One Last Moment

I can't believe I'm almost moving! It was just three months ago that my dad told me as a surprise for my 16th birthday. We were finally going to move out of this old dirty first floor `apartment' and into a five-bedroom house! I was excited all right, until he blurted out the words, "in another city." I just snapped that day and went into a rage. How could he do this to me? Didn't he care how I felt? I screamed and pleaded my objections using language that I had never used before in front of my father. I even punched my fist into my bedroom wall causing my knuckles to bleed. Who wouldn't be this angry when you just found out one day that you're moving to a new town miles and miles away from everyone you know? Besides, my family consisted of only dad and me, so what did we need a five-bedroom house for in the first place? Was he planning on getting remarried and doing a Brady Bunch thing?

During those past three months I have tried every idea I could to convince my dad not to move. I shouted, swore, and even threatened suicide, but nothing had worked. There were only three more days left until moving day, and I had run out of ideas to stop it. I had hoped that the suicide thing would get to him, but I guess he realized that I could never be serious about that. I wasn't that stupid! But this was the only place I had ever lived. Couldn't he understand how hard it was for me to leave behind everything I knew? I didn't want to leave. I wasn't ready. Now, I've got only three more days here to do something really crazy, touring around town one last time, saying good-byes to all my friends, and especially saying those three words, `I love you' to one person in particular. I wanted to say those words to him and let him know that have been in love him since the first day I saw him.

Yeah, my secret crush is actually a guy, but I don't care if I'm gay. I believe in love in first sight and that's what happened to me when I first saw him on the swing when I was 12. This weird feeling started to tingle inside me for the very first time. I was sitting on the grass all alone watching him. I had a frisbee in one hand and a water bottle in the other. He got off the swing and walked over to me, giving me a smile that made me ballistic. He squatted right in front of me. My eyes followed his smooth legs up to the bottom of his cut off jeans where some of his briefs were exposed. He must have just begun puberty because his voice cracked and went from high to low as he finished each sentence. He introduced himself to me and asked if I would play frisbee with him. There was no reason I did not want to play, so I agreed. That day was one of the most miraculous days in my young life. During the next few weeks, Daniel and I became really good friends, trading comic books and sleeping over at each other's houses regularly.

Now we're both sixteen. His voice has become sexier, and his looks were way beyond awesome! His short blonde hair turned to golden-brown, and with his baby fat gone, his body was lean and muscular. Of course it wasn't just his looks that made me feel the way I did about him. He was kind, respectful, protective, and so, so sweet. During the four years I had known Daniel, we had never had any argument of consequence.

I don't know how I ever managed to hide my inner emotions towards him for these past 4 years. Yeah, I gave out few accidental clues here and there that could make him think of me as gay, but he never noticed. God, if only there was no discrimination against gays in this world, I would've told him that I was in love with him in a heartbeat.

But what's the point of telling him that I love him now? It won't do any good anyway. I had been wrestling with this decision now for the past three months. I wanted to get it off my chest and tell him how I really felt, but I couldn't bear to risk losing my best friend. Even though I had known Daniel for four years now, I couldn't predict how he would react to this news. No, I can't tell him, it might ruin everything.

"Riley, I know you're moving in three days but please try to keep up with your math work." the teacher said as he passed out the last Math test I had taken a week ago.

I got a fucking F. That was really not normal for me, I was one of the best students in my math class. Nothing in my life had been normal since my father's announcement. I groaned and slipped my test into my folder, right on top of two other F's, one in English and the other in history. I didn't care any more. All I could think about was moving and how I would miss everyone. My friends tried to hang out with me more than they usually did since they knew moving day was near. I was touched to see that they cared, but it also made me realize just how much I was going to miss everybody. I was so depressed that I felt like bursting into tears. A few of the guys thought I was acting pathetic, and laughed at me. But not Daniel, he stood by me trying to comfort me as best as he could by stopping the other guys from snickering. Soon all the guys were silent. Daniel had shot them a look that told them that there was nothing amusing about my misery. Even though some of my friends laughed at me, I was still going to miss them all. As school ended, Daniel came with me to my locker.

"Don't be so down Riley," Daniel muttered. "You can still talk to us either by phone or the Internet!"

"But I won't get to see you...and the others. I'm scared! What if I don't make any friends?"

"Stop that! I'm sure you'll meet someone like me...and make other friends. Do you remember that day in the park four years ago when I first met you?"


"Well, that's all you have to do to make new friends, just be yourself. If anyone puts you down when you're being open and yourself, then screw them! They would have to be pretty ignorant if they can't see you as someone who can make them happy with just a single smile."

"Daniel, I know you're trying to make me happy and all, but I don't think that's..."

"...True? Riley, I know you too well. And for one thing you don't have enough self-esteem. You put yourself down so much that you don't realize who you really are. What I'm saying is true."

