The story below is a work of fiction. It is a love story and will involve sex between young gay males. All the usual rules apply.
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Chapter 6

We were all sitting around a table in windmill lane recording studios in Dublin, playing UNO. Dylan and I had won two games, Rob was in the lead with four and Damon and Jordan had nothing.

"UNO," Rob screamed quickly before any of us could counter. He only had one card left and when his turn to play came up again, he threw his card on top of the pile and won again.

"Nooo, ROB, come on! would you let us win please!" Jordan whined.

"You mean, let you win!" Rob laughed.

"Okay, I don't like this game anymore! I'm done, you can keep playing without me," Jordan said, giving up, frustrated.

"Good game hon," I said, giving Rob a peck on the cheek.

"Oh you don't have to suck up to him, he's already sleeping with you," Jordan grumbled, clearly joking.

I laughed and gathered the cards to start a new game, but we were interrupted.

"Ok boys, who said you could take a break here? Come on, get back in there, we need to be done by 9."

"Oh man!" Dylan complained, "I'm tired, we've been at it for 7 hours."

"Come on, it's 6.30, it'll be over soon, let's go, he's right, we're not here to play UNO." Damon said, standing up.

"No, we're here to play UNI," Jordan joked.

It was the end of August 1995 and we had spent the whole summer working in the studio, recording 10 songs for our first album. Things had started happening very quickly after the gig in May. From what people at BMG told Rob's father, they were sure to have discovered a band with great potential and they apparently had a lot of faith in our ability to 'make it', as they said. They had signed us in June for two albums, putting a lot of pressure on us! I mean, It had to sell or we would be in trouble. We knew we were damn lucky here. I was sure it did not happen this easily for 90% of the bands out there. I mean, we didn't receive any answers from the other record companies, I'm sure they just never listened to the tapes. Thank god, someone at BMG did.

They told us right from the start that they didn't really expect the first album to be an immediate or even huge success, because we needed to attract some fans first, so they warned us it would take some time at the beginning. But they still had big hopes for the album. As they said, they invested in us, gave us a chance, and we had to honour our part of the deal by making the best album we possibly could, at that point anyway.

They especially wanted us to perform live as much as possible during the promotion of the album, because apparently, it was our strength, and it was the best way to attract journalists, to get critics in music magazines and to be taken seriously. They wanted us to work and improve our best songs with professionals in the studio and they had big hopes for three songs, which they believed would work very well to start promoting the band to a targeted audience, which would be 16-25 years old male and female who listened to Rock music. We had made it pretty clear that even if we didn't really mind if a lot of our fans were teenage girls, we also didn't want to be marketed especially to that audience. We were not a boy band, and to be honest, we really believed boy bands were not taken seriously at all. People couldn't care less for their lyrics or their music and if you read their interviews, journalists were always asking them about their dream date, what they had for breakfast, what was their favourite pet and all that kind of crap. We really found it pretty lame and I was hoping journalists and fans would be more interested in our music than our personal lives but all that was a question of how we were going to be marketed by the label.

The five of us had finished school in June, so we enrolled in Trinity College in Dublin. But it was more to make our parents happy. Even though we had recorded an album, and professionals believed in us, our parents didn't want the band to take over any academic thing. I guess they didn't want us to be too disappointed if things didn't go the right way. They saw the band as a hobby, and as long as it didn't monopolize too much of our time and allowed us to continue studying, they wanted us to go to College. Rob's father had discussed our situation with the label and it was decided that we would record our first album during the summer and start College in October. During our first year in College, we would work on new songs for the next album and play live on weekends, and just see if we had enough potential to make a real job out of writing songs and performing, the record company, as I said, basing our success on our live performances.

It was true that we were damn good when we were on stage, partly because as musicians, when we played together, the magic happened! The fact that we knew each other so well, that we were the best of friends had probably a lot to do with that. We were like a little family. We had fun when we played and I think the public could see that, so they were having fun too. But I'm sure it also had a lot to do with Rob! He was such an awesome singer, he was really able to convey the meaning of the songs when he sang and his voice was amazing. He always gave me me goosebumps when I heard him sing. He had a real talent for it. You could hear the emotion in his voice. Our producer had made him work a lot on his voice during the recording, making him practice with a professional to improve his singing, and his voice was starting to change, to become stronger and louder. He could hold a note more easily, and he was able to control his tone. His voice was a real instrument on its own.

Rob and I were constantly working on new lyrics, especially after or before making love. We were trying to put all our emotions into the lyrics, unlocking our subconscious to write some sorts of poems really, about love, frustration, religion, superstition, starvation, anything.

Anytime I felt an emotion in me, I tried to think of how I could translate it into a song, how I could describe it with lyrics. I was reading as much as I could to learn from other people's work and we often found inspiration in Bob Dylan's lyrics or Neil young, the Beatles, Elvis, Nirvana, Bob Marley, U2... and all our idols whose images were plastered on our bedroom's walls. They taught us how to do it right!

