried to move a little and lay on my back watching the ceiling.

I started thinking about what had happened between us. I still felt good about it. I mean, you know how sometimes, you just lose yourself in the moment because you need to get off so badly and after you cum, you feel bad or weird about what you did. But I honestly didn't feel that way. I was just wondering how we got to that point. Why would Rob fall in love with me?

Where did that attraction between us come from? Why did I feel sexually attracted to him? Maybe it was just hormones. I honestly didn't know why I was feeling this way and I felt very confused. He had used the word 'gay', I was afraid of that. I didn't want to be gay. I had enough problems in my life not to add another one. If my father found out about that, he would just kill me. It would be 'it' for me.

I looked at Rob sleeping. he looked so cute. He really did. I couldn't help noticing that. His dark hair was disheveled, his lips were full, his black eyelashes looked perfect and I could just imagine how his eyes looked. When he told me he loved me a few hours before, I saw the love in his eyes. I had always known that he cared for me, but I had no idea he had these kind of feelings. I felt like our friendship was about to take a whole new different turn.

I snuggled close to Rob again, and went back to sleep. When I woke up again, I was alone in bed. I called out Rob's name but got no answer. I reluctantly got out of bed, feeling a bit groggy. I put on some clothes and went to the bathroom to take a leak. I was stiff all over so I decided to take a hot shower to ease the pain. After a good 15 minutes, I got out and went back into Rob's room to get dressed. I think at least half of my clothes were in his drawer as I spent so many nights at his place.

I headed downstairs, looking for Rob, and found him in the kitchen, having breakfast and reading the latest NME magazine, which I gotta say, was like our Bible. It won't be far from the truth if I told you that we learned pretty much everything we needed to know about Rock music in that magazine. Back then, we read about the latest groups, without even listening to their music, just trying to follow their career and to immerse ourselves in the rock scene. Reviews in NME were so well written that even if the groups were bad, they managed to make you hear the music, make you vibrate with the lyrics and the message it conveyed. We were so excited about the all rock n roll thing! We totally loved it because the teenagers that we were could easily identify with the kind of revolutionary lyrics that they sang. It talked to us because we felt that the changes we were going through in our lives were mirrored in this music. This weekly magazine was our get away, we could totally lost ourselves in there, dreaming about what it could be like to live like them, wanting nothing more but to enter that world ourselves.

We were definitely not reading Smash hits or Now magazine where all the boy bands had their little page!

It was Saturday, and apparently, we were the only two people in the house.

"Hey, you're up. How are you feeling?"

"Sore. Why didn't you wake me up?"

"You didn't look like you would have appreciated it if I had. You want some breakfast?"


I sat down at the table, and poured some cereals into a bowl. I could feel Rob's gaze on me.

"Are you staring at me?"

"Of course, that's only like my favourite occupation."

"Oh, and what do you see?"

"A bruise."He touched the side of my face right next to my right eyebrow. "Man, I wish there was something we could do to make him stop, this is so unfair . We should call a helpline or the police or something and have him arrested."

"Yeah right! Don't even think about that. They wouldn't do anything, I'm sure. They'd probably give him a fine or a lecture and then he'd be even more pissed off at me. Or worse, they'd put me in some sort of foster family god knows where, forget it. Plus, I can't do that to my mum. It would just kill her if she had to take care of us all by herself. He might not be the best husband but she needs him. She's not strong enough to handle everything. The only thing to do is wait to be 18 to get out of this house forever. And you know what, if we work hard enough on our songs, we can get a record deal, drop out of school, travel all around the world and become rich," I giggled

Rob laughed. "You really believe that don't you? You're gonna have to stop dreaming and come back to reality once of these days. Not that I don't want it to happen but come on, we'll already be lucky if we manage to pass our leaving certificate."

"Hey, what happened to your ambition? I think we have good ideas. We just need to work and we can write really good songs. It can't be so hard. Plenty of people do it."

I so wanted that dream to become a reality. I really believed it was possible and to me it sounded even more appealing because I thought it was the only chance I had to leave my family and to live my life. I so wanted to become independent. I didn't want to own anything to anyone, and especially not to my parents. I didn't want them to have that kind of power on me anymore, like I could not survive without them. I wanted to prove to the world that I was not a pathetic loser who could not stand up for himself.

