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Chapter 9

It was Sunday night and we had been in London for only a couple of days. We had unpacked, and tried to get more familiar with the place and the neighborhood. It was a time when we could still walk around London without being recognized too often. Rob was sometimes, but that was all. Back then, we didn't realize how precious that was. When we were in Dublin, most people our age knew who we were. When we walked around town, we were stopped fairly often to sign autographs. People wanted to chat with us or take a picture. They asked us questions, congratulated us, told us they liked our music, that they had seen us live ... they were always nice and civilized. We didn't really have to deal with too many screaming fans, running after us to touch us or stuff like that, not yet anyway.

People who came to see our gigs or who stopped us in the street in Ireland seemed to be over 18, and there were just as many guys as there were girls. Of course, a lot of our fans were young girls but they were not the majority, and usually those girls just sort of stared at us from a distance, whispering, giggling, not really having the courage to approach us and ask for an autograph, but when they did, they were nice, a bit intimidated but almost never hysterical.

It had happened a few times though; you know, fans waiting for us to come out of the studio for instance, or following us around during the promotion, screaming as soon as they saw us, rushing towards us to get an autograph. It was almost always teenagers who did this and they were more interested in Rob than the rest of us. Especially girls. if only they knew! I remember having a good laugh once when a girl asked Jordan to hold her umbrella, so that Rob could sign her an autograph. He looked at her sadly, asking her what it was about Rob that he didn't have. We were almost all invisible if Rob was around. When he was not with us, we had our share of attention, but as soon as he appeared, it was like we didn't exist anymore! What can you do! We didn't particularly mind it though. I wasn't sure I wanted people to feel so drawn to me and Rob didn't particularly loved it either, because deep down, he wasn't as sure of himself as he appeared to be. He was losing his freedom little by little, and it was only just starting ...but, hey, we had asked for it!

When we moved into the building, we got to meet a few of the people living there. It was mainly professionals working for BMG who were living there occasionally when they had to work in London. They seemed to be all older than us, so I didn't know if we were going to spend anytime with them or get to know them at all but we were probably not going to spend that much time at home anyway. Our lives were about to take a pretty hectic turn.

The apartments we were living in were huge. I wondered why they gave us two apartments because the five of us could have easily lived in one. There were enough rooms in the one Rob and I moved into for all of us but only two of them were furnished. I guess that's why we didn't all move into that one. Damon, Dylan and Jordan moved into the other one, giving us privacy. It was a little smaller but still quite massive. We loved the place. It was on two stories. Rob and I had a huge bedroom and bathroom (actually there were three of those in the apartment), a walk-in closet, which to me, looked more like a room than a closet, but I suppose I just had to get used to living it large. It was poorly decorated but there were definitely great possibilities for the place. I wasn't sure it was worth spending time decorating it, because I didn't know for sure how long we would be living there, but at that time, I was thankful that we were.

The weekend had really flashed by and we had to start promoting the single on the next day, so we had to get up around 5am for an interview with Radio One at 7. We ordered pizzas in the evening, since there was pretty much nothing in the fridge yet, and we all hung out together.

At some point, I went upstairs and Dylan and Jordan joined me after a few minutes because they were still looking around the apartment. We were truly amazed by the size of the place. They entered the bedroom in which Rob and I had decided to sleep, and Dylan asked me,

"Hey, you guys only unpacked in this room?"

"Well, yeah," I replied.

"Don't you think like, I don't know, you should at least make it look like one of you is sleeping in the other one?" he asked, a bit too troubled about it.

"Why would we do that?" I replied, with a tone that implied I didn't exactly like his comment.

"Hey, chill out, sorry! I didn't mean it like that. You know I don't care. I'm just saying, you're the ones who don't want people to know about you too yet. How are you gonna explain why you're sleeping in the same bed."

"Yeah, he's got a point," Jordan added, "I mean, the place belongs to BMG. They have the keys, they could come over whenever they want, we don't know. And if you have people over, they might ask."

"Yeah I suppose you're right." I sighed. "But it's gonna be a pain to do that. I don't want to have to go back and forth between both rooms all the time."

"Why don't you just sleep in both beds? Change every couple of days, that way, it will look like they are both used, since they will be, and I don't know, put some of the clothes you don't wear often over there." Jordan suggested.

"Jeez, the things we have to do." I sighed again.

"Yeah, well at least you can be together. God knows when I'm gonna see Elaine again," Dylan said sadly. Oh, poor fellow! He was the only one who was seriously dating a girl and he seemed to be pretty committed. I suppose it was not easy for him to be away from her.

"Oooh are you very sad?" Jordan joked sympathetically, "Do you need a hug?" He wrapped his arms around Dylan and hugged him tightly against him.

"You know, if you need a little action, I'll go clubbing with you and help you pick up girls. You can count on me! I might get most of the girls, but I'll let you have some," he kidded.

"You bastard! Fuck off!" Dylan laughed, pressing his hand on Jordan's chest and pushing him roughly away from him. "I can wait until I see her again, I'm not an animal."

"Alright, Fine. Prude!" he joked, "even Mark is more up for it than you are."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean? When was I ever?" I said, thinking he was talking about openly picking up girls with him.

"Rob can't hear you Mark, I know what you do when you end up alone with a certain girl," he said under his breath.

"Oh yeah, what's that?" Dylan heard and asked with curiosity.

"Nothing," I quickly responded. "Don't listen to him, plus you'll find out soon enough".

"We will?" Jordan asked in surprise. Okay, that was a pretty stupid thing to say. To his knowledge, no one was ever supposed to find out about Rachel and I sleeping together. But I guess I was trying to pave the way so it would maybe be easier to tell them later.

Thank God, Robbie and Damon walked into the bedroom and I quickly changed the subject.

"Hey hon, so apparently, those guys think we should sleep in both bedrooms to make it look like we're actually using the other one," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Ohh come on! Is that really necessary? Who's gonna know?" Rob grumbled.

"Well, no one yet, but that will save you the trouble of explaining why you're only using one bed if someone asks." Dylan explained.

"Yeah, well, we'll have to see about that, I don't know. I don't really like that," he said sitting on the bed.

"Neither do I," I said, "but they're right, we did say we'd try not to give anything away."

He sighed, "I know, and I don't mind doing it outside, but this is where we live. I mean, now we even gonna start hiding in our own home, that's crazy."

"Not hiding, just, covering up the truth." I said with a shrug.

This made him raise his eyebrows and he said, "I really don't think it's necessary. If people are to find out, they will. No matter how hard we try to keep it a secret."

Dylan sat down on the floor and held his knees close to his chest, and said,

"Yeah, but you might wanna try not to give them any reason to suspect something, as long as you're not ready to tell anyway... and I don't think that you are."

"Look," Rob said, "I know we're not gay in an obvious kind a way, we can easily pass for straight, but at some point, rumours are going to start whether we like it or not, and you know what? I think I am ready for it. I'm not saying we should broadcast it or make a public announcement for the whole world to hear, but if some people speculate about it or even find out, well, we'll just have to deal with it. And even if a few people around us know, that doesn't mean we'll have to come out publicly, right?"