It was funny when we entered the studio on the first day of recording, we were like kids meeting Santa Claus, or discovering Disney World or something.

Everything looked so big and cool and expensive. We were very impressed. I remember Jordan going like, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, it's beautiful, it's like a magic place outside of the real world, I don't ever wanna leave again."

The excitement and adrenaline as we looked around the place and checked out the instruments, touched the microphones, was an amazing feeling. It was so thrilling to know we were actually going to spend weeks in there, recording Our album, Our songs, with professionals, there was nothing more exciting than that for us!

But now, we were almost done. The album was pretty much wrapped up and we only had 3 days left in the studio. All the final arrangements had to be done by the end of the week or it would cost extra money to the record company and they would have none of that. There was a lot of pressure to finish on time. I was hanging out alone in my room at home after a stressful, yet awesome day in the studio, relaxing, reading a book to get my mind off the album a little, when my brother opened my door and threw the phone at me, almost hitting me in the face, mumbling, "For you."

"Hey, what was that noise?" Rob said on the phone.

"My brother, throwing the phone at me. I almost couldn't catch it, it hit my nightstand."

"Oh jeez, I don't understand how someone like you can be part a of a family like that, you're nothing like them. I really don't get it." Yeah, I was wondering that too sometimes.

"So, what you're doing?" he asked sounding sexy.

"Nothing special, I was just reading, why?"

"I'm horny," he sighed.

"Oh... so? jack off!"

"Can you come over, I miss you."

"We were together an hour ago," I said, playing a little game.

"Yeah but we were not making out though. You know what I mean when I say that I miss you."

"Yeah, I don't know. I'm really into that book, maybe later."

"You're kidding me right?"

"No, it's a really good book! it's in French, it's about this guy who lives in the south of the country and he gets..."

"I don't care!" he stopped me and I laughed.

"Are you hard?" I asked.


"Ohh, I love your hard cock, it's gorgeous."

"Yeah? more than the book?"

"Uhmm not sure, but I do like your cock."

"Well, why don't you come over here and play with it then, it's all yours!"

"Yeah, what the hell, I'll be right there."

"Finally!" he exclaimed, relieved.

I left my room, climbing out of the window and in less than one minutes, I was in Rob's room.

"For a guy who wasn't sure he wanted to come over, it sure didn't take you long," he kidded, grabbing me by the waist and bringing his face close to mine to kiss me. I locked my arms around him and kissed him back.

"Uhmm, you taste good, I really needed that," he moaned.

The radio was on in the room and as we kissed and we started slow dancing on the music, holding each other, kissing lovingly, licking each others lips and tongues. Rob started singing softly, it was very romantic.

He started unbuttoning my shirt, caressing my chest in the process, his eyes fixed on my lean, hard body and I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was indeed very horny. I loved it when he looked at me like that, so needy!

"Come here," he said, his voice full of need. He pulled me closer to him, trying to rub his crotch against mine as he nibbled at my neck and played with my hair. I could feel his hardness against me and he was kissing me with such an intensity that I exclaimed,

"My god, you're horny!"

"I told you," he grinned.

"Well, that would have been a big waste not to come over, wouldn't it have?" I said and he agreed, embracing me again and picking me up to carry me to the bed. We were similar in height and even though, our bodies were not extremely different in build, he was still stronger and larger than me. I don't think I could have picked him up like that. I felt so secure and protected in his arms. I craved for that feeling. I loved it when he took control.

He lay me down on the bed and we started making out lovingly. We undressed each other in no time and before I knew it, we were both naked, holding each other tight and rubbing our bodies together, our hands roaming all over our bodies. I buried my face in the crook of his neck, smelling him, knowing how much his scent turned me on, and licked my way down to his shoulders, caressing his chest and pinching his nipples between my fingers. I pushed him down on his back and raised myself up to look at him, so gorgeous, I wanted him so bad, I didn't know what part of his body to go for so I just pushed my face in his chest and licked, kissed and nibbled at everything my lips came in contact with. I sucked his nipples and my tongue traveled all around his six-pack, loving how hard he felt. His cock was leaking like a faucet so I wrapped my lips around his shaft and went down on him. I soaked his pole with my saliva and sucked him up and down for a while, listening to him moan. I concentrated on the sensitive area just under the head until I let go of his cock and licked my way up his chest. When I reached his face, I kissed him on the cheek.

"Hum what do you wanna do?" I finally asked whispering in his ear.

"That was fine!" he answered but when he opened his eyes and looked at me, he drew me closer to him and said in a low and sexy voice.

"I want you, God, do I want you!"

"I know, how do you want me? Tell me what you want."

"Ummm," he licked his way up my neck and said biting my earlobe.

"I want to fuck you, I want to feel your ass grab my cock tightly, I want to make love to you."

