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One Person at a Time

Eddie's story - part five - Luc the Defender

It was two weeks after Luc's 14 th birthday before I ever talked to him about me being gay and madly in love with him. The only reason I had for not telling him before was that my biggest fear was he would not feel the same about me as I did about him. I knew he had no problems with gay people cuz he always seemed to be sticking up for those who got teased.

He was a marvel to watch. Tom Bedford was a macho football player. He wasn't the best looking person either. He was rough, crude and tended to bully. He was not the most popular person but he had his fans.

Last week Bedford was picking on Jeremy Kinsley, a slightly effeminate pretty boy - very shy.

You should realize Bedford is a senior. He is six-six and 300 pounds. Luc is a freshman, 5'5 and maybe 110 pounds.

"Hey, Bedford ! Why are you picking on that kid," shouted Luc.

"Who the hell are you?" questioned Bedford roughly.

"I'll ask again, why are you bullying that kid? You are three times his size. Does it give you some sort of sexual pleasure? I'd really like to know the answer why a bully your size has to pick on a small guy? Is it cuz your too chicken shit to pick on someone your own size?" Luc demanded.

"What are you a faggot too? You want some of this," he said grabbing his crotch.

I spotted the team captain, Cary Phelps and Coach Masters walking towards us.

Luc smiled. "Oh, so now I am a faggot, huh? You sound sort of homophobic, which does explain your actions. Did you know that it has been statistically proven that homophobic people are in 9 out of 10 cases caused by their own homosexual desires? That is to say that they shift attention to a person who they think is gay usually someone smaller than them as an effort to hide their own homosexuality," said Luc.

"Are you calling me a queer?" retorted Bedford .

"Me. no, no. By your own actions you are showing others that you are quiet probably a homosexual. You see a person who is totally secure in sexuality whether it is gay, bi or straight never tries to bully another person about that person's sexuality. There is no need. Right Cary ?"

The look on Bedford 's face was funny sort of an embarrassed confusion.

"Yeah, Luc, I know I'm straight but I have friends that are gay or bi and it makes no difference to me. What is important to me is what they do to help others. So, what's going on here?" asked Cary looking at Bedford

"Nothing," said Bedford and made a somewhat hasty retreat.

Whatever the reason I kept postponing saying anything to Luc about my own sexuality.

"Dude, it's your turn," he said snapping me out of my daze. We were playing a video game I'd given him for his birthday.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, right, my turn." I took the game controller. His next words really threw me off.

"Dude, stop thinking about how you are going to tell me you're gay and you love me. Let's play the game."

I was shocked. He giggled.

"You knew?"

"Duh, I've known for years since the time I drove the vette into the river. I'm really very observant I'm not your typical dumb blond ya know," he laughed.

I couldn't speak. I wanted to asked him how he felt about me and I suppose he knew what I was thinking.

"Dude," he said putting his arm across my shoulders," I love you as a friend just not as a boyfriend. I'll always be your friend best friend," he said.

I nodded. I knew then he would never be my boyfriend. I felt so empty and lost.

My tears fell. He took me in his arms.

"Eddie don't cry. Please, don't cry. I never said anything because I knew it would hurt you," he began to cry.

I pulled away. "I better go home. I need some space," I said through my tears. He nodded. I left him crying on the bed.

Two days later there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in."

The door opened and it was Frank.

"Hey, do you want to talk?" he asked.


"Well, how about listening to me?" he asked softly as he sat down on my bed next to me.

I nodded.

"I was afraid this was going to happen sooner or later but I didn't think it would be so much later. Luc told me a few weeks after driving into the river. He had figured out that you loved him more than just a best friend. He loves you Eddie, but not the way you want him to. He made a decision then."

"He knew that sometimes it can be rough for people who are gay and he didn't want you to go through any hard times alone. That is when he told me that he was going to skip a grade so he could be by your side if you had problems. He said to me Dad, maybe I can help change people's attitude."

"Even though he will never be your boyfriend, he still needs you in his life. You are still his best friend."

Frank leaned over and kissed my forehead, got up and left.

I thought about what he had told me. Ten minutes later I was knocking on Luc's bedroom door.

"Come in," he said in a sad voice.

I opened the door and walked in. He looked up at me. He looked so sad. I smiled. "Hey, you ready to get your ass kicked?" I laughed. A smile began to grow on his face.

"Ass kicked?"

"Yeah, we're in the middle of a game. It was my turn. Watch the expert and learn, dude," I laughed.

I kicked his butt at the game. He put on some CD's and we ended up singing. We were good.

Luc has the sweetest sounding voice of anybody in the world. He talks incessantly sometimes about totally stupid stuff. Sometimes it's like he talks all around something he wants to say but can't quite figure out what the point is he wants to make but if you give him the time he figures it out and comes forth with something usually that is so profound and beautiful.

It was June 29 th when Luc called me. He was exuberant. "Eddie, I want you to meet me at the mall tomorrow at noon. I found you the most fantastic birthday present!"

"Luc, my birthday isn't until August," I laughed. I wondered what he was up to.

"I know. I know that but I want to give you the present I found."

"All right but don't you dare sing happy birthday to me in public," I laughed.

"I won't. I promise. Meet you in the usual place. Oh, and dress up look really, really hot."

The next day I went to the mall to meet Luc. We always met in the food court and sure enough he was there, but there was also another person with him. The other person turned around to see me.

Oh, man he was hot! Luc made the introductions. His name was Joey Benson. He was a year older than me and was going to be a junior at Worthington High. He had just moved here from some place in Texas . I loved his accent.

Luc handed me an envelope and handed one to Joey then said he needed to go to the restroom and left.

I opened my envelope and found a note.


I met Joey yesterday. Don't you think he's cute. He needs a friend. Enclosed find a movie pass. Enjoy. Loveya, Luc."

So, Joey and I sat and talked for hours. We found that we had a lot in common. We never went to the movie that day. By my birthday we had become a couple and decided to be open about it.

To this day I don't know how he knew Joey and I would hit it off. Maybe it was because Joey and I both had fathers that divorced us. Yeah, my view is my dad divorced me.

I've always loved Luc and I always will. I know Joey feels the same

When Joey and I decided to come out publicly it was a good to have `Crazy' Luc Baxter on our side.

The only thing that I know Luc really hates is intolerant people, people who are bigots, people who practice hate.

Joey and I got some heat from Garrison Gordon . Garrison was a football jock. He was about six-six and all of 300lbs, boisterous, self-centered bully.

For a short while Garrison regretted calling us a pair of faggots and pushing us around. Luc was livid and I thought at first he would all but destroy him. He didn't but what he did is how Luc got known as Crazy Luc Baxter and moved from being a fairly popular student to the most respected student in Worthington High.


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