"No, but there will be more risks of being outed by someone. You know I'm sure some people would love to out us just to make some money." I told him.

"That is so sick."

"I'm afraid we're all gonna have to get used to dealing with bad press, especially you Rob, you're in the spotlight," Dylan added.

Rob chuckled and said, "ohh why me? You know, if someone outs me and it's in the paper, I'll just deny it... No, I won't deny it, but I won't say I'm gay and I won't say I'm straight either. Just let people speculate. Let's face it, that can be good publicity. I'll make gay innuendos and play with it, that'll be fun," he giggled.

"Aren't you worried it might change people's attitude toward the band or toward you if they knew." Dylan asked.

"I thought about that, and you know what? Right now, I'm not planning on letting anyone find out, but if we start becoming really successful, people are gonna want to know more and more about me, about all of us. But if it gets out that I'm gay once we're well established in the business, we probably won't lose that many fans. And honestly, I don't give a shit if we do because I don't want any stupid homophobic fans anyway. For all I know, we might just gain new ones! There's a whole gay community out there, and I'm sure they would stick with us if we came out! And I hope people can get past the gay thing and just enjoy what we do. We're in this for the music before anything else. I know I am."

"You know what I think?" Damon said, "I think you're right! What is important is the music. That's the reason why we're doing all of this. If it brings us fame and money, well I'm not gonna say no, even though I'm a bit worried that it may completely screw us up but whatever" he giggled.

"We just can't let other people control our lives. Of course our fans are gonna be interested in knowing some personal stuff about us but that doesn't mean we have to reveal everything. If people like our music and appreciate what we do, they won't turn their back on us just because you're gay, unless they're homophobic, but in that case, they're just not worth it."

"Exactly," Rob said, "look at Queen for instance. People care about their music, that's what they remember, not the fact that Freddy Mercury was gay. He never tried to hide it and for most people, being homosexual was just part of what made him an exceptional artist and performer, and they completely accepted that. Well, I'm sure there were some journalists who wrote shit about him but at the end of the day, it wasn't such a big deal, same for Elton john or...!"

"Or George Michael ... Whenever he decides to come out," I giggled. I was so sure this guy wasn't straight.

"Yeah maybe," Rob laughed.

"He just can't be straight! I'm telling you!" I stated.

Jordan laughed "Jeez, even you speculate! So Rob, tell me, are you comparing yourself to Freddy Mercury ?" Jordan asked.

"I'm not saying that," he answered modestly.

"you should! Dream big Rob! It doesn't cost anything and it might actually become real! It has so far!"

He smiled, looking cute and sexy, with a little sparkle in his eyes that was always there and that made him look irresistible. Thank god I had some self control because I felt this urgent need for a few seconds to push him down the bed, rip off his clothes and make love to him right there.

Damon continued the conversation by saying "it's not something we have to worry about right now. But we're all in this together, if it affects you, it affects all of us. Just be careful ok, you both know we'll support you whatever you decide, but just make sure you make the right choices for yourselves and for the band, that's all."

"We'll try," Rob answered.

"Yeah," I agreed, "but just for the record, I think that if people find out about us and ask at some point, it would probably be best to just be honest about it. I don't want to be forced to lie to protect us when I'm not even sure we really need to hide it from people. I don't wanna lie to everyone like I'm ashamed of being gay, cos I'm not! I mean, not straightforwardly admitting it is one thing but if we say that we're straight and then we're outed by someone or we decide to come out, then our fans will just feel like they've been lied to".

Rob nodded. "Anyway," I said, leaning toward him and giving him a quick kiss on the lips as I look deep into his eyes, "If someone finds out that I'm gay and in love with you, I might tell them it's none of their business, but I will definitely not tell them that I'm not and deny it like it's something to be ashamed of."

He smiled and said, "Neither will I," and he kissed me softly as I caressed the back of his neck, "unless maybe if it's an absolute necessity," he added, and I punched him playfully on the arm.

"Yeah, okay! You mean in case that person is a journalist working for the Sun?" I laughed.

"Yeah something like that! You just can't trust these people."

"Ok! Don't you think we should get some sleep, what time do we have to leave tomorrow?" Damon asked.

"Tom is coming by around 5.30," I answered.

"Ohh my god, is it always going to be like this?" Jordan whined. "I'm so not a morning person. I'm already tired just thinking about it."

We knew we had to go to bed, but we kept hanging out for another hour before the guys finally left. Rob and I went to bed around midnight and fell asleep almost right away.

I was sleeping soundly, dreaming I was in a labyrinth, trying to find my way out. I was hearing bells so I was doing my best to place the sound because I was pretty sure the bells were coming from the exit of the labyrinth, indicating me in which direction to go when I finally woke up and realized with difficulty that I was in bed and that it had just been a dream. I wondered what it meant. However, the sound didn't stop and I realized that the bells I had heard in my dream were actually the sound of someone ringing the doorbell insistently.

I rolled over onto my back and looked at the clock radio. It was 4.30. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I searched for Rob but I realized he was not in bed. I figured that he had probably got up to answer the door so I snuggled under the covers again and let him take care of it. But the doorbell didn't stop ringing. I waited for a few seconds but still it kept ringing more and more insistently.

"Fuck!" I screamed, I didn't want to get up. "Rob! ROB!" I called. No answer.

I reluctantly got out of bed and clumsily put something on and went downstairs, still calling Robbie but he still didn't answer. Shit, where was he?

I turned on the lights and made my way over to the door, preparing myself to do some serious yelling. I didn't particularly enjoy being awaken from a deep sleep and forced to get up at 4.30 in the morning. I swung the door open, but what I saw left me stunned and speechless.

Rob was standing in the hallway, butt naked, his hands over his dick, looking all embarrassed.

"I locked myself out," he giggled.

I looked at him and looked around, trying to understand how he had managed to do that and I giggled too. I couldn't even be mad at him. He stepped inside jumping up and down and rubbing his hands up and down his arms to warm up his body. I suppose the hallway was not the warmest place to be locked naked in. I realized the comical side of the situation and I cracked up. I kept seeing the expression on his face when I opened the door, lost, embarrassed, cold, a bit scared and amused too and it was just too damn hilarious.

"Well I'm glad you find this so fucking amusing," he said laughing too. "I woke up and I wanted to make some coffee so I was looking for the kitchen but it was too dark and I was so sure it was the kitchen door. I closed it behind me"

I laughed harder and asked, "Why didn't you put something on and turned on the lights?"

"Too much trouble, I wasn't thinking straight" he replied.

"When are you Ever thinking straight?" I joked. He laughed and continued.

"So I ended up in the hallway, and I looked for the sink or the switch but I couldn't find anything. I was freaking out, I didn't know where I was." As he continued talking with difficulty because he was laughing too, I sank to the floor and really laughed my ass off, imagining him lost in the hallway and especially figuring out he was stuck naked out of the apartment.

