November, 2000

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All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!


  I was 14 when this happened and was living with my brothers, Andy who was 25 and Mark, 19. Our parents had died in a car crash when I was just 5 and we were brought up by an aunt. After she passed away Andy and Mark took charge and has been running the house ever since. Andy worked at a local restaurant and was also involved with some local gang. He was tough and strong and nothing seemed to scare him. He had been in numerous gang fights and fought the hardest, earning the respect of his gang members and soon became a trusted lieutenant of the leader and a member of the inner group. Mark was different, he was studying and did odd jobs and was the one who really loved and cared for me. Andy was always yelling and finding faults, it was Mark who stood up for me.

  I went to the local school and that's where I had met Matt the only person I could call a friend. He was the same age and came from a broken home, a father who had deserted them when he was just a baby and a drunken mom who did nothing but bring home a new guy each night and beat up Matt most other times. He was an extremely quiet and sensitive person and also a very good student. Over the years we became very close, sharing our pains and the loss of what others called 'home'. We seemed to draw on and sustain each other. The world seemed so cruel, so alien. The persons who should be guiding and caring for us were so indifferent and even hostile. Our similar situation brought us closer and soon we were spending most of our time together.

  Being broke and without money we didn't go to the movies like the other guys, instead we walked the woods behind our small town and went on our bikes to the lake a little further away, to sit on its shore and talk. We got to know each other so well that even without having to open our mouth we knew what the other was thinking and convey our own thoughts.... We were what one could call true buddies and we found our little joys, our simple happiness in each other's company.

  Then something happened that changed all our lives..... and with it our love for each other.

  It was a Friday night, about 10 p.m. I went up to my room and was about to get ready for bed when I looked out of the window and saw a shadow move in our back yard. Instinctively I knew it was Matt and he had to be in some kinda trouble. I ran down and went out in the darkness not bothering to answer Andy as he asked where I was off to this late.

  He stood behind the bush, shivering, tears streaking down his face. There was a deep cut on his cheekbone but it wasn't bleeding any more, and his forehead was bruised. Seeing me he started to walk away and I followed. We walked in silence, I knew he would tell, tell me when he wanted to, so I didn't ask. Soon we were at the edge of the woods and he sat down under a tree.

  "What's it Matt?" I finally asked.

  He didn't reply as he buried his face in his arms. I went forward and sat down beside him. Placing my arm around his shoulders I pulled him closer. He turned and hugged me tight and started sobbing loudly.

  "They threw me out..... they threw me out!" he wailed.

  I knew his mother always threatened him with that though she never really did anything for him. And tonight too she had returned, as usual, drunk and with another man. She started yelling at him when he asked for something to eat as there was nothing in the fridge and threw a bottle that missed him by just a couple of inches and when he protested she had the guy physically throw him out of the house. The guy beat him up, banging his head on the kitchen counter and cutting his cheek with the large ring he wore before throwing him out and shutting the door. He cried, he pleaded but she didn't open the door and finally he had wandered away, unsure where he should go.

  "You should have come to the front door and knocked." I said.

  "But Andy wouldn't have liked it......" he replied softly.

  I knew what he just said was true but I also had Mark, I knew he would be behind me and he liked Matt too.

  "I will kill myself!" he said suddenly, voice choked, eyes full of hurt and pain.

  "Hey man, don't be foolish," I quickly replied, "do you think that will affect her?"

  "Nothing will....." he said with a heavy sigh, "whether I live or die it wouldn't do anything to her...."

  "Then why kill yourself?" I asked and quickly changed the subject, "Did you eat anything?"

  He shook his head and stared into the darkness fresh tears welling up in his reddened eyes.

  "C'mon, lets go home and you can stay with me..... But first to eat something." I got up.

  He remained seated. "I think I'll run away..... no one wants me..... needs me....."

  "I want you Matt, I need you. You are the only one I have..... we need each other and we know that. And besides, there will be many who will want you and love you. Now get up and let's go."