Plus we were pretty good, really. We usually got together in Damon's garage because his brother had a really cool drum and he let us play with it. He had taught Damon a little so he knew the basics and he really got a kick out of banging on the drum, throwing his stick up in the air to make it look more rock and roll, expect it didn't! He just looked stupid because he sucked at it. He couldn't catch them properly.

We had already come up with a few melodies, pretty easily actually. We usually tried to learn how to play songs from The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Queen, U2, the Eagles, Don McLean, Elvis, Bob Dylan and others, and after a while it just sort of happened, just like that, a brand new melody coming out of nowhere. Well, it was coming from us, but it didn't feel that way. It was nothing extraordinary but it was a good start. The most important part to me was that we all really loved doing it. We had spent hours in that garage and when we began to realize that we could come up with sounds of our own, it all started to become really exciting.

Damon was definitely sticking to the drums, I was always fighting over the guitars (we had two, electric and acoustic) with Rob and Dylan, who always gave up to play some notes on the keyboard while Jordan was just desperate to get the bass he had asked his parents to get him for Christmas so that he wouldn't have to fight over the guitars with us. He already knew how to play bass because he was taking lessons, but he really wanted his own bass.

And as far as singing was concerned, we were all giving it a go. Well, not all, Damon couldn't sing, and I mean really, he couldn't, he just didn't have it in him. Dylan was a bit shy and he usually listened to the rest of us, not really joining in. So Jordan, Rob and I were doing the singing, but Rob was definitely the one who put the most energy and passion in that. He was so good at it, and it gave him an opportunity to show off, which he just loved to do... At the end of the day, we were just having fun and it was awesome!

Oh and Rachel was our groupie, telling everyone how good we were, she was so funny. I think she just wanted to make her friends jealous because she was friend with us and they weren't. I remember one day in school, she came up to me during lunch time and went,

"Look you gotta hug me like right now or kiss me, whatever, make it look like you care k because there's this girl over there, she really likes you and she keeps asking me questions about you so I didn't tell her anything and it pissed her off, so I want her to think we're really close to make her jealous. she's so into you, it's so funny! Oh but you can't like her, ok, because if you date her, you're gonna take all the fun away from me."

"You're weird!" I said but did it anyway. I sort of liked her twisted mind!

Rob had finished his breakfast and was staring at me again.

"Yeah well," he started saying, "I don't think my parents will be ok with the dropping out of school thing, but that's most definitely worth the try! Oh, I know, I'll tell them that when I'm rich, I'll buy them a huge house in the South of France. That ought to convince them, what do you think?"

"Now who's dreaming?"

"I tell you what, why don't we just keep playing and have fun, we'll see what happens! But I wouldn't get my hopes up too high if I were you. We're just a bunch of very talented lads trying to come up with some songs, we're hardly the new Beatles." he snickered.

"hey, no we're not. We're better than them! eh, come on if you listen to their lyrics, it's really not anything hard to write."

Rob came closer to me, he was standing behind me and put his hands on my shoulders, "no, but not everyone can come up with these kinds of melodies. They were the best" he said as he leaned down and kissed my cheek. I turned around and stood up, feeling a bit awkward.

"Can we talk about last night?" I asked, not sure if he'd want to. He looked a bit scared and worried.

"Yeah ok. But Mark, I really want you to know that I meant everything I told you last night. If you've changed your mind, I understand, but I can't help feeling the way I feel. I tried to get over it but I can't, I just can't. I need you"

"I don't know, Rob, I'm just really confused. I need to talk to someone about all this, and it seems like you're the only person I can talk to. Let's go back to your room."

He followed me upstairs. Once in his room, I sat down on the bed and he just stood in the middle of the room. He didn't speak, I think he was waiting for me to say something but I did not know where to start. The silence between us was uncomfortable and I couldn't remember ever feeling like this before around him.

Finally he came and sat next to me on the bed.

"Are you having second thoughts? do you regret what we did?"

"I...I don't think so... No. It was really good last night. I just.... I don't know if I'm gay... how do you know you are? I mean, I know I really care about you but I don't know if we should be doing this, we'll get into trouble."

"I know, we'll just have to be careful, nobody has to know. And it doesn't matter if you don't know if you're gay or straight, all I want is to be with you, we don't have to put a name on it. Look, what we did last night, I really loved it; It was great. I've been wanting to do it for so long, I don't want to stop now. It's just too damn hard to be around you all the time without, well, without being with you."

