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Chapter 3

It was Saturday on the 11th of February 1995. I was sitting in a community hall that Rob's parents had rented for the evening to celebrate our 18th birthday, tuning my guitar to the pitch of the keyboard. We were about to play for our friends and families on a small stage we had set up ourselves in the hall. I hoped the damn thing would survive the trip.

It was going to be our first gig ever and we were dead nervous. We were going to play some cover songs but mainly, we wanted to play our own tunes.

We had made incredible progress during the year, writing a few very good songs and we knew a good number of tunes by heart. We had practiced a lot, hoping it would get somewhere in the end. And the more we rehearsed, the more we felt a connection between the 5 of us when we played. We were having so much fun, we loved it. Oh, don't get me wrong we fought too, especially when one of us got a note wrong in the middle of a song and screwed it up for everyone.

We had decided to call our band U-N-I, we had come up with a bunch of ideas but this one was mine and the guys all agreed it was the best one. It had adouble meaning, and we liked that. In English it meant YOU AND I and in French it meant UNITED, which we were. Our friendship was strong. You know how things change as you grow up. Childhood friends are replaced as your interests change. Well, that never happened to us.

A whole year had passed since Rob and I had started, well, dating. I felt like my life had changed dramatically, and yet, it hadn't so much. I had just fallen in love and it seemed to make everything different. I felt so happy. Rob was making me feel so loved and wanted. He was giving me so much. I had accepted the fact that I was now in love with my best friend, and in a romantic relationship with him, and it was great. I didn't want to start thinking about the future to be honest. For now, I was happy. I just wanted to take it as it comes. I still had a few doubts in the back of my mind, such as, would I always be with him? If our relationship failed, would I wish to continue dating men or would I start dating women? Was Rob really the love of my life? I sure felt like he was, but we were 18, maybe this just wouldn't last.

All I knew was that we loved each other tremendously. It was not infatuation. Our feelings for each other were strong and so it was enough to push all of these doubts aside.

My relationship with my mother had improved a little. I could tell she was trying to show me with little things that she cared about me. I think she felt really hurt and sad by the fact that I was so reluctant to spend time at home. If I had a problem, I usually talked to Jane about it (Rob's mother) before I told anything to my mother. Jane was just much more open and understanding.

My dad on the other hand was completely ignoring me when I was at home, which was just as well. Rob's parents had threatened him to call the police a few times, telling me that they had pictures of my bruises and that they could prove he had beaten me. He probably got scared and decided I was not worth going to jail for but he still didn't miss an opportunity to bring me down, calling me names or telling me I was a useless, stupid kid who would never amount to much. I just tried not to listen. My older brother was doing the same thing, he had learned from the master and my sister was just, well a 15 year old girl, you get the picture.

"How is it going?" Dylan asked me as he walked up to me.

"Good. are you nervous?" I asked him, feeling a pit in my stomach, knowing I was probably not the only one to feel this way.

"Don't even ask" he said nervously "Have you seen Rob? He's going frantic. He doesn't know what to do with himself"


"yeah, I'm telling you. Looks like he's just about to give up and go home. And he didn't even have anything to drink yet." he said with a laugh.

"maybe that's what he needs," I laughed

"You should go talk to him, he's not listening to any of us. If you can't calm him down, I wonder who can."

Oh oh, what did that mean? Why did he think I would be better at calming him down than they had been...oh he didn't think anything by it, I was probably just paranoid. The thing was, Rob and I had managed to keep our relationship secret from everyone so far. We didn't feel like we were deprived of quality time together from having to hide because we still spent most of our nights sleeping in the same bed. I rarely went home. So at night, between the 4 walls of the room, we released all of the frustrations we had to endure during the day, not being able to touch, kiss or hug.

Dylan told me that Rob was outside with Damon so I headed out the door. As soon as Damon saw me, he stood up and walked over to me. Giving me a pat on the shoulder, he whispered "good luck with him"

I sat down next to Rob, putting my hand on his shoulder and rubbing it gently to calm him down a little and he looked at me, taking a deep breath.

He did look very nervous, as if he was about to throw up any moment now.

"Well you look good baby." I said, clearly joking, hoping it would lighten up his mood.

It didn't seem to work though and he continued looking at me with the same nervous expression on his face "I don't know if I can do this" he told me "the wait is killing me. I think I lost my voice, and I don't remember the lyrics, I swear, I forgot everything. I can't sing. You should sing." he said almost panicking

"Hey, calm down. We've been waiting for this remember? we want to do it and we're prepared. This is gonna be fun. you'll remember the lyrics as soon as you'll hear the music."