  "I can't go to your place..... I will remain here tonight and then decide what to do tomorrow." he said firmly.

  Silently I sat down once more and we remained that way for a long time..... Sometime during the night we both must have fallen asleep for suddenly I woke up and felt myself stiff and cold.

  "Hey Matt..... wake up. It must be real late." I didn't have a watch.

  "Mmmmm......" and he rolled over.

  I shook him now, "Wake up Matt. I have to go home...... you come along." I said.

  He opened his eyes and looked up. "You go ahead, I'll remain here."

  There was no point arguing, so I got up and left. I would talk to Mark and in the morning would come back to get him. I walked silently back towards town. The streets were deserted, 'Must be real late' I thought as I entered our lane and headed home. I could see the light through the chink in the drapes and as I got to the front door could hear the faint sound of the tube.

  I opened the door silently and entered...... Andy sat on the sofa reading something while Mark sat on a chair watching TV.

  "Where the hell have you been..... do you know what the time is?" yelled Andy as soon as he saw me and getting up walked towards me.

  I groaned softly..... I didn't want a scene now. "I had slept off." I said walking towards the bathroom.

  "Slept off!" he said, louder, blocking my way. "It's two in the morning."

  "I was with Matt and we fell asleep..... I didn't know the time......." I didn't know what hit me as I flew halfway across the room and hit the far wall, sliding down to the floor, dazed.

  My jaws ached.... He was so fast I hadn't even notice his fist come and hit me right on my lower jaw. I could taste blood where my lips had cut and as I struggled to sit up I saw Mark rush over and restrain him. He was shouting at me and Mark as always was trying to calm him down and telling me to get to my room.

  I had had enough..... I got up, "You hit me?!" I yelled, voice choked yet not ready to show him my tears, "How dare you....!" and stormed out of the house.

  I heard Mark calling me, running after me but then heard the scuffle and I was out of the gate and into the dark night once again. I started running, not knowing where I was headed, eyes blurred with the unshed tears. I reached the place where we were sleeping a while ago and where Matt still lay and dropped down by his side, crying. He jumped up...

  "Wh... who.... " he asked, rubbing his eyes, "Kevin!..... what's the matter?"

  I told him.

  We sat in silence for a long time. It was pretty cold and we shivered. Finally he stood up and said, "Lets go...."

  "Where to?" I asked.

  "Let's just walk."


  We had reached the park in the center of the town and went in. It was, as to be expected, empty. We went up to the children's area and sat down on a low bench under the dim lamp that burned. We didn't speak..... just being together felt nice. Both shivered slightly in the chill... It must have been around 4 in the morning when we noticed a car drive by and then slow down, turn around and pull up near the entrance of the park. We could make out a couple of faces peering out, looking at us. The doors opened and around six guys got out. They walked in and headed straight for us.

  "Well, well, well.... isn't that the great Andy's little brother?" said one voice.

  As they came closer I immediately recognized them. Patrick and his friends......! They belonged to the other gang and just last week had been in a fight with my brother Andy. Two of them had been thoroughly beaten up and were in a local hospital now, critical.

  "So, what is the Andy trash doing here at this hour?" he asked swaggering right up to where we sat. He reeked of beer and I noticed that he was swaying, a bottle clutched in one hand.

  I didn't answer.... I wasn't in any gang and neither interested in such activities and I was in a lousy mood already. I tugged at Matt's sleeve and we got up. They surrounded us and Patrick splashed the content of his bottle on my face accompanied with a series of the choicest invectives.

  I saw red.... and all my pent-up hurt and anger exploded. I spat on his face and at the same time hit him in the stomach. And all hell broke loose. We were no match for the grown up guys and six of them. They had me in a vice grip and Patrick was punching me like some sandbag.... hard and gut wrenching. The abuses came fast and thick as did the kicks and blows. They dragged me towards the tiny pool at the far end of the park and as two of them held me Patrick forced my head down under the water. I gasped, arms flailing wildly. I thought this was it when he finally pulled me up by my hair..... I gulped air before being shoved right back under water. It continued for God knows how long, I felt my strength seep out of me and my struggle weaken until finally I gave up and everything went black !