I looked at him, with a confused expression on my face.

"I know what you're thinking, your parents are against it, the church is against it."

I was actually thinking that, could he read my mind now?

"But you know what, I've been listening carefully in church, and the pastor, all he says is to love each other, respect each other, help the people who need help, and try to be happy basically. Well, being with you makes me happy, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that."

Now that sounded a bit corny. "I guess not," I said, "But it doesn't change the fact that a lot of people think it's wrong."

"I know, but that doesn't mean they're right, they just don't feel this way so they don't understand. People are always scared of what they don't know."

"You've been thinking a lot about this, haven't you?"

"Yeah, a few months, even a few years. I tried to tell you so many times but I was so scared you would weird out on me."

"Hey, come on," I punched his arm, "is that how little you know me? You could have told me how you felt."

We were silent for a moment, he had stopped looking at me and he was now staring at the floor. I just watched him and I started to feel those urges again, the same feelings I had the night before.

I didn't know what he was doing to me, but the more I was looking at him, the more I was seeing him in a different light. Knowing that he loved me and that he wanted me was really turning me on and I was surprised to find out that I found him attractive, very attractive.

He had a killer smile. It made me feel so much better every time he smiled at me, no matter the problems I had at home, he could just smile at me and the look of happiness on his face would take all of my worries away.

He also had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen on any human being. The shape of his face was perfect with a few freckles here and there that just made him look even cuter, his hair was dark and just asked to be played with and his body was well-developed already. I was pretty sure he would grow up to be really hot.

He had a nice flat stomach with a noticeable six-pack. He was very good-looking, I thought. Plus he didn't look childish at all. None of us did really. People always thought we were at least 18 when they met us for the first time.

But above all, I just loved his personality. Even at 16, he was really confident or he appeared to be most of the time anyway. But I knew that sometimes he was just putting on a show, not to let people know how he really felt, which he still does 10 years later. He was really good at that, but I could see through him. I think I was probably the only person he felt comfortable enough with to be completely himself. I know I knew sides of his personality, such as his doubts, fears and insecurities that few people knew about, probably not even his mother. He was great to hang out with too. I think he was just a born entertainer. He could make people laugh really easily and he loved being the center of attention. You could never get bored with him. He always had those wild ideas about what to do to entertain ourselves and I gotta say, it got us into trouble more than once. He was the kind of guy who's always joking around but in a smart way if you know what I mean. He was so popular at school.

All the girls were drooling all over him. Well to be honest, they were drooling over me too, but Rob, I don't know, he made them laugh and he was just so nice with everyone. When we were together, the attention was definitely more directed toward him than me. I'm sure it also had something to do with his eyes. I'm telling you, you could see his soul in those eyes. Girls were attracted to them like a moth to a flame.

And he always thought of other people before he thought of himself. He just had this capacity to love and show emotions. Wow, I sure had a lot of nice think to say about him. I wondered if I could find him any flaws. Oh yeah, I'm sure I could, he was good at pissing me off sometimes. Well not right now, maybe some other time.

I took his hand and held it in mine as I rested my chin on his shoulder. We didn't say anything. I started kissing his shoulder very lightly through his shirt. We looked into each others eyes and I involuntarily moved my head closer to his and he brought his lips to mine. We kissed gently not using our tongue. The kiss got longer, unbroken by either of us. I parted my lips and his tongue slipped in my mouth. Like the night before, Rob started to take control. He pulled me closer to him and started kissing me more deeply.

God, he was good at that. It felt like he was trying to consume me, like he wanted to melt into me. he kissed my lower lip and sucked on my tongue, and I did the same to him. he was holding my face with his right hand and he put his left hand under my t-shirt, caressing my back and squeezing me to him and all I wanted to do was to give myself to him as much as I could. All my doubts and questions didn't matter at all anymore.

"I just love kissing you. I knew it would feel great. I could just do it forever," he said. I could just moan.

Rob pushed his body against mine and we felt back onto the bed, him on top of me. He started lifting my t-shirt, kissing my stomach.

"I love you, I love you, you feel so good, you smell so good, I love you. It feels so good to finally tell you this. If you knew how many times I had to resist kissing you, it was like torture," he moaned.

"I'm glad you did."

He kissed my neck and my lips again while his hands were working my zipper. He unzipped my pants and pushed them down to my ankles. He started chewing on my underwear and I just loved the feel of his mouth on it. It was just providing enough stimulation to turn me on like crazy and all I could do was moan his name.

