Orally Fixated

By Angyl


The following contains descriptions of a consenting relationship between two male characters. If you find any such material morally or legally questionable in your area, please do not read any further. Additionally if you are under the age of 18 or not of legal age in your area, please leave.

This story is a work of fiction, all characters and plot lines are fictional. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Orally Fixated and its characters, remain the property of the author. The story or characters may not be reproduced or republished elsewhere without the strict written consent of the author***



For as long as I can remember I have had an oral fixation. I love having something in my mouth that I can suck on. Most times when I am alone I usually can be found sucking my thumb. Mom told me I have been sucking my thumb since I was a baby. Most people grow out of that, but I guess I am an exception to that rule. I suppose and within reason, I will stick anything in my mouth that I can suck on. Yes I am referring to cock.

My name is Christopher. At this point in time I am 17 and in grade 12. My looks are average, nothing spectacular. I am average in height and build. Basically I am not an Adonis, nor am I ugly. If you have not already figured it out, I worship the cock. Yep I am a queer.

I got my first taste of cock back when I was 8 (I think). I sucked off two of my cousins (not very well) when we had gone to visit them. It was all innocent experimentation, depending on whose point of view you look at it from. They deny it ever happened.

My fixation came into light only a few years ago. I was 14. My teeth were in bad shaped, and mom finally took me to a dentist to get them checked over. I was amazed at how young he was. I am guessing he was in his early 20's. You know I never did find out...LOL. Anyway, he was lecturing me about the damage I was doing, by sucking my thumb. I was blunt nd to the point when I told him, I liked to suck on it, and other things *WINK* if I could get it. Being blatant, I reached right over and rubbing his crotch. Dumb move I guess, but he was getting hard as I rubbed him. Thankfully we were alone in an examination room. Next thing I know his cock is out and I am sucking the hot piece of meat. I guess sucking my thumb made me a natural cock sucker, because I worked his hard cock like a pro. He was moaning and grunting in delight. My reward for this was the creamy filling erupting in my mouth, and I swallowed every last drop, continuing to milk his cock til he went soft.

After the first round with the dentist, I was back almost every week to get my fill of his hot cock. Not only that, but I discovered that a certain bathroom in school was a cock lovers delight. I guess even the supposedly straight boys are willing to let a guys sucked them off *WINK*. I spent most of my free time there. Thank go for glory holes, because not one person realized it was me in the other stall. I am sure even a few teachers got in on the act (naughty naughty). It was heaven for me, but I knew I had to be careful, or I may end up getting the shit kicked out of me. It was definitely good times for me.

Well the can at school was not the best time for me. The best time happened shortly after my 17th birthday. It was last year actually. My older brother (Damon) had decided to have some of his friends, well actually his teammates, over. He was on the Basketball team at his college. The parents were gone for the weekend, so he took it upon himself to have a party. I had a friend (Tim) over and we had been hanging out in my room. Damon had brought us each a couple beers, but we did not venture downstairs at first.

It was a few hours later, we had both downed both beers and wanted more. We decided to sneak to the kitchen and grab a couple. There was noise from the living room, but we would bypass that room as we headed to the kitchen. As we past bye something struck me as odd, it was not until the return trip that I clued in. All the boys were naked. I stopped dead in my tracks and just stared, as did Tim. Damon saw us standing there. He shouted for us to go back to my room. Tim turned to leave but I stood there transfixed. Guys were on their knees, some sucking and licking. My brother had his cock buried in one of his buddies' hole. Now that was a sight to see. I wanted to just jump right in and work some of those cock with my talented mouth. Tim had also returned and was staring.

Finally gaining courage, and totally ignoring my brother, I walked in the room and got on my knees in front of the first available cock I saw. My brother just stared in awe as I took the massive cock in my mouth, and worked it. The guy was moaning loudly and judging from that, he was really enjoying it. As I glanced to the side I saw another cock right next to me. I pulled off the one I was working, and took this one in my mouth. I heard a holy shit and just kept working the two cocks before me. I heard Tim moan, and I quick look told me why. He was taking a cock up the ass and another in his mouth. I did not even know he swung that way. I returned to the cocks in front of me, and continued to work both. I could hear both guys grunting, and as I sucked the one guy he shot his load in my mouth. I swallowed and just as quickly I turned to the other guy and finished him off.

Well after that I got to take turns sucking all the guys in the room. Yes including my brother and Tim. I think so guys got to go twice. I believe I even got fucked somewhere during all this. I was in such a sexual daze I do not fully remember.

Later that night after the orgy was over, I was in my room. Tim was passed out with some guys cock in his ass, so I had left him there. I lay in bed thinking about things when my door opened and my brother walked in. He crawled in bed with me, and in no time he was hard again. I crawled under the sheets and took his cock in my mouth. I could taste cum and sex on it, but I did not care, I sucked him off, but I think he passed out while I was doing it, because he went limp before I could finish the job. Oh well I left him in my bed and went and crawled in the one Tim was supposed to use.

After that night I became a regular at parties my brother attended or that he threw himself. Occasionally Tim would come along. To this day I have to have something in my mouth, whether it is my thumb or some nice hot cock. I am orally fixated. Here's to sucking a good one.

The End...


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