  I opened my eyes, I was lying on the ground, wet and cold. Slowly as if in a dream I tried to shift, move my hands and legs.... yes I could.... that's when I heard the whine..... I struggled to get up but my head throbbed and lungs felt funny...... I listened some more and slowly turning to my right saw Matt sitting on the bare ground, shivering, his knees up to his chin, arms wrapped tight. He was crying and whining as he rocked.....

  "AH.... Matt...." I groaned, "you OK?" I managed.

  He kept still for a moment and then wailed again.... "I've killed him.... I've killed him...Ooohhhh !"

  What was he blabbering about, I thought as I slowly sat up and looked around. GOD! There lay Patrick, on my left in a pool of blood, a thick iron rod lying a little further away !!!

  "What happened?" I jumped up, forgetting all my pain and discomfort and rushed over to Matt.

  "They.... they would have killed you..... as soon as I could free myself I grabbed that rod and hit him on the head..... He is dead !" Matt wailed.

  I was in shock. God, now what.... was Patrick really dead?!

  "And where are the others?" I asked again.

  "They ran away as soon as he fell...... God, he's dead, now what...." he cried burying his face in his arms.

  I was terrified ! My mind refused to work..... as I sat down by his side feeling exhausted and then with a start I sat up.... those guys would come back with the rest of the gang...... God, they'd kill us. I didn't know how must time had passed so I couldn't guess when they'd return..... we had to escape...... run to save our lives. I grabbed Matt by his collar and pulled him up and taking his hand said "RUN....... !" and we started running

  I didn't know where to go...... and what would happen to us now. The gang would be looking out for us, where could we hide ? And moreover Matt had killed a person..... the police would also be after us.......... we would be sent away to some jail. My heart thumped wildly as we ran down the dark alley not knowing where we were headed.


  The house stood silent and dark as we walked up to the side and slowly called out.....

  "Ronny...... Ronny....."

  The window flew open and Ronny stuck his head out and quickly pulled back. We heard him run down the stairs and the front door open. He walked out in his shorts and came to where we stood. Matt still shivering and crying..... chanting 'killed him' over and over again.

  "What's the matter...... what you two doin' here at this unearthly hour?" he asked, "And what is he sayin'?"

  I told him.

  "Jesus Christ! What have you done ?!" he looked shocked, "C'mon, get in quick.... " he said herding us inside and shutting the door quickly.

  We went up to his bedroom and sat down...... He made me change the wet clothes and then as we sat he started pacing the room, up and down...... smoking non stop.

  Ronny was another member of Andy's gang and at 21 totally wild. He lived with his dad, who was away most of the time and hardly even knew if Ronny was home or away.... alive or dead. He knew me and had met Matt through me..... having taken an instant liking for the quiet boy, impressed by his gentle manners and his exceptional intelligence. Knowing we were always broke he treated us to all sorts of fancy food and even movies and took us on long drives in his car.

  Suddenly he stopped and went to the large closet and got out a bag and as we watched he stuffed it with some of his clothes and zipping it up asked us to follow him.

  He pushed us into his car and getting in started the engine. We didn't know where we were going as he pulled out and headed out of town. About two hours later as the highway entered a densely wooded area he pulled over and cut the engine. Looking at us he smiled and told us to get out.

  "There's an old abandoned barn about 15 minutes from here..... just walk straight and you won't miss it." he said pointing to our left. "Stay there till I come back. And here..." he said taking out some money from his pocket and handing it over to Matt. He instructed us to buy some provisions from the local village store and remain in the woods..... He would find things out and once it calmed down would come and get us. We trusted him, besides we didn't have much choice, saying good bye we left the road and headed into the woods, the bag slung over my shoulder........ to an uncertain future..... we were on the run......