It's too bad you couldn't hear that because the way he said it was just the sexiest sound I had ever heard!

"Jeez, I could cum just listening to you," I told him, just so he knew how hot that sounded to me.

"Lie down on your stomach," he asked. Of course I did, needing no further clue.

He lowered himself down and took my ass cheeks in his hands, massaging them and pulling them apart, exposing my hole. I turned my head to see him bury his face in my ass as he started licking my crack up and down, giving it a tongue bath, making my cock jump for attention against the mattress. He then kissed my lower back quickly and said getting up, "Wait right here," probably to go get the lube.

"I would have brought my book if I had known you were gonna make me wait." I joked.

He put his pants back on and left the bedroom. 'Where the hell is he going?', I thought.

He came back seconds later, pulled his pants off again and climbed on the bed on top of me.

"Where did you go?"

"Got some lotion to massage your shoulders."


"Just relax."

Ok, no problem, I can do that. You take care of me baby! He raised one of my legs to the side to access my ass more easily and I felt his tongue on my hole again, teasing me, not pushing it in, just gently licking around, driving me crazy. Then I felt what must have been his thumb pop into me and I groaned, enjoying the feeling, completely surrendering to him. He opened me up with his thumb, sliding it in and out and I couldn't wait to feel his length inside me. He got into position and buried himself into me completely.

As he began pumping in and out of me, he poured lotion on his hands and started massaging my neck and shoulders so firmly. I was in heaven, it felt so great. A massage and a fuck at the same time. What more could I ask for?

I started to really relax and his cock slid in and out of me more and more smoothly.

"Oh my god, Rob, you have the best hands God has ever made, did I ever tell you this? feels so good."

I hadn't realized I was so tensed. Working in the studio was taking a lot of energy from us and we were stressed. He continued his massage, sliding his hands lower down my back, sending multiple sensations throughout my body, making me shiver and shudder. I could feel my muscles relaxing as he rubbed them, working all the knots out. I was moaning and sighing like crazy at this point but I was ticklish and when he reached my hips, I felt a very strong tickle in my lower back and I jumped a little and laughed.

"Man, it feels really weird when you do that."

"What, that?" he said, applying pressure on my hips.

"No, no, no stop, go back up"

"Okay" he laughed, still slowly sliding his cock in and out of me. "uhmm, your ass feels so good, so warm and soft!" He started to speed up a little, giving me nice, full strokes, his hands still on my shoulders. His cock started to plung in and out of my hole, and I couldn't help but moan loudly each time he re-entered me. It felt really good but after a few seconds of that he stopped and slid out of me.

"Did you cum?" I asked puzzled cos I really didn't want this to be over yet.


"Oh, good, you scared me here for a sec."

"Turn around on your back."

"Ohhh I liked it that way, it felt great."

"Come on, I want to see you," he said, forcing me to turn around by tickling me.

"Who were you seeing before anyway?" I kidded.

I lay on my back and put one of my hands in my hair, grabbing it, and I started to stroke my cock with my other hand as he pushed himself into me again and resumed fucking me slowly as he looked into my eyes.

Well, I wasn't complaining anymore. Being able to see him work me like that was a real turn on. I could see the muscles of his chest and abs as well as a bulge in his biceps as he held my legs, so hot. I raised my head a little to watch his cock slide in and out of me but I couldn't see it properly, so I put my fingers on each side of his cock to feel it and that just made us moan and giggle.

There was an intimacy here that was just awesome, every time we had sex, it was more than just sex, we had fun. There was usually a lot of laughing and smiling in between the moaning but today I felt it even more. Kind of like we were playing, like when we were kids except now, we played adult games.

Suddenly we both jumped, as we heard someone trying to open the door by turning the doorknob roughly.

"Rob, why is the door closed?" Rob's brother screamed. "Open it, I wanna use the computer”.

"Shit!" Rob laughed, not moving anymore but still in me.

"Justin, I'm busy, go away."

"No, come on open the door."

"No, I'm busy, I'm not gonna open, leave me alone."

Rob waited a moment to make sure he was gone, and resumed fucking me, "fuckin' unbelievable, good think I had closed the door, can you imagine?" he giggled.

"I don't really want to. Come on stud, keep fucking me. God, you're so gorgeous," I told him, staring at his face, his body, and marveling at his muscles in his arms and chest as they tightened above me.

He was able to give me full strokes, nice and regular for a few minutes. He was now caressing my chest, rolling my nipples in between his fingers, making me moan wildly. After a while, his thrusts were becoming more irregular, his moans were more urgent and I knew he was about to climax. I started stroking my cock furiously, wanting to cum with him.

"I'm sorry, I really have to give it to you now,” he moaned and speeded up., “keep you ass tight for me so I can cum."

"Humm, yeah, is that good? you like my tight ass? are you close baby?"

I asked with the sexiest voice I could manage, remembering he liked to talk dirty.