He pulled down my underwear and once again, in one quick motion, he took my cock in his mouth. I looked down and saw him grinning at me while he sucked on the tip of my cock.

"oh God, that feels good Rob." He swallowed my cock completely, and I got even harder. I felt my cock pulsing in his mouth. His saliva and his tongue felt exquisite.

He started taking off his shirt. Seeing him do that, I sat down, put my hands on his pants and started unbuttoning them. He took them off and there he was in front of me, wearing only his boxers.

We fell down on the bed, side by side, and I took his left nipple between my fingers and licked the right one. He moaned loudly, "uhmm, feels nice."

I slipped my hand down his boxers-briefs and touched him there. He was so warm. His cock was hard and soft and I pulled it out, gave it a few strokes and just looked at it. I had never seen him hard before. His cock looked a lot like mine, about 6 inches, not circumcised, a little bit thicker than mine and I knew I was soon going to be addicted to this thing. We kissed again, exploring each other's mouth, sucking on each other's tongues and pulling the other harder against us, moaning and grounding our cocks together. I was extremely turned on. I couldn't really understand why but I wanted him bad, so I decided to take control for a change. I looked at his naked body, and started kissing down his perfect chest. As I got closer to his cock, I started taking his balls in my hand and played with them. Then I took his cock in my hand and licked the tip tasting him for the first time, feeling like I had just found a new very cool toy to play with. He moaned and put his hand in my hair, encouraging me to take more of him in my mouth. I licked my lips and took him as deep as I could, almost to the base.

"oh man, I don't think I've ever been this hard." he said with a smile on his face.

I could tell he was really trying not to shoot at this point as he had a look of pure concentration on his face. I started sucking him faster, pulling back sometimes to lick the head and to work my tongue under the short foreskin and taking him down to the base again, tightening my lips around his pole. I had never done that before but I found myself knowing exactly what to do and loving it too. I guess I was just born to pleasure him.

With my left hand, I started playing with his balls again, pushing a little on his sphincter until my finger touched his hole, he yelped and moaned, "Oh God, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum so hard," he panted.

I pulled off him and started jerking him faster. He got rigid and I watched as a river of cum escaped the tip of his cock. His body was jerking, his eyes were closed and he was squeezing the sheets in his hands. I just grinned seeing how lost he was in his own orgasm, in some kind of parallel universe somewhere.

When he came back to reality, I was lying next to him, smiling and holding my head with my hand.


"Hi." He laughed

"So did you enjoy that?" I asked, as if it wasn't obvious at all.

He put his hand behind my head and drew me close to him for a kiss.

"You bet I did... Thanks! You're making me feel so good, you know that? I love you, Sometimes I can't believe what you're doing to me...What are you doing to me?" He asked, wondering if maybe I had an answer to that!

"I don't know, but I could ask you the same question" I told him taking his hand and putting it on my still erect cock.

He smiled and started kissing me all over with a devilish grin on his lips, but being extra careful not to hurt me since a few parts of my body were bruised. He kissed my lips, licked my ears, putting his tongue inside which caused me to shiver and draw him closer to me.

Then he touched and licked my whole body stopping for what seemed like hours on my toes, giving them a bath in his mouth and sucking on them one by one like they were mini-cocks. I loved the feeling. He kissed his way up my leg and took my balls in his mouth, licking them. He raised my legs up a little and started paying attention to my ass. He massaged my cheeks, kissed them and started applying some pressure on my sphincter. All I could do at this point was to moan his name, losing myself in the sensations he was sending through my body.

He raised his head and asked, "do you trust me?"

"Of course" I answered, I felt one of his fingers caress my crack as he said.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna, I don't wanna fuck you, just trust me ok?"

I didn't really know what he had in mind but I was enjoying this so much that I didn't really care what he would do as long as it still felt good. And it did. I felt his tongue on my hole, licking me in that very private spot and it felt great, so erotic.

"uhmm, that's, uhmmmm"

I shivered and moaned again as I felt his tongue starting to open me up. He kept licking me for a few minutes until he came back up for a kiss. He had me so turned on that I devoured his mouth, not caring where it had been. We were breathing hard, kissing roughly and the passion between us were so high, it was becoming really overwhelming.