  We ran for about 15 minutes when I spotted the wooden building, 'moth eaten' and crumbling, standing amidst the surrounding woods..... silent..... this was to be our home for the next few weeks..... maybe months.... maybe, god knew how long.

  We went around the building inspecting it..... and finally entered it. It was rotting..... dirty, dark and musty. I shivered as we went deeper into its belly. Matt seemed oblivious..... totally lost to his surroundings. I put the bag with the clothes Ronny had given us on an old, broken bench and sat down on the dirty floor and within minutes we were both stretched out and sleeping, exhausted from the events of the night.

  I don't know how long I slept but when I opened my eye it was warmer and the sun shone brightly through the broken windows and cracks in the walls, beams of warm light crisscrossing, drawing a pattern of light and shade across the dirty floor. I sat up and looked around, Matt was nowhere..... I called out his name but got no answer and then my eyes fell on the scrap of paper stuck under the bag, taking it I read.

  'Be back soon.'

  I stood up and stretched and turned as I heard a footstep outside. I crouched behind the bench and waited. Matt entered carrying two large paper bags that looked stuffed and heavy.

  "Woke up early and went to get the provisions" he said as I rose from behind my hiding place.

  "Wow, that seems a lot of things." I said going over to where he had placed the bags.

  "Yeah, we will need all of 'em." he replied starting to take them out of the bag and placing them on the floor.

  Bottled water, cans of food stuff, cereals, bars of chocolate, bread, a bottle of marmalade and more tins......

  "I also found a small stream nearby, lets go for a swim after we have eaten something!" he said sounding excited, the gloom of the previous night totally wiped out from his face. He looked different, sounded different..... happy, carefree.

  He opened the bread pack and scooping marmalade onto the slices made sandwiches which we relished, me eating my first meal after nearly 15 hours. We finished and ran out as he led the way deeper into the woods till we came to a shallow stream running quietly through the dense undergrowth. The water looked cool and sparkling and we soon stripped down to our under-shorts and plunged in. We splashed around, shouting and laughing like excited kids. Our eyes were blood shot and fingertips white and wrinkled when we finally got out of the water, driven out more by hunger than by any other consideration.... We lay on a rock, letting the breeze dry us before pulling on our clothes and heading 'home'...

  We froze..... the tins and bottles were thrown all around the large room..... strewn all over the dirty floor. Matt ran in looking for the intruder.... I followed, we searched the other two smaller rooms and ran out again, going around the whole building, expecting to find the thief around the next corner. But there was no one. The forest was silent except the chirping of the birds.

  We walked back and started picking up the things, putting them on the bench.

  "Coons!" Matt exclaimed suddenly...... "It was a raccoon, searching for food. We have to find a place to store the food or we will starve."

  We went round and soon discovered a tiny 'cupboard' built into the wall of the room at the back. The door still remained and was intact. Matt devised a 'lock' using a small piece of wood and we put all our 'treasures' inside and 'locked' it. Now our food and water was safe.

  We spend the first three days just lazing around.... sitting out under the trees and talking, going for long walks into the woods and of course swimming in the stream..... We started to enjoy, enjoy being free and without a care. The incident about Patrick was nearly forgotten, the thing that had forced us here, in this strange place...... compelled us to live in an abandoned barn..... We were happy !

  And then suddenly everything changed..........


  I opened my eyes, it was still dark outside, it must have been very early. I looked at Matt and saw him staring at me. I stretched and smiled and he smiled back.

  "Pretty cold, huh?" I said.

  He didn't reply, just kept staring. I looked back and we kept looking at each other. There was something different, different in the way he was looking at me..... He had a funny kinda look, his eyes were hooded yet sparkling. For some odd reason I started feeling funny inside..... I didn't know what, but my heart was thumping and the hair on my arms bristled. I felt flushed.... I suddenly started shivering and closed my eyes.