"I don't think I will, I really think I've forgotten everything."

"No, you haven't. You're gonna be fine. I'm not going to sing, it's your job and you do that so much better than me. Come on, just breathe and relax, I've never seen you like this. I know you have confidence in here somewhere, go get it." I said touching his chest.

"I don't know, I'm trying to calm myself down, I really am, but I can't help it. I'm a nervous wreck right now."

"Yeah, I see that. Look, try not to think about tonight for now. It's your birthday, just enjoy it. We're not gonna do anything different from what we do in the garage. It's really no big deal ok. It's just about having fun."

"I know, I know, I keep telling myself that but it doesn't work."

He looked at me, staring and I stared back looking into his gorgeous green eyes "you know what would make me feel better?" he smiled

I laughed "yeah I think I do but not here, we'll have plenty of time for that tonight. Trust me. Come on, let's go back in and rehearse, the stage is ready. We finished setting up the equipment. It will make you feel more confident if you rehearse. I know you can do this."

"Oh come on, why are you doing this to me? You know what? If you cancel everything right now, I will owe you so much, I'll let you do anything you want with me," he giggled as I pulled his arm and he reluctantly got up.

"I can already do anything I want with you." I joked.

We got back inside but the guys were busy doing other stuff so I sat Rob down on a sofa in the corner, and made him listen to the Beatles blue "best of" collection. That ought to calm him down. He closed his eyes and listened, smiling. To me, listening to records like the ones by the Beatles were like an overwhelming, quasi-religious experience. No kidding, they were the kind of albums who took you somewhere else. The kind of records that could change your body temperature as you listened to them, and no matter how many times you listened to them, it still had the same effect on you, the same strength. And I wished that one day, U-N-I would give birth to such an album.


Finally, around 8pm, the party started, and I couldn't believe how many people were showing up. By 9, there were probably 400 people crowded in the community hall and outside. Were we Rock stars or what?

We talked with everyone, dancing to the music, having fun, eating snacks, opening presents. At some point I looked at Rob. He was surrounded by girls, he was joking around, breaking the ice, feeling the room with his new-found energy. I was glad to see that his nervous breakdown earlier in the day was over. he looked overly confident again, back to his normal-self. I was sure he would sing great.

By midnight, people were urging us to start playing. We got up on stage and were received by a loud cheer. I think we did a sound check but we were all so nervous that the whole get-ready-to start-playing part happened in a haze.

All the girls were crowded close to the stage, screaming and clapping, "Yeahhhh, go on, play!" as if they were waiting for some boy band to perform. (Yeah because the 90s in Ireland were the era of boy bands, they were everywhere. but we were determined not to be labeled a boy band though, No we wanted to be labeled a Rock band like Radiohead or Nirvana. and to compete with Blur, or Oasis. Yeah, in my dreams! )

So we played! We started with Satisfaction by the Stones and as soon as the first notes escaped my electric guitar, a rush of adrenaline shot through my body. The excitement of actually performing in front of an audience was dizzying for the 5 of us.

We played long and we played hard, giving out everything we had. We were having the best time, it was so awesome. We were loving it!

Rob was delivering a pretty damn good performance, I must add. His voice sounded really good and he was in tune. His charisma was drawing everyone's attention towards him. He talked, he joked, he sang, clearly having the time of his life. The girls were watching him, smiling, singing along with him, and screaming once in a while, completely in awe. It's too bad we weren't straight because we could have taken a few of them to bed that night.

We played 8 of the songs we had written, the best ones. Our almost daily jamming sessions had helped us find our sound. U-N-Is music was a mix between melodic ballads and melodic Rock songs. I played electric guitar. I wanted to bring something new to our songs. A riff, a sound that people would identify with us. I wanted us to be different from other bands. I loved playing, and I don't mean to brag, but I was damn good and when I had a guitar in my hands, the whole world could stop, I didn't care. I loved it so much, it was my escape. I could spend hours playing without even realizing it.

Rob and I had written a few lyrics, meaningful and optimistic, but our songs were still a little hesitant, not quite finished. it would come later. And sooner than we thought.