"Yes, I'm gonna shoot, I, ughhhhh" he panted.

"Yeah, come on do it, cum in me, come on, I want to feel you shoot your load in me."

"Ughhhh," he started groaning, releasing his load inside me and I quickened the pace on my own cock, jerking myself off. My ass grabbed him tightly when the cum started ripping out of me, landing on my chest and abs. He took my cock in his hand, to finish milking the last drop of cum out of me and as his cock slipped out of me, he bent over to lick some of my cum, saying,

"man, you shot buckets, you're so hot." I smiled and I don't know why but it made me blush.. He removed the cum from my chest with a towel, and we snuggled together under the covers, and listened to the radio.

Man, nothing better to unwind than sex, let me tell you!


We finished the album on time, making the record company very happy. I couldn't believe it was done! We had recorded our first album! It had been an interesting summer. We had learned so much through the different steps of the recording. It was an incredible long and difficult process, especially since we didn't really know what the hell we were supposed to do.

Thankfully, we had great people to work with us and everyone had been really nice, helpful, and patient with us. Even if we had no experience in recording an album, we were eager to learn, we wanted to give the best we could. Our producer was actually really happy with the way we were behaving, with our attitude toward the whole thing. We were working our asses off, recording takes after takes until it was perfect. Apparently most bands they worked with just recorded a couple of takes then stopped to get a drink, have a smoke or call their girlfriends, and it took forever to get some proper work done. We were apparently acting quite professionally. Well, I guess we knew what we wanted and where we wanted to go. It was not a game for us anymore, we were starting to realize that we were really touching the dream and we didn't want it to get away. What I had loved during the summer was how much time we had spent together, how much we had shared and how much our friendship had grown. We were starting to realize that if we managed to make the band a success, we would live our dreams together, and that was awesome. Because the last thing we wanted was to drift apart. We were having too much fun playing music together.


So a few days after the end of the recording, we were sitting in a sort of conference room at BMG, waiting for our producer.

"Hello boys, how are you today?" he asked as he entered the room with a bright smile on his face.

"Good," we all answered.

"Ok guys! I've got something for you that you've been waiting for," he told us enthusiastically.

We just looked at him, intrigued as he pulled out a CD from his pocket,

"YOUR FIRST SINGLE," he yelled.

"Oh my God!!" We all exclaimed, racing towards him, trying to grab the single from his hands, totally thrilled and excited. He was holding it high above his head, trying not to give it to us, seeing how desperately we wanted it and he found it really funny too! Not cool really!

Damon got a hold of it and we all looked at the cover, holding it gently.

"Niiiice, open it open it," Rob asked. Damon did, very carefully.

"Yeah, yeah! exactly how we wanted it!" Jordan smoothly said. The CD was completely silver-coloured with the logo we had designed for the band! It looked really good!

"Can we listen to it?" Dylan asked excitedly.

"Sure, that's why we're here," our producer answered taking the CD from us and putting it in the Cd player.

We, on the other hand, still had our eyes glued on the cover, it looked so cool, so Rock'n'roll, we just loved it! There wasn't a picture of us on the cover but a drawing that had been made by a cartoonist the record company had recommended to us. It looked awesome and it sort of represented the theme of the song in a homorous way.

Man, Our first single! It was such a rush, it was almost as good as an orgasm, if not better! Plus the song was really excellent. It was a rock song, but the kind of rock song that makes you want to stand up, jump and dance. We were damn proud of it.

I took the box in my hands, looked at it and said to the guys,

"Can you believe that people are gonna have this in their home, in their cd collection, ... yeah and they're gonna be like, asking their friends `Hey, did you buy the new U-N-I single?"

"AHHHHHH" we all screamed, cheered and jumped, realizing how awesome that was, absolutely thrilled at the thought of people enjoying our music.

"First U-N-I single," Dylan corrected.

We started listening to the song like we had never heard it before with the biggest grin on our faces, singing along. It was truly one of the best moments of our career! Having all your work finally materialized in something as cool as that, there were no words! We were on the right track here, nothing could stop us now. We couldn't wait to have the album in our hands? Actually, we did just a few days later. It was just so awesome. We couldn't believe how lucky we were.

The record company started promoting the single and the first time we heard it on the radio was just completely surreal. Nothing could have prepared us for that.

We knew it was gonna air in the evening, though we didn't know what time exactly so we were all hanging out in Damon's bedroom, waiting. Rob was sitting on a love seat in the room, his legs spread and I was between them, resting against his chest. His arms were wrapped around me and he was hugging me tight as I gently caressed his hands,

Dylan was sitting on the bed, softly playing guitar and he was often looking at us. When I saw him stare, I had to ask,

"What is it Dylan?"

"Oh, nothing! Sorry, I just, well, I was just thinking that you too look good together, cuddling like that... Don't they?" he asked Jordan.