  When I opened them again I saw him raise his hand and then felt his fingers caress my face, tracing the hairline down the ear and across the jaw. He reached my mouth and pressed his fingers to my lips, running his fingers over them, as if drawing the outline.... He traced my eyebrows and moved lower, over my cheekbones, caressing, until he was once more touching my lips. I could hear my heart beat and feel the blood rush through my body. I didn't know what it was but I felt so good, kinda languid, I wanted to surrender myself to whatever it was.

  He slowly raised up on his elbow and brought his face closer and suddenly kissed me on the mouth, a light peck. I lightening bolt shot through me and I shook...... but it also felt awfully good. He kissed me again, this time his mouth was open and I felt his wet tongue lick my quivering lips. I moaned softly and as my lips parted he slid his tongue in, crushing his mouth to mine.

  I knew about gays and things they were supposed to do and as far as I knew Matt, he wasn't even anything like that..... but then what were we doing...? If this was love I absolutely loved it and didn't care what tag the world would put on me. I loved this guy and had been friends for ages. Shared all our pains and joys together..... if now we shared our love for each other this couldn't be wrong !

  My hand slid over his shoulder and I pulled him closer as his tongue continued to probe me and I sucked back. I felt my cock stiffen and throb inside my briefs. My whole body tingled as our bare skin came together and rubbed...... I moaned into his mouth, my fingers grabbing his hair and pushing his face closer.......

  He threw off the cover and started to move lower, kissing all the way and was soon pulling off my tented brief to release my hard boy cock before taking it in his hands and showering it with a million kisses..... I shook and thrashed at the impossible pleasure ripping through me and holding his head in a tight grip I humped his face.....

  He licked my pubes, running his hot and wet tongue all over the tingling surface and soon started to lick the shaft.... flicking the engorged head with short, rapid strokes. I groaned with ecstasy and when he finally took me in his mouth I yelled out loud and nearly passed out.

  It was incredible...... and I wanted more, I left his head and reached out, searching .... touching his bare shoulder..... I moved my hand lower..... He shifted and moved closer..... His skin felt smooth and hot under my fluttering fingers as I reached further down, over his back and he moved still closer.... I felt the rise and my hand was soon on his shorts covered buttocks, kneading..... squeezing the full cheeks. He grunted around my cock, buried in his hot mouth.

  I hooked my fingers in the waistband and tugged.... He released my cock and sat up and in one swift movement pulled off his shorts and sat back naked. We looked at each other, in the eye, a shudder passing through me. I lifted up my arms and he came..... we hugged and soon were lying again, his face at my groin and me looking at his throbbing teen cock.

  I had never seen him naked before and shivered as I saw him now..... he was bigger and uncut, unlike me. It looked beautiful, especially with the loose skin pulled back, exposing the purple head, glistening with the clear liquid as it oozed out..... I closed my eyes and opening my mouth wide took him in, doing what he was doing to me.... I loved it even more, having his hot poker buried in my throat and we both pumped into each other.... moaning around the cock in our mouth.

  I was experiencing funny things...... crazy feeling all over, inside and out. My head swam and my heart beat a sprinter's at the end of the race...... I held his thick shaft in one hand and caressed his thighs with the other, as my mouth swallowed him. And he was doing all sorts of crazy things too..... he had my cock deep in his mouth and was working the throat muscle around the twitching head, while his hands played with my balls, rolling them in his palm, squeezing them and I felt him reach down between my ass cheeks ! His fingers crawled deep, parting the sweaty globes and soon he was nudging my butt hole with a strong finger..... pushing in. I moved my legs apart and pushed back at him... and felt him enter me. I grunted and shook as the finger slid in and hit my prostate..... I shuddered and moaned, gripping him tighter.