By 3 am, we were starting to run out of good songs to play to keep our guests entertained and we had only taken one break during which everyone had congratulated us, telling us that we sounded very good and that they were having a great time. It was nice of them, I hoped it was true. We were doing our best anyway. We finished the night by playing American pie by Don Mclean, having everyone sing along with Rob every time the chorus came back, it didn't seem like we wanted the song to end. We re-sang the chorus over and over to make it last longer.

Bye, bye Miss American Pie

drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry

and then good ol' boys were drinkin whiskey and rye

singin' this will be the day that I die

this will be the day that I die...

I think for all of us, it became obvious that night, if we weren't sure, that Rob should be the singer. He was definitely the personality, the showman, consequently, the singer. There was no more doubt about that. He had been so awesome. There was something special in the way he had performed, in the way he had communicated with the audience. He was a born entertainer, I think!

We stopped playing and started talking with everyone, drinking, having fun for another hour, flirting with girls, well especially the guys. Rob and I were trying to keep our distance but it was not easy. Rob kept looking at me, with a look that said, "My god, help me! get me out of here!" but there was nothing I could do for him.

Our male friends were very proud of us, asking us to do this again soon. By 4, most of them started leaving and we all started cleaning up a little.

"Jesus, guys," Jordan said, "this was so great, I wish we were still playing." He said as he put his bass back in its case.

"I know, I totally loved it, man, this was so much fun." Dylan said enthusiastically.

"Hey Rob," Jordan said, "I didn't know you had this in you."

"Neither did I," he laughed, "I don't know what happened there, it was like I was another person or something, it was surreal."

"You were awesome, they all loved you." I told him with a smile.

We continued talking, re-living everything, the screaming girls, the mistakes we had made, the stuff that had sounded really good, how it had made us feel. We were still completely euphoric.

"Guys, you were so great," Rachel said almost screaming as she rushed over to us, "everyone loved it."

"We know," Damon laughed, "we rock!" he said happily.

"Hey Rob," she giggled "all my friends fell in love with you. They all want me to set you up with them," she said and Rob laughed nervously, looking at me. It was becoming harder and harder to stay away from girls. I was starting to worry. We had managed to not have girlfriends during the past year but I knew it would soon arise suspicion among our friends if we didn't stop avoiding girls like the plague.


Around 5.30 am, we all went home. As soon as Rob and I entered his room, we collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. It had truly been an awesome night, but it had completely drained us of our energy. We stripped naked and decided to take a quick shower together because we had been sweating so much all night.

We washed and massaged each other's bodies to get rid of the tension of the night and stayed in the shower for a long time. We started running out of hot water so we got out, dried ourselves and got into bed. I locked my arms on each side of Rob and hugged him tight against me.

"That was an awesome night," he said, "I had the best time. I think God showed me the way tonight." He giggled, such a cute giggle.

"I didn't know God liked Rock'n'roll." I laughed giving a kiss on the lips.

"Man, it was great. -You- were great. My god, you were on fire. I'm so proud of you baby."

"I -was- great, wasn't I?" he laughed.

I nodded smiling, "you were amazing, you looked so hot when you were singing."

"Yeah?" he laughed, "well apparently, all the girls thought so too so watch out, you've got competition."

"Have I?" I asked, knowing that girls really didn't do a thing for him.

"No" he chuckled, making a face.

"I didn't think so," I laughed, "man, I can't wait to do it again, my hands are killing me from playing so much but I don't even care, it was so worth it ... Oh and Happy birthday, hon." I added and smiled

"Thank you, you too." My birthday was only two weeks before his.

We stared into each other's eyes silently, trying to make our eyes say I love you. He caressed the side of my face and told me very seriously, "I love you so much. You know, I don't think I would have been able to go through with it tonight if it hadn't been for you. You give me so much strength. You make me want to be the best I can possibly be" he stopped and gathered his thoughts for a second. I just watched him.

"I'm different when you're not around. Like I'm not really complete, something's missing. but when you're with me, I feel like I can do anything."

I smiled "I know what you mean. I love you too." There was no need to say anything else, I crushed my lips against his and he responded by opening his mouth to let me suck on his tongue.

At that instant, I completely forgot that I was tired as I felt a fire lit up inside me, I was all over him, kissing him with an overwhelming urgency he reciprocated. In the past year, I had found myself wanting to rip his clothes off and take him wherever we were, well, pretty much every 2 minutes.