"Yeah, that's sweet. Honestly, I think it'd be fucking weird to see you with girls now."

"I know, I was thinking that too." Dylan chuckled.

Rob kissed the back of my neck and I turned my head to the side to kiss him tenderly.

Of course, Jordan, being the smart ass that he was, immediately saw in that a good opportunity to make a comment, "get a room," he joked.

"Hey, we're already in one. Do you mind giving us some privacy?" Rob joked.

"In my room? No way, I don't wanna have to burn it down." Damon kidded.

We all laughed and I snuggled with Rob again, even making out with him a little to make the wait more bearable. That was a good feeling to be able to kiss him in front of our friends, knowing they were completely cool with it!

Every time a song came to an end, we stopped talking and listened carefully, butterflies in our stomachs. The anticipation was killing us and every song we had to listen to felt like it was never ending and the commercials were just the worst.

And finally, at exactly 10.14, it happened! When we heard the first notes, we looked at each other, eyes wide open, completely beaming, feeling the rush of adrenaline as soon as we realized it was our song being aired! That was it, the song, the song we had worked on for so many hours, the songs we knew so well, from beginning to end, on the radio, for everyone to hear.

We listened, so proud, trying not to scream so we could listen to it like everyone else in the country but when the chorus started, we just couldn't contain our excitement anymore and we started jumping up and down screaming!

There's really nothing like it!

The song was over too soon, like time had suddenly accelerated just when the song was aired and I secretly hoped they would play it twice in a row.

"My god, this is so weird," Rob said putting his head in his hands, "I can't believe I just heard myself on the radio here!"

"You sounded great! I'm sure people are gonna go crazy for your voice," I reassured him, kissing him lovingly and hugging him tight against me.

"You know what guys? I think it's safe to say that we totally Rock!" Damon stated, beaming.

We spent the next few weeks showing off to our friends, making them listen to the album, telling them to listen to the radio to hear our single! It was a lot of fun to be the center of attention. Everyone was so proud of us. And we were very proud of ourselves.


So to make a long story short, we started College in October. Our parents really wanted us to have some academic background in case we fell flat on our faces but the band soon started to take over any academic thing and we didn't really go to many classes. We just couldn't care less to be honest.

We kept practicing a lot throughout the academic year, pretty much every single day. We tried to improve the songs we had started writing but which weren't developed enough for the first album and we started working on brand new songs. It suddenly seemed much easier after the experience we had acquired in the studio.

And we started performing live during that year. Rob's father, who was now managing us and the record company organized a series of gigs in Ireland and we played in pubs or clubs almost every weekend, especially in Dublin and the area, but Ireland not being a huge country, we were able to travel around the country on weekends.

We even played in London in March where we were received enthusiastically by the media. Our producer had told us that if we managed to crack England, we would be famous, so we were happy with that!

And during the summer of 1996, we were scheduled for 20 dates in Ireland and England. A small hardcore of friends and fans followed us wherever we played during the summer and it was fun to see the same faces on the front row. We had a little fan base here already, so awesome! We totally loved it. Playing live was amazing!

The public was always giving us a warm welcome wherever we played, and some of them even knew the songs and we were happy to see that some people actually knew who we were and had bought our album. It was very rewarding to see that people liked our music.

The album was selling okay. It wasn't like number one in the charts or anything but it seemed to be more than the record company had hoped for. Our time was spent rehearsing, performing, giving a few interviews for magazines and radios. We even appeared in a couple of TV shows. We were having so much fun. It was a year of discovery. I'll never forget it! I think it was one of the best years of my life, funwise. It was all about jamming, partying, having fun, traveling around, having sex, and trust me Rob and I didn't miss an opportunity.

In June, Rob even came out to his parents. Well his mum made him spill the beans. She suspected, and now that I think about it, we were probably pretty obvious at home even if we tried not to. And they didn't actually say anything but I wouldn't be surprised if they had heard us doing it, whoops! they were a little disappointed, especially his father actually but all in all, they seemed to be cool with it. His mum told us that when she saw the love in our eyes when we looked at each other, she could only be happy for us. How sweet!

However, things hadn't changed with my parents. They just didn't seem to care about me. When I tried to talk to my mother about what was happening in my life, about the band and everything we were doing, she just didn't seem to think it was a very big deal. She probably believed I was dreaming it all, leaving in my own little world, I don't know. That was just weird. Believe me the attitude towards the whole thing was completely different in Rob's family. God, sometimes I wished they were my parents too... Well no wait, that wouldn't be right, I couldn't date Rob. But still, they were great!


Rob and I had just turned 20 when in February 1997, over a year after the release of our first album in October 1995, we were back into the studio to record our second album.

Yeaaaah! and this time, the record company was sure it was going to make it into the top 20, well we shall see! But they loved us at BMG, they treated us like gold. Yet, they were extremely demanding and they had high expectations. They wanted us to work hard and write great songs because they knew we had potential.

