The following story, although drawn loosely from some of my own experiences as a bi teen, is a romantic fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to real persons is merely the result of Dame Fortune's random spin of the wheel of life.

The story contains explicit descriptions of sexual activities between consenting teens.  If that offends you, I guess it's your loss.

If you like the story, let me know and please come back for more.  It may be a long one.  If you don't like it, feel free to let me know that too, but watch out for thr panther, heheh.


Evan Hathaway


Chapter 2

Closing the door of Fleming's House of Horrors quietely behind me, I stepped sideways into the hallway, slumped against the wall, and slid down to sit on the floor.  My pounding heart threatened to explode, my searing lungs cried out for air.  I buried my face in my hands and sobbed to myself.

"Shit, Evan, what the fuck have you done!  You only had to get through four more days of school, play it cool, and then regroup over the summer.  But now you've really fucked yourself.  Fleming will flunk you, he'll blab to every teacher in the whole fucking school, he'll talk to your 'rents.  You're ruined.  Why, oh why did you let Panther loose in there, Asshole?"

I didn't know why.  Usually I managed to restrain Panther from directly attacking people that could and would retaliate.  I tried to deal with them more covertly, from behind the protection of my plastic fantastic shell.  Panther's fury generally only lashed out, sometimes playfully, sometimes viciously, at the people close to me who I cared the most about.  Jeez, what a fucking, phony coward.  I rubbed my swollen eyes and looked down at my trembling hands.  God, I needed a drink.

I had told myself this morning that I could stay sober today.  It was Monday, last week of school, should be low stress.  I had breezed through my Chem final this morning.  Just four more to knock down later in the week.  I only needed to stay calm and focused for a few days and then I could put the agony of my Sophomore year behind me.  Close the lid on that boxfull of fear, pain, loneliness, and desperation.  Lock it.  Throw away the key.

Now the contemptable container gaped wide open before me.  My demons in it writhed menacingly, shouting their all too familiar questions: "What's wrong with you, loser?  Why can't you just get along? How come you're 16 and still a virgin, Wimp?  You really are gay, aren't you?  Why cant' you let anyone get close to you?  When are you gonna grow up and be the son your father wants?  How long do you think you can fool people about the piece of shit that you really are?  Where ya gonna run to, where ya gonna hide?"

The torrent of ugly accusations tore into me, poison darts, painfully ripping the vulnerable flesh of my shell when they struck, then burying their deadly venom deep inside my soul to eat away at me day after miserable day.  Help!!  I had to get away from myself -- fast.  As I struggled to my feet, heading toward my locker to ease the pain of my self-inflicted wounds with my most reliable antidote -- vodka -- Fleming's door opened and out strolled Will, followed by Eric, Jessica, Scott, Drew, Corey, Vanessa, and six or so other people.

"Whassup, Will?" I managed to stammer, frightened by their solemn looks.  "Class isn't over yet, is it?"

Broad grins spread across their faces as Will chortled, "It tis for us, Bro.  Come on, we're all goin to detention."

Will and Scott took advantage of the complete befuddlement that had frozen me before them and hoisted me onto their tall shoulders.   Our ragged band set off, marching down the East Wing, joyfully singing:

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey teacher leave us kids alone
All in all it's just another brick in the wall
All in all you're just another brick in the wall

I don't think I had ever been happier.  I rode, triumphant, down the hallway atop the shoulders of two of the school's most popular jocks.  I felt like a fucking hero.  Panther flexed, shook his thick neck with pride, and growled approvingly.  We had faced the monster and slain him, winning the adoration of a dozen of my classmates.  Fleming couldn't flunk us all.  I was safe.  I could breathe again.  Flush with victory, we strode into the detention hall, shouting out yet another chorus of our Pink Floyd battle anthem. 

We were met by the vacant stare of Coach DeBerg, the rumpled, plodding old bulldog who had drawn detention duty that day.  Our song of victory died in our throats and we stood before him, nervously pawing the floor.  DeBerg blinked his droopy eyes and rubbed his hand across his sagging jowls, scrutinizing us with curiosity, no doubt wondering what dark star had dropped this load of bizarre aliens into his orderly detention hall.  He sighed, resigned to this trick of fate, and delivered his detention welcome.

"Good afternoon, boys and girls, I hate to rain on your parade, but your party is over.  Take a seat and be quiet.  Please make good use of this time to reflect on what brought you here and find ways to improve youselves.  Anyone talking will have extra time added to their detention period."

I jumped down from my bearer's shoulders, declaring, "I was brought here by my comrades in arms, triumphant, after slaying the hated Mordred in the bowels of his vile castle and I will use my time here to plot the overthrow of the rest of this evil empire." 

Shouts of "Right On!!" erupted behind me.

DeBerg shook his head dismissively, turned to his desk, and announced, "Five more minutes of detention for all of you."