"And then I finally found the switch in the hallway and I realized where I was. But this damn door was locked of course" yeah, the front door was one of those doors you need the key to open them. I hated that. Always need to take the key with you when you're going out, what a pain!

"Man, and you, how long does it take you to come down and open the door. I must have rung that bell for 10 minutes at least" I split my sides laughing. I couldn't catch my breath properly, my cheeks were aching and I was beginning to cry but I couldn't stop. You know how it is, once you start, it's really hard to stop.

"Excuse me, I was sleeping! oh, you're killing me" I managed to say between fits of laughter.

He started walking toward the stairs and I stood up, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Hey, the kitchen is that way," I laughed, pointing toward the kitchen.

"Oh right," he said turning back, probably remembering that he initially wanted to go into the kitchen. He took a few steps toward the kitchen but stopped again "Oh no, forget it, I'm going back to bed, I'm freezing," and he turned back again and ran upstairs, his dick jumping up and down between his legs.

I followed him, saying in French "oh si t'existais pas, faudrait t'inventer."

"What does that mean?" he asked. He never really paid attention in French class. Over the years, I usually did all of his homework and gave him the right answers during exams. I think he could understand if I spoke slowly enough and he concentrated hard but he didn't want to bother trying.

"If you didn't exist, we would have to invent you."

"Oh! Is that so? Well, thank you I suppose."

He was always doing stupid stuff like that. There was this time a few weeks ago when he was so tired in the morning, he took the shaving foam and confused it with the deodorant spray. He pressed hard on it and before he actually realized it wasn't deodorant, his armpit and upper chest were covered with shaving foam. And I went "you know, if I wanted to date someone with a completely smooth body, I wouldn't be with you." He ended up shaving his armpits and chest that day, (he had a little hair on his pecs now, which made him look even sexier) and I laughed about it all the way to the studio. God, I loved him!

I tried to think about something else because it was becoming painful to laugh but every time it started to subside, an image of his face in the hallway flashed before me and I started laughing again. When I entered the bedroom, he was snuggling under the cover, warming up his body and I joined him. I lay on my stomach on my side of the bed and buried my face into my pillow and laughed again uncontrollably, my body shaking a little. I was completely unable to hold my laughter in.

"Stop," he begged, laughing too, but more out of embarrassment. He rolled over onto my side and sat on my ass to tickle me where he knew I would hopelessly beg for him to stop.

"Stop laughing!" He ordered. That was not the best way to make me stop but why not after all. He knew how much I hated being tickled and I would have to stop laughing if I wanted him to stop.

"Ok, ok." I honestly tried, for 5 seconds. I took several deep breaths and turned around on my back but as soon as I saw his face, I cracked up again.

"Come on." He took my pillow and put it over my head to stifle my laughter, but I forced it off me and he hit me playfully with it. I pushed him down on his back and knelt on the bed. I took his pillow and slammed it forcefully on his chest.

"Were you trying to kill me?" I asked and hit him again with the pillow.

After that, we started wrestling on the bed. We slammed our pillows into each other and tried to pin each other down. As we wrestled we came closer and closer to the edge of the bed. I tackled him and as he tried to push me away and to get away from the grip I had on him, he fell off the bed with a loud bang.

"Are you alright?" I laughed, lying down on my stomach, resting my chin on the edge of the bed and looking down at him.

"Oh damn, what was I thinking getting out of bed this morning?" he moaned lying on the floor, holding and massaging his right foot that he had probably hurt. "come on we need to get a move on. I'm afraid of what might be next if we keep this up. Tom is gonna be here soon, let's take a shower" he yawned and got up.

"So you're giving up? I win?"

"Sure, whatever."

We stepped into the shower, which like everything else in this place, was pretty big. Rob turned it on and I realized that we maybe should have waited for the water to reach the right temperature before stepping in. As expected, the cold water sprayed on us mercilessly and we jumped and screamed.

"Fuck, can't anything go right?" Rob complained and I shook my head no and smiled.

I took the soap and started applying it on his chest, caressing him. Our little wrestling session had made me horny and seeing the water spray over his hot, naked body made my cock beg for attention.

"I bet I can make you feel better," I told him, stroking my cock to a full erection, making sure he saw my state of arousal.

"Are you trying to have your way with me?" he asked smiling. I moved and stood behind him to kiss his broad shoulders and run my fingers over his flat, tight stomach, hugging him from behind. "Like you don't want me to!"

He turned around and gave me a peck. "mhm, we have to get ready, we don't have time."

"Ohhh, come on, we can always make time for sex." I whined, running my hand over his firm ass and squeezing it. "And just in case you haven't noticed, I'm rock hard, and I don't want blue balls, so I'm gonna get off, whether you help me or not."

He smiled and took the soap, "fine, you do that while I wash myself, I'll just watch," he grinned at me.

"You pervert," I laughed, "I understand why you were standing naked in the hallway now".

He just laughed and gave me a wicked grin.

"So, when is this show going to start?" he said, massaging his chest with his soaped hands.

"I think it already has, for me anyway."

I leaned against the shower wall and squeezed my cock, as the water sprayed over my body. I watched him closely as he washed himself, staring at his every move, at every little inch of his beautiful body. He was glancing at me every few seconds, trying to look uninterested by what I was doing. When he was done with the front of his body, he turned around and passed his hands over his ass sensually, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. I stared at his ass, finding the sight of it extremely exciting and started stroking myself faster.

I wanted to get off quickly, Rob was right, we had to hurry, so I bit my lower lip, threw my head back and closed my eyes as I began beating myself off furiously, moaning a little. I concentrated on what I had just seen and imagined I was touching him, roaming my hands all over his body, kissing his chest, rubbing my cock against his and then taking his semi-hard member in my mouth and feeling it grow inside me, until it was fully hard, sliding between my lips. I was getting close; I slowed down my pace for a few seconds and again stroked myself fast when I felt Rob's lips on my nipple. I moaned as he licked around it and bit it gently between his teeth. I looked down at him with lust and saw the same expression in his eyes.

"Do you have any idea how hot you are?" he asked me and kissed my neck as he forced my hand off my cock and replaced it with his, stroking it as fast as I had been stroking myself.

"I thought you didn't want to be a part of this." I smiled.

"I changed my mind, you're too hard to resist" he kissed me deeply, holding my chin and as he looked into my eyes and fastened his pace on my cock, he whispered "come on, cum all over my hand, cum for me baby. I love your cock, you're so hard, you feel so good."

"Ohh" I moaned "I'm close."

"Mmhh what are you thinking about? Tell me."

"You" I muttered "I'm thinking about you."

"Yeah? You want me baby?" he asked, kissing the area right behind my ear. I moaned and he took my hand with his free hand and pressed it on his chest, making me run my fingers between his pecs and over his abs "I'm right here, you can have me whenever you want" I touched and caressed his body and as I felt his soft skin against the palm of my hand as well as the little hair on his chest, he took my cock between two fingers and finished me off. I grunted as I began to pump my load all over myself and his hand. I quivered and whimpered a little as I enjoyed the feeling of release. When I was done cumming, I opened my eyes to see Rob grinning at me.