Basically, their motto was, 'You do it right, or you don't do it at all !' We were starting to understand all the things we had been told during our first meeting with them.

Since the end of the academic year in June 96, we had decided to just drop College and turn professional if you like, which meant rehearsing every day to work on the new album and actually treating the band as a full-time job. We now knew we had what it took and we were willing to do what the label expected us to do. We wanted to be successful, we wanted to tour the world, perform everywhere, and going to College just wasn't part of the plan anymore. Everywhere we played, every time we met people in the business, they kept telling us that we had something special, that we were very talented, that we would go far, and we knew that if we worked hard, we could really make it. There was no stopping us!

Everything was perfect between Rob and I. We had been together for 3 years. pretty amazing that too, isn't it?

3 whole years, without even cheating on each other ... Well that's not totally true, but I wouldn't call that cheating. Let's just say we had hung out in gay bars a few times, flirting with really cute guys and one thing led to another if you know what I mean. We knew we loved each other, we knew that what we had was special, but when you start meeting other gay guys, who seem to take a strong interest in you, it's hard to resist. We were curious, curious to see what it would be like to have sex with someone else, to feel and touch another body than the one we knew so well. The thought of having a three some with a cute stranger was too enticing not to act on it.

The first time it happened was in September 96, we were 19, and we were performing in a gay club in London. Yeah, that happened from time to time. Isn't the gay community like the best public to spot new talents before anyone else does? They were definitely the best crowd we could ask for, I loved playing in gay clubs, the ambiance was amazing! The guys loved us!

So we played, having a great time, and of course after the gig, a lot of the attention was directed towards us. A lot of guys wanted to get us a drink and talk to us. Jordan, Damon and Dylan were politely turning guys down one after the other but having fun nonetheless, but Rob and I were totally playing the game and flirting like crazy when we both focused our attention on the same guy ! His name was James and boy, was he hot! Around 3 am, when it was time to leave, he asked us if he could come back with us to our hotel to hang out some more. Of course, we were not stupid, we knew what he wanted. Rob and I asked him to wait while we went backstage to gather our stuff and decide whether or not we wanted to have sex with the guy.

"What do you want to do? I mean, I think it's pretty clear that he wants to have sex, do you want to?" Rob asked me.

"Well, if you're up for it, I'm up for it! The guy is hot, and I gotta say, I'm kind of curious to see him without his clothes on!"

"Tell me about it! It's just a one time thing anyway. But do you think you can handle watching me have sex with someone else right in front of you."

"Can you?"

"I think in that situation, yeah, it could be really hot."

"Well, let's do it then, if it's too weird, we'll kick him out!" I joked.

So we went back to the hotel, extremely horny, and as soon as we stepped into the room, he was all over Rob, pulling his jacket off and lifting his shirt and Rob took it off. The guy just looked at him and I swear he almost started drooling. That was cool to see I wasn't the only one to find him incredibly gorgeous but it did make me feel a little jealous.

"Fuck, I've been wanting to see you guys naked all night," he said, as he kneeled in front of Rob's crotch and pushed his pants and underwear down in one quick movement. He started sucking him right in front of me and my mouth dropped open, I couldn't help it . Rob looked at me grinning, and mouthed `Hot' to me, as he looked down at the guy blowing him.

"Yeah suck on my dick, man," Rob said seriously forcing James to take more by pressing his hand on James' head a little, and then, he looked at me and smiled wickedly. I went over to him to give him a kiss and I felt James' hands on my pants. He had let go of Rob's cock and was now working my zipper. I freed myself from my pants and he stood up, walking with us towards the bed.

We climbed up on the bed and took the rest of our clothes off.

"Man this is gonna be fun, you guys are really hot," he told us.

I gave my cock a few strokes and as soon as James saw me do that, he engulfed my cock in his mouth and I moaned. He wasn't deepthroating me but it felt damn good, I was very horny and the warmth of his mouth around my cock and the sight of actually seeing someone I didn't even know blowing me was really turning me on. He started roaming his hands all over my chest, moaning and when I saw Rob lower his head on James' dick, I couldn't help but say "jeezz!" .

Rob grinned at me as he licked the tip of his cock and started sucking on him like a pro. I looked at James' cock, he must have been 8 inches easy. Rob and I had grown and it was funny to see that we still looked very similar. We were both a little over 7 inches at our best but Rob's cock was a bit thicker than mine. James was still sucking on me for all it was worth but I couldn't help but notice that Rob gave better head.

Still blowing him, Rob started massaging James' ass cheeks a little, and I started wondering if he wanted to fuck the guy. James stopped him and they changed position. As James started sucking on Rob's pole, I took James' cock in my mouth, wet with precum and Rob's saliva, it was so hot.

