The story below is a work of fiction. It is love story and will involve sex between young gay males.  All the usual rules apply. 
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Chapter 5

The following Saturday, Rob and I decided to go to Dublin together to walk around town and spend some money in, guess where? Music stores? Yeah, you got it right! we were also curious to locate the building where the appointment was going to take place and when we did we stared at it for 10 minutes. I didn't know what we were looking at but we couldn't really bring ourselves to leave. Unfortunately, we couldn't go in, it was closed.

By 7 pm, all the shops started closing but we didn't want to go home. We decided to stay and celebrate the fact that maybe, we were going to become rich and famous! Oh What the hell, we were going to become rich and famous! I didn't even want to think that it might not work out that way. Dream away!

We had some dinner, had a few drinks in Temple bar and around 11pm, started our search to find a nice gay club. By the third try, we found one we liked, and we started dancing, enjoying what I thought might become a major part of our future life style! Dream Away some more!

We danced, drank, danced and drank. At some point, we were sitting down really close to each other in the club, watching people dance and rob leaned towards me and said,

"Check out that guy with the red shirt, man he's so hot."

"Who do you think you're talking to?" I joked but agreed nonetheless.

He started showing me all the guys he thought were cute and I started to realize we had slightly different taste in men. I was going for guys older than me, who looked a little more masculine, with strong shoulders and arms, a little hair on their chest, handsome and built but not too much (probably because I felt that they could protect me. All the guys I liked were slightly bigger than me, well like Rob was) and Rob liked, well guys who looked more like me, which made sense. He was very picky and there really weren't that many guys he really fancied, which made me feel confident about myself again. He liked guys who you could see had hard, smooth and well-defined bodies but not overly built, just really cute guys. And I gotta admit, he picked a couple of guys who were really really adorable, like you can't-stop-staring-at-their faces kind of adorable! I still found it hard to believe that that was how he felt about me. I mean I know I was cute but the way he looked at me sometimes, staring, I found myself wishing I could see what he saw in me.

When the DJ started playing a selection of RnB tunes. We immediately got up and entered the crowded dance floor, excited by the entertaining sound of a tune we loved and started dancing closer to each other, grinding our bodies together and enjoying dancing with one another without having to restrain ourselves. There were so many people around us that it made it easy to press our bodies together, but I was still trying to resist the urge to grab his face and slip my tongue in his mouth when Rob brought his face closer to mine and pressed his cheek against mine, saying in my ear, "I want you so bad right now, you look so hot."

Fuck, that was definitely hard to resist, he wasn't helping.

We had been drinking way too much. I felt dizzy and I knew I was not really thinking straight. After a few minutes, the dancing, the people around and the alcohol in my system started to make me feel really hot and sweaty and I decided to get out of the dance floor. Rob followed me, holding my arm and laughing and we both went to the restroom to pee and take a break. It was full and there was a queue so we decided to go to another one we had seen before on the lower floor. We relieved ourselves but I was done before Rob so I took a look around, my eyes stopping almost immediately on the condom vending machine, making my cock expand a little in my pants.

"Oh man Rob, there's no one in here, let's do it here. Look at that." I pointed at the condoms. "Let's get some?"

"What? you wanna have sex in here?" he asked surprised, "what if someone comes in?"

"So what? It's a gay club. And they won't see us. We just have to be quiet. Come on, it'll be fun. Give me a pound!"

"Oh, and I have to pay for it?" he asked, sounding very chocked, but clearly faking it.

"Yeah” I laughed “that's how much I cost. You might wanna take advantage of that very affordable price now because it'll be much more expensive when I'm a huge star," I kidded, giving him a little slap on the ass.

"We don't need to use that, it doesn't feel the same!"

"Oh I think we do! look they're already lubricated and that's a good way to stay clean, it's not exactly like we can take a shower around here. Come on, you've been all over me all night, I know you want it;" I teased, grabbing his cock through his pants he still looked a little hesitant, maybe not as drunk as I was, but what I felt in my hand showed me that the idea excited him too. He looked at me and said "oh, fuck it." He searched his pockets hastily and handed me a pound and I got the condoms.

We urgently entered one of the stalls locking the door behind us, giggling. I backed Rob up against the wall and kissed him roughly, feeling extremely excited by the surrounding.

"I'm gonna fuck you, I'm gonna fuck you so hard!" I said, my tongue darting past his lips, pushing its way inside and unzipping his pants, "do you want it? tell me you want it."

"Yes!" he managed to mumble in my mouth.

