We all have those moments. Moments we wish lasted longer.


What happened on Adam's bed was one of them. Not what he did to me. Going by the Oxford dictionary he didn't explore my arse for `a very brief period of time.' But I'll get to that. I'm talking about the split-second moment before.


The twinkle in his eyes. The soft curve of his smile. The gentle dip in room volume as his breathing quietened. He was no longer simply one half of a horny duo. He was that, certainly, but he was more.


He was a social anomaly accepted without judgement or doubt or fear. He wasn't just Adam, rugby captain and king of school. He was, to me, Adam, cock-sucker-soon-to-be-arse-rimmer and proud. In a thump of a heartbeat he was finally himself.


Truth be told, I was lucky to be a part of it.


At the time I was oblivious to any deeper meaning. Both of us were: neither of us recognised anything significant. We were kids. And, like I said, it wasn't love or romance between us. It was freedom, and at that age it's too easy to take freedom for granted.


Especially, stuck in a town in the middle of an overcrowded island until the humdrum of school was over, with my hole winking up at some sexually frustrated, testosterone-fuelled rugby player, I was physically and psychologically far from free.


I was utterly dominated and I loved it.


Yanking my legs toward him he effortlessly pulled me down the bed, away from the headboard. The cotton of the sheets squeaked as my back swept over it. He could have thrown me around like a rag doll if he wanted to. Even if I resisted he still could.


Instead he wedged his hands under my knees and pushed my legs until the fronts of my thighs touched the bed alongside my torso. My calves folded towards him and locked his grips in place. He smiled and raised his eyebrows. He was impressed.


`Is that all you've got?' I said.


A devilish grin crept up his face and seeped into his eyes. I recognised it. He'd sported it an hour earlier pumping his cock down my throat. His hold tightened. The veins on his arms swelled. He definitely had more.


Relaxing my lower body I let him compress me until my arse pointed to the ceiling. I clenched my hole as tight as I could. Even though I could scratch my head with my knees I still needed to be as tight as possible. The more you clench, the better it feels when his tongue pushes you open.


Plus there's aesthetics to think about.




Told you.


In all fairness I checked before I left. One of the many perks of having a mirror facing your bed is bending yourself over, pulling your cheeks apart and looking back at the reflection. It's a pity Adam didn't have one. In his room at least.


Straightening his legs out behind him he lowered himself down in a push-up motion. His body weight shifted through me, straining the springs below. Lying flat on his stomach he held my legs in position. It was nothing for his humongous arms.


He lowered his head, showing off the thick, brown hair of his crown. My hole rose to meet him. His breath was warm against it. Chills shot through me.


He stopped and looked up. His blue eyes pierced into mine. His lips quivered inches from my hole, served on a platter in front of him. What was the hold up?


`I've never done this before.'


I stifled an impatient sigh.


`It's ok,' I said gently. `Take your time. Enjoy yourself.'


Three seconds past. Slowly does it, I told myself.


`What does it taste like?'


If I didn't know rolling my eyes would kill the mood they would have rolled out my head. Now was not the time for a Q&A. While I was happy to keep this position for as long as necessary, it wasn't for a heart to heart.


`Like skin.'




`Sweaty skin,' I said with a wink.


I reached up, between my legs, and ran my fingers through his hair, curled a few strands in my fingers and let them go. Then I ran the backs of my fingers down his cheek, scratching over a fine layer of stubble.


`Besides,' I said, pinching his chin between my thumb and index finger. `It's not just the taste, it's the texture. You'll like it.'


He nodded. His gaze relaxed. He looked down again and I followed his eyes. They took me in. My hairless pecs. My fat-less folded abdomen. My hard cock almost poking me in the nipple. My balls hanging backwards. My legs spread. My hole.


Clunk-clunk went his cogs. Decision time.


Considering the false start, I assumed he would be like most virgins. Slow and careful; kissing and licking the peripheral; slyly breathing as much scent and tasting as much flavour as possible to discern the scary, new territory. But not Adam.


Finally convinced, he lived up to his moniker of king and went for glory.


His large, flat tongue squashed strong against me and ran from the tip of my tail bone up over my hole to the bottom of my rigid cock. My body, although pinned firmly down, still managed to roll as a wave of ecstasy undulated towards my head, cracking a few vertebrae on the way.


My head thumped into the doughy white of his pillow. Blood rushed down to my hole and my cock. The room, hazy and grey from our smoke, span a full three-sixty. My entire crack tingled, suddenly hot and then cold as millions of his saliva molecules evaporated away my body heat.


I looked down over my contorted body towards him. He was looking at me again. This time his eyes flickered with excitement, and behind his closed lips, his tongue moved through his mouth. He swallowed.




`Well what?' he said still smirking.


I said nothing. I had no point to prove. I knew I tasted good.