Rob was moaning loudly and I started to hear the familiar sounds he made when he was about to cum. I went over to him and took one of his nipples in my mouth and pinched the other one, he cried out "ughhh I'm gonna cum, ughhh, oh god" James jerked him off roughly and we watched as thick ropes of cum started to shoot out of him.

His orgasm was pretty intense and he was cumming a lot, his body jerking a little. I lowered myself onto him to lick his cock clean and taste him and James looked at me, smiling, still stroking himself.

"Come on man, take that cock, make me cum" he told me lying on his back, looking straight at me, and I immediately started blowing him again. I had trouble taking all of him cos his cock was bigger than Rob's but it didn't seem to bother him. I locked my lips tight around his length, sucking him up and down and he actually started saying,

"Ohhh, that feels so good, come on, uhmmm you're good."

Seeing James and I going at it like that, Rob started cupping my ass and he kneeled behind me and started rimming me as I sucked on James' pole and stroked my own cock with one hand. Feeling Rob's tongue on my ass sent me over the edge and I pumped my load all over my hand and the bed, moaning wildly.

Then, Rob moved his attention to James and started licking his nipples. James moaned and put his fingers in my hair and forced his cock deeper down my throat, "ohhh, I'm gonna shoot, yesss!"

I let go of his cock, not wanting him to cum in my mouth. I mean I was turned on but I didn't know the guy, and I began to jerk him off. Rob and I were both staring at him and he started yelling hard as the cum ripped out of him, the first load hitting him on his face and shoulders. He continued cumming until his chest, abs and pubes were covered. Man he was hot, I guess we had really turned him on.

A few minutes later, the three of us were lying on our backs on the bed, recovering, when Rob turned his head toward me. I looked at him and I could instantly see that he wanted me badly, his eyes were burning for me, not James, not even sex, he had just cum, but me. And God, how I wanted him too.

Just seeing the look of pure lust in his beautiful, incredible eyes had given me such a warm feeling inside my body that I was getting hard again.

He climbed on top of me, kissed my lips, lubed his cock, raised and spread my legs and slowly entered me, his cock hard as a rock. I moaned as he slowly and lovingly slid his length into me and I exhaled loudly when I felt that his cock was fully up my ass.

We stared passionately into each other eyes, talking without saying anything as he slowly started sliding his cock in and out of me, pressing his body tight against mine, making me squeal with delight. Our lips were touching, but we were not actually kissing. We were breathing hard and fast and moaning quietly. I was holding his body tight with my arms wrapped around him as I tried to raise my legs to make him push his cock as deep as possible into me. I was shivering with pleasure every time he scraped my prostate and I knew that was not gonna be a long one. We wanted each other too bad, there was too much intensity in the way we were making love. I could already feel the need to cum deep inside my body and Rob was already starting to fuck me faster and I could tell by his breathing and moaning that he was too on the verge of cumming. We kept trying to hold each other tighter, nearing our climax and I moaned "ohhhh, yes!"

"Oh man, you guys are so fucking hot, damn," I heard James say, but we didn't look at him. I could hear him moan but I didn't want him to be here.

Rob and I were making love here, passionately making love. I guess that was probably a huge turn on for anyone watching the scene but right now I didn't want anyone to share this with us. But I think James saw that and he didn't try to join us, there was really no room for him anyway. I would have pushed him away if he had.

Our breathing was more and more irregular, we could not stop moaning, I locked my legs tightly on either side of Rob, driving him deeper into me as his body convulsed and he yelled and whimpered, as he started cumming hard inside me. He was still pressing his body tight against mine and the extreme body contact as well as the feel of his cock expanding in my ass sent me over the edge. I actually felt the cum shooting out of me, not even touching myself and I came between us, groaning low and long as I shivered and whimpered, my intense orgasm making me feel almost dizzy. We waited for our orgasm to subside, trying to breath more normally.

I felt him starting to pull out of me but I didn't want to feel empty yet, I hated it.

"No, don't, stay in me a little," I told him and he stopped moving, but not before pushing his cock back into me completely.

"Fuck guys, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen, by far."

I looked at James, he had cum again watching us and he was still stroking himself, his chest was a mess. I grinned at him and looked at Rob again. He smiled at me and we kissed like we had never kissed before. I don't know how to explain it but it was like we had just realized how much we really loved each other. Our tongues were sliding over each other so gently and our kisses were kisses of love, sweet and gentle.

"Ok, I'm gonna take a shower, looks like you don't really need me here anymore ... Fucking hot!" James exclaimed and entered the bathroom. I was glad to see him leave the bedroom.

Rob was still in me, he was gently running his tongue against my lips and I whispered "I love you, that was so amazing baby, that was just so amazing, I love you, every day I feel it more and more."

"I love you too, so much. That was fun with him, but no one can make me feel like you make me feel. I just wanted you so bad all of a sudden. I needed you."

"I know, I could see it, I wanted you too."

We held each other for a few minutes, almost afraid to let go, listening to the sound of the shower, knowing there was another guy here with us but feeling like we were alone in the world when I felt Rob getting hard again inside me.

