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It's different from what I have done so far. To get the full effect of this story you'll need the song "Let the Music Heal Your Soul" or read this chapter on the at then click the button(then just click the back button to get back here)

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One Person at a Time - Part IV Rock Opera II
Our First mini concert


Two weeks later I must have been the first student to arrive. I rush into the music room and turned on the Korg. Five minutes later two giggly boys turned up and before you wink an eye we were jamming. Cory and Melissa came in with Joey and Eddie. It was so cool.

Luc and Mattie were trés cool as a couple. The whole school knew of course. Mattie was scared at first but he got used to the fact that people in our school were happy that Luc found his love.

Then Luc said, "Guys let's rock the school!"

"Cool! Mike up dudes I'll crank up the audio," said Mattie.

"Anth you're on keyboard( I nodded), Luc you take drums Eddie and Cory guitars. I'll take banjo."

I don't generally like country western music but Mattie was curing me of that affliction.

"'Who wouldn't Want to be Me'," said Matt.

"As-if!" laughed Cory.

We played. We rocked! By the time we finished the song there was a small crowd of students, Mr. Petri, and a couple of other teachers.

Someone yelled encore! Then others joined them. I looked at Mattie.

"Okay, my fav, Luc," Mattie said to Luc in his soft voice. Maybe I should say soft sexy voice. "Mr. Petri, is it okay?"

Petri nodded.

"Okay, Luc, Eddie, Cory, Melissa, Anthony and I will play and sing but you guys have to join in. It will be so cool. Anthony you have the orchestral parts in the Korg right?" asked Matt, "Cool dude. This is gonna be so great!"

Matt was truly magical. His enthusiasm, exhilaration was catching and you couldn't help doing what he wanted. He was pure. He was creating. He pulled out some papers from his backpack.

"Mr. Petri, you write the chorus up on the blackboard." Matt said. Then turned to Luc and me and said, "We're cool right?"

We were cool. I was a little nervous.

"I'll start." Luc looked at Matt with so much love in his heart. It was a special look that Luc had just for Matt. He smiled and whispered, "I feel the same."

I was beyond happy.

Matt took his place behind the drums. Luc, Eddie and Cory made sure their guitars were in tune and I checked that the Korg was set up right. We waited for Mr. Petri to finish writing the chorus on the blackboard and position everyone, including the three teachers who had shown up.

Matt smiled and nodded to me then Luc. Luc and I started the intro like we had practiced a lot then Matt came in with the drums and Luc started singing.<if you down loaded the song start playing it now>

Oh if someone writes a song with a simple Rhyme

Just a song where his feelings show

And if someone feels the same about the simple song

oh sometimes you can hear them sing

music gives you Happiness or Sadness

But it also, also heals your soul

Chorus: (with Mr. Petri mouthing the words and directing)
Let the music heal your soul
let the music take control
let the music give you the power to move any mountain.

Oh, someone plays piano with some simple chords

So melodic and endearing, too

Oh if someone plays guitar with the old piano

And maybe you can hear them sing

Music gives you Happiness and Sadness

Melissa, Luc & Matt in harmony:
But it also it also heals your soul

(More and more people were coming into the room and standing in the hall listening.)

Let the music heal your soul
let the music take control
let the music give you the power to move any mountain

Matt with his eyes closed and really into it:
Oh yeah!

Let the music heal your soul
let the music take control
let the music heal your soul (he opened his eyes and looked at Luc smiling)

Luc: Oh, oh yes!

Let the music heal your soul

Let the music take control

Me: if you would
Let the music heal your soul

Mr. Petri sang: heal your soul

(Everybody really was getting to it. I'm sure the whole school could hear us.)

Chorus: Let the music take control

Luc: Let the music take control

Chorus: let the music heal your soul

Let the music heal your soul
let the music take control
Eddie: Oh Yeah
Chorus: Let the music heal your soul

Matt: Everybody sing it!

(With that Mr. Petri made signs for everyone who had come in to join in)

Let the music take control
let the music heal your soul

Let the music take control
let the music heal your soul
Luc: Let it heal your soul
(Matt stopped his drumming. Luc stopped playing guitar and put the guitar down. Matt came out from behind his drums and stood next to me followed by Luc while we watched Mr. Petri direct the chorus to lower the volume as they proceeded to sing the last few verses of the chorus. Luc whispered, "I love you." to Matt.)

Chorus continued:
Let the music take control
let the music heal your soul

We finished.

Matt whispered back, "Love you too - you are so fantastic." Luc kissed his cheek.

The applause from those who had joined us was incredible. Matt was wiping his tears away. I didn't say anything cuz I was doing the same thing.


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