"You jerk, now I'm rock hard, you're happy?" I smiled and tried to recover quickly from my orgasm to take care of his.

I turned him around and backed him up against the shower wall. I pressed my left hand against it for support and forced my tongue inside his mouth, kissing him hungrily for a few seconds, as I grabbed his cock and jerked him off furiously. We really didn't have time to make this last. My hand slid fast up and down his shaft and he moaned when an ounce of precum escaped his slit. He was getting close and I kept up my pace. In my effort to get him off rapidly but with maximum pleasure, I soaped my fingers and pressed one against his hole. He pushed back on it and it easily popped in.

He eyes shot open and he gasped and relaxed again, "ohh yeah, make me cum, feels good." I moved my finger around and found his prostate. I massaged it a few times, and he groaned and whimpered, leaning his forehead on my shoulder. I continued jerking him off and my finger slid back and forth, teasing his prostate gently.

"Are you close?" I asked and he nodded slightly, concentrating on my hand on his cock and my finger up his ass as he caressed my back. I wanted to make this good for him. It was not something I did often but I was in the mood so I started talking dirty to him.

"Mmh I love touching you. You like feeling my finger in your ass? Does it feel good? ... Imagine I'm fucking you, I'm fucking you hard, I'm slamming my cock hard and fast deep inside your ass. Can you feel it?" I moaned, inserting another finger inside him and fucking him with two fingers and he clung to me.

"You love it when I fuck you, don't you? I bet you want me to fuck right now. I could cum deep inside you. Yeah, imagine I'm cumming inside you, come on cum with me, now, come on baby, " I urged, jerking him off fast.

He let out a groan and started cumming really hard between us. I watched as a thick rope of white semen shot out of his cock followed by 4 or 5 others. He came a lot and by the time he was done, my hand was covered in cum, the water spraying on us washing it quickly away.

"ohh that was so good! you're amazing, I love you," he said, still leaning his body against the wall. He touched his cock and shuddered a little, feeling too sensitive. He took a deep breath and just stayed there, basically waiting for his orgasm to subside.

"Now we're really gonna be late," I laughed and started washing myself. I had done a great job of turning myself on too and I was hard again but I didn't do anything about it. We really had to get ready.

We finished washing ourselves and quickly got out of the shower to get dressed. My orgasm combined with all the laughing from earlier had made me want to go back to bed and sleep some more, and I'm sure Rob was feeling the exact same way, but we tried to fight it off.

Around 5.30, the guys came by, ready to go. I opened the door to them saying, "cool, you're all dressed up, that's a relief."

"What?" Damon asked.

I was about to tell them but Rob came downstairs and spoke before I could.

"Are you ready?" he asked them. He picked up his jacket on the couch and went into the kitchen and I started laughing again "rob, this is the kitchen you're going into, not the hallway"

"ah ah ah, very funny," he yelled.

"I didn't get it," Jordan told me. I shook my head no, just to tell him it really wasn't important and that it couldn't get the joke.

Tom called us on my cell to tell us he was outside with our driver, waiting for us and we headed outside (yeah, cos we had a driver now hehe, thank you very much, well it wasn't always the same guy, but we were being picked up all the time when where we had to go had something to do with the band, so cool). On our way to the radio, (and to fame as well hehe) I had the hardest time staying serious. We were all pretty quiet, I mean it was 5.30 in the morning. We had been briefed one last time by Tom for about 5 minutes about what we were supposed to do and say during the interview but after that everyone grew silent and I had no distraction to take my mind off the image of Rob, lost, panicked and naked in the dark hallway.

I tried to think about something else, something really depressing, like my father beating me up. I don't know why I was doing this to myself, thinking about that but it didn't last more than a few seconds. My father was someone I was trying to forget had ever existed. I did my best not to look at Rob, because I just knew I would start laughing as soon as I'd see his face but I just couldn't help but think about it and on top of that, I imagined what would have happened if someone had come out of their apartments while he was in the hallway. I pictured the look of surprise on the person's face and the look of embarrassment on Rob's and that did it. I just couldn't hold it anymore and I broke into laughter again, for no obvious reason to the guys or Tom. I laughed hard, holding my face in my hands, doing my best to hold it in but it was impossible.

"What's so funny?" they asked me confused. I looked at them, unable to speak and shook my hand before burying my face in my hands again.

"What?" they asked.

"Nothing," Rob replied quickly, "he's just going crazy. It's too early for him."

My laughter was infectious and the guys started laughing too, even if they didn't know why, even Rob did and after a few seconds, they were laughing as hard as I was.

"What is it Mark?" Tom asked "Whatever it is, you could share it with us if it's so funny."

I looked at Rob, begging for permission to tell them but I didn't get it. I guess he knew I was going to make jokes about this little incident for days, probably even weeks, maybe months, or even years, and he didn't want the guys to do it too.

"You shush, or I'll tell them something else."

Oh oh, he had me here. I really didn't want them to find out about Rachel like that. I know when I'm beaten so I didn't insist.

"Ok ok I'm done," I said trying to regain my composure. I wiped the tears from my eyes and tried to breathe more normally but I still couldn't help giggling occasionally.

"Hey hey, what's with all the secrets?" Damon asked but we didn't answer. I just tried to make it look like I had just been laughing for a stupid reason that wasn't even worse mentioning. Like they wouldn't even understand if I told them. You know the look!

"What the hell was that? you'll tell me later?" Jordan whispered in my ear but Rob heard him.

"No he won't. There's nothing to tell," Rob said. Jordan looked at me with an expression that said, "you'll tell me," and I nodded, giggling.

With minimal laughter after that, we made it to the radio, where we were welcomed with open arms by programmers. They were treating us with respect, taking our work seriously. Tom had done a great job of talking with professionals about us, selling our music and our image. Thanks to him, we were entering a very private world rather easily. He was an excellent manager.

The guy in charge of interviewing us offered us coffee and briefed us rather quickly and then we gave a live interview. We answered the listener's questions and performed the single live on the air. The song was called "misjudged". It sounded very rock. It started as a ballad with only Dylan playing the piano for the first 30 seconds and then it gradually gained strength once we all started playing. There were all those changes in the melody and tempo as it went on. When people heard it for the first time, I was sure they had no idea it was going to finish the way it did. It was fucking brilliant! The music was getting louder and louder throughout the song, coming back to a quiet and peaceful sound near the end before ending with a pretty powerful riff that I played.

The lyrics were meaningful and deep, the kind of lyrics that make you rethink some stuff about yourself and give you goose bumps in the process, especially with Rob singing them! No really, it was brilliant! It was different from all the songs that were on top of the charts in England at that time, that's why we had people's attention! We were different! Good different!

