It wasn't my initial intention to stay. Sleepovers weren't usually my style.


Leaving made lying to my dad a lot easier, not to mention it cut out the bullshit that came after the guy was done.


The fake affection. The forced interest. The meaningless questions.


They didn't care. They didn't really give a toss about my life. I was a distraction to them. A plaything out of who knows how many other toys they could pick off a digital shelf. That's what they were to me so what was the point?


With Adam, of course, there was a point. A big one.


Not because I had a change of heart. No. It took finding myself stranded on the other side of the planet to have that. Curling up beside him that Saturday night was tactical, pure and simple.


Yes, we were high. Yes, I'll admit, it was nice lying in his arms and feeling his powerful chest rise and fall behind me. But I knew, when morning came, he wouldn't be able to control himself any longer.

I wasn't wrong.


`You awake?'


His words were whispered in my ear.


My eyes were closed but I could feel his elbow sinking the mattress and propping up his head behind me. His body was close but not touching. I could feel his heat.


I laid still and kept my breath slow and controlled, adding a quiet snore here and there for good measure. He had to try harder than that.


Slowly lowering himself he changed tactics.


His cock came first. Hard and thick he pushed himself into me. Facing upwards his shaft rested between my arse cheeks and his head slid up the small of my back.


His pecs came next. Large and firm they pressed into my shoulder blades before his fatless abdomen followed down my back. Under the covers a hand found my waist and gently took hold. His forehead nestled into my hair. His breath warmed my neck.


Now we were talking.


Letting out a yawn I stretched against him. Arching my back I pushed my arse until I could feel the blood pumping through his cock against my skin. His grip on my waist tightened and I opened my eyes.


Looking at me through the weak morning light was myself. My head on a pillow I didn't recognise. A tuft of my short brown hair jutting out of place. The shape of a body I barely knew behind me.


That's right, I remembered. We're in his parents' room.


A devious smile crept over my face. The body began to grind.


Slowly at first; he was most likely unsure if I was awake. Then harder when I reached my hands behind my head and around his neck. My biceps bulged back at me as I linked my fingers together.


Gliding a hand over my abs he pulled me into him as close as possible. Effortlessly. I was taller than most lads in my year and more built than some of the second rugby team, but I was light as a feather in his arms.


Letting go of my hold I twisted my upper body and found his lips. Fast and hungry we tasted each other; neither of us bothered about the smell of stale beer or tobacco on our breath.


For minutes we got lost in the slurps and slaps of our tongues playing as birds tweeted outside. My fingers pinched his nipples and dug into his muscles. His held me tight, pulling me against him over and over.


Then he moved his face away, stuck two fingers in his mouth and reached down.


`Woah,' I said, pulling my arse an inch away from his oncoming reach. `What do you think you're doing?'


`What?' he said, a look of genuine confusion plastered across his handsome face. `Don't you want to?'


`Don't ask dumb questions,' I said, a cheeky smile spreading across mine. `Of course I do.'


`Then what?'


I nodded my head toward the mirror.


`Where's the rush?'


He looked up and caught his own reflection. He smiled.


`No rush.'




`Where shall we start?'


Throwing off the sheet I turned back until I was lying on my stomach. Raising my arse into the air I looked at the mirror.


I could see us both. My naked profile from head to toe. Him kneeling next to me. Staring. His cock jutting out from his body like a giant spear.


`Hungry?' I said.


Smirking he raised his hand slowly and placed it on the back of my thigh. He clasped tight before sliding his grip up and over my cheeks.




He spanked me hard. Pain, quickly followed by pleasure, surged through my body as I sucked in air between my teeth.


`You like that?' he said.




Again, before I could answer.


`You know I do,' I said, relishing the prickle of his hand across my reddening cheek; my eyes fixed on the polished glass no more than four feet away.


`Good,' he said, positioning each of his knees either side of my legs and squeezing them together until my own touched.


Pulling my cheeks apart he held me open and took in the view. I didn't need the mirror to know my arse still looked delicious. Pert, tight, smooth, hairless. Nothing had changed since the night before. What more could he want?


He licked his lips. Satisfied, his back curved upwards and his mouth lowered onto me.


All around him the strengthening sunlight poured into the room, reflecting against lint and dust in the air. Rays of white shone around his body as his mouth unhurriedly ate. He knew what he was doing this time.


It was heavenly. Literally.


Seconds morphed into minutes. My breath grew heavier and his tongue pushed deeper. Blood rushed to my face and tiny salty droplets formed on my forehead. My cock ached beneath me, stuck between my surging body and the mattress.


Burying my face in the pillow my mind raced. Images flashed across the darkness as my hole got hotter and wetter. Every fibre wanted to feel how hard this captain could play and how strong he could be. I wanted him to unleash everything he had.