I pushed his pants and briefs down, as well as mine, and kneeled down, taking his cock in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down his length a few times, sucking him urgently before standing up again to shove my tongue in his mouth. He responded by kissing me hungrily and after a few minutes of grinding and kissing, I turned him around. He pressed one of his hands on the wall and bent over a little, stroking his cock and moaning at his own touch, which made my cock jump for attention.

I rolled a condom on my throbbing penis and as I looked down at his cute ass, the head of my cock almost touching his man hole, I felt like all I wanted to do was to jam my cock deep inside him in one quick thrust. I was so turned on but I knew I had to get him ready. I brought my fingers to his mouth.

"Suck on them."

He soaked them with his saliva and I brought my hand to his entrance and opened him up with two fingers. I slid them in and out, feeling him relax.

"Oh man this is so hot," he sighed.

"It sure is" I said feeling the warmth of his insides around my fingers.

Once I was sure he would accept me easily, I aimed my cock at his hole and buried myself into him. He yelped but the sound coming out of him sounded more like pure pleasure than pure pain. He turned his head a little and smiled, and I leaned over to kiss his lips lovingly. We stopped kissing but our lips were still millimeters apart and I could feel his breath on my lips as he said,

"Ohhh you feel so good, I feel so full... yeah, fuck me baby, fuck me hard!" the condom apparently not bothering him so much.

He then pressed his arms on the wall, resting his face on one of them and started almost biting his lower arm as I quickly began to fuck him, obeying him. I slid both my hands under his shirt and caressed his upper chest, feeling the sweat on his body while my eyes were fixed on my cock sliding in and out of his tight hole, turning me on even more.

"Put your hand on my cock Mark, God I'm so hard it almost hurts." he whispered.

I did, giving it a few firm squeezes which made him whimper and push himself harder against my cock, making all sorts of noises, that let me know he was really loving this.

Our rhythm increased and I wasn't sure I would be able to keep it up very long. I pressed his body firmly against mine holding his taut chest and masturbating him and started withdrawing my cock just a little before pushing all the way back in again, my thrusts were small but quick and I knew I was hitting his prostate with each thrust. Rob was practically whining as I did this and I just loved listening to every sounds that came out of him, he was just so damn sexy. I started kissing and nibbling at his earlobe and his neck, making him shiver a little and I think he must have temporarily left his body when he finally reached the point of no return. I felt him go weak and I had to hold him tight as his knees buckled and I felt hot sperm pour over my hand. I had almost forgotten to cum myself, amused at how he was losing control of himself and quite proud that I was doing this to him (or maybe the alcohol), but my balls quickly reminded me they had to empty themselves. I withdrew my cock completely from him and push back in a few times, increasing the pace with which I fucked him while he was still trying to come back to reality and unloaded hard inside the condom, almost biting his shirt to stifle my moans a little as I enjoyed the incredible feeling of release.

We stayed there, not moving for a while, smiling and I continued caressing his chest under his shirt. I just loved how tight and smooth he felt. Once our breathing had calmed down, I gently pulled out of him and threw the condom into the toilet. We cleaned ourselves a little and listened carefully if we could hear anyone talking in the restroom, feeling very naughty. I slowly opened the door but saw no one. I had absolutely no idea if someone had come in while we were doing it, but if they had we probably wouldn't have noticed. Oh what the hell, this was Dublin, we didn't know anyone here.

We started washing our hands and I said laughing,

"You know, I think that was pretty slutty," but not thinking it was necessarily a bad thing, "maybe we should try making love again soon or we're gonna become fuck buddies before we even know it." I told him

"I'm afraid it's too late already. But I don't care. That was just so good, you're the best... Man, I'm so wasted, I'm gonna have the worst headache of my life tomorrow," he complained

"Come on let's get out of here."

We left the toilets and walked our way back to the dance floor.

"Do you want to go dancing again" I asked even if I didn't really want to.

"No, let's go, I don't have the energy anymore, I wish we were already in bed, I could just hold you and fall asleep" he said kissing my cheek.

We went home, spending way too much money on the cab, but we had been spending so much money anyway, it didn't feel like it mattered anymore. I'm sure we were gonna regret that. But it sure had been a fun day!

The next day however was spent throwing up, taking aspirins, watching TV, and basically trying to recover!


Around 5PM, the door bell rang. It was Rachel. We heard Rob's mother tell her that we were upstairs and she came up. I was lying on the bed and Rob was on the computer when she came into the room.

"Hey guys" she said shyly.

"Hi" I answered feeling a bit uncomfortable, knowing she probably wasn't here to hang out considering how she had reacted to the news a few days ago.

"Uhm Rob, do you mind..."

"Yeah ok," he answered, quickly and left the room, closing the door.

'Coward' I smiled to myself, it sure didn't take him long to get out of there.