We kissed deeply and passionately, until I decided it was time to take it further. I licked down his body, covering him with kisses, hearing him moan quietly to make sure we wouldn't wake his parents. Reaching his cock, I took him in my mouth, deep throating him a few times. Our cocks had grown in one year so it was becoming harder to take him completely down my throat but deepthroating each other was something that really turned us on. Rob was really good at it. I had stopped counting how many times he had made me cum just blowing me.

I asked him to turn around and lie on his stomach. I kissed the back of his neck and started massaging his strong back like I had done in the shower. He moaned quietly as I rubbed his shoulders for a few minutes.

"Mark, it feels so good, I love your hands." I lowered myself down and kissed the side of his face, my hands moving down to his ass. I massaged his cheeks "and I love your ass" I whispered sensuously.

I spread his cheeks and ran a finger up and down his crack. I kissed my way down his back and as soon as I reached his ass, I immediately started rimming him, teasing his hole with my tongue at first, only licking him very softly up and down until I heard him whimper with desire. I pressed my tongue against his tight hole and gently applied pressure to open him up. He groaned loudly as he felt my tongue push its way into him and I had to stop to remind him to stay quiet.

"How can I be quiet when you're teasing me like this?"

I giggled and reached for the bottle of lube under the bed.

"Oh yeah that's it, come on, fuck me baby, give me my present." I just watched him, lying on his stomach, his sweet ass in full view, inviting me but I knew that I was not gonna have that tonight. I had other plans.

"Come on, Mark," he moaned in anticipation, "hurry up, I'm all ready here, give it to me."

"Hey I don't take orders," I laughed, wondering if maybe I should just fuck him tonight and delay my plan a little more. But no, it had been too long already and I wanted it.

I asked him to turn him around again so he was lying on his back and I lay on top of him. Our cocks rubbed up against each other, making us moan and I licked his lips lightly as I told him.

"I was thinking I could give you something else for your birthday."

"really? and what would that be?" he asked, sounding like he really didn't want anything else but a good fuck.

"Well maybe you could do me tonight." I said, running my thumb against his lips.

Since we had started making love over a year ago, I had never bottomed. Rob had never fucked me. I guess I was a little afraid to let him do it. He had played with my ass, massaged my prostate hundreds of time, giving me as much pleasure as he could but he had never taken it further, never even asked if he could fuck me and I didn't really offer. I guess I had a serious issue with pain, due to my childhood, which was a bit stupid because I could see how much Rob enjoyed getting fucked. He was always willing to let me do him.

We had a routine now, I was top, he was bottom. We liked it this way. I never let him unsatisfied though. I always made sure he came as hard as he possibly could, spending him, fucking him hard, gently, fast, lovingly, slowly, however he wanted it, making love to him in every possible way. I knew his body so well and he was always asking for more.

But lately, I had started wondering how it would feel to have him in me. I loved him. I knew that now. It was not a question of being straight or gay, and to be honest, I thought I was probably more bi than gay but I just loved -him-, so damn much, and I wanted everything he had to give. I wanted to share everything with him, to melt into him, to give myself to him as much as I could. I wanted to feel his length slide in and out of me, filling me up with his love. I had tried to tell him a few times but it seemed like it was never the right time. Every time we had sex, if I didn't act first, he did. He'd lubed up my cock, he'd get his hole ready and I'd enter him.

Tonight was no different, he wanted me to fuck him, but I was not gonna back down this time. I really wanted to go through with this and I wanted him to feel what I felt when I fucked him.

He propped himself up on his elbows, looking at me in surprise. "Really? you want to? like now?"

"Yeah, I've been thinking about this for a while, I'm sorry I didn't offer before, it was stupid. I wanted to but I don't know ..." he stopped me.

"Hey it's ok, I'm not complaining, I love it when you fuck me. Are you really sure?" he asked, holding my face in his hands.

"Yeah I want to do it. I want to feel you in me, I've been delaying it long enough, don't you wanna know how it's like to be in me? cuz I gotta tell you, it feels damn good."

"Hehe yeah, I figured."

He kissed me deeply, turning me over so I was lying on my back and he was on top of me.

"It won't hurt, you'll see, I won't hurt you, you're gonna love it."

He kissed me deeply and squeezed lube onto his hand, bringing it to my hole. He so gently but firmly slid a finger into me, opening me so slowly, and I sighed with delight. Then he pushed a second finger in and a third one. I felt no pain as he started moving them around, withdrawing them a little and pushing back in. I felt like if he kept this up much longer, I was gonna burst and I realized that it must be incredibly hard for him. I knew for sure that he was just as sexually excited as I was, and here he was, preparing me, making sure I was not gonna get hurt, but probably needing to get off so badly.

