Oscar, Part 3

Boys who like boys like boys who like boys.

Sounds simple, right?

Think about them for a moment. Teenage lads, so full of energy: ever-growing creatures of mystery, muscle and testosterone. They're going through changes, both mental and physical. Emerging into manhood is normal. It's natural.

Like they've done since childhood they'll question it. What? Why? We've all been there. But how do we understand these changes in our hair-sprouting, sweaty bodies? We do what everyone must do to learn.

We experience. We experiment.

You'd think, with hormones flying and adolescent heights to scale, when two boys who like boys are in bed together, engines fired and imaginations infinite, they'd soar as high and hot as they can.

Think again. Sadly, it's not so simple.

You see, while it wasn't particularly difficult to get my co-pilot, Adam, to feed me an inflight appetiser and spin me some dinner entertainment, the main course was but a blip on the horizon.

The problem is, most boys who like boys at that age, that electrifying and terrifying age of fifteen, sixteen and, in this case, seventeen, don't always know how to cook. They may have seen many an on-screen demonstration, but in real life, they can get a little apprehensive around the equipment.

Fortunately, I wasn't like most boys. I'd had a lot of practice in the kitchen, and the cockpit. And while Adam was proving to be more experienced than most, I'd be damned if it wasn't going to be a smooth ride from here on out. I was hungry.


His eyes were wide with anticipation and excitement. His cock really was hard as a rock under the thin, grey fabric of his tracksuit trousers. It stretched across his entire leg. But so did mine. I ached to be free from my jeans. I couldn't wait to see just how much of a filthy faggot this bi guy was.

It was time to start cooking.

Sitting up against the headboard I narrowed my eyes and fixed my gaze. Only his moved. They followed me. His chiselled face, illuminated by the bedside lamp, remained propped up in one of his dinner plate hands at the end of his sculptured forearm.

`Did Mr. Price ever do what I just did?'

Above a mischievous grin, his stare, animated and excited, lingered for a second more. From this angle the colour was back with a vengeance. His eyes sparkled again. Then they flicked down to his crotch.

`Many times,' he said, running his palm from the tip of his cock, wrapped in cotton, down to the base. He closed his hand around himself and squeezed. His whole body tensed. A long, thick vein bulged along his arm.

`Good memories?'

He looked back up. His eyes seared blue in the light.

`Some of the best.'

`Who was better?'


I grinned. Good answer. Although from the way he worked my throat, I didn't need to ask that first question. It was superfluous. A lead. I could tell mine wasn't the only mouth he'd fucked that didn't usually have lipstick around it. But, the next question. That was important.

`Did you suck his?'

Letting a dude suck you off is one thing. Sucking one off is another. Some of the so-called straights can get very uptight when it comes to choking down a few inches. And in my case more than a few.


`Did you like it?'

He looked down again, this time at me.

`I fucking loved it.'

An even better answer. Clearly Mr. Price had taught Adam more than how to ruck and scrum.


Unfastening my belt I pulled the two ends apart. The buckle slumped backward onto my leg with a clink. I undid the top button.

`Help a brother out?

`You want me to suck your cock?'

`Be a good boy.'

Recollection flickered in his eyes like I hoped it would. He'd heard those words before and didn't need any convincing.

Shifting his weight he rolled onto his front, over one of my legs, so his torso rested between them. Running his hands up the outside of my thighs to the top of each arse cheek he supported himself by his elbows.

Now his mouth was only inches from my crotch. His feet, extending over the end of the bed, lifted toward me until his soles pointed to the ceiling. His bare back looked phenomenal, tensed in all the right places, down to two hidden but almost spherical arse cheeks.

Licking his lips he pinched the tiny gold rectangle at the end of my zip and pulled. Tooth by tooth the metal unclasped until two flaps of denim splayed open, revealing a layer of thin cotton stretched over my very full and very hard cock.

He took a deep breath, no doubt savouring the sight and smells in front of him. He looked up and watched me intently. He was waiting. He was a good boy.

`Now pull down the jeans. Slowly.'

Without a word he grasped my waistband with each of his hands and peeled my jeans down. The bunching material forced my legs closer together. I slid my feet up the bed and lifted my knees up and to the side away from his head. With one last pull, denim, metal and leather slumped to the floor.

Opening my legs I lowered them to their previous positions either side of him. The room was warm but the air tickled my newly naked skin. I focused and clenched, raising my cock beneath its tight, white restraints.

`He wants to be free.'

`He does,' I said. `Pass the weed.'

`What? You're gonna smoke?' he said, handing me the box. He looked cute when he was confused.

`I'm going to smoke. You're going to suck.'

He smiled, raised his eyebrows and said, `Ok.' He was enjoying our little role reversal.

`I'm going to ask you some questions too.'

`What about?'

Pulling down the band of my undies with one hand I pulled out my cock with the other. For a second he went cross-eyed; his vision suddenly refocusing on something big and new and close. His mouth hung open.

