It took us 15 seconds to reach his parents' room.

One: he smiled. Two: he squeezed my arse. Three: he took my hand. Four: I followed.

Five, six, seven: he led me out of his bedroom. Eight, nine, ten: down the hallway. Eleven: he faced me. Twelve: he winked. Thirteen: he reached behind and grabbed the door knob. Fourteen: click. Fifteen: bingo.

`If your parents could see you now.'

`Don't even,' he said, turning the dimmer switch and filling the room with a faint, orange glow. It was no larger than his but even through the low light everything was different. The furniture. The temperature. The smell: as pristine as its appearance.

It was the perfect place to get dirty.

Walking us inside he pulled over a framed photograph standing on a chest of drawers with his other hand. Glass rattled inside metal as it clapped against polished wood.

`That them?'

`Worse,' he said. `Grandparents.'

I pulled a sarcastic face.

`They wouldn't approve?'

Sitting down facing me on the immaculately-made, queen-size bed he propped himself up with locked arms. The mattress gave only slightly under his impressive weight and I smiled to myself. Firm is better. Always.

The sheets against his naked body were good quality too. They reminded me of a hotel I'd been taken to not long after I discovered Gaydar. Spotless and, in normal light, bright white they complemented his silky skin. Mum and Dad weren't wealthy but they certainly had good taste.

Walking forward I stood between his thick, strong legs. Behind him a wall-length, floor-to-ceiling mirrored wardrobe reflected us back. My torso rose out of his giant shoulders and his crew-cut head was in line with my sternum. His back looked fantastic, but his cock, still rock hard, rose upwards, resting against his flat, rippled stomach.

The view in front was far better. For now.

`I wouldn't know. They died before I was born.'

`Sorry,' I said, backing off half a step. `Way to kill the mood, Oscar.'

`It's ok,' he said, sitting up and pulling me back towards him by my waist. His wide hands were warm against my skin and my cock ached as thoughts of being thrown onto the bed raced through my head. `I never met `em. It's my parents you should worry about.'

`Oh yeah?' I said, turning my body from side to side so my cock knocked against his arms. I wanted to change the subject: the mood needed lightening. Talking about his family definitely wasn't what I had in mind.

Problem was, it wasn't my mind I had to worry about.

`My dad said if he ever caught me with a girl in his bed he would kill me. I'm pretty sure he'd kill us both if he found out.'

I laughed. He'd have had to catch me first.

`As if you've never fucked anyone in their bed,' I said.

He tightened his grip on my waist and a spasm of ticklishness lurched through me.

`I haven't.'

`Bullshit,' I said, flicking his ear.

`Why's it so hard to believe?'

`I don't get invited to your parties but I've heard about them.'

He smiled, but shrugged it straight off. In all the years of watching him, in the classroom, by the lockers, after school, it wasn't like Adam Stanmore to be so modest when his social calendar was concerned.

`Half true. But this room's off limits.'

`Lucky me.'

`You think so?'

`I know so.'

He ran his hands down to my hips and followed with his eyes. My cock twitched in anticipation but he let go. Something was up.

`Not if they find out.'

Putting my arms around his neck I sat on his left leg and looked at his face. I was right. No smile. No cheeky grin. Only a blank stare.

I shot a look down. His cock was semi-hard. I was losing him.

`So what if they do?' I said gently, lifting his chin with my finger and looking into his eyes. Fear prickled across their surfaces. `It wouldn't be the end of the world.'

`It's not as simple as that.'

`Nothing ever is. But it's alright.'


`No, it isn't.'


`What makes you say that?'

`I don't know if I can do this.'

My jaw dropped. Only slightly, but I couldn't help it. Blood rushed to my face and anger boiled in my stomach. Disbelief clouded my thoughts.

After all this. After all the hours I put in reading your bitching and moaning about pointless bullshit, after everything we just did you're pussying out now? How did we go from a hundred to zero in less than sixty seconds?

Luckily I'm not the kind of boy who gives up without exhausting every avenue. Softening my face I smiled and counted another four reps in my head. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

`It's ok, mate. Honestly, it's fine,' I said getting off my perch and sitting down on the bed next to him.


`Of course. I could go if you want?'

`No, please don't. Stay.'

I nodded. Reverse psychology. Like a big-dicked daddy it's an oldie but a goodie.

`If you don't want to do anything else that's cool as well.'

`No I want to. Fuck, Oscar, I really want to bu–'

`Your parents. I know.'

`Fuck them! I couldn't give a toss what they think. They're never around to give a shit about what I do anyway.'

`Then what's wrong?'

He turned and looked into my eyes. Like a confused, bisexual teenager all kinds of emotions whirled in his. Anger, anxiety, sadness, dread. But there was excitement too. It flashed across his irises and up into his eyebrows, raising them by a fraction of a centimetre.

`Can I tell you something?'

Smiling I held up my hands in a shrug position and looked my own naked body up and down.

`What do you think?'

`Seriously, you can't say a word. He could get arrested.'


`Mr. Price.'

Whether or not Adam noticed my eyes light up is hard to say, but there's no denying they did. We may have reached a temporary road block on our journey, but Mr. Price was a detour I was more than willing to take.

