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Sam Lakes

Sam (

One Person at a Time

Part II - Jon's Story

As I arrived home Evan came out to greet me which was unusual but I was glad to see him.

"Jon are you okay, you looked like you've been crying."

I nodded and started bawling. "I should have listened to you. You were right. I've fucked everything up. I love him Evan. School is so empty without him." Evan wrapped his arms around me and held me close.

"It's okay babe. I fucked up too. I let you leave without telling you why I thought you were wrong. I was wrong for doing that. You see I fell in love with this boy called Jon. He was so creative so alive and over the last few years that creativeness and spark of life seemed to dim with each year and it wasn't until a boy came into his life that my Jon, my love came back to life. I was jealous and afraid that you were falling in love with the boy and leaving me."

"No, Evan. I could never leave you. I love you. You are my life. It's just that Luc..."

"I know," interrupted Evan, "Jon, he's magical."

I pulled back to look at him. He smiled and sniffed, "Look at us, two grown men crying. We are so gay," he chuckled.

"He's here!"

"Yes, when I got home he was sitting on the doorstep waiting for you. He looked like he'd been crying. We talked. We cried. We became friends. He loves you Jon as a friend, a teacher and someone who makes him feel like creating."

I apologized to Luc and once again we were friends. During the summer he, Eddie and the rest of the lunchtime gang spent nearly everyday over at my place with Evan and I. We'd always end up jamming at least for a couple of hours. By the end of this summer it seemed the lunchtime gang had grown to twenty or more teens.

It was two weeks before school started again and Luc asked if we could have a block party and put on a concert. Of course once the word got out that Luc and the others were doing a concert practically the whole school turned out for the event.

Evan of course made sure that the media was there. The concert was actually held at a park two blocks from where we lived. I think everyone had a great time. It was sort of weird when Luc didn't play in the concert he mc'd it. I think everyone was a little disappointed, but he did such a good job of mc-ing that no one really complained.


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