Chastised by his indifference,  we all filed silently to desks around the room.  Will flopped down at the desk next to mine.  I grinned at him.  He grinned back.  Simultaneously, we both let out long, satisfied sighs and settled into our seats to do our time.  I looked again at Will, the picture of contentment, slumped back in his seat, gazing at the ceiling, a dreamy smile playing across his handsomely chiseled features.  God, he was so cool, so calm, so strong, so centered.  A natural athlete, at a lithesome six foot, 175 pounds, he starred at forward on the JV basketball team and held the school record in low hurdles. He wore his body like a set of of favorite old clothes, casually, confidently. 

I thought of the times I had studied him in the showers after PE.  Broad shoulders, well defined chest, narrowing past rippled abs to a trim waist.  Perfect bubble butt atop long powerful legs.  A golden glow of soft body hair in all the right places.  While a lot of dudes raced through the showers like aquaphobic cats, Will often lingered there.  He would lather himself completely, slowly, almost sensually, sometimes paying particular attention to his dangling balls and his gorgeous six-inch uncut cock, unashamedly pulling back the foreskin to expose and wash the pert, pink head.

As Will lounged there in detention, I mentally undressed him, slowly revealing his naked splendor.  I imagined my self sliding from my seat, crawling across the aisle to crouch beneath his desk.  From there I stared up at his manhood, ripened fruit, sprouting from the trunks of his muscular thighs, hanging , begging to be plucked.  My hands massaged the firm backs of his calves and moved up past his knees, as my face inched forward until my outstretched tongue could just flick at the foreskin of his still flaccid dick.  Shifting all my weight to my knees and shins, I grasped his dangling nads with my left hand and wrapped my right around his shaft.

He stiffened in my grasp and I pulled his soft foreskin back to reveal the round, shiny head of his cock.  Drops of precum glistened in the dappled sunlight under his desk.  I removed them with a dart of my tongue.  Delicious.  As I gently tossed his balls in my palm, I began a rythmic movement up and down his shaft, the foreskin gliding smoothly back and forth over the tender meat beneath it.  His alluring head, now fully emerged, beckoned, and I swirled my hungry tongue around and around it, all the while continuing to pump the base of his cock.

Will moaned softly above me and I sensed he was going to be quick.  Hungrily, I gobbled all I could of his throbing meat into my open mouth, licking its underside quickly, as I sucked its head.  Faster and harder, I pumped and sucked, faster and harder, until Will gasped, loudly.  His back arched, his hips bucked, and he came.  Then he came some more, and some more.  I gulped down thick streams of his hot, salty cream, swirling my tongue around the pulsing tip of his exploding cock.

I held him there, shaft in my hand, head in my mouth, gently licking and kissing the fountain that had graced me with its sweet elixir.  After a minute or so, Will bent forward, grasped me under the arms and pulled me up until we were face to face.  Our groins ground into each other and we kissed, slowly, lovingly, unlike any kiss I had ever known.  Wiil wrapped his strong arms around me and whispered in my ear.

"Evan, you are so beautiful, so good for me. You are the best, Baby."

"Will," I moaned back to him, Will, i love you so much. I need you so much, Will"

"What ... Evan, what did you say to me?"  Will hissed. "Evan?"

The sharpness of Wills voice jerked my head up from the pillow of my arms where it had been resting on my desk.  I looked around in confusion.  I was sitting at my desk, not in Will's arms.  Will was sitting across the aisle at his desk, fully clothed, staring at me, brows knitted, obviously puzzled.

Uhhh ... hey Will.  What?" I managed to mumble.

"I heard you call my name, bro, what were you saying?

"I ..I was ..."

"Mr Hathaway, Mr. Taylor, thats an additional 10 minutes of detention for talking," barked DeBerg from the front of the room, saving me from having to try to answer Will's puzzlement.

Just then the bell marking the end of 6th period clanged and DeBerg went to the doorway to keep an eye on the savages pouring along the hallways.  I took advantage of his distraction to write Will a quick note.

Sorry, Bro, I guess I was just daydreaming bout how thankful I was to you for backin me up wit Fleming.  I must a sorta mumbled your name.  Shit, now I got you in even more trouble.

Will read the note, chuckled, looked up at me, and smiled.  He handed back a reply.

No prob, bro.  I agree wit every ting u said back dere.  I'm only sorry i was suppoda meet Steph right after school and now i'm gonna miss her sweet lovin.

Damn, Stephanie and Will had been goin out forever but still were all over each other, all lovey dovey, every time they got together.  I imagined that Will would be missing out on some good action this afternoon by being stuck here in detention with me.  I looked over to Will, trying to appear as remorseful and empathetic as possible, and wrote back.

Shit, Bro, I'm sorry.  Now I really owe ya big time.  Anything I can do to make it up to you?

Will considered my apology note for a minute, grinned, and dashed off a reply.

Well actually, dewd, i am awful horny, and not gettin to be with Steph and all ... maybe you could crawl over here under my desk and get it off for me

As I read the note, my eyes widened, my jaw dropped, my mind screamed,  "What the fuck ...How could he know?"

--To be Continued --