`Are you fucking serious? Your parents caught you and him?'

`God no,' he said. `He'd already be in prison if that happened. Or dead. It was his wife. She caught us. In their bed.'


`It was awful.'

`What happened?'

He shuffled uncomfortably, and, slowly stroking his own arm, took a deep breath.

`It was a Saturday afternoon, about two months after the changing rooms. We'd been doing stuff ever since. Not fucking or anything. Stuff.'

`Like what?'

`Jerking off. At first. School was too risky so after practice he'd drive us out near the woods before taking me home.'


He shot me a look. This wasn't that kind of story. To him.

`Sorry,' I said. Touchy, I thought. `How often did you meet?'

`After every practice.'

`Three times a week?'

`Four if you count match days.'


`It was intense. I couldn't concentrate on school. I didn't care about rugby. All I wanted was to get in his car.'

`I don't blame you.'

He let out a single, breathy laugh and nudged me with his shoulder. The corner of his mouth raised in a small smile.

`I was terrified though, man. I loved it, but I had no idea what the hell was going on. We never spoke! He'd be his normal self on the pitch, ask if I wanted a lift, and when the car doors closed: practically silence. He would drive, get his dick out and I'd copy.'

`So, how did his wife catch you?'

`One night, in the car, he put his hand around my neck and I knew what he wanted.'

I closed my eyes for a second. The image was too good. I'd seen Pricey's car before, pulling into school. It was nothing special; your average teacher's sedan. But now it glistened like an Aston Martin. All I could think about was how to get my own ride.

`Half-an-hour later I swallowed my first load,' he continued. `The next time he swallowed mine. Soon I would suck him off as he drove. He would suck me when we stopped. Then more and more clothes started coming off.'

The clogs in my own head glided into place.

`Eventually the car got too small.'

`Yup. That Saturday instead of driving to our usual spot he took me to his. He said his wife was out and we had a few hours. Next thing you know we're in his bed and he's telling me to stick my tongue in his arse. You can probably guess the compromise we came to.'

I suppressed a laugh. Mr. Price taking it like a champ. Go figure.

`She came back early didn't she?'

Nodding his head slowly up and down he said, `I was pulling on a condom and there was a gasp from behind. She started to say "you cheating bastard", but when she realised I wasn't him ... She was devastated.

`She kept crying and crying, slumped on the floor in the doorway. Tim pushed me off and went to her but it didn't matter. She slapped and punched and pushed him and he just sat naked next to her taking it. I had to practically step over them both to get out of the house. I can still see her face when I close my eyes.'

I'd seen her before. Once. She'd dropped her husband by the gates at school. Slender, blonde, big tits she was exactly the kind of woman you'd expect him to be married to. Exactly the kind of woman who would have never seen it coming.

I feel sorry for her now. Her life would have been turned upside down. But back then I only cared about one thing. Myself.

Reaching out I put a hand on Adam's leg. He turned and looked at me. His eyes glistened with tears.

`It's not your fault.'

`Yes it is. I'm the reason he went crazy, Oscar. I'm the reason he lost his job.'

`The school knows?'

`No, not like that. She thought I was some guy. Some faggot he'd picked up.'

I winced. Even though I'd heard the f-bomb ten or so times that week the self-hatred dripping from his mouth was undeniable. It was time to turn it up a notch, or else I would never get my rocks off. I punched him as hard as I could on the arm.

`What the fuck was that for?!'

`Listen to yourself, mate. You're being ridiculous.'

`Fuck you. No I'm not.'

`Yeah you are. It's not your fault. It's his.'

`It isn't. He didn't force himself on me. I chose to do the things I did.'

`And so would anyone else in your position. Trust me. You can't beat yourself up over this.'

`What, so you will?' he said, rubbing his arm. I didn't know my own strength.

`Sorry,' I said, taking his hand away and kissing his shoulder. `But you need to understand. That, there, is real pain. The pain eating you up inside your head isn't real. It was, when it happened. It must have sucked. But now you need to let go or else you'll miss out on some pretty awesome shit.'

`Like fucking you.'

`Like fucking me,' I said with a wink. He smiled.

`I feel guilty.'

`Of course you do. It's natural. You do something shit, you feel bad. But you've never told anyone that before have you?'


`And I bet you feel better now, don't you?'


Raising my eyebrows I tilted my head towards him.


He laughed and play punched me back. `Fine. A little,' he said. `Why are you being so nice to me?'

Because I want you to fuck me, you idiot.

`Because being nice is easier than being a cunt. Sometimes.'

He laughed again and shivered. It was getting cold sitting butt naked on his parents' bed.

`Here,' I said, crawling across to the pillows and sliding under the sheets. `Get in next to me.'

Without saying a word he pulled back the covers and twisted himself in next to me. Facing me his nose almost touched mine. For a while we looked into each other's eyes, saying nothing. The smell of fresh linen filled our nostrils and the gentle buzz of the light switch was the only sound we could hear.

I turned around and shuffled by body against his. He put his arm over me and we spooned.

The sun was shining when we woke, and boy was I glad I waited to catch that monkey.

To be continued ...

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