"Daniel, I don't know how to thank you!" I hugged him with all my might. For the first time in my life I was openly displaying my affection for him. I felt closer to him than I have ever been in my life. I was surprised as his arms slid around me too. A tear damped his uniform, as I could no longer hold back my emotions. I didn't expect this really. It felt like I held him for an eternity, but it was probably only thirty seconds before he finally loosened his tight hug. We both blushed for the first time as we separated.

"Thank you! I really needed that."

"No problem, I should probably go now! I'll call you later alright?" he said as he walked backwards towards the end of the hallway. I nodded and he waved at me before he left through the opened doorway.

At home, there wasn't anything to do but pack up more stuff. Although my dad had picked out the new house without asking me, I didn't hate him. When he drove me there to check it out, I looked at our new house in awe. It looked almost brand new, like no one had ever lived there before. I don't how he could have afforded that house. It had two stories with an attic and a basement! The front and backyards were so big that I got tired just walking around and checking the place out. Plus the neighborhood around the house was even better than here. There was a park just up the block, and the mall was within walking distance. And you know who goes to the mall, cute guys! I felt kind of guilty for all the mean things I said to my dad, so I apologized for some of the things I said in anger. My apology really seemed to make my dad happy. I had to remind him that I was still not ready to move, only that I was sorry for some of the things I had said to him.

My whole body was numb as I went to school for my last day. Fortunately none of my teachers expected me to produce any work today, and in fact the teacher in my math class was kind enough to have a little party in my honor. I was so surprised at how many of my friends really cared that I was leaving. A couple of the girls even cried a little as they hugged me and wished me well. I wanted to hug everyone for trying to make me feel better and for showing me that they cared.

Somehow I managed to hold back my own tears as Daniel brought me a large box full of letters from all of my friends. There was also a portrait size golden shamrock with a small inscription engraved on the front,

Riley Summers
'95 - '99

Each of their names was also engraved on the bottom of the plaque. It was really a very thoughtful gift. Daniel whispered in my ear, "I hope these letters will be your 'friends' until you find some new ones. And don't think that shamrock was cheap! Everyone you knew had to chip in to buy that!"


"Well duh!" Daniel smiled and gave me a one-arm hug before he went back to his seat. Then the moment finally came. The bell rang to end my last school day. The only thing left to do was to clean out my locker. I shared my locker with Daniel and I figured that he would keep it for himself, but the school wouldn't allow it since he already had another locker assigned to him. That meant that both of us had to clean everything out together. I think that every person I knew must have stopped by the locker to give me a hug or wish me good luck at my new school. I was so glad that I had Daniel with me, he kept me from getting too emotional.

After everyone finally left, Daniel and I started to go through all the crap in the locker. Old homework, class notes, and love letters. The love letters were Daniel's of course. He had broken many of the girl's hearts with just his smile. He was really something!

Before closing the locker for the last time, Daniel found a red envelope that hadn't been opened yet. It had been buried under piles of old homework. I panicked quickly, knowing exactly what it was. It was one of those clues I laid around, but this was the one where I actually revealed my true feelings. I had actually said that I was in love with him from the first time my eyes saw his angelic face. I didn't sign my name, I wrote from an anonymous guy. I thought he read it already but I guess not. He smiled, "Hey look! It's for me! Another 'girl' fan!"

"I don't think you want to open it," I pleaded trying not to sound worried.

"Oh? Why not 'mom'?"

"Well, like..." I tried to think of a quick answer. "...It's only from one of those people who go gaga over you!"

"I know that. I just read them 'cause I like how they comment on my looks!" he explained laughing slightly. He opened the red envelope and took out the small card I had created so long ago. His eyes moved left to right reading each word carefully. I tried to act cool while continuing to clean the locker. Why did I even write that letter? I tried not to watch him, but I had to see his reaction to the note. He was looking at me strangely, but more like mad. He passed me the letter.

"What's it say?" I asked, pretending that I had no clue who it was from. He handed it back to me and told me to read it. I pretend to read it, even though the words were etched in my memory. I made a quick giggle, "What a surprise! It's from a guy!"

His face did not look as I had hoped. He looked like he was hurt and angry and frustrated. He asked muttering, "How come you didn't tell me?"

"Tell you what?"

"That you're in love with me?" My face got hot and I could feel myself beginning to sweat. I had waited years for this day to finally come, but when it finally did, I wasn't ready. I objected, "Daniel, why would you think that I love that way?"