The album was to be released two weeks after the release of the single. We couldn't wait to see how people were going to welcome the album but the reviews were already unanimous. Throughout the country, you could read,

"A really exciting New band"

"Shaking their way to Fame and Fortune"

"Mega success approaching, definitely not to be missed"

...It was always positive! Let me tell you, it sure makes you feel good about yourself when you read this in the paper. The one I liked the most was a review in NME no less, saying...

Behemothic, colossal, elephantine, enormous, gigantic, hulking, humongous, immense, jumbo, king-size, mammoth, massive, mighty, monumental, monstrous, planetary, stupendous, titanic, towering, vast, whopping, Just how big are U-N-I going to be in the future? Words fail us ...

I couldn't wait to meet the person who had written this ... I already loved him, or her, whatever!

With the release of the album coming up, we didn't have any time for ourselves. We did promotional work, and promotional work only. We shot the video for the single in one day. That was so much fun. We started at 7am and finished at 3am the next day, maaaad! But it looked good! Really good!

We didn't bother coming up with an idea for the video. Other people did it for us. It was actually the first time we even did this. We hadn't shot any videos for the first album so we didn't know how it worked. All I can say is that watching the final version had been an amazing moment. Rob looked so gorgeous in the video, I think I had a tiny orgasm just watching it! This was a video I was going to watch over and over again, let me tell you!

Watching it, I thought about all the people who were going to drool all over him and it just made me feel extremely special to be the one he loved. As expected, his eyes were just amazingly beautiful and the producers had seen the possibilities there. They had made some close shots of his eyes as he sang some of the most powerful lyrics of the song and it was just breath taking to watch. It was for me anyway. But I couldn't see how people could not feel the same way. This video had been the cause of several hot lovemaking session.

As soon as the album was released, we were all over the place, going from TV sets to TV sets, from radio shows to radio shows, giving interviews,signing autographs, meeting different people every day, even famous people. It was crazy! We also did photo shoots for the press, but considering we were not going to be marketed in teen magazines, we didn't do that many. We thought we were ready for this but I'm not so sure that we were after all. It was stupid and we never meant it, but sometimes we just wanted to move back home to Ireland and forget we had ever started this band. We weren't getting that much sleep because we were often invited to parties by people in the business and unfortunately, we always had to get up early on the next day so we were starting to be pretty tired but it was all so worth it. We just ended up drinking coffee 10 times a day and waited for things to slow down a little.

We seemed to be handling it pretty well though. I think that if we had had that kind of success with the first album, we would have gone crazy. It would have been too much. I was glad that things had happened the way they had. But at times, it was still just a little too much to handle. Especially for Rob. I don't think I could fully realize what it was like for him even if I was with him all the time. Whenever we were out in public, he had to give so much more of himself than the rest of us because, as I told you, before people even talked to me or the guys, they wanted to talk to him. They wanted his autograph, they wanted his picture, they wanted his attention basically, and he had to give it to them whether he wanted to or not.

After a few weeks of promotion in England, it was time to start promoting the album in Europe. It had been released in many countries, but we had to go over there and promote it ourselves to make sure people would hear about us. We headed to France and Germany first! When we landed in Paris, I was overly thrilled. Now, I was still in a phase where I was just trying to forget I even had a family, so speaking French was obviously not the best way to do that.

Except that strangely, I loved the language. So I did my best to block all the bad memories out and to tell you the truth, I was so good at it that I was actually starting to forget plenty of things about my family. The guys were regularly talking to their families. I tried to call my mother a couple of times, but I always ended up hanging up feeling downhearted and unloved. We had nothing to say to each other and she was always cold on the phone so I gave up. She obviously didn't care. I'm not sure why I even bothered trying. I didn't want to talk to my brother, he had always been mean to me, not to mention my father, and my sister was ok I suppose, but I just didn't really know her. We had never talked or tried to know each other. It's weird how you can be part of the same family and yet, feel like you're complete strangers. If they wanted to know how I was doing, they could call me. They had my number. But they never did.

"Okay Mark, you're my official translator!" Jordan told me minutes after our arrival, "you've got to translate my every word. French girls, here I come!"

"In your dreams!" I laughed.

"Like you're gonna have time to flirt with girls anyway." Rob told him.

We stayed in Paris for a week and I did become their translator, complaining all the time because man, there were supposed to have learned it in school. They were asking me to translate every little thing, down to the easiest word. Of course, they were doing it on purpose because they knew it was pissing me off. That was the price I paid for being nice to my friends and doing their homework. They hadn't learned anything.

Anyway, we were coming back to our hotel after giving a special performance and doing a signing in the Virgin Mega Store on the "champs Elysées" where the people there had been great, and I quickly ran into my room, took a piece of paper and started writing down a melody that had popped into my head in the cab and that I had tried not to forget since then.

I was lost in a very creative moment when Rob came into the room. We were sharing it but again, we ended up messing up an unused bed in the morning. Tom had told us they were pretty much going to book three rooms all the time, no more, so we had to choose who we wanted to share a room with. So it was an easy choice. Damon and Jordan usually stayed together and Dylan shared a room with Tom.

Rob sat down behind me on the bed, wrapping his legs around me. He started kissing my neck and I tried to move away from him.

"Come on, not now, you're gonna make me forget my ideas." He grabbed my crotch and squeezed it firmly, pulling me closer to him. He kissed my neck and whispered,

"Do you realize we did not have sex at all for 4 days? Fuck, I didn't even have a wank." Yeah, we had been pretty busy and tired, what can I say?

"Noooo, how terrible!" I said over dramatically, so he'll know I didn't really care about that.

"So if we've been able to go without it for 4 days, I'm sure you can still wait a few more minutes."

"I don't think so," he said squeezing me to him, kissing my neck with intensity and massaging my cock through my pants.

No matter how hard I tried to concentrate on the melody, I knew I had already lost the battle. In a matter of seconds, he had me hot and horny and I surrendered to his touch, especially his firm grip on my package. I moaned and he took his clue. I was his. He could do whatever he wanted to.

He turned around and sat in front of me, wrapping his legs around me again.

He pulled me close to him and nibbled at my neck saying, "you smell good. I've been horny all day. I couldn't wait to be finally alone with you."

"Well, you are now, enjoy it." I told him.

We kissed, sucking hard on each other's lips, making it almost painful. There was nothing gentle about that kiss. It was driven by a pure animal desire for each other. There was a passion emanating from him that turned me on like crazy. He was usually more into making love than fucking but I was pretty sure there was not gonna be anything romantic about that session. We were gonna fuck. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He stroked himself and took my hand in his, bringing it to his hard member.

"You feel this?" he asked sensually.

"mmh mmh," I moaned licking his lower lip.

"You feel how hard and hot I am?"

"Yeah," I smiled.

"That's for you, you make me hard. I want you so bad. I want you so bad it hurts," he moaned, holding the back of my neck with his strong and soft hand and kissing me.

