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One Person at a Time

Part II - Evan's Story - The Boy in the Park III

Very little was said on the way home. It felt like I left something at the Eastman's. I did. I left Mattie. I don't know if Jon was upset with me or just giving me my space.

When we got home he put in the CD.

It was a Phil Collins song Through My Eyes except the voice was Mattie's. All the instrumentals were Mattie all the mixing was done by Mattie. It was clear Jon was impressed.

Mattie's voice was so beautiful. I didn't make it through even half the song before I was sobbing again. I could stop. Jon had his arms around me in an instant. I couldn't stop sobbing. Mattie had done something to me that no one not even Jon had ever been able to do. He made me really see that I made a difference.

Through my sobs and tears I thought about Alex. I never knew he was learning things from me but now looking back on it that was exactly what he was doing. When he died I never cried I was been the pillar of stone for Jon and Lydia. But now all the suppressed grief I had had at that time was being release. The grief and love and sadness for Alex that I had pushed away for nearly twenty years was finally getting released in my sobs.

Jon continued to hold me and plant like kisses on my neck. I don't think I cried this hard in my whole thirty-eight years of existence. My body was exhausted from the amount of emotions that had passed through it and yet I wasn't exhausted.

"Jon, he made me see something I never saw before," I sniffed. "I-I never thought I made a difference. I wasn't anyone special. All I saw was I loved you and it was you that made the difference in peoples lives. You were the most awesome drummer and then an awesome teacher. You touched hundreds - I was just the goof on the radio."

"That was what the whole evening was for. For Mattie to thank me for loving you and giving him the life he had." I began to tell Jon about Alex's journals and the things Mattie had said.

He told me about his evening with Lydia. They reminisced about old times shed a few tears and shared a few laughs.

"We thought you'd be down there for maybe ten minutes. But after an hour we knew he must have grabbed you by the heart. I knew you'd be kicking and fighting and Lydia knew Matthew would be like a pit bull who wouldn't let go, sort of the proverbial immovable object meeting the irresistible force. I love you Evan Maxwell." Jon touched his lips to mine and we began to kiss. I could hear Matthew's music playing in the other room and my passion grew. I wanted to make love with Jon.

"Jon, let's take a shower and make love all night."

"Sounds like an excellent plan Evan."

After making out in the shower for a half an hour we ended up in a sixty-nine position in our bed. I had always loved the taste and feel of Jon's cock. I had an insatiable appetite for it but tonight I wanted to be fucked. I think he wanted the same because his mouth came off my cock and he started rimming me. I was moaning in pleasure and when I couldn't stand it any more I said, "Jon, I want your cock in me. Fuck me Jon."

He mounted me and began a slow but passionate fuck that gradually built up momentum. I knew he was getting close and he knew I was getting close and then it happened and I screamed in pleasure. Every nerve every cell in my body seemed to experience the orgasm. I came and came and came as Jon's seed pumped into my body.

"That was the most awesome sex ever!"

"Yeah! The best ever," Jon giggled, "Maybe I should send you over to talk with Matthew more often."

I laughed too and lay there with Jon comfortably lying on me thinking about Mattie about the boy in the park. The blond boy in the park. I had heard a similar story before but it was about the boy with chocolate brown eyes that you could loose your soul in.

I rolled Jon off me. Mattie's boy in the park was Lucas Sean Baxter and Luc's boy was Matthew Smith Eastman. They had actually met!

"Omigod!" I yelled as I sat up.

"What!" said Jon,

"Omigod! They met! They actually met and fell in love! Omigod! They were only seven and met one time and fell in love! Omigod, omigod!"

"Evan, who? Who?"

"Lucas and Mattie!"


"The day I found Lucas on the doorstep. Remember he and I talked before you got home. I asked him if he was gay and he told me that he loved a boy a boy he met in the park when he was seven. The boy had chocolate brown eyes that you could loose your soul in. He met Mattie. Mattie met a blond boy with such blue eyes. Eyes that spoke love and made him happy. They both kissed and promised each other they would meet again. "

"Omigod! Evan they are going to meet for the first time in eight years on Monday. OMIGOD!"


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