"I'm ready Rob, do it," I said running my fingers through his hair, feeling my heart beat rapidly in my chest.

He lubed up his throbbing erection, raised my knees and brought his cock to my hole. He looked at me and raised his eyebrow in a question to make sure I was ready and I nodded. I felt the familiar pop I felt when I fucked him as he pushed the head of his cock into me. I gasped and he stopped for a second, letting me get used to him and I nodded again, feeling very little pain. He pushed again and his cock began sliding into me so slowly, opening me up an it felt exquisite. I sighed and remembered to breathe when I felt his pubes on my ass.

Finally having him in me felt weird and lovely at the same time. It was a little uncomfortable but not really painful. He didn't move and I started to really get used to him, enjoying the feeling more and more. He smiled and leaned down to kiss my lips. I wrapped my arms around him, holding him tight and caressing his back as I slipped my tongue into his mouth. We kissed lovingly and still he didn't move. I couldn't believe him, he was so gentle, so caring.

How did he manage to control himself? He kissed my ear and whispered the answer, "I love you so much."

Still kissing me, he started gently withdrawing a few inches of his cock and pushed back in, moaning and moving around a bit. His cock scraped my prostate and I groaned loudly, seeing him smile, happy he had found the spot. He started a rhythm and I shuddered almost violently when his cock poked against my prostate again. The sensation was so intense, it was outrageous, and I knew that the reason why it felt so incredible was because it was Rob's cock inside me, because he was making love to me. I knew it would not have felt this good with someone else. I loved him so much. It felt so amazing to give myself to him completely like this.

He scrapped my prostate again and the same incredible sensation overwhelmed me. "Oh yeah," I moaned, pulling him into me, feeling my cock swell and ooze precum like crazy.

"You like that baby?"

I moaned, "mhm yeah, feels so amazing."

He smiled and giggled, "that's how you've made me feel every time."

I let out a deep moan and he continued slowly thrusting in and out of me.

"Ugh, ooh, why didn't you tell me it would feel so good," I said, hardly believing how wonderful it felt.

"I did tell you," he giggled and moaned. "Oh Mark, you feel so good, my God, you're so tight, you're incredible." We laughed slightly, genuinely happy. He was loving it and I felt bad about denying him that pleasure before. He moaned again before kissing me full on the lips. His tongue played with mine and when he broke the kiss, his lips moved down to my neck, making me shiver, and then back up to nibble at my earlobe.

"Are you ready for more?" he whispered lovingly.

I smiled and nodded, "yes, I love you, make love to me."

He withdrew his cock almost completely and pushed back in a bit faster and I shuddered violently again. My God, this felt so fucking good. He speeded up his pace, kissing me deeply as I held him tight against my body to increase the pleasure. I wanted to feel him against me as much as I could.

His rhythm picked up and after a few minutes, just as I did when I fucked him, he began to lose control. he was still gentle but there was an insistence in his thrusts now. He grabbed my legs, placing his hands under my knees and pistoned in and out of me, losing himself in the love making as his orgasm started to build up. His cock was assaulting my prostate mercilessly and I knew I was going to cum before him. He closed his eyes, smiled and thrusted deeper and harder into me.

I felt my balls tightening and I quickly brought my hand down to my crotch. I tensed and quivered as the cum shot out of my cock, across my chest, onto my chin, my chest and my stomach. I was trying to stay as quiet as possible but when I felt a second wave of pleasure wash over me, I cried out in ecstasy. This was like one the best orgasm I had ever had.

My asshole tightened as I came, grabbing Rob's cock and he groaned with a look of pure bliss on his face, "oh baby, you make me feel so good."

He leaned down, shoved his tongue down my throat, took a couple a firm strokes in and out and pushed his hard cock into me. He was embedded deeply inside me and I actually felt it, "oh Rob, I can feel it throbbing."

His mouth left mine and he panted into my neck, "ooh baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum in you."

He pulled out, then pounded deep into me one last time and his body shook hard as he began dumping his load into me. A groan of pure pleasure rumble out of his throat and I pulled him into me as he continued cumming. His orgasm was long and powerful and when he was done, I felt his body tremble as he collapsed on top of me, thoroughly exhausted. it had been a very very long night. It was after 7am. He stayed like this, lying on top of me for a few seconds, his cock shrank and he gently pulled out of me, which made me wish he would push it back into me.

