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One Person at a Time

Eddie's story - part two - Prince Bubbles

The following week we visited Billy and his dad at a hotel every day. They had a swimming pool and air conditioned rooms. Mr. Pruitt would pick us up at my house and take us back to the hotel. On Thursday Luc brought a gallon bottle of bubble bath.

"I love bubble baths," said Luc,"I thought we could share a bubble bath together."

"In the bathtub with no clothes on?" laughed Billy.

"No, silly, in the bathtub with our swimming trunks on," giggled Luc.

We tried it but it wasn't much fun because there wasn't much room. We decided to go swimming instead.

Billy and I hit the water first Luc walked around the pool and then started talking to the other people. I didn't really pay much attention seeing as he is the most talkative person I know.

About ten minutes later I saw Luc jumping up and down excitedly pointing at something.

"Look! Magic bubbles!" A fountain that fed the swimming pool was overflowing with bubbles, not just a few - a lot and quickly the pool was cover with a foot of bubbles and even more were being spewed out by the fountain.

Luc was running around the pool telling people to jump in and share his bubbles. Most of them did. I couldn't believe my eyes these people were acting like kids. It was kind of odd but everyone seemed to really like all the bubbles. People were laughing and splashing, making bubble beards on their faces.

Luc was helping an older woman down the steps and into the pool. Billy and I made our way over to them. Luc introduced us to her as his very best friends. Her name was Mrs. Snowden.

"You shall be Queen of the Bubbles Mrs. Snowden," said Luc.

"Then I shall need a crown of bubbles and a bubble robe," she laughed, "You shall be my knights in shining bubbles."

"Well, come on guys let's get to work. Her majesty awaits her crown," said Luc.

We made Mrs. Snowden a crown and robe from bubbles. We were having fun and I think Mrs. Snowden was having the most fun.

"Luc, you're too small to be a knight. I think you should be Prince Bubbles," I giggled.

"Okay, then you shall be my knight in shining armor," he replied.

Mrs. Snowden was having a great time with us laughing and giggling helping us cover Luc with a mountain of bubbles.

"Who is responsible for all of this?" asked an angry voice.

"I am," said a bubbled covered Luc, "Isn't it great! You want to share my bubbles?"

"No, I don't want to share your bubbles. Get out of the pool right now."

Luc got out, wiped the bubbles from his face.

"You, I'm turning you over to the police," the man said angrily to Luc. I saw Luc's bottom lip begin to quiver.


"He hasn't done anything wrong!" exclaimed Billy. "Everybody is having fun. I thought people are supposed to have fun here.

"You two were in this with him? Good! I'll turn all three of you over to the police. EVRERYONE OUT OF THE POOL, PLEASE!"

I looked at Luc his bottom lip had started quivering and his eyes filled with tears. As they spilt over and ran down his cheeks I heard, "What's going on here?" It was Mr. Pruitt.

He looked at the man then at Luc, squatted down to Luc's level. "Luc, what happened?"

"I-I asked everybody if they want to share my bubbles and have fun and they said yes. S-so, I-I poured all my bubble bath into the water and the bubbles started and everybody jumped in the water. I'm sorry, Mr. Pruitt, I didn't think I was doing wrong. I don't want to go to jail," Luc cried.

"You're not going to jail, you did nothing wrong, nothing! Okay?"

Luc nodded.

"Yeah, right, only ruined a 20,000 dollar system," chide the man.

Talk about scary I have never seen Mr. Pruitt so angry in my entire life.

"You know what? I have never resorted to violence but you sir are pushing me to the edge. How dare you bring this boy to tears when all he was doing was sharing his fun with others!" said Mr. Pruitt in a very controlled fashion. I was sure any second he was going to knock the guy into the middle of next year. His fist was clenched so tight it was turning white.

"Yes, how dare you," said a voice from a pile of bubbles we knew as Mrs. Snowden, "Billy, Eddie help me up."

Billy and I complied instantly.

"M-Mrs. Snowden," said the man as the color drained from his face.

"You're fired. Get your stuff and get out."

"Mrs. Snowden, I'm sorry. I-I didn't know it was you."

"You're fired Mr. Fisher."

Luc walk over to Mrs. Snowden, looked up at her and shook his head no softly saying "No."

She looked down at Luc, her demeanor soften to a marshmallow. "And why not?" she asked Luc softly.