"Riley, this is your writing man!" he said becoming pissed. I made a big mistake, he was my best friend and he could certainly recognize my handwriting. I was completely shocked. Now he knows, I didn't know what to say. My heart pounded faster and so hard that it hurt. I was about to faint when he asked, louder this time, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

The tears in my eyes started to trickle down my cheeks. I told the truth. I explained, "Daniel, I'm sorry if I like you, alright! I'm so sorry I didn't tell you! I was too scared to tell you that! Scared of being called as a faggot or a fairy! I didn't want to lose you!"

"Riley! I'm your best friend! I don't care if your bi, transsexual...or gay! That's what loves all about dammit!!"

Tears started to run down his face also. I looked away trying not to let him see how happy I was to find out that he didn't care about that.

"I'm sorry!"

"You should be! You don't know how this is going to hurt me when you're gone! I believe in love at first sight and that's what I felt when I saw you in the park the day we first met. Now, my best friend just confessed that he's actually in love with me just before he's leaving! Do you know how much I regret that I haven't told you that I'm gay and also in love with you?"

H-he loves me? My best friend actually loves me. From the first day we became friends? Why he didn't tell me sooner? I knew exactly how he felt. Neither of us had been honest with our feelings. Although I was glad that he's gay, I didn't feel excited. God damn, I only have one day left here and I just found out that my best friend likes me too.

"I know how you feel now! I-I feel the same way Daniel, and I regret it as much as you do. God, this is really hurting me!" I stepped forward and hugged him again. But this hug had more feelings in it. I actually felt his love as his arms slowly wrapped around my body holding me tighter. I could feel him crying silently as his head rested on my shoulder. He groaned, "Don't let go please! Please don't!"

"I-I won't!" I whispered. His burning tears wet my golf shirt uniform, as his grip became tighter. His hands rubbed gently up and down between my shoulders and waist. He loosened his grip slightly, moving his chin off my shoulder. His face was directly in front of me and I knew what was going to happen next. He planted a long kiss on my lips! My first EVER kiss with a guy! It felt so magical! I felt so light that I thought that I was being lifted up from the floor like a balloon. I never thought that my first would be him. His kiss was beyond perfect. I have kissed many girls before, but this was the first kiss I could feel in my heart. I could feel my legs getting weak beneath me, but fortunately Daniel was holding me up. I could feel his lips stretching to make a smile. Then I felt his tongue sweeping across my lips. I slowly opened my mouth and let his tongue slide inside to explore my mouth. His fluid tasted sweet like nectar as our tongues danced together.

As his lips unlocked, he stared at my blue eyes as I stared in his. No words could express this feeling. It's like we could actually tell how we felt for each other through our eyes. His hazel eyes glistened as tears started to form. Then all of a sudden he burst into tears, crying heavily and hugged me even tighter.

"R-Riley! W-Why? Why do you have to go?"

He knew the answer, it was just a rhetorical question. I explained, "Like you said, there's always the phone and Internet! We won't lose touch, I promise!"

Soon, I was pinned against the wall as his body pressed into mine. We kissed passionately. His kisses become erotic, kissing and sucking everywhere from my mouth to my neck. I groaned as he slowly thrust his hips against my bulging member. Slowly, he pushed and pushed, giving me a wonderful new sensation from my small brain down there. Suddenly I realized that we're still inside school, standing in the middle of the hallway! I groaned as I whispered, "I don't think it safe to do this here!"

He stopped a second later and took my hand. "You're right, c'mon!" He pulled my hand as we both ran around the school trying to find a 'safe' place. We walked down to the basement and secretly entered one of the unused classrooms. The room was dark and empty. A single ray of sunlight was beaming through a high window in the corner of the room. Daniel used his free hand to lock the door and led me over to a small piece of carpet in the center or the room. He took my other hand and looked at me lovingly before kissing me. We dropped to our knees and embraced. He giggled softly as he started kissing me. We both lay down on the cheap carpet not trying not to separate ourselves from each other.

"These are going to be the best minutes of yourself Riley!"

"Minutes?" I asked snickering.

"This is going to be my first time," he whispered before landing a kiss on my lips. "Besides, we're in school you know!"

"Heheh, I thought you already lost your virginity to some girl?" I asked nibbling his bottom lip.

He mumbled, "No way man! I'm not that desperate!"

His weight held my whole body down as I kissed him passionately. Our tongues fought inside my mouth as his hands slowly brushed my blonde hair aside. My hands slowly slipped under his shirt, making their way up his stomach toward his nipples. Upon reaching my goal, I gently pinched his nipples, causing him to groan loudly. He continued groaning as he sucked my bottom lip, " great!"

He rose up and sat on my hips as he ripped his uniform apart the same way superman did. He threw it across the room. I giggled as buttons were flying everywhere. "You don't have to ruin a uniform for me!"

"It's faster this way!"

