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Pacifica 3

So, the trip back from Catalina went well, but I was already hurting at the thought that Jaz and I would have to go our separate ways when the day was done. He noticed and asked me about it. I could feel myself getting distraught and hated myself for getting all girly and making things complicated for Jaz.

Jaz was more understanding than I could have hoped. That's just the way he is, which is one reason I was all girly about him and dreaded saying goodbye. He came up with a great idea. Since he was having a little trouble with trigonometry in summer school, and it's actually stupidly simple, he asked me if I would tutor him during the week, so we'd have an excuse to get together. Uh, ye-esss! Duh!

When we got back in to port, we made a stop at the fuel dock, which seemed to take forever, then proceeded back to the marina. We finished getting all the divers and their gear up to the parking lot and wishing them well, then started cleaning and hauling trash and battening things down on Pacifica. Apparently, the tips were good; though, since I was only unofficial crew, I didn't get paid. Well, except the free trip and free food (and the free zodiac ride!).

I'd told Z that I was definitely interested in working when he could use me. Zephyr'd noticed we were doing an extra good job, and that I was arranging to work near Jaz most of the time. He sort of leered.

"What? I want to do really good work, so I'll get invited back," I told him.

"Oh, I have a feeling that's a done deal," he smiled, "Hans says he's never seen Jaz work as hard as he has since you've been around." It was just a matter of seeing what the need was on any given weekend. I thanked him and ended up with a big smile on my face.

"Do you suppose if would help if I took diving lessons?"

"Uh, sort of. It doesn't hurt to know about the technical aspects. And you could even get to know some of the dive sites. But you'd have a restricted certification until you turn 15, so you'd have to dive with a certified adult. That's one of the reasons I haven't done it, yet."

"Aren't most of the paying customers adults?"

"Yeah, I don't suppose it would be a problem finding a buddy, as long as we had a mixed load. You'd have to be flexible. If it was all classes, you might not be able to find a dive buddy. Also, if you're out here to work, you're only gonna get maybe one dive a day, or even one dive a weekend. As I said, you'd have to be flexible."

"Let me think about that. Sounds like it might be cool to learn."

"Hey, I'm having a birthday party in 2 weeks and I wanted to invite you. It's on a Sunday night, but Monday's a holiday, so..."

"Cool! Thank you, Zephyr, that's really nice of you. Definitely! I'll definitely be there. I'll get your number and stuff when my hands are dry."

We finished up our chores. Eventually Pacifica was all closed up and I'd called my dad. As it turns out, we were going to give Jaz a lift home. All three of us headed up. I exchanged info with Zephyr and then his dad pulled up. We all chatted for a few minutes. I thanked Z's dad for letting me stay aboard Nightwind and he asked Zephyr a couple of things about the status of the supplies aboard their boat before they said bye and drove off. Zephyr said he'd see us at the party, if not before.

Jaz and I headed over to the bait and tackle. For some reason, I was sort of done with salty stuff for the day. We got some grapes and some Gatorade and went back to the parking lot.

After all the scrubbing and hauling, my tee shirt and shorts were a little damp. Jaz sat down on a little grassy patch and I sat down next to him. I could feel his warmth.

"Umm, you're nice and warm," I said, leaning against him. He put his palm against my arm and then my thigh.

"You cold?" Jaz asked me.

"A little."

"Here," he said, pointing in front of him, "Sit here and I'll cover us." I crawled between his legs and leaned back against his warm front. It felt good, partly just because of the warmth, but especially because it was the warmth of Jaz' body. Of the body of the sweet, warm guy with that big warm wonderful penis. And those soft yummy balls. I wriggled a little, settling into him and appreciating him, dreaming of his delicious male nakedness beneath those clothes. He made a little tent with his fleece-lined boat coat and we drew our legs up under it. He put his arms around me and kissed my neck and made me feel cared for and warm inside and out. I put my hands over his and hugged them to me. I laid my head back against the solidity of him. The closeness made horny. Made me want to wriggle more, to feel him against me. I just pulled his arms tighter around me, and leaned my head back on his warm shoulder, against his neck. We sat there for a few minutes, feeling each other breathe. I felt so warm and accepted and lucky. He was such a gift, emotionally and physically. It made me feel rich, in some deep way. I lifted his hand to my mouth and gave it a long soft kiss on the side, then another. He made a little appreciative hum and turned to kiss my ear. I got goose bumps all up and down.

So, I won't waste your time telling you about sitting with Chris in the parking lot, waiting for his dad. I won't tell you about the tiny kisses, about all the grapes we ate, about feeding them to him with my fingers, watching his sweet lips open to receive them and waiting for a glimpse of his little pink tongue. I won't tell you about holding the warm boy of him in my arms, about my screaming boner for him, about feeling so lucky.

I was kissing his hand again, thinking how I felt about him. He fed me another grape. I popped it and swallowed the fresh sweetness. I licked my lips and then lifted his hand to my mouth. I found my lips exploring his fingers and grinned as I put his finger in my mouth and started sucking it to the first knuckle. He let out another little hum as I drew my lips off and went back to take his whole finger, sucking suggestively. He let out a stronger hum, then another. I ran my other hand along the side of his leg, caressing the underside of his thigh. I could feel goosebumps, as I crossed over the top and followed his leg up the inside.

When I felt the soft resilience between his thighs, a bolt of need went through me. He let out a little needy whine and kissed my ear, murmuring something about sexy and boy. I felt around and found and squeezed his growing bone. I held up his hand and slowly licked his palm, as my other hand settled to cup his bulge. That didn't last long.