I wanted him to destroy me.


Turning back to the reflection I reached behind and pulled his head away from my hole by his hair. Hot turned to cold as his lips smacked away from their feast.




`Put your fingers in me.'






Without hesitating he drove two thick digits inside to the knuckle. A wave of intensity rolled up my spine and up my throat as I moaned loudly into the air.


Extending my arms I pushed my upper body off the mattress and let gravity pull me down even deeper. Then, lifting my lower body, I assumed the position.




Back and forth I rocked myself. Turning and twisting his hand in time with my motion his fingers curled and wound inside me. His muscles bugled beautifully as his arm pistoned.


But the view. It wasn't good enough.


`Turn me.'




He didn't like being interrupted.


`Turn me so I can see.'


Not that he minded afterwards.


Pulling out and grabbing my hips with both hands he yanked me. My hole gaped open for a split-second and the fabric below blurred as I flew down the bed, weightless and submissive.


Getting up he stood and pushed me so I was diagonal. I could see it all. My slim, tensed back; my arse, my cheeks, my pink hole in the air; him. Everything was perfect. Nothing could go wrong.


It was time to launch my final attack.


`I'm ready,' I said.


`Me too.'


`Go get the condoms.'


He froze. Momentarily, but it was certainly a spanner in his works. The look on his face when I'd mentioned protection the night before told me everything I needed to know.


Why use a rubber when they're on the pill, right?


`Come on,' he said, stroking my arse.


`Sorry mate.'




`Why not?'


``Cos I said so.'




`I'll pull out.'








Direct hit.


There, in his parents' bedroom, Adam Stanmore, school hero, Mr. Number One, begging and pleading me, the social nobody, the gay boy, the faggot.


For three whole seconds I stayed silent, relishing in the emotions and feelings sweeping over me. Pride. Joy. Power. I wanted to shout and yell and laugh hysterically.


I felt invincible.


That is until he spat in his hand and began to slowly rub his cock. With each stroke it glistened in the sunlight. My poker face was flawless but he knew I was sucking down my saliva harder. He knew I wanted it.


A thought crossed my mind. Maybe I could have my cake and eat it too.


I jumped my knees forward, turned and sat on the bed in front of him. Taking hold of his cock I ran my tongue from base to tip and kissed up his pre-cum.


`I suppose I have already swallowed your load.'


He grinned.


`And I suppose you've never taken one in your arse, right?'


`A load?'


I nodded.


`Nope. Never.'


I squeezed his cock until more pre-cum dribbled out the end.


`Ever been tested?'


`Yup. Clean as a whistle. You?'




And I wasn't lying. My mum might have lost interest in me when she divorced my dad, but there's nothing like being sat down at fourteen to watch Tom Hanks die of AIDS in Philadelphia and hearing the words "if you get HIV I'll kill you myself" to put the fear of god into you.


`Ok,' I said, shuffling up the bed and resuming my position in the mirror. `Fuck me.'


The happiness and relief in his face was undeniable. Like an ape.


`Where should I cum?'


I looked over my shoulder and stared into his eyes. He was waiting. Waiting for me. I was in complete control.


I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.


`Wherever you want.'


And that was that. Green means go. He fucked me rough and raw and harder than I could have dreamed of.


As usual he started slow. Careful and conscious.


I watched a thick strand of white fall from his mouth and heard its tiny clap as it landed on his cock. I felt the bed compress as he shifted his weight and a strong hand on the base of my back as he pushed me down to lift my arse higher.


I watched the head of his cock rest between my cheeks and felt it gooey against my hole. I saw his veins bulge and his arse tense and knew that was my cue to relax my own as best I could.


Millimetre by millimetre he stretched me open further than I'd ever been before. One inch, two inches, three inches, four. Reaching behind I put my hand on the base of his abs.


`Easy does it.'


I took a deep breath and focused. It wasn't painful. It was intense.


Moving my hand away he continued. Five inches, six inches, seven. He hit my prostate and stopped.


`What's that?' he said, his eyes wide.


I tried to answer but I was too busy trying to breathe. I composed myself.


`My prostate. Girls don't have them.'


`Does it hurt?'


`Fuck no,' I said. `It's amazing.'


`Awesome,' he said, thrusting in the final three inches.


My hole clamped around him as my brain, unable to stop my head from whipping back, flooded my body with dopamine. He groaned, high volume, holding his position. His deep voice reverberated through his body and into mine.


My cock felt like it was going to explode. Pre-cum dribbled onto the sheets.


`Wow,' he said, sliding out to the tip and all the way in again. `Nobody's ever been able to take it all.'


Pushing myself off the mattress I arched my back to vertical and held onto his neck. Twisting my chest I pulled his head down and bit his lip.


Stupid boy.


To be continued ...


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