He rolled onto his back, smiling, and I found myself hoping that no one had heard any of that.

I cleaned my chest as best as I could and cuddled up to him. We kissed and caressed each other for a few minutes, it was perfect.

"I love you." I said, closing my eyes.

"I love you too," he answered squeezing me even closer to him.

"God, If I had known it would make me feel like this, we would have done this before." I told him

"You could put the world to rights with Ifs, I think everything is perfect right now, I wouldn't change a thing, it's just perfect, you are perfect."

"So are you! Why didn't you ever ask though?"

He thought about it and said, "I wasn't sure you wanted me to.... And I didn't want to make you do something you were not comfortable with."

I ran my fingers up and down his arm, "I'm sorry I denied you the pleasure though."

"No you didn't. I just want to be with you Mark, As long as we can make love, I don't care how we do it...but still, whenever you wanna do it that way again, it's fine by me! God that was good" he laughed.

We made out some more and fell asleep holding each other.


When we stepped into school the next Monday, we had become the most popular guys in school. Everyone wanted to talk to us, asking us when we'd play again because some of them had missed it on Saturday but they had heard it had been an awesome night! Some girls even asked for our autographs, giggling. It was surreal. It lasted a couple of days but after that, everything came back to normal at school, expect that we were indeed much more popular.

We started recording our songs on tape to send them to record companies in Dublin and see what would happen. After all, if our friends had loved it, there was maybe a slight chance that professionals would like it too and give us a chance. So we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

A month later, on the last day of school before Easter, we organized another gig in the gymnasium at school this time because everyone was asking for it, even a couple of our teachers were curious to hear us play. The gig went incredibly well, even better than the one for our birthdays. We performed for 2 hours, spending ourselves on stage, giving everything we had, having the time of our lives once again. Rob was again very confident once on stage (not before) and well, it was just an awesome day. We couldn't get enough of the rush and pleasure that playing live gave us. I prayed every night, hoping that one day, we'd make a living out of this.


Life went on, the holidays were over. It was 1AM on a Friday night in April and I was resting my head on Rob's shoulder, lying on his bed. We had just finished making long, slow love. Rob had been so gentle, he caressed my body for an hour, touching, sucking and kissing me so soflty, making love to my body. I was rock hard the whole time, enjoying his touch but feeling at the same time like I would just die if he didn't finish the job soon. At some point, I just couldn't stand it anymore, he had me ready to cum barely touching me but I needed to feel him, I was dying to feel him.

"Take me Rob, please, I need to feel you in me, this feels great but I want more, take me."

He lubed up his cock quickly, hearing the urgency in my voice and entered me just as slowly as he had been doing everything else so far.

"Oh, yeah baby, that's it" I groaned as I felt his hard cock sliding inside me.

"That's what I needed, fill me up. Ugghh."

God I couldn't believe I had been missing out on this for an entire year, how stupid was I?

"Oh Mark, I love being in you" he moaned. His thrusts were slow but firm, and I could feel his cock scraping my prostate every now and then, making me whimper, and hold him tighter against me so I could bury my head in the crook of his neck and smell his scent. After a few minutes of this, I just couldn't take it anymore, I had been holding back for so long, the sounds of his moans, the feel of his cock deep inside me, and his body rubbing against mine as he thrust in and out of me, I just had to cum.

"Baby, jerk me off, please, god I need to cum, I'm so close, you're driving me crazy, please, I can't, ugh" I moaned with urgency.

He quickly brought his hand between our stomachs and squeezed my cock so tightly that he didn't even have to stroke it. I came all over his hand, groaning in ecstasy, and as my asshole tightened around his pole he gasped, took one last good thrust in and out, buried his head in my neck and filled me up with his juice.

"Ughh I love you, I, ohh yeah" I felt his body shudder under my touch as he finished emptying his balls into me. God, at that instant, I felt so much love, it was amazing. I wish this moment would have lasted forever. He and I, at the moment of orgasm, forever. I couldn't get enough of that feeling. Every time with him was better and better. That and being on stage!

So here we were, completely relaxed in our post-orgasmic state when I remembered something,

"Rob, did Jordan talk to you lately? Did he ask you weird questions?" I asked, drawing circles around his small, perfectly shaped nipple.