He pulled my golf shirt up exposing my bare chest. I took a deep breath. Daniel sniffed and sucked my nipples causing me to also groan and pant uncontrollably. When I finally removed my golf shirt, Daniel's hands had slowly crept down to my waist and he was unzipping my pants. The instant his fingers touched my sensitive head through my briefs, my body and mind both went crazy from the intense feeling. He made a trail of saliva with his tongue from middle of my rib cage down to my navel. He licked the little hole for a while before he moved further down, pulling off my briefs and releasing my aching cock. He gently stroked his fingers through my small patch of golden brown pubic hair. Finally, he grabbed my 5-1/2" cock with his hand started pumping it like he was grating a carrot. Then, he stopped suddenly and moved his face down to more closely examine all I had to offer. He never broke eye contact with me while his tongue explored my balls. He gently took them, one at a time into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue. I thought I had gone to heaven. I had never felt anything like this before. Then, all of a sudden, he engulfed my cock slowly going down until his nose finally touched my pubes. He went up and down slowly, savoring the taste. My body quickly reacted and I began humping his face rapidly, but he grabbed my hips and held me down while he continued sucking slowly. I begged him to go faster, I had to release my love juice! He moved his hand to my shaft while still licking the crown of my very swollen member. He squeezed it making me groan and squirm to death. The glory inside me finally came. With one quick motion, my dick stiffened and cum shot up my chest, following his trail of saliva down to my navel. Still more landed in my pubes and the rest trickled down the head onto his fingers. While I panted like a madman, he licked the cum off of my shaft and then worked his way back up past my navel and back up to my chest. I was still gasping for breath when he finished cleaning every drop of my love juice. He sat up, spread his legs wide, and unzipped his pants. Smiling, he said, "My turn!"

I slowly crawled to get closer to him. My head moved forward between his legs. He opened his pants and pulled down the boxers he was wearing. Incredible! The first time I've ever seen another cock this close! I was beginning to think that this day would never come, and certainly never with Daniel. His dick was almost identical to mine, circumcised, and about 5-1/2" long. The only difference was that it was a bit pinker than mine was, and the bush crowning his member was almost dark brown. "I'm ready!" he sighed. He leaned back using his hands to support his body weight. I explored his cock a little bit more, I wanted to remember this moment. He's balls were bigger than mine were, they were so big, that they almost looked swollen! I sniffed the delicious scent his cock was giving me before I nibbled his pink head. He sighed as my tongue covered his entire head trying to find what it tasted like. It was a bit salty at first but when I kept licking it, it tasted like nothing...until his precum came out of the slit. Somehow, it tasted sweet! I had tasted mine before and it was like putting pure salt on my tongue...but his was like nectar! I let his prick slide into my mouth. He groaned a bit louder this time. I stayed there, not moving. I felt his cock throbbing and his heartbeat getting faster and faster. I bobbed up and down slowly and evenly trying not to scrape his sensitive cock with my teeth. He slammed his fist on the floor as I went faster. Suddenly he screamed out, "Oh my god!!!"

Cum spurted inside my mouth. Five squirts and he completely went down on the floor panting from the extreme orgasm he just had...well from what I've experienced it WAS! He moaned, "That was good! Better than imagining you while I jerk my boy toy off by myself!"

"So, you actually think of me when you do...that?"

"Well...yeah. Hope you not mad!" he apologized.

I smiled saying "I don't know" and confessed I too had done the same thing. I ended up giggling as I put my golf shirt back on and zipped my pants. He was trying to do the same thing, but it was more difficult for him to dress as he had ripped off his shirt. We giggled and blushed at the same time as we went back to our locker in a state of euphoria. I didn't look at him but I knew he was smiling just as I was. We didn't talk either. I mean, what's there to talk about after sex? Besides, I was still speechless after the wonderful experience I had just had. As we got back to the locker, Daniel suddenly burst out into tears again.

"I'm scared Riley!"

I brushed his hair. "Scared of what?"

"After you move, I might not see you again, and if I do, we might friends. Y-you might find someone else that'll replace me!" he gasped trying to cover his eyes with his soft silky hands. He grabbed my hand in a vice grip, seemingly not wanting to let go.

"Daniel, time will tell. I-I'm scared too." I whispered as I tried to sooth him. He leaned forward and our lips locked again in a passionate embrace. Neither of us wanted to let go, for fear that this moment would end. Finally being with Daniel as lovers was something that I had imagined for four years, and now that my dreams had come true, I had to leave him, maybe forever! I couldn't bear to lose him, not now, not ever!

I picked up my bag from the floor and both of us walked down the empty hallway, our hands tightly holding each other, not willing to let go of each other. Before my feet stepped out of the building, I gazed at Daniel's teary eyes, knowing that he was right about everything. Someday, I will definitely see him again. But could I wait forever? Waiting for someone you love can become very painful and lonely. Maybe...maybe we're just buds after all.

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