"My god, you're not? are you getting hard again?"

He nodded and I giggled, "good boy."

"Oh man, You turn me on so much tonight, Mark. I can't believe how much I want you."

"I know, same here, make love to me again, please, if you can"

He slowly started to move again, barely withdrawing his cock before pushing back in. It was very loving, the urgency was gone, we were just trying to melt into each other now, kissing softly, caressing each other. Rob was running his fingers through my hair with one hand and caressing my eyebrow with the other, kissing my whole face lightly and my hands were roaming all over his strong, smooth back and massaging the back of his neck.

When James came out of the bathroom, and saw that we were still locked in a tight embrace, doing it again, he exclaimed,

"Fuck, you're not done yet! I can't believe you too, how many times are you gonna cum tonight?"

What he didn't know was that it wasn't about cumming anymore. Actually I didn't think we were going to cum again. We just wanted to make love.

"Can you leave James?" Rob told him, not even looking at him.

"Fuck, you're kicking me out?" he was putting his clothes back on and I looked at him, my eyes pretty much answering his question.

"Well that was nice meeting you, I had fun tonight, not as much as you did but still" he laughed.

"I guess there's no point in giving you my phone number. See ya!" he said as he left and closed the door behind him.

"Well, we did end up kicking him out after all" I laughed.

We made love for a few more minutes, just enjoying the closeness, until Rob stopped moving again and snuggled close to me. He went soft, yeah I knew he was not gonna cum again tonight, and pulled out of me. I pulled the covers on top of us and we drifted off to sleep, content, satisfied and in love.

So for our first three some, instead of fucking with someone, we had ended up making love in front of someone. But man, it was a night we were not going to forget. Even if it didn't go exactly as planned with James, it didn't stop us from doing that again. We didn't actually go looking for guys to sleep with but when a guy started to flirt with us, well, we flirted back and sometimes we ended up having sex! it was just fun to fool around with guys once in a while. That didn't change how we felt about each other. It was sex, not love.


Again, recording the album was very tiring but we loved working on it so much. It was April and we still had a least one full month left to work in the studio, we badly needed to unwind. We had so much pressure on our shoulders. The label was expecting a lot from us. They wanted us to work very hard on our songs so that they would be as good as they could be.

Dylan was turning 21 so we were having a party at his place with a few friends. We started the party by performing for our friends for about a hour and then we started really partying.

We had been dancing, laughing, drinking all night, especially drinking, and it was not pretty! Now you must start to think I was wasted all the time but really that was not my style. I usually didn't drink very often and I didn't even like beer. Maybe that was my problem, my body was not used to drink very often and when I did, I drank strong alcohol like vodka or tequila so I was drunk very quickly. Tonight was one of those nights, we were all pissed but I knew I had crossed the line here and Rachel had too, I just didn't know how much yet! We were out of control.

"Come on, I love that song, let's go dance, come on." Rachel begged pulling my arm, making me stumble. We started dancing together, even doing a bit of grinding, just having fun.

Rob had given up on me a while ago seeing how wasted I was. At that point, the alcohol was pretty much controlling my actions and I think he probably didn't want to come near me just in case I would try to shove my tongue in his mouth in front of everybody! And believe me, I would have been capable of that, considering the state I was in. But come to think of it, maybe that would have been better than what I ended up doing!

I was in the kitchen with Rachel, Dylan, his girlfriend Elaine and some other girl I didn't know very well, and Rachel and I were making some more punch when suddenly, the bowl fell on the floor. I have no idea how it happened but it did. We gasped and giggled, looking at the floor soaked with punch but Dylan didn't find it very funny.

"You guys are so dead," he said coming towards us, looking mad. We looked at each other and started running out of the kitchen and upstairs, so he wouldn't catch us, laughing.

We entered his sister's room and locked the door behind us, giggling and hoping Dylan had stopped chasing us, which he probably had a while ago, but we were just too drunk to realize it. Rachel was laughing, leaning against the wall and I stood in front of her and placed a finger against her lips, indicating her to stay quiet but finding it hard to keep from laughing too.

After a few seconds of trying to stay silent, she started to stare at me, still giggling a little, and I started to stare back. We were looking into each other eyes, breathing hard, still trying to catch our breath from the laughing and the running when she suddenly put her hand on my crotch and started massaging my package through my pants. I stepped back a little but she grabbed my arm and whispered, "it's ok, Mark, I just wanna have fun."

So, I will spare you the details here, but before I even knew what was happening, she had lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down and pushed my pants and underwear down as well. She jerked my cock and urged me to put it in her.

I was stupid enough to stop thinking, letting the alcohol control my actions, like most drunk, horny 20 year old would have, and we fucked urgently, right there against the bedroom wall, no condom, no nothing.

Boy, was I going to regret that!


To be continued,

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