"It's not right, I don't want anybody hurt because of what I did," said Luc.

"Oh, then what do you suggest?" she asked. Luc whispered something in the ear. She smiled, "I think that is an excellent suggestion, Prince Bubbles." She giggled.

"Mr. Fisher, it seems you have a choice get a swimming suit on and join myself and Prince Bubbles in our giant bubble bath or pack your bags and get out."

Mr. Fisher looked a Luc who smiled at him, then to Mr. Pruitt who had a huge smile plastered to his face and finally to Mrs. Snowden, "I'll be right back" he said and rushed off.

Mrs. Snowden whispered something to Billy. He smiled.

"BY ORDER OF THE QUEEN OF BUBBLES AND PRINCE BUBBLES -," yelled Billy, "HAVE FUN!" and with that he jumped into the pool, followed by me and Luc.

The still bubbled covered Mrs. Snowden talked with Mr. Pruitt.

Mr. Fisher returned and we exited the pool. Luc grabbed his hand led him to the pool.

"Don't worry Mr. Fisher, we'll stay in the shallow end. I won't let you drown." Truth is Mr. Fisher didn't know how to swim, some how Luc knew this. "You don't like kids much do you?" asked Luc. Mr. Fisher made a lope-side grin.

"Not much," he muttered.

"I think it's because you're jealous."

"Jealous, I don't think so," he responded.

"No, hear me out. I think you really want to be a kid but you're scared people will think badly of you. You want to play and have fun but you're afraid people will laugh at you."

A vague smile appeared on Mr. Fisher's face. I watched as Luc did his thing.

"You know what I would say to them - Hakuna mata!"

"Hakuna mata?"

"Yes, it means no worries," said Luc then he winked at Billy and me.

One thing we had learned in the week we had spent together was we all loved to sing. I'm not saying we were that good, we simply loved to sing. We had watch 'Lion King' a million times sang and acted out the parts - I was Simba, Billy was Pumba and Luc was Timon.

"Watch!" Luc said to Mr. Fisher.

We left Mr. Fisher in the giant bubble bath and got out. It was our first live show. We really hammed it up and our small audience seemed to enjoy our show. At the end we jumped back into the pool and made our way over to Mr. Fisher.

Luc had done it again. He had managed to walk, talk, and sing his way into Mr. Fisher's heart. We had a great water splashing fight with Mr. Fisher. It was so much fun we hated to quit but Mr. Pruitt told us it was time to get out and get ready for dinner.

As we got out Luc paused and waited for Mr. Fisher.

Mr. Fisher smiled. It was a genuine smile.

"Thank you," Luc said softly to Mr. Fisher.

"For what?" Mr. Fisher asked.

"For having fun and being my friend," replied Luc which definitely sparked some emotions from Mr. Fisher that he was trying hard not to let show. Luc gave him a hug which Mr. Fisher return albeit hesitantly.

"Boys, you and your families are going to be my guests tonight for dinner. Mr. Pruitt has already told your parents," said Mrs. Snowden.

"Thank you," we said in near unison.

"Mrs. Snowden, is Mr. Fisher invited?" Luc asked.

"Would you like him to be there?"

"Yes, he's my friend now and I really like him. He's a very good person."

"There you have it Mr. Fisher I'll see you at dinner and bring Alan along too."

Mr. Fisher blushed.

"Uh, he might" Mr. Fisher started to answer but Mrs. Snowden cut him off.

"Rodney, I'll expect you and Alan to be there at seven."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Who's Alan?" I asked.

Mr. Fisher sighed, "My ugh, partner."

Luc gave him a questioning look.

"I'm gay," Mr. Fisher said softly to Luc, "If you'd rather I not come to dinner I understand."

"Are you gay as in happy, homosexual or both?" Luc asked in a quiet voice.


Luc looked at Mrs. Snowden, then Mr. Pruitt, then Billy and me.

"Why would I mind? You're my friend; I asked for you to come to dinner. The rest doesn't matter to me," Luc said then a mischievous smile appeared and he added wiggling his eyebrows, "See you and Mr. Right at seven." Then he giggled.

I knew at that age I was also gay. I knew that I loved Lucas Sean Baxter. I knew that he would never reject me for being gay. It took me four years to finally come out to him.


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