"I want you too," I groaned and kissed him hard. He broke away from me and took all of his clothes off, never breaking eye contact with me. I was mesmerized. All I could do was smile and stare at every inches of his gorgeous body as they came into view. He kneeled on the bed in front of me and I regained my senses. Before he had time to do anything else, I reached for his cock and held him in my mouth.

"Ohh," he sighed. I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft and he lifted up my t-shirt. I took it off, letting go of his cock and he pushed me down on the bed to take off the rest of my clothes. He pushed my pants and underwear down to my ankles, and climbed back up to kiss me. He grabbed my hair and said, his lips millimeters away from mine.

"I'm so hot for you. I'm gonna suck your cock until you cum hard down my throat and then I'm gonna fuck you, I'm gonna fuck you hard, and make you cum again."

"Oh god, yes," I moaned, feeling a wave of lust sweep me over. He licked my nipples using his whole tongue, lapping them up and I took a deep breath, enjoying the feeling. My cock got harder and he quickly engulfed it in his mouth.

I immediately felt my cock enter his throat. He didn't gag but he still had swallowing reflexes that felt damn good. He pulled back and held my cock tightly with his tongue. I don't know if he was serious about wanting me to cum in his mouth but I felt like if he kept this up, it was not gonna be very hard to do. I started rocking my hips slightly to add to the sensation and he pulled his mouth off my cock and said,

"That's it, fuck my face, give it to me."

Oh god, if he wanted it that way, I was not going to argue. I knelt on the bed and he gently bit on my cock a few times before swallowing me down to the base again. He pulled off and repeated the action, burying my cock to the back of his throat. I started moving my hips and fuck his face like he wanted me to and he moaned. He began bobbing his head up and down and after a few seconds, he pressed his hand against my ass and forced me to slam my cock down his throat again, his hands moving down to my balls.

I shivered and pulled out of him before slamming my cock back inside his mouth. I held the back of his head and fucked him fast, feeling my climax approach. I knew I was being rough but he had asked, and judging by the noise he was making, he didn't seem to mind. I let him take my cock down his throat only when he wanted to, not forcing him but he kept trying to take all of my seven inches cock in his mouth and he did a great job of controlling his gag reflexes. I closed my eyes and threw my head back. He held the base of my cock and jerked it off roughly as he sucked hard on the head and buried my meat down his throat again. I withdrew my cock slightly and with one final thrust pushed back in, shooting my load down his throat, letting escape all the cum I had been saving up for the past 4 days. I quivered as I felt the cum shoot out of me. He pulled back a little and continued swallowing every drop of cum that escaped from my cock. When I was done, he raised himself up so we were face to face. I grabbed the back of his head and I kissed him with a lot of ferocity, tasting myself in his mouth.

I took his thick cock in my hand. He was rock hard and I asked, "so, you wanna fuck me now?"

"Yes please. I want that very much."

I propped myself up on my hands and knees in a doggy style position and he knelt behind me. I heard the bottle of lube clap open and then I felt his hand on my ass. He open me up with a lubed thumb. He slid it back and forth a few times and applied some more lube on my hole "you're ready?"

"Yeah, fuck me, just fuck me."

He put his hands on my hips and I felt his cock push up against me. A few inches of his cock slid into me and he pulled out and pushed back in a few times until he was completely buried into my ass.

I moaned, "ohh, yeah, you cock feels so big." He withdrew his cock completely and slammed it into me again, grabbing my hips. I let out a yelp and he did it again hitting my prostate.

He started fucking me faster, as he slid his hands up and down my ass and caressed the small of my back. I was loving it. I didn't want him to miss my prostate, it felt too damn good when his cock poked against it so I kept urging him to fuck me deeper and harder. I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead as I slammed myself onto him, forcing him to push his cock as deep as he could into me. I felt a drop of precum escape the tip of my cock, which was hard again and slapping up against my stomach and I brought my hand to it, spreading the precum over the head.

As he fucked me, we moved until I was facing the head of the bed. He held my shoulders with both hands and I grasped the headboard as he started fucking me hard and fast, pounding my ass, his cock sliding against my prostate upon every thrust.

"uuggh," I moaned, "God, yes, you're so fucking good."

He did as he was told and we both let out a groan as he pulled his cock out of me and reentered me again. He let go of my shoulders and lowered himself down a little to wrap his right arm around my chest and hold my cock with his other hand. He continued sliding his cock in and out of me, only withdrawing half of it before pushing back in and he slowly made me raise my upper body so that my back was pressed against his chest. He made me move me closer to the headboard and I grasped it again. We both kneeled on the bed, and he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me tightly against him as he kissed my neck, moaning a lot. He roamed his hand all over my chest and I tilted my head back to let him lick my neck and I shivered and moaned louder.

"Oh God," he cried out as he slid his cock fast in and out of me, "you feel so good, I'm gonna cum." He let out a groan and exploded inside me, panting and breathing heavily. I felt his cum invade my insides and he continued fucking me, enjoying his orgasm to the fullest, slowing down his pace more and more, until he pulled out of me, letting some of the cum escape my ass.

I on the other hand, was still rock hard and damn close to cumming. As soon as he pulled out of me, I collapsed on the bed, breathing hard. My hole felt like it was on fire but I wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. I hoped the burning sensation was going to subside soon but it had been so damn good, I didn't care that much. I lay on my back, and started jerking myself off to climax, thinking we were pretty much done. He took my hand and pushed it away and as I looked into his eyes, I saw an expression that he usually had when we were about to have sex, not when we were finished.

He reached for the lube and lubed up my cock, which almost made me lose it. He positioned my cock at his hole and lowered himself onto me slowly, taking his time to swallow my cock with his ass. I felt his warmth engulfing me and I groaned, "ohh, baby, you feel good, you're so tight. I'm close."

He lowered himself down to kiss me and moaned, "Finish yourself off inside me, I wanna feel you cum in me."

I looked into his eyes, he had just cum, but he still wanted to fuck. He wanted to give me maximum pleasure by making me cum inside him. The realization of that, of just how bad he wanted me, made me want him even more and I almost came as I started rocking my hips and thrusting my cock in and out of him, as I caressed his chest. I stopped almost right away, concentrating hard on something else not to shoot my load too quickly and make it last a little, but when I stopped, he started moving.

"Oh don't, you're gonna make me cum."

He laughed, "that's the whole point," but waited for a few seconds. My need to cum started to subside and he watched me closely and asked, "you're good?"

"Yeah" and I started fucking him again. He didn't move and I pressed both my hands on his thighs and slid my cock in and out of him. Rob's hands pressed against the mattress on each side of my head and I sped up my pace.

"Ugh yeah, right there, fuck me," he urged, apparently starting to enjoy himself again as my cock hit his prostate and teased his own cock again.

As much as I wanted to fuck him all night long, I was too worked up and there was just no way I could last. Again, I felt an overwhelming need to cum come back too quickly. I couldn't help it, he was just too gorgeous. Watching his toned hard body on top of mine, the look of pure pleasure on his face as I thrusted hard in and out of him, watching him slam himself onto my cock, trying to get me to fuck him deep and fast, I couldn't help it, it was a sight that turned me on way too much. I pressed my hands on his biceps and yelped and whimpered as I felt myself going over the edge for the second time that night.