Man, I was feeling like shit today, I wasn't sure I wanted to engage myself in a deep, meaningful conversation about being gay, or a fight, or whatever it was that she wanted to talk about but I was glad that she was here, the expression on her face giving a good indication that she wanted to work things out.

She came and sat on the bed next to me.

"I'm glad you're here," I told her. She looked at me and smiled.

"I can't really stay mad at you very long. I thought a lot about what you said the other day and I spent all day with Jordan yesterday and he helped me realize some stuff."

I don't know what he told her but I was gonna have to thank him for that.

"What kind of stuff?" she was silent and I talked again.

"You know, I think you're amazing Rach, I really do. If I didn't, I wouldn't spend so much time with you. But I don't really think of you as a possible girlfriend. I love the way things are between us right now and I don't want anything to change."

"I don't want anything to change either. Well, that's not totally true. I think I'm curious to see what it would be like if we were dating, but I guess I'll never know, and it's ok, really, it is. It's just, I feel so at ease with you, so much more than with any other guys, you understand me, you're fun to hang out with and it was just so easy to fall in love with you. But now that I know it's not gonna happen, I... Look can we just go back to being friends and forget about this".

"I'd love that. But are you ok with me and Rob? I don't want to hurt you, and I guess you probably feel like Rob stole me away from you or something but it's not that. I mean... I am attracted to some girls but I don't think I could date you, you know? I just don't feel that way about you. I really think of you as a friend ... and you probably don't like hearing this very much but I am so in love with Rob. He's really important to me."

"Yeah, I understand, it's fine. I know how much he means to you. You've always be very close so I guess that since you're gay, it makes sense that you want to be together. He's lucky."

"So am I... So? Are we ok?"

"Yeah, we're more than ok," she said and hugged me.

"Cool... and you know what? Now, you can even talk to me about guys." I laughed.

He smiled. "So tell me? what made it be ok to fall in love with Rob but not me? I mean, I know you already said you love me as a friend, but I'm sure you felt the same way for Rob." Why was everyone asking me this? I bet Jordan had put this idea into her head.

"I don't know Rach. It felt so natural with him, like all of a sudden, I saw him completely differently and it just happened. I can't really explain why, but now, I can't even remember how it was like before. It just feels so natural to be with him. I don't know why I feel this way... I don't even know if I'm really gay, but... what I feel for him, it's so strong... I ...I can't explain it, and I can't fight it either, I don't want to. I just love him being with him. I've always loved him as a friend, but now that... now that there's more between us, I wouldn't want to go back to just being his friend. I don't know... I just love him."

"Wow" she simply said, "I had no idea. But when you were talking to me about girls, were you just faking it?" She asked.

"No, no, I wasn't. But, I just couldn't tell you I was gay. I wasn't ready. Look, I told you, I...I find some girls attractive, but it doesn't matter. I'm not in love with them. I'm in love with Rob. And I'm really attracted to him, much more than anyone else. I can't help it, I just love him so fucking much, I can't explain it Rach. But I'm really happy with him."

She seemed to understand and to be satisfied with that answer. We kept talking for a while about our feelings. I'm sure we were going to be fine. I was so glad that this all coming out thing was not such a big deal to anyone after all. It felt great to be totally honest with them.


The only thing that still scared me at that time was the doubts I still had about the band and as the fateful date approached, we were growing more and more nervous, coming up with a bunch of different scenarios but we were afraid to get too excited about it, even if deep down we were hoping to sign a contract. It was hard to resist the temptation to dream about it.

And soon, it was the 9th. We had decided to ditch school without telling our parents anything, just in case they wouldn't let us go. We took the bus to Dublin early in the morning and by 9, we were already there. We decided to sit down in a coffee shop while we waited, not really able to drink or eat anything because of the butterflies in our stomachs. After what felt like the longest hour of our lives, it was finally time to go. When we got there, we were greeted by a very nice woman who asked us to sit down and wait for a bit (again arggg), and finally we were escorted into an office where a middle aged man was waiting for us behind a quite impressive desk to discuss our destiny. scary!

"Hello boys, have a sit please, My name is Scott Clarcy, I'm in charge of dealing with new talents here at BMG"

He chitchatted with us for a few minutes, asking us unimportant questions like do you want a drink? did you get here easily? stuff like that. We were all answering quite timidly, very intimidated by him, and finally, he got to the point.