"Come with me," he said, scooting backwards. He stood up and came around to give me a hand up. We both had boners poking out plain as day. As soon as I was standing, he dragged me into the shower house and began kissing me on the neck, on the face, on the mouth, with his hands in my hair. My dick was hard as a rock, as I sucked on his tongue, enjoying his bigness, the closeness, the joy of being with him. He broke away and fell to his knees, pressing his face into my little bulge, humming. His hands came up to undo my waist button and and slowly zip me down. It was a languid, sensual thing. I could kind of feel each tooth of the metal zipper, as he zipped it down, like he was unwrapping me. He hummed into my package and drew my undies down, licking me lower and lower, as they pulled down and my rampant boner was revealed. As soon as the waistband was down below my goodies and my boner sprang up, his mouth was around me, soft and exquisite, wet and tender and excruciating. I was so full of cream. So full! Sucking him on the island had left an itch inside me. His lips brought the itch to an intolerable keening edge. A lot of it was just the idea of it, and his tenderness and being taken by his lips. His lips fed me sweet pleasure, filling me with deep need and the promise of fulfillment, raised me to a shrieking, keening edge, and then took me over, groaning and thrusting, into a sharp boy orgasm, sweet and bright, a sizzling place of huge magical fulfillment and sweet nourishing release. He softly took my balls in his hand and I clenched and every muscle went rigid, as I shot and he harvested me, sucked me till I gave him everything, kept sucking me, tender and slowing and taking my cream, holding my balls as I emptied, until I pitched forward to pull my pecker from the tender intensity of his lips.

"Umm," he said, "I love your cream, Chris. You're so sweet and clean and lovely to suck. And I love the way you keep pulsing and there is always a little bit more to lick."

He licked me one last lick, making my dick jump and my hips jerk back. We both laughed and he stood up to hold me and press his face against mine and kiss me sweet and gentle. I pulled my pants up and we went back to our grassy patch and cocooned again. I felt cherished and lucky and grateful for having him.

I told him his nakedness was beautiful to me and I loved him and it made him cry and I held his face and kissed him and tasted his tears. No, I won't waste your time with that. His dad pulled up and we struggled to our feet and pulled our clothes straight. Chris introduced me and his dad just sort of looked at me, calmly, like he was waiting for me to say something.

"Uhh... you sure throw a beautiful colt," I said, pulling Chris in front of me. "Did he tell you about getting a job?"

"Getting a job?" He raised one eyebrow, "I, uhh... assume we are discussing employment?" he asked. I was a little horrified, for a second.

"That, too," Chris giggled, making his dad laugh. "The captain said he'll call me when he needs an extra crewman."

"And he's gonna teach me trig. Before it's too late. The final's in two and a half weeks."

"Teaching you trig won't take long at all," Chis said. "Working the problem sets is what will take the time. That's what they'll test you on."

It was a nice SUV, with fancy seats and all, and a mesh barrier screening off the cargo area.

"I, uhh, guess I forgot to ask Chris what you do for a living, Mr. Larkin," I said.

"Bob," he insisted. I nodded at him.

"I import medical adhesives. I have a refrigerated warehouse in Torrance."

"Is that why you have the back set up for cargo?"

"Uhh, yeah. Why don't you put your address into the nav system, before we start moving? The input screen'll grey out as soon as I move the car." As I was doing so, he said something about using the SUV to carry samples and small orders. When I got done, he looked at the address. His eyebrows shot up. He smirked and stealthily put his finger to his lips in a 'shhh' sign. Then he hit "Go," and the address disappeared off the screen as the map appeared.

Chris was talking excitedly about the boat and the dolphins and the snorkeling and Nightwind and Zephyr and what a great time he had. He was mostly looking at his dad and I don't think he was paying any attention to where we were. In retrospect, Bob was doing a great job of keeping a straight face. We turned off and pulled up to the gate to the subdivision. Since the Larkins' SUV had the right transponder, the gate began swinging open. The motion snapped Chris out of it and he frowned.

"Oh, I thought we were taking Jaz home."

"Hunh," his dad said. Chris stared hard at him and then looked at me. I sat stone-faced as long as I could, but I couldn't hold it and started smirking.

"What? What are you guys grinning about?" The nav chimed for a right turn. Bob turned the wheel. "Why are we turning here?"

We pulled up in front of my place and I popped the door.

"This is your house? What the fuck? Sorry, dad. How long have you guys known about this?"

"Only since Jaz put his address into the Garmin, Chris. You were so busy telling stories that... I have to admit, that was kind of fun, eh Jaz?" I had to agree.

"You'd be in big trouble if you weren't so... " Chris looked at his dad, then at me, "cute. And if this weren't such a great surprise. And why haven't we ever seen each other?"

"Oh, that's easy, we're still moving in."

"Yay! Fucking absolutely fucking yay!" He had happy tears in his eyes.

I was grabbing my stuff. "Hey Chris, you want to come in and see the house and meet my dad and I'll walk you home a little later?"

"Sure! Is that okay with you, dad?"

"Oh, sure. Fine. What're you wanting to do about eating?"

"Tell you what, Mr. L... uhh, Bob -- sorry, that's a hard habit to break -- let me check in at this end and we'll call you in about ten minutes. Will that work?"

"Sure, perfect. Close firmly but don't slam. Thank you. Good to meet you, Jaz. Talk to you in a few. Chris, take your phone." I closed the door and his dad pulled away.

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