"Uggh, I'm, I'm, god," I let out a high-pitched sound and unloaded deep inside him a still pretty big amount of semen. I continued gently rocking my hips to let his ass squeeze the last drop of cum out of me, moaning quietly, until I went soft.

My cock slipped out of him and he collapsed on top of me, nuzzling his face in my neck. I turned my head to the side and my cheek pressed against his ear. He raised his head and our lips met in a loving kiss. We hugged each other tight and tried to slow down our heartbeats.

"I think we need to shower," I heard him say. Next thing I know, I was being awaken by someone banging loudly on the door.

"Guys," Dylan called. "Hello, open up, are you coming down for dinner? Open the door, we have great news," he said, yelling.

I was barely awake and I just didn't have the energy to answer him, because that would have meant screaming so he'd hear me, and that was just not possible. I let him knock on the door a few more times and he finally gave up.

Rob stretched next to me and yawned, "mmmhh, wow I don't even remember falling asleep. What time is it?" he asked.

I looked at my watch an answered, "8.15"

"God, I really needed that, I feel so relaxed," he said, snuggling close to me.

"I know, me too" I yawned "Wanna take a bath?"

"Sounds good."

So we took a hot, relaxing bath together. We must have stayed in there for over an hour, during which we both came again, after a lot of making out, caressing each other as we washed ourselves, eventually reaching a climax in the process. It was very loving. We touched each other very tenderly, and I don't know why but I felt the need to tell him how much I loved him, maybe because there hadn't been anything very loving in the way we had fucked before. I must have told him at least five times from the time we entered the bath to the time we got out. I loved these tender moments with him, when we would just make out, talk, hold each other and enjoy the closeness.

We put something comfortable on and snuggled together under the covers to watch TV. There was a French movie on and we started watching it,

"Are you hungry?" I asked him, realizing I was.

"Not so much. But there's crisps and stuff like that in the bag over there if you want."

I got the food and we had a snack in front of the TV. I had no trouble understanding the movie. It was a very funny comedy and every time I laughed, Rob asked me what they had said and I got quickly tired of it.

"Oh jeez, shut up, that's what they said," I laughed and he whined, acting as if he was really hurt, almost making me feel bad.

"Ohh, sorry, t'inquiètes mon Coeur, je t'aime quand même"

"That, I understand," he said, kissing my forehead.

At the same time, there was a knock on the door and we heard Jordan call us. I was very comfortably settled on a pillow against the headboard, and getting up to open the door was really not something I wanted to do.

"Ohh man! Can you go open the door?" I asked

"Why do I have to go? You do it."

"Oh come on, I asked you to go first, so you should go."

"What kind of logic is that?"

"It's perfectly logical."

"Well I'm not going" he said.

We heard Jordan yell "Are you in there? come on shoot you load already and open the door."

We laughed and Rob asked insistently, "Come on, go!"

"No! You don't even care about the movie, you can barely understand."

"I can too," he complained, "Ok, Rock paper scissors?"

"I always lose at this game."

"I know," he giggled.

"Fine." We made a fist and counted to three. He made a paper and I made a rock, which made me lose, again!

"Damn! Every time. I just hope Jordan is not stuck naked out of his room" I laughed.

"Oh my God, how long are you gonna keep bringing this up?"

"Pour toujours, mon amour" I joked.

I got up and walked to the door, feeling a bit sore you know where. I opened up the door to see Jordan and Damon cheerfully waiting for us to open.

"Are we interrupting something?" Damon asked. I shook my head no and they came in.

"So why didn't you come down for dinner?" Jordan asked.

"You don't wanna know" I said, and they looked at me suspiciously.

"I'm sure we don't, so Tom didn't tell you?" Damon asked.

"No, what?" Rob asked them.

"Ok, listen to this! You're ready?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah, what's going on?" I said.

We're nominated for the MTV Europe music awards in November, and probably for the Brits in England as well," he told us happily.

"No Fucking way," I screamed.

"Holly shit, for real? We are? what category?" Rob asked, getting up excitedly from the bed. Now what was the point of arguing and making me get up if he was not even gonna stay on the bed?

"That's the best part," Damon said excitedly. "We are nominated for best breakthrough and best song."

"Two nominations? That's awesome! Are you sure?" Rob asked.

"Well yeah, of course I'm sure. It's already all over the Internet, they announced the nominations this afternoon."

"And what about the Brits, where did you hear that?" I asked them.

"Tom told us," Damon answered, "He's working on it. If we win an award at the EMAs, we will definitely be nominated for the Brits."

"Ohh jeez, this is huge, oh my God" I said, completely thrilled. Jordan hugged me and we jumped excitedly up and down. "Do you think we have a chance to win?"

"Mark, of course we have a chance to win, hello!" Damon exclaimed. "Come on, 'misjudged' is in the top 10 almost everywhere in Europe, everybody loves us. We're gonna get this. And we still have 3 months of promotion to make sure we get plenty, plenty of votes," he said in a funny voice, "Ok, so maybe we won't get best song, but we'll definitely get best breakthrough."

"Hehe, that's so cool, who else is nominated, do you know?" I asked.

"Oh not really, but I know we're competing against Hanson for both nominations, you know the kids with the long hair, eww, but I don't know who else is nominated." Damon answered.

"Hanson? We're definitely gonna win then" Rob said, happy and sure of himself.

"Hey, you don't know that," I told him, "they've got all the screaming teenagers on their side."

"So? So do we!" Rob said "And our single is so much better than theirs. What is it? That MmmBop song, it's not that good."

"it's entertaining" I said.

"Whose side are you on?"

I grinned and at the same time, my cell phone rang. I reached for it and saw that it was Rachel calling, which was not a surprise; she called me every day around that time, because I had more chance of being available in the evening. We were talking to each other almost every day on the phone, but I gotta admit, I really missed her.

"Hello girl" I said after picking up.

"Who is it?" Rob asked me, "Rachel" I mouthed.

"Oh, again! let's go to your room" he told Damon and Jordan "it can be a while when he's on the phone with his girlfriend" he said, emphasizing the word girlfriend but I sensed a bit of humor in the way he said it.

"Hello Rachel! Your boyfriend is gonna be a award winner soon" Jordan screamed at the top of his voice and she heard him and laughed. I told her what I knew about the nomination, which was very little and she was thrilled. I think none of us could really totally realize what was happening. We were just surfing the wave, trying not to fall off the surfboard and enjoying the ride as long as possible.

After talking for a few minutes, I asked her, "did you hear what Rob said?"

"Not sure, but I think I heard him call me your girlfriend."

"Yeah, exactly."

"How are things going with him? Does he still hate me?"

"He doesn't hate you. He's just a little bit worried."