Arching my neck backwards I put my hands behind my head. He matched my speed. As the backs of my hands met his pillow, his tongue met the constricted walls of my hole. Like bare wires touching, each bundle of nerve fibres jolted into action, sending a loud moan up my stomach, through my lungs and into the room.


Finally able to unclench I fully surrendered. One-hundred percent malleable my knees pushed a final inch into the bed. His tongue drove inside of me. Every hair on my arms and legs stood on end. His hands clasped tighter above, or from that angle, below my knees. He moaned into me and my cock shuddered. Pre-cum dribbled onto myself, squeezed out by his vibrations.


I closed my eyes as he forced me open again and again. Darkness descended and my other senses took over. My breath grew heavier, taking in the sweet saltiness of our bodies. Visions of him doing everything I could imagine danced through my mind to the rhythm and sounds of his hot, wet muscle.


For how long he spread me open and ate my arse I have no idea. I fell into a sexual blackout. All I know is he took my advice. He took his time and enjoyed himself. He didn't waste a second.


He pressed and prodded and probed, licking and kissing and slurping between my cheeks. Eventually he moved his hands down, sweeping his thumbs over and under so he could hold me open even wider. I felt the cool of the air inside me as my hole gaped open for a second before he closed it shut again, plugging me with his mouth.


I tightened myself around his tongue.


`Oh god,' I croaked, unable to stifle praise for the present. My mouth was dry from hanging open. `Oh my fucking god.'


Reaching out in the blackness I found the back of his head and pulled him into me harder. I opened my eyes to watch but the sting of lamplight slammed them shut again. Shielding my vision with my other arm I fixed my aching retinas on him.


He was stunning. It all was. My own biceps and triceps bulged as I held him down. His fingers dug into my thighs either side of my crotch. His nose squashed into the base of my cock. The tops of his wet cheeks glistened. I couldn't see his lips but I could tell he was smiling. I saw it in his eyes, staring at me over the ridge of my gooch.


Everything was going to plan.


Letting go of his head I put both hands on his shoulders and gave them a deep squeeze. His muscles were knotted and he reacted exactly how I expected a sportsman accustom to plenty of remedial massages would.


He froze, his lower jaw hung and a long, deep breath blasted over me as he savoured the release.


`I thought you said don't stop,' he said, speaking into my hole.


`I have an idea.'


He looked up. He liked my ideas.


I tapped his wrist with my knuckle twice. Time to let go. With one last push he propelled himself backwards and up to kneeling. Unfolding and straightening my legs I stretched before rolling up to sitting. He watched me, naked, shuffle towards the headboard. I watched him.


His wide chest rose and fell. His hairless but powerful abs shimmered slightly with sweat. His cock tented his tracksuit trousers. He wiped his mouth. I laughed.




I looked down.


`Those are a bit pointless, don't you think?'


`Any excuse to get me naked.'


Leap frogging off the bed he stood his entire six feet six inches. Still watching me he finished undressing. Peeling the stretchy grey fabric down, he released his cock. Now mouth-level it bounced up and down, jutting out from a flawlessly defined groin. He rolled off his white sport socks one by one.


Everything about him was proportionate. His body was basically perfect. His cock was perfect. Wafts of my dried spit mixed with his load reached my nostrils. My mouth watered. I wanted to wrap my lips around him and feel my throat stretch open again.


But I had to resist. It was my other hole's turn.


`I want you to fuck me.'


His grin reappeared.


`But not here.'


`Why? What's wrong with here?'


I rocked myself forward and sat on the edge of the bed. He didn't move.


`I want to watch.'


He made a confused face.


`What, like, film it?'


I kissed his cock. So stupid.


`Not quite.'


`Then what?'


I kissed him a second time. So adorable.


`How do you think?'


It took two seconds. One: his brow unfurrowed. Two: his eyes brightened.


`Naughty,' he said.


`That's my middle name.'


`There's one in my parents' room.'


`How big?'




`When do they get back?'


`Tomorrow night.'


I kissed him a third time.


`Good answer.'


`There's one in the living room too.'


`Which is closer?'




I looked at his bedside table.


`I'm guessing they don't use condoms?'




`Sorry, but you're not fucking me raw.'


`Why not?'


`You're just not, alright?'


He opened his mouth to speak but stopped. He knew there was no point in pushing it. Yet, anyway. Instead he reached down, opened the bedside table and pulled out a strip of blue metallic packets. XXL was printed above the brand in bold, white letters.


`I've got lube too.'


I reached behind my back and wiped my middle finger between my cheeks. I lifted it up to him. It was gooey and glinted in the light.


`I think we're good for lube.'


He smirked, bent over and sucked it clean.


`You have an answer for everything don't you?'


It was my turn to flash an evil grin.


`Not everything.'


`Oh yeah. What don't you know?'




`Like what?'


I stood up and looked deep into his eyes. Taking one of his hands I placed it on my arse. His fingers slipped between my cheeks and rested against my hole. Standing on tip toes I kissed him.


`I don't know where your parents' room is.'


To be continued.


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