Rob squeezed me tightly to him and brought a finger down to my ass, he moved it around a little and pressed it against my hole, I pushed back and his finger popped into my ass. He moved it back and forth a little still holding me tight against him, kissing my whole face passionately. I had one of my legs on top of his and my cock pressed against his stomach. His finger was driving me crazy and my cock ached for release but he was holding me so tight against him, I couldn't grab it to jerk off. The best I could do was to rub it against him, the friction bringing me close when he suddenly found my prostate. I felt myself going over the edge in one second, my body stiffened and I came all over his stomach, moaning in his mouth as I shot in spurt after spurt. Rob released his hold on me as the last few drops finally dribbled from the end of my cock. he laid on his back, grabbed his cock and jerked himself off furiously for about 3 seconds. It didn't take him much longer to mix his cum with my own on his stomach. He obviously needed release as much as I had. That was just so hot to see how turned on he was by my orgasm. I took his cock in my hand, and he moaned sensually at my touch as I squeezed the last drop of cum out of him.

"That was just so fucking hot!" he laughed, still breathing quite heavily.

"Tell me about it!"

Our first sexual experiences together were just awesome. I think the fact that we were so connected emotionally made us connect even more physically.

We were so turned on by each other, it was almost too much. I was still amazed at how close we had become in only a few hours. I wondered what the future held in store for us. Would we always love each other? Would we always be together? Would we be able to keep our affair secret? I had no idea, and I didn't want to worry too much about that yet. I didn't want to think about the future, it felt great to me with him, and I wanted to enjoy it.

A couple of months passed, and soon it was Christmas. Every time Rob and I could find some alone time, (which was almost every night since I slept at his place almost daily), we were all over each other, making out, making love, fucking and starting all over again. Our bodies were great for that, we were never tired of doing it! But we were sure tired at school the next day. We learned so much about sex and about our bodies during those weeks. Well, Rob already seemed to know a lot about sex since he had been asking himself questions about his sexuality for a few months. He had found information about gay sex and only a few days after our first time, he had asked me to make love to him. We went very slow at first, enjoying every single second of it, exploring each other's bodies to the fullest, making sure to make it a pleasurable experience. I loved playing with his ass, rimming him, making him go nuts with desire.

Being inside of him was something else. He was so tight and warm, always willing to take everything I had to give him. He loved getting fucked and I was more than willing to do that for him. His moans of pleasure sounded so good to me. I don't think anyone on this earth could turn me on as much as he did. And after a few minutes of making love, the urge to cum overtook me and I always started fucking him faster, slamming into him as he urged me to fuck him harder, to go deeper so I would hit his prostate.

We always spent ourselves in our passion. It was the best! He was the best! I think I had fallen in love with him as much as he had. We were so much more than fuck buddies, it wasn't about getting off, well sometimes it was but still, we connected on a much deeper level.

I don't think I spent more than three nights at home during those two months. And I must have talked to my father like 2 times. I gotta say, I was very happy with that. I was just living with the Howlett's and it seemed to work out fine. Rob's mum had stopped asking me if I wanted to have dinner with them, she just put an extra plate on the table. I loved this family. They were so good to me and so good to their kids. They did their best so that Rob and his brother will have everything they could wish for in life, security, freedom to express themselves, opportunities, education, everything they didn't have in their own childhoods. And it made me think that if I ever were to have kids, I'd try to give them everything I didn't have. Love mainly. But come to think of it, my lousy childhood was giving me a bunch of ideas for lyrics so at least that was something. I mean after all, weren't the best musicians out there totally fucked up in their head anyway?

I had to spend Christmas eve with my family, which was ok but not my favourite place to be. It was kind of boring, there was no love in this house. And on Christmas day, I went to Rob's in the afternoon. The guys came by as well so we could fully enjoy our gifts together. Jordan parents had bought him a bass. Finally, we had everything we needed to get really started. When he entered Rob's room, he was totally excited "I got it, I got it, it's soooo cool, you should see it, you guys are gonna be so jealous, and the sound is perfect! Man, we have to jam today, it's gonna be awesome!"

We all had gifts related to music, better instruments, scores, tablatures, cds. it was a real good day! So we spent the next two weeks of holidays playing, and playing and playing, learning all the songs from the scores, trying to understand the logic behind it all and doing our best to recreate it ourselves. We had a lot to learn.

1994 was shaping up to be a pretty fun year!


To be continued,

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