"You know I really did my best to make him understand we just messed up big time and that I was not trying to steal you away from him but I don't know if he's ever going to believe me"

"Yeah I know, but you know how he is. Telling him that is like preaching to the converted. He knows I love him and he knows he shouldn't feel this way but he still does. He'll get over it. just a few growing pains."

"Yeah, I hope so. But he's still avoiding me though. I mean he's the only one who never calls me."

"He talks to you."

"Yeah, when you and I are on the phone. And it's not like he's telling me anything about himself. I hope he'll get over it. I don't want him to feel like he has to put up with me. We used to be close but now he just doesn't tell me anything anymore."

"It's gonna take some time, but I'm sure he won't behave like this forever".

"Yeah, but maybe if you stopped checking out girls, he wouldn't be so worried"

"I do not check out girls" I said, annoyed.

"You don't? I just wanted to see what you would answer to that," she laughed.


She was silent for a few seconds "Rach, are you there?"

"Yeah ... can I ask you something personal?"

"Sure, but I might not answer."

"Ok, when you see a girl that you find attractive, do you, like, get hard?"


"What? Come on answer my question please, I have a reason for asking."

"Well, I used to, but lately, not so much."

"Yeah that's what I thought. And when you see a hot guy, beside Rob I mean, do you?"

"There's no hot guys beside Rob!" I laughed.

"Oh yes there are, you're living proof that there are quite a few. Rob just happens to be your type! Well, he just happens to be a lot of people's type. So, do you?"

"That can happen," I giggled.

"Yeah, so you know what? I think you're 100% gay."

"I'm not denying that."

"No, but whatever interest you used to have in girls seem to have vanished."

"How do you figure that?" I asked, agreeing with her, but wondering what made her think that.

"Just from stuff you've told me. Before you talked to me about girls sometimes in a way that implied you were sexually attracted to them. That's why I thought I had a chance with you. But now, you never talk about girls anymore. But you do talk about guys. You sort of changed your attitude. I think you went through a bi phase when you didn't really know for sure what you wanted but now, it's pretty clear that you're more sexually attracted to guys than girls. It's like me, sure if I see a cute girl, I'm gonna think to myself, oh wow, she's pretty because I have eyes, but that doesn't mean I want to touch her, or have sex with her. And I think that's the way you feel too now."

"Man, you did your homework," I laughed.

"So you think I'm right?"

"I know you're right. But lately, I'm just attracted to Rob," I laughed, "God, he's just so sexy and perfect. I swear, if he gets any hotter, I don't know what I'm gonna do with myself."

She laughed, "I don't know, blindfold him or something."

I laughed too "oh that would be ok if it was the only part of him that's driving me crazy."

"Ok, we're entering the TMI zone."

"Yeah, ok, but you gave me an idea here," I joked, "so how are you since yesterday? How is my son doing?"

"Now, would you stop saying that? What if it's a girl?"

"Can't be."

"Oh god! I'll find out in a couple of weeks. I don't suppose I can expect you to show up to the doctor's appointment?"

"Give me the date and time, who knows? I can try. But I don't think I'll be able to come, even if it's only for one day, it depends on where we are and what we're doing I suppose"

"Ok, well it's September 3rd, 2pm."

"Ok, I'll talk to Tom."

"So I suppose you still haven't told the guys since the last time I asked you?"

"Um, no."

"Come on Mark, what are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the baby to tell them?"

"No" I laughed "I will. I'll tell them. I'm just waiting for the right time."

"There's never gonna be a right time. Just get it over with. If you don't, I will. I'm getting tired of it. Plus it's really noticeable now, so their parents could see me and tell them, and they'll be mad at us for not telling them first. Plus Jordan and Damon keep calling me all the time and it's really frustrating not to talk to them about it. I mean, jeez, they keep telling me about all of the exciting things you guys are doing, and I just have nothing interesting to tell them about me. And what am I supposed to say when they ask me why I can't come and see you in London? This summer it was easy, I just told them my parents wouldn't give me the money and you were too busy anyway, but the other day, Jordan asked me to come when you guys will be back in London. He said you'd pay for the trip and all. I just don't know what to tell him."

"I know, I know! Fine, I'll do it soon, I promise. So how are you feeling?"

"Huge and fat" she complained.

I laughed "I wish I could see that."

"Shut up, this is all your fault. I swear, if my belly doesn't go back to normal, I'll sue you."

"You realize you're only half way through."

"Do you want to make me cry and hang up on you?"

"You're gonna be fine" I told her.

"Yeah well it's easy for you to say, you don't have to do it. No instead you live the life of a rock star, traveling all around the world, I hate you."

"No, you don't."

"I will if you keep living it up like that while I just keep ballooning up."

"Oh, well, I'm afraid you're gonna hate me then. But just for the record, we haven't exactly been traveling all around the world."

"That's next. I just hope you won't forget to take me with you" she giggled.

"How could I? But look, if I can't come back for the doctor's appointment, Rob and I are trying to convince Tom to let us take a few days off in October so we can come back home. It's been so long since we've been gone, it'd be really nice to spend some time at home"

"Oh ok. yeah, I bet Rob misses his family. Oh I've seen Justin today actually, man, that kid is getting really cute. He's like a little Rob, he's gonna be a heart breaker."

"Yeah, I know. Man I miss them."

"Oh that'd be so cool if you could all spend a few days here. Why in October anyway?"

"Oh well, you know, kind of a 4 year anniversary. It'd just be nice to spend it at home. That's where it started"

"Damn, 4 years? Have you been together that long?"

"Yeah. That's so weird, it's like yesterday, I was still 16, dreaming about everything we're doing now."

"God, time really flies, doesn't it? I'm so happy for you guys. I can't believe any of this is happening to you, but it's just so awesome. Did I tell you about the article in Heat?"

"Yeah, you did, like 3 times."

"Oh right, sorry, it's just so cool!"

"I suppose, but I'm much more interested in the article in Hot press." Yeah, Heat was a gossip magazine, Hot press was a music magazine, you see the difference!

"Yeah sure, but still! Oh guess who I saw today?"

"Who? Justin?" I laughed.

"Nooo, Sarah Hayes. I didn't see her once since we finished school, and all of a sudden, she comes by and asks me if I'm still talking to you guys. And I just couldn't resist so I told her 'oh yeah, sure, I'm pregnant with one of them," she laughed.

"You didn't!"

"Yes I did! You know me, like I was gonna miss the look on her face. That was pretty fun. You know, it made me think, I'm the perfect cover for you if you want people to think you're straight, well at least, as long as I'm single."

"I know," I laughed, "so what did she want? an autograph?" I joked.

"Yeah actually, she tried to get as much information out of me as she possibly could, but she was nice, she stayed for a couple of hours. It's just weird how people try to get in touch with you, just to get to someone else. I mean, I was never really friends with her in school."

"Yeah, we're gonna have to get used to that."

We talked some more. I could easily stay two hours on the phone with her and still have something to talk about. We finally hung up and I joined the guys in their room. There was an euphoria in the room as I came in that made me wonder what it was going be like if we actually won an award!


To be continued,

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