  It started feeling better and better and then I felt it....... the familiar sensation...... my stomach going all stiff and knotting up and my hips started pumping wildly and I knew I was ready to cum...... Still with his cock deep in my mouth I wailed and felt him push harder into my ass with the finger and I released his cock and screamed........ shooting thick wads of pubescent cum into his suckling mouth...... It was mind boggling..... absolutely amazing. I came and came unable to control my body or its movement. Like crazy I slammed into his face and poured my juice down his gulping throat, his finger still probing me and finally as I stopped and relaxed he released me and pulled out of me. I was numb !

  I felt him get up and flip me over and then crawl between my legs, he pushed them far apart and soon was lying over me, covering me completely, his mouth nibbling my ears, his hot breath burning my cheek..... He slowly humped me as his hands caressed me, my face and arms....... moving down my body and up again.

  "I want to love you....... I want to fu... fuck you...." he whispered.

  The word 'fuck' jarred my ears but I also thrilled at the idea..... 'Yeah' I said silently, 'do all you want Matt, I am all yours.'

  And he reached down and between us, gripping his large cock and I felt him place it between my parted ass cheeks and felt him align it to my anus..... and then felt him push !

  I yelled at the sudden pain but also shoved back at him..... I opened up and pushed out and felt him enter...... enter me, my very essence..... and I loved the feeling. He paused as we both panted and then he took both my hands in his and holding me tight shove in again. I raised my ass and took him in and as I felt his pubic hair grind into my smooth buttocks I clamped shut the inner ring. He hollered and buried his face in my shoulder, biting me......

  He moved........ and I moved...... We were both gasping as he speeded up and closing my eyes I gripped his finger even tighter......

  "I...... ah, love you..... Kev...." he said in a hoarse voice. And he fucked me, fucked me till he filled me up with his juice..... and I LOVED it !


  The next few days were absolutely WILD as we went crazy with our new 'discovery'... the discovery of our sexuality...... our own and each other's bodies..... our erogenous zones..... It was awesome !!! He played crazy 'games'..... as we horsed around in the stream he would butt our two cocks together, tip to tip and roll his foreskin over my cock head..... covering it fully !! And then tell me to jack both cock with long strokes..... it was impossible but he insisted. Then there was his own peculiar was of sucking me..... making me bend over while he grabbed my stiff prick from behind and lapped away...... his nose tickling my butt hole like crazy.... We fucked each other raw in the ass and never seemed to get enough. We drank gallons of fresh cum, for breakfast, for dinner and in the middle of the night ! We remained naked the whole while, putting on clothes only when we went out for our walks.

  And the day after that first morning, the morning we discovered sex, he had a most amazing idea and rummaged through the bag we had brought along asking me go and wait for him at the stream. He arrived a short while later, panting from all the running, holding up the razor Ronny had thrown in, though we didn't shave yet.....

  "Strip!" he commanded as I wondered what it was for and as we both stood naked at the water's edge in the woods he proceeded to shave my pubes clean and then told me to do the same to him.... ! (We still keep it that way after all these years, religiously shaving each other everyday!).

  Being with him had never been so much fun.....



  Ronny came exactly seven days later..... we saw him walking down the narrow path and ran out to greet him. He was smiling and hugged us. He told us that we could go back, that Patrick wasn't dead after all..... the rod had just knocked him out and he had a skull fracture, he was in the hospital but out of danger.

  He had spoken to his gang and also Andy and they in turn had spoken to Patrick's brother and it was decided that all would be forgotten and forgiven...... and they wouldn't press charges so the police were closing the case. We could go back !!!

  We jumped with joy and hugged each other and Ronny..... he joined in too. We ran in and quickly packed everything and trooped out, walking down to his car parked about half a mile away on the road. As I walked I turned back to look at the crumbling hull of the barn, silhouetted against the setting sun, lonely and forlorn, that had sheltered us for a week, protected us...... and above all gave me a love that I never knew was there for me to find. I would miss the woods...... the broken down barn. I nearly cried.


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