"No, why?"

"Well, I'm not sure, but I had the weirdest conversation with him today, like he was trying to make me say something. And it's not the first time it happens either. You sure he didn't say anything to you?"

"No, he didn't, but you're a lot closer to him than I am." That was true, Jordan was my best friend, well no, Rob was but now, Rob had become my boyfriend, my lover. He was so much more than a friend.

"What did he tell you?"

"He was wondering why I wasn't dating anyone because a lot of girls were interested in me. I had no idea what to tell him so I just answered that there was no girl I wanted to date right now. I tried to make it sound like I thought girls were a pain in the ass and that I'd rather play music instead of dating but he didn't believe me. He told me that he thought I was in love with someone."

"Shit! what do you think he meant by that?"

"I think he meant that he thinks I'm in love with someone." I said with a laugh and Rob rolled his eyes.

"No seriously, it was weird, I think he might know, or if he doesn't he suspects it and he's trying to find out what's going on."

"So what are we supposed to do now? Start date girls again, so that no one will suspect?"

"Maybe" I laughed, seeing the look of pure horror on his face at the thought of that.

"God, I don't want to do that. That would be really unfair to her, and it would be like torture for me."

"Oh come on. What would be so terrible about that? Girls are not monsters you know, you might find one you fancy"

"No Mark. I know you don't understand that, but they don't do anything for me. I really don't want to date a girl, no way, and fuck one? I couldn't even get hard. Plus, I just don't see why I would want to spend hours with some girl I don't even care about when I could be spending them with my boyfriend who I love."

"Oh, aren't you sweet," I told him with a smile, "it's just, we're 18, we're supposed to date. If we don't, people are gonna start asking questions just like Jordan. Remember the other day when we went to the movie and your mum asked you if we were meeting girls over there. That's bound to happen again. At least, if we have a girlfriend, they would stop."

He sighed, "Look, you do whatever you want, but I'm not gonna date anyone but, wait, I didn't mean that. You don't do whatever you want! If I have to see you with a girl everyday, oh God, no way, no, forget it ok, just forget it."

"You know, I like it when you're jealous," I giggled. "So we're back where we started, what are we gonna do?"

Rob was silent for a few seconds, thinking,

"what about we tell them?"

"Tell who?"

"Tell the guys and Rach, just get it over with. We're gonna have to at some point anyway."

"Oh God, I don't know about that Rob. It could go wrong."

"Well, we won't know that until we tell them. It would be so much easier if they knew. We're spending so much time with them, they're our best friends. I think they should know. And if we tell them, we won't have to snick around and hide anymore. We can be ourselves most of the time. School is another problem, but we'll be out of school in a couple of months, we don't care, but the guys, I think they should know. I feel like I always have to hold back when we're with them. Sometimes, I want to give you a hug or a kiss or take your hand, but I can't and it pisses me off. That's not fair that we have to hide. I want them to know how much I love you. If I was dating a girl, I'd be telling them, like they do with their girlfriends, I wouldn't have to hide. I love you and I can't tell anyone, I hate that, I want to tell, especially my best friends. Plus they'd finally stop teasing us about girls."

I had stopped listening to him. My mind was racing. I didn't know if I wanted to tell the guys. No that's not it. I did, Rob was right, it would make it easier for us, but I was scared. I didn't want to lose their friendship. It was too important to me. Those guys, they were like my family, they replaced mine. They were like brothers.

"What if they react badly and we lose them? what if they gang up on us?"

"Mark, I really don't think they will. I can't even imagine that. They might be surprised or not quite approve but we're too good friends. I can't really imagine them hating us."

"It might change everything between us. I don't wanna risk losing them."

"Look, if they're really our friends, then this shouldn't bother them. If they hate us for an emotion we cannot control or because we're in love, then maybe they're not good enough friends, but I'm pretty sure they'll be ok with it. And as I said before, we'll have to tell them eventually, we can't hide forever from them. Look, Jordan is suspecting already."

"Already? It's been over a year."

"Yeah, well, what's a year compared to a life time?"

I looked at him with a sly smile on my face, "you wanna spend your life with me?"

"I, oh come on, stop making me say corny stuff." He laughed, placing his hand on my shoulder and pushing me a little.

"Ok, so we're telling them then?" I asked

"Looks like it. It will go well, you'll see." Rob answered with confidence.


To be continued,

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