`I'm asking the questions,' I said, releasing my underwear and putting my now free hand on the back of his head. He needed to shut up.

I pulled him gently towards me. He didn't resist. My cock pulsed with imminent anticipation in my other hand.

Hair tickling my fingers I felt the wet heat of his mouth wrap around me. My arse tensed, my hole clenched, my body shuddered and a short breathy gasp forced its way out of my mouth.

His tongue, smooth and slippery, glided across the underside of my shaft, up and around my head. I let go, of him and myself, and leaned into the pillows behind me.

For five long minutes I left him to enjoy himself as I rolled a joint. At first he was careful and considerate, which I appreciated. The last thing you want is a toothy amateur going gun's blazing.

He made sure his lip covered his top front teeth and his tongue covered those sharp canines at the bottom. He opened his jaw wide enough to fit me in but didn't lose suction. I was impressed. He was a total gentleman.

Then the cocksucker came out. He found his rhythm. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he savoured my taste and felt me fill his mouth. Sucking, jerking, licking and kissing, he was in heaven.

And, I have to admit, so was I. On a scale of one to ten, one being your dick comes out bleeding and ten being you blow so hard you cum out their nose, Adam was a solid eight. On a few occasions I had no choice but to stop what I was doing and surrender to the waves of pleasure radiating through me.

He'd definitely done it before.

Ready to continue I lit the joint and inhaled deeply. He slowed down and looked up at me. I held in the drag and stared into his eyes. My head swam with a growing layer of fresh THC. The rest of my body tingled with the growing pressure provided by a pair of thick, eager lips attached to a hungry mouth. I exhaled into the air. He continued. I counted to ten in my head.


He stopped sucking and looked up. His cheek was pushed out from the inside. It was a good look on him. Lifting his head he released me from his mouth with a slurp. My cock catapulted backwards and slapped against the base of my abs.


`So tell me. What else do you fucking love to do?'

`I dunno. What do you like to do?'

Breathing out a cloud of smoke in his face I grabbed my cock in my free hand and slapped it against his cheek.

`What did I say about asking questions?'

He smiled.

`I fucking love to fuck,' he said

`Who doesn't? But we've got all night. Surely there's something else you'd like to do?'

He looked down and to the side. His fingers absentmindedly played with the bedsheet. I couldn't believe it, Adam Stanmore, captain of the rugby team and king of school, had gone all shy.

`It's ok. You can tell me.'

`There is one thing I've never done,' he said. `Mr. Price always wanted me to do it to him but I didn't want to.'

`Why not?'

`I don't know. A few reasons. I don't think I was ready. But with you, Oscar, I know I am. I've thought about doing it ever since you gave your presentation in English the other week. I just wanted to bend you over Miss Stephenson's desk and let rip.'

I took a final drag of the joint and dropped it into the makeshift beer bottle ashtray. It sizzled to an end next to the others. My cock, hard and gooey, bounced on my stomach. I knew exactly what he was about to say.

`Oh mate. You can definitely do that to me.'

`You don't even know what I was gonna say.'

`Ask me then.'

He eyed my cock.

`Don't worry. You're safe,' I said with a wink.

`Can I rim you?'


No wonder he didn't want to stick his tongue up Mr. Price's hole. Don't get me wrong, I would have happily buried mine deep between those glorious peaks, but when you're young and confused and used to hairless pussies in your face it's not exactly the first thing you'd go for.

`Fuck yeah.'

`It's all … ok down there?'

Remember what I said about them being apprehensive around the equipment? Case in point.

`You mean will you get shit in your mouth?'

He laughed. `You really don't mess around do you?'

`No. And no, you won't. I'm clean as a whistle.'

`How do you know?'

I smiled. Poor innocent, uninitiated boy. As if I hadn't come prepared. Not that I could blame him. I felt the same way when I was younger.

It wasn't until I was sixteen and a silver daddy who only ever wanted to eat me out taught me a few lessons about sexual upkeep. After that I couldn't believe how good I tasted on his lips.

I smacked Adam in the face with my cock again. His saliva had congealed and it struck his cheek with a loud slap.

`Trust me.'

Glaring at me he wiped away the gunk with the back of his hand and licked it clean. Neither of us said anything. I could almost hear the cogs in his head turning. They stopped. He'd decided.

Pulling my briefs down and off in the same motion he threw them across the room. But this time I put my feet soles-down on the bed and sat myself up. My cock flopped on to the duvet and my balls hung below. The V of my naked legs ran either side of his head.

Lifting himself up, he kneeled in front of me and wrapped his hands around each of my shins. His long fingers dug into my calves. Pushing me back I rocked against the headboard and my arse lifted towards him. My cheeks spread open.

He looked down at my hole. I couldn't see it but I knew it was perfectly hairless. I'd been looking forward to this moment all day and I was more than ready.

`Ok,' he said. `I trust you.'

`Then let rip.'

To be continued …

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