He sat down behind his desk and said, "you boys are extremely lucky, it's very rare that we listen to unrequested tapes but we have just hired a young woman who's doing her job very thoroughly. She had a look at it and told us it was worth watching so we made an exception, and I gotta admit, we were quite impressed by the quality of your playing" (Oh boy, whoever she was, thank you thank you, thank you)

"You", he said very seriously, pointing his finger at Rob. "You have something that I haven't seen in a young artist for a long time. There is something about you that draws people's attention, you're very charismatic have star quality young man."

We all looked at Rob who I could tell, was trying not to blush at what was probably one of the nicest compliment he had ever received. He was so cute!

"Oh, do I? Well, thank you." he muttered. I knew it, my boyfriend was a star!

"That's a great advantage you have here. You need someone like that in a band. And from what I've seen, you are all getting on quite well with your instruments. But I've also noticed you are all good-looking lads, and trust me, image doesn't do everything when you have talent but it sure helps a lot! So here are the reasons why we asked you to come down today. I'm intrigued."

God, did that guy see all that just by watching the tape? If he actually saw us perform live, he would sign us right now, I thought. (or did I just hope? Not sure!)

"How old are you?" he asked all of us

"I just turned 19, they're 18," Dylan answered.

"Oh, that young? very impressive." He just looked at us and finally said,

"Tell me, what do you boys expect from this? What motivates you?" Ok, here we are I thought. It was time for us to prove we were dead motivated.

Damon spoke first and we all took turn telling him what we dreamed about, grinning.

"We want to have fun, play music together and record albums, we just love it."

"And we want to write great songs, the kind of songs that everyone is instantly familiar with, we want to be number one in the charts, and we want people to relate to our songs and our lyrics" I added.

"Yeah and we want to fill up stadiums and play for thousands of fans and sell millions of albums all over the world," Jordan said enthusiastically.

"And travel all around the world, win awards and be famous" Rob concluded.

"Ok, ok, I get it, that's a good plan" he laughed.

He then asked us plenty of music-related questions like what kind of music we listened to, why, what we could play, when we started playing together, how many songs we had written, which was about 20 so far, but only like 12 were good enough to be played live... We were very enthusiastic and he seemed to enjoy that. If anyone started talking to us about music, it was hard to stop us anyway. There was a good atmosphere in the room, and we were growing more and more relaxed, he was a very nice, self-assured man who had probably seen a lot.

"Ok, let's get serious. You realize we don't invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in a group, no matter how talented they may be, just after watching a couple of songs on a video. We need more than that ...First I'm gonna need to see you play. Have you ever played in front of an audience?"

We told him we had twice, and that it had been awesome.

"Alright, very good! Well I'd like you to do that again soon, and tell me when and where so that we can see and hear you play. I, but more generally the people who might consider invest in you need to know you better. We need to hear your songs, we need to see if it's good enough to be marketed to a targeted audience, and we need to see you play, see how you communicate with the audience. We need to see if it works, if something happens. And we want to know what motivates you, how hungry you are to make it, how well you get along. We need to feel that there is a chemistry between you and with your audience. Do you understand? We don't want to invest money in a group that is going to give up after a few months because they can't stand each other anymore or because they get so big-headed right from the start that they start to live it up all the time and completely forget what their goals were in the first place.

If you want to make it, you need to throw yourselves 100% into everything that you do, you need to work hard, it's an extremely difficult business. It's about working and working and working, it's not about just having fun. It requires commitment and dedication, because as soon as you stop working, it's over, someone else takes your place! if you don't give everything you can possibly give, you won't survive your first album, no, even your first single! And even if you work as hard as you can, it's still not possible to assure you that you'll be successful in the end. The public decides, if they don't like you, you're screwed, no matter how hard you try. Is this clear in your minds? Are you ready for this? Are you all ready to give up a normal adolescence or going to college, or living every man's life for this band? Do you think it's worth it? Because if you do make it, your lives can change dramatically and you will have to deal with it... So?"

We looked at each other, he sure had done a good job of describing the harsh reality but of course we still wanted it. I knew I did, I had faith in us!

"I'm even more ready than I was before I stepped into this room." Dylan said and we all agreed.

He seemed happy with that answer.

"All right then, well here's my card, here is information about BMG" he handed us plenty of papers.

"Now, let me know when we can see you play. And one more thing, you are gonna need an adult to take care of administrative forms for you, these things can get really complicated, so I advise you to find someone you trust completely and who knows enough about business to act in your best interests! And now, If you don't have any more questions, I'll let you leave and I hope to hear from you soon. But it's you and only you who can really make it happen, so good luck!"

We thanked him, chatted some more and finally left.

We were extremely silent on the way out and we walked for a few seconds lost in our own thoughts before Dylan said,

"This guy so wants to sign us, I didn't know what to expect but that was beyond everything I had hoped."

"I know, oh my God, this is huge, isn't it? I asked "I mean this is it, if we work on the songs and if we perform like we did last time at school, they're gonna sign us. Did you hear him? he wouldn't have told us all that if he didn't hope to do something with us".

"We're gonna be famous!" Jordan screamed in the street and we all laughed and cheered, genuinely happy.

We had thought about going back to school on the afternoon if we were home soon enough, but after a morning like the one we had had, there was no way we were gonna sit in school. We wanted to play. We knew we had pressure on our shoulders now. We had to work on the songs, we had to organize a great gig and be the best we could possibly be if we wanted to make an impression. And we couldn't play a bunch of covers this time, we had to play our songs. That's what they wanted to hear, but I wasn't sure we had enough finished songs to make a good gig. Maybe we could still play a couple of covers but that was it. We really had to work our asses off! We wanted it so bad, that was the dream, sign a record deal, my God, that was THE DREAM! And now, it was actually reachable . It felt so real and yet I still could hardly believe it.

We played and worked hard all afternoon and for two weeks after that, everyday after school, we even stayed home to play a few times, hoping we wouldn't get into trouble. The school had agreed to let play in the gymnasium again and the gig was scheduled for the 21st.

Of course, we had talked a lot to our parents about all that, well not mine but whatever, and Rob's father agreed to talk to the record company for us if it was necessary. I suppose he was our manager now. He was a great person, just looking at him, I knew who Robbie had inherited his charisma from. He was very funny and in his free time, he did one-man shows in pubs, or small theaters, especially in Dublin.

The days had flashed by and we had only a couple of days left before the gig, Rob and I were hanging out, lying on his bed fully dressed, just talking. My head was on his chest and one of my legs was raised and rested on his crotch as he caressed my thigh through my jeans.

"Do you think we're ready?" he asked.

"Probably not, we can never be totally ready, but we just need to be confident and everything will be fine. Do you think you can handle that?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really" I giggled "but I know you, even if you're scared shitless, you'll do it, because you don't give up. You always finish what you've started and you always go for what you want."

"Yeah that's true. I do do that" he caressed my hair, god I just loved his hands, no matter where he touched me, it turned me on. I looked up at him and raised myself up a little to kiss him lightly on the lips.

"Wanna fool around?"

"I don't know if we have time, my mum's making dinner, it should be ready soon."

"Well, we'll just have to make it quick then" I flashed my most devilish grin and slipped my hand under his shirt.

"Oh, jeez, I can't resist you anyway so let's," he said putting his hands on each side of my face and pulling me close to him.

We kissed lovingly for a few minutes, just enjoying the closeness. I loved kissing him, his lips tasted so good, his scent was so enticing. I lay on top of him, just making out when my cock started to be painfully hard. I adjusted it a little and whispered in his ear, "I wanna suck you," he smiled and moaned "ugh, suck away!"

I unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down just a little along with his boxers, freeing his cock. I took his hard member in my hand, and stroked it a few times, feeling his erection grow harder. I loved feeling him expand in my hand or my mouth.

We had trimmed a couple of days before and his balls were smooth and perfectly proportioned to his cock, which looked gorgeous and quite big. I started licking up and down his shaft and pinching his nipples under his shirt cos I knew he loved that. I closed my mouth around the head and teased him a little with my tongue, tasting a lot of pre-cum.

"Ohhh fuck, take me all the way please, please," he begged and I buried his cock down my throat, trying to hold back from gagging, breathing through my nose as I held his cock in my mouth, applying pressure with my tongue.

I could feel it throb a little and my own cock was rock hard. I unbuttoned my pants and freed myself, moaning and dripping pre-cum too. I pulled off of his cock a little to suck the tip and took him down to the base again. His groans and his hands in my hair were urging me to go faster and I began sucking him more urgently, knowing he wanted to cum.

"ughh I'm close, ohhhh yeah, so good." I tightened my mouth around the head, took his balls in my hand as he began cumming in my mouth, holding my head as his body shook.

As soon as he was done cumming, he let go of my head, pushed me down on the bed and reached for my cock, swallowing me in one quick movement. I moaned, extremely turned on by his orgasm and warned him "baby, I can't last, I need to cum" that just made him suck me faster and within seconds I was cumming hard down his throat and quivering.

I lay there almost wanting to fall asleep when we heard his mother call us for dinner.

"Hehe perfect timing, now I have some cream to mix with the vegetable soup," he laughed.

We got ourselves back together, put our pants back on, I did my hair that he had completely messed up and we headed downstairs. We chatted about the gig with his parents and brother during dinner. We knew that this gig was most likely to change our lives for the